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Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 


c ^ List of Chemical 


Authorized for Use Under 
USDA Inspection and 
Grading Programs 

Listings Effective as of January 1, 1979 
















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a > 


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APRIL 1979 



NUMBER 1373 

The LIST OF CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS is revised annually, with 
an update issued once between the annual editions. If 
you wish to be notified when new editions and supplements 
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Introduction 1 

Compounds Which Require Evaluation 1 

Procedures For Obtaining Compound Authorization 2 

Compounds Which Do Not Require Evaluation 3 

Compounds Which Are Not Applicable For Evaluation 5 

Category Code Letters And Their Meanings 6 

How To Use The New List. . , 12 

List Of Authorized Compounds 13 

Listings Effective as of January 1, 1979 


This publication lists nonfood compounds authorized by Chemistry Division, 
Science, Food Safety and Quality Service for use in slaughtering and 
processing plants operating under the U. S. Department of Agriculture 
Poultry, Meat, Rabbit, Shell Egg Grading and Egg Products Inspection 
Programs . 

The U. S. Department of Commerce, National Marine Fisheries Service, 

recognizes this publication as an official list of nonfood compounds accepted 

for use in plants operating under the U. S. Department of Commerce, Fishery 
Products Inspection Program. 


Compounds authorized by letters from the U. S. Department of Agriculture 
after issue of this publication are also acceptable. 

A nonfood compound is defined as any agent proposed for use in a federally 
inspected plant but not intended as an ingredient of a meat, poultry, rabbit, 
or egg product. 

Compounds Which Require Evaluation 

Listed Compounds 

Compounds classified in the categories described on pages 6 through 11 of 
this publication require evaluation by USDA prior to use in plants operating 
under the USDA poultry, meat, rabbit, shell egg grading and egg products 
inspection programs. Letters indicating acceptability of the compounds are 
issued to suppliers by the Compounds Evaluation Unit. Copies of the letters 
must be supplied to Federal inspectors as proof of authorization until the 
compounds appear in the subsequent revision of this publication. Once a 
compound appears in the publication, the letters are no longer valid as 
proof of authorization. 

Unlisted Compounds 

Paints, solvents, and some other types of nonfood compounds also require 
chemical acceptance by USDA, but are not categorized in this publication. 
Letters indicating continuing chemical acceptability are issued to suppliers 
by the Chemistry Division. Copies of such letters must be supplied to 
Federal inspectors as proof of authorization at all times, since the 
compounds cannot be listed in this publication. Such letters remain valid as 
proof of authorization until revoked by USDA. The final granting of 
authorization to use such compounds which do not come in direct or indirect 
contact with edible products or packaging materials is the responsibility of 
the Inspector in Charge at the official plant. Technical assistance will be 
provided by the Chemistry Division upon request. 

Procedures For Obtaining Compound Authoriztion 

1. Maintenance and cleaning chemicals; sanitizing and pesticide chemicals; 
food processing chemicals such as scald media, tripe processing compounds, 
and fruit and vegetable washing compounds; and structural or equipment 
coatings proposed for application on site in federally inspected plants. 

Send requests for such evaluation to: 

Compounds Evaluation Unit 
Chemistry Division, Science, FSQS 
U.S. Department of Agriculture 
Building 306, BARC-East 

Beltsville, MD 20705 
Telephone (301) 344-2566 

All preparations to be evaluated by the Compounds Evaluation Unit must be 
submitted using the appropriate application form. A description of the forms 
and their use is provided in Section 4.1 of the "Guidelines For Obtaining 
Authorization of Compounds To Be Used in Meat and Poultry Plants." Obtain 
copies of the "Guidelines" and blank forms from the Compound Evaluation Unit. 


2. Shell egg cleaning, defoaming, destaining, and sanitizing compounds 
(categories H, I , J ,K,HH,J J) 

Although such compounds are included in the "List of Chemical Compounds," 
their evaluation is not the responsibility of the Compounds Evaluation Unit. 

Send all requests and inquiries concerning such compounds to: 

Poultry Grading Branch 

Poultry And Dairy Quality Division, FSQS 

U. S. Department of Agriculture 

Washington, DC 20250 

Telephone (202) 447-7410 

Copies of authorization issued by the Poultry Grading Branch are sent by them 
to the Compounds Evaluation Unit, and the compounds are subsequently inserted 
in the "List of Chemical Compounds." 

3. Packaging materials, marking and branding inks, coatings applied to 
equipment or structural members prior to installation in the plant, and all 
materials such as metal alloys, plastics, belting, hose, etc., proposed for 
use in association with processing facilities and equipment. 

Send requests for such evaluation to: 

Compounds & Packaging Unit 
Chemistry Division, Science, FSQS 
U.S. Department of Agriculture 
Washington, DC 20250 
Telephone (202) 447-7680 

4. Other chemicals proposed for use in meat and poultry plants. 

Send requests or inquiries to: 

Chemistry Division, Science, FSQS 
U.S. Department of Agriculture 
Washington, DC 20250 
Telephone (202) 447-7623 

5. Chemicals or materials proposed for uses other than those previously 

The evaluation of such preparations is not the responsibility of Food Safety 
and Quality Service, nor can it be performed by that Agency. Requests or 
inquiries concerning such evaluation should not be directed to the addresses 
given above. 

Compounds Which Do Not Require Evaluation 

The compounds referred to in this part may be used under the conditions 

described in the following paragraphs without being evaluated or authorized 
by USDA. Any such compounds which are classified as economic poisons must be 
registered with the Registration Division, Office of Pesticides Programs, 
Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC 20460, and must be used 
according to label directions. Any compounds governed by FDA regulations 

must be used in accordance with those regulations. All compounds must be 
used in a manner which, in the opinion of the Inspector in Charge, will not 
result in the direct or indirect contamination of food products. 

1 . Denaturants 

Denaturants formulated and labeled according to the following subparagraphs 
require no authorization by USDA prior to their designated use. 

Preparations consisting only of the substances listed below may be used for 
denaturing carcasses, parts thereof, meat and meat food products (other than 

rendered animal fat) condemned for pathology and intended for disposal only 
as tankage. The denaturant must be deposited in all portions of the carcass 
or product to the extent necessary to prevent its use for food purposes. The 
container label must identify all ingredients present. 

Crude carbolic acid 
Cresylic disinfectant 

A formula consisting of: 
1 part FD&C Green No. 3, 
40 parts oil of citronella, 
40 parts liquid detergent, 
and 40 parts water. 

Preparations consisting only of the substances listed below may be used for 
denaturing carcasses, parts thereof, meat and meat food products intended for 
disposal for purposes other than human food. The denaturant must be 
deposited in all portions of the carcass or product to the extent necessary 
to prevent its use as human food. The container label must identify all 
ingredients present. 

Charcoal (finely powdered) 
FD&C Blue No. 1 

FD&C Blue No. 2 
FD&C Green No. 3 

Preparations consisting only of substances listed below may be used for 
denaturing poultry and poultry products condemned for pathology and intended 
for disposal only as tankage. The denaturant must be deposited in all 
portions of the carcass or product to the extent necessary to prevent its use 
for food purposes. The container label must identify all ingredients 
present . 

Crude carbolic acid 

Fuel oil 


Used crankcase oil 

Phenolic disinfectants conforming 
to commercial standards CS 
70-41 or CS 71-41 

Preparations consisting only of substances listed below may be used for 
denaturing poultry and poultry products intended for disposal for purposes 
other than human food. The denaturant must be deposited in all portions of 
the carcass or product to the extent necessary to prevent its use as human 
food. The container label must identify all ingredients present. 

FD&C Blue No. 1 
FD&C Blue No. 2 

FD&C Green No. 3 

FD&C Red No. 3 
FD&C Red No. 40 

Ultramarine Blue 

Denaturants including ingredients other than those listed in the preceding 
paragraph, or those identified only by proprietary name, must be submitted 
for evaluation according to Section 1.1 of the "Guidelines For Obtaining 
Authorization of Compounds To Be Used in Meat and Poultry Plants," prior to 
use . 

2. Outdoor pesticides 

Compounds such as herbicides, bird control compounds, and other pesticides 
labeled for outdoor use only may be used around the premises of federally 

inspected plants without authorization by USDA, provided that they are 
registered by the Registration Division, Office of Pesticides Programs, 
Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC 20460; and they are used in 
accordance with label directions and in a manner which prevents the direct or 
indirect contamination of food products. 

3. Compounds used in offices and other similar nonprocessing areas 

Compounds such as dusting aids, furniture waxes or polishes, wall or floor 
finishes or waxes, rug or upholstery shampoos or cleaners, rug anti-static 
treatments, window or glass cleaners, and other similar compounds 
specifically designated by the Compounds Evaluation Unit require no 
authorization by USDA prior to use in such areas. They may not be used in 
any processing area of a federally inspected plant. 

4. Compounds used in cafeterias or other retail food services areas 

Compounds such as rinse additives to prevent spotting and streaking of dishes 
and utensils, utensil tarnish removers, some hand dishwashing soaps or 
detergents, and other similar compounds specifically designated by the 
Compound Evaluation Unit require no authorization by USDA prior to use in 
those areas. They may not be used in any processing area of a federally 
inspected plant. 

5. Compounds used in heating systems 

Compounds such as fuel additives, firebox or flue treatments or cleaners, and 
other similar compounds specifically designated by the Compound Evaluation 
Unit require no authorization by USDA prior to their proposed use. 

6. Compounds used in holding pens, trucks, transporting cages, etc. 

Compounds such as pesticides, disinfectants or cleaners used in transporting 
or holding facilities for animals prior to slaughter, or on animals being 
transported or held prior to slaughter; chemicals for deodorizing or 
dissolving animal waste; or other similar compounds specifically designated 
by the Compounds Evaluation Unit require no evaluation or authorization by 
USDA prior to their intended use. 

Compounds Which Are Not Applicable For Evaluation 

None of the compounds referred to in this part may be used in a processing 
area of the plant. However, they may be used under the conditions described 
in the following paragraphs without being evaluated or authorized by USDA. 
They may be stored within the plant provided that such storage is in a 
designated nonprocessing area acceptable to the Inspector in Charge. Any such 
compounds which are classified as economic poisons must be registered with 
the Registration Division, Office of Pesticides Programs, Environmental 
Protection Agency, Washington, DC 20460, and must be used according to label 
directions. Any compounds governed by Food and Drug Administration 
regulations must be used in accordance with those regulations. 

All compounds must be used in a manner which, in the opinion of the Inspector 
in Charge, will not result in the direct or indirect contamaination of 
products . 

1. Compounds used in sewage or waste water systems outside of the plant 

Compounds such as grease solvents for traps or lines, sewage odor control 
compounds to maintain biological balance in sewage lagoons or holding ponds, 
or other similar compounds specifically designated by the Compounds 
Evaluation Unit. 

2. Compounds used in cooling towers or evaporative condensers 

Compounds such as corrosion inhibitors, algaecides, compounds for cleaning or 
maintaining the tower or condenser, or other similar compounds specifically 
designated by the Compounds Evaluation Unit. 

3. Compounds used on the exterior of buildings or immediate surrounding 

Compounds such as exterior coatings; mortar cleaning or etching compounds; 
tar, asphalt, or mortar removers; driveway patching or finishing compounds; 
or other similar compounds specifically designated by the Compound Evaluation 

4. Compounds used for cleaning or maintenance of the exterior of vehicles 

Compounds such as car washes or shampoos, tire cleaners, truck body 
brighteners , or other similar compounds specifically designated by the 
Compounds Evaluation Unit . 

Categor y Code Letters And Their Meanings 

The permissible use for each authorized compound is designated by the 
following code letters, and conditions for use are restricted by the category 
in which it is placed. 

A. Compounds for use as general cleaning agents on all surfaces, or for use 
with steam or mechanical cleaning devices in all departments. 

Before using these compounds, food products and packaging materials must be 
removed from the room or carefully protected. After using these compounds, 
surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water. 

B. Compounds for use only in soak tanks or with steam or mechanical cleaning 
devices in all departments. 

Before using these compounds, food products and packaging materials must be 
removed from the room or carefully protected. After using these compounds, 
all surfaces in the area must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water. 

C. Acid cleaners for use in all departments. 

Before using these compounds, food products and packaging materials must be 
removed from the room or carefully protected. After using these compounds, 
all surfaces in the area must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water. 

D. Floor and wall cleaners for use in all departments. 

Before using these compounds, food products and packaging materials must be 

removed from the room or carefully protected. After using these compounds, 
all surfaces in the area must be throughly rinsed with potable water. 

E. Scouring cleaners. 

Residues resulting from the use of scouring cleaners must be carefully 
removed from surfaces by thorough rinsing with potable water. 

F. Sanitizers for all surfaces always requiring a rinse. 

Before using these compounds, food products and packaging materials must be 
removed from the room or carefully protected. After using these compounds, 
surfaces must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water before operations are 
resumed. The compounds must be used according to applicable label 
directions . 

G. Sanitizers for all surfaces not always requiring a rinse. 

Before using these compounds, food products and packaging materials must K e 
removed from the room or carefully protected. A potable water rinse is aot 
required following use of these compounds on previously cleaned hard surfaces 
provided that the surfaces are adequately drained before contact with food so 
that little or no residue remains which can adulterate or have a deleterious 
effect on edible products. A potable water rinse is required following use 
of these compounds under conditions other than those stated above. The 
compounds must always be used according to applicable label directions. 

H. Shell egg cleaning compounds. 

Eggs that have been washed with these compounds shall be immediately 
subjected to a thorough potable water rinse. 

I. Shell egg destaining compounds. 

Eggs that have been destained with these compounds are to be rewashed and 
spray rinsed with potable water. 

J. Shell egg sanitizing compounds. 

Eggs that have been sanitized with these compounds shall be subjected to a 
thorough potable water rinse only if they are to be immediately broken for 
use in the manufacture of egg products. 

K. Shell egg sanitizing compounds. 

Eggs that have been sanitized with these compounds may be broken for use in 
the manufacture of egg products without a prior potable water rinse. 

L. Wetting agents for use in poultry scald vats. 

Compounds used for this purpose may not alter the water retentive properties 
of poultry products being processed. 

M. Compounds for treating boilers or steam lines where the steam produced 
may contact edible products and/or cooling systems where the treated water 
may not contact edible products. 

In compounds containing volatile amines, the amine in the steam may not 
exceed the indicated concentration. 

Cyclohexyl amine 10 ppm Morpholine 10 ppm 
Octadecylamine 3 ppm Hydrazine ppm 
Dietylaminoethanol 15 ppm 

N. Compounds for treating boilers, steam lines, and/or cooling systems where 
neither the treated water nor the steam produced may contact edible products. 

0. Compounds for use in sewage and/or drain lines. 

P. Compounds for use in toilets and/or dressing rooms. 

Q. Handwashing compounds for use in all departments. 

The compounds must be dispensed from adequate dispensers located a sufficient 
distance from the processing line to prevent accidental product contam- 
ination. After the use of the compounds, the hands must be throughly rinsed 
with potable water. 

R. Compounds for use on all surfaces in inedible product processing areas, 
nonprocessing areas, and/or exterior areas. 

These compounds must not be used to mask odors resulting from insanitary 
conditions. They must be used in a manner which prevents penetration of any 
characteristic odor or fragrance into edible product areas. Compounds 
containing isomers of dichlorobenzene , or other substances toxic by 
inhalation, may be used only in areas where there is adequate ventilation to 
prevent accumulation of hazardous vapors. 

Permission for the use of these compounds on loading docks and other similar 
areas is left to the discretion of the Inspectors in Charge of the plants. 

S. Pesticides for use in all areas. 

These compounds must be used in accordance with the conditions for 
nonresidual insecticides set forth in Section 8.48 of the Meat and Poultry 
Inspection Manual. 

T. Pesticides for use in inedible product areas only. 

These compounds must be used in a manner that prevents their entry into 
edible product areas through open windows, ventilating systems, etc. 

U . Pesticides for controlled use only. 

Compounds listed in this category are to be used in accordance with the 
conditions for rodenticides and fumigants set forth in Sections 8.48 and 8.49 
of the Meat and Poultry Inspection Manual. 

V. Compounds for washing fruits and vegetables that are to become 
ingredients of poultry, meat, and rabbit products. 

After using these compounds, the products must be thoroughly rinsed with 
potable water. 

W. Hand creams, lotions and cleaners. 

The use of such compounds is limited to toilets and dressing rooms. 
Employees who handle edible products may use the compounds only when leaving 
the plant . 

X. Hog scalding compounds. 

Compounds must be labeled in accordance with Section 318.1 (d) of the Meat 
Inspection Regulations. 

Y. Tripe denuding, bleaching, and neutralizing agents. 

Treatment must be followed by thorough rinsing with potable water to remove 
added substances. Compounds must be labeled in accordance with Section 318.1 
(d) of the Meat Inspection Regulations. 

Z. Potable water treatment compounds. 

Compounds used in such treatment should not remain in the water in concentra- 
tions greater than required by good practice. Compounds containing 
substances which may subsequently result in the adulteration or contamination 
of meat or poultry products may not be introduced into the system. Specific 
limitations on substances are as follows: 

The concentration of phosphates may not exceed 10 parts per million 
calculated as phosphate ion. 

The concentration of silicates may not exceed 10 parts per million calculated 
as silicon dioxide. 

Chlorine may be present in process water of meat plants at concentrations up 
to 5 parts per million calculated as available chlorine. Chlorine may be 
used in process water of poultry plants at levels acceptable to plant 

anagement , recognizing the self-limiting factors of effect on product, 
corrosion of equipment, and acceptability by plant personnel. Plant 


management must notify the Inspector in Charge when the chlorine level is 
increased above 20 parts per million. Chlorine must be dispensed at a 
constant and uniform level and the method or system must be such that a 
controlled rate is maintained. 

Cooling and retort water treatment compounds must be labeled in accordance 
with Section 318.1 (d) of the Meat Inspection Regulations. Unless a 
limitation is stated on the label, the amount used should be the minimum 
sufficient for the purpose. 

AA. Lubricants with incidental contact. 

These compounds may be used as a lubricant or anti-rust film on equipment and 
machine parts in locations in which there is exposure of the lubricated part 
to edible products. They may also be used as a release agent on gaskets or 
seals of tank closures. The amount used should be the minimum required to 
accomplish the desired technical effect on the equipment. If used as an 
anti-rust film, the compound must be removed from the equipment surface by 
washing or wiping as required to leave the surface effectively free of any 
substance which could be transferred to food being processed. 

BB. Lubricants with no contact. 

These compounds may be used as a lubricant, release agent, or anti-rust film 
on equipment and machine parts in locations in which there is no possibility 
of the lubricant or lubricated part contacting edible products. 

CC . Laundry compounds. 

Laundry detergents, bleaches, and sours may be used on fabric which contacts 
meat or poultry products, directly or indirectly, provided that the fabric is 
thoroughly rinsed with potable water at the end of the laundering operation. 

DD. Denaturants. 

Denaturants for carcasses, parts thereof, meat and meat food products (other 
than rendered animal fat) condemned for pathology and intended for disposal 
only as tankage. The denaturant must be deposited in all portions of the 
carcass or product to the extent necessary to prevent its use for food 
purposes . 

EE . Denaturants. 

Denaturants for carcasses, parts thereof, meat and meat food products 
intended for disposal for purposes other than human food. The denaturant 
must be deposited in all portions of the carcass or product to the extent 
necessary to prevent its use for human food. 

FF. Handwashing and sanitizing compounds. 


The compounds must be dispensed from adequate dispensers located a sufficient 
distance from the processing line to prevent accidental product contam- 
ination. The hands need not be washed prior to the use of the compounds. 
After the use of the compounds, the hands must be thoroughly rinsed with 
potable water. 

GG . Hand sanitizing compounds. 

The hands must be washed and thoroughly rinsed prior to sanitizing with the 
compound. The hands need not be rinsed following the use of the compound. 


Foam control compounds. 

These compounds may be used to control foam in egg washing machines. Eggs 
washed in water containing these compounds shall be immediately subject to a 
thorough potable water rinse. 

JJ. Shell egg sanitizing compounds. 

Freshly washed eggs may be sanitized with these compounds only if the eggs 
are rinsed prior to application of the compound. A subsequent rinse is not 


Denaturants . 

Denaturants for poultry carcasses, parts thereof, or poultry products 
condemned for pathology and intended for disposal only as tankage. The 
denaturants must be deposited in all portions of the carcass or product to 
the extent necessary to prevent its use for food purposes. 



Denaturants for poultry carcasses, parts thereof, or poultry products 
intended for disposal for purposes other than human food. The denaturant 
must be deposited in all portions of the carcass or products to the extent 
necessary to prevent its use for food purposes. 


Absorbents or anti-slip agents for spot application to floors 

Such compounds may be used in all areas provided that, use is limited to the 
portion of the floor area where the hazard exists, and that such use does not 
result in dusting, tracking, or other objectionable conditions. Compounds 
may not be used as a substitute for good sanitation. They must be removed as 
a part of the routine floor cleaning operation. 


In several categories, reference is made to the need for rinsing with potable 
water. USDA accepts water used in federally inspected plants as being 
potable when such certification is made by state health agency authorities. 


How To Use The New List 

The sequence of listing companies, and compounds within companies, as printed 
by the computer is as follows: 

Compounds or companies, having a special character (e.g., #, %, ") as the 
first character are printed before any compound, or company, having an 
alphabetic character (e.g., a, b, c) as the first character. For instance, 
under the heading of Abbott Supply Company, #777 Bottle Washing Compound is 
listed before Abbott Concentrated Lymee . 

Compounds, or companies, having a numeric character (e.g., 1, 2, 3) as the 
first character are printed after all compounds, or companies, having an 
alphabetic character as the first character. For instance, under the heading 
of All-Chem Corporation, 709 All Purpose Cleaner is listed as the last 
product for that company. As another example, the listing for the company 
named 2-Cleen Chemical Laboratories, immediately follows the listing for Zurn 
Industries , Inc . 

Because of the sorting sequence utilized by the computer, series of compounds 
which have numeric characters may not be printed in numeric order according 
to magnitude. The left-most digit of such compounds will primarily determine 
the sequence in which they are printed. For instance, under the heading of 
Alex C. Fergusson Company, AFCO 4324 is printed before AFCO 52. 

Please examine all listings carefully before concluding that a compound, or 
company, is not listed. 



(In the following list, compounds are arranged alphabetically 
by trade name under the heading of the firm by which they are marketed) 

A & L Laboratories, Inc. 

Al-Clor G 

Al-Dine F 

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner D 

LOL Special Washing Powder. A, H 
Milestone Remover 

Concentrate C 

Pip-Clor B,H 

22 Dairy Detergent A,H 

A & M Distributing Company 
Hand Dishwashing Compound. .A 

K P Grill & Oven Cleaner D 

Liquid Hand Dishwash A 

Liquid Hand Soap 40% Q 

Machine Dishwashing 

Compound A 

A & R Products, Inc. 

Cherry Bowl Cleaner P 

Dynamo A 

Encore A 

Extra Heavy Duty Concrete 

Cleaner D 

Gnme-Scat A 

Industrial Cleaner D 

Multi Blue A 

X-150 Chlorinated Machine 

Dishwash A 

100 Plus Drain Pipe Opener O 

AAA Chemical Company, Inc. 

C-306 A 

W/S Degreaser A 

100-C F 

A A L-Kleen 

All-Kleen Deluxe Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

AAL-Kleen Liquid Drain 

Opener O 

Deluxe Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Heavy Duty Concentrate D 

Multi-Purpose Concentrate A 

ABC Chemical Corporation 

ABC #20 Hand Soap Q 

ABC Chlorinated Pdrd Mach 

Dish Wash Cmpd A 

ABC Powdered Bleach CC 

ABC Powdered Machine 

Dishwashing Cmpd A 

Deterge CC 

No. 201 Aluminum & Ferrous 

Metal Cleaner C 

No. 202 Lime And Soap 

Remover C 

No. 203 Window Cleaner R 

No. 205 Bowl and Basin 

Cleaner P 

No. 207 Lime And Rust 

Remover C 

No. 209 Detergent For Dishes ..A 
No. 214 Silicone Lub. & 

Release Agent AA 

No. 215 Liquid Steam Cleaner. A 
No. 216 Multi-Purpose 

Cleaner/Dgrsr D 

No. 219 Heavy Duty DegreaserR 
No. 223 Pine Scent 

Cleaner/Deodz R 

No. 226 Rust And Tarnish 

Remover C 

No. 228 Sludge Dissolver R 

No. 229 All Purpose Cleaner A 

No. 302 Drain De-Clogger O 

No. 304 Powdered Floor 

Clnr/Dgrsr D 

No. 407 Contact Insect Killer. ..T 
No. 408 Residual Insect Killer. .T 

No. 409 Flying Insect Killer S 

No. 418 Lemon Sceiit 

Disinfectant R 

A G A Corporation 

AGA Food Machinery Gr. No. 


AGA Food Machinery Gr. No. 


AIM International Chemicals Corp. 

Assault D 

ADS Automatic Dishwashing 

Soap A 

Boiler Guard M 

Bug Shot S 

Coca Wash Q 

Coil Clean C 

Crossfire S 

Derma-Clean W 

Derma-Shield W 

Di-Gestor O 

Double Action D 


Final G 

Foam Power A 

Germa-Clense II F 

Slide AA 

Grime Buster D 

Hot Stuff O 

Irish Mint R 

Kleen Up R 

Laundra Bright CC 

Liquid Steam A 

Od-Out R 

Penelube 4 BB 

Phospho-Clean C 

Porcelain And Bowl Cleaner P 

Pure Lube 500 AA 

Quik Wash A 

Radiant R 

Rust Away R 

Rust Away II C 

Sila-Cote Z 

Sparkle D 

Wash Up Q 

Whirlpool O 

ARC O/Chemical Company/ 
Division of Atlantic Richfield Co. 

AcroHib BT-850 Boiler 

Treatment M 

ArcoHib BT-840 M 

ArcoHib BT-845 Boiler 

Treatment M 

ArcoHib BT-851 M 

ArcoHib BT-857 M 

A.B.C. Chemical Products 

CDD Disinfectant & Sanitizer ..F 
Neutra-L-Cleaner Concentrate. A 

Powdered T.E.N A 

Ready Clean A 

TEN All Purpose Cleaner A 

A.B.C. Compounding Company, Inc. 

A-145 Disinfectant Cleaner D 

A-150 Superior Concentrate A 

A-151 Pink Concentrate A 

A-152 Syntheso Neutral 

Cleaner A 

A-153 Atomic Action A 

A-161 Sof-T-Suds A 

A-162 Beaded Hand Dishwash 

Comp A 

A-225 Blue Sea Beads A 

A-225 Pink Sky Beads A 

A-225 White Foam Beads A 

A-230 Super Chlrd. Machine 

Dishwash Dtrg A 

A-231 Prize Machine Dishwash 

Dtrgnt A 

A-235 Deluxe Machine 

Dishwash Dtrgnt A 

A-270 All Purpose Cleaner A 

A-280 Egg Wash A 

A-290 Po-Pac Ho Cleaner A 

A-300 B-Gone HD Cleaner B 

A-300 Foam-Up D 

A-3 10 Labor Saver Chloro 

Cleaner A 

AA106 Chain Lub & Cleaner. ..AA 
B 165 Liquid Machine 

Dishwash Dtrgnt B 

B-190 Jet White Odless. St. 

Clg. Comp B 

B-192 Hvy Duty Odless St. 

Clg. Comp B 

B-193 Ex Hvy Duty Odless St. 

Clg. Comp B 

B 194 White Odorless Steam 

Clng. Compd B 


B-195 Steam Cleaner 'Heavy 

Duty' B 

B-196 Medium Duty Steam 

Cleaner B 

B-197 Extra Heavy Duty 

Steam Clnr B 

B-250 Restaurant King DFF 

Cleaner B 

Betty's Pink Lotionized Hand 

Soap Q 

C-700 Milkstone Remover C 

Cherry-O-Dis 19-30 D 

Cherry-O-Dis 27-42 D 

Concrete Cleaner R 

D-156 Odorless Concrete 

Cleaner D 

D-160 ADR Sudsing Cleanser ...D 

F-186 Chlorinated Krystals A 

F-187 Super Germicide F 

F-188 Germ I San G 

G-100 Cocoanut Oil Liq Hand 

Soap Q 

G-105 Econo Cocont Oil Liq 

Hand Soap Q 

H-280 Egg Wash H 

Hound Dog Concrete Cleaner. ..R 

KA-GO C-601 Acid Cleaner C 

L-120 Seal-Away Inhibited 

Bowl CI P 

L-125 Blue Inhibited Bowl 

Cleaner P 

L-130 Emulsion Bowl Cleaner ..P 

L-135 Sparkle Paste Cleaner P 

L-180 Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

L-210 Hog Scald Compound X 

Lem-O-Dis 19-30 D 

Lem-O-Dis 27-42 D 

Lemon Disinfectant Coef. 5 R 

M-157 Heavy Duty Magic 

Concrete CI R 

M-157 Magic Concrete Cleaner. R 
M-159 Econo Concrete CleanerR 
M-181 Pine Odor Disinfectant. ..R 

M-185 General Disinfectant R 

Margie's Pearl Lotionzd Hd 

Dshwshng Cmpd A 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Mint-O-Dis 19-30 D 

Mint-O-Dis 27-42 D 

N-211 Insecticide No. HI S 

N-212 Space Spray No. 3 S 

Neutronic Powerhouse Cleaner 

1.-255 A 

0-215 Malathion-50 Spray T 

O-880 Sewer Solvent O 

l'inc-O Dis 19-30 R 

I'ine-O-Dis 27-42 R 

K-140 Metals & Stnlcss. Steel 

Cln. & I'oli R 

Super Sewage Enzymes O 

A.C. Chemical Industries, Inc. 

A.C. Super Lemon DisinfectantP 
A.C. Super Mint Disinfectant ...P 
A.C. Super Pine Odor 

Disinfectant R 

AC Air Sanitizer Bouquet 

Fragrance R 

AC Bee & Wasp Killer T 

AC Disinfectant Foam Cleaner. R 

AC Dry Lubricant BB 

AC Glass Cleaner R 

AC Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant R 

AC Lemon-Lime Air Sanitizer.. R 

AC Neutra Clean A 

AC Nut Bolt Loosner BB 

AC Residual Insecticide T 

AC Time Dispensing 

Insecticide T 

Mr. Gets-It Extra Hvy Duty 

Clnr-Degrsr A 

A.C. Towel Supply Co., The 

Sid's Tripe Wash Y 

A.F.I. Incorporated 

Chain & Cable BB 

A.J. Sales & Supply Company 

Concentrate Many Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Fireproof Cleaner D 

Glass Cleaner R 

Sani-Kleen Bowl Clnr & 

Disinfect P 

Steam Cleaner B 

Swinger D 

A.J.'S Equipment Sales and Service 

Steam Cleaner A 

A.R.C.Y. Corporation 

Big 'G' A 

Eze Kleen Q 

Fresh Air Orange R 

Klear Glass R 

Life Ice Melt R 

Mozel Germicidal Mulii 

Purpose Cleaner R 

Quail T 

Rust Buster BB 

Rust-Ban BB 

Sani-Lubc Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Slide Silicone Lubricant AA 

Smooth & Clean Waterless 

Hand Cleaner W 

A-Jon Products LTD. 

AJ 140 Multi Purpose Boiler 

Treatment M 

AJ 149 Water Tower Cleaner. ...N 
AJ 164 Boiler Water Adjunct. ...M 
AJ 210 Foaming Degreaser A 

A-K Chemical Supply 

871 B 

A-OK Products, Inc. 

Brite Glass Cleaner R 

Bug Out Roach N'Ant Killer ...T 

Clinger P 

Knuckles N'Nails W 

No. 15 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

No. 310 Stripper and DegreaserD 

Porter's #210 D 

Sani-Fresh Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Sparkling Glass Cleaner R 

Squeeks N'Leeks BB 

T.S. Dry Spray Lubricant BB 

A-Z Supply Company 

Active A 

Germicidal Cleaner & 

Deodorant R 

Glass Cleaner R 

Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Speed D 

Speed Stripper-Degreaser D 

Super 2 Bowl Cleaner P 

Victory Pine Odor Disinfectant A 
Winners Circle Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Winners Circle 2 Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

6209 Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

A-l Maintenance Supply Company 

A-l Marvel Emulsion Bowl 

Cleaner P 

A-l Marvel Water Soluble 

Degreaser A 

A-l Products & Supplies 

Action-A A 

A-l Sanitary Rag Company 

Instant-Dri MM 

Aarrow Maintenance & Supply Co. 

Double Time D 

Glitter-Glas R 

Neutrox D 

Task Force D 

Xpede R 

Abalene Pest Control Service, Inc. 

Ab-O-Cide S 

Abbot Chemicals 

No. 25 Insect Spray S 

Sani-Lube A A 

Sil-A-Lube AA 

Abbott Company, The 

Liquid Hand Soap (# 158RG)....Q 

Abbott Supply Company 

#777 Bottle Washing 

Compound B 

Abbott Concentrated Lymee C 

AC-20 A 

AC-231-XHD Steam Cleaner ...A 

AC-35 A 

AC -442 B 

AC-45-D-Chlortron D R 

AC-47 FA O 

AC-755 A 

Concentrated Bactese P 

Erase D 

FP-101 D 

FP-102 D 

Hand Dishwashing Compound. .A 

Ice-Go R 

No. 165 Dishwashing 

Compound A 

No. 200 F.P. Crystalline 

Cleaner A 

No. 60 Liquid Soap Q 

Odortrol #377 R 

Premier D 

Professional Mala-Kote T 

Professional Pow-R-Kill S 

Sparkleen A 

Strip-A-Matic 44 A 

X-Film A 

40-H Liquid Soap Q 

Abchem International 

Abchem 208 A 

Abchlor A 

Carbon-Nox B 

Drain-Flo O 

Enzit O 

Ferro-Nox B 

Fleet A 


FA-1 A 

Hog Scald X 

Hydro-Terg A 

Klor-O-Det A 



Meat Packers General Cleaner. .A 

Metal Cleaner S/S C 

Sani-Det A 

Sani Det-F A 

Scale-Zit C 

Stainless Steel Mold Cleaner ....B 

Steam Power HD A 

Stellar C 

Trolley Oil AA 

Abco Products Co. of Sacramento 

Ferro-Nox R-2 B 

Flash C 

Fome Upp A 

Hog Scald-10 X 

Hog Scald-6 X 

Hydro-San A 

Power Brite Laundry DetergentCC 

Sani-Brite-286 B 

Stellar C 

T116-Tripe Wash Y 

65 Concentrate A 

Abco, Incorporated 

Abfex S 

Abficide S 

Abkill S 

Absan D 

AC-60 C 

AC-80 C 

ACR-13 C 

Bactozyme II O 

Blazeen D 

Blitz-O T 

Blitz-W T 

Bowl Eez P 

Brawn R 

Break Aerosol BB 

Break Through O 

Bug-O T 

BTC-1 Y 

Cadet S 

Chief D 

Chlor-Clean ;:'. F 

Clcen It D 

Clenzip E 

Complete C 

Compound H A 

Compound M A 

Costilc Hand Soap R.T.U Q 

CH 12 D 

D-Spray G 

D-300 G 

Dari l.ubc BB 

Deluxe Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Deluxe Liq. Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Dex E 

Dis-San D 

Doc-35 R 

Fin Clcen D 

Flick T 


Gentle Kleen C 

Go Grease R 

GF-250 G 

H.D.C A 

HTC-10 Y 

I-Dene G 

Insect-O-Blitz S 

IO-50 T 

IW-50 T 

Kleer Glass R 

Kleer-Lite Emulsion Window 


Kleer-Lite Glass Cleaner R 

Lightning 37 D 

Lime-X C 

Lindex T 

Liquid Dishwashing Compound A 

Liquid Plunger O 

Lube X BB 

Luxury A 

M.D.C A 

Meti-D RTU Q 

Meti-D 40% Q 

MP-50 A 

MP-800 A 

Odor Sweet R 

Odorant O R 

Open Up O 

Oven Strip A 

OC-1 A 

Pine Clean R 

Pineolin Glow R 

Pot and Pan Cleaner A 

Purolizer R 

Ramex O 

Removall C 

S.P.S A 

Safolene S D 

Safti-Derm Q 

Safti-Derm RTU Q 

Sanene NA D 

Sanene-P D 

Sassy D 

Scale Off C 

Scum-Off C 

Sequest D 

Sick-Em O 

Skin Cleanse R.T.U Q 

Skoot D 

Smile O 

So-Kleen D 

Speed Strip A 

Stand Out T 

Steem Off A 

Sto A 

Super Disit D 

Super Disit N-l D 

Super Doc -40 R 

Sweet "N Sewer R 

Swish R 

SHC-100 B 

SHC-200 A 


Toro D R 

Ultimate R 

Utensi Clean A 

Utili Clean D 

Val Cleen D 

Victor S 

Vit P 

Work Horse A 

Zime O 

40% Costile Liquid Hand Soap.Q 
40% Skin Cleanse Q 

Aborn Chemical Industries, Inc. 

Ark Arkomatic D 

Ark Automaid A 

Ark Flash R 

Ark Hy-Dis F 

Ark Industrial Spray S 

Ark Light D 

Ark Light-A A 

Ark Prilled Drain Opener O 

Ark Residual Insecticide T 

Ark San 200 G 

Ark Sanidet G 

Ark Soft Anti. Liq. Hand 

Soap(15%) Q 

Ark Soft Anti. Liq. Hand 

Soap(40%)Conc Q 

Ark Soft Liquid Hand Soap 

(15%) Q 

Ark -Lube A A 

Ark -San G 

Bac-Gard D 

Abso-Clean Chemical Company 

•Quik' S-5500- D 

A.S.C. No. 100 Automatic 

Scrubber Cone D 

A-C Concentrate #AC 600 D 

Abso-Clean #1025-N Liq Tile 

& Grout Clnr C 

AC 906 A 

De-Grease Liquid Steam CI 

Cone. Form 334 A 

Flake Caustic Soda B 

Formula CS-100 F 

Odor-Nil #200 F 

PF-127 Phosphate-Free All- 

Purp CI Cone D 

803 Heavy Duty 

Degreaser/Cleaner Cone D 

Academy Supply Company, Inc. 

Combo D 

Concentrated Heavy Duty D 

Pink General Purpose Cleaner D 
Terra-Clean D 

Accent Paper Co., Inc. 

B-C Concentrate D 

Accommodation Sanitary Supply Co., 

Sanco Degreaser CI. Wax 

Stripper D 

Sanco Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Sanco Spray On Wipe Off R 

Sanco Strike-Out F 

Sanco Super Detergent D 

Ace Chemical Products 

Ace Special A 

Acid Detergent C 

Agre-Sol D 

AG Detergent A 

AG-505 A 

AGP Detergent A 

AGP-509 A 

AGP-510 A 



Cir Alk HD B 

Cir-Chlor B,H 

Concentrate LC-300 A 

DS 540 D 

Floor Klean D 

Floor Klean HD D 

Foam Add A 

Formula 73 A,H 

Formula 83 A 

FM-301 A 

G.P.Chlor A 

H-55 Boiler Water Additive M 

H-56 Boiler Water Additive M 

H-57 Boiler Water Additive M 

H-60 Boiler Water Additive M 

Heavy Duty Liquid Detergent ..B 

HTP 545 B 

L.F.C. Low Foam Caustic B 

Liquid Clear A 

Liquid-Cir-Chlor A 


Milkstone Remover C 

Milkstone Remover Cone C 

P-81 Boiler Water Additive M 

Strip Away B 

Super Bottle Wash B 

Super Chlor Egg Wash H 


Super-AGP A 

SC-501 A 

Wash Brite Laundry Detergent.CC 
Wash Brite WB-200 CC 

Ace Chemical Products, Inc. 

Ace Can Lube A,BB 

Ace Lube 8 A,BB 

Ace-M-All #403 Liquid Parts 

Degreaser R 

Ace-M-All Acid Cooperage 

Cleaner C 

Ace-M-All Acid Descale 

Copper Inhibited C 

Ace-M-All Acid Star E 

Ace-M-All Antis. Liq. Hand 

Soap Q 

Ace-M-All AB A 

Ace-M-All AY A 

Ace-M-All Bleach Cleanser E,F 

Ace-M-All BD B 

Ace-M-All Can Wash STP Z 

Ace-M-All Canners Cleaner A 

Ace-M-All Chlorinated C1.#1-PA 
Ace-M-All Chlorinated C1.#1-SA 
Ace-M-All Chlorinated 

Cleanser E 

Ace-M-All Concentrated Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Ace-M-All Detergent-Sntzr 

Iodophor Type G 

Ace-M-All Foamax A 

Ace-M-All FG C 

Ace-M-All FH C 

Ace-M-All FS C 

Ace-M-All Galva Cleaner #20 ..C 

Ace-M-All GA C 

Ace-M-All Heavy Duty Gel #1 B 
Ace-M-All Hog Scald & Tripe 


Ace-M-All J 305 A 

Ace-M-All Laundry Detergent. .A 

Ace-M-All Liqui-Clcan A 

Acc-M-AU Liquid Bactericide. ..G 

Acc-M-All Liquid Detergent A 

Acc-M-All Low Foam Additive A 
Ace-M-All Low Foam 

Iodophor Det. Sntzr G,GG 

Ace-M-All LC-60 B 

Ace-M-All No. TK-77 B 

Ace-M-All No. 110 B 

Ace-M-All No. 110 Stripper B 

Ace-M-All No. 110 Stripper 

Liq B 

Acc-M-AU No. 110-B B 

Acc-M-All No. 110F B 

Acc-M-All No. 17 A 

Acc-M-All No. 17A 

Chlorinated Cleaner A 

Ace-M-All No. 18 A 

Acc-M-All No. 220 Steam 

Cleaner A 

Ace-M-All No. 26 A 

Ace-M-All No. 28 A 

Ace-M-All No. 3 Utensil 

Cleaner A 

Ace-M-All No. 36 B 

Ace-M-All No. 440 Chelated 

Cleaner A 

Ace-M-All No. 45 A 

Ace-M-All No. 47 B 

Ace-M-All No. 50 A 

Ace-M-All No. 5020 B 

Ace-M-All No. 53 B 

Ace-M-All No. 54 A 

Ace-M-All No. 56-1 B 

Ace-M-All No. 6 Bake Pan 

Cleaner A 

Ace-M-All No. 62 Retort 

Additive A 

Ace-M-All No. 660 B 

Ace-M-All No. 73 B 

Ace-M-All No. 75 B 

Ace-M-All No. 76 B 

Ace-M-All No. 761-P B 

Ace-M-All No. 770 B 

Ace-M-All No. 78 B 

Ace-M-All No. 8 A 

Ace-M-All No. 87 B 

Ace-M-All No. 88 B 

Ace-M-AU No. 90-10 B 

Ace-M-All No. 98 Low Foam 

Wetting Agent A 

Ace-M-All Poultry Spray A 

Ace-M-All Powdered Hand 

Cleaner P 

Ace-M-All Quat Rinse G.GG 

Ace-M-All Quat 42 F 

Ace-M-All Sanitizer Pink F 

Ace-M-All Sanitizer White F 

Ace-M-All Sanna Gel A 

Ace-M-All Sanni-Rinse F 

Ace-M-All Shroud Cleaner A 

Ace-M-AU Strip 750 B 

Ace-M-All Super Heat Drn 

Pipe Opnr O 

Ace-M-All T-250 A 

Ace-M-All Truck Wash A 

Alkaline De-Rust B 

Conade BB 

Conade 75 A.BB 

Super Concentrate 44 D 

Super- Ace D 

Super-Ace A A 

Super-Ace J A 

Ti-Lite Concentrate Cleaner A 

Ace Janitorial Supply 

Foam Rite A 

Ace Supply Company 

Ace Out Liq.Bowl&Porcelain 


Scale-Go Liquid Bowl CI P 

Ace Supply Incorporated 

Ace Foam Fast A 

Ace Industrial Germicidal 

Cleaner F 

Ace Sani-Clean F 

Ace-Lube Oil Company 

Ace-Lube AA-AW BB 

Ace-Lube BB— AW BB 

Ace-Lube Compressor Oil AA..BB 
Ace-Lube Compressor Oil 

Ext. Light BB 

Ace-Lube Compressor Oil 

Heavy BB 

Ace-Lube Compressor Oil Hvy 

Med BB 

Ace-Lube Compressor Oil 

Light BB 

Ace-Lube Compressor Oil 

Medium BB 

Ace-Lube CC-AW BB 

Ace-Lube Extra Heavy AW BB 

Ace-Lube EE-AW BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#0 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#1 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#2 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#3 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#4 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#5 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#6 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#7 BB 

Ace-Lube GL-5 EP. 140 BB 

Ace-Lube GL-5 EP. 80 BB 

Ace-Lube GL-5 EP. 90 BB 

Ace-Lube Heavy-AW BB 

Ace-Lube Heavy-Medium BB 

Ace-Lube Heavy-Medium-AW BB 

Ace-Lube Hi-Temp-2 AA 

Ace-Lube HH-AW BB 

Ace-Lube I.M. Oil CD BB 

Ace-Lube I.M. Oil Extra 

Heavy BB 

Ace-Lube I.M. Oil Heavy BB 

Ace-Lube I.M. Oil Light BB 

Ace-Lube I.M. Oil Medium BB 

Ace-Lube Imco Oil #0 BB 

Ace-Lube Imco Oil #1 BB 

Ace-Lube Imco Oil #2 BB 

Ace-Lube Imco Oil #3 BB 

Ace-Lube Imco Oil #4 BB 

Ace-Lube Imco Oil #5 BB 

Ace-Lube Light-AW BB 

Ace-Lube Lithium No. BB 

Ace-Lube Lithium No. 1 BB 

Ace-Lube Lithium No. 2 BB 

Ace-Lube Lithium No. 3 BB 

Ace-Lube Lo Hi-2 BB 

Ace-Lube Medium-AW BB 

Ace-Lube Moly Hi-Temp 2 BB 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-100 AA 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-130 AA 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-150 AA 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-50 AA 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-60 AA 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-70 AA 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-90 AA 

Ace-Lube Oildraulic S BB 

Ace-Lube Oildraulic W BB 

Ace-Lube Oven Oil P BB 

Ace-Lube Oven Oil PG BB 

Ace-Lube Oven Oil PM BB 

Ace-Lube Process Oil-10 AA 

Ace-Lube Process Oil-6 AA 

Ace-Lube Process Oil-7 AA 

Ace-Lube Process Oil-8 AA 

Ace-Lube Super Hydroflo OU 

150 BB 

Ace-Lube Super Hydroflo Oil 

300 BB 

Ace-Lube SM OU 1210 BB 

Ace-Lube SM OU 160 BB 

Ace-Lube SM OU 1650 BB 

Ace-Lube SM OU 190 BB 

Ace-Lube SM OU 310 BB 

Ace-Lube SM OU 500 BB 

Ace-Lube SM Oil 890 BB 

Ace-Lube Tecpro OiI-40 AA 

Ace-Lube Tecpro Oil-60 AA 

Ace-Lube Tecpro Oil-70 AA 

Ace-Lube Tecpro Oil-80 AA 

Ace-Lube U.S.P.#2 AA 

Ace-Lube USP Oil-190 AA 

Ace-Lube USP OU-210 AA 

Ace-Lube USP Oil-320 AA 

Ace-Lube USP Oil-350 AA 

Ace-Lube Vistac #1 BB 

Ace-Lube Vistac #2 BB 

Ace-Lube Vistac #3 BB 

Ace-Lube Vistac #4 BB 

Ace-Lube Vistac #5 BB 

Ace-Lube Vistac 3MS BB 

Ace-Lube Vistac 5 MS BB 

Ace-Lube WP #5 AA 

Ace -Lube BB 

Ace-Lube 00 BB 

Ace-Lube 000 BB 

Ace-Lube 130A AA 

Ace -Lube 130AA A A 

Ace-Lube 60 White Mineral OilAA 

Ace-Lube 600 W-SM BB 

Ace-Lube 600 WAD BB 


Ace-Lube 61 White Mineral OilAA 
Ace-Lube 62 White Mineral OilAA 

Ace-Lube 630-AA BB 

Ace-Lube 701 AA 

Ace-Lube 930AA-15 AA 

Ace-Lube 930AA-2 AA 

Ace-Lube 95 WA BB 

Ace-Lube Oil Company/ Div. of 
Garratt-Callahan Co. 

Alumplex FM-2-EP AA 

Silicone Release Food Grade ...AA 

Acme Aerocote Corporation Div. 
Acme Chemical Corp. 

Red-Max A 

Acme Chemex Inc. 

Acme Chemex 920 Acid 

Cleaner C 

Chemex 3002 Coconut 

Handsoap 40% Q 

Chemex 3007 Tuff Touch 

Liquid Handsoap Q 

1032 Silicone Spray AA 

1060 Sanilube AA 

1086E Elite Aquanot Hand 

Cleaner W 

1090 Barrier Creme W 

1361 Residucide Roach 'N Ant 

Killer T 

150 Liquid Detergent A 

150-B Detergent A 

2065 General Purpose Cleaner. A 

2070 Packing House Cleaner A 

2075 Food Vat Cleaner B 

2080 Melt Pellets R 

2100 Sewer Solvent O 

2102 Blast Drain Opener O 

2104 Bowl Cleaner P 

250 Detergent A 

30"> Cleaner Concentrate ..D 

3030 Powdered Hand Soap P 

3113 Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

3114 Pine Plex R 

3117 Deodorant Block 4 oz P 

3118 4 oz. Deodorant Block 
with Hanger P 

3120 Wall "lock 24 oz P 

3600 Space Spray S 

3601 Space Spray S 

3612 Resid-U-Cide T 

3621 Food Plant Insecticide S 

500 A2Z Concentrate D 

5020 Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

510 Old Blue Concentrate A 

600 XL Concentrate A 

6600 White Grease BB 

810 Liquid Cleaner D 

814 Hydro Clean X- 

Concentrate A 

850 HD Cleaner Concentrate .. ..D 
8651 Utility Cleaner R 

Acme Chemical Company 

Acco Alkalinity Adjunct M 

Acco-Terge A 

Away E 

Disheze A 

Dynaterge R 

Industrial Voltreet N 

Klomine D 

Klomine Plus D 

La vo Kleen P 

Oxytrol FP-100 M 

Pipe Kleen O 

Rustoscale #28 Z 

Rustoscale AW #24 Z 

Rustoscale AW #27 Z 

Rustoscale AW #29 Z 

Rustoscale Custom #35 M 

Rustoscale Custom #40 N 

Rustoscale Custom #42 N 

Rustoscale Custom #46 N 

Rustoscale Custom #49 N 

Rustoscale Polysperse BW M 

Rustoscale Polysperse 10 M 

Rustoscale PB 200 M 

Rustoscale PB 300 M 

Rustoscale PC 66 Z 

Rustoscale Regular #2 M 

Rustoscale Regular #5 M 

Rustoscale Regular #6 M 

Rustoscale Special #11 M 

Rustoscale Special #12 M 

Rustoscale Special #13K M 

Rustoscale Special #19 M 

Saniterge D 

Solvin AAA P 

Swype P 

Ukazone Blocs P 

Ukazone Disks P 

Vitra-Kleen P 

Voltreet N 

Voltreet FP 100 M 

Voltreet FP-20 M 

Voltreet FP-40 M 

Acme Industrial Compounds Corp. 

Acme Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Acme Silicone Spray AA 

Enzyme Drain Cleaner O 

Ortholene A 


Sanit-Aire Sewage & Garb Odr 

Contl&Dgrsr R 

Scale-Out MIXSI M 

Scale-Out NPT-N M 

Acme Janitor Equipment Co. 

A-J Concentrate D 

Acme Soap Company 

Acme Mild A 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

Hog Scalding Compound X 

Meat Hook & Trolley CI. & 

Deruster B 

Shroud Cleaner CC 

Smokleen B 

Smokleen No. 10 B 

Spray On Car & Truck Wash ...A 
Tripe Cleaner Y 

Acorn Chemical Company 

Product No. 1 Boiler Water 

Treat M 

Product No. 10 Hi-Phos Z 

Product No. 16 Indust. Odor 
Control K 

Product No. 2 Boiler Water 
Treat M 

Aero Chem 

Eggwhite . H 

Acrocem, Incorporated 

Thrift Grease Trap & Drain 
Cleaner O 

Thrift Sewer & Septic Tank 
Cleaner O 

Action Chemical Company 

Shroud Cleaner #11 CC 

Action Chemical Company 

Action Chlorinated Cleanser E 

Action Eze A 

PHC-70 A 

PHC-71 A 

PHC-72 A 


Twenty Percent Hand Soap Q 

Action Chemical Company 

Action Cowboy Heavy Duty 

Clnr. Concntrt D 

Action Lemon-Dis Disinfectant P 
Action Plus(Ammoniated) Clnr. R 
Action Thrifty Mint 

Disinfectant P 

Action Thrifty Pine Pine Odor 

Disf. Five R 

Action Winda Shine Glass 

Cleaner R 

Big Daddy 69 D 

Cardinal All Purpose 

Concentrated Clnr D 

Pink Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Pink Squeeky Lotion 

Dishwashing Detrgt A 

Silicone Spray A A 

Action, Incorporated Division of 
Nobles Industries, Inc. 

FAC 41 A 

FAC42 A 

FAC 43 A 

FAC 44 A 

FAC 46 B 

FAC 61 A 

FAC 83 A 

Active Chemical Corporation 

Acet Chem-Ox Boiler Water 

Treat M 

Acet 282 Steam & Return Line 

Treat M 

Acet 525 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Acet 550 AF Boiler Water 

Treatment... M 

Acet 550 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Active Organic Mfg. Corp. 

Ak-Tiv-X Concentrate M 

Adams Best Company, Inc. 

Bright Eyes D 

Bright Eyes Plus D 

BCS-290 D 

Causti Jell A 

Fly'n Mosquito Insecticide S 

Foam-Plus A 

Glass Cleaner R 

Instant Oven & Grill Cleaner.. ..A 

Liquid Steam Cleaner A 

Pink Panther Q 

Roach N'Ant Killer T 

Smooth Q 

Sno -Kleen P 

Stripclene A 

Wax Strip R 

Adams Best Corporation See Adams 
Best Company, Inc. 

Adams Company, The 

Adams Cleaner P-l D 

Adams Cleaner T3 D 

Adams Drain Pipe Cleaner O 


Adams L-Tox Spray S 

Adams Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Adams Lo-Sudz D 

Adams Mint Disinfectant R 

Adams Odo-Rout Concentrate. .R 
Adams Super Pine(Phenol 

Coef.5) R 

Adams Window Cleaner R 

Adsol Emulsion Bowl Cleaner. .P 

Cleaner CPC D 

Pine Oil Disinf. (Phenol Coef .5)R 

Super Cleaner A 

Super Cleaner 075 A 

Adchem, Incorporated 

Radiant Red A 

Adco Chemical Corporation 

Bio-D7 A 

Drain Cleaner O 

Sanizyme O 

Adco Chemicals, Incorporated 

Adco Fog Insecticide S 

AC-62 A 

Cleaner 7-11 A 

Deodorant No. 98 R 

HS-11 X 

Liquid CPM A 

Mist Spray Insecticide S 

MP-20 A 

Sewer Solvent O 

Adco, Incorporated 

Concentrated Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Neutral Cleaner D 

Adcoa, Inc. 

Pink Bacteriostatic Q 

Vac-Ez P 

Admiral Chemical Corp. 

Super Solv #2 D 

Advance Chemical Company 

Advanced Industrial Cleaner A 

Colena 24 

First For Floors D 

Advance Chemical Company, Inc. 

AC-105 Z 

AC-106 Z 

AC-107 (L) Z 

AC-114 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

AC-116 M 

AC-200 A 

AC-201 A 

AC-202 A 

AC-211 A 

AC-220 A 

AC-242 D 

AC-275 C 

Formula 88 General Purpose 

Clnr A 

700 Liq. Det. Concentrated A 

Advance Industries 

Advance #230 M 

Boiler Water Treatment 
Product #261 M 

Advance Machine Company 

Advance Formula 60 Dctrgnt 

Sanitizer F 

Formula 10 A 

Formula 10 Plus A 

Formula 20 A 

Formula 20 Plus A 

Formula 40 A 

Formula 60 Plus G 

Advance Paper and Chemical Co. 

S.D.I. Degreaser A 

Advance Paper Company 

Grease Release A 

Advance Paper Company, Inc. 

Big A Brand Liquid Coconut 
Soap 20% Q 

Advance Products Co. 

Prilled Drain Opener O 

Advance Professional Cleaners 

Big 'G' D 

Carbon Remover and Cleaner. ..B 

Chem-Tronic D 

Dual Disinfectant-Cleaner F,H,J 

Floor Cleaner D 

Sodium Hydroxide B 

Stripper-Cleaner B 

Advanced Biosystems 

Bio Blen Custom Culture 43 

Advanced Chemical Sales Company 

Dee-Greaser A 

Aero Chemical Corporation 

Insecticide 50 S 

55 S 

Aero Distributing 

Aero-Foam A 

Gil PR Acid C 

XL-1000 A 

Aero Mist, Incorporated 

Aero Chem Ant, 


aygon T 

Aero Chem Ant, 

Aero Chem Butyl Cleaner & 

Dgrsr. Cone D 

Aero Chem Easy Shine Glass 

Cleaner Cone R 

Aero Chem 

Gen. Purp. Fly. Insect Killer, 

3P S 

Aero Chem II Flying Insect 

KiUer,.6P S 

Aero Chem Liquid DisinfectantG 
Aero Chem Liquid Steam 

Cleaner Cone A 

Aero Chem Moisture Guard BB 

Aero Chem P.C.O. Prof Fly. 

Insect Killer S 

Aero Chem Ready Shine Glass 

Cleaner R 

Anti-Crawl Residual InsecticideT 
Misty Accur-Spray Wasp & 

Hornet Killer T 

Misty All Purpose Cleaner R 

Misty Anti-Seize Lubricant BB 

Misty Barrier Cream W 

Misty Bath and Tile Cleaner P 

Misty Bayberry Air Freshener. .R 

Misty Belt Dressing BB 

Misty Disinfectant Foam 

Cleaner R 

Misty Dry Lubricant BB 

Misty Dry Moly Lubricant BB 

Misty Flying Insect Killer S 

Misty Foamy Lube AA 

Misty Gear & Chain Lubricant. BB 
Misty Glass And Mirror 

Cleaner R 

Misty Glass Clnr & Polish R 

Misty Gly. Air Sani. Bouquet 

Fragrance R 

Misty Gly. Air Sani. Orange 

Fragrance R 

Misty Gly. Air Sani. Spice 

Fragrance R 

Misty Gly. Air Sani. Lemon 

Lime Fragrance R 

Misty Glycol Air Sani. Mint 

Fragrance R 

Misty Graphite Penetrant and 

Lubricant BB 

Misty Gum Remover R 

Misty Hospital Disinf. Deodor..R 

Misty Ice Melt R 

Misty II Disinfectant & 

Deodorant R 

Misty Jato Power Pac 

Cartridge R 

Misty Lavender Air Freshner...R 

Misty Mizer Air Sanitizer R 

Misty Mizer Air Sanitizer LimeR 
Misty Mizer Air Sanitizer Mint.R 
Misty Mizer Air Sanitizer Pine R 
Misty Mizer Economy 

Insecticide S 

Misty Mizer Insecticide T 

Misty Mizer Odor Ncutralizer 

Bayberry R 

Misty Mizer Odor Ncutralizer 

Bouquet R 

Misty Mizer Odor Ncutralizer 

Lilac R 

Misty Mizer Odor Neutralizer 

Lime R 

Misty Mizer Odor Neutralizer 

Odorless R 

Misty Moisture Guard BB 

Misty Multi-Purpose 

Insecticide S 

Misty Penetrating Lubricant BB 

Misty Pine Air Freshener R 

Misty Room Fogger S 

Misty Silicone Lubricant Spray AA 

Misty Silicone Mold Release AA 

Misty Surf. Dis.and Air 

Deodorizer R 

Misty Utility Cleaner R 

Misty Waterless Hand Cleaner 

Cream W 

Misty White Lithium Grease BB 

Aero-Master, Inc. 

Aero-Master Air Sanitizing 

Compound R 

Formula B-20-200 S 

Mill Fogging Formula S 

Spraying And Fogging 

Insecticide S 

Aerochem Industries 

Kitchen Chembrite A 

Aetna Chemical Corporation 

Actajet A 

Actana 200 M 

Actana 25L M 

Actana 400 M 

Actana 477 M 

Actana 489 N 

Actana 600 N 

Acterge S D 

Acterge 100 A 


Acterge 101 A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Agri International, Inc. 

Agri C Farm Implement 
Cleaner D 

Agri-Bio Corporation 

En-Zap A.O 

Agricultural Laboratories/ Division of 
A G Chemicals, Inc. 

Bio-Gest O 

Agway, Incorporated 

Acid Cleanser 2 C 

Agway Space Spray S 

Bulk Tank & Utensil Cleaner ...A 

Cleanser A 

Egg Washing & Sanitizing 

Compound H 

Egg Washing Compound H 

Food Processing Machinery 

Grease A A 

Liquid Bactericide G 

Livestock And Farm Spray S 

Sanitizer And Teat Dip G 

Aidex Corporation 

Aidex Malathion Premium-5E...T 

Aidex Mist No. 3644 R 

Di-V-Ex T 

Dimex-267 T 

Fogicide P S 

Mirasect T 

Pyrenex S 

Vap-O-Ate T 

Aim-Chem Enterprise, Inc. 

Chemi Pro Away P 

Chemi Pro Bug-B-Gone ...T 

Chemi Pro Fly-Away T 

Chemi Pro Foam Dis R 

Chemi Pro Loosen-Up BB 

Chemi Pro Mintone R 

Chemi Pro Sani-Bowl P 

Chemi Pro Sur Dis P 

Chemi Pro Un-Clog O 

CS-100 Cleaner/Degreaser D 

Air Master Services, Inc. 

Super Clean B-150 D 

Super Concentrate #20 D 

Air-Tite Products Company 

Air-Tite 772 R 

Aire-Mate Division Car me I Chemical 

Banish Bits High Level Odor 

Counteract R 

Disinfecting Bowl Cleaner P 

Medisan P 

Steri Kleen Germicidal Spray 

& Wipe Clnr R 

Sterikleen F 

Airkem Central Indiana 

Enzymatic O 

Airkem Upper Midwest Sales Co. 

Cling-N-Clean D 

Airkem, A Div of Airwick Industries 

A-125 Dry D 

A-33 R 

Airkem A-125 D 

Airkem A-3 D 

Airkem CBC Redi-Mix P 

Airkem Deoterge D 

Airkem F/H G 

Airkem Multipurpose 

Degreaser A 

Airkem Odor Controlled 

Insect. Vap. Spy S 

Aquatoc R 

Aquinoc T 

ABC Accelerated Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Brawn C 


Empire Bowl Cleaner P 

Entacide S 

Entacide Insecticide Vaporizer 

Spray S 

Entacide-R R 

Escape R 

Finish-Line General Purpose 

Cleaner R 

Multi Purpose Insecticide 

Spray S 

New Citrus Scented Solidaire...R 
New Floral Scented Solidaire ...R 
Odor Counteractant Spec. 6521 R 

Omega Concentrate R 

Premeasured A-33 Dry D 

Solidaire Blue Label R 

Solidaire Gold Label R 

Solidaire Green Label R 

Solidaire Red Label R 

Spritz D 

Touch-Do wn R 

Airwick Institutional Products A Div. 
of Airwick Industries, Inc. 

Breaker-Ph P 

Finish Line (Aerosol) R 

Finish-Line (Bulk) A 

Finish-Line Dry A 

Half -Time C 

Mr. Brilliance R 

Sharp-Shooter D 

Touch-Down Detergent- 
Disinfectant F 

Touch-Down Disinfectant 

Foam Cleaner R 

Ajax Sanitary Supply Company 

Concentrate D 

Detergent Jel Floor Cleaner D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Lo-Suds Floor Cleaner D 

Swifty Cleaner D 

Akers of Supplies 

Al-Phil I A 

Al-Phil II A 

Citron Hand Shampoo Q 

Al Margo, Incorporated 

Lift-Off A 

Penetrate D 

Penetrate- 1 D 

Penetrate- 10 A 

Penetrate-1 1 A 

Penetrate-2 B 

Penetrate-3 A 

Penetrate-7 A 

Penetrate-8 A 

Penetrate-9 A 

Al Nelson Company 

Al's Sani-Lube A A 

Al's Sila-Lube AA 

Al's TFE Release 

Flourocarbon Lubricant BB 

Al-Be Chemical Co., Inc. 

Gold Tiger R 

H. D. Blue D 

Mint-O-Green R 

T-5 D 

Theolac C 

Al-Phil Chemical Corp. 

A.P. Klean D 

Al-Phil Insecticide T 

Al-Phil Rat Bait U 

AA Grade Fly Spray S 

Chain & Conveyor Belt 

Lubricant BB 

Disinfectant Sanitizer 

Deodorizer Cone G 

Drain Cleaner O 

Emulsifiable Spray 

Concentrate S 

Foam Klean A 

General Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner A 

General Purpose Low Sudsing 

Cleaner R 

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner R 

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner-B.R 

Ice Melting Compound R 

Insecticide Concentrate S 

Liquid Dishwashing 

Concentrate A 

Liquid Dishwashing 

Concentrate-B A 

Liquid Hand Soap 20% 

Concentrate Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 40% 

Concentrate Q 

Liquid Solvent Non-Flammable 

Cleaner D 

Liquid Steam Cleaning Cmpd 

Hvy Dty Form A 

Power Plus D 

Pressure Klean A 

Sewer Solvent O 

Virucide F 

Aladdin Products 

Bax-San F 

Formula #87 A 

Formula #9 A 

Formula A- 17 D 

Formula K 10 D 

Formula No. 40-S D 

Formula 36A68 C 

Hair Off the Hog X.Y 

Magi-Brite Powder A 

Magi-Clean B R 

Magi-Kil S 

Magi-Kil RK T 

Magi-KilT S 

Magi-Sect S 

Magi-Steam F Concentrate A 

RP-48 Interior Reefer Cleaner ..C 

Sewer Solvent O 

Sultana 02X Q 

Sultana 04X Q 

6A70 Egg Wash H 

Alamo Biochemical 

Liquid Live Micro Organism ....O 

Albany Chemical & Pool Co. 

Cherry Bomb Insect Spray T 

White Grease BB 


Albemarle Supply Co. 

Activ-Plus A 

Albert G. Maas Company 

Bowl & Porcelain Cleaner P 

High Concentrate Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Sanni Rinse G 

Albert Verley & Company 

Malabate R-90-W R 

Malabate R-93 R 

Alco Chemical Company 

FPI Spray T 

Rat & Mouse Killer Bait U 

Alco Products, Inc. 


Kleen Waterless Hand Cleaner.W 

Litho-Lub BB 

TEF Release Fluorocarbon 

Lubricant BB 

Alconox, Incorporated 

Alcojet A 

Alconox A 

Alcotabs A 

Liqui-Nox A 

Terg-A-Zyme A 

Alcott-Haig And Co. 

Amaze A 

Argonaut D 

Seize F 

Aldac, Inc. 

MX 237 The Master Oil BB 

Aldran Chemical Company 

Aldran A 

Dynamo A 

El-Zid D 

Alex C. Fergusson Company 

Afco Chlorilizer F,K 

Afco Low Foam In-Place Acid 


Afco Low Foam Liquid 

Detergent A 

Afco Poultry Scald L 

Afco S# 5529 BB 

Afco San-I-Two G 

Afco Spark G 

Afco Spray All A 

Afco Tops G 

AfcoTR-100 M 

Afco TR-101 M 

Afco TR-102 M 

AfcoTR-103 M 

AfcoTR-104 M 

AfcoTR-109 Z 

AfcoTR-110 Z 

AfcoTR-lll M 

Afco TR-1 13 M 

AfcoTR-114 M 

Afco TR-1 15 M 

Afco TR-1 19 M 

AfcoTR-121 M 

AfcoTR-123 M 

Afco TR-124 M 

AfcoTR-125 Z 

Afco TR-169 Z 

Afco 1056 A 

Afco 1072 Super Defoamer HH 

Afco 2626 J 

Afco 311 A 

Afco 3137 M 

Afco 3140 M 

Afco 3141 M 

Afco 3142 M 

Afco 3143 M 

Afco 3144 M 

Afco 3145 M 

Afco 3146 M 

Afco 3147 M 

Afco 3148 M 

Afco 3149 M 

Afco 3151 M 

Afco 3170 A 

Afco 3180 A 

Afco 3185 A 

Afco 3196 C 

Afco 3202 D 

Afco 3203 A 

Afco 3204 A 

Afco 3210 A 

Afco 3212 Campbell Blend A 

Afco 3214 B 

Afco 3218 

Afco 3222 D 

Afco 3224 B 

Afco 3226 B 

Afco 3229 B 

Afco 3233 A 

Afco 3234 A 

Afco 3235 A,H 

Afco 3237 A 

Afco 3238 A 

Afco 3241 A 

Afco 3243 CC 

Afco 3249 X 

Afco 3257 Y 

Afco 3259 X 

Afco 3269 A 

Afco 3271 A 

Afco 3272 A 

Afco 3274 B 

Afco 3280 A 

Afco 3284 A 

Afco 3285 A 

Afco 3295 B 

Afco 3297 A 

Afco 3298 B 

Afco 3302 A 

Afco 3304 A 

Afco 3310 A 

Afco 3312 A 

Afco 3314 A 

Afco 3317 B 

Afco 3318 A 

Afco 3319 A 

Afco 3321 A 

Afco 3322 A 

Afco 3325 B,H 

Afco 3326 A,H 

Afco 3328 A 

Afco 3329 A 

Afco 3330 B 

Afco 3331 B 

Afco 3332 B 

Afco 3333 B 

Afco 3334 B 

Afco 3336 B 

Afco 3337 B 

Afco 3339 B 

Afco 3340 A 

Afco 3343 F 

Afco 3347 A 

Afco 3348 F,J 

Afco 3349 C 

Afco 3357 H 

Afco 3358 A.H 

Afco 3359 F,K 

Afco 3360 H 

Afco 3362 A 

Afco 3363 H 

Afco 3364 A 

Afco 3369 A 

Afco 3370 A 

Afco 3372 B 

Afco 3373 B 

Afco 3375 A 

Afco 3376 A 

Afco 3377 A 

Afco 3378 A 

Afco 3380 B 

Afco 3381 B 

Afco 3384 A.H 

Afco 3386 B 

Afco 3388 A 

Afco 3391 A 

Afco 3394 A 

Afco 3395 A 

Afco 3396 A 

Afco 3397 B 

Afco 3401 A 

Afco 3402 A 

Afco 3405 D 

Afco 3406 A 

Afco 4317 R 

Afco 4319 F,J 

Afco 4320 P 

Afco 4324 F 

Afco 52 C 

Afco 5213 D,BB 

Afco 5219 BB 

Afco 5222 L 

Afco 5228 BB 

Afco 5229 A 

Afco 5231 D 

Afco 5232 B 

Afco 5233 Z 

Afco 5234 A 

Afco 5235 A 

Afco 5236 A.H 

Afco 5237 B 

Afco 5238 A 

Afco 5245 A 

Afco 5246 L.X 

Afco 5252 A 

Afco 5254 A 

Afco 5255 A 

Afco 5256 A 

Afco 5257 A 

Afco 5259 A 

Afco 5261 A 

Afco 5262 A 

Afco 5263 A 

Afco 5265 A 

Afco 5266 B 

Afco 5269 A 

Afco 5272 A 

Afco 5281 C 

Afco 5282 C 

Afco 5283 C 

Afco 5284 C 

Afco 5289 C.I 

Afco 5291 C 

Afco 5293 C 

Afco 5294 C 

Afco 5296 C.I 

Afco 538 M 

Afco 5501 Q 

Afco 5503 AA 

Afco 5505 A.BB 

Afco 5508 A.BB 

Afco 5520 BB 

Afco 5524 BB 

Afco 5525 Chain Slick A.BB 

Afco 5526 BB 

Afco 5527 A.BB 

Afco 5528 BB 

Afco 5536 BB 

Afco 5538 BB 


Afco 5640 BB 

Afco 5641 62 Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

Afco 5642 Conveyor Lubricant. BB 
Afco 5643 62 Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

Afco 5645 BB 

Afco 565 M 

Afco 5660 Conveyor Lubricant 

Liq BB 

Afco 5661 BB 

Afco 567 F,K 

Afco 568 M 

Afco 899 S 

Afco 9520 M 

Afco 9522 M 

Afco 9523 M 

Afco 9525 M 

Afco 9564 M 

Afco 9566 M 

Afco 9576 M 

Afco 9580 M 

Afco 9586 M 

Afco 9587 M 

Afco 9588 M 

Afco 9592 N 

Afco 9624 B 

BlastOff A 

Chloro-Plus H H 

Con-Clean C 

Quik Klene Chlor Non Foam 

Egg CI A.H 

Super Slash F 

Tetra San G 

Utopia Active R 

Utopia Dexterous A 

5511 Anti-Septic Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Alexander Chemical Co. 

Anti-Clog O 

Alexander Chemicals Division 

D-Solve Z 


Spotlite D 

Steam E-Z A 

Alfred Chemical Corporation 

A.P. 59 A 

Chlorinated APC A 

Formula HS Liquid Hand SoapQ 
Formula MDW-H Machine 

Dishwashing Cmpd B 

Formula MDW-H Machine 

Dishwashing Compou B 

Formula OG Cleaner & 

Degreaser R 

Formula PP Pot & Pan Cleaner A 
Formula PTW Hot High 

Pressure Truck Wash A 

Formula RC Concrete Floor 

Cleaner R 

Formula 211 All Purp. CI with 

Anti-Stat D 

Formula 307 Hand Cleaner P 

Formula 671 All Purpose 

Steam Clng Compd A 

Formula 771 Heavy Duty 

Steam Clng Cmpd D 

Hot Hi Pressure Truck Wash 

Powder D 

Liquid MDW-Machine 

Dishwashing Compound B 

Neutral APC D 

Pan Cleaner 'S/S - A 

Pan Cleaner - TM' A 

Pan Cleaner AB A 

Pan Cleaner LI A 

Pan Cleaner MP A 

Smokehouse Cleaner 887 A 

Stone Remover 'TM' Acid C 

TMT-P Tile Marble & Terazzo 

Cleaner A 

102 All Purpose Steam 

Cleaning Compound A 

200 Heavy Duty Steam 

Cleaning Compound A 

Alger Oil Company 

C-I-P358 A 

Chlorinated Super Cleaner 322 .A 

Liquid C-I-P 34 A 

Liquid General Purpose 

Detergent HD62 A 

Alken-Murray Corporation 

Aiken Catalyzer M 

Aiken D-K M 

Aiken Disperse-6 M 

Aiken K-P M 

Aiken Scaloff-461 M 

Aiken Scaloff-462 M 

Aiken Scaloff-463 M 

Aiken Scaloff-464 M 

Aiken Scaloff-466 M 

Aiken Scaloff-466A M 

Aiken Scaloff-521 M 

Aiken Scaloff-522 M 

Aiken Scaloff-523 M 

Aiken Scaloff-524 M 

Aiken Scaloff-525 M 

Aiken Scaloff-526 M 

Aiken Scaloff-528 M 

Aiken Scaloff-529 M 

Aiken Scaloff-531 M 

Aiken Scaloff-535 M 

Aiken Scaloff-536 M 

Aiken Scaloff-542 M 

Aiken Scaloff-543 M 

Aiken Scaloff-544 M 

Aiken Scaloff-545 M 

Aiken Total A-467 D N 

Aiken Total-468 D M 

Aiken Treatment 'A' M 

Aiken Treatment 'B' M 

Aiken Treatment 'C M 

Aiken Treatment J-660 M 

Aiken Treatment 'J'-661 M 

Aiken Treatment 'J'-662 N 

Aiken Treatment J'-663 N 

Aiken Treatment J'-665 M 

Aiken Treatment J'-666 M 

Aiken Treatment J -668 N 

All American Chemicals Co. 


Foamanol A 

GS 37 B 

GS 41 A 

Just-Rite A 

SS 112 B 

SS 112 A 

SS 28 R 

SS 3 A 

SS 30 A 

SS 43 A 

SS-20 C 

123 Spray Cleaner D 

20% Hand Soap Q 

20% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

All Chemical Systems Company 

JFS Acid C 

JFS Alkaline Cleaner B 


All Imports, Inc. 

Big G' A 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Disinfectant Plus D 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

Handy W 

L-Tox Spray S 

R.I.S.-15 Residual Insect. Cont. 

Baygon T 

Slide AA 

Super Big 'G' A 

Thrift 100 D 

Vita-Pine Coef. 5 R 

Wyte-Ease BB 

All Maintenance Supply 

Free-N-Clean A 

All Right Products, Inc. 

Super Solv #2 D 

All State Chemical 

#115 Organic Drain Line 

Opener&Maintnr O 

Super Enzymes O 

Super Neutral Cleaner A 

All-Chem Corporation 

A.P.C D 

All-Brite Laundry Compound ...CC 

Bottlewash #100 B 

Chlorinated Egg Wash H 

Cleaner Degreaser D 

Fome-All A 

Formula No. 700 R 

Formula 503 Auto-Scrub 

Concentrate A 

Formula 504 General Purpose 


Formula 507 Acid Maint. Clnr. .C 
Formula 553 Powdered Bleach .CC 
Formula 578 Pressure Wash 

Det A 

Formula 580 Steam Cleaner A 

Formula 581 H D. Steam Clnr. A 
Formula 583 H.D. Liq. Stm. 

Clnr A 

Formula 584 Med. Duty Liq 

Stm. CI A 

Formula 586 Liq. Conveyor 

Lubrcnt BB 

Formula 612 Liq. Acid Cleaner. C 

Formula 626 Drain Cleaner O 

Formula 629 Gen. Purp. Clnr....B 
Formula 701 Gen. Purp. Clnr. ...A 
Formula 704 Hvy. Dty. Non- 
Caustic CI A 

Formula 707 Gen. Purp. Clnr....A 
Formula 709 All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Formula 710 Pwdrd. Acid Det. C 

Hog Scald X 

Jell-It A 

Liquid Hand Soap 20% Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 40% Q 

Liquid Pressure Wash A 

Alladdin Laboratories, Inc. 

Boiler Water Conditioner M 

Chelate Condenser Treatment N 
Duall Boiler System Treatment. M 
Hot and Cold Water Treatment/ 

Slime Fungus Treatment N 

Steam and Condensate 

Treatment C M 

Steam and Condensate 

Treatment M M 


Steam Condensate Treatment ...N 

Allanco Supply 

Degrease-All A 

Allegheny Water Services Corp. 

BWT-23 M 

BWT-24 M 

BWT-27 M 

BWT-28 M 

CST-5 M 

DWT-1 Z 

SR-51 M 

Allen Chemical Company 

Merit D 

Allen Maintenance Supply Co. 

No. 25 Insect Spray S 

Sani-Lube A A 

Alliance Industrial Products, Inc. 

G-Cide Super F 

Alliance Maintenance Supply Co. 

Al Alliance Odrless 

Disinf.&Sanitizer F 

Al Concentrate A 

Al 500 D 

Anti-Bact Q 

Drive S 

Fast-Solv A 

Liquid Soap Q 

Allied Block Chemical Company 

Neat Dry MM 

Allied Chemical Corporation 

Allura Red AC LL 

Caustic Soda Liquid 50% 

Regular B 

Caustic Soda Liquid 50%-Food 

Grade M,X,Y 

Kepone Ant & Roach Bait 

Pelleted T 

Soda Ash A,Z 

Solvay Snowfine A 

Solvay Snowflake Crystals A 

Allied Enterprises, Inc. 

All-Lube BB 

Allied Deo-Gran R 

AE Formula 200 R 

Formula 100 D 

Formula 1038 BB 

Formula 2100 R 

Formula 250 D 

Formula 420 D 

Formula 780 F 

Hi-Count Bacteria Enzyme 

Complex O 

Hydrolytic Enzyme Bacteria 

Complex O 

Power Plus P 

Smoke Scrub 546 SC A 

Syntho Scrub 146L A 

Allied Mills, Incorporated 

Wayne D-Odor #11 

Wayne Super Cleaner A 

Waync-Odine G 

Allied Products Company 

Corodex Rust Remover B 

Allied Service & Supply Company 

Poultry House Cleaner 

Formula II A 

Allied-Kelite Products Division 

Acid Cleaner #65 C 

Acid Cleaner #75 C 

Alklor G,K 

Antifoam 10 HH 

C.I.P. Cleaner #30^ A 

CLP. Cleaner #305 Special A 

CLP. Cleaner #325 B 

Foam Cleaner #45 A 

Formula #24 B 

Formula #24-L B 

Formula #27-A H 

Formula #29 B 

Formula #48 Deluxe A 

Hook and Trolley Cleaner 

#4in B 

Hook and Trolley Cleaner 

#410-L B 

Hook and Trolley Cleaner 

#420 B 

Hook and Trolley Cleaner 

#430 B 


I P Descaler L B 

Isoprep #136 A 

Isoprep #7 B 

Ke-Klor L H 

Ke-Scrub-2 R 

Kelite #22-Klor H 

Kelite Disinfectant Cleaner 

#100 F 

Kelite Key star A 

Kehte KeKleen E A 

Kelite Mech Chem #402 BB 

Kelite Mech-Chem #300 A 

Kelite Mech-Chem #301 C 

Kelite Mech-Chem #305 A 

Kelite Mech-Chem #325 A 

Kelite Mech-Chem #400 A 

Kelite Mech-Chem #401 C 

Kelite Mech-Chem #402 C 

Kelite Mech-Chem #403 Y 

Kelite Mech-Chem #404 C 

Kelite Mech-Chem #405 Y 

Kelite Mech-Chem #406 C 

Kelite Mech-Chem #407 B 

Kelite Shroud Cleaner #20 CC 

Kehte Tripe Bleach #640 Y 

Kelite Tripe Bleach #650 Y 

Kelite Tripe Cleaner #100 Y 

Kelite Tripe Cleaner #615 Y 

Kehte Vari-Kleen A 

Kehte Vari-Kleen-S A 

Kehte 102 D 

Kool Spray 141 B 

M.P. Cleaner 200 A 

Pressure Cleaner #12 B 

Process 235 B 

Process 236 B 

Process 242 B 

RR-520 D 

Soaker 35 B 

Socolite H A 

Socolite O A 

Spray White A 

A 1 lion Chemical Co. 

Non-Solvent Degreaser/CleanerA 

Allstate Chemical Service, Inc. 


AC-10 M 

AC-30-M M 

AC-36 M 

AC-45 M 

AC-61 M 

AC-80 M 

AC-83 M 

AC-87 M 

Allstate Chemicals, Inc. 

Grease Trap Formula O 

Kneet Floor Kleen A 

Linger R 

Somcthin W 

Super-Super Power 

Concentrate D 

Allstate Industrial Supply Co. 

E-Z Dri MM 

Allstates Chemical Corporation 

Action IV P 

All Grease BB 

Automatic D 

Badger C 

Boiler-Treat M 

Conquer T 

Cream Clean P 

Dc-Dis P 

De-Mise Insecticide S 

Disinfectant-Sanitizer G 

Dri-Lube BB 

E-Z Clean Q 

Foam Away D 

Go Grain Solvent O 

Golden Mist R 

GGT Steam Cleaner D 

HD Steam Cleaner A 

Job Q 

Lemon Scent Disinfectant- 
Deodorant R 

Lemon Scent 15 Disinfectant- 
Deodorant R 

Lube All BB 

Mint Fragrance Disinfectant- 
Deodorant R 

Mint Fragrance 15 R 

Offense S 

Onward Disinfectant Detergent D 

Onward XL A 

Pepcotex A 

Pine Scent Disinfectant- 
Deodorant R 

Pine Scent 13 Disinfectant- 
Deodorant R 

Ren-O-Vatc C 

Residual Roach Liquid T 

Silicone Spray A A 

Sta-Kill Foggcr Insecticide T 

Super Go Hand Cleaner W 

Super Handy Clean Cleansing 
Cream W 

Super Sewer Solvent O 

SC-I00 Porcelain Cleaner P 

SS-345 A 

SS-400 Insecticide S 

SS-400 Space Spray S 

Whilcat D 

Wipe-A-Way P 

■Ml tech Corporation 

Silicone Spray A A 

Allube Division Far Best Corporation 

Allube Aqua-Shield Polyfilm 

No. 3 AA 

Allube Aqua-Shield Polyfilm 

No. 5 AA 

Allube Aqua-Shield 1059 AA 

Allube Aqua-Shield 1059 2T A A 

Allube Aqua-Shield 109C BB 

Lubri-Shield CPM 90 HD BB 

Moly-Shield Pelgear 90 BB 

Moly-Shield Pelmill 2011 HVY.BB 
Watershield 1009 F. G AA 


Almo Laboratories Co., Inc. 

Alclor A 

Almochlor G 

Almosan F 

Blavt A 

Bor. Argent liquid A 

Chloiace A 

Degreaser R 

Erase A 

Formula- 10 A 

N.F.D A 

Tight A 

Alpha Chemical Co. 

1013 Detergent D 

1018 Cleaner D 

1028 Detergent A 

1187 Steam Cleaner A 

Alpha Chemical Services, Inc. 

Acid Cleaner C 

Alpha Addit B 

Alpha Addit 300 A 

Alpha Bac G 

Alpha Bac 200 F 

Alpha Chem Flor Clen 100 D 

Alpha Chem Flor Clen 300 D 

Alpha Chem GMC 300 A 

Alpha Chem GMC 500 A 

Alpha Chem IPC 200 A 

Alpha Chem IPC 400 A 

Alpha Chem IPC 800 B 

Alpha Chem L.A.C. 400 B 

Alpha Chem LD 100 A 

Alpha Chem LD 300 A 

Alpha Chem MSR 200 C 

Alpha Chem N.D.-100 A 

Alpha Chem Oven Klen A 

Alpha Chem Shroud Clen CC 

Alpha Chem Stain Off CC 

Alpha Chlor G,Z.K,GG 

Alpha Dyne G 

Alpha Flor Clen 200 R 

Alpha Gel A 

Alpha Glow C 

Alpha LSC 200 A 

Alpha LSC 300 B 

Alpha PSC 300 B 

Alpha PSC 400 B 

Alpha San 100 F 

Alpha San 200 F 

Alpha Sheen B 

Alpha XPC-500 H 

Aluminum Soak Cleaner A 

Aluminum Spray Cleaner A 

BT 1014 M 

Cooling Tower Treatment 1015.N 

CC 100 B 

CC 200 B 

CC 300 B 

CC 400 B 

CC 800 B 

CLC 402 B 

CLC 405 B 

Descale C 

DeFome A 

Drain Away O 

Egg Wash H 

Egg Wash Antifoam HH 

Floor Cleaner R 

Flor Clen 100X D 

Foam A 

Food Plant Fogging Insecticide. S 

General Manual Cleaner A 

GMC 400 A 

GMC 700 A 

GMC 800 A,H 

Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

IPC 500 A 

Kettle Cleaner B 

Lac 100 B 

Lac 200 A 

Lac 300 A 

Lac 400 B 

Light Duty Cleaner A 

Liqui Suds A 

Liquid Alkaline Cleaner 100 B 

I iquid Alkaline Cleaner 200 A 

Liquid Alkaline Cleaner 300 A 

Liquid Water Softener Z 

Lotion Type Skin Cleaner Q 

Lubri Clean A 

LAC 600 D 

LC 40 B 

LC 50 B 

Mold Cleaner B 

MSR 100 C 

MSR 300 C 

MSR 500 C 

MSR 600 C 

Powdered Laundry Bleach CC 

Rapid Clean. A 

Rust Stripper B 

Smoke House Cleaner B 

Spray Cleaner A 

Super Foam D 

Terrifik R 

Trolley Cleaner B 

1017 N 

747 M 

7491 M 

Alpha Engineers & Consultants, Inc. 

Alpha-DD N 

Alpha-EG N 

Alpha-SD M 

Alpha-SE M 

Alpha-ST N 

Alphacide-WP60 N 

Alpine Chemical Corp. 

Alpha 4740 Alkaline Rust 

Remover R 

Pro-Solv 505 D 

Alps Sanitation Servioes& Supplies. 

Formula 310 Super 

Concentrate 1 

Formula 769 Super 

Concentrated A 

Heavy Duly Alpsope Foaming 

Cleaner A 

Mint Disinfectant P 

Quat Sanitizer G 

Alps-Aire, Inc. 

Degreaser A 

Germicidal Cleaner 

Concentrate F 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Alterman Brothers Wholesale 

Tiffany Super Heat Drain 

Opener O 

Altona Specialties 

Gre-Sa-Way A 

Altoona Chemical 

Silicone Spray A A 

Am-Lab International 


Bactogest O 

Britex CC 

Certane P 

Compl-I-Ment C 

Derma-Balm W 

Di-Crobate O 

Dish Brite A 

Fleet A 

Husky D 

Lanogene Q 

Liquitron O 

Phase IV A 

Saf-N-Brite P 

Supertron ..R 

Trap-Ease O 

Whiz P 

Wind-A-Sheen R 

Amador Chemical Corporation 

Ama-Clean 38 B 

Amador Liquid Steam A 

Amador Pipe Line Cleaner C 

Amador Whitey C 

Amaspray A 

Can Cleaner #3 B 

Chem Flush O 

Coconut Oil Hand Soap ..Q 

Crete-Brite D 

Egg Cleaner 826 H 

Egg Cleaner-Low Foam H 

Hot Tank Compound DE B 

Hot Tank 30 B 

Krete-Kleen R 

MD Steam Cleaning CompoundA 

Pot & Pan Soap L A 

Steamex B 

Sud-Z A 

Amalie Refining Company Division of 
Witco Chemical Corp. 

All Purpose Grease BB 

Amatron/ Div. of Partsmaster, Inc. 

Ari-Slick BB 

Cushion. A A 

Hand-Plus Q 

Perma-Gear Open Gear Lube ...BB 

Sil-Lube AA 

Spray Loose BB 

Sta-Brite R 

Amaza Laboratories, Inc. 

E-Z Go Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Ambassador Industries LTD. 

Elbow Drain-Flo O 

Hot Shot Truck Wash Stm 

Clnr Press A 

Pro-Clean Hvy Dty Wtr Sol 

Indust CI Dgrs A 

Ambeco Products Co See DuChemCo 
Products Company 

Amchem Corp. 

Acid Quat Dairy & Food 

Industry Cleaner G 

Amerkleen 20 Q 

Bio-Kleen A 

CD Cleaner G 

Dandy W 

Fluoro Carbon BB 

Formula 550 BB 

Frigid Cut BB 

Graphite Fast Dry Lube BB 

Jell R 

Mint Deodorant R 


Non-Acid Lime and Scale 

Remover A 


Penetrating Oil BB 

Polysiloxane Release Agent AA 

QAC #10 F 

Rust and Corrosion 

Preventative BB 

Sewer Sol-Granular O 

Sewer Sweet-Lemon O 

Silicone Lube A A 

Space Spray S 

Sulfa Bac R 

Sulfa Bac VHC R 

Super Power D 

Super Solv #2 D 

Veto W 

X-Ox C 

Amchem Products, Incorporated 

Fumarin-22 U 

Fumasol A U 

Fumasol C U 

Fumasol-S (Green) U 

Amclean Corporation 

'X-OX' c 

Acid Spray Detergent C 

Alkaline Foam Additive B 

Amer Joy A 

Extra Heavy Duty Steam 

Cleaner A 

Fast Acting Scwer&Drain 

Opener O 

Floor Cleaner D 

General Purpose Manual 

Cleaner A 

Heavy Duty Acid Detergent 

Cleaner C 

Liquid Detergent A 

Pressure Wash A 

Thrifty Kleen P 

3-A-K Cleaner D 

Amen Chemical Company 

Chicken Little Meat Room 

Degreaser A 

Amco Laboratories Corporation 

Eee Zee Clean Super 
Concentrate A 

Amerchem Corporation 

Amer-San 100 D 

Castor Oil Grade C AA 

Compound AP-10 B 

Compound AP-15 B 

Compound AP-30 B 

Compound AP-35 B 

Compound AP-57 B 

Compound AP-60 B 

Compound C-75 A 

Compound Deruster AP B 

Compound N-125 A 

Concentrate #50 A 

Concentrate 75 D 

Hog Scald X 

Liqua-Clean A O 

Liquid-Sope Q 

Sewer Cleaner O 

Stainless Steel Cleaner C 

American Andesite/ A Division of Ca- 
Ja, Inc. 

Butcher's Helper MM 

American Chemical 

Dynamic A 

American Chemical Co., Inc. 

A-Plus O 

American Medicide P 

Amersol P 

Coconut Oil Base Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Formula 1808 Industrial 

Cleaner & Dgrsr D 

Mr. Brite P 

American Chemical Laboratories 

American #100 D 

American #200 D 

American #300 D 

American Chemical Sanitary Supplies 

A-4 Ammoniated Stripper R 

AC-5 Cleaner D 

Germicidal Bowl Cleaner P 

Hvy Dty Steam Cleaning 

Compound B 

Pink Magic A 

American Cleaning Equipment Corp. 

CSD 909 Degreasol A 

Formula 300 Quick Clean D 

Formula 75 Germidyne F 

American Cleaning Equipment Corp. 

Non Butyl Degreaser A 

American Custom Chemicals 

Accu-Zymes O 

Big 'G' D 

Big '3' R 

Fresh Pine R 

Mean Klean C 

Mighty Ox C 

M in-Tee Disinfectant R 

Quat-27 F 

American Cyanamid Co. 

Cyanamer P-35 M 

Cyanamer P-35 Liquid M 

Cyanamer P-70 Liquid M 

Cyanamer P-70-D M 

Cygon 2-E T 

Cythion T 

American Farm Bureau Service 

Maxon Egg Oil AA 

American Feedwater Engineering Co. 

Kemloid M 

American Fluoride Corp. Pest 
Control Equipment Div. 

AFC Baygon Residual Spray ...T 

AFC Fogging Concentrate T 

AFC Fogging Concentrate 

Type PD S 

AFC General Purpose Spray S 

AFC General Purpose Spray 

Type II S 

AFC General Purpose Spray 

Type 5 S 

AFC Silicone Release Spray AA 

AFC Synergized Pyrethrins 

Spray S 

AFC 1-2-3 Fogging 

Concentrate S 

Bait Tickets U 

Formulation 120 T 

Gold Crest C-100 Emlsfbl. 

Concntrt T 

Insecticide Liquid, Diazinon, 

1% T 

PCE Fog Oil S 

PCE Vestibule Spray S 

American Heritage Products of Texas 

Lube-Eze A A 

American Industrial Research Corp. 

Rexlube #169 Silicone Rel. 

Agent & Lub AA 

Rexlube BO BB 

Rexlube No. B-l BB 

Rexlube No. B-2 BB 

Rexlube No. SOH BB 

Rexlube No. SOL BB 

Rexlube No. BB 

Rexlube No. 1 BB 

Rexlube No. 100 Rust&Tarnish 

Rmvr(Liq) A 

Rexlube No. 100 Rust&Tarnish 

Rmvr(Paste) A 

Rexlube No. 119 BB 

Rexlube No. 129 BB 

Rexlube No. 140 BB 

Rexlube No. 149 Open Gear 

Compound BB 

Rexlube No. 2 BB 

Rexlube No. 20 BB 

Rexlube No. 200 Dry Glide BB 

Rexlube No. 3 BB 

Rexlube No. 30 BB 

Rexlube No. 310 BB 

Rexlube No. 32 BB 

Rexlube No. 320 BB 

Rexlube No. 330 BB 

Rexlube No. 40 BB 

Rexlube No. 59 FPM Oil AA 

Rexlube No. 69 FPM Oil AA 

Rexlube No. 79 FPM Oil AA 

Rexlube No. 82 FPM AA 

Rexlube No. 89 FPM Oil AA 

Rexlube No. 90 BB 

Rexlube OGH BB 

American Industries, Inc. 

AI-44 A 

Big Four R 


Caress A 

Command A 

Compel O 

Consume O 

Displace Aerosol BB 

Fall Out O 

Fog Squad S 

Formula 1069 R 

Free A A 

Gleam P 

Inspect P 

KP-7 A 

Liquizyme-I O 

Liquizyme-M O 

Pressure Concentrate Four-O ...A 

Pressure Concentrate QT G 

QL-2 A 

Renew C 

Rust-A-Way C 

Scalex 141 C 

Scram D 

Strike 3 T 

Swat S 

SF 69 D 


Thaw R 

Top Choice D 

Tuf Stuf W 

Tuff-N-Tender Q 

Two-Twelve O 


Vaporize A 

American Inn Foods, Inc. 

Concentrated Bowl Cleaner P 

Degreaser & Cleaner R 

Deluxe All Purpose Cleaner P 

Drain Pipe Opener O 

Germicidal Cleaner F 

Liq. Dish/Glasswash Pot & Pan 

Clnr D 

Low Suds Laundry Detergent. ..CC 

Machine Dishwash A 

Porcelain Tile and Fixture 

Clnr R 

Stripper D 

American Kleaner Mfg. Co., Inc. 

Compound HTR A 

Compound K-5 A 

Compound K90C A 

Compound K90P A 

Compound LHS-400 A 

Compound P-45-HD R 

Compound U-45-S R 

Compound X-101 A 

American Lincoln Division 

Amerblitz A 

Concentrated All Purpose 

Detergent A 


H.D.Indstrl.Cl.&Wax Strppr D 
Concentrated Hvy Dty 

Autoscrub CI D 

Concentrated Speed Demon 

Autoscrub CI D 

Concentrated Supermarket 

Special Det A 

Dollar Saver Concentrated 

Detergent A 

GD No. 8 Cleaner and 

Degreaser D 

Heavyweight K 

Heavyweight Plus D 

Speed Demon D 

Versatile Spray & Wipe R 

American Linen Supply 

Clean All Non Butyl Degreaser A 

American Lubricants Co., The 

All Temperature Oil #1 BB 

All Temperature Oil #2 BB 

Alubco All-Spex Motor Oil 30. BB 

Alubco Bison #454 AA 

Alubco Grpht Pressure Grease 

#1 BB 

Alubco Grpht Pressure Grease 

#3 BB 

Alubco Improved Molyshield BB 

Alubco L-K Chain Lube BB 

Alubco Moly Motor Oil BB 

Alubco Non Drip Oil BB 

Alubco Ultra-Tec Gear Lube....BB 

Bison M-X2 BB 

Bison 1900 B 

Chain Oil BB 

Gear Stix BB 

Magic Shield BB 

Moly All Temp Oil #1 BB 

Moly All Temp Oil #2 BB 

Moly Chain Oil BB 

Moly Non Drip Oil BB 

Moly Ultra-Tec Gear Lube 

SAE 90/SAE 140 BB 




Spindle Oil Heavy BB 

Spindle Oil Light BB 

Spindle Oil Medium BB 

Super-Clean #2851 D 

Tap D 

Tiffany T-A-P A 

American Municipal Chemical Co., 

Acid Quat Dairy & Food 

Industry Cleaner G 

Aerosol Disinfectant R 

AC 68 Compound O 

Bio-Kleen A 


Digestant 250 

Disinfectant Sanitizer 

Deodorizer G 

Drain-Away O 

Fluoro Carbon BB 

Frigid Cut BB 

Graphite Fast Dry Lube BB 

Heavy Duty Liquid Drain 

Cleaner O 

Jell R 

Lemon Sewer Sweetener O 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Mint Deodorant R 

Multi-Purpose Penetrant BB 


Odor-Ban Odor Control R 

Odor-Ban Odor Control with 

Mask R 

Penetrating Oil BB 

Polysiloxane Release Agent AA 

Rust Preventative BB 

Smooth Silicone Lube AA 

Spray-Fog S 

Stericide F 

Super Power D 

Super Solv #2 D 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

American National Chemical 

A.N.C. Hand Soap Q 

A.N.C. Sewer Compound O 

ANC Disinfectant & 

Deodorant R 

ANC Disinfectant Foam 

Cleaner R 

ANC Residual Insecticide T 

Super-Steam A 

American Oil And Supply Co. 

PQ C40AA-1 AA 

PQ C4001-0 BB 

PQ C4001-1 BB 

PQ C4001-2 BB 

American Pacemaker Products, Inc. 

All Away A 

Gentle Giant A 

Pace 72 D 

Royal Flush O 

Steam-It A 

American Paper & Twine Co. 

Hysil Anti-Stick Multi-Purp 

Silicone Spy BB 

American Paper Towel Company 

Aptco #17 Bowl Cleaner P 

Aptco Liquid Hand Soap 

(Plain) Q 

American Petrofina Co. of Texas 

Fina FMG-2 AA 

American Process Equipment Corp. 

Apec No. GP-3 A 

American Research Corporation 

ARC Concentrate D 

ARC Protector W 

ARC Thermo-Solve A 

ARC 10 D 

ARC 299 

ARC 40 to 1 D 

ARC 598 



Dy no-Mite O 

Enzymes O 

Foggcide S 

Go Liquid Drain Opener O 

Surgent Liquid Hand Soap Q 

TF7 Outdoor Fogicide T 

American Salt 

American Medium Rock Salt....R 
American Royal Fine Rock 

Salt R 

American Water Softener 

Gems Z 

4-In-l Salt CC 

American Sanitary Specialties, Inc. 

Hand Soap Q 

Lab 80 D 

Stubborn Mike A 

ST-27 D 

American Sanitary Supply Co. 

Pink Cream Antiseptic Hd. Clr.Q 
Pink Creme Bacteriostatic Hnd 
l.otn. Soap Q 

American Shortening & Oil Co. 

Lubrikol BB 

American Water Treatment, Inc. 

Formula No. 10-M M 

Formula No. 1524-A N 

Formula No. 452 M 

American Wax Company 

Degresol A 

Detergent F-ll D 


Action IV P 

Blitz D 

Blue Chem Concentrate A 

Boot-Hill T 

Crawl-Kil T 

Draineze O 

Green Lightning D 

Kleen Quik P 

Kleer-Vue R 

Mag-I-Bol P 

Mig-I-San P 

Saf T Kleen D 

San I-Sept F 

Scent-Gard P 

Sewerola O 

Sili-Cote BB 

Tri -Action D 

Z-Ox C 

Amerolite Industries, Inc. 

B-Sect Residual Insect Spray I 
Odorless F-Sect Insect Spray ...S 

Prolube F AA 

Samson A 


Amitron Chemical Corporation 

XL-201 Strip (Liquid) B 

XL-70 R 

XL-95 R 

Amoco Oil Company 

Amdex Grease No. 1EP BB 

Amdex Grease No. 2EP BB 

American Industrial Oil No. 

100 BB 

American Industrial Oil No. 

150 BB 

American Industrial Oil No. 

220 BB 

American Industrial Oil No. 

260 BB 

American Industrial Oil No. 32. BB 
American Industrial Oil No. 

320 BB 

American Industrial Oil No. 46. BB 
American Industrial Oil No. 

460 BB 

American Industrial Oil No. 

500 BB 

American Industrial Oil No. 68. BB 
Amoco Amolube Motor Oil 


Amoco Amolube Motor Oil 

SAE 20-20W BB 

Amoco Amolube Motor Oil 

SAE 30 BB 

Amoco Amolube Motor Oil 

SAE 40 BB 

Amoco Amolube Motor Oil 

SAE 50 BB 

Amoco C-3 Fluid BB 

Amoco Compressor Oil No. 

110 BB 

Amoco Compressor Oil No. 

260 BB 

Amoco Cylinder Oil No. 1000. ..BB 

Amoco Cylinder Oil No. 460 BB 

Amoco Cylinder Oil No. 680-T.BB 

Amoco Dexron II ATF BB 

Amoco Food Machinery 

Grease A A 

Amoco Hydraulic Oil All- 

Weather BB 

Amoco Lithium Multi-Purp. 

Grease BB 

Amoco Multi-Prps Gear Lbrcnt 

#140 BB 

Amoco Multi-Prps Gear Lbrcnt 

#90 BB 

Amoco Multi-Purp Gear 

Lubrant SAE 80W-90 BB 

Amoco Multi-Purp Gear 

Lubrant SAE 85W-14 BB 

Amoco Multi-Purp Gear 

Lubricant SAE 80W BB 

Amoco Packers Technical OU...AA 
Amoco Supermill ASU Grease 

No. 31052 BB 

Amoco Syntholube H-5 Oil BB 

Amoco Syntholube HG-5 Oil....BB 
Amoco Syntholube Oil No. 25- 

HA Bb 

Amoco Trough Grease AA 

Amoco Trough Grease Soft AA 

Amoco White Mineral Oil No. 

10-NF AA 

Amoco White Mineral Oil No. 

13-NF AA 

Amoco White Mineral Oil No. 

18-USP AA 

Amoco White Mineral Oil No. 

21-USP AA 

Amoco White Mineral Oil No. 

31-USP AA 

Amoco White Mineral Oil No. 

35-USP AA 

Amoco White Mineral Oil No. 

5-NF AA 

Amoco White Mineral Oil No. 

7-NF AA 

Amoco White Mineral Oil No. 

9-NF AA 

Amoco White Oil AFP AA 

Amoco White Oil No. 8-T AA 

Amoco White Oil No. 9-T AA 

Amoco Worm Gear Oil BB 

Amoco 100 Motor Oil SAE 

10W BB 

Amoco 100 Motor Oil SAE 20- 

20W BB 

Amoco 100 Motor Oil SAE 30. .BB 
Amoco 100 Motor Oil SAE 40. .BB 

Amoco 1000 Fluid BB 

Amoco 200 Motor Oil SAE 

10W BB 

Amoco 200 Motor Oil SAE 

20/20W BB 

Amoco 200 Motor Oil SAE 30 ..BB 
Amoco 200 Motor Oil SAE 40. .BB 

Amoco 300 SAE 10W BB 

Amoco 300 SAE 20-20W BB 

Amoco 300 SAE 30 BB 

Amoco 300 SAE 40 BB 

Amoco 303 Fluid BB 

Amocool Soluble Oil BB 

Amogas Ashless Engine Oil BB 

Amogas Engine Oil BB 

Amogrease Lubricant No. 2-X..BB 

Amojetl Snow White AA 

Amokon Oil No. 32 BB 

Amolith Grease #2 BB 

Amolith Grease #8516 BB 

Amolith Grease No. 1 BB 

Amolith Grease White BB 

Amovis AW Oil No. 150 BB 

Bovinol Stock Spray with 

Vapona T 

Bovinol Super Stock Spray S 

Iso-Vis Compressor Oil BB 

Perma Gear E.P. No. 70 BB 

Perma-Flo Oil No. 22 BB 

Perma-Flo Oil No. 32 BB 

Perma-Flo Oil No. 68 BB 

Permagear EP 100 Lubricant ....BB 
Permagear EP 1000 Lubricant. ..BB 
Permagear EP 150 Lubricant ....BB 
Permagear EP 2000 Lubricant. ..BB 
Permagear EP 220 Lubricant ....BB 
Permagear EP 320 Lubricant ....BB 
Permagear EP 460 Lubricant ....BB 

Permagear EP 68 Lubricant BB 

Permagear EP 680 Lubricant ....BB 

Rykon Grease No. BB 

Rykon Grease No. 1 BB 

Rykon Grease No. 1EP BB 

Rykon Grease No. 2 BB 

Rykon Grease No. 2EP BB 

Rykon Oil MV BB 

Rykon Oil No. 100 BB 

Rykon Oil No. 220 BB 

Rykon Oil No. 32 BB 

Rykon Oil No. 46 BB 

Rykon Oil No. 68 BB 

Rykon Premium Grease No. 0..BB 
Rykon Premium Grease No. 


Rykon Premium Grease No. 1 ..BB 
Rykon Premium Grease No. 1 


Rykon Premium Grease No. 2..BB 

Rykon Premium Grease No. 2 


Rykon Premium Grease No. 3 ..BB 

Stanolith Grease White BB 

Super Permalube Grease BB 

Supermil Grease No. 1157 BB 

White Rose Oil AA 

Ampion Corporation 

Alkali-25 M 

Allin-l Boiler Water Treatment N 

Amine M 

Amine Return Line Treatment 

# 12D M 

Amine Return Line Treatment 

#6D M 

Amine Return Line Treatment 

#91D M 

Chelate 'C Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Chelate Boiler Treatment E M 

City Formula B.W.T M 

Formula CA M 

Formula S-4 M 

Hot & Cold Water System 

Treat M 

Liquid Drain Cleaner O 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Oxygen Scavenger M 

New Colloid Boiler Water 

Treat P-l M 

Ox-Scav M 

Oxygen Scavenger "S" M 

Phosphate Control M 

Polymeric Adjunct 'A' M 

PCA Boiler Water Treatment. ...M 
Retort and Cooling Water 

Conditioner Z 

Return Line Treatment # 12-6. .M 

T.S.P M 

Velox All Purpose Cleaner A 

Velox S17 All Purpose Cleaner.A 

Amsco Wholesalers, Inc. 

Boiler Treatment 300 N 

Bug Getter Space Spray S 

Bug Getter-Residual T 

Descaler C 

Hand Soap (40% Concentrate). .Q 
Heavy Duty All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Heavy Duty Pine Cleaner (Pine 

Odor) R 

Liquid Degreaser A 

Odor-Rid Concentrate R 

Amtek Supply Company 

I.C.C. Concentrate Degreaser- 
Cleaner A 

I.S.C. Concentrate Steam-Clnr. 
& Dgrsr A 

Am way Corporation 

AUano W 

Auto. Dshwshr Comp-Soft 

Water Formula A 

Auto. Dshwshr Compound- 

8.7% P Formula A 

Automatic Dishwasher 

Compound A 

Chrome & Glass Cleaner E 

Dish Drops A,Q 

Drain Mate R 

Germicidal Concentrate F,J,P 

Germicidal Concentrate & 

Sanitizer F 

Hard Water Film Remover C 

Improved 3-D Form Concrt Fl 

CI Comp D 


Industroclean D.R 

Industroclean No-Phosphate 

Formula D,R 

Kool Wash Liquid CC 

L.O.C. High Suds D,Q 

L.O.C. Regular D,Q,R 

Paste Metal Cleaner E 

Pursue P 

Quick-Killing Bug Spray S 

Smashing White CC 

Super Concntrtd Dry Chlorine 

Bleach CC 

SA8 Limited Phosphate A,CC 

SA8 No Phosphate A,CC 

SA8 Plus A,CC 

Tri-Zyme CC 

Water Softening Comp. Ltd. 

Phosphate Z.CC 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

Wonder Mist AA 

Zoom Instant Spr. CI. No- 
Phosphate Form D,R 

Zoom Instant Spray Cleaner D.R 

Zoom Spray Concentrate D.R 

3-D Formula Concrete Floor 
CIng. Comp R 

AmGard Division of American Can 

AmGard Alkaterg A 

AmGard All Purpose Cleaner ...A 
AmGard Ail-Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner A 

AmGard Allude A 

AmGard Applause Q 

AmGard AC-1 C 

AmGard Bactozyme O 

AmGard Bottle-Kare B 

AmGard Brite C 

AmGard BG-26 B 

AmGard C-l B 

AmGard Clean-Belt A 

AmGard CC-649 A 

AmGard CL-47 A 

AmGard D'Germ P 

AmGard D'Smoke B 

AmGard Deterg-'K' A 

AmGard DL-90 R 

AmGard DV-68 R 

AmGard Ease-All BB 

AmGard Equipmate A 

AmGard Exit C 

AmGard Fast-Flo C 

AmGard Ferogel C 

AmGard Foam N' Kleen A 

AmGard Foam-Add A 

AmGard Foam- All A 

AmGard Foamzit A 

AmGard Formula "C G 

AmGard G-42 A 

AmGard Germ-Go P 

AmGard Hi-Foam A 

AmGard Hydro-Clean R 

AmGard Hygenol Q 

AmGard HD-88 B 

AmGard IPC A 

AmGard Insto-Clean D 

AmGard Kilz-M T 

AmGard Laundri-Kleen CC 

AmGard Lift A 

AmGard Liquid GM-27 A 

AmGard Liquid HD Cleaner A 

AmGard Liquid X-240 B 

AmGard Mello Q 

AmGard Micro-Phene D 

AmGard Mo-Pow B 

AmGard MR-56 C 

AmGard OP-34 D 

AmGard Perma Kill Brand T 

AmGard Powdered HD 

Cleaner B 

AmGard Pro-Med Q 

AmGard Rid-O C 

AmGard RM-457 C 

AmGard Saf-Kleen A 

AmGard San-O-Sep Q 

AmGard San-O-Sep Odorless ...Q 

AmGard Steamex B 

AmGard Super Brand 

Insecticide Cone S 

AmGard Super-Fog S 

AmGard Swash A 

AmGard SHS G 

AmGard SR-Remover C 

AmGard Tough-Clean B 

AmGard Vey-Eze BB 

AmGard X-38 B 

AmGard 222 

AmGard 342 C 

AmGard 514 Insecticide S 

AmGard 522 F 

AmGard 580 T 

AmGard 583 T 

AmGard 722 CC 

AmGard 77 Q 

AmGard 919 Iodophor 

Concentrate F 

An-Fo Manufacturing Company 

Acid-Du C 

An-Fo Insecticide S 

Bottle Wash-Du B 

Chlorinated Dish-A-Du A 

Dairy-Du Double Action 

Cleaner A 

Dairy-Du Milkstone Remover. ..C 
Double Strength Liquid Dairy- 
Du A 

Du-Suds A 

Egg-Du #7 H 

Floor-Du D 

Fly-Du Aerosol S 

Iodu G 

Milk-Master A 

Pipe Line-Du F 

Pipe Line-Du A F 

Sani-Du G 

Sterl-Aid F 

Super Wash-Du CC 

Super-Du C 

Thrifty-Chlor F 

Trouble Shooter F 

Vac-Line-Du B 

Analab Laboratories, Inc. 

A-N Concentrate A 

Anamine F 

LaFleur Liquid Soap Q 

Superfoam Liquid Hand Soap . Q 
Wintergreen Drip Fluid P 

Anar Sanitary Supply Co., Inc. 

Anar Oil Concentrate #3610 S 

Anar Pan Wash A 

Anar Pride Powder A 

Scrub-It A 

Anco Refining Co. 

Adjunct P-4 M 

Adjunct P-4L M 

Adjunct T M 

Al-Con M 

Al-Con Crystals M 

Alk-X M 

Alpha PH 1300 C 

Alpha PH 1305 N 

Alpha PH 1310 N 

Amine-X #600 M 

Anco Polymer Treatment 

Series 800 M 

Anco-Cide N 

Ancor 1070 N 

Aqua-Solv M.Z 

Boiler Compound NS M 

Colloid Adjunct M 

Corrax-605 M 

CT-1020 CooUng Water Treat. ..N 

Dalsperse 1021 N 

Dynazine M 

Filmex M 

Keylate M 

Keylate715 M 

Keylate-P M 

Ox-Out M 

Ox-Out Catalyzed M 

Phosphex M 

Poly-Alk M 

Polymer Treatment 810 N 

Saf-T Cleaner C 

Tower Cleaner P N 

Andersen Water Engineering Co. 

Boiler Water Treatment BB-3 ...M 
Chemitrol Clear M 

Anderson Box Company 

Egg-Brite SG-5 H 

Egg-Brite SG-7 H 

Anderson Chemical Company 

Alkasteem M 

Anco Algaecide N 

Anco Liquid Descaler C 

Anco Water Treatment Z 

Anco Water Treatment-S Z 

Braxon #1 M 

Braxon #2 M 

Flako M 

Korromeen M 

Ox-Gem Mp M 

SR-2 N 

Anderson Chemical Company 

'Attack' D 

'Insect Minus' S 

Acco Acid C 

Aerol X A 

Aerol X-100 A 

Aerol XX A 

Alkali #1 B 

An Lube 10 BB 

An-Care 601 A 

An-Chlor A 

An-GIo Liquid Detergent A 

An-Klor Plus B 

An-Matic 675 Z 

Analox De-lime C 

Analox T-75 C 

Anderson's An-O-Dine F 

Anderson's Defoamer E A 

Anderson's Liquid Anchlor A 

Aqua Treat Z 



AN GLO 85 A 

Bex #2 M 

Bex Regal M 

Bex Regal 40 M 

Bex-Amine No. 190 M 

Chloro Anox CC 

Chloro-Anite A 

Clor-Minus A 

CLR Compound A 

Egg Cleaner-Chlorinated A.H 

Egg Wash-X H 

Fomite A.H 

Food Plant Spray S 


Formula REG-13 Liq. Chlorinc.G.K 

Geronite L-10 C,I 

Geronite M-10 A 

Halverson Defome H 

Halverson Egg Wash H 

Heavy Duty An-Chlor 701 A 

Liquid An-Chlor Egg Cleaner. ..H 

Litalox C 

Litalox C5 C 

Litcho C 

Litcho X C 

Microlox Special 20 C 

Microlox Special 50 C 

Microlox Special 70 C 

Red Tile Floor Cleaner D 

Scanalite X A 

Scandol No. 30 A 

Sequestering Agent L 

Tec-An-20 H 

Wallup CC 

Z 85 Alkali Defoamer HH 

7.-92 Egg Defoamer HH 

Anderson Industrial Chemical, Inc. 

Sure Clcen D 

Z.I.P R 

Anderson Industrial Sales 

AmGard Laundri-Kleen CC 

Anderson Germicidal Cleaner. ..F 
Shure-Kleen D 

Anderson Oil & Chemical Co., Inc. 

Lusol Cleaner Degreaser A 

Anderson Supply Company 

G.L.D D 

Anderson-Stolz Corporation 

Sol-Vet 01 Acid Cleaner C 

Sol-Vet 02 Acid Cleaner C 

Sol-Vel 03 C 

Sol-Vet 104 Boiler Treatment ...M 
Sol-Vet 108 Boiler Treatment ...M 
Sol-Vet 1 20- A Boiler 

Treatment M 

Sol-Vet 146 M 

Sol-Vet 164 Boiler Treatment ...M 
Sol-Vet 181 Boiler Treatment ...M 
Sol-Vet 185 Boiler Treatment ...M 

Sol-Vet 33 M 

Sol-Vel 334 Potable Water 

Treatment Z 

Sol-Vet 341 PC M 

Sol-Vet 341 PCN Boiler Water 

Treat M 

Sol-Vet 345 Boiler Treatment ...M 

Sol-Vet 348 M 

Sol-Vet 348-X Boiler 

Treatment M 

Sol-Vet 352 M 

Sol-Vel 399 M 

Sol-Vet 421 N 

Sol-Vet 421 N 

Sol-Vet 599 N 

Sol-Vet 599D Circulating Water 

Treat N 

Sol-Vet 599DX Circulating 

Water Treat N 

Sol-Vet 599Z Circulating Water 

Treat M 

Sol-Vet 600 Boiler Treatment ...M 
Sol-Vet 613 Boiler Treatment ...M 
Sol-Vet 617 Boiler Treatment ...M 

Sol-Vet 617-A M 

Sol-Vet 658 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Sol-Vet 810 M 

Sol-Vet 84 Potable Water 

Trtmnt Z 

Sol-Vet 88 N 

Sol- Vet 99 M 

Anderson, .1. F. Distributors, Inc. 

AC 200 Low Foam Degreaser. ..D 

AC 210 All Purpose Cleaner D 

AC 500 Grease Off A 

Andesite Of California, Inc. 

Friction MM 

Andrews Chemical Products Co. 

Butyl-K D 

Angelina Chemical Company 

Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser A 

Lemon Disinfectant P 

Mint Disinfectant P 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Angus Chemical Corporation 

Alko 90 B 

Alko 90-BQ B 

Alko 90-T Tree Wash B 

Alko 90-400 X B 

Anga Blue A 

Anga Fog Insecticide S 

Anga Super Strength 

Insecticide S 

Anga Tex Disinfectant Cleaner. D 

Anga Tex 128 D 

Angel Blue A 

Angus Fly Spray S 

Angus Fog Insecticide S 

Angus Fog Plus Insecticide S 

Angus No. 2 Insecticide S 

Angus QT-164 F 

Angus Super Fog Insecticide ...S 
Angus Super Strength 

Insecticide S 

Can Washing Compound A 

Chlorinated Cleaner A 

Clean-Me A 

Defoamer PF-50 L 

DO-49 R 

DO-58 R 

Egg Polish H 

Egg Polish #2 H 

Galvanized Cleaner C 

Glissen C 

High Yield Plus 1 Y 

High Yield Plus 2 Y 

Hoi Rod O 

Hot Rod Liquid Drain Opener. .O 

Laundry Bleach CC 

Pic-Kwik L 

Poll 45 A 

Prime Time A 

Residual Insecticide T 

Smokey B 

Smokey Foam A 

Trolley Polish B 

XS-6 Chlor _ A 

3% Malathion Insecticide T 

727 L CC 

Anichem Division 

Trolley Lubricant W-2 AA 

Antical Chemicals, Incorporated 

Antical Acid Cleanser C 

Antical Acid Cleanser 

Concentrate C 

Antical Acid Sanilizer F 

Antical Alkali B 

Antical Alkali No. 5 B 

Antical Bottle Brite B 

Antical Bottle Wash B 

Antical C-I-P Acid Cleanser C 

Antical Can Brite A 

Antical Chelated Alkali #5 B 

Antical Clcanitizer F 

Antical Cleanser No. 20 A 

Antical Cleanser No. 35 A 

Antical Cleanser No. 35-X A 

Antical Cleanser No. 60 

Chlorinated A 

Antical Escort Lube BB 

Antical Flo B 

Antical Flo Brite Liquid 

Cleaner B 

Antical Flo-Kleen Liq. 

Cleanser B 

Antical Flo-X B 

Antical Foam Add XXX A 

Antical Fryer Cleaner B 

Antical H-T Cleanser A 

Antical Hard Floor 

Cleaner(Scntd) R 

Antical Hypo-Chlor G,K 

Antical HCX-322 A 

Antical I-Odo-Cal Cleaner- 

Sanilizer G 

Antical I-Odo-For G.JJ 

Antical IPC Cleanser (F) B 

Antical I-P-C-X Cleanser A 

Antical IPC Acid C 

Antical IPC Cleanser A,H 

Antical IPC E H 

Antical J- 100 C 

Antical Liquid Cleanser A 

Antical Liquid Kce-Add C 

Antical Liquid Phos-Add A 

Antical Low-Foam I-Odo-For 

Sanilizer F 

Antical LI-Quat F 

Antical Rustripper B 

Antical Sani-Chlor F 

Antical Single O B 

Antical Special A 

Antical Special Floor Cleaner. ..D 

Antical Speedy Lube BB 

Antical Super Cleanser A 

Antical Super Solvent A 

Antical Super Solvent 

Chlorinated A 

Antical Swish A 

Antical 1404 A 

Antical 1409 A 

Antical-3500 N 

Antisoil A 

Antisoil 301 -A D 

Antisoil 500 D 

Antisoil-HD A 

Antisoil-301 A 

Antisoil-305 A 

Cleanser No. 81 A 

Flo-XXX B 

Antiseptol Chemical Corp. 

Degreaser K-30 Concentrate D 

Mellofoam Antiseptic Creme ...Q 

Apex Commodities 

Jell-Lube BB 

Apex Distributing 

All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser .A 

Apex Services 

A.S. 47 A 

Big Con D 

Clean Concentrate D 

Destroy CC 

Flo-Way O 


Flow-Way Drain Opener O 

Formula 74 Steam Cleaner 

Liquid A 

Germ-Side F 

K-Kleen R 

Odo-Rout Concentrate R 

Sparkle P 

Apex Soap & Sanitary Corp. 

Chem Plus Degreaser Cleaner. ..A 

Apollo Chemical & Supply 

Extra Heavy Duty Lift-Off Cl- 
Degreaser A 

Apollo Chemical Company, Inc. 

Energy Plus 680 A,Q 

Apollo Chemical Corporation 

Pentron Deoxo M 

Pentron E-3 N 

Pentron E-5 N 

Apollo Home-Care Products, Inc. 

Powerbrite CC 


2001 D 

Apollo Industries, Inc. 

Ant & Roach Residual Spray. ...T 

Dual Synergist Insect Spray S 

Germicidal Spray Cleaner R 

Moisture And Corrosion 

Preventative Aer BB 

Apollo-Sol Distributors 

Apollo-Sol D 

Apperson Chemicals, Inc. 

Ex-Skale C 

Applied Biochemists, Inc. 

Septictrine O 

Applied Chemicals Corp. 

Nature's Award A 

Applied Products Corporation 

3060 Scale Remover C 

9000 All Purp. Cleaner & Degr. A 
9030 Medium Duty Steam 

Cleaner B 

9050 Smoke House & Hot Vat 

Degrsr B 

9070 Hot Vat Car Rust 

Grease&Paint Remvr B 

9090 Rust & Scale Remover B 

9399 Thickening Agent A 

Apter Industries, Incorporated 

Appro Killer Fog Spray S 

Appro Powerclean A 

Easy D 

Hans-Down Q 

Macro Concentrate Super D A 

Phenz D 

Aqua Laboratories 

Aqua-Chem-8 N 

Aqua-Coll M 

Aqua-Coll-P M 

Aqua-Gard 303 N 

Aqua-Phos M 

Aqua-Treet-450 N 

Aquamine M 

Deoxit-D M 

Aqua Laboratories and Chemical 
Co., Inc. 

Alcco Tower Kure C 

Alco-Cide #100 C N 

Alco-Cide #200 P N 

Alco-Cide #300 S N 

Alco-Floc #3 Z 

Alco-Floc #5 Z 

Alco-Floc #8 Z 

Aqua-Ayd Z 

Boiler Kure #C N 

Boiler-de Scaler N 

Boiler-Kure #A M 

Boiler-Kure-Reg N 

Boiler-Treat 20 M 

Aqua Products, Incorporated 

Aqua Clor A 

Matic A 

Pan A 

Soak A 

Aqua Terra Biochemicals, Inc. 

Alive Bacteria/Enzyme LS- 


Bioprime-FP O 

Exod R 


X-Foam O 

Aqua Treat Chemicals, Inc. 

B-200 M 

B-201 M 

B-202 M 

B-204 M 

B-205 M 

B-206 M 

B-207 M 

B-209 M,Z 

B-211 M.Z 

B-212 . M 

B-213 N 

B-214 M 

B-215 M 

B-217 M 

B-242 M 

B-244 M 

B-246 M 

B-250 M 

B-2S2 N 

B-254 M 

B-256 N 

B-260 M 

B-261 N 

B-262 M 

B-264 N 

C-510 Z 

C-512 N.Z 

Aqua-Day Corp. 

Aqua-Remove-All 1020 A 

Aqua-Lyte, Inc. 

Aqua Lyte B1000L M 

Aqua Lyte B102L M 

B 205 Boiler Water Treatment. M 
B 235 Condensate Line 

Treatment M 

C 305 N 

Aqua-Serv Engineers, Inc. 

A-101 Algaecide Briquettes N 

A-102 Algacide N 

A-103 Liquid Algaecide N 

A-104 Algaecide N 

A-105 Liquid Algaecide N 

A- 106 Algaecide N 

A-108 N 

A-109 N 

A-109 Microbiocide N 

B-201-B M 

B-201-P M 

B-202-B M 

B-202-P M 

B-206 M 

B-208 M 

B-211 M 

B-212 M 

B-212 U N 

B-212-X M 

B-213 N 

B-214 M 

B-215 M,M 

B-217 M 

B-242 M 

B-246 M 

B-250 M 

B-261 N 

B-702 M 

B-703 N 

B-704 M 

B-706 M 

B-743 M 

B-794 M 

C-315 Z 

C-318 Z 

C-320 N 

C-322 N 

C-323 N 

C-324 N 

C-325 N 

C-416 N 

C-716 M 

C-720 N 

C-720X N 


Aqualock Manufacturing Co. 

Aqualock Compound Z 

Aquaness Chemical Company Div. of 
Magna Corporation 

Calnox 214 M 

Calnox 214 DN M 

Aquaphase Laboratories, Inc. 

Aquaphase R-Tec-4D-USDA ...N 
Aquaphase RTEC-4 Adjunct- 


Aquaphase RTEC-4C-USDA . ...N 

Aquaphase S-Tec-10 N 

Aquaphase S-Tec-11 N 

Aquaphase S-Tec 1 1 A N 

Aquaphase S-Tec-2 N 

Aquaphase S-Tec-3C N 

Aquaphase S-Tec-6 N 

Aquaphase S-Tec-6A N 

Aquaphase 100-S-USDA N 

Aquaphase 100-S2-USDA N 

Aquaphase 100-S5-USDA N 

Aquaphase 101-P-USDA N 

Aquaphase 101-PQ-USDA N 

Aquaphase 101-Q-USDA N 

Aquaphase 101A-USDA M 

Aquaphase 110-S-USDA N 

Aquaphase 110-S2-USDA N 

Aquaphase U0-S5-USDA N 

Aquaphase U1A-USDA M 

Aquaphase 1 1 10-LA-LB-USDAN 
Aquaphase 1 110-LA-SP-USDA.N 

Aquaphase 1130-SP Z 

Aquaphase 120-S-USDA N 

Aquaphase 120-S2-USDA N 

Aquaphase 120-S5-USDA N 

Aquaphase 121-P-USDA N 

Aquaphase 121-PQ-USDA N 


Aquaphase 121-Q-USDA N 

Aquaphase 121A-USDA M 

Aquaphase I30-S-USDA N 

Aquaphase 130-S2-USDA N 

Aquaphase 130-S5-USDA N 

Aquaphase 131A-USDA M 

Aquaphase 2001 USDA C 

Aquaphase 300-P-USDA M 

Aquaphase 300-USDA-SA M 

Aquaphase 310-P-USDA M 

Aquaphase 320-P-USDA M 

Aquaphase 410-USDA-L M 

Aquaphase 410-USDA-SA M 

Aquaphase 510-A-USDA M 

Aquaphase 520-A-USDA M 

Aquaphase 520-D-USDA M 

Aquaphase 72I-BX-USDA N 

Aquaphase 721-USDA N 

Aquaphase 722-BX-USDA N 

Aquaphase 723-BX-USDA N 

Aquaphase 724-BX-USDA N 

Aquaphase 724-USDA N 

Aquaphase 731-L-2-USDA N 

Aquaphase 733-L-2-USDA N 

Aquaphase 741-BX-USDA N 

Aquaphase 741-USDA N 

Aquaphase 742-BX-USDA N 

Aquaphase 743-BX-USDA N 

Aquaphase 744-BX-USDA N 

Aquaphase 744-USDA N 

Aquaphase 751-L-2-USDA N 

Aquaphase 753-L-2-USDA N 

Aquatherm, Inc. 

Boiler Water Treatment SA-2 ...M 

Boiler Water Treatment TA M 

Boiler Water Treatment 705 M 

Boiler Water Treatment 707 M 

Boiler Water Treatment 750 M 

Boiler Water Treatment 752 M 

Boiler Water Trtmnt Formula 

AF-2 M 

Boiler Water Trtmnt Formula 


Boiler Water Trtmnt Formula 


Boiler Water Trtmnt Formula 

610 M 

Boiler Water Trtmnt Formula 

708 M 

Boiler Water Trtmnt Formula 

711 M 

Boiler Water Trtmnt Formula 

711-H M 

Boiler Water Trtmnt Formula 

715 M 

Boiler Water Trtmnt Formula 

715-N M 

Boiler Water Trtmnt Formula 

720 M 

Formula KA M 

Aquatrol Laboratories, Inc. 

Balancer BWT FM-1 M 

Balancer BWT FM-2 M 

Balancer BWT FM-3 M 

Balancer BWT FM-4 M 

Balancer BWT FM-5 M 

Balancer FM. No. 6 M 

Basic BWT FM-1 M 

Basic BWT FM-2 M 

Basic No. 3 M 

Ar Chem Corporation, The 

Guardian Rat Bait U 

Rodere U 

Arcal Chemicals, Inc. 

'D-Scent' R 

'MCR'12 A 

'Ravage' Chemical Liq. 

Concentrate R 

'Tracer' A 

'Uni-Clean' A 

A-118 Concrete Cleaner A 

Crust Strip B 

D' Scale #24 C 

Kwell H 

Mintar A 

PC Cleaner A 

Rout-Out B 

163-A D 

Archem, Inc. 

AC Concentrate D 

AC Industrial Odor Killer R 


Insect Spray T 

Kleen Waterless Hand Cleaner. W 
Sani-Lube Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Silicone Spray A A 

Touch-Up All Purpose Cleaner. R 

Archibald & Kendall, Inc. 

Ster-Bac #9003 A 

Arden Sales 

Arden Foam-Ban HH 

Ardochlor #15 G 

Extra Heavy Duty A 

Hand Dishwashing Compound. .A 

Kwik Acid Cleaner C 

Zip Chlor F,K 

Ardmor Chemical Company 

Ardbrite A 

Hot Tank 70 B 

Meat Hook Soaker B 

Steam Kleen #60 B 

201 Laundry Detergent CC 

Arizona Quality Chemicals 

Lit-Ning Lube BB 

Armor Research Company 

Armor Action All Purpose 

Cleaner R 

Armor Action Foam 

Disinfectant Cleaner R 

Armor Armor 55 BB 

Armor Dry-27 Dry Lubricant.. ..BB 

Armor Oasis Hand Cleaner W 

Armor Protector Barrier Cream W 
Armor R.D. 30 Hospital 

Disinfectant Deo R 

Armor Refresh Mint Air 

Sanitizer R 

Armor Refresh Pine Air 

Freshener R 

Armor Renue Tile & Grout 

Cleaner P 

Armor SAM. Wasp & Hornet 

Killer T 

Armor Slide Silicone Lubricant AA 
Armor Unloc Penetrating 

Lubricant BB 

Armor Vision Glass Cleaner R 

Armoros C 

Bomber S 

Digest O 

Neutral A 

No-Rinse A 

Power A 

Staff-X P 

Unique A 

Zymex O 

Armour and Company 

Armour Standard Detergent 
110 B 

Armour-Dial, Incorporated 

Flint Chips Stock No. 818 A 

Flint Powder Stock No. 757 A 

Flint Powder Stock No. 823 A 

Flint Powder Stock No. 824 A 

Giant Powder Stock No. 749 A 

Hospital Green Soap No. 856 ...Q 

Lustro Soap No. 741 Q 

Parsons' Sudsy Deter. 

Ammonia R 

Perfumed Green Liquid 524 Q 

40% Liquid Soap No. 545 Q 

Armstrong Chemical Company 

Chem-Clean A 

Hook and Trolley B 

Liquid DSO O 

Multi-Purpose A 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Steem Kleen A 

SSD-Sewer Solvent & 

Degreaser O 

WD-40 F 

Arol Chemical Products Company 

Arodet AA-350 A 

Arodet DYN CC 

Arodet R-100 A 

Arodet SC Special A 

Arodet ST A 

Arodet 25 S A 

Arodet 60 T Soft A 

Arofos 326 A 

Arolterge RAB A 

Arolterge 100 M A 

Arolube LB-300 BB 

Bonansa D 

Coconut Soap 40% A,Q 

Crystal Bright Green Label A 

Crystal Bright Red Label A 

Detergent CR A 

Hi Foam Powder A 

Laundry Compound MG CC 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Loradet 1-201 D 

Loragleam BW A 

Scour Number 5 A 

Siturge A 

Arrow Chemical Corporation 

Alltreat-300 N 

Aquacide S 

Arrow Kleen A 

Arrow Solv D 

Black Disinfectant, Coef. 5 R 

Blast Solv A 

Blue O 

Bole Aire P 

Bowl Blox P 

Bulldozer D 

Citosene 10 R 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap 

(Concentrated) Q 

Deodorant Blox P 

Deodorant Cakes P 

Dri-M-Lube BB 

Dual - 27 F 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

Food Processor's D'Grees A 

Grime Off W 

Hi-Slip AA 

Hospital Disinfectant F 

Hydrolytic Enzyme Bacteria 

Cmplx O 


Lemonene R 

Luball BB 

Mr. Brite Porcelain Cleaner P 

No Lock BB 

Odo-Rout R 

Orange Deodorant R 

Penilube BB 

Pine Oil Disinfectant, Coef. 5...R 

Power Concentrate P 

Power Foam R 

Protection W 

Quick Kill S 

R.I.S.-15 T 

Red Hot O 

Remuv-Ox C 

Sani-Lube A A 

Seal-Ease BB 

Siltrol BB 

Steam Solv A 

Super-Solv D 

Tef-Lube BB 

Trak-Lube BB 

Vita-Pine R 

Whirlpool Drain Opener O 

Whomp O 

Wonder Solv D 

Arrow Chemical Products, Inc. 

Arofect Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Arrow Super M F 

FP Special Detergent A 

FP-10 A 

FP-15 A 

FP-18 A 

FP-20 Liquid Hand Cleaner Q 

FP-35 Hand Dshwsh Pots-Pans. A 
FP-38 Cement Floor Cleaner 

(Pwdr) D 

FP-45 Hvy Dty Clnr Cement 

Floors R 

FP-70 Hand Cleaner Powder P 

Pine-O-San ...R 

150 Arrow Sanitizer G 

Arrow Kleen Products 

Hefty Kleener A 

Arrow Laboratories 

Acid Cleaner 'A' C 

Arrow Clean A 

Arrow Food Plant Cleaner A 

Arrow Hand Dishwashing 

Liquid A 

Arrow Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Arrow Sink Cleaner A 

Arrow T-Bowl Cleaner P 

Arrow Vat Cleaner B 

Cement Floor Cleaner D 

Hi-Speed Steam Clean A 

Machine Dishwashing Powder. A 

Steam Clean A 

Steam Clean Powder B 

Steam Clean-Light Duty A 

Super 88 A 

Arrow Products Co. 

Quik-Clean A 

Arrowhead Chemicals, Inc. 

Arrow Kleen 128 F 

Arrow Kleen 64 F 

Arrowhead Sanitizer G 

Release D 

Release 2 A 

Art Mattson Distributing Co. 

Hand Dishwashing Compound. .A 
KP Grill And Oven Cleaner D 

Special Degreaser D 

Art Snyder Sanitary Supply Co. 

Snyder's Speedy Spray D 

Snyder's Speedy Trust F 

Snyder's Super Speedy 

Concentrate A 

Artel Chemical Co. 


Ash Grove Cement Company 

Kemilime Hydrated Lime Y 

Snowflake Hydrated Lime Y 

Veri-Fat Quicklime Y 

Ashco Company 

Rac IV D 

Ashdod Chemicals, LTD 

Klordet A 

Pots And Pans A 

Ashland Chemical Company Div. of 
Ashland Oil, Inc. 

Ashland 70T White Oil AA 

Ashland 95T White Oil AA 

Ashland's Globrite 11 C 

Bakery Pan Oil AA 

Globrite Bowl & Porcelain 

Cleaner P 

Globrite Crawling Insecticide. ...T 

Globrite Flying Insecticide S 

Globrite Glass Cleaner R 

Globrite Heavy Duty Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Globrite Heavy Duty Cleaner ...R 
Globrite Scouring Cream 

Cleanser P 

Globrite 14 C 

Globrite 3002 HDC D 

Globrite 4256 PD D 

Globrite 5001 QD R 

Globrite 5025 QD F 

Globrite 5025 QDC D 

Globrite 5064 QD F 

Globrite 5064 QDC D 

Globrite 5256 QDC D 

NF White Oil No. 100 AA 

NF White Oil No. 145 AA 

NF White Oil No. 85 AA 

Tobin Cleaner No. 3 A 

Tobin Special Cleaner A 

U.S. P. White Oil No. 185 AA 

U.S. P. White Oil No. 340 AA 

U.S.P. White Oil No. 460 AA 

2056 Solvent D 

Ashland Oil, Incorporated 

Elix Grease #2 AA 

Asiatic Petroleum Corporation 

Shell Ondina Oil 17 AA 

Asko Chemical Supply Co. 

E.M.S. 535 A 

Aspden Associates, Inc. Div. of 
Rochester Germicide Co. 

Formula 260 D 

Associated Chemists, Inc. 

#607 A 

AH Purpose Steam Clning 

Comp. 8550 A 

All Purpose Steam Clning 

Comp. 8650 A 

AC-10 A 

AC-15 A 

AC-15 LF A 

AC-17 A 

AC-5 A 

AL 20 C 

AL-23 P 

AL-34 C 

AL-50 P 

Concrete Etch & Cleaner #634 C 

Crown DSC F 

Crown Microcide F 

DL-14 D 

DL-18 R 

DL-28 A 

DL-29 A 

DL-40 A 

DL-48 A 

DL-67 A 

DL-68 D 

DL-80 A 

DL-88 A 

DL-89 R 

DL-90 R 


Extra Hvy Dty Steam Clning 

Comp 8670 B 

FC-20 B 

Hvy Dty Steam Clning 

Compound 8560 A 

Hvy Dty Steam Clning 

Compound 8660 A 

Hyseptic Surgical Soap Q 

HD-37 B 

HL-52 Q 

KL-48 A 

Lo-Foam #680-B A 

LK-20 A 

LK-30 A 

LK-40 A 

LK-45 B 

Pro-Quad F 

Quill F 

Ringcide P 

Royal Grand Slam C 

Serf F 

Spray Cleaner #480 D 

Stab A 

Associated Grocers Of Iowa 

Detergent Concentrate A 

Stripper D 

Astor Exterminating Company 

Astor-X Drione Dust 

Insecticide Spray T 

Astor-X Food Plant Fogging 

Insecticide S 

Astor-X General Purpose 

Insect Spray S 

Astor-X Pro-Cide S 

Astor-X Residual Surface 

Spray T 

Astor-X Roach & Ant Preszd. 

c/Diazinon T 

Astor-X Wasp and Hornet 

Killer T 

Astor Products, Incorporated 

Dixisol Hand Scrub Q 

White Arrow Bleach G,CC 

Astor Supply Company, Inc. 

Antiseptic Hand-Cleaner 

Lotion Q 

Formula 214 A 

Formula 412 A 

Germicidal Cleaner F 

Giant Auto Scrubber Detergent A 


H-I-C Concentrate D 

Han-Sof Liquid Soap Q 

Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Power-Kleen All Purp Clnr & 

Degr A 

Pressure Washer Detergent A 

Wint-O-Cide R 

Zap High Pressure Degrsr and 

Clnr D 

Astro Products, Inc. 

Acid Clean C 

Astro Clean ACP-10 A 

Astro Clean ACP-15 D 

Astro Clean ACP-50 A 

Astro-Ho A 

Ezy-Treat 100 Boiler Water 

Treatment N 

Ezy-Treat 200 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Foam Clean EP-50 A 

Foam Clean EP-55 D 

Rich'n Thick Hand Cleaner Q 

Super Clean 500 D 

Astro-Chem, Inc. 

AUtreat 300 N 

Astro Jet A 

Astro Kleen R 

Astro-Cide S 

Astro-Fog S 

Astrox S 

Boilerite 100 M 

Bole Aire P 

Cloud Nine D 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Concrete Cleaner R 

Conveyor Lube BB 

Fast Klean Concentrate C 

GB Breakdown O 

GPC-24 D 

Hangs In There Bowl & 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

Lemon Tree R 

Mercury Marvel D 

Mr. Britc Porcelain Cleaner P 

Neptune Concentrate D 

Neutrox 400 N 

Odo-Rout Concentrate R 

Perfumed Deodorant Blox P 

Perfumed Deodorant Cakes P 

Perfumed-Wired Bowl Blox P 

Pluto Pellets O 

Remov-Ox C 

Sky Air Industrial Deodorant. ...R 

Solar Whirlpool O 

Solarcx F 

Steam Cleaner Liquid B 

Steamrite 200 M 

Tank Saver N 

Tower All NC Concentrate N 

Trak-Lube BB 

Venus Vanquish T 

W.T.C. Algaecide and Algal 

Slimicidc N 

Astrochem Industries 

Astro-Bryte A 

Atco Manufacturing Company 

'Glee' Liquid Machine 

Dishwash Detergent B 

A-T Concentrate R 

A-TPlus A 

A-T Plus K A 

A-T 201 Concentrate D 

A-161 Velvet Suds A 

A-231 Jewel A 

Algex N 

Atcorex Porcelain Cleaner P 

Atox C 

Attack Residual Insecticide T 

ATA Lemon R 

ATA Mint P 

ATA Pine R 

Big 'A' R 

Big Daddy A 

Black Disinfectant Coef. 5 R 

Blast S 

Blue Gran. Sewer & Drain 

Solvent O 

Boratex HI M 

Chain Lubricant BB 

Dead-eye Insecticide S 

Drain Free O 

Drain-X O 

Dynamite B-192 Odorless B 


Econ-O-Sept F 

Emulsion Bowl Cleaner P 

EG-90 Expandable White 

Grease BB 

Foam-It D 

Formula No. 67 Steam Cleaner. B 

Garb-Spray Insecticide T 

Hang-Up Jr P 

Hang-Up Sr P 

Ice-Go R 

K.O. '2' T 

Kling N' Kleen Bowl & 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

Levelox 413 N 

MM445 A 

N-C 76 D 

Odo-Rout R 

Pride Q 

Red Hot O 

Revu R 

Sani-Lube A A 

Silicone Spray A A 

Skalonite N 

Sparkle A-230 A 

Steamtrol 220 M 

Unilrol 80S N 

Universal Q 

Athena Corporation 

Echols Roach Ant & Waterbug 
Killer T 

Athens Janitor Supply Co., Inc. 

AA Fly Spray S 

Extra Hvy Dty Odorless Steam 

Clnr B 

Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner. .D 
Heavy Duty Odrls Steam 

Cleaner B 

Jet Odorless Steam Cleaner B 

L. D. Concentrate D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Steam Cleaner B 

Malathion 50% T 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5 ....R 
Pine Type Disinfectant Coef. 5.R 

Quaternary Concentrate F 

Sewer Solvent O 

Special Cleaner A 

Steam Cleaning Compound B 

Super Germicide F 

Super Pink P 

University Creme Hand 

Cleaner W 

White Magic P 

1 1 1 Insecticide S 

66 Industrial Spray T 

Atkins Chemical Co., Inc. 

Break-A-Way A 

Grease Buster A 

Limesolv C 

San-A-Dish A 

San-A-Dyne Detergent- 

Sanitizer G 

San-A-Klor A 

San-A-Lotion A 

San-A-Mation A 

San-A-Pan A 

San-A-Quat F 

San-A-Suds A 

Atlantic Chemicals, Inc. 

Hand Soap Q 

KD-4 B 

KM-2 Cleaner B 

Atlantic National Corp. 

Anox R 

Bingo Roach and Bug Killer T 

Black Jack R 

Cyclone R 

Firebird R 

Perfect D 

Rain Barrel A 

Round Up T 

Sampson O 

Surprise A 

Titanic D 

Tornado R 

True Blue D 

Winner 1 P 

Zenith R 

100 Plus A 

Atlantic Research Laboratories Corp. 

Insect Spray 'B' S 

Liquid Household Insect Spray 
#1 T 

Atlantic Richfield Company 

Atreol 18 A A 

Atreol 34 AA 

Atreol 6 A A 

Atreol 7 AA 

Atreol 9 AA 

Autokut Oil 250 BB 

ARCO Gear Oil HD SAE 140. ..BB 
ARCO Gear Oil HD SAE 80-90BB 

ARCO Gear Oil HD SAE 90 BB 

ARCO Gear Oil SAE 140 BB 

ARCO Gear Oil SAE 90 BB 

ARCO Mineral Gear Oil SAE 

140 BB 

ARCO Mineral Gear Oil SAE 

250 BB 

ARCO Mineral Gear Oil SAE 

90 BB 

ARCO Multipurpose Grease BB 

ARCO Polyplex EP No. 1 BB 

ARCO Polyplex EP No. 2 BB 

ARCOfleet HD Motor Oil SAE 

10W BB 

ARCOfleet HD Motor Oil SAE 

20-20W BB 

ARCOfleet HD Motor Oil SAE 

30 BB 

ARCOfleet HD Motor Oil SAE 

40 BB 

ARCOfleet HD Motor Oil SAE 

50 BB 

ARCOfleet Motor Oil SAE 

10W BB 

ARCOfleet Motor Oil SAE 20- 

20W BB 

ARCOfleet Motor Oil SAE 30 ..BB 


ARCOfleet Motor Oil SAE 40 ..BB 
ARCOfleet Motor Oil SAE 50 ..BB 

ARCOpac 70 A A 

ARCOpac 90 AA 

ARCOprime 100 AA 

ARCOprime 130 AA 

ARCOprime 180 AA 

ARCOprime 200 AA 

ARCOprime 350 AA 

ARCOprime 70 AA 

ARCOprime 90 AA 

ARCOtech 10 AA 

ARCOtech 6 AA 

ARCOtech 8 AA 

ARCOwhite HF Grease AA 

ARCOwhite 2 Grease AA 

Caldron EP 1 Grease BB 

Caldron EP 2 Grease BB 

Commander S 1500 BB 

Commander S-315 BB 

Commander S-465 BB 

Commander S-700 BB 

Commander 1900 BB 

Commander 2800 BB 

Crystex Oil BB 

Diamond S-105 BB 

Diamond S-40 BB 

Diamond S-75 BB 

Diamond 55 BB 

Dominion H-2 Grease BB 

Duopale 100 AA 

Duopale 60 A A 

Duopale 80 AA 

Duopar 100 AA 

Duopar 90 AA 

Duro AW S-150 BB 

Duro AW S-215 BB 

Duro AW S-315 BB 

Duro S-1000 BB 

Duro S-105 BB 

Duro S-150 BB 

Duro S-150 LP BB 

Duro S-215 BB 

Duro S-315 BB 

Duro S-315 LP BB 

Duro S-465 BB 

Duro 55 BB 

Duro 600 BB 

Eclipse 1050 H Grease BB 

Gascon S-105 BB 

Gascon S-150 BB 

Gascon S-215 BB 

Gascon S-2150 BB 

Gascon S-315 BB 

Gascon S-465 BB 

Gascon S-60 BB 

Gascon S-700 BB 

Gascon 1200 BB 

Insulating Oil No. 8 BB 

Marine Engine Oil No. 10 BB 

Marine Engine Oil No. 5 BB 

Modoc 125 BB 

Modoc 138 BB 

Modoc 145 BB 

Modoc 165 BB 

Modoc 195 BB 

No Drip S-I500 BB 

No Drip S-315 BB 

No Drip S-700 BB 

Polar S-150 BB 

Polar S-315 BB 

Polar S-465 BB 

Rubilcne S-150 BB 

Rubilene S-315 BB 

Rubilene S-465 BB 

Rubilene S-700 BB 

Rubilene 1200 BB 

Rubilene 500 BB 

Rust O Lene 10 BB 

Rust-O-Lene 20 BB 

Rust-O-Lene 30 BB 

Truslide S-315 BB 

Truslide S-700 BB 

Ultrol 5 AA 

Atlantic Service Company 

Hook-Eye Acid Cleaner C 

Hook-Eye Chlorinated Cleaner. A 

Hook-Eye Concrete Cleaner D 

Hook-Eye Drychlorine Shroud 

Bleach CC 

Hook-Eye Granulated 

Detergent A 

Hook-Eye Heavy Duty CleanerB 
Hook-Eye Light Duty Cleaner. A 

Hook-Eye Liquid Detergent A 

Hook-Eye Liquid Heavy Duty 

Cleaner A 

Hook-Eye Sewer Cleaner O 

Hook-Eye Shroud Detergent CC 

Hook-Eye Tripe Denuding 

Compound B Y 

Hook-Eye Trolly Cleaner B 

Multi-Purpose Food Machine 

Oil AA 

Atlas Manufacturing Company 

Atlas 108 Sewer Pipe Cleaner. . O 
AUas 115 Truck and Car Wash A 

Atlas 122 Laundrbrite CC 

Atlas 304 Algi-Rid NF N 

Atlas 500 All Purpose Cleaner ..D 

AUas 502 D 

Atlas 503 Liquid Dishwash A 

Atlas 506 Pure Coco. Hand 

Soap Almd.Odr Q 

Atlas 507 40 Plus Q 

Atlas 508 Window Cleaner R 

Atlas 509 Sudsng Ammn. AU- 

Pur.Cl R 

Atlas 512 Drain Free C 

Atlas 520 Concrete Truck 

Cleaner C 

Atlas 525 Blue Concentrate 

Cleaner A 

Atlas 540 Liquid Steam 

Cleaner A 

AT-110 Steam Cleaner A 

AT-111 Extra H. D. Steam 

Cleaner B 

AT-4005 A 

AT-4007 A 

Ferrocator 208 B 

Jel A 

Mint Odor Disinfectant D 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

100 All Purpose Cleaner D 

1006 A 

1007 A 

1015 A 

103 Chlrn Mach. Dishwashing 
Cmpnd A 

104 Delux Mach. Dishwashing 
Cmpnd A 

106 Concrete Cleaner D 

1104 A 

117 Blue Spry Car Wash Det....A 

4002 A 

5003 D 

5005 A 

547 Off Concentrated Hvy Dty 

Clnr A 

562 Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

700 Tox S 

7005 C 

701 Nox-Al Residual Roach & 
Insect Spry T 

702 Fog-9 Insecticide S 

Atomic Steam Company 

Asco Steam Cleaner A 

At well Chemical Corp. 

Boiler Water Treatment M 

Concentrated All Purpose 

Detergent A 

Excel A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner-Degreaser A 

Hi-Alk B 


X-Tra Clean A 

Auerbach Chemical Co., Inc. 

•Flash - R 

Acemco RD-76 Rapid-Sol D 

Chem-Surf D 

ODS-3 Disinfectant-Cleaner F 

Rust Remover C 

Super Acri-Cote Stripper D 

Augusta Janitorial Supplies & 
Equipment, Inc. 

AJ's Powdered Steam Cleaner. .A 

Aurora Manufacturing Corp. 

Auro-Gel A 

Enduro Auro-Bac A 

Enduro Auro-Chlor A 

Enduro Auro-Move Liquid A 

Enduro Auro-Power B 

Enduro Duro-Bac B 

Enduro Duro-Chlor A 

Enduro Duro-Solv Liquid A 

Enduro Foam Cleaner A 

Enduro G. P. Cleaner A 

Enduro Herco B 

Enduro Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Enduro Metal Wash C 

Enduro No. 1 Cleaner A 

Enduro Smoke House Cleaner. .A 

Enduro Super G-P Cleaner A 

Enduro 2 Cleaner A 

Austin Chemical Company 

Clear Lemon Dsnfctnt Coef. 10P 

Glass Cleaner R 

Lemon Coef. 8 Disinfectant P 

Lime Cleaner D 

Mintene Disinfectant P 

Pink Lotion Hand Dshwshing 
Detrgnt A 

Austin Paper Company 

Attack P 

Crystal Glass Cleaner R 

Fresh-een 25 F,J 

Neutra-Kleen A 

Power-Kleen D 

Sani-Sept P 

Auto Wax Company, Inc. 

Pressure Wash HD-19 A 

Pressure Wash JB-20 A 

Pressure Wash JB -20 Liquid A 

Auto-Chlor System 

Bi-Kleen A 

Chlorinated Machine Detergent A 

DS 33 F 

Hood-Kleen A 

Machine Detergent A 

Pot & Pan A 

Regular Detergent A 

Scale- A way C 

Solution CI.' G 

Solution QA G 


Special A 

Automation Equipment, Inc. 

Car Wash Compound A 

Automation Sales Company 

Sil-Pak Silicone Spray AA 

Automotive & Industrial Associates 

Associates Oil & Grease 

Absorbent MM 

Avril, Incorporated 

Anderol A 

Av-Rinse G.GG 

Avrex-HC B 

Avril All Purpose Blue D 

Avril Egg Wash #1 H 

Avril Egg Wash #2 H 

Avril Egg Wash #3 H 

Avril Egg Wash #4 H 

Avril-Blue Powder B 

Bio-Trol D G 

Chek A 

Chek-Mate A 

Cleaner-Degreaser D 

Crystal A 

D. D. S. Dry Descaling 

Compound C 

Formula 17 AU Purpose 

Cleaner D 

FC-10 D 

FC-103 Floor Cleaner D 

FC-204 R 

G-89 D 

GC-19 A 

GC-191 A 

GC-29 A 

GC-29A General Purpose Clnr..A 

GC-30 A 

GC-30A A 

GC-39 A 

GC-39A A 

GC-40 A 

GC-45 A 

GC-49 A 

GC-49A A 

GC-49B Powdered Degreaser....A 

GC-55 A 

GC-59 General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

GL-125 A 

H-41 A 

Hi-Suds A 

Kan-Chek A 

Liquid Chek-Mate A 

Liquid Detergent A 

MP-101 X 

MP-12 Y 

MP-14 B 

MP-18 B 

MP-21 X 

MP-22 B 

MP-23 High Alkaline Cleaner ...B 
MP-23L Low Foam Heavy 

Duty Clnr B 

MP-31 X 

MP-31-SA Hog Scald X 

MP-4S B 

MP-7 B 

Non Chlorinated Liquid Chek- 
Mate A 

Oxylite Oxygen Bleach A 

Rill A 

S-12 A 

Silver Clean A 

Super Chek A 

SP-47 C 

SP-57 C 

SP-67 C 

Tri-Chek A 

TL-600 A 

Ultroglas A 

Ultron A 

23-S O 

23-SC O 

3-D C 

Award Chemical Products Corp. 

Ambush S 

De-Grime A 

De-Staph D 

Vaporizer No. 375 S 

B & B Chemical Company, Inc. 

A-21 A 

B & B Hexakleen-Plus Q 

B & B Lemon-A Disinfectant. ..D 
B & B Lotion Like Hand Soap.Q 

B & B MPS C 

B & B Plax C 

B & B Prep A 

B & B Quat 40-N G 

B & B Special M A 

B & B Super Foam A 

Bactacidc F 

Blitz A 

Defoamer-E HH 

Egg Wash H 

Expose B 

EW 112 H 

Germicidal 'SIS' F 

K-Strip B 

Multi-Clean A 

Octacide S 

Quat-40 F 

Sewer Solvent O 

Steam White-S B 

Super Insecticide Concentrate ..S 

U-l A 

125 B 

221 C 

713 Jet 1 A 

892-A A 

892-X A 

897 CC 

B & B Enterprises 

Clean Chlor A 

Steampot Plus A 

4591 A 

B & G Company 

All rat U 

Allrat Blue U 

Allrat Green U 

Cythion 50 Oil Soluble 

Concentrate T 

Pyrenone Emulsifiable 

Concentrate S 

Pyrenone PCO Roach 

Concentrate S 

Syn-Py S 

Syn-Py-Fog S 

Syn-Py-Te T 

Syn-Py-2 T 

Syn-Py-3 Emulsifiable 

Concentrate S 

Tapp 1-9-E Emulsifiable 

Concentrate S 

Tarla-Diphas Blue U 

Tarla-Diphas Green U 

Tarla-Diphas Red U 

500 Insect Fogger S 

565 Insect Fogger S 

B & H Chemical 

Protein & Milkstone Remover ..C 

B & J Janitor Supplies, Inc. 

Best Klean D 

B & L Control Service Inc. 

BL 20 M 

B & L Supply Company 

AU Purpose Cleaner D 

Amco A 

Amodet D 

Atco Liquid Steam Cleaner A 

Atlas III Hvy Dty Steam 

Cleaner B 

Atlas 110 Non-Caustic Steam 

Clnr A 

B & L Atco Liquid Steam 

Cleaner A 

B & L Surgent Triclosan 

Liquid Soap Q 

Blue Spray Car Wash 

Detergent A 

Concrete Cleaner D 

Deluxe Machine Dish Washing 

Compound A 

Drain Free C 

Fog 9 Concentrate S 

Fog 9 Insecticide S 

Kalm C 

Laundrbrite CC 

Nox-AI T 

Off Concentrated Hvy Dty 

Cleaner A 

Packing House Cleaner A 

Pot & Pan Soap A 

Pure Coconut Hand Soap 

Almond Odor Q 

Sewer Pipe Cleaner O 

Steam Clean A 

The Big Blue A 

Tox S 

Unsccnted Pinky A 

White Hurricane R 

Winda-Kleen R 

1006 A 

1007 A 

103 Chlrntd Mach Dish Wshng 

Cmpnd A 

1104 A 

115 Truck Wash A 

40 Plus Q 

4002 A 

4005 A 

5003 D 

5005 A 

562 D 

7005 C 

B & M Chemical Company 

Sanitizer No. 1 D 

B & VI International, Inc. 

B-M Concentrate Ail-Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Bowlex P 

Chloro-9 B 

Kitchen Glow D 

Micro-Lemon 7 D 

Pandex All Purpose Cleaner D 

Scour Power E 

Steam-X Heavy Duty Cleaner ..R 

Super Kill S 

Super Whiz D 


Whiz D 

B & M Supply Company 

Lotion Soap Q 

BASF Wyandotte Corporation 

Accord G.JJ.GG 

Acti-Lan A,H 

Adjust B 

Agile CC 

Agile II CC 

Ahead A A 

Alnate B 

Ammosene D 

Antibac B G.K.GG 

Arlac B.CC 

Aspect A 

Atane A,H 

Attitude C,I 

Avid A,H 

Bentec CC 

Best Egg A,H 

Best Egg Plus A.H 

Blot MM 


Caustic Soda Crystal B,M.O,X,Y 

Caustic Soda Granular B,M,O.X,Y 

Caustic Soda, 1/2 1 Flake B,M.O,X,Y 

Caustic Soda, 1/4' Flake B.M.O.X.Y 

Clarene B.CC 

Clarix B.CC 

Cle Chlor A.H 

Clenzit A,H 

Command C 

Conquer II A 

Deepsol P 

Definite A 

Deltro A,H 

Delvak B 

Detergent E 

Digress CC 

Diligent CC 

Dividend G 

Doxite CC 

Durzak B 

Egg Wash Formulation U- 

12495-A H 

El-Bee R 

Elevate C,I 

Elmac A 

F-100 R 

Faspeel V 

Fernak B 

Flo Chilled Caustic Soda B.M.O.X.Y 

Foamicide P HH 

Food Plant Fogging Insecticide. S 

Frigi-Lube BB 

Grime-Go D 


Halox CC 

Hazzit B,H,N,V,Z 

Impede CC 

Interest B,H 


Keego A,N,X,Z 

Kelochlor A 

Kelvar A,H 

Ker-Cell A,CC 

Kromet A,H 

Kwikpeel V 

Kwikpeel T V 

Laud CC 

Light Soda Ash A,M,X,Y,Z 

Lujob BB 

Lujob C A,BB 

Lutop BB 

Multi-Chlor G.K.GG 

Multi-Chlor D G 

Nuflo Y 


Observe A 

Pasturite A 

Pendulum C 

Per-Vad G 

Polamine R 

Preferred A 

Preview D,R 

Refrane CC 

Render F 

Residual Spray Insecticide T 

Resource B 

Respect CC 

Respect Plus CC 

Rintex A,CC 

Rotate B,H 

Rusko Z,CC 

Salute A,H 

Sanel V 

Seneca Flakes B,V 

Sentol C,CC 

Servac C,I 

Servac-NP C 

Simbol A.H 

Skortex A.CC 

Soda Ash Dense Grade A.M.X.Y.Z 

Sodium Hypochlorite G,K 

Sodium Metasilicate A 

Spartec G,J 

Speedac CC 

Spray Cleaner Plus R 

Star 5X Alk B 

Steri-Chlor G,H,K 

Super Deepsol P 

Super Fame A 

SR-10 C,I,CC 

Tradition A 

Tumult C,I 

U.L.C A,Q 

Uniflex A,H 

Vouch CC 

Wyandotte Hand Soap Q 

Wyandotte Solvent Cleaner 

W605L R 

3462-4 Q 

3491-0 B 

3514-0 D 

3529-0 B 

3532-0 A 

3533-0 A 

3544-0 C 

3554-1 A 

3555-0 A 

3558-0 A 

3705-0 L 

3705-2 L 

3706-0 L 

3707-0 L 

3708-0 L 

3709-0 L 

3712-0 L 

3714-0 A 

3740-0 A 

3792-0 A 

3792-1 Poultry Plant Cleaner A 

3829-0 A 

3830-0 B 

3831-0 A 

3841-0 A 

3841-1 Liquid Chlorinated 

Cleaner A 

3842-0 A 

3856-1 Food Plant Cleaner D 

3858-2 Low-Foam Acid 

Cleaner C 

3860-0 A 

3861-0 C 

3862-0 Egg Washing Detergent H 
3882-0 Defoamer A.HH 

3905-0 Synthetic Lubricant A,BB 

3928-0 Liquid Chlorinated Alk 

Clnr A,H 

3933-0 D 

3955-0 Low-Foaming Acid 

Cleaner C 

3956-0 Conveyor Lubricant BB 

3958-0 Liquid Alkaline 

Detergent A 

B G Products, Inc. 

BG EP Food Machinery 

Grease A A 

BG Food Machinery Oil AA 

BG Washable Grease AA 

B P Oil Inc. 

Bearing Gard BB 

Bearing Gard LT BB 

Bearing Gard MK BB 

BP Energol CS-15 BB 

BP Energol CS-22 BB 

BP Energol DC-1500 BB 

BP Energol DC-600-C BB 

BP Energol DC-680-C BB 

BP Energol EM Motor Oil 


BP Energol EM Motor Oil 


BP Energol EM Motor Oil 

SAE 30 BB 

BP Energol EM Motor Oil 

SAE 40 BB 

BP Energol EM Motor Oil 

SAE 50 BB 

BP Energol HL-100 BB 

BP Energol HL-150 BB 

BP Energol HL-220 BB 

BP Energol HL-32 BB 

BP Energol HL-46 BB 

BP Energol HL-68 BB 

BP Energol HLP-C100 BB 

BP Energol HLP-C150 BB 

BP Energol HLP-C22 BB 

BP Energol HLP-C220 BB 

BP Energol HLP-C32 BB 

BP Energol HLP-C46 BB 

BP Energol HLP-C460 BB 

BP Energol HLP-C68 BB 

BP Energol HLP-C680 BB 

BP Energol LPT-32 BB 

BP Energol LPT-68 BB 

BP Energol NT-150 Oil BB 

BP Energol NT-68 Oil BB 

BP Energol OE-100 BB 

BP Energol OE-150 BB 

BP Energol OE-22 BB 

BP Energol OE-275 BB 

BP Energol OE-46 BB 

BP Energol OE-68 BB 

BP Energol Protective SAE 20 .BB 
BP Extra Duty Gear Oil SAE 

140 BB 

BP Extra Duty Gear Oil SAE 

80 BB 

BP Extra Duty Gear Oil SAE 

90 BB 

BP Mineral Gear Oil SAE 140. BB 
BP Mineral Gear Oil SAE 80. ...BB 
BP Mineral Gear Oil SAE 90. ...BB 

BP Mineral Oil H-C5 BB 

BP Mineral Oil L-10 BB 

BP White Oil NF-70 AA 

BP White Oil NF-90 AA 

BP White Oil T-100 AA 

BP White Oil T-60 AA 

BP White Oil T-80 AA 

BP White Oil USP-200 AA 

BP White Oil USP-350 AA 


Facto Motor Oil 30 BB 

Factopet PA-NF AA 

Factopet SPR AA 

Factopet WW-USP A A 

Factopure FM-0 A A 

Factopure FM-2 A A 

Factopure NF-t30 AA 

Factopure NF-90 AA 

Factopure T-70 AA 

Factopure USP-185 AA 

Factopure USP-350 AA 

Factovis 43 BB 

Factovis 52 BB 

Factovis 65 BB 

Gearep OG BB 

Gearep 140 BB 

Gearep 85 BB 

Gearep 90 BB 

B. F. Laboratories 

Grease Cut A 

Par Floor Cleaner A 

B-K Chemical Company 

Acid Clene BK C 

Bot. Glo BK B 

BK Cloral A 

BK Cloral Ad A 

BK Concentrate A 

BK Derust 4 B 

BK Klener E B 

Fom-it A 

Cien. Clene BK A 

Klene Vat 50 B 

Pan Clene B 

Badger Soap Company 

Liquid Detergent D 

Baer Supply Company, Inc. 

Dyn-O-Mite D 

Dyn-O-Mite II A 

Grease Police R 

Klccn-All A 

Mint Foam Surgical Hand SoapQ 

Panda Gold Lemon P 

Panda Grease Release Foaming 

Cleaner A 

Panda Poultry Producers I28P..D 
Panda Poultry Producers 25Q...F 
Panda Poultry Producers 256P..D 
Panda Poultry Producers 256Q .F 
Panda Poultry Producers 64Q ...F 
Panda Poultry Producers 64Q- 

Citrus D 

Panda Power-Foam A 

Phylm Free D 

Steam-King A 

Steam-King II A 

Baer/Slade Corp. 

Dyn-O-Mite D 

Grease Police R 

Power-Foam A 

Steam King A 

Bailey's Kim-Ko, Incorporated 

Floats #8 D 

Grease Gun BB 

HD 7-L Steam Cleaner Heavy 

Duly A 

Purj O 

Silicone Spray A A 

SMC-17 C 

Baird & McGuire, Incorporated 

BM Special Cleaner A 

BM Special Cleaner Plus A 

Champion Disinfectant Cleaner F 

Chlordane 8 lb T 

Chlorpyrifos-Pyrethrins Liq. 

Residl. Spy T 

Coal-Tar Disinfectant Coef. 2...R 
Coal-Tar Disinfectant Coef. 20 .R 
Coal-Tar Disinfectant Coef. 5 ...R 
Coal-Tar Disinfectant Coef 6...R 

Concentrate No. 6 S 

Crestall Fluid R 

Desktop Cleaner D 

Mint-O-Phene P 

No. 15 Hand Soap Q 

No. 40 Hand Soap Q 

No-Roma Disinfectant F 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant No. 5 R 

Pyronyl Concentrate S 

Pyronyl ULV Concentrate S 

S-D Cleaner No. 10 D 

Vapona Insecticide T 

Balco Chemical Corporation 

E-Z Clean A 

Super Clean D 

Tough Clean D 

Ball Chemical Company 

Ball-O Cide F 

Deo-Drane P 

Ball Industries 

Auto-Scrub Detergent D 

Ball De-Limer C 

Ball-O-Zene R 

Castillian Liquid Hand Soap Q 

D. O. C F 

Red-Eye General Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Spray Clean Heavy Duty 

Cleaner & Dcgreas D 

Balmar Corporation 

Boiler/Tower Treatment No. 2..C 

Close-N-Counters A 

Controlex N 

Controlex 300 N 

Controlex 301 M 

Controlex 302 M 

Controlex 303 N 

Controlex 440 N 

Controlex 442 N 

Controlex-XL M 

Exit 17 

Honey Bare Concentrated 

Liquid Skin Clnr Q 

Klean Tech A 

Multi Klean II D 

Pine Tech R 

40% Pure Coconut Oil Hand 


Bama Supply Company, Inc. 

'Foam- A way' A 

Bancroft Paper Co., Inc. 

Al-Pine R 

Al-Pine II Pine Odor 

Disinfectant R 

Big Job A 

Big Mack R 

Coconut Oil Hand Soap Q 

Dawn Laundry Detergent CC 

Deodorant Blocks R 

Down 'n Out O 

Heavy Duty Scatfat A 

Hey-Day Neutral Cleaner D 

Hospital Disinfectant- 
Deodorant P 

Kleer Glass Cleaner R 

Lemon Fresh Disinfectant P 

Liquid Live Micro Organisms 

Drain Wolves O 

Liquid Live Micro Organisms 

Grs. Monkeys O 

Liquid Live Micro Organisms 

Scavengers O 

Liquid Live Micro Organisms 

Sewer Rats O 

Lotion Soap Q 

MP Plus F 

Nitro-Kleen D 

Open-24 O 

Phosphate-Free Imprvd. B. L. 

C D 

Pink Magic D 

Power Kleen D 

Professional Hand Soap Q 

Ready For Use Hand Soap Q 

Spring Mint R 

Ster-Dyne P 

Super Mint P 

Super Soap Q 

Swash A 

Tri-Action Germ. Detergent D 

Wax Stripper A 

White Knight Toilet Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Winter-Mint P 

Bankle Supply Company 

Lem N Clean Q 

Banks Industries, Incorporated 

Action D 

B-50 Concentrate A 

Break Away A 

Cuts-It-Pius D 

Remove R 

Right-Off D 

Banner Chemical Corporation 

Cocoanut Oil Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Banner Systems, Inc. 

Banner Hand Cleaner W 

Banquet Foods Corporation 

Banquet Special A 

Banquet-BFC-45 P 

BFC-15 B 

BFC-17 B 

BFC-19 Alkaline Carbon 

Cleaner B 

BFC-20 Hvy-Dty Acid 

Detergent Clnr C 

BFC-23 Acid Spray Detergent. C 
BFC-24 Hvy-Dty Acd Dtrgnt 

Cncnt CI C 

BFC-27 C. I. P. Acid Cleaner ...C 
BFC-40 CLP. Liq. Caustic 

Clnr B 

BFC-50 Granular Laundry 

Detergent CC 

BFC-6 Alkaline Foam Additive A 
BFC-6 Concentrate Foam 

Additive A 

BFC-60 Feather Softening 

Compound L 

Caustic Cleaner BFC-18 B 

Chlor Prssr Sp. Equip Dtrgnt 

BFC-5 A 

Chlor. Alkln Vat & Ppln CI. 

BFC-15A B 


Concrete Floor Cleaner BFC- 


Concrete Floor Cleaner BFC- 

26 R 

Fast Actng Swr & Drn Opnr 


General Prps Manual Clnr 

BFC-1 A 

General Prps Manual Clnr 

BFC-2 A 

Gr. Atmtc Mch Dshwshng Cmp 

BFC-8 A 

Gr. Clr Atmtc Ma Dsh. Cmp 

BFC-8-C A 

Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner 

BFC-3 .... A 

Hy Pressure Spray Detergent 

BFC-9 A 

Liq. Chlorine Brng Disf. & 

Germ. BFC-12 G 

Liq. Iodine Bearng Det/Santzr 

BFC-13 C.G 

Liquid Detergent BFC-4 A 

Powdered Toilet Bowl Clnr 

BFC-46 P 

Scouring Cleanser BFC-30 E 

Sol. Chlor. Brg Pwdr Dis & 

Germ BFC-14 F 

Spcl Alkali Vat & Insert CI. 

BFC-16 B 

Spcl Sewer & Drain Opnr 


Sulfamic Acid Descaler BFC- 

21 C 

Barclay Chemical Company, Inc. 

Air Con AX N 

Air Con BX N 

Air Con LN N 

Air Con LS N 

Air Con LS 220 N 

Air Con LS 330 N 

Air Con 414 N 

Algeacide CR N 

Alka Sperse M 

Bar Kern No. 4 M 

Bar-Kern No. 3 M 

Caustic Soda M 

Dispersall LT N 

Kern Coll C M 

Kern Coll M M 

Kern Coll MS M 

Kem-X M 

Kem-X-E M 

N S Powder M 

Oxogon M 

Volamine M 

Volamine RL-2 M 

Volamine SDP N 

Barco Chemicals Division, Inc. 

Act 10 D 

Airofresh R 

Attack T 

B 776 BB 

B. C. Concentrate D 

B. C. Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorizer P 

Bar Gleem R 

Delight D 

Dooms-Day S 

Easy-Go BB 

Elektrol BB 

Enzact Universal Enzymes O 

Epog Steam Cleaner 

Compound A 

Exo-Therm O 

Germxseptic F 

Maxim D 

No. 103 Garbo-Dis R 

Perm-A-Sect Residual Spray T 

Perm-A-Sect Residual Type 

Insectcd T 

Pink Antiseptic Lotion Hand 

Soap Q 

Power Pack O 

Quatcrgent F 

Royale Ceramic XZT C 

Sparklize R 

Steri-Lube AA 

Teflex BB 

Zippo Concentrate D 

20/20 Glass Cleaner R 

Barco Supply Company 

Liquid Snake O 

Super Dazzle CC 

Super Speed Spray A 

Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation 

Bardahl Food Machinery 

Grease A A 

Extra Purpose Aluminum 

Complex Grease BB 

Bardan Industrial Chem Corp. 

Formula #BD-707 D 

Bardon Industries, Inc. 

Bardon I Concentrate R 

Spray-Foam A 

Barid Industries 

Hard Hat Cleaner A 

Barlyn Chemicals 

Action-Liquid Skin Cleaner & 

Conditioner Q 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Antiseptic Liquid Hand Soap....Q 
Antiseptic Liquid Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Bar-lo-cide Formula PR-14 F 

Bar-Lo-Cide Formula C-26 F 

Bar-Lo-Cide Formula 1-32 G 

Bar-Lo-Cide Fortified Pine 

Odor Disinf R 

Bar-Lo-Cide Pine Odor 

Disinfectant R 

Bar-Lo-Cide Pine Oil 

Disinfectant R 

Chicken Scald L 

Deoxidizing Chemical Cleaner. .C 

Duo Fog ..S 

Greaseless Conveyor L intBB 

Great Scott Butyl Clear D 

GC Foam Cleaner A 

Industrial Formula Skin & 

Body Cleaner Q 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Lo Foam-A-Vac Cleaner D 

Lotion Antiseptic Hand 

Cleaner Q 

Neutral Cleaner D 

Odor and Grease Control R 

Perform Foaming Cleaner A 

Power Cleaner D 

Power Plus D 

Quarry Tile Cleaner D 

Scum Remover A 

Space Age Degreaser D 

Sparkle Liquid Hand Dish 

Wash A 

Special Lube D BB 

Special Pink Cleaner A 

Steam Cleaner A 

Strike Degreaser/Cleaner A 

Strip-It D 

Supreme Stripper D 

Supreme Wax & Floor Finish 
Stripper D 

Baroid Division/ NL Industries, Inc. 

Barochem-AF452 N 

Barochem-AF454 N 

Barochem-BW480 N 

Barochem-BW482 N 

Barochem BW484 M 

Barochem-BW485 M 

Barochem-BW486 M 

Barochem-B460 N 

Barochem-B464 N 

Barochem-CS438 Z 

Barochem-C394 N 

Barochem-C448 N 

Barochem-C510 N 

Barochem-P432 N 

Barochem-R456 N 

Barochem-R475 M 

8arochem-S257 M 

Barochem-S31 M 

Barochem-S458 M 

Barrett Chemical Company 

All Purpose Detergent A 

ACL-2 A 

B. O. C A 

Barrett's B-S-S Silicone Spray. .BB 
Barrett's Disinfectant Cleaner 

No. 11 F 

Barrett's Disinfectant Cleaner 

No. 12 F 

Barrett's Disinfectant Cleaner 

No. 14 D 

Barrett's EX-50 C 

Barrett's Pink Dishwash A 

Barrett's R-3500 C 

Barrett's S.A.S C 

Barrett's Solvall D 

CP-8773 A 

Essee A 

Liquid Drain Opener & 

Maintainer O 

Multifix BB 

No. 3 Cleaner Concentrate D 

RSC-75 A 

Soap, Hand, Liquid Q 

Stride D 

SC-1 A 

Tile & Grout Cleaner P 

Barrier Chemicals, Incorporated 

Barcrobe F 

Blue Pearl Synthetic Detergent. A 

Glass Kare R 

Klean-AU Multi Purpose Foam 

Cleaner R 

Relkem O A 

Barrier Industries Inc. 

Free'NClear D 

Fresh N'Clean D 

Muscle Strip R 

Relkem '99' D 

Slash D 

Super Barcrobe F 

Top-Notch Cream Cleanser R 

Wildcat D 

Barrier Midwest Chemicals, Inc. 

Bar-Foam All Surface Cleaner..A 

Barth, T. & Traum Co. 

Cleaner/Degreaser A 


Bartok Industries, Inc. 

500-SX D 

Barton Chemical Corporation 

Chloro-San F 

Basic Chemicals, Incorporated 

De-Greese D 

E-Z Strip D 

Glass Class R 

Paladis F 

Phase-10 D 

Sanitate F 

White Bowl P 

X-1002-5 A 

Basso Chemicals, Incorporated 

Sure Clean 121 B 

Sure Clean 141 C 

Sure Clean 170 B 

Bauer, J. G., Inc./ Bauer Chemical 

Wash Away A 

Baver Custodial Supply & Consulting 

Duro Blue Label A 

Duro Germicidal Cleaner G 

Baxter Manufacturing Company 

Compound #22 L 

Special Compound #10 A 

Super Compound #8 A,H 

Bay Chemical Products Company 

AC-l C 

AC-4 C 

Bay Active A 

Bay Klor A 

Bay SD A 

Bay 603 B 

Bay 607 B 

Bay 804 B 

Bay 806 A 

Foamer A 

George SP-I. A 


Stcam-Det A 

Bay Supply & Chemical Co., Inc. 

Bay C-D-Q F 

Baylor Chemical Company 

Ammo Strip R 

Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Bayside Chemical Labs., Inc. 

Super-Sol A 

Beach Associates 



Big Fyte P 

Blue Glass Cleaner R 

C.I.K. Roach'n Ant Killer T 

Decrust C 

Dirge S 

Evcnflo BB 

Gosh W 

Hy-Od-Abate R 

Hy-Tef BB 

Hydene D 

Hysilan Barrier Creme W 

HP-673 M 

HP-88 Sewer Solvent O 

Liqui-Klenz P 

Mintene Disinfectant P 

Mr. W. C P 

New Super Smooth (Aerosol).. .W 

Pow O 

S-T-Bane S 

Slam Bang B 

Spoox Residual Roach Liquid. ..T 

Sprease BB 

Strip-Ex B 

Super S 

Swinger Germicidal Detergent. .D 

Teffy B 

Transmit R 

Wint Mint R 

15% Coco Opal Lemon Hand 

Soap Q 

6209 Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Beam Chemical Company, Inc. 

BVC Beam Vat Cleaner C 

BVC Heavy Duty Vat Cleaner C 
Oven, Grill & Stainless Steel 
Clnr A 

Beam Supply, Incorporated 

Antiseptic Lotion Soap Q 

Safe-T-Walk MM 

Bear Chemical, Incorporated 



BC-17 D 

BC-206 A 

BC-50 O 

BC-60 R 

BC-65 U 

BC-66 T 

Bear Paw Company, The 

Adjunct OSS M 

Boiler Chmcl Liq Org Colloid 

A-00 M 

Boiler Chmcl Liq Org Colloid 

A-01 M 

Boiler Chmcl Liq Org Colloid 

A-02 M 

Boiler Chmcl Liq Org Colloid 

A-05 M 

Boiler Chmcl Liq Org Colloid 

Q-00 M 

Boiler Chmcl Liq Org Colloid 

Q-01 M 

Boiler Chmcl Liq Org Colloid 

Q-02 M 

Boiler Chmcl Liq Org Colloid 

Q-05 M 

Boiler Water Treatment WSL- 

L M 

Boiler Water Treatment 900-G..M 
Boiler Water Treatment 900-Q..M 
Boiler Water Treatment 900-S ..M 
Steam Line Treatment SLT-A ..M 
Steam Line Treatment SLT-C ..M 
Steam Line Treatment SLT-M..M 

Beatrice Foods Company 

Bcat-A-Cide G 

Bottle Wash-HTST B 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

Liq Chloring Bearing Disinf & 

Germicide G 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Milkstone Remover No. 33 C 

No. 75 Liquid Cleaner A 

Rudolph Floor Cleaner D 

Rudolph General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Spray Cleaner B 

White Mountain A.P.C A 

White Mountain All-San G 

White Mountain Conveyor 

Lube BB 

White Mountain EXP Cleaner ..A 

White Mountain Hi Chlor A 

White Mountain Liquid C.I.P....A 

Beaulieu Chemical Company 

B-San G 

Blu-Chlor F 

Blu-Pearl A 

BC-255 B 

BC-535 C 

Formula BC-2I!0 Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

Low Count A 

Twink D 

Vertex A 

Wiz R 

3"N 1 F 

Beaver Chemical Company, Inc. 

A-108 M 

A-108-5 M 

A-1082 M 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

B C Chlor G 

B-C Concentrate D 

Beaver Aluminum Safe Hot 

Tank Compound A 

Beaver B-100 Floor Cleaner R 

Beaver Chain Liquid Lube 

Soap BB 

Beaver Concrete Cleaner R 

Beaver Kleerview Glass 

Cleaner R 

Beaver Paint Safe (Med. Dty) 

Stm. Comp R 

Beaver San F 

Beaver Sudzy AU Purp. 

Detergent A 

Bottle Wash Compound B 

C-100 Corrosion Control N 

Can Cleaner No. 2 A 

Chain Lube #1 BB 

Chain Lube 3X BB 

Chlor-Bactericide Disinf ectant.F.K 

Con-Tac B 

D-Scaler C 

Dry Bleach CC 

DO-1 M 

Egg Stain Remover I 

Egg Wash #1 H 

Egg Wash #2 H 

Flor-Clean R 

Foam Booster A 

Fore Concentrate D 

Formula-C M 

Formula-K N 

Heavy Duty Compound R 

Heavy Duty Liquid Compound. A 

Heavy-Chlor A 

Iocide F,JJ 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Lime Scale Remover C 

Liquid Soap Q 

Liquid Soap 20% Q 

Marvel A 

Marvel Concentrated Liq. 

Detergent A 

Mill Spray S 

Nu-Jon P 

P. L. Cleaner A 

Porcelain and Tile Cleaner C 

Power-Lav R 

Rodinc 92-A N 

Rust Remover C 

San-Q F 


Sani-Bac F.K 

Sano F 

Scale-Clean C 

Score A 

Speedy D 

Steam-Lav R 

Super Duper A 

Super Steam Heavy Duty 

Steam Compound R 

Tank-Chlor A 

Ultra C 

Velva Suds D 

600 Pineol R 

Beaver Research Company 

'Kleen-Up' A 

Beaver Silicone Spray AA 

Beaver Sales & Service, Inc. 

Bevercide Odorless 

Disinfectant G 

Butch Beaver A 

Misty Beaver D 

Sudsey Beaver A 

Beck Dairy Supply Company 

Acidisol C 

B Brite #2 B 

Cir Lac C 

Clor VL B 

CWC #2 A 

Nu Brite B 


Super Gleam A 

Beck, A. C. Chemical Div. See 
Anderson Chemical Company 

Beet Chemical Co., Inc. 

Chemical Cleaner C 

Heavy-Duty A 

Plus A 

Steam Cleaner A 

Super R 

Bee-Kim Co., Inc. 

Super Power A 

Beehive Machinery, Incorporated 

Deboner Cleaner B 

Deboner Cleaner B71372 B 

Behnke Lubricants, Incorporated 

Jax Magna Plate 36-1 AA 

Jax Magna Plate 36-2 AA 

Jax Magna-Plate 100 BB 

Jax Magna-Plate 1100 BB 

Jax Magna-Plate 140 BB 

Jax Magna-Plate 200 BB 

Jax Magna Plate 33 AA 

Jax Magna-Plate 400 BB 

Jax Magna-Plate 42 BB 

Jax Magna-Plate 6-H BB 

Jax Magna-Plate 600 BB 

Jax Magna-Plate 74 AA 

Jax Magna-Plate 8 AA 

Jax Magna-Plate 8-00 AA 

Jax Magna-Plate 90 BB 

Jax MP Gear Oil GL-5 SAE 

140 w/Paratac BB 

Jax MP Gear Oil GL-5 SAE 90 

w/Paratac BB 

Bel-Ray Company, Incorporated 

Amber Grease BB 

BR Divider Oil No. 169 AA 

Bakcrylube BB 

Bakcrylube Regular BB 

Bakerylube 200 BB 

Bakerylube 260 BB 

Bakerylube 400 BB 

Bel Ray Compuvac Oil SAE 30 BB 
Bel-Ray Compuvac Oil SAE 40 BB 

Bel-Ray No-Tox Oil 1600 AA 

Bel-Ray No-Tox Oil 900 AA 

Bel-Ray SM-500 Lubricant BB 

Bel-Ray 500 No-Tox Oil AA 

Belco 800 Grease BB 

Belco 801 Grease BB 

Belco 802 Grease BB 

Molylube 6 in 1 Fluid BB 

No-Tox Grease A A 

No-Tox Grease AA-1 AA 

No-Tox Oil AA 

Raylene EP Hydraulic Oil 10. ...BB 
Raylene EP Hydraulic Oil 20. ...BB 
Raylene EP Hydraulic Oil 30. ...BB 

Raylene EP Oil No. 1 BB 

Raylene EP Oil No. 140 BB 

Raylene EP Oil No. 2 BB 

Raylene EP Oil No. 3 BB 

Raylene EP Oil No. 4 BB 

Raylene EP Oil No. 5 BB 

Termalene 87 Grease BB 

Belk Chemical & Industrial Supplies 

Anti-Crawl Residual InsecticideT 

Bacti F 

Big Dog Concrete Cleaner D 

Chemial & Maint. Supplies 

Glass Clnr R 

Dynamo Detergent A 

Grime Scat A 

Iodo-175 Concentrated Iodine. ..G 
Liq. Steam Clnr. All Purp. Hvy 

Dty B 

Liquid Hand Soap 15 Q 

Multi-Blue A 

Orange Bact. Germ. Clnr. 

Hosp Formula R 

Panacea S 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5....R 

Pink Cleaner D 

Pink Satin Hand Soap Q 

Steam Clng Comp. All Purp. 

Hvy Dty B 

Wax Scat A 

X-150 Chlorinated Mach. 

Dishwash A 

Bell Chemical & Fastener 

Bell Heavy Duty Steam 

Cleaning Cmpd B 

Work-Horse D 

19 All Purpose Cleaner D 

Bell Chemical Company 

Belco Bell-Chlor G 

Belco Bell-Solve D 

Belco Black No. 5 R 

Belco Blast Grease & Oil 

Remover A.O 

Belco Bole Gleem P 

Belco Bug-Dize #839-38 T 

Belco G-P Concentrate 

Insecticide S 

Belco Grime-Off B 

Belco Kreme Klenzer E 

Belco Lgntng Drain & Pipe 

Opener O 

Belco Mag Rust & Scale 

Remover C 

Belco Magic Mist Silicone 

Lubricant A A 

Belco Malat #839-24 T 

Belco None Better Q 

Belco Nu-Life A 

Belco Quat 42 F 

Belco Quik A 

Belco S-A-S-S Scale Remover. N 

Belco Steri-Clene P 

Belco Vapo-Cide #839-47 T 

Belco W-S-l Indtrl Scale 

Remover N 

Belco 25% DDT W.E. #839-20 .T 
Belco 40% Chlordane W.E. 

#839-23 T 

Staph-I-Cide-20 R 

Staph-I-Cide-30 R 

Bell Chemical, Inc. 

Bell Acid II C 

Chloro-Sheen A 

Komplete A 

Liqui-Kleen A 

Supreme B 

Bell Company, Incorporated 

Abrasive Detergent E 

Acid Vat Clnr & Descaler No. 

300 C 

Bells Athletic Soap 15 Q 

Big B A 

Big Dog Concrete Cleaner D 

Blue Flame Extra Hvy Dty 

Sewer Sol O 

Check-Mate D 

Coil-X A 

Cotton Picker Spindle Clnr & 

Lubrct A 

Deep Chlor G 

Delux Machine Dishwashing 

Comp A 

E-Z Foam All Purpose Cleaner.R 

E-Z Grout C 

Egg Wash H 

Extra Hvy Dty Concrete 

Cleaner ...D 

Golden Gator Concrete CleanerR 
Hvy Dty Det & Neutrlzr & Vat 

CI. No. 400 A 

Iodo-175 G 

Kwik Foam A 

Liquid Hand Soap 15 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 20 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 40 Q 

Liquid Smoke House Clnr 

Formula II A 

Milkstone Remover C 

No. 200 Smoke House Cleaner. B 

No. 500 Tripe Cleaner Y 

No. 600 Hog Scald X 

No. 80 Space Spray S 

Orange Bact. Germ. Clnr. 

Hosp. Formula R 

Oven Gard Oven Protector AA 

P.D. Concentrate D 

Pine Odor Disinf. Phenol Fort. 

Coef. 5 R 

Pine Oil Disinf. Form.-B Coef. 

5 R 

Pink Cleaner D 

Premium Fly & Roach Spray ....S 

Skin Shield Cream W 

Slick Silicone Spray AA 

Sparkle Glass Cleaner R 

Steam Cleaning Compound B 

Super - B' A 

Super Enzymes for Sewerage 

Systems O 

Sure Clean Shampoo A 

SX-11 C 

Tef-Tapc BB 

Treatrite 300 N 

TFE Fluorocarbon Lubricant.. ..BB 
Wax Scat A 


X-150 Chlorinated Machine 
Dishwash A 

1000 Plus O 

1000 Plus Drain Pipe Opener ....O 

1000 Plus Hvy Dty Sewer 
Solvent O 

360 Pot & Pan Cleaner C 

Bell Laboratories, Inc. 

•Raze' U 

'Rodent Cake" U 

Dispose R 

Final Rat And Mouse Bait U 

P.C.Q. Rat And Mouse Bait U 

ZP Rodent Bait U 

ZP Tracking Powder U 

Bell Maintenance Products Co. 

#108 Big Red A 

#112 Coconut Oil Hand Soap...Q 
#124 Pink Lotion Dish 

Detergent A 

Pink Lotion Hand Soap #125 ...Q 
106 Blue Cleaner D 

Bell Products Corporation 

All Purpose Cleaner 350 D 

Bell Insect - 100 319 S 

Bell Quat 335 D 

H.D. Concrete Remover 308 C 

Neutral Clean 327 D 

Oxidation-X 332 C 

Power-Wash 343 A 

Pure Food Grease 210 AA 

Soap Scum Remover 340 D 

Steam Cleaner 344 D 

Ultra Clean 309 D 

201 H.D. Drain Opener O 

Bell Supply, Incorporated 

Big Dog Concrete Cleaner D 

Factopet STC AA 

Beltraction Co. 

Food Safe Lubricant AA 

Food Safe Silicone Lubricant ...AA 

Ben's Sanitary Supply 

Bensan Heavy Duty 
Cleaner/Degreaser D 

Benlo Chemicals, Inc. 

Cleaner No. 24 B 

Penetrant A 

Benson & Zimmerman Company 

B & Z Hot Tank H D B 

B & Z Medium L D 

B & Z Powdered Full B 

B & Z Powdered Medium A 

Benz Oil, Incorporated 

Food Machinery Grease AA 

Berkel, Incorporated 

Berkel Food Machine Grease ...AA 
Berkel Food Machine Oil AA 

Berman Chemical Company 

Terminate F 

Bernhardt Bros., Incorporated 

P. O. W D 

Besco Chemical Company 

Cleaner No. -100 A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Besco Corporation, The 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Glass Cleaner R 

No. 25 Insect Spray S 

Silicone Spray A A 

Skin Shield Cream W 

Solv #500 A 

Spray and Wipe All Purpose 

Clnr R 

Triple-Play F 

Besst Chemical Corporation 

Besst 101 M 

Besst 101 S M 

Besst 103 M 

Besst 103 S M 

Besst 105 S M 

Besst 106 M 

Besst 107 M 

Besst 108 M 

Besst 112 M 

Besst 124 M 

Besst 125 N 

Besst 126 S M 

Besst 202 N 

Best Chemical Products Company 

Wax Stripper&Degreaser 

Product FC-61 D 

Best Janitorial & Chemical Company 

Best 2816 Cleaner B 

Best 7687 Cleaner B 

Best Maintenance Supply Co. 

All Off Multi Purpose Cleaner. A 

Best Auto-Scrub Compound A 

Best Heavy Duty Insecticide ....T 

Best Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Bowlite P 

Britc-Bak C 

Bulldog Cleaner B 

Deluxe #5 Dishwashing 

Compound A 

DC-7 F 

E-Z Concrete Floor Etch C 

Esteem Cleaner A 


Len-O-Lite D 

N B 711 Non Butyl A 

New Besticide F 

New DC-6 Disinfecting CleanerP 

Open Ses'ame O 

Qwik-Off A 

Rapyd Cncntrt Indstrl 

Clnr A 

Scale Solvent C 

Speed Clean A 

Super Bowl P 

Thoro-Kleen D 

Bestgo Chemical Company 

Super Concentrated Cleaner 
7153 D 

Bestline Products, Incorporated 

B-7 Laundry Compound A,CC 

B-70 Laundry Compound A.H.CC 

Liquid Concentrate D 

Zif D 

Betco Corporation 

'Spray Foam' A 

Acid Cleaner C 

Betco Cncntrt All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Betco Mint Disinfectant R 

Betco Pine Odor Disinfectant ...R 

Betco 88 F 

Betsy Mild Toilet Bowl 

Cleanse R 

Bol Maid P 

Deep Blue Window Glass 

Cleaner R 

Kling Bowl & Porcelain 

Cleaner P 

Liquid Chisel A 

Molly All Purpose Bathroom 

Clnr P 

Mud-Go O 

New 'Spray Foam' D 

Pull p 

Push Liquid Drain Opener O 

Steam Cleaner A 

Super Re mite D 

Tilly A 

Yale Concentrated Cleaner A 

Bettcher Industries, Inc. 

Whizard Special Lubricant AA 

Better Living Products Inc. 

Brite Life Laundry Compound .CC 
Z-ll D 

Better Water Inc. 

SC-200 M 

Betterbilt Chemicals 

AP-23 Concentrate D 

Betterbilt Basic Concentrate A 

Clean-Line O 

Kwick Kleen HD D 

Kwick Kleen M A 


Odor-Control R 

P. W. C A 

Red Devil D 

Red Devil R.D.X R 

Sparkle-Brite A 

Bettman, H. & Co., Inc. 

80 D White Oil AA 

Betz Entec, Incorporated 

Betz Entec 310 N 

Betz Entec 311 N 

Betz Entec 312 N 

Betz Entec 313 N,Z 

Betz Entec 314 N.Z 

Betz Entec 316 N.Z 

Betz Entec 318 M,Z 

Betz Entec 320 N 

Betz Entec 322 N 

Betz Entec 323 N 

Betz Entec 327 Z 

Betz Entec 3307 N 

Betz Entec 332 N.Z 

Betz Entec 3330 N 

Betz Entec 334 N 

Betz Entec 335 Z 

Betz Entec 3382 N 

Betz Entec 3384 N 

Betz Entec 3385 N 

Betz Entec 3386 N 

Betz Entec 3395 N 

Betz Entec 340 N 

Betz Entec 341 N 

Betz Entec 342 N 

Betz Entec 343 N 

Betz Entec 345 N 

Betz Entec 346 N 

Betz Entec 369 N 

Betz Entec 370 M 

Betz Entec 371 N 

Betz Entec 382 N 


Betz Entec 442 N 

Betz Entec 4~0! M 

Betz Entec 4704 M 

Betz Entec 4790 M 

Betz Entec 600 O.Z 

Betz Entec 610 Z 

Betz Entec 620 Z 

Betz Entec 622 Z 

Betz Entec 6601 N 

Betz Entec 6602 N 

Betz Entec 700 M 

Betz Entec 701 M 

Betz Entec 702 M 

Betz Entec 712 M 

Betz Entec 713 M 

Betz Entec 714 M 

Betz Entec 716 M 

Betz Entec 720 M.Z 

Betz Entec 721 M.Z 

Betz Entec 722 M 

Betz Entec 723 M 

Betz Entec 724 M 

Betz Entec 725 M.Z 

Betz Entec 726 M.Z 

Betz Entec 729 M 

Betz Entec 734 M 

Betz Entec 740 M 

Betz Entec 741 M 

Betz Entec 742 M 

Betz Entec 743 N 

Betz Entec 750 N 

Betz Entec 751 N 

Betz Entec 770 M 

Betz Enlec 773 M 

Betz Entec 781 M 

Betz Entec 783 M 

Betz Entec 785 M 

Betz Entec 873 M 

Betz Laboratories, Incorporated 

A-Gcl F460E-FJD M 

A-Gel F67EZ-AN-2 M 

A-Gel F670E-FCH M 

A-Gel F7-BEZ-HB2 M 

A-Gel F7BZ-K4 M 

A-Gel F7EHZ-EM-4 M 

A-Gel F70EZ-FM-1 M 

A-Gel 460BE-EBDG M 

A-Gel 460E-CFK M 

A-Gel 460E-DFG M 

A-Gel 670E-BFG M 

A-Gel 670E-JBH M 

A-Gel 670EZ-ACP-2 M 

A-Gel 7BK M 

A-Gel 70EHZ-HFD-4 M 

A-Gel 9EZ-N-2 M 

Actophos M 

Adjunct FOE-U M 

Adjunct F40E-BS M 

Adjunct F460E-GCE M 

Adjunct F6B-K M 

Adjunct F60E-DP M 

Adjunct F67E-PC M 

Adjunct F670BE-CCLB M 

Adjunct F7BE-HF M 

Adjunct F7E-M M 

Adjunct F7V M 

Adjunct F70BE-ECC M 

Adjunct F70E-RB M 

Adjunct OE-T M 

Adjunct OE-U M 

Adjunct 3-V M 

Adjunct 4E J M 

Adjunct 4V M 

Adjunct 40BE-HDG M 

Adjunct 40E-CM M 

Adjunct 40E-DP M 

Adjunct 40E-GC M 

Adjunct 40G M 

Adjunct 46BE-JHB M 

Adjunct 46E-JK M 

Adjunct 460B-CHH M 

Adjunct 460B-HBG M 

Adjunct 460BE-ECJB M 

Adjunct 460E-BBQ M 

Adjunct 460E-EJE M 

Adjunct 6V M 

Adjunct 670B-EEE M 

Adjunct 670B-FDE M 

Adjunct 670BE-KCEA M 

Adjunct ^OBF. LCD M 

Adjunct 70E-GG M 

Adjunct 70E-NE M 


Betz C-5 N 

Bet/ C-5P N 

Betz DE-427 N 

Betz DE-428 N 

Betz DE-696P Z 

Betz 35A Z 

Betz 376 M 

Betz 377 M 

Betz 378 M 

Betz 403 N 

Betz 405 N 

Belz 407 N 

Betz 426 t N 

Betz 431 N,Z 

Betz 55B M 

Bio-Cor BC-1 N 

Boiler Water Treat. WWP-62....M 

Carbo-TroU GV N 

Chelant C-60 COEHZ-MAD-4 . M 
Chelant C-60 COEJZ-MAD-4. ...M 
Chelant C-60 C08EJZ JACE-2 M 
Chelant C-60 Formula 


Chelant CL-1 M 

Chelant CL-2 M 

Chelant FC7EZ-JE-1 M 

Chelant N-70 FNEJZ-PD-4 M 

Deposit Control 407C N 

Deposit Control 409 N 

Deposit Control 419 N 

Deposit Control 429 N 

Deposit Control 430 N 

Deposit Control 432 N 

Deposit Control 440 N 

Deposit Control 453 N 

Deposit Control 481 N 

Dianodic 116 N 

Dianodic 122 N 

Domestex 377 Z 

Domestex 379 Z 

Domestex 380 Z 

Ferrosperse M 

Foam-Trol LW N 

Foam-Trol 129B N.Z 

Foam-Trol 144C N 

Foam-Trol 300-85L N 

Foam-Trol 300-9 N 

Foam-Trol 74E N 

Hyzeen M 

Inhibitor YV M 

Inhibitor 266-B N 

Inhibitor 305 M 

Inhibitor 470 N 

Inhibitor 545 N 

Inhibitor 546M N 

Inhibitor 562 N 

Inhibitor 590 N 

Inhibitor 65 N.Z 

K-Gel X-20 ~ M 

K Gel X-40 M 

K-Gel X-50 M 

K-Gel X-67AE M 

K-Gel X 67BE M 

K-Gel X-77 M 

K-Gel 20 M 

K-Gel 77 M 

Liqui-Treat AL-1237 M 

Liqui-Treat AL-1300A M 

Liqui-Treat AL-1564 M 

Liqui-Treat AL-8583 M 

Liqui-Treat AL-956 M 

Liqui-Treat AL-981 M 

Liqui-Treat ASM-1237 M 

Liqui-Treat ASM-1591 M 

Liqui-Treat ASM-325 M 

Liqui-Treat ASM-531 M 

Liqui-Treat ASM-942 M 

Liqui-Treat CL-1038 M 

Liqui-Treat CL-1946 M 

Liqui-Treat CL-8377 M 

Liqui-Treat CL-8475 M 

Liqui-Treat CL-995 M 

Liqui-Treat FAL-1051 M 

Liqui-Treat FAL-1343 M 

Liqui-Treat FAL-201 9 M 

Liqui-Treat FAL-2133 M 

Liqui-Treat FAL-2166 M 

Liqui-Treat FAL-366D M 

Liqui-Treat FAL-531 M 

Liqui-Treat FAL-800 M 

Liqui-Treat FASM-1051 M 

Liqui-Treat FASM-1 099 M 

Liqui-Treat FCL-1039 M 

Liqui-Treat FCL-1 159 M 

Liqui-Treat FCL-1430 M 

Liqui-Treat FCL-1684A M 

Liqui-Treat FCL-1954 M 

Liqui-Treat FCL-2105 M 

Liqui-Treat FCL-2122A M 

Liqui-Treat FCL-2173 M 

Liqui-Treat FCL-248A M 

Liqui-Treat SM-1577 A M 

Neutrafilm 463 N 

Neutrameen NA-3 M 

Neutrameen NA-4 M 

Neutrameen NA-9 M 

Octameen M 

Orocol 16 N 

Orocol206-F N.Z 

Orocol 384 M 

Orocol 68 M 

Orocol 68-B M 

Orocol 807 Z 

Permacol M 

Permacol 100 M 

Permacol 110 M 

Poly-Floe 3 0.Z 

Poly-Sperse 100 M 

Poly-Sperse 200 M 

Poly-Sperse 300 M 

Poly-Sperse 400 M 

Polymer 1100 M.O 

Polymer HOOP Z 

Polymer 1110 

Polymer 1 1 10P Z 

Polymer 1115L O 

Polymer 1115LP Z 

Polymer 1 120 

Polymer 1120P Z 

Polymer 1125L O 

Polymer 1130P Z 

Polymer 1150P Z 

Polymer 1160 

Polymer 1160P Z 

Polymer 1170 

Polymer 1175 

Polymer 1180 

Polymer 1185 

Polymer 1190 0.Z 

Polynodic 601 N 

1'olynodic 602 N 

Polynodic 603 N 

Polynodic 604 N 


Polynodic 605 N 

Polynodic 606 N 

Polynodic 607 N 

Polynodic 608 N 

Polynodic 613 N 

Polynodic 614 N 

Polynodic 615 N 

Polynodic 616 N 

Polynodic 617 N 

Polynodic 618 N 

Polynodic 619 N 

Polynodic 620 N 

Polynodic 621 N 

Polynodic 622 N 

Polynodic 631 N 

Polynodic 632 N 

Polynodic 633 N 

Polynodic 634 N 

Polynodic 636 N 

Polynodic 637 N 

Polynodic 638 N 

Polynodic 639 N 

Pre-Film 106 N 

Pre-Film 108L N 

Pre-Film 807 N 

Prekleen 346 A 

Slimicide A-9 N 

Slimicide B-7 N 

Slimicide C-30 N 

Slimicide C-38 N 

Slimicide C-7 N 

Slimicide DE-364 N 

Slimicide J-12 N 

Slimicide J-9 N 

Slimicide 242 N 

Slimicide 508 N 

Bi-Chem Industries, Inc. 

All Purpose D 

Bi-O-Solv Concentrate R 

Clean-Out O 

Contact Concentrate T 

Grime Buster A 

Hand Dandy W 

Hot Stuff O 

Hot-Shot O 

Mixer A 

Odor-Go R 

Ox-Clean C 

Strip It R 

Trizyme O 

Bi-Chem, Inc. 

Ammo All Purpose Cleaner 

Ammoniated R 

APC-101 D 

Bi-Cide S 

Bi-Dry Dry Lubricant BB 

Bi-Lubc BB 

Bi-Pine R 

Boiler Treat-1 M 

Control-B T 

Down & Out O 

Ez-Klean C 

Formula 15 S 

FW-24 D 

LWG White Grease BB 

Mclty Ice Melt R 

Mighty Klean C 

Mr. Slick Silicone Lubricant 

Spray A A 

MG 69 BB 

Nu-View Glass Cleaner R 

Piney R 

Protector Guard Barrier Cream W 

QDC-27 F 

R.I.S. Residual Insecticide T 

Scat A 

Scrub-A-Dub Bath & Tile 

Cleaner P 

Steam Treat-2 M 

Tower All NC N 

TreataU-3 N 

Triple- Action R 

Bidall Corp. 

Foaming Cleaner R 

Lemon Air Sanitizer R 

Open Gear Lube BB 

Penetrating Oil BB 

Silicone Lubricant AA 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

Big Dutchman Division of IS. 
Industries, Inc. 

Big Dutchman Liq. Waste 

Control O 

Big Dutchman Odor Control R 

Big F Insecticides, Inc. 

Baytox Residual Insecticide T 

F-Super Fogging Compound S 

F-350 Fogging Compound S 

F-400 Fogging Compound S 

Bil Chemical Company 

Code 298 Smokehouse Cleaner. B 

Code 300 Vegetable Wash V 

Code 424 All Purpose Cleaner. .A 

Binzel Products, Inc. 

Cychlorn A 

Infallible A 

Lime King C 

NSS Scrub Soap A 

Pan O Ram Liquid Detergent. ...A 
Spray-N-CIean Liquid 

Detergent A 

Sure Clean Concrete Cleaner. ...R 
Ver-Sa-Tal A 

Bio Chem Laboratories 

AG Kleen A 


BC-10 Super Base Concentrate. D 

BC-20 D 

BC-4 A 

BC-40 Pot and Pan Cleaner A 

BC-5 Hand Soap Q 

Caress A 

Cut A 

Cut Germicidal F 

De-Carb A 

Drudge A 

Garage & Shop A 

H Plus Liquid Drain Opener O 

HY-Foam A 

Lime Gone R 

MSQ-10% G 


Ocean Power D 

S.O.C A 

San-Tize G 

Taskmaster D 

Tempest A 

Triple Threat F 

Velvet Touch CC 

X-Degreaser A 

Bio Chem Labs California 

BC-101 Hand Soap Q 

Grease Cut Sanitizer F 

Grease Release A 

San-A-Quat G 

Sprit R 

Bio Products Corporation 

GP-101 A 

Hazel's A 

Bio-Chem Industrial Supply 

HP-22 A 

Bio-Chemical, Inc. 

Bio -San F 

Bio-Cide Chemical Co., Inc. 

Oxine Z 

Purogene Z 

Bio-Lab, Incorporated 

Acid Cleaner Powder FY C 

Acid Cleaner PF Liquid C 

Anti-Foam B-50 A,HH 

Antifoam B A 

o-Dine Detergent-Germicide. F 

Five A 

Foam Q 

o-Guard ACP-50 C 

o-Guard AP-180 B 

o-Guard AP-181 D 

o-Guard Chiller Detergent B 

o-Guard CBQ-200 D,R 

o-Guard DBC H,K 

o-Guard DBC-A H 

o-Guard DCM Algicide N 

o-Guard DD-100 Disinfectant 

Detergent F 

o-Guard DD-200 Disinfectant F 

o-Guard E-300 R 

o-Guard FPD A 

o-Guard Golden Lotionizcd 

Liq Hnd Sp Q 

o-Guard GD-100 DisinfcctantF 

o-Guard GD-200 F 

o-Guard GMC General 

Maintenance CI D 

o-Guard Hypochlorite G 

o-Guard HDPC Liquid A 

o-Guard Kwik Strip C 

o-Guard L-15 Disinfectant D.R 

o-Guard L-38 Disinfectant R 

o-Guard L-7 Disinfectant D.R 

o-Guard L-76 R 

o-Guard Liquid Detergent A 

o-Guard LS-22 Lemon 

Scented Det. Dsnf D.R 

o-Guard LS-44 D.R 

o-Guard LSA-202 A 

o-Guard LSA-310 A 

o-Guard M-15 Disinfectant. ...R 
o-Guard M-38 Disinfectant. ...R 

o-Guard M-7 Disinfectant R 

o-Guard MF-22 Disinfectant. .R 
o-Guard MF-44 Disinfectant. .R 

o-Guard MK-245 A 

o-Guard P-13 Disinfectant R 

o-Guard P-350 B 

o-Guard P-6 Disinfectant R 

o-Guard Processor Detergent 

210 A 

o-Guard PC-280 A 

o-Guard PGT F 

o-Guard RD-10 G 

o-Guard S-10 Odorless 

Disinfectant F 

o-Guard Strip-Kleen C 

o-Guard SG-25 B 

o-Guard TCL Chlorine 

Sanitizer F 

o-Guard 200 Odorless 

Cleaner Sanitizer F 

o-Guard 2810 F 


Bio-Guard 601 Stripper Det. 

Sanitizer B 

Bio-Kleen BFC Floor Cleaner. D 
Bio-Kleen Chlr. Det. Sanitizer 

340 F.H.K 

Bio-Kleen DCD Acid Cleaner. ..C 
Bio-Kleen DSC Chlor. All 

Purp Clnr A 

Bio-KL-en DSC Non-Chlor AU 

Purp. CI A 

Bio-Kleen Steam Cleaner #100 B 

Bio-Kleen 560 A 

Bio-Lite Detergent A 

Bio-Quat 20 F 

Bio-Sec N-100 Fly & Mosquito 

Spray T 

Bio-Sec 170 S 

Bio-Sec 240 S 

Bio-Sheen Detergent A 

Bio-Shield CL-300 F,K 

Bio-Shield CL-600 F,K 

Bio-Shield RCL F,J 

Bio-Shield 2001 Prcssr Residual 

Sanitzr F 

Bio-Solv Drain Pipe Cleaner O 

Bio-Solv Sewer Solvent 100 

Bio-Solv Sewer Solvent 200 

Bio-Ten Concrete Cleaner D 

Bio-Twenty Concrete Cleaner. ..D 

Brewery Cleaner 'pH' 80 B 

Briteall C,I 

Conveyor Lube #5 A.BB 

Conveyor Lube STL A.BB 

CMC-General Cleaner A 

D-S Cleaner And Sanitizer F 

D-S Egg Chlorinated Cleaner. ...H 

D-S Liquid F 

Dacid C 

Desol A 

General Purpose Cleaner LBG A 

Guardall Iodine Disinfectant G 

Heavy Duty Cleaner HAC-20...B 
Heavy Duty Liquid Cleaner 

HAC-25 B 

Heavy Duty Liquid Cleaner 

HAC-48 B 

Liqui-Foam 100 A 

Liquid General Purpose 

Cleaner STL-5 A,BB 

Meek A 

Shackle Cleaner No. 55 A 

Silicone Y-2505 AA 

Bio-Serv Corporation 

Bio-Serv Diazinon - 41b 

Emulsifbl T 

Bio-Serv Diazinon - 41b Oil 

Solution T 

Bio-Serv Emulsifiable Spray 

Concentrate S 

Bio-Serv Oil Concentrate 1 S 

Bio-Serv Pyrethrin Spray 

Concentrate S 

Bio-Tek Industries, Incorporated 

•We-Care' Hospital 

Disinfectant R 

Anti-Sep Q 

Bactrol Iodophor Germicide G,FF,JJ,GG 

Bio-Dyne G 

Black Disinfectant (Phenol 

Coeficient 2) R 

Black Disinfectant (Phenol 

Coeficient 5) R 

Compound AF-H A 

Eggs-It Egg Shell Dissolver O 

Feather-Pik L 

Formula-7 S 

Glo-Brite P 

Handi-Kleen Powder A 

Handi-XL A 

Klear Out Drain Opener O 

Kleen Aid Disinfectant Foam 

Cleaner R 

Kleen-N-Brite Emulsion Bowl 

Clnr P 

Lemonee Concentrated 

Disinfectant P 

Lim-Germ P 

Lube-It BB 

Luster C 

Magnet Malathion Fly Bait T 

No-Tox S 

Odor Neuur Lime For Time 

Dispn. Units R 

Odorzene R 

Purge-It O 

Quatsan F,J 

Quick Kleen O 

Rid-It T 

Shelf-Life G 

Shelf-Life Concntrtd Liq. 

Santzr Germ J 

Tek Eze AA 

Tek EB-115 Egg Destainer I 

Tek EC-Ill Chlorinated Egg 

Wash H 

Tek EC-113 Non-Foaming Egg 

Wash H 

Tek ED-1 17 HH.L.V.X 

Tek ET-C121 Chlorinated Tray 

Wash A 

Tek ET-119 Tray Wash A 

Tek Lemon P 

Tek OS-30 Super Cone. Oil 

Sol. Insect T 

Tek Phene D 

Tek SF-2 Super Fog Insect 

Spray S 

Tek SH-8 Liquid Insect Spray ..S 
Tek SR 6 Residual Insect 

Spray T 

Tek W/E 5 Concntrtd Emlsfbl 

Insecticide T 

Tek Zyme O 

Tek 101 Hook and Trolley 

Cleaner B 

Tek 103 Tripe Cleaner Y 

Tek 105 Smokehouse Cleaner. ..B 

Tek 107 Shackle Cleaner B 

Tek 109 Hog Scald X 

Tek 123 General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Tek 125 Gen. Cleaner Hvy Dty 

Alkln A 

Tek 127 Acidic Cleaner C 

Tek 129 Retort Cleaner Z 

Tek 131 Can Rinse Z 

Tek 133 Gen. Purpose Chlor. 

Cleaner F 

Tek 135 Rust Stripper C 

Tek 137 Heavy Duty Acidic 

Cleaner C 

Tek 139 Scald Liq. Additive L.X 

Tek 139 Scald Liq. Additive L.X 

Tek 141 Odor Control R 

Tek 143 Malodor Controller R 

Tek 145 Odor Counteractant R 

Tek 147 Liq. Cone. H.D. 

Alkaline CI A 

Tek 149 Foam Additive A 

Tek 151 G.K.GG 

Tek 153 F,K 

Tek 155 F 

Tek 157 A 

Tek 159 A 

Tek 161 A,H 

Tek 163 A 

Tek 165 B,H 

Tek 167 HH 

Tek 169 A 

Tek 171 A 

Tek 173 A 

Tek 175 B 

Tek 177 B 

Tek 179 B 

Tek 181 B 

Tek 183 B 

Tek 185 A 

Tek 187 A 

Tek 189 B 

Tek 191 C 

Tek 193 C 

Tek 195 A 

Tek 197 C 

Tek 199 Z 

Tek 201 C 

Tek 203 C 

Tek 205 B 

Tek 207 A 

Tek 211 B 

Tek 213 B 

Tek 215 A 

Tek 217 A 

Tek 219 A 

Tek 221 A 

Tek 223 F 

Tek 225 

Tek 227 A 

Tek 229 BB 

Tek 233 X,Y 

Tek 235 B 

Tek 237 B 

Tek 239 Q 

Tek 241 F.J 

Tek 251 Odorless Concrete 

Cleaner D 

Tek 253 Heavy Duty Liquid 

Cleaner A 

Tek 255 M 

Tek 257 Low Foam Laundry 

Dtrgnt CC 

Tek 261 R 

Tek 265 Liquid Steam Cleaner..A 
Tek 267 Liquid Steam Cleaner. A 

Tek 269 Steam Cleaner A 

Tek 271 A 

Tek 273 Lime and Scale 

Remover C 

Tek 275 Unscented Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

Tek 277 Concentrate D 

Tek 281 A 

Tek 283 A 

Tek 285 A 

Tek 309 F.H.J 

Tek 311 R 

Tek 313 N 

Tek 317 A 

Tek 319 D 

Tek 321 BB 

Tek 323 D 

Tek 325 R 

Tek 327 R 

Tek 329 Q 

Tek 331 B 

Tek 355 M 

Tek 365 Bactericide N 

Terg-Cide Cncntrtd Clnr. 

Disinfnt F 

Time Dispensing Insecticide S 

Biodet, Inc. 

Cleaner Base JS 915 A 


Bionomics! Chemicals & Services, 

'Blast' Mulli-Purp. Steam 

Cleaning Cone A 

'Max' Liquid Steam Cleaning 

Concentrate A 

'Monster' Ultra Hot Sewer 

Solvent O 

Alpha 5000 D 

AMC-9 C 

APC-2 A 

Big 'C Concentrate D 

Bionomical RD-500 G 


C-34 D 

Chain And Conveyor Belt 

Lubricant BB 

General Purpose Insecticide S 

GC-3 A 

GP-280 A 

H.D. Alkalene B 

Heavy Duty Form. Liq. Stm 

Cleaning Cone A 

Inhibited Chemical CI. & 

Oxidation Rmvr C 

Lubricant TL Concentrate AA 

LD-515 A 

MPD-550 A 

No. 1 General Smokehouse 

Cleaner B 

No. 23 Milkstone & Scale 

Rmvr Cone C 

No. 5 Heavy Duty 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Organic Acid Detergent C 

Red Hot Sewer Solvent O 

S-311 B 

Superus A 

SGC-6 A 

SH-26 B 

T-4 B 

Task Master Q 

X-10 A 

150 A 

Biotechnics, Incorporated 

Alkaline Deruster B 

BL-25 A 

C.I.P. Acid C 

Chlorinated C.I.P. Cleaner B 

Compound AD 8 B 

Compound AF-A A 

Compound AF-B A 

Compound AF-C A 

Compound IDC-30 G 

Compound K-260 D.BB 

Compound L 144 A 

Compound L 144NP A 

Compound MSP-10 A 

Compound PS 1 A 

Compound PS-1 NP A 

Compound PS2 C 

Compound RLB I CC 

Compound S 1 CC 

Compound S 2 A 

Compound SD 9 R 

Compound SD 9B R 

Compound T 1 CC 

Compound TL 40 AA 

Compound TR 22 B 

Compound TRC 12 B 

Compound 175 D A 

Compound 175 DNP A 

Compound 175 F A 

Compound 175 F NP A 

Compound 175 FJ A 

Compound 175 FJNP B 

DC. 11 A 

Dairy Cleaner 14 NP A 

Dart 254 BB 

Hi-Power CC 

High A.C A 

High A.C. NP A 

Liquid Bottle Wash B 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Hog Scald X 

LD 18 CC 

Marvella M A 

Marvella P D 

Power Scrub Concentrate D 

Smokehouse SS B 

Smokehouse SS NP B 

Stainless Cleaner C 

SS HD Blue NP A 

Tripe Cleaner CD Y 

3 D's A 

Bird-Archer Company, The 

#1273 M 

Bacophos #321 Z 

Conccntrol T-50 M 

Concentrol T-70 M 

Formula 1105 M 

Formula 1495 M 

Formula 1828 M 

Formula 530 M 

Formula 600-FD M 

Formula 600-0 M 

Formula 600-OD M 

Birko Chemical Corporation 

Acid Britc No. 1 C 

Acid Brite No. 2 C 

Actec Inhibited C 

Acto No. 140 Y 

Aluma-Tec No. 3 A 

Aluminatc C 

Armour Detergent 103 B 

AC-Tec No. 100 C 

BMC. 24-X C 

Bact-O-Stat Q 

Bi Tec 55H A 

Bi-Chior F 

Bi-Clor Rite G.CC.GG.K 

Bi-Quat G.H.J.GG 

Bi-Tec No. S.W. 80 A 

Bi-Tec No. II A 

Bi-Tec No. 13 A 

Bi-Tec No. 14 A 

Bi-Tec No. 15 A 

Bi-Tec No. 66 A 

Bi-Tec 1000 B 

Bi-Tec 77 H A.CC 

Bi-Tec 99-AC C 

Birko Bleach CC 

Birko Liquid Sour CC 

Birko Sour C.CC 

Birkolene R 

Castor Lube C AA 

Castor Lube No. 1 AA 

Challange A,Q 

Chelate 24L C 

Chlorific F 

Chlorofoam F 

Chloromatic No. 2 A,H 

Chloromatic No. 3 F 

Chlorotcc F 

Chlorotec 99 F 

Cirtec CL F 

Cirtec CL-QR B 

Cirtec QR B 

Cirtec SP F 

Cirtec 18 B 

CL-33 A 

Denaturant G DD.KK 

Diactolate Y 

Egg Wash H,K 

Foam Kleen F 

Fomacid 50 C 

Galvanize Brightener C 

Genzolate CC 

Hard Scald X 

Hi Chlor QD F.CC 

Hi-Cap No. 13 D 

Hi-Cap 7-71 A 

Hi-Chlor 3600-L F.CC 

Hydrated Lime Y 

HW-44-L CC 


Liquid Smokehouse Cleaner F 

Liquik CB D 

Liquik CC A 

Liquik 1 A 

Liquik 10 D 

Liquik 100 A 

Liquik 125 A 

Liquik 2 (Nu Blu) A 

Liquik 2 C.S A 

Liquik 250 B 

Liquik 3 A 

Liquik 4 A 

Liquik 5 A 

Liquik 50 A 

Mela To; No. 1 C 

Meta Tec 2C F 

Mela Tec 2C Liquid B 

Mctalist B 

Metalist PW B 

Miri-Cal C 

Monlaun 1 CC 

Monlaun 2 CC 

Ncutra-Foam A 

Neutra-Foam C A 

Neutra-Sol D 

Poly-Tec CC 

Purgit Foam B 

Purgit R A 

R in sail A 

Rustec C 

Rustop C 

Scale Off C 

Scalite SR C 

Sewage Splitr Accelerator O 

Sewage-Splitr O 

Sewer Cleaner O 

Shine-A-Line C 

Sigman General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Sigman Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

Sigman Smokehouse Cleaner... .B 

Smok-Off B 

Smoke-Zoff A 

Super Alkali B 

Super Chlor F.Z.CC 

Sutec FG F 

SPDE 33 A 

Tec So #100 A 

Tec so C A 

Tin tec A 

Tripe Wash No. 1 Y 

Tripe Wash No. 2-P Y 

Trolleze BB 

Turkleen Poultry Scald L 

Viking B 

Waconite No. 91 A 

Waconite 44-L CC 

XLNT-4U2 Liquid A 

Birsch Chemicals, Ltd. 

Accel A 

Act-All A 

Auto Scrub Detergent D 

Blue Mint P 

Bulk Drain Opener O 

C-Quest A 

Carrol's Cleaner A 


Demon A 

Dish Glo A 

Gusto A 

Heavy Duty Powdered Cleaner A 
Heavy Duty Prestige Cleaner. ..A 
Hvy Dty Prestige Cncntrtd 

Wax Strppr D 

Kem-Tronics A 

New Kem-Tronics D 

Pynet R 

S.R.S. Wax Stripper D 

S-Teem A 

Trophy F.H.J 

Winners Choice D 

301 Steam Cleaner B 

3412 Cleaner A 

Biscayne Chemical Laboratories, Inc. 

Bam D 

Bisco 690 A 

Silicone Spray A A 

Sterizone Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Tuff -Tape BB 

Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation 

Tigress Insecticide No. 4 S 

Bishops Sanitary Maintenance Supply 

Degreaser/Emulsifier A 

Bison Cleaning Chemicals, Inc. 

Bisoklor #108 A 

Bisoklor #1081 A 

Bison 203 A 

Bison 204 A 

Bison 284-E A 

Bison 311 A 

Bison 530-2 A 

Bison 658 B 

Bison 731 B 

Bixon Chemical Company Division of 
A. S. L. Enterprises, Inc. 

Antiseptic Liquid Hand Soap....Q 

Big Job N 

Bison 203 A 

Bixon Multi-Purpose 

Insecticide S 

Chloroflo R 

Compactocide Spray S 

Concentrate Wax Stripper #1...D 

Convey BB 

Cove Base Cleaner R 

Enzymes O 

Formula 120 D 

Germicidal Cleaner R 

Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Heavy Duty Degreaser D 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Low Pressure Boiler 

Compound M 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Mint Disinfectant Coef. 5 R 

Minute Clean 450 D 

Minute Clean 460 R 

Minute Clean 470 R 

Minute Clean 480 D 

Neutral Cleaner I D 

Neutral Cleaner II D 

Neutral Cleaner 3 D 

Odor Control Deodorizer R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 3 ...R 
Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5 ....R 

Pine Scent Disinfectant F 

Pyrenone General Purpose 

Aqueous Insect S 

Quat Disinfectant and Cleaner 


Residual Insect. w/Pyrenone- 

Diazinon Liq T 

Residual Insecticide with 

Baygon T 

Sanotize D 

Super Safety Degreaser D 

Synval All Purpose Floor 

Cleaner D 

Water Soluble Cleaner 

Degreaser A 

Wax Stripper #2 D 

Black Enterprise, Inc. 

Glide Q 

Trolley Cleaner And 

Rustproofer C 

Trolley Stripper C 

Black Leaf Products Company 

Black Leaf Cygon 2-E 

Systemic Insect T 

Septic Tank Cleaner O 

Black Magic Company 

Black Magic Roach Bait T 

Black River Paper Company, Inc. 

AP-40 AU Purpose Cleaner D 

Bute Butyl Base Detergent D 

HD-10 Heavy Duty Industrial 
Degreaser D 

Blaine Chemicals/ & Industrial 
Supply Inc. 

Foam-KIeen A 

Blair Incorporated 

N-Clog Liquid Organic 

Digester O 

Blew Chemical Company 

Active Cleaner No. 43 D 

Active M-15 Foaming Agent A 

Active No. 2 A 

Active No. 4 A 

Cleaner G.P. Liquid 

Concentrate D 

Liquid Soap No. 50 Q 

Liquid Soap No. 52 Q 

Liquid Soap No. 64 Q 

Blu-Line Industries 

Tru-Blu Concentrate A 

Blue Jay Chemical Corporation 

Digester Drain Opener O 

Emulsion Bowl Cleaner & 

Disinfectant P 

Non Combustible Emulsifier D 

Blue Line/ GAC Janitorial Supplies, 

C-B-K S 

Nok-Out O 

Blue Magic Div./ Roman Cleanser 

Easy Monday Bleach F.CC 

Bob Agate Chemicals 

Pink Delite A 

Bobmarlin Supply Company 

BML Action VIII A 

BML 20% Castile Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

H.D #1 Packing House 

Cleaner A 

ME 66 Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Bockstanz Brother Company 

Dish Glo A 

Bolotin Inc. 

Super Scope A 

Bonanza Chemical Co. 

Leben's Saf-T-Step MM 

Bonco Manufacturing Corporation 

Algaecide-Slimicide No. 10 N 

Aqua-Tex CT 44 N 

Aqua-Tex CT 55 N 

Aqua-Tex CT 88 N 

Bonco Algaecide Briquettes N 

Bonco BT-10 M 

Scale-Ox C 

Bond Chemical Company, Inc., The 

230 M 

232 Z 

234 M 

27P M 

31P M 

315 M 

320-L M 

329 Z 

332 M 

346 M 

363 M 

402BC M 

402JC M 

42P M 

47LX M 

96LC M 

98LX N 

Bond Chemicals, Incorporated 

Bondac No. 363 A 

Bondac No. 388 L 

Bondac No. 725 A 

Bondac No. 768 LF A 

Bondac No. 828C A 

Bondox No. 4-2005 M 

Bondstein No. 1070 C 

BWT No. 029 M 

BWT No. 4-019 M 

BWT No. 4-1250L M 

BWT No. 4-165 M 

BWT No. 4-171 M 

BWT No. 4-174 M 

BWT 4-075 M 

BWT 4-181 M 

Emlube No. 1508 BB 

Emlube No. 1516 BB 

Felox No. 550 Z 

Lucky Pot No. 707 A 

Lucky Pot No. 727 E 

Organic Adjunct No. 4-1900 M 

Organic Adjunct No. 4-930 M 

Organic Adjunct No. 4-932 M 

Smokehouse Cleaner No. 810. ..A 
Smokehouse Cleaner No. 812...A 

Volabond No. 5-1351 M 

Volabond No. 5-1352 M 

Volabond No. 5-1353 M 

Volabond No. 5-1355 M 

Volabond No. 5-1361 M 

Volabond No. 5-1362 M 

Volabond No. 5-1363 M 


Bond Sanitary Products 

Bond Special Toilex P 

Bonded Products Company, Inc. 

De-Solv D 

Bonewitz Chemical Services, Inc. 

#286 Chelating Caustic B 

Acid Cleaner #2 C 

Acid Cleaner #3 C 

Acid Cleaner #5 C 

Acid Cleaner #55 C 

Acid Cleaner #7 C 

Acid 260 C 

Acid 4220-L C 

Alkali Cleaner #1 B 

Alkali Cleaner #4 B 

APC #10 C 

Bon-Gleem C 

Bon-Kleen 5100-XL Odorless ...A 

Bonalume A 

Bonchem Acid Cleaner #10 C 

Bonchem Acid Cleaner #220. ...C 
Bonchem Acid Cleaner #667 ....C 

Bonchem Acid 100 C 

Bonchem Acid 120 C 

Bonchem Acid 150 C 

Bonchem Acid 200 C 

Bonchem Acid 220 Self- 
Foaming C 

Bonchem Acid 250 C 

Bonchem Acid 300 C 

Bonchem Acid 400 C 

Bonchem Acid 500 C 

Bonchem Acid 600 C 

Bonchem Acid 7100 C 

Bonchem Alkali 14 B 

Bonchem Ammoniated All- 
Purpose Cleaner R 

Bonchem Auto Bon A 

Bonchem Automatic Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Bonchem APC #23 C 

Bonchem B.O.S. 200 Sanitizer.D 

Bonchem B-W-B B 

Bonchem Bleach No. 3 CC 

Bonchem Bon Lift 5000 A 

Bonchem Bon-A-Chlor F 

Bonchem Bon-A-Chlor 100 G 

Bonchem Bon-A-Cide G 

Bonchem Bon-A-Sour CC 

Bonchem Bon-Carb 4604L A 

Bonchem Bon-Fome A 

Bonchem Bon-Lift 5015 Low 

Foam D 

Bonchem Bon-Lift 5500 L A 

Bonchem Bon-Lift 5600 L A 

Bonchem Bon-Lube 240 BB 

Bonchem Bon-Lube 40 BB 

Bonchem Bon-Lube 50 A.BB 

Bonchem Bon-Lube 60 AA 

Bonchem Bon-Lube 80 BB 

Bonchem Bon-San lOo G 

Bonchem Bon-Soke 40XCL B 

Bonchem Bonacid 434 C 

Bonchem Bonewitz MR-100 C 

Bonchem Bonewitz MR-42 C 

Bonchem Bontex CC 

Bonchem Britank A,H 

Bonchem Built Soap No. 1 A.CC 

Bonchem Built Soap No. 2 A.CC 

Bonchem C-10 B 

Bonchem C-12 B 

Bonchem C-4 B,H 

Bonchem C-4X B 

Bonchem C-5 B 

Bonchem C-6 B 

Bonchem C-8 B 

Bonchem Can-Clean A 

Bonchem Caustic Soda B 

Bonchem Chain Lubricant BB 

Bonchem Chelating Caustic #2 B 

Bonchem Chelaton No. 1 B 

Bonchem Chelaton No. 2 B 

Bonchem Chelaton No. 4 B 

Bonchem Color-Chlor F,K 

Bonchem Color-Glo A 

Bonchem Crystal Chlor F,K 

Bonchem CH-55-A A 

Bonchem CRW Z 

Bonchem D.S. 494 H 

Bonchem Defoamer NXZ A 

Bonchem Descale 4700 C 

Bonchem Drain Kleen O 

Bonchem DP-250 B 

Bonchem Easy Ride AA 

Bonchem Egg Wash H 

Bonchem Enconofome A 

Bonchem Flex-O-Wash #2 A 

Bonchem Flex-O-Wash #2NP..A 

Bonchem Flex-O-Wash #5 A 

Bonchem Flo-Glo A 

Bonchem Floor Kleen D 

Bonchem Florite A 

Bonchem Foam-Plus A 

Bonchem Foremost CH-50-AP .A 
Bonchem General Cleaner No. 

4 A 

Bonchem General Cleaner NP..A 
Bonchem General Cleaner 400. .A 
Bonchem General Cleaner 400 

Impvd A 

Bonchem Glass Cleaner With 

Ammonia R 

Bonchem Glide Q 

Bonchem Glisten B 

Bonchem Glow C 

Bonchem Glow w/Wetting 

Agent C 

Bonchem GC 390 A 

Bonchem GFC D 

Bonchem Heavy Duty Cleaner .A 
Bonchem Hi-Foam Egg Wash...H 

Bonchem HD-626 CC 

Bonchem Improved Mikro Stat A 

Bonchem KSO-201 B 

Bonchem L-165 Z 

Bonchem Laundry Compound 

673 CC 

Bonchem Laundry Compound 

997 CC 

Bonchem Liq Chlrn Bearing 

Disinf Germ G,K 

Bonchem Liq General Cleaner 

No. 2 A 

Bonchem Liquid Caustic 

Additive A 

Bonchem Liquid Caustic 30%. ..B 
Bonchem Liquid Caustic 50%.. .B 
Bonchem Liquid Circulation 

Cleaner 280 A 

Bonchem Liquid Dcgrcaser D 

Bonchem Liquid Dish 

Detergent A 

Bonchem Liquid Smokehouse 

Cleaner B 

Bonchem Lo-Foam Egg 

Cleaner H 

Bonchem LCS-200 F 

Bonchem LMR C 

Bonchem LPC 279 A 

Bonchem Machine Dish Wash 

Compound A 

Bonchem Mikro-Cide F 

Bonchem Mikro-Cide 242 G 

Bonchem Mikro-Fome A 

Bonchem MDC A 

Bonchem MDC Chlorinated A 

Bonchem MSR-155 C 

Bonchem No Rins Iodine F 

Bonchem Organic Sanilizer 

Cncntrt F.J 

Bonchem Organic Sanitizer 400G.J.GG 
Bonchem Packers Cleaner 1A...A 

Bonchem Packers 829 B 

Bonchem Pan Wash 703E A 

Bonchem Pet CH-50-AP A 

Bonchem PCS F 

Bonchem PGC A 

Bonchem PLC A,H 

Bonchem Quality PLC A 

Bonchem Railroad Car Cleaner 

335 B 

Bonchem Ready-Foam A 

Bonchem Rul-O-Suds A 

Bonchem RSR B 

Bonchem Sana-Clean A 

Bonchem Shroud Wash CC 

Bonchem Smoke Kleen 4375L..B 
Bonchem Smoke Kleen 4650 L.A 
Bonchem Smokehouse Cleaner. A 
Bonchem Smokehouse Cleaner 

535-C B 

Bonchem Smokehouse Cleaner 

S35A A 

Bonchem Sparkle C 

Bonchem Special Wetting 

Agent A 

Bonchem Sta-Chlor G.K.CC.GG 

Bonchem Super Foam A 

Bonchem Super Glo A 

Bonchem T.O.T C 

Bonchem T.R.C B 

Bonchem Tandem A 

Bonchem Tile Floor Cleaner D 

Bonchem Tripe Cleaner Y 

Bonchem Tripe Cleaner 

Certified Y 

Bonchem Triple C A 

Bonchem Trolley Oil BB 

Bonchem Truck Wash A 

Bonchem Twin A 

Bonchem Viscera Pan Cleaner.. B 
Bonchem Viscous Cleaner No. 

1 A 

Bonchem Viscous Low Foam 

Cleaner A 

Bonchem 1022 B 

Bonchem 1024 B 

Bonchem 1064 A 

Bonchem 110 A 

Bonchem 220 A 

Bonchem 30% Liquid Caustic 

Chelated B 

Bonchem 372 General Cleaner. .A 

Bonchem 440 A 

Bonchem 448 A 

Bonchem 453 A 

Bonchem 453 Improved A 

Bonchem 499 A 

Bonchem 499 with Color A 

Bonchem 50% Liquid Caustic 

Chelated B 

Bonchem 540 B 

Bonchem 550 C 

Bonchem 5505 L A 

Bonchem 561 B 

Bonchem 582 CC 

Bonchem 588 A B 

Bonchem 614 B 

Bonchem 64 B 

Bonchem 658 CC 

Bonchem 672 CC 

Bonchem 673 CC 

Bonchem 674 CC 

Bonchem 7005 B 


Bonchem 7010 B 

Bonchem 7025 B 

Bonchem 7030 A 

Bonchem 7060 .\.CC 

Bonchem 7065 CC 

Bonchem 7070 CC 

Bonchem 7075 CC 

Bonchem 7205 B 

Bonchem 7215 B 

Bonchem 729 B 

Bonchem 7305 A 

Bonchem 7310 A 

Bonchem 7420 A 

Bonchem 7440 A 

Bonchem 7480 A 

Bonchem 7535 B 

Bonchem 7537 B 

Bonchem 779 A 

Bonchem 7915 B 

Bonchem 7920 B 

Bonchem 829 B 

Bonchem 831 B 

Bonchem 854 A 

Bonchem 880 A 

Bonchem 890 B 

Bonchem 90 A 

Bonchem 909 Foam Cleaner B 

Bonchem 915 Foam Cleaner B 

Bonchem 920 Foam Cleaner B 

Bonchem 925 B 

Bonchem 926 A 

Bonchem 940 B 

Bonchem 960 B 

Bonchem 999 CC 

Bonshield Q 

Bonshield 1000 Q 

Bonshield 2000 Q 

Can Cleaner #1 A 

Chelaton No. 5 B 

CH-10-AP A 

CH-50-AP A 

Dcfoamer DCWH -A 

DP-506 A 

DP-509 A 

DP-525 B 

Feather Strip 100 L 

Floor Cleaner # 1 ....'. A 

Floor Cleaner #5 A 

General Cleaner #1 A 

General Cleaner #2 A 

General Cleaner #4 A 

General Cleaner #6 A 

General Cleaner #8 A 

In Line Trolley Cleaner B 

Kontrol Special B 

L-143 Neutral Cleaner A 

Mikro-San. C 

Mikro-Stat A 

MR-42 Concentrate C 

Organic Sanitizer F,K 

Packers Cleaner #1 B 

Packers Cleaner #15 A 

Packers Cleaner #2 A 

Packers Cleaner #4 B 

Packers Cleaner #5 A 

Packers Cleaner #779 A 

Pan Clean 31 B 

PCC Alkali Cleaner B 

Standard Detergent #101 A 

Standard Detergent #103 B 

Standard Detergent #104 B 

Standard Detergent #105 C 

Standard Detergent #106 C 

Standard Detergent #109 C 

SCC Special A 

Trolley Cleaner B 

Trolley Cleaner Activator A 

Viscera Pan Washer Detergent B 

Bonner, W. C. Co., Inc., The 

Super Bon-Chlor Briquets A 

Bonnie Chemspec 

Autobrite A 

B.V.C. Plus A 

Bonnie Bon Sol A 

Bonnie Hghlnd Kleener 

Bacteriostatic P 

Bonnie Joy D 

Bonnie Kleen 20% Q 

Bonnie Kleen 40% Q 

Bonnie Kleen-Well A 

Bonnie L-P-O O 

Bonnie Lass CC 

Bonnie Mac -40 C 

Bonnie Mint Magic 

Disinfectant P 

Bonnie Mud-A-Way 

Concentrate O 

Bonnie Pine Odor Disinfectant P 

Bonnie Sewer Sol O 

Bonnie Steam-Off A.P A 

Bonnie Steam-Off H. D A 

Bonnie Sunny Day P 

Bonnie 3AK Cleaner D 

Brightaway A 

CDS Cleaner-Degreaser 

Solvent D 

De-Solv R 

Delight A 

E-Z Clean A 

H.T. 20 B 

Industrial Space Spray S 

M.D.W. 45 A 

Phos-40 C 

Pot and Pan Cleaner A 

Sana Clean F 

Sanaclor F 

Sandy's Kleen Window & 

Glass Clnr R 

Sudsing Cleaner E 

Borco Chemicals, Incorporated 

Real-Ease A A 

Borden, Incorporated 

Krylon Ail-Purpose Sil.Spy 

No.l325/1325A BB 

Krylon No. 1332 Let-Go BB 

Boss Labs 

Boss Labs All Purpose Cleaner A 

Boss Labs Butyl Cleaner D 

Boss Labs Enzyme O 

Boss Labs Steam Cleaner D 

Bowie Janitorial Supplies 

Heavy Duty Degreaser A 

Bowman Distribution/ Barnes Group 

Food Grade Silicone AA 

Boy-Ko Supply Co. 

Triple D D.R 

Boyle-Midway Division 

Easy Off (Aerosol) A 

Easy-Off A 

Sani-Flush P 

Bozzuto's, Inc. 

C-Clear R 

Clean-All A 

Floor Stripper R 

Microshield R 

Bradford-Park Corporation 

B-P Mtl CI Rust/oxide Rrnvr 
Type R-l Liq A 

B-P Mtl CI Rust/oxide Rmvr 
Type R-l Pst A 

Bradley Industrial Chemicals, Inc. 

Aquakill S 

B-14 Insecticide T 

Dual Purpose Spray S 

F.S.C. 200 S 

Brainerd Chemical Co., Inc. 

Clean-Chem 24 A 

Clean-Chem 25 A 

Clean-Chem 26 A 

Clean-Chem 40 A 

Clean-Chem 41 B 

Clean-Chem 42 A 

Clean-Chem 43 B 

De-Sealer C 

Hand Nu-Dish A 

Machine Nu-Dish A 

Purple Bull Concentrate A 

Purple Bull Concentrate No. 2. .A 

Brambilla, M.C., Company 

Derma Soft Hand & Skin 

Cream W 

Branchemco, Incorporated 

D M 

G M 

J M 

Liquid Treatment #1 M 

Liquid Treatment #20 M 

W M 

215 N,Z 

216 N,Z 

217 M,Z 

218 M,Z 

225 N 

231 N 

400 M 

401 M 

402 A 

403 A 

407 M 

407A M 

408 M 

408A M 

418 M 

420 M 

425 M 

427 M 

428 M 

470 M 

471 M 

472 M 

473 M 

474 M 

475 M 

476 M 

478 M 

479 M 

483 M 

484F M 

486 M 

487 M 

490 M 

491 M 

492 M 

493 M 

494 M 

495 M 

496 M 

497 M 

498 M 


499 M 

Brandel Chemical Company, Inc. 

Aluma-Kleen A 

AC Cleaner C 

Compound 100 A 

Compound 105 A 

Compound 106 A 

Compound 121 D 

Compound 122 B 

Compound 127 B 

Compound 137 C 

Compound 150 A 

Compound 175 B 

Compound 200 A 

Extra Kleen B 

Fog-A-Cide S 

Gelling Agent A 

Hi-Fome A 

HD General Cleaner A 

Kleen-AU A 

Brandt Chemical Company 

Brandt Formula 88 A 

K-510 Cleaner A 

Brant Bros. Cleaner & Equipment 

Molly B-3 A 

Molly B-5 A 

Molly B-6 A 

Molly Dal-Tex A 

Brawner Paper Company, Inc. 

Val-U-Line Clear Lemon 

Dsnfctnt P 

Val-U-Linc Glass Cleaner R 

Val-U-Line Lime Cleaner D 

Val-U-Line Pk Ltn Hnd 

Dshwsh Dtrgnt A 

Brayton Chemicals, Incorporated 

F-M Fog Concentrate S 

Fly Bait T 

P-B Insect Spray S 

Brenco Corporation, The See 
Brennan Chemical Company 

Brennan Chemical Company 

Brenco #491 N 

Brenco #573 Water Treatment 

Microbiocide N 

Brenco #588 N 

Brenco #594-M N 

Brenco #654 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Brenco Hi-Chlor-12 Liquid G 

Brenco No. 100 Economy 

Cleaner A 

Brenco No. 101 Suds-Clene A 

Brenco No. 102 General 

Cleaner A 

Brenco No. 104 General 

Cleaner A 

Brenco No. 1 10 General 

Cleaner A 

Brenco No. 120 General 

Cleaner A 

Brenco No. 1 30 Super Cleaner A 
Brenco No. 140 Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Brenco No. 150 Hi-Kleen A 

Brenco No. 200 B 

Brenco No. 208 B 

Brenco No. 210 B 

Brenco No. 220 B 

Brenco No. 222 B 

Brenco No. 225 Tripe Wash Y 

Brenco No. 230 B 

Brenco No. 240 Sewer-Clene....O 
Brenco No. 243 Poultry Scald. ..L 

Brenco No. 245 Metal Brite B 

Brenco No. 246 Conveyer 

Roller Cleaner B 

Brenco No. 247 Pasteurizer 

Cleaner A 

Brenco No. 250 Spray Clene A 

Brenco No. 300 Alumex C 

Brenco No. 310 Brite C 

Brenco No. 330 C 

Brenco No. 350 L.S.R C 

Brenco No. 360 Lac C 

Brenco No. 375 Acid Descaler..C 

Brenco No. 410 N 

Brenco No. 496 Cooling Tower 

Treatment N 

Brenco No. 496 Pasteurizer 

Water Treat N 

Brenco No. 497 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Brenco No. 500 Sani-Chlor F,K 

Brenco No. 575 Concentrated 

Iodine F 

Brenco No. 585 N 

Brenco No. 600 Boiler Water 

Treat M 

Brenco No. 600 SM N 

Brenco No. 600W M 

Brenco No. 602 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Brenco No. 606 Boiler Water 

Treat M 

Brenco No. 608 Boiler Water 

Treat M 

Brenco No. 651 N 

Brenco No. 651 Lo-Alk N 

Brenco No. 655 M 

Brenco No. 656 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Brenco No. 658 M 

Brenco No. 662 N 

Brenco No. 686 M 

Brenco No. 687 Return Line 

Treatment M 

Brenco No. 688 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Brenco No. 689 N 

Brenco No. 704 M 

Brenco No. 900 Z 

Brenco No. 908 Z 

Brenco No. 960 Z 

Brenco No. 999 Z 

Brenco No. 999 FESI Z 

Brewer Chemical Corporation 

Ultramar J. J. All Purp. Liq. 

Det A 

Ultramar Liquid Dishmachine 

Det A 

Bricide Corporation 

Bricide #532 C 

Bricide #624 C 

Bricide #696 A 

Bricide #931 A 

Bricide Formula #805 A 

Bricide Formula #807 A 

Bricide Formula #809 B 

Bricide Formula #811 C 

Bricide Formula #813 C 

Bridgerland Vet Supply 

Ultra-Aid C 

Brigade Industries Chemical Division 

Fleet-Foam All Surface 
Cleaner A 

Briggs Products 

Tripe Cleaner Y 

Bright Chemical & Supply Co. 

Aciterge No. 27 C 

Bright Sol Bowl Cleaner P 

Bright's-Cide S 

Chiller Cleaner D 

Concrete Cleaner D 

Hi-Kleen Heavy Duty Liq 

Steam Clnr B 

Liquid General Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Luxury Hand Dish Wash 

Powder A 

Odorless Disinfectant F 

Shackle Cleaner C 

Sure Solve Blue Sewer Solvent O 

Bright Ideas Chemical Corp. 

Concentrated Inhibited 

Muriatic Acid Cln C 

Brighton Chemical Corporation 

Tuffy Power Foam Degreaser...A 

Brilco Laboratories 

Boiler Water Adjunct PLS M 

Colloid-Alk KVL M 

I-Sol Cooling Water System 
Additive N 

Brissman-Kennedy, Inc. 

Breakthrough A 

BK 20% Antiseptic Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

Foaming-Plus A 

Stat F 

Stat II F 

Britex Corporation 

Brit-O-Lux A 

Brite Vac B 

Brite-Kal A 

Deep Fatfry Cleaner A 

Dcpendon A 

Dependon H B 

Dri-O-Brite C 



Easy bright A 

Formula ABC A 

Formula BBC B 

Formula COB I B 

Formula COB II A 

Formula NBC A 

Formula OK-202 A 

Formula OK-242 B 

Formula OK-262 B 

Heavy Duty Klor-O-Suds A 

HT-Alkali B 

I-O-Brite F 

Institutional Detergent Beads. ...D 

Klor-O-Brile BDCD F 

Klor-O-Brite 16 Plus % F 

Klor-O-Bnte 8 Plus % G 

Klor-O-Kleen CIP A,H 

Klor-O-Klcen CME A 

Klor-O-KleenTT A 

Klor-O-Suds A 

Pack-O-Suds A 

Phos-O-Brite C 

Pink Powder A 


Soarline A 

Britt-Tech Corporation 

Heavy-Duty Detergent No. 710 A 

Kleen King No. 300 Concrete 
Floor Cleane D 

Kleen-King No. 799 Hvy Dty 
Indust. Det A 

No. 120 Whitehall Tire CleanerA 

No. 350 Liquid Detergent 

Additive A 

No. 720 General Purpose 

Detergent A 

No. 730 Hvy Duty Caustic- 
Free Detergent A 

Brothers Janitorial Supply 

Brothers Coconut Oil Liquid 
Soap Q 

Brown Chemical Company 

Blue Pressure Spray Wash A 

Bro-Co Blast-Off Triple Cone 

Liq Ind CI D 

Bro-Co Command-O D 

Bro-Co Germicidal Cleaner F 

Bro-Co Hospital Disinf 

Deodorant P 

Bro-Co Pink Liquid Hand 

Dishwash Detrgnt A 

Chlorinated Mach. Dish Wash 

Comp A 

Deluxe Concrete Cleaner D 

Dermaterg 100A A 

Hand Dishwashing Compound 

No. 1 A 

HPN Pink Automatic Spray 

Wash A 

Low Suds Laundry Compound .CC 
Machine Dish Compound No 1A 
Neutrovapor Steam Cleaning 

Comp A 

Packing House Cleaner A 

Quick Clean Concrete Cleaner. .A 
Sani-Lube Food EQuipment 

Lubricant A A 

Snow White Laundry 

Detergent D,CC 

Brown Pharmaceutical Co., Inc., The 

Heliogen Sanitizer F,JJ 

Brown Supply Company, Inc. 

Clean Up A 

Brownsey, L. M. Supply Co. 

Automatic Floor Scrubber 

Cleaner R 

Pi-No-Germ R 

Brulin & Company, Inc. 

'Offer' Liquid Insect Spray T 

Bio-Zyme O 

Bowlaide P 

Bowlette P 

Brulin Cleanser E 

Brulinfoam Q 

Brulinfoam A Q 

Chyna-Bryte A 


CL600 B 

CL610 B 

Dc-Odor 3600 R 

Disinfectant Cleaner #6 D 

Epitaph Liquid Insecticide S 

Formula #350 S 

HP Cleaner A 

Jet-O-Cide P 

King Size Bug Bomb S 

Liquid Dishwashing 

Concentrate D 

Luber B BB 

Malafog T 

No-Foam A 

Octo-Solve A 

QS4 G 

Remote Control S 

Rust and Scale Solvent C 

San-O-Han Q 

Sewer Compound #550 

Spray Glass R 

Steam Charge B 

Strike Emulsifiable 

Concentrate T 

Strip Quick A 

Sudsdown A 

Syndex A 

300 Cleaner D 

300-QR D 

7-X Concentrate T 

711-SC B 

815-MX A 

815AA A 

Brute Of Pa., Inc. 

Sani-Jet A 

Buckingham Wax Company, Inc. 

Buckingham Formula NP 7271 .G 
Buckingham No. 7016 Stripper .D 
Buckingham Non Ammoniated 

Stripper D 

Buckingham Odorless Disinf & 

Deordnt R 

Buckingham Pine Deodorant R 

Buckingham Super H.D. Hard 

Surface CI D 

Buckingham Window Cleaner. ..R 

Cleaner A 

Degreaser Concentrate D 

Deluxe Pine Cleaner R 

Formula 7271 F 

Germicidal Cleaner F 

Glass & Frame Cleaner R 

H. S. Cleaner A 

H.D. Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Hard Surface Cleaner Non- 
Butyl D 

Liquid Scrub Soap R 

Mint Disinfectant Coef. 5 R 

Neutral Cleaner R 

No. 71 Cleaner R 

No. 7478 Cleaner A 

Odor Counteractant R 

Pine Odor Disinfectant Coef. 5.R 
Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5 ... R 

Pink Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Stripper #6064 A 

Synthetic Cleaner A 

Up-Keep D 

15% Liquid Soap Q 

40% Liquid Soap Q 

Buckman Laboratories, Inc. 

Busan 77 N 

Casi-4 M 








Buff-Henley Paper Co., Inc. 

Gino Powdered Grill Cleaner 
Item 65 B 

Buffalo Industrial Chemical, Inc. 

AIA Boiler Water Treatment ...M 
B.I.C. Steam & Condensate 

Treatment M 

HP. P. Boiler Water Treatment. M 
R.L.T. Return Line Treatment. M 

Building Equipment & Supply Corp. 

Besco #100 Detergent A 

Besco Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Building Maintenance Corporation 

Dual Synergist Insecticide S 

Skin Guard W 

Bull Frog Brand 

No. 153 Metal Cleaner Acid 

Action Type C 

No 165 Liquick A 

No. 168 Degreesir D 

No. 180 Surfectant F 

No. 205 Oil Foil A 

Bullen Chemical Company 

Ack-Ack Insect Spray S 

Activ VIII A 

Ammoniated Wax Stripper R 

Butyl-G D 

Chemical Cleaner And 

Deoxidizer C 

Compactor & Kitchen 

Insecticide S 

Double Power A 

Grease Cutter A 

Grease Off D 

Hi-Sept F 

Lo-Suds D 

Odorless Wax Remover & 

Heavy Duty Clnr D 

Pink Lotion Dish Detergent A 

Pink Lotion Handsoap Q 

Poten D 

Power Cleaner D 

Power PaV II R 

Powr Pak D 

Powr-Form D 

Pro-Sept F 

Q-Det R 

Sept-One G 

Sep tin P 

Sep tin P.F D 

Spearmint P 

Spectrum F 

Spectrum II F 

Sulfonyl I D 

Sulfonyl II D 

Sulfonyl IV D 

Thermo-Klene A 

1094 A 

1096 R 

1097 D 

1098 R 

1099 R 

15% Handsoap Q 

40% Coconut Oil Handsoap Q 

803 Heavy Duty Steam CleanerA 

Burks Janitor Supplies, Inc. 

Burko Zip-Kleen A 

Burnishine Products, Inc. 

Heavy Duty Concentrated 

Cleaner A 

Kleer Brite A 


Burris Chemical, Incorporated 

Burco Bleach G 

Buskirk, H. E. 

Success No. 105 A 

Success No. 125 A 

Success No. 129 A 

Success No. 130 B 

Success 124 Spot Remover Z 

Busy Bee Hardware 

Kemade General Purpose 

Cleaner Heavy Dty A 

Pride Concentrated Powdered 

Bleach CC 

Pride Concrete Floor Cleaner 

Heavy Duty B 

Pride Concrete Floor Cleaner 

Reg. Duty A 

Pride Pressure Wash 

Compound A 

Star Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Tune Controlled Suds 

Detergent A,CC 

Butcher Polish Company, The 

Blast A 

Border Patrol R 

Bright P 

Butcher's Charge Bowl CleanerP 
Butcher's Clockwork 

Disin.Deo.Sunitizer G 

Butcher's Dcgrcaicr D 

Butcher's Deodorant R 

Butcher's Pearly Tile & Grout 

Cleaner R 

Butcher's Quantum 

Con.Detrgt.Dlsinf.Deo D 

Butcher's Quest Germicide 

Cleaner F 

Butcher's Quest 3 Germicide 

Cleaner D 

Butcher's Red Rockef Multi- 
purpose Dgrsr A 

Butcher's Sanitizing Washroom 

Cleaner F 

Butcher's Steam Cleaner A 

Butcher's White Lightning 

Emulsion Dgrsr R 

Captain Quick Stripper D 

Concentrated Carpet 

Deodorant R 

Floorhath D 

Foodguard Systems Cleaner 

and Stripper A 

Foodguard Systems 1 Class F 

Sanitzng Del F 

Foodguard Systems 2 Class G 

Sanitizer G 

Foodguard Systems 3 Hard 

Surface Dgrsr A 

Foodguard Systems 4 Pressure 

Wshr Dgrsr A 

Foodguard 6 Pot & Pan 

Cleaner A 

Force A 

Glad Hands Q 

Green Submarine A 

Liquid Drain Opener O 

Probe D 

Rough Rider Alk. Degreaser A 

Rough Rider Meatroom 

Degreaser A 

Specdball Spray Cleaner R 

V-Line Cleaner A 

V-Line Stripper D 

V/Line Degreaser and Clcaner..A 
5 Sanitizing Hand Cleanser Q 

992 Detergent D 

By-Pas International Corp. 

By-Pas A 

Bycoski, C.T., Company, Inc. 

Aqualite Z 

Bytech Chemical Corporation 

Hydro Klenze A 

Micro-Kill Concentrated 

Insecticide S 

Tech '44' A 

Tech-Spray Insecticide S 

Ten-Fifty G 

C & H Chemical Company 

Egg Kleen H 

H-21 A 

H-220 A 

H-25 A.H 

H-28 B 

H-33 A 

H-55 LSP D 

H-65 B 

Hy-Tcx R 

Shell Wash H 

C & H Chemicals, Inc. 

CHB-101 M 


CHB-102 M 

CHB-103 M 

CHB-108 N 

CHC-107 N 

C & K Manufacturing And Sales Co. 

Zip-Saf-T-Kleen MM 

C & M Chemicals, Inc. 

Custom Culture O 

C & N Brokerage Company 

C & N Super A 

C & S Chemical Supply Company 

All Purpose Cleaner No. 48 A 

Special Boiler Formula No. 1 ...M 

C C C Chemical Corporation 

Action Pack O 

Du-All 'C A 

CDC Chemical Corp. 

Odor-End R 

C G S Industries, Inc. 

CGS All Purpose Cleaner #1....A 
CGS Boiler Water Treatment 

Compound M 

CGS Butyl Cleaner #2 D 

CGS Concrete Etching 

Compound D 

CGS Hand Dishwashing 

Detergent A 

CGS Reserve F 

CGS Waterless Hand Cleaner. ..W 
CGS-Power D 

C H 2 O, Inc. 

Product #315 M 

Product #3171 M 

Product #3212 M 

Product #3220 M 

Product #3262 M 

Product #3387 M 

Product #390 M 

C I B A-Geigy Corporation 
Agricultural Division 

Diazinon 4E T 

Diazinon 4S T 

Diazinon SOW T 

C P M Chemical Company 


C R C Chemicals USA 

Antiseptic Hand Cleaner W 

Electrical Quality Silicone No. 

02094 AA 

Extreme Duty Silicone Lub. 

No. 03030 .' BB 

Heavy Duty Silicone No. 05074AA 

Marine Silicone 06077 AA 

Mold Release & Lubricant 

#03069 AA 

Rust Remover Concentrate No. 

3024 C 

C S P Industries, Incorporated 

Aide R 


D Zolv O 

I.iminulc O 

Tru-View R 

C. M. C. Laboratories Company 

CMC Liquid Detergent No. I00D 
CMC Liquid Detergent No. 88. .A 

C-E Minerals/ Combusion 
Engineering, Inc. 


CI-100AFP Corrosion Inhibitor. Z 
SI-100FP Scale Inhibitor Z 

C-K Distributing, Inc. 

Marvel Cleaner Degreaser A 

Marvel Dishwash Compound 

M-DC #10 A 

Marvel Extra Hvy Dty Clnr. 

Degreaser A 

Marvel Fat Foam Heavy Duty 

Foaming Clnr A 

Marvel Frock Cleaner MFC 32A 

Marvel Heavy Duty Acid C 

Marvel Liquid K #21 A 

Marvel Shroud Cleaner M-SC 

#105-1 CC 

Marvel Shroud Cleaner M-SC 

#14 CC 

Marvel Special Alkaline 

Cleaner SA #14 B 

Marvel Tripe Cleaner Y 

C-Line Products Company 

C-1000 G 

C-150 A 

C-510 Toilet Bowl & Porcelain 
Cleaner P 

C-Z Chemical Company/ Division of 
Rochester Germicide Co. 

•F.E.S.' Plus Cleaner #540 G 

A-l Fly Spray S 

Advance #434 G 

All Around General Cleaner A 

All Purpose Suds A 


Alum 3 Solv A 

Auto Wash A 

Bite D 

C-Z Powdered Bleach CC 

C-Z 25 #503 G 

C-Z 89 #461 C 

C-19 CC 

Concentrate Plus D 

.Control Bowl Cleaner P 

Defy #435 D 

Deodorant Blocs R 

Depth Creme Scouring Polish. ..P 

Dish-Gleam #409 A 

Dishbrite #1 A 

. Enz-AU O 

i Enz-Odor R 

•Enz-Root O 

Foam- A way A 

Griddle Clean A 

Industrial Floor Cleaner R 

Lime Solv C 

Liqua-Spray R 

Liquid Auto Wash A 

' Lo-Suds C 

Marvene A 

Max-A- #535 G 

Multi-Purpose Insect Spray S 

No Germ Disinfectant F 

No Spec Concentrate R 

No Spot Dry Rinse A 

No-Toil Toilet Bowl Cleaner 

Disinf P 

Pena Solv A 

Pinalene Disinfectant R 

Powa Spray A 

Q-Strip #536 F 

Safti-Dyne G.JJ 

Safti-Klor G 

Scent- A-Mint D 

Septic Caustic Crystals O 

Shield Disinfectant Deodorant. .P 

Shield DSP A 

] Sir John P 

Sta-Suds A 

Super-A #534 G 

; Surgical Hand Soap #709 40% .Q 
| Surgical Hand Soap #710 20% .Q 

; Thrust O 

Velveen Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Whiff P 

X-100 A 

Cadco, Incorporated 

Cadco Egg Washing CompoundH 

Caesar Chemical Manufacturing 

Brite-N-Kleen D 

Penny Trate D 

Cagle Associates, Inc. 

Aerosol Insecticide 5000 S 

Formula 410 Potable Water 

Treatment N 

200 Boiler Water Treatment M 

230 Boiler Water Treatment M 

260 Boiler Water Treatment M 

270 Boiler Water Treatment M 

Cajun Janitor Service & Supply 

Green Velvet A 

Cal Chem Company, Incorporated 

Formula #122-76 H 

Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. 

CMF #22 Hand Soap Lotion. ...Q 
CMF #33 Defoaming Agent A 

CMF #44 Concentrated 

General Purpose CI A 

CMF #55 Egg Washing 

Compound H 

Cal-Pac Chemical Company, Inc. 

Cal 1142 B 

Cal 1178 C 

Cal 1618 B 

Cal 1620 A 

Cal 186 A 

Cal 240 C 

Cal 262 B 

Cal 32 A 

Cal 675 B 

Cal 86 A 

Cal 92 A 

Glows A 

Kleen-AU A 

Cal-Tek Industries 

Advert M 

Aluminite B 

Aqua-Cal A 

Cal A-76 C 

Cal AC-1 A 

Cal AC-2 A 

Cal B-V-3 H 

Cal Bars A 

Cal Bee C 

CalCT-55 B 

Cal CT-60 B 

Cal Defoam D-F-S HH 

Cal Defoam D-F-6 HH 

Cal Det CC 

Cal Fish & Poultry Plant CI B 

Cal Foam A 

Cal Food Plant Cleaner B 

Cal Go Special #3 B 

Cal Go Special #4 B 

Cal Klor F 

Cal Klor Colored F 

Cal Kwik A 

CalL-P-6 A 

Cat L-P-7 H 

Cal Lubit A,BB 

Cal M-3-2 A 

Cal MSR 2 C 

Cal Packers Cleaner A 

Cal Pine-Clean P 

Cal Quat B F 

Cal R-E-2 H 

Cal San C A 

Cal 140 B 

Cal 2751 A 

Cal 33 M 

Cal 40 B 

Cal 40 & B B 

Cal 415 A 

Calex N-C A 

Calex 5-A-2 B 

Calex 5-B A 

Cleanite D D 

D-Scale 2 C 

D-Tar R 

Dish Shine A 

Drain Opener O 

Du-Cal A 

Du-Cal #2 A 

Electronic B 

Electronic C A 

Electronic X B 

Galvanizing Brightener C 

Han Cal C P 

Impact B 

Lift-Off A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Speedie A 

Loob Supreme A,BB 


Lubit BJ A.BB 

Maid Kleen E 

Packers Cleaner HD B 

Packers Cleaner HD2 B 

Packers Cleaner HD3 B 

Pan-Glow A 

Powdered Acid Concentrate C 

Red Devil O 

Rinse Kleer A 

Rust-Off P B 

Rust-Off 2 C 

Rustgoe B 

Sof Suds A 

Speedie A 

Steam ite D 

Steamite 'D' A 

Steamite Aviation A 

Steamite NL A 

Steamite Z A 

Super Cal C B 

Super Cal 4 A 

Teklene B 

Universal A 

Universal 4 A 

Universal 5 A 

XL-30 A.BB 

Calfonex, Incorporated 

Calfonex Silicone AA 

Calgon Corporation 

Acid Cleaner 408 C 

Acid 817 C 

Alkaline Cleaner 428 B 

Antifoam C-l M 

Approve Q 

Aura A,H 

Bactergcnt G,GG 

Banox No. l-PF N,Z 

Banox No. 10 N,Z 

Banox 1-p N,Z 

Big Cat A.BB 

Boiler Treatment HW-CD M 

Boiler Treatment SW-CD M 

Boiler Water Treatment HW- 

200 M 

Boiler Water Treatment ZS-200M 

Burosil M 

BA-10 Antifoam M 

BA-11FP Antifoam M 

BA-119FP Antifoam & Sludge 

Contl Treat M 

C-39 Corrosion Inhibitor Z 

C-7 Corrosion Inhibitor Z 

C-8 Corrosion Inhibitor Z 

C-979 Powdered Acid Cleaner ..C 

Cal Clean A 

Calade A 

Calgolac A,V 

Calgon (glass) A,Z 

Calgon #3 Conveyor Lube BB 

Calgon Pump Protector BB 

Calgon Unadjusted Crushed A,M,Z 

Calgon Unadjusted Glass A.M.Z 

Calgon Unadjusted Powder A.M.Z 

Calgon Water Conditioner Z 

Calgon Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Calgon 109 Q Q 

Calgonite A 

Calgosil N 

Clor-Ade A 

Composition TG N,Z 

Composition TG-10 N,Z 

Conditioner 206 A.V.Z 

Conditioner 412 A.Z.V 

CB-150 Boiler Treatment M 

CB-260 Boiler Treatment M 

CB-265 Oxygen Scavenger M 

CB-315 Condensate Treatment M 
CC-280 Corrosion & Scale 

Inhibitor N 

CC-400 Silt Control Treatment .N 

CC-800 Plates N,Z 

CC-850 Crystals Z 

CL-246 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

CL-427 F 

CL-50 Corrosion and Deposit 

Inhibitor M,V,Z 

CL-56 Corrosion Inhibitor N 

CL-70 Corrosion and Scale 

Inhibitor N 

CS-420 Wash Sanitizer G.H.I.K 

Detergent 6152 A 

Dishmate A 

Econcmy Powdered Acid C 

F-95 Filming Corrosion 

Inhibitor M 

Fantastic A 

Food Grade Silicone AA 

Formula CK A 

FA-114 Foam Additive A 


FF-108 FF 

FP Burolock M 

FP Dispersive M 

FP-89 Oxygen Scavenger M 

General Cleaner Concentrate....A 

H-106 Microbiocide N 

H-204 Microbiocide N 

Hand Cleansing Lotion W 

Hclcat A 

Hi-Lo A 

Hi-Suds D 

Hi-Time A 

Industrial Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Instant Dry Bleach CC 

Instantrcat Z 

JA-224 Gel Additive A 

L C 426 Concentrate A 

Liquid Economy Cleaner A 

Liquid Ice Machine Cleaner C 

Liquid Scale Dissolver C 

Liquid Soak-Eze A 

Liquid Steam Cleaner A 

Lube 423 BB 

Lube 440 BE 

Lubricant 41 1 BB 


LP-I59S Boiler Treatment M 

LP-209 Boiler Treatment M 

Maxade B 

Microbiocide 22 N 

Micromet A,Z 

Micromel Crystals Z 

Micromet Plates N,Z 

Micromet Plates-Formula 18G ..N 

Micromet 6R Z 

No. 1 1 Algaecide N 

No. 33 Algaecide N 

No. 340 Liquid Scale Inhibitor. N 

NL-100 M 

NL-80 Condensate Corrosion 

Inhib M 

NL-90 Condensate Corrosion 

Inhib M 

NLD-909 Condensate 

Corrosion Inhibitor M 

P-2000 B ' 

P-2003 B 

Pax Solv W 

Paxit W 

Pay load A 

Pinnacle A 

Plumclean Acid C 

Powdered Acid Cleaner C 

Power Wash Compound A 

Powr-Clor A 

Powr-Jet A 

Resolve A,H 

S-125 D 

S-33 C,I 

S-44 A 

S-88 A 

S-88-L A 

Safe'N Sure Q 

Scale Remover C 

Scale-Gon C 

Seasontreat Z 

Skin Care Lotion W 

Soak Cleaner 737 B 

Soak-Eze A 

Sparkleen A 

Spot Guard A 

Spray Off A 

Super-Klecn A.CC 

Surf-Kleen A,CC 

Syn-Cide N. R G.GG.J 

Syn-Dek A 

Syn-Sol F.H.I 

SL-34 M 

SL-500FP M 

SMS-422 G 

SP-763 A 

SW-3 H 

Thick N Quick D 

Totil i 

V-419 H 

Vantage A 

Zephyr A 

California Soap Company, Inc. 

Hilite Suds A 

Caljen Sales Company 

Fast Clean D 

(alia Chemical Company/ A Div. of 
Diversified Chemicals Corp. 

Calla 30IA Lemon D 

Calla 305 A 

Calusa Chemical Company 

Calchlor Concentrate CC 

Indus. H D CC 

Soapthetic CC 

Calvert Chemical Company, The 

Cal-Phos TCL I 

Cameo Products, Incorporated 

No Foam A 

No. 59 Heavy Duty Cleaner D.Q 

Spray Clean 81 A 

Cameo Paper & Supply Co. 

Cleaner/Degreaser A 

Camie-Campbell, Inc. 

Camicide 2 In 1 S 

Camie Formula #666 AA 

Formula #110 Camie Sil. Lub. 
& Mold-Rel AA 

Camp Laboratories, Incorporated 

Concentrated Pyrethrum 

Compound S 

DeGerm F 

Digest R 

Glo-tone Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Grease-No-More D 

Grease-No-More Spcl Formula. A 

GTC Enzymes O 

Odor-Solv R 

Organic Digester O 

S.D. #40 A 

Sanicamp Deodorant R 

Sanitizer Detergent H 

SP #164 A 

Campbell Chemicals, Inc. 

New Spr Camicide Inset Sp. 

Form #100 S 

New Spr Camicide Inset Sp. 

Form #200 S 

Campus bio Chemical, Inc. 

Bio-Zyme O 

Can-Am Industries, Inc. 

AC-10 C 

Clear VU Ready To Use Glass 

Cleaner R 

D.O. 5 Liquid Drain Opener O 

Ecolo-Blue D 

Monarch D 

Canady Laboratories, Inc. 

Canady's Bowl Cleaner P 

E.Z. Kleen D 

Floor & All Purpose Cleaner ,...R 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

Super Brick Brite A 

Super E-Z Clean A 

Canberra Corporation 

Clinging-Low Acid 

HuskyC/LToilet Bowl CI P 

Husky Bowl/Tile Porcelain 

Cleaner P 

Husky Creme Cleanser E 

King Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

Thick&Cling.Form.H u 

skyT/CBowl/TilePor.Cl P 

Candy and Company 

Break 16 A 

Bright Beauty Concrete Floor 
Cleaner D 

Canter, E. L. Co. 

Elco-76 DDC A 

Cantol Inc. 

'That Green Stuff R 

"2-34' Concrete Cleaner D 

Aluminum Tray Cleaner A 

Asceptol Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

AS-33 Deodorizer R 

Blast A 

Bromophene 128 D 

Can Kleen P A 

Concentrated Liquid Hand 


Davol A 

Drain Devil O 

Encon 200 N 

Encon 261 ...N 

Encon 500 M 

Encon 500A M 

Encon 501 N 

Encon 510 M,Z 

Encon 511 M.Z 

Encon 512 M 

Encon 521 M 

F-L Concentrated Cleaner D 

Film Off (Powder) B 

Instant BB 

Instant Penetrant Lubricant BB 

Kitchen Master (Liquid) A 

Kitchen Master Powder A 


Link R 

Liquid Film Off A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Lo-Foam D 


LT Cleaner A 

Otrol W R 

Power Plus O 

Power Powder R 

Sandco Wax And Finish 

Remover D 

Sanipor P 

See Spray D 

Seelect D 

Seelect A-M F 

Sil-X BB 

Sterylite P 

Sure Kleen D 

Tech 'LA' C 

Tech '10 - F,H 

Tech Amo R 

Tech Powerhouse R 

Tech Quaternary G 

Tech 121P A 

Tech 123 PH B 

Tech 124 PN B 

Tech 126P A 

Tech I28P B 

Tech 150 B 

Tech 289 A 

Tech-Cide T 

Washwell Liquid Soap Q 

Zinc-O-Lube BB 

84-10 Multi-Purpose Truck 

Cleaner A 

Cape Ann Chemical Company 

Kope A 

Cape Cod Chemical Co. 

Defoam HRA O 

Cape Fear Janitorial Supplies Co. 

Hi-Action Cleaner D 

Capital Chemical Co. of Richmond, 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

AA Chlorinated All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

AA General Purpose Cleaner. ...A 
AB General Purpose Cleaner ...A 

Boiler Water Treatment N 

BF Heavy Duty Cleaner B 


Capital Coco Q 

Capital CS-6 F 

Capital HMB C 

Capital 10 X 

Capital 11 Y 

Capital 12 A 

Capital 13 X 

Capital 15 B 

Capital 17 B 

Capital 25 D 

Capital 250 

Capital 26 A 

Capital 27 B 

Capital 29 A 

Capital 32 A 

Capital 33 B 

Capital 9 A 

Capital 96 A 

Chlorinated Kettle Kleen 

Cleaner B 

C1P Cleaner A 

DMW Spray Cleaner A 

FG Acid Powder Cleaner C 

GA Regular C 

Hook and Trolley Cleaner B 


Shroud Cleaner A 

Tripe Cleaner EG X,Y 

Capital City Restaurant Supply 

Hand Dishwashing Compound. .A 

KP-Grill and Oven Cleaner D 

Special Degreaser D 

Capital Sanitary Supply Co., Inc. 

Cap-San Big-T-Pine 555 Pine 

Odor Disnf R 

Cap-San Quat Sanitizer G,GG 

Cap-San Ready To Use Hand 

Soap Q 

Cap-San Solv-All Extra Hvy 

Dty Clnr Dgrs A 

Cap-San T-Mint Disinfectant ....P 
Cap-San 40% Pure Coconut Oil 

Hand Soap Q 

Capsan A 

Capitol Chemical Industries, Inc. 

#705 Pine Odor Disinfectant .. R 

Capitol Hill Run-A-Way T 

Fly-A Way S 

Help Concentrate D 

Kwik-Foam A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Minuteman D 

Capitol Oil & Grease Co. Inc. 

Industra-Lube No. 104-P Food 
Mach. Greas AA 

Capitol Soap Corporation 

Poly-Sorb MM 

Carbola Chemical Co., Inc. 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Control #1 M 

Control #2 M 

Control #3 M 

Control #4 M 

Control #7 M 

Carbon Solvents Laboratories, Inc. 

FL/390 M 

Carder Chemical & Janitorial Supply 

Emulsion Bowl Cleaner P 

Cardinal Chemical Company 

Card-O-Sect S 

Cardinal Insecticide S 

Cardinal Mill Spray S 

Cardinal Pimalarin #1 

Emulsifiable T 

Cardinal Pimalarin #2 Non- 

Emlsfbl T 

Cardinal SF-1 Insecticide.. S 

Cardinal SF-2 Insecticide S 

Concentrated Insecticide X-10- 

1 S 

Concentrated NE 10-1 

Insecticide S 

General Purpose Fogging 

Insecticide S 

Mill Fogging Spray No. 3 S 

Mill Kill Insecticide S 

Premium Grade Card-O-Sect ...S 
Premium Grade Card-O-Sect 

#25 S 

Premium Grade Cardinal SF-2 

Insctcd S 

Premium Grade Cncntrt. NE- 

10-1 Insctcd S 

Premium Grade Cncntrtd. 

Insctcd. NE 5-1 S 

Premium Grade Mill Spray #3..S 
Premium Grade Mill Spray #35S 

Residual Insecticide T 

Stored Grain Protectant T 

Swifts Ready to Use Fly Spray 

#2 S 

Thermal Fogging Insecticide 

Type A S 

3% Malathion Insecticide T 

Cardinal Chemical Company 

Lustreen #HWF A 

Cardinal Chemical Company 

Cardinal DDVP-Ronnel 

Emlsfbl. Concntrt T 

Cardinal Spray #3610 S 

Diazinon 4E Insecticide T 

Emulsifiable Spray 

Concentrate #101 S 

Insect Spray 'B' S 

Insect Spray 'D' S 

Cardinal Paper Company 

All-Purpose Lemon Scented 
Cleaner D 

Care Chemical Corp. 

Care Concentrate A 

CD Cleaner Disinfectant 

Deodorizer Fngcd G 

Cargill, Incorporated 

Hgh Prty Lousi. Soft. Wtr 

Rock Salt CC 

Iodine Disinfectant G 

K-D Granulated Salt CC 

Water Softener Salt Pellets CC 

Carl Raster Company 

Anti-Foam K HH 

Comet A 

Hog Scald Compound X 

Hy-Clor G,K 

Jupiter B 

Lunar A 

Mars H 

Mercury B 

Meteor B 

Orbit C 

Pluto B 

Smoky B 

Stellar B 

Car Ian Corporation 

1 M Plus Grs Trap Sol. & Drn 
Fid Renvt O 

Carmel Chemical Corporation 

Banish R 

Formula F-2 S 

Formula F-3 S 

Formula F-5 S 

Formula F-500 S 

Carnation Chemicals Corporation 

Dyna-Brite C 

Dyno Brite Special C 

Dy no-Boil Out B 

Foam-Mate A 

Hi-Chlor-GP B 


Carnegie International Chemicals, 

CIC F 101 C 

CIC F 103 A 

CIC F 104 B 

CIC F 105 A 

CIC F 106 E 

CIC F 107 A 

CIC F 108 A 

CIC F 109 B 

CIC F 110 B 

CIC F 111 C 

CIC F 112 A 

CIC F 113 B 

CIC F 114 D 

CIC F 115 A 

CIC F 116 A 

CIC F 117 B 

CIC F 118 C 

CIC F 119 B 

CIC F 120 A,Z 

CIC F 121 A 

CIC F 123 B 

CIC F 124 B 

CIC F 128 A 

CICF 129 C 

CIC F 130 A 

F-126 A 

F-127 A 

F-131 C 

F-132 B 

F-133 D 

F-134 A 

F-135 B 

F-136 A 

F-137 B 

Carolina Industrial Supply 

Aquacide S 

Big 'G' A 

Chem Tronic D 

Fast Klean C 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

Gent Concentrate D 

L-Tox Spray S 

Lemon Tree Cleaner and 

Deodorant R 

Lo-Sudz D 

Miracle Cleaner Concentrate ....D 

Mr. Brite Porcelain Cleaner P 

Odo-Rout R 

Orange Deodorant R 

Power Concentrate Emulsion 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Remuv-Ox C 

Steam Cleaner Liquid B 

Whirlpool Drain Opener O 

Whomp O 

Carothers Termite & Pest Control 

Institutional Aerosol 
Insecticide S 

Carpenter/Offutt Papers, Inc. 

Serviceline Blast Off D 

Serviceline Bust Up A 

Serviceline Citro-San D 

Serviceline Hy-CIean 

Cleaner/Degreaser D 

Serviceline S-L Concentrate D 

Serviceline S-Phene D 

Carriage Trade Company, Inc. 

Butyl All A 

G-Cide 401 D 

HGC 99 F 

Indy 500 F 

LF-90B A 

N-101 HF D 

Ox-201 D 

P-600 A 

Q-100 R G 

Super Butyl A 

Carroll Company 

Add + Automatic Dishwash 

Detergent A 

Ail-Off R 

Ammoniated Glass Cleaner R 

Anti-Foamer A 

Benzin 90 R 

Cardinal Concentrated Cleaner .D 
Cardinal Without Color & 

Perfume Cone CI A 

Carrosol Brand Ant&Roach 

Killer T 

Carrosol Brand Flying Insect 

Killer S 

Carrosol Brand Foaming 

Disinfectant CI R 

Carrosol Brand Glycol Air 

Sanitizer R 

Carrosol Brand Ocide R 

Carrosol Brand Winda Shine ....R 
Chlorinated Detergent SanitizerF 

Chlorinated Top Flight A 

Chlorinated Wash Sanitizer F 

Clear Lemon Disinfectant P 

Combo Cleaner Disinfectant F 

Companion Cleaner D 

Concentrated Windshield 

Cleaner R 

Cowboy Heavy Duty 

Concentrate D 

Cube Deodorant Block R 

De-Foamer A 

Drain Opener O 

Dry Chlorine Bleach CC 

DD-30 Hand Dishwashing 

Detergent A 

Emulsion Lemon Disinfectant ..P 

ENTrance A 

Fatscope Heavy Duty Foaming 

Cleaner A 

Glisten Thick Toilet Bowl 

Cleaner p 

Golden Cleaner D 

Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner. ..B 
Heavy-Duty Chemical 

Deodorant R 

Lime-Off C 

Locomotion Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

Lord Nelson Bowl Cleaner P 

LD-32 A 

LD-33 A 

Multi-D Cleaner-Degreaser D 

Multi-Q Sanitizer G,GG 

Muriatic Acid Utility Cleaner ...C 
Nitty Gritty Powdered Hand 

Cleaner p 

Ocide 2 Disinfectant and 

Deodorant R 

Ocide 200 p 

Pack-O-Powr D 

Palpon Q 

Pine Det Pine Odor 

Disinfectant R 

Pine II Pine Odor Disinfectant. .R 
Pine uat Pine Odor 

Disinfectant R 

Pink Max Heavy Duty Cleaner. D 
Porcelain and Toilet Bowl 

Cleaner p 

Pretty Potty p 

Pure Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Pure Pine Oil Emulsifiable R 

Quat Sanitizer G.GG 

Rcady-for-use Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Round Deodorant Block R 

S-1000 A 

Solvs-it A 

Spray Solvs-It R 

Strongarm Concrete Floor 

Cleaner R 

Sul-Fury O 

Sunshine Laundry Detergent ....CC 
Super Ocide Hospital Clnr.- 

Disinfectant R 

Super Six D 

T Mint Disinfectant P 

T Pine Pine Odor Disinfectant 

Five R 

Ten Pine Odor Cncntrtd 

Disinfectant R 

Thick Pink Hand And Body 

Soap Q 

Thick Thick Thick Porcelain & 

Bowl Clnr P 

Thrifty Mint Disinfectant P 

Thrifty Pine R 

Triple Concentrated Hand 

Soap Q 

Verde A 

Winda-Shine R 

Wired Toilet Bowl Deo. Block. .R 

389 Cleaner C 

40% Coco-Castile Soap Q 

40% Pure Coconut Oil Hand 

Soap Q 

922 Institutional Machine 

Dishwash B 

Casco Chemical Company 

Boiler Compound Solution #1 ..M 

Cato Oil and Grease Company 

Mystik Anti-Leak Industrial OilBB 
Mystik FG-0 Food Machinery 

Grease AA 

Mystik FG-2 Food Machinery 

Grease A A 

Mystik FG-70 Fd Ma. Oil Code 

1982 AA 

Mystik Hi-Temp JT-6 BB 

Mystik JT-7 Multipurp Gear 

Lub.SAE80-90 BB 

Mystik JT-7 Multipurp Gear 

LubSAE90-140 BB 

Mystik SSG/825 Gear Lub. 

SAE 80W-140 BB 

Wanda Lubrizide 22A BB 

Cavalier Chemical Company, Inc. 

AD-5100 D 

Bake Pan Cleaner HH A 

Can Washing Compound A 

Car Wash Liquid No. 22 D 

Cavalier All Purpose Cleaner & 

Degreaser D 

Cavalier FP-109 A 

Cavalier LC 1152 CC 

Cavalier Silicone Spray AA 

Chlorinated Dish-O-Matic A 

Concrete Cleaner D 

CIP 17 B 

Dual Chlor p,K 

Flash d 

Formula FP-109 A 

Formula H-334 A 

Formula Ml 19 A 

Formula No. 605 F 

Formula 1 145 CC 

Formula 1427 q 

Formula 1450 R 


Formula 301 A 

Formula 341 A 

Formula 342 A 

Formula 900 D 

Formula 901 A 

Formula 902 A 

das* washing Compound A 

H 339 A 

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner D 

Hy Pressure Cleaner B 

Hydro-Chlor F 

lodex G 

IND-1510 A 

Jester NF A 

Jester OF B 

Liquid Concentrate 125 A 

Liquid Concentrate 126 A 

Liquid Drain Solvent O 

LC-1151 CC 

Magic A 

Meat Plant Cleaner No. 50 A 

Meat Plant Cleaner No. 7 B 

Meat Plant Cleaner No. 70 B 

Mint-O-Green R 

New G-R Germicidal Rinse G 

NIH-15 F.K 

Pantastic with Germicide F 

Pantex A 

Peak C 

Peak LF C 

Prompt A 

Purge A 

Rinse-It A 

Sani Sol A 

Sanolac #5 A 

Sanolac #7-0 B 

Scale & Film Remover C 

Sewer Solvent O 

Speedy D 

Spraize D 

Steam Cleaner AD 1235 B 

Steam King A 

Cavalier Industries, Incorporated 

Cavalier Concentrate A 

Cavalier Fogging Spray S 

Cavalier H.D Drain Opener O 

Cavalier Lanolin Waterless 

Hand Cleaner W 

Cavalier Orange Concentrate ...D 

Cavalier Power Clean A 

Chain & Cable Lubricant BB 

Power Foam R 

Sani-Lube A A 

Silicone Spray A A 

Wyte-Ease BB 

Cayuga Rock Salt Company, Inc. 

High Purity Northern Wtr 
Softnr Salt CC 

Cecil H. Jarrett Company, Inc. 

B-24 Safe Fireproof Cleaner A 

D.C.D. Disinfectant Cleaner D 

Jarrett's It All Purpose Cleaner A 

Cello Chemical Company 

Cello Cleaner-Disinfectant- 

Deod F 

Cello Pink '> odorant Liq. 

Hand Soap #506 Q 

GRL All-Purpose Clnr 

Concentrate D 

Habit Deodorant Lotion Hand 

Soap #27 Q 

Industrial Cleaner 55 D 

Cem-Tex, Incorporated 

Super 71 A 

Cenol Company 

Dry Fly Killer (Green) T 

Fogging Spray SBP-1382 KiU 

Quick S 

Food Plant Pressurized Insect 

Spray S 

Hi-Pressure Industrial Aerosol 

Bomb S 

Industrial Insect Spray S 

Kill Quick Concentrate S 

Mill Spray S 

One-Shot T 

Professional Insect Killer 

Bomb S 

Prolin Bait Station for Rats and 

Mice U 

Prolin Ready To Use Mice 

Station U 

Pyrethrum Pro Concentrate S 

Roach & Household Insect 

Spray T 

Water Soluble Warfarin U 

Center State Petroleum 

FM White Grease No. 2 AA 

Central Arkansas Industrial Service 

Cais 701 M 

Cais 703 M 

Cais 704 M 

Cais 710 M 

Cais 731 M 

Central Chemical Company, Inc. 

#25 Concentrate D 

'44' Deluxe B 

'44' M A 

Bactro-Cen F 

CC. Concentrate D 

Cen-Kill S 

Cen-Quat F 

Cen-Solve D 

Cone. Complete BWT 

Chemical Solution M 

D-Klog O 

Derma-Cen Q 

Fligone S 

Fligone II S 

Fligone Spray Insect Killer S 

Nufome Concentrate A 

Pheno-Cen R 

Porcenal P 

Power-Cen A 

Ready to Use Surgical Liq. 

Soap Q 

Sani-Cen P 

Surgical Liquid Soap 40 Q 

WT-96 Special A 

Central Chemicals 

CB-20 N 

CB-200 N 

CB-222 M 

CB-81 M 

CBP-34 M 

CW-13 N 

Central Cleaning Service & Supply 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

R.I.S.-15 T 

Central Janitors' Supply Co. 

A-101 Clean All A 

Concrete Cleaner R 

Liquid Soap Q 

Low Suds Laundry Detergent.. .CC 

Spray AU D 

Vista D 

Central O-B Products Company, Inc. 

Kil-O-Mist S 

Kil-O-Mist No. 315 

Concentrate S 

O-B Cleaner A 

O-B Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

O-B Liquid Detergent A 

O-B Meat Hook Cleaner B 

6-B No. 101 Smoke House 

Cleaner B 

O-B No. 350 Smoke Stick 

Cleaner A 

O-B No. 356 Smoke Stick 

Cleaner A 

O-B 15% Liquid Soap Q 

O-B 990 Power Wash A 

Central Petroleum Company 

Blaster H.D. Concentrated 

Cleaner A 

George A 

Central Products, Inc. 

Central #20 Steam Cleaner 

Liquid B 

Central #25 All Purpose Heavy 

Duty B 

Central Super Heavy Duty 

Cleaner A 

Central Yellow Tiger Concrete 

Cleaner D 

Fog-O-Spray S 

Central Soya 

Gilt Edge Rat Bait U 

Gilt Edge Rat Bait Thro Pac U 

Gilt Edge Sugar Fly Bait T 

Master 1-0 G 

Master Mix Blue Death Rat 

Bait U 

Master Mix Blue Death Throw 

Pak U 

Master Mix Fly & Mosquito 

Insect Kir S 

Master Mix Mouse&Rat Bait 

Throw Pak U 

Master Mix Pro-White Egg 

Detergent H 

Master Mix Rat Bait U 

Master Mix Sugar Fly Bait T 

Century Chemical Company 

Century Jet #403 A 

Century Jet #404 A 

Jet Quick #400 D 

Century Chemical Corporation Div. 
Of Century Papers, Inc. 

Act R 

Centurion Cleaner R 

Cleaner-Degreaser D 

CC Concentrate P 

CC Deodorant Blocks R 

CC Glass Cleaner R 

Dina-Mite Sulfuric Acid Drain 

Opener O 

Gran A 

Liquid Lite-Ning A 

Mint Disinfectant P 

Mint Disinfectant P 

Mr. Jon P 


Mr. Jon's Helper Deodorant 

Blocks R 

Multi-Quat 200 G 

MPC Multi-Purpose Cleaner D 

Pine Scent Disinfectant R 

Pine Scent II Disinfectant R 

Pink Lotion Q 

Pink Petal A 

Pure Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Super Mr. Jon Instant Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Thrifty Hand Soap Ready to 

Use Q 

Thrifty Hand Soap Ready To 

Use Q 

WilO MPC Concentrate D 

Wow O 

40% Liquid Toilet Soap Q 

40% Liquid Toilet Soap Q 

Century Laboratories, Incorporated 

Action-Flo P 

Aqua Tower Slimicide 

Algaecidc N 

Award Skin Cleanser Q 

Big Red O 

Bom Bard Super Flying Insect 

Bomb T 

C.L. 600 Hospital Disinfectant. R 

Cen-O-Bate R 

Ccn-Tef BB 

Century Bowl Cleaner P 

Century Creme Cleanser P 

Century Gel R 

Century Pine Oil Disinfectant. ..R 

Century Sewer Aid O 

Century Vac D 

Century 20 R 

Complete R 

Conquest R 


CL-100 F 

CL-1244 Industrial Deodorant. R 

CL-300 D 

CL-33 BB 

CL-500 Hospital Germicidal 

Detergent R 

CLL 435 Heavy Duty Cleaner. D 

Deep Fat Fry B 

Foaming Power R 

Glitter R 

Hancho Heavy Duty Cleaner. ...A 

In & Out T 

Insecto Mist T 

J. B. Concentrate Cleaner A 

L-P-C O 

Liquid Live Micro-Organism ....O 

Luv It W 

Medic P 

Mercedes CLS-48 Q 

One-Shot O 

Pure NCIean P 

Ram P 

Sir-Gent Lotion Soap Q 

Smooth W 

Top Banana R 

Triple Action Cleaner B 

Vinyl And Synthetic Leather 

Cleaner R 

Wipe Out 4E T 


40 Plus Q 

Cerfact Laboratories 

A-C Cleen A 

Aqua-Cerf 145 M 

Aqua-Cerf 185 N 

Aquacerf 1 10 M 

Aquacerf 120 M 

Aquacerf 200 M 

Briteshine A 

C-Deep D 

C-Treat D 

C-3271 C 

C-700 M 

Cerfact 100 A 

Cerfact 800 

Cerfact 900 A 

Cerfact 930 BB 

Cerfactant Power Action 

Detergent D 

Cerfactol D 

Cerfcide S 

Cerfcide Aerosol S 

Cerfcide Concentrate S 

Cerfkill Formula B T 

Cerflan Q 

Cerflash D 

Cerfmaid A 

Cerfox C 

Cerfsan P 

Cerfsecl S 

Cerfsil BB 

Cerfsol P 

Cerf steam A 

Cerftize F 

Cerftrol R 

Cerfzyme O 

Cergent Q 

Cerphene D 

Cir A 

Cleen & Shine R 

Cleenz W 

Concrete Renovator D 

D-Scale 211 C 

Dishcleen A 

Dizzolv O 

Easy Kill U 

Fact D 

Foam Out A 


Hell on Ice R 

HP 10 D 

Launder Cerf CC 

Lubefact EP-AA AA 

Lubeloc BB 

Poly-Clean P 

Pro-Cream W 

Pronto-Cleen C 

Radiant R 

Rapid D 

Re-Pel R 

Rout P 

Rust Off C 

S.S. 250 

S.T. 101 R 

Safix P 

Sanicerf R 

Sila-Cerf AA 

Silt-X CT N 

Spotless A 

Strike R 

Suavesito Q 

Termafog S 

Viro-Cerf II R 

X-Scale C 

Certified Chemical Company 

Certified D.C.D D 

Certified Chemical Products 

Generation II A 

Certified Laboratories/ Division of 
NCH Corporation 

'76 Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

Accel A A 

Algon-X N 

Aqua-Sol A 

Bay side P 

Bio-Last O 

Boilex N 

Bolt-Off BB 

Bug-X T 

C.A.-N.F O 

C-W Concentrate A 

Certamate . T 

Certi-Chlor R 

Certi-Chlor Concentrate R 

Certi-Etch C 

Certi-Fog Concentrate S 

Certi-Magic P 

Certi-Mist S 

Certi-Sect T 

Certicide S 

Certistaph D 

Certisuds D 

Certop SAE 80W-90 Gear Oii.BB 
Certop SAE 85W-140 Gear Oii.BB 

Courier BB 


CCL-24 BB 

CCL-500 BB 

CCL-600 AA 

CE-27 B 

Decona N 

Deolite R 

Double Action Odor Digester...R 

Dri-Lube BB 

Duo-Commander Hot Water 

Cleaner B 

Duotrex Liquid Cleaner and 

De scaler C 

Dysh A 

Emulside T 

Eze-Sheen R 

Five-Flo BB 

Free BB 

Germa-Cert D 

Glad A 

Gone R 

GiTr A 

Hi-T 3500 A 

Hi-Top BB 

HC-200 S 

Ice Pellets R 

Kattle-Scct S 

L.P.O. Liquid Pipe Opener O 

Liqua-Dysh A 

Liqua-Sect S 

Lube-Trac BB 

Luxury Concentrated Hand 

Soap Q 

Luxury-CPC Q 

Micro-Pel (aerosol) R 

Mint-A-Lene Disinfectant R 

Mitt Grit W 

Multoil 10W/40 BB 

Multoil 5W/20 BB 

New Gly San R 

New Gly-San (aerosol) R 

New Lok-Cease (aerosol) BB 

New Lok-Cease (bulk) BB 

No. 77 Steam Cleaning 

Compound A 

Now P 

Nu-Bowl P 

NM-40 Cleaner D 

NM-50 Cleaner and Descaler....C 

Odorless Vysol A 

Orbit D 

Packing House Cleaner B 

Perform-AU BB 

Pinalene R 

Punch Water-Soluble Industrial 

Cleaner D 


Ream O 

Reason A 

Resolve A A 

Romaire B R 

Romaire M R 

Sabre S 

Sabrecide S 

Slip BB 

Sparkle A 

Spring Q 

Steam-Off B 

Sting X T 

Stisect S 

Sunshine R 

Sure Flow O 

Sure-Fom Liquid Foam 

Additive A 

SPR-50 B 

T-Lube AA 

Task Q 

Therma-Lube A A 

Tnple-XXX U 

Twin-Lube BB 

TLF-44 AA 

Ultra-K Aerosol Bathroom 

Cleaner Dsnf P 

Ultra-K Concentrate P 

Vast R 

Viabac Part A & Part B O 

Vos-Ban Insecticide T 

Wildcat 3-C Heavy Duty 

Cleaner A 

Wildcat 3C Super-X Cleaner A 

WT-21 M 

Wl -22 N 

WT 31 M 

WT-33 N 


WT-51 N 

WT-61 M 

WT-88 :.N 

X-433 BB 

Zymex D 

106 C-Cleaner R 

3-C Wildcat Germ. Food Plant 

Clnr F 

3-D Odor Control R 

842 Industrial Cleaner A 

Cesco, Incorporated 

Al Clean #4 A 


Chloro-Clean A 

Dry Det A 

E-2000 G A 

Neutralizer No. 1 A 

ND-251 A 

ND-255 A 

ND-260A A 

ND-278 A 

RS-100 B 

Saf-Steam A 

Steam Clean A 

Steam Power B 

Steam Terg A 

20-A C 

30-P C 

707 B 

707-S B 

740-R B 

746 B 

778 A 

Cessco, Incorporated 

Bait-Tox Ready Mixed Rat 
Bait (Block) U 

Bait-Tox Ready Mixed Rat 

Bait (Meal) U 

Cessco Brand Aerosol 

Insecticide S 

Cessco Econoline Aerosol S 

Cessco Pro. Type Aerosol T 

Cessco 5 Aerosol Insecticide ....S 
Cessco 7 Aerosol Insecticide ....S 

CeC02 Chemical Company 

Blast D 

Blitz Disinfectant Foam 

Cleaner R 

Ce-Ox R 

Ce-Power D 

Digestant 250 Q 

Dizzolv R 

Formula 440 A 

Guardian BB 

Knock Out T 

Odor-Ban R 

Quick Drane O 

Release BB 

Residual Insecticide T 

Shimmer R 

Sila-Spray Silicone Lubricant ...AA 

Stericide F 

Treatment M 

Triple Threat A 

White & Tite Lubricant BB 

Challenger Products Co., Inc. 

Bio-Sure O 

Champion Chemical Company 

Blast-Off D 

Dynamite Neutral Detergent 

Clnr R 

Pine-Odor Disinfectant R 

Product No. 115 C 

Product No. 135 A 

Product No. 145 A 

Product No. 155 A 

Product No. 160 R 

Product No. 75 R 

Solvit D 

Twister D 

Champion Maintenance & Supply, 

Ammoniated Wax Stripper D 

Aquacide S 

Bole Aire P 

Champine R 

Citrosene 10 R 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Devil O 

Drain Opener O 

Dual-27 F 

Efficient F 

Emulsion Bowl Cleaner P 

Fix T 

Flush Drain Opener O 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

Heavy Duty Clnr (Pine Odor) R 

Hydra S 

Kleer Vue Window Cleaner R 

Mr. Brite P 

N-Odor R 

Perfumed Deodorant Blox 

No.l6In Hang Ups P 

Perfumed Deodorant Blox 

No.24In Hang-Ups P 

Perfumed Deodorant Cakes P 

Perfumed-Wired Bowl Blox P 

R.I.S.-I5 Residual Insecticide ...T 

Red Hot O 

Saphene II Q 

Sharp P 

Sol-Clean D 

Synthetic Cleaner Concentrate .D 

Tops A 

Vita Pine (Phenol Coef. 5) R 

Vita-Pine R 

6/49 Concentrate D 

Champlin Petroleum Company 

Beta 2W AA 

Deluxe Motor Oil SAE 10W BB 

Deluxe Motor Oil SAE 20W & 

20 BB 

Deluxe Motor Oil SAE 30 BB 

Deluxe Motor Oil SAE 40 BB 

Deluxe Motor Oil SAE 50 BB 

General Industrial Oil A BB 

General Industrial Oil B BB 

General Industrial Oil C BB 

General Industrial Oil D BB 

General Industrial Oil E BB 

Hydrol Oil Heavy HD BB 

Hydrol Oil Light HD BB 

Hydrol Oil Medium Heavy HD BB 

Hydrol Oil Medium HD BB 

Inhibited Turb. & Hydra Oil 

Hvy BB 

Inhibited Turb. & Hydra. Oil 

Light BB 

Inhibited Turb. & Hydra. Oil 

Med BB 

Inhibited Turb. & Hydra. Oil 

Med. Hvy BB 

Kappa M A A 

MGX Gear Lubricant #3 BB 

MGX Gear Lubricant #5 BB 

MGX Gear Lubricant #6 BB 

MGX Gear Lubricant #8 BB 

Chardon Laboratories, Inc. 

AC-74 C 

AF-16 M 

Big C D 

BF-10 M 

BF-5 M 

BG-10 M 

BH-10 M 

BJ-10 M 

BX-2 M 

BX-3 M 

BZ-10 M 


BZ-5 M 

Chardon 150 D 

Chardon 152 A 

Chardon 58 A 

Chardox 202 Insecticide T 

Chardox-808 S 

Conquest D 

CF-6 M 

CK-8 M 

Deo Sept P 

Deocide G 

DA 10 M 

DA-11 M 

Ecolo-Power D 

Exo therm 


Foam Process A 

FPC No. 7 F 

Germactin Q 

Glassy R 

Granular-Therm O 

JN-3 M 

JN-5 M 

JN-7 M 

JX 3 M 

JX-5 M 

JX-7 M 

Kitchen King D 



M-6 Cleaner A 

One-Two-Plus R 

Ox-Sol C 

PS220 B 

PS440 B 

PS880 B 

RL-21 M 

Sani-Safe P 

SW-06 N 

X-Tox 404 Insecticide S 

X-Tox 606 Insecticide S 

X-Tox 808 Insecticide S 

Charles A. Crosbie Laboratories, Inc. 

CC-3000 Deoxidized C 

Charles E. Hofmann Water Treating 
Company, The 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

1002 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

1003 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

1010 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

1052 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

1065 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

1808 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

1809 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

1811 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

1819 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

1871 M 

Cooling Water Treat. Form. 

No. 1005 N 

Return Line Treat. Form. No. 

850 M 

Water Treatment Formula No. 

1001A M 

Water Treatment Formula No. 

1020 M 

Water Treatment Formula No. 

1605 M 

Water Treatment Formula No. 

900 Z 

Charles G. Stott Co. 

Depart A 

Chase Products Company 

Lemon Glycolized Air 

Sanilizer Deodzr R 

Spraypak Dri-Film Graphite 

Lubrcnt (Aer) BB 

Spraypak Dry Lubricant & 

Release Agent BB 

Spraypak Dubl Duty Germ 

Odor Supp R 

Spraypak Flush Off 

Degreaser( Aerosol) R 

Spraypak Foaming Cleaner R 

Spraypak Four Way Action 

(Aerosol) BB 

Spraypak Glass Cleaner Spray. .R 
Spraypak Indian 

Spc.Glycolzd.AirSan.Deo R 

Spraypak Instant Foamer 

(Aerosol) R 

Spraypak Kleen Hand W 

Spraypak Penetrating Oil 

(Aerosol) BB 

Spraypak Quick-Kil Insecticides 

Spraypak Silicone Lubricant AA 

Spraypak Spray Disinfectant ....R 
Spraypak Surface Disinfectant 

& Deo R 

Spraypak Wasp Long Range 

Jet Spray T 

SprayPak Cool Mint Glyclzd 

Spy AirSantzr R 

Chaska Chemical Company, Inc. 

Ambush D 

Aqua Lotion Q 

Aqua Power A 

Aqua Treat Z 

Bleach Rite CC 

Bottle Brite B 

BMC-100 A 


Can-D C 

Char-Go B 

Chaska CLP B 

Chaska Dine G.GG.JJ 

Chaska-Chlor A 

Chaska-Chlor HD A 

Chaska-Q F,J 

Chaska-San F 

Chaska-Sol (Regular) C,H 

Chaska-77 A 

Chief Chaska A 

Chlor Chief A 

Clor 12 G.K.Z.GG 

Dairy Can-D Formula C 

Defoamer HH 

Del-Chlor A 

Destainer CC 

Dia Residual T 

Dine-O-Mite G,JJ 

Drain Rite O 

Du-EE A 

Eco-Sol C 

Foam Rite A 

G-G All Purpose A 

G-P Cleaner B 

Grease Go A 

GG Chelated Heavy Duty A 

GG Chlorntd Liq. Hvy Dty 

Detergent A 

GG Heavy Duty Caustic B 

GG Hvy Dty Liq. Alkaline CIP 

Detrgnt A 

GG Hvy Dty Liquid Alkaline 

Detergent A 

GG Manual Dtrgnt (Phosphate 

Free) A 

GG New H.D. Non-phos Liq 

Alk. Detrgnt A 

GG Special Acid Detergent C 

GG Special Manual Detergent ..A 

GG Special 8 A 

GG 8 (Phosphate Free) A 

H. D.-6 Regular C 

H-D-6 Controlled Suds A 

Heavy Duty Bowl Cleaner P 

Hi-Lite CC 

Hi-Speed BB 

K-P A 

Kelly Foam A 

Kelly Green A 

Kelly Klear A 

Kelly Klor A 

Kelly-Sol C 

Kik-1 S 

Kik-2 S 

Kik-3 S 

Kontrol H 

Licq Quid A 

Liqui-Date A 

Liquid Can-Clean A 

Liquid EG H 

Lube-Rite BB 

Lube-100 Deluxe Lubricant BB 

LMC-50 A 

M-G A,H 

Mandate A 

Meat Packers Special A 

New Chaska Sol C 

New Controlled Suds Liq. Can 

Clnr A 

Nu-Chlor A 

Nu-Lube BB 

Nu-Wet CC 

P.A.D A 

Phen-Nal D 

Pink Chlor-Chief A 

Pow F 

Q-K G 

Release A.CC 

S.M.C A.H 

Saf-Gard 40% Concentrate Q 

Seal-Dee L 

Scald-Rite L 

Ska-Lof C 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Smother R 

Solvit A 

Special D A.H 

Super Alkali V 

Super Alkali 30 B 

Super Alkali 30-C B 

Super Alkali 55 B 

Super Chief A 

Super Chief Egg Washing H 

Super G.P.C A 

Super Wet A 

Super-Kee A 

Super-Lime-Solv C 

Super-Solv C 

Sure-Cote Remover R 

T'n'T A 

Tac-San D 

Tac-San Plus G 

Trust CC 

Vari-Chlor A.H 

Wall'n Floor Cleaner D 

Wet-O-Wash V 

Wipe Off A 

WA-10 A 

X-Scale C 

X-Tra Wet CC 

Chattanooga Products Company 

AAA All Purpose Powdered 

Cleaner A 

C-P Neutral Cleaner A 

Chem Cal Supply Company 

#1 Safe All Purpose Cleaner & 
Degreaser A 

Chem Clean Janitorial 

Greasolv D 

White Magic CC 

Chem Pride, Inc. 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Hard Surface Cleaner No. 400. .D 

Liquid Hand Soap No. 470 Q 

Odor Control Granules #600 ....R 

Chem Spec Industries 

Sani-Lube A A 

Chem Tech Ltd. 

Chem Tech 1011 F 

Chem-Brite Industries, Inc. 

Attack Liquid Scouring Creme .R 


Bowlex Bowl Sanitizer P 

Break-Thru Powder O 

Deo-Gran R 

Emulsifiable Spray 

Concentrate S 

Formula 226 Heavy Duty 

Cleaner D 

Formula 227 Neutral pH 

Cleaner A 

Formula 408 Descaler And 

Delimer C 

Formula 902 Mint Odor 

Disinfectant Clnr R 

Gentle Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Insecticide T 

Lift Station Cleaner O 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Melt-Away Ice Melt R 

Neutri-Clean A 

Nibble O 

Pow Powdered Cleaning 

Compound A 

Release Liquid Drain Opener.. ..O 
Removes All Heavy-Duty 

Floor Cleaner R 

Rust Off C 

Score D 

Sil Silicone Spray AA 

Softness Powdered Hand Soap.P 

Strip-Ease D 

Swat AA Grade Fly Spray S 

Tempered Organic Digester O 

Three-Gly R 

Virucide F 

Whiz A 

Chem-Clean, Incorporated 

All Purpose Detergent A 

Chem-Clean Spray Clean 568. ...D 
Chlorinated Non-Foaming Egg 

Wash H 

Germ-X R 

Lemo-Clean-Dis D 

S & A Metal Clean A 

Spray Clean D 

Spray Clean 568-Low Suds D 

Chera-Co Diversified Corporation 

407 Liquid All Purpose Cleaner D 
409 Alkaline Foam Additive B 


Kleen Brite R 

Speedi R 

Zip P 

Chem-I-Matic, Inc. 

Pyranha 1-10 Livestk. Insect. 
Spc. Spy S 

Chem-Lab International 

Boil- A way A 

Bnte All C 


White N' Bright CC 

Chem-Lube Corporation 

K-12 Cleaner A 

K-21 General Purpose Cleaner. .B 

K-22 A 

K-27 C 

K-28 C 

K-3 Cleaner ....? B 

K-34 Liquid Cleaner D 

K-4 Soak Cleaner B 

K-45 Soak Cleaner B 

K-48 Chlorinated AU-Purpose 
Cleaner A 

K-5 B 

K-51 Cleaner A 

K-510 Cleaner A 

K-56 Cleaner D 

K-6 Scald L,X 

K-70 A 

K-75 B 

K-8 A 

K-87 Floor Cleaner R 

C hem-Masters Corporation 

AC-407 Series-Powder M 

AC-700 Series Liquid M 


FOS-8 Liquid M 

FOS-8 Powder M 

Internal Coagulant Liquid M 

Scivol Internal Coagulant- 
Liquid M 

Scivol-Liquid M 

Septa Phos Solution M 

Special Phosphate Powder M 

Special Powder M 

C hem-Power 

Auto Foam A 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-01 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-02 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-03 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-04 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-05 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-06 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-07 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-08 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-09 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-10 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-11 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-12 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-13 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-14 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-15 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-16 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-17 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-18 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-19 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-20 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-21 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-22 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-23 M 

Boiler Wtr Trtmnt Cone. Form. 

#18-24 M 

Chem Quick C 

Chem-Sheen R 

Deep Sink Detergent D 

DPW (Concentrate) R 

DPW (Regular) R 

Form. #19-04 No Streak Glass 

Clnr R 

Hydex A 

Hydro-Solv A 

Impact D 

Microcide G 

Odor Neutralizer Fresh Wick ...R 
Premium White Bentone 

Grease BB 

Rout S 

Safe-O-Lene D 

Sandorium-L F 

Terge-Off A 

Terge-Off A Formula 14-33 R 

Terge-Off C Formula 14-32 A 

Terge-Off R Formula 14-31 A 

Truck Foam A 

Woxon Heavy Duty Hand 

Soap Q 

Zero-Phos A 

Z1000 Concentrate A 

Z1000 Condensed Chemical 

Catalyst A 

Chem-Rite Products 

Chem-Foam A 


For-Way BB 

Chem-Sol Chemical, Inc. 

#30 Liquid Sewer Solvent O 

#31 Sewer Solvent O 

Big Boom A 

Big-O R 

Diskotek P.O R 

Duco-72 F 

LC-55 Steam Cleaner B 

Remov-Ox C 

Sewer Con R 

WS-309 A 

40% Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap ..Q 

Chem-Sultants, Inc. 

Heavy Duty Degreaser A 

Chem-Tech, Incorporated 

CD/400 D 

Chem-Tex, Incorporated 

Am-O-Suds R 

AS-501-B R 

Bac-San Bowl Cleaner P 

Black Disinfectant R 

Clear Tone Mist Cleaner D 

Clear Tread R 

Crestline Neutral Cleaner D 

Deo-Drane P 

Derma-San Q 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Purge O 


R-502 D 

Syn-O-Pine R 

Vita-Pine R 


Chemagro Agricultural Division 
Mobay Chemical Corporation 

Baygon 1 .5 T 

Baygon 2% Bait Insecticide T 

Baygon 70% Wettable Powder. T 

Baytex 4 T 

Entex 4 T 

Chemaide Products 

Clean-All C 


Chemation, Incorporated 

Chema-D-Degreaser FP A 

Chemax Corporation 

A.I.O. 1500 M 

Shackle Cleaner A 

Chemax Inc. 

Ace 572 A 

Cut 414 A 

Deft 413 A 

Draw 476 G 

Foam Jack-559 A 

Foam 849 A 

Fold 522 B 

Jack 570 A 

Kick 551 B 

Part 560 C 

Phostex 561 C 

Run 888 BB 

151 M 

158 M 

166 N 

169 M 

172.-. M 

174 M 

177 M 

183 M 

193 M 

234 M 

263 N 

270 M 

273 M 

279 M 

511 A 

Chemclean Corporation 

Chem-Zime O 

Chemclean #250B B 

Chemclean #35 D 

Chemclean #36 A 

Chemclean #500 C 

Chemclean #502 C 

Chemclean #77C A 

Chemclean #81C B 

Chemclean Deodorizer M R 

Chemclean 3I0-S D 

Chloro-Clean ALN A 

Drain Cleaner #80 

Handi-Clean EX A 

Supaclean A 

SC Cleaner A 

T-650 A 

T-655 D 

T-660 A 

TW Liquid Cleaner A 

Chemco Chemical Company 

All Purpose Dairy Cleaner A 

Alu-Lube E.P.G.-AA AA 

Biothrin S 

Borax Hand Soap P 

Car Wash A 

Chemco #1 D 

Chlorinated Machine Dishwash A 

Clean Up A 

Concrete Cleaner D 

CD-80 Rust Solv ..BB 

Derusting Cold Vat Compound. B 

Foaming Glass Cleaner R 

Food Plant Cleaner A 

Hand Dishwash A 

Hi Foam R 

Hot Vat Compound B 

Insect-O-Fog S 

Laundry Powder CC 

Longone S 

Moisture Guard BB 

Packing House Cleaner A 

Pinklor F 

Sanitary Lube H.D AA 

Sewer Pipe Cleaner O 

Silicone Spray BB 

Silicone Spray (Aerosol) AA 

Steam Cleaner-Heavy Duty B 

STSC-1050 A 

Zor-O-Cide S 

500 Diazinon Residual Spray ....T 

Chemco Industries, Incorporated 

Chemco #611 A 

Chemco #856 A 

Chemco #857 Super 

Concentrate A 

Chemco BB & G P 

Chemco Chain Lubricant BB 

Chemco Coconut Hand Soap....Q 
Chemco Liquid Drain Solvent ..O 

Chemco S-25 A 

Chemco Super Acid Cleaner C 

Chemco Unicide F 

Chemco Vat Dip B 

Chemco 800 D 

Emulsion Bowl-Kleen P 

Heavy Duty Odorless Concrete 

Clnr D 

NTI-25 S 

Rid All Disinf. Deodorant 

Sanitizer G 

Uniclean A 

Chemco Products 

E-Z-Steam A 

Chemco Products Company 

Chemco #2910 B 

Chemco #2913 C 

Chemco #2929 

Chemco #387 A 

Chemco #429 A 

Chemco #56 B 

Chemco #64 A 

Chemco Alk-Rus B 

Chemco Bonanza B 

Chemco Chem-Chlor A 

Chemco Chloro-Brite A 

Chemco Chloro-San A 

Chemco Con-Syn A 

Chemco Drain Opener O 

Chemco Foamzall A 

Chemco Heavy Duty 

Degreaser D 

Chemco Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Chemco Lubrite BB 

Chemco Lubrite 75 BB 

Chemco LC-U CC 

Chemco MR-1 C 

Chemco MR-2 C 

Chemco MSR C 

Chemco Packers General A 

Chemco Power Kleen R 

Chemco Power-Chem A 

Chemco Quik-Wipe D 

Chemco Rinse Add Z 

Chemco Steam Elite A 

Chemco Synterg D 

Chemco Target A 

Chemco Water Based 

Degreaser A 

Chemco 101 B 

Chemco 125 A 

Chemco 16 A 

Chemco 20 B 

Chemco 21 A 

Chemco 25 C 

Chemco 301 A 

Chemco 35 A 

Chemco 40 B 

Chemco 44 V 

Chemco 51 A 

Chemco 62 A 

Chemco 99 B 

Chemeen 100 M 

Chemquest 101 N 

Dynamist A 

Enerex 201 M 

Enerex 202 M 

H T S B 

Chemco Products, Incorporated 

Bo-Chem M 

Brute A 

C-13 K.V.Z.C 

Chembrite 1000 A 

Chemcide G.K.V 

Chemclean X-40 A 

Chemclean X-40-C A 

Chemclor F,K 

Chemco Bar Lube BB 

Chemco C D-D-B F 

Chemco Egg Wash H 

Chemco Swish D 

Chemco-NS D 

Chemdex A 

Chemglo Liquid A 

Chemlac C 

Chcmlac Concentrate C 

Chemlubc #1 BB 

Chemlube #2 BB 

Chcmrak #24 A 

Chemrak #25 A 

Chcmrak #26 B 

Chcmtek B 

Chemtile C 

Chcmtron A 

Dyna-Chem A,CC 

Dyna-Chcm No. 1 A 

Express Cleaner A 

Flo-Chem C 

Foaming Agent A 

Goliath B 

Lift-Off A 

Lift-Off Phosphate Free A 

Pro-Chem No. 1 A 

Pro-Chem No. 3 A 

Prochem D 

Ready to Use Liquid Soap Q 

Regular Liquid Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Remove B 

Spray Chem No. S A 

Spray chem B 

Sterichem A 

Sterichem No. 1 A 

Sterichem No. 2 B 

Super Glo-Chem A 

Super Liquid Soap ConccntrateQ 
Tru-Britc CC 

Chemcor, Inc. 

B-405 M 

B-520 M 

B-610 N 

Chemcraft Industries, Inc., The 

Bio Phene D 

Bio Quest F 

Bowl-Tek P 

Chemcraft Formula 311 D 

Chemcraft Saniteen Cleaner A 

Chemcraft Stainless Steel 

Cleaner C 

Chemi-Jel Floor Cleaner D 

Formula 312 Floor & Wall 

Cleaner P 

Formula 538 B 


if ' 









Formula 547 B 

Kleenaide 215 OD Q 

Kleenaide 220 OD Q 

Kleenaide 240 OD Q 

Neo Concentrate A 

Neo Solve D 

Synthelene Cncntrtd Detergent 

Chemec Co. 

Grad A A 

Chemesco of Virginia 

Activ VIII A 

Chemetron Corporation 

Cee-Bee C-100 A 

Cee-Bee C-31 1 H 

Cee-Bee C-312 H 

Cee-Bee F.mulso Clean 20 A 

Cee-Bee Powersan F 

Chemex Chemical Corporation 

100 B 

105 B 

106 B 

125 B 

180 A 

630 C 

631 C 

901 C 

910 A 

920 A 

933 A 

967 A 

Chemex Chemicals & Coatings Co., 

Chemex Stainless Steel Cleaner 

& Polish C 

Chex-Ston 780 C 

Go-Go Q 

Omni-Cocoanut 40 Concentrate Q 

Omni-GlO Bowl Cleaner P 

Omni- Super Concentrate A 

Omnimene Concentrate R 

Pan- Aid A 

Pastel Hand Dish Wash A 

Pine Odor Cleaner R 

Pink Pearl Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Porse-Brite P 

PLH-74 Pink Lotion Hand 

Soap Q 

Steam Power A 

Ston-Ease 781 C 

Chemex Industries, Incorporated 

AU-Kleen Stripper Degreaser....D 

Blue Streak D 

Bowl Master P 

Chemo Cide F 

Iodorite Concentrate F 

Scent-O-Lemon D 

Skip Concrete Cleaner D 

2300-FPP C 

2386-FPP A 

2399-FPP Egg Cleaning 

Compound H 

2414-FPP A 

2426-FPP B 

2434-FPP A 

2458-FPP B 

2675-FPP A 

2995-FPP C 

2997-FPP A 

Chemical & Engineering Associates/ 
A Division of Pro-Chem, Inc. 

Chlorinated Alkaline Cleaner 

PC-98 B 

Chlorinated General Purpose 

CI. PC -48 A 

Feather Softener PC-8 L 

Foam-AD PC-10 A 

General Purpose Cleaner PC-24A 

HD Caustic Cleaner PC-521 B 

Liquid Acid Cleaner PC-75 C 

PC-1 A 

PC-2 A 

PC-221 B 

PC-47 B 


PC-56 A 

PC-6 A 

PC-61 A 

PC-78 A 

PC-93 A 

PC-99 B 

PCL-12 B 

PCL-14 A 

PCL-92 A 

PCL-95 C 

Chemical Associates, Incorporated 

Econowash A 

Fleet Swipe A 

Formula I.L.D CC 

Formula XDL A 

Formula 100K A 

Formula 109A A 

Formula 1 10 A 

Formula 1 10NF H 

Formula 130 A 

Formula 132 B 

Formula 138 A 

Formula 140 NP D 

Formula 166 A 

Formula 182 B 

Formula 203 A 

Formula 209 A 

Formula 360 A 

Formula 405 C 

Formula 529 D 

Formula 555 A 

Formula 60 NF B 

Jet Swipe A 

No Phos Swipe A 

Super Egg Wash H 

Super No Phos A 

Super-Tergent A 

Swipe A 

Swipe Brite P 

Chemical Control, Incorporated 

BL-440 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

BP-440 Boiler Water TreatmentM 
CP-440 Boiler Water TreatmentM 
FL-440 Boiler Water TreatmentM 
HL-440 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

HL-441 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

NL-442 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

NP-442 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

VL-440 Potable Water 

Treatment Z 

VP-440 Potable Water 

Treatment Z 

Chemical Dynamics Corporation 

K-50 Heavy Duty-Multi- 

Purpose Cleaner R 

K-50 Hot or Cold Water Dry 

Bleach CC 

K-50 Hot or Cold Water 

Laundry Detergent CC 

K-50 Light Duty-Multi-Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Chemical Engineering Co., Inc. 

Chenco Type LPB-M BWT M 

Chenco Type PSB-M Pwdrd 

Chemical Engineers 

CE-R-5945 AA 

CE-0633 Inorg. Cmplx Food 

Mach. Grs AA 

CE-066 A 

CE-075 B 

CE-1182 BB 

CE-1255 Special Lube Grease. ..BB 

CE-129 C 

CE-137 A 

CE-1469 BB 

CE-157 AA 

CE-185 CC 

CE 189 L 

CE-190 D 

CE-216 D 

CE-2304 All Purpose Lube AA 

CE-256 A 

CE-265 B 

CE-316 A 

CE-336 H 

CE-437 A 

CE-465 A 

CE-5104 BB 

CE-536 A 

CE-562 A 

CE-620 C 

CE-625 P 

CE-652 A 

CE-7135 AA 

CE-727 A 

CE-765 A 

CE-816 A 

CE-820 C 


CE-904 B 

CE-9255 BB 

CE-9533 AA 

Razorback Red 452 A.Q 

8000 Spraymatic Gear Film BB 

Chemical Industries, Incorporated 

A.A.I. All Purpose Cleaner R 

Blue Diamond Stripper D 

Chem Strength 'O' A 

Cll Hard Surface A 

Dual Insect Spray S 

Germicidal Cleaner F 

Glass & Frame Cleaner R 

Knock-Out R 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Mint Disinfectant Coef. 5 R 

No. 25 Insect Spray S 

Oven-Grill & Fat Fry Cleaner. A 

Pine Cleaner R 

Pine Deodorant R 

Pink Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Sani-Lube Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Silicone Spray AA 

Sparkle R 

Super Concentrate Cleaner 

And Degreaser A 


Tef-Tape BB 

Teflon Spray BB 

Truck Wash A 

Window Cleaner R 

Chemical Lubricants Company 

Chem Cool WW Food Machine 
Grease A A 

Chemical Maintenance, Inc. 

Conquer D 

CM-11 Q 

CMI Blast Out Drain Opener. ...O 

CMI Lo-Foam D 

CMI Mountainaire Lemon 

Fragrance R 

CMI Quick Clean B 

CMI Surgical Hand Soap Q 

CMI Treat Concentrated 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

CMI 100 Plus A 

Dia-Tox Roach & Ant Killer T 

Dia-Tox Roach Spray T 

Ezy-Foam A 

Formula 620 G 

Germ-O-Kill F 

Ice-Off R 

Limes Off C 

Liqui-Zyme O 

Lo-Foam D 

Mountainaire Bouquet 

Fragrance R 

Mountainaire Spice R 

No Bind Silicone Lubricant AA 

Phen-O-Kill D 

Phen-O-Kill 256 D 

Pyro-tox Super Strength 

Insecticide S 

Pyro-Tox Big Boy S 

Pyro-Tox Contact Insecticide ...S 

Pyro-Tox Insect Killer S 

Pyro-Tox 710 S 

Pyro-Tox 710 Contact Insect. 

(Fogger) S 

Pyro-Tox 710 Contact 

Insecticide S 

Quick Clean D 

SOB. Meat Department 

Degreaser D 

Surgical Q 

Swift Clinging Bowl Cleaner P 

Triple Threat Bowl Cleaner P 

Twin Disinf . Deodorant & 

Sanitizer P 

X-Cell A 

X-Cell MP A 

Chemical Packaging Corporation 

Block Out (Aerosol) R 

Chemi-Cap Chain & Cable BB 

Chcmi-Cap Dual Synergist 

Insctcd S 

Chemi-Cap Glass Cleaner R 

Chemi-Cap Insect Spray T 

Chemi-Cap No. 25 Insect 

Spray S 

Chemi-Cap Oven Protector AA 

Chemi-Cap Sani-Lube 

(Aerosol) AA 

Chemi-Cap Sani-Lube (Bulk)....AA 

Chemi-Cap Silicone Spray AA 

Chemi-Cap Skin Shield Cream. .W 
Chemi-Cap Spray Silicone 

Release A A 

Chemi-Cap Touch-Up All Purp. 

Clnr R 

Chemi-Cap Wyte-Ease BB 

Lanolin Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Silicone Release (Bulk) AA 

TEF-Tape BB 

TFE Fluorocarbon Lubricant. ...BB 

Chemical Products Company 

Ems 606 D 

Ems 650 Neutral Fragrance F 

Ems 680 D 

Chemical Products Company 

Aqua Solve A 

Conquest A 

Chemical Products Corporation 

Sodium Metasilicate, 

Pentahydrate A 

Chemical Products Mfg. Corp. 

Chempro Clean B 

Chemical Research & Development 

Gold-End Fly Bait T 

Chemical Research Corp. 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Jewel A 

Lemonee D 

Liquid Super 'C D 

Neutral Cleaner D 

Super Z D 

Chemical Research Products 

Blaze-Off D 

Cope FG R 

CRP Drione T 

Golden Concentrate X A 

Sani Suds Detergent A 

Star Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Chemical Resources Inc. 

CR-44 Concentrate A 

Chemical Sales & Service Co. 

Detergent No. 23 CC 

Detergent No. 980 C 

Smokehouse Tree Cleaner No. 

751 B 

Tripe Cleaner Y 

Chemical Service Division of 
American Chemmate Corp. 

Aerocide Odor Control 

Granules R 

Amplifex R 

ATA 105 Space & Contact 

Insecticide S 

ATA 107 Penetrating Release 

Agent BB 

ATA 111 Air Refreshant R 

ATA 112 Air Conditioning 

Spray R 

ATA 113 Air Restorer R 

ATA 114 Air Reconditioner R 

ATA 115 Utility Foam Cleaner.R 

ATA 118 Silicone Spray AA 

ATA 121 Moisture Barrier BB 

ATA 129 Heavy Duty Foaming 

Degreaser R 

ATA 130 Mint Air Refresher ...R 

Big Power A 

Bionite G,J 

Bol-Trol P 

Break-Thru A 

Butylan D 

Chlortrol B-74 R 

Chlortrol Plus R 

Cocinate D 

Creamy lin Q 

CS Concentrate D 

CS Hand Soap Q 

CS Re-Move L 

CS-I00 S 

CS-102 S 

CS-42B Chlortrol B R 


D-Lease A A 

D-Lime C 

Deo-Drane P 

Deo Vent R 

Dermene Q 

Di-Mercid O 

Di-Penval R 

Enzymat O 


Formula 101 Cleaner 

Disinfectant D 

Formula 93 R 

Glass Glint R 

Hand Soap Unscented Q 

Hi-Buty R 

Industrial Freezer Cleaner #1...D 

Liquid Aerocide R 

Liquid Swab P 

Malatrol R 

Need P 

Nu-Power D 

On The Spot Cleaner R 

Open O 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Power Clean A 

Prode B 

Prodrane O 

Prudent BB 

Return Line Treatment No. 154M 

Rus-T-Race C 

Silicone Lubricant AA 

Sno-Steam R 

Suede Q 

Syno-Clean D 

Syntrox P 

Telamine R 

Toxene S 

Tri-Dex-An A 

Tri/Ban F 

Uni-Strip D 

Zing A 

15% Liquid Hand Soap 

Scented Q 

Chemical Service Company 

Boiler Treatment No. 192 M 

Cooling Water Treatment No 

121 N 

Dry Acid No. 41 C 

Organic A M 

Oxygen Control Treatment M...M 

Phosphate Treatment No. 21 M 

Phosphate Treatment No. 22 M 

Return Line Treatment MC50...M 

Chemical Services 

Antiseptic Liquid Hand Soap....Q 

Chemical Solvent Company 

Coil-X-Cleaner A 

CSCO B2000 M 

Distilex Z 

Chemical Specialties Corporation 

Yellow Label 444 Insecticide ....S 

Chemical Specialties Inc. 

Kemsuds Klene P 

Kemsuds Solu-Base Industrial. ,P 


Chemical Specialties, Inc. 

Blast Liquid Drain Opener O 

Brite-White Bowl Cleaner P 

Chain Lube Jell (Soft) BB 

Chem Spec Food Plant Insect 

Bomb S 

Chem Spec Hgh Grd Space 

Spry Insctd S 

Chem-I-Zyme Enzyme Sewer 

Digester O 

Coal Tar Disinfectant R 

Coconut Oil Hand Soap Q 

F-22 General Cleaning Powder A 

General Purpose Detergent A 

Germicidal Detergent F 

Hvy Dty Wax Stripper & 

Grease Rmvr D 

Kwik Heavy Duty Detergent ....A 
O-Do-Nox Sewer Slvnt & 

Neutralizer R 

Phlo Liquid Lotion Soap Q 

Phlo Waterless Hand Cleaner. ..W 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Scalder & Blancher Compound B 
Scalder & Blancher Compound 

#65 B 

Steam Machine Compound A 

White Floor Cleaning Powder. ..D 
White Powder Hand Soap P 

Chemical Supplies, Incorporated 

Big G' A 

Remov-Ox C 

Thrift Detergent D 

Chemical Systems Corporation 

CSC-601 AA 

Chemical Systems Corporation 

Action 15 A 

Chemacin P 

Chemdrane O 

CBE Enzymes O 

H.D. #421 Liquid Bowl 

Cleaner P 

H.D.D. Degreasant Detergent ...A 
Lemon Fresh Dishwashing 

Compound A 

POD Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Quat 724 F 

Chemical Systems, Incorporated 

•1971' Low Suds D 

Al-Phil I A 

C.S.I. Concentrate #3610 S 

C.S.I. D D.V.P. Five T 

Cleaner No. 5 A 

Coco Blend Q 

Coco Blend Concentrate Q 

Crystalline Bactericidal CleanerF 

CC-119 A 

CC-119/76 A 

CC-129 A 

CC-165 A 

CC-500 A 

Dish-Eze A 

DR-1010 C 

Formula AU-605B A 

Formula SC 412 A 

FC-150 A 

FC-300 A 

GO 100 A 

GO 110 D 

GO 1980 D 

GO 383 D 

GO 383T D 

GO 395 D 

GO 400 A 

GO 66 D 

GO 920 A 

GO 922 A 

GO 96 A 

GO-215 A 

GO-268 A 

GO-285 A 


IS-22 S 

IS-33 T 

IS-66 S 

IS-77 Insecticide T 

K&L Kleaner C 

Kleener/Sanitizer 60 F 

KS-30 D 


LC-2085 BB 

LC-2087 BB 

MB-334 C 

MB-337 C 

Oxite-M X 

P & P Detergent B 

Pot & Pan Detergent A 

Quatri-Kleen F 

QS-250 F 

QS-260 G,GG 

RS 1115 B 

RS 1U5L B 

S-l D 

San-Syn D 

Skeen D 

Slip-It BB 

Sta-Put Bowl Cleaner P 

Swav-It Detergent Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Synpy-Diazinon Emulsifiable 

Concentrate T 

SC-425 A 

SC-425T A 

SW-289 D 

SW-294 B 

SW-589 A 

SW-83 B 

SW-90 B 

U-Neek A 

UN-181 A 

UN-188 A 

XEC-18 R 

XEC-27 D 

XEG-25 R 

1165 Low Suds A 

Chemical Testing Corporation 

Compound B BS 173 M 

Compound B BS 333 M 

Compound B BS 450 M 

Kemcatalyst VS-25 M 

Kemcolloid M 

Kemcolloid-S M 

Kemcor-A M 

Kemcor-S M 

Kemcor-SX M 

Kemfos M 

Kemfos-SD M 

Kemosect S 

Kemtest L4K M 

Kemtest L6K M 

Kemtest PR 360 M 

Kemtest PS 900 M 

Kleen-Flo O 

Oxite-L M 

Oxite-M M 

Chemical Treatment Company 

BL-l 10 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

BL-1353 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

BL-1545 Steam Line TreatmentM 

BL-1546 Steam Line TreatmentM 
BL-1547 Steam Line TreatmentM 

BL-156A M 

BL-171 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

BL-l 74 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

BL-176 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

BL-8631 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

BL-8641 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

BL-8671 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

BL-8681 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

BL-8691 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Chemical Treat. BL-l 28 Clsd 

Sys Treat N 

Chemical Treat. BL-8621 

Boiler Wtr Treat M 

Chemical Treat. CL-435 Cool. 

Wtr. Treat N 

Chemical Treatment B-110 M 

Chemical Treatment B-121 M 

Chemical Treatment B-141 M 

Chemical Treatment B-142 M 

Chemical Treatment B-144 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-l 30 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-131 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-133 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-134 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-135 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-136 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-137 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-139 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-151 N 

Chemical Treatment BL-152 N 

Chemical Treatment BL-153 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-1540...M 
Chemical Treatment BL-1541 ...N 
Chemical Treatment BL-1542 ...M 
Chemical Treatment BL-1543 ...M 
Chemical Treatment BL-1544 ...N 

Chemical Treatment BL-156 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-161 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-162 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-163 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-166 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-170 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-170C...M 

Chemical Treatment BL-172 M 

Chemical Treatment BL-175 N 

Chemical Treatment BL-184 N 

Chemical Treatment BL-197 M 

Chemical Treatment C-218 N 

Chemical Treatment CL-135 N 

Chemical Treatment CL-153 M 

Chemical Treatment CL-1532 ...M 
Chemical Treatment CL-2152 ...N 

Chemical Treatment CL-216 N 

Chemical Treatment CL-402 N 

Chemical Treatment CL-406 N 

Chemical Treatment CL-407 N 

Chemical Treatment CL-408 N 

Chemical Treatment CL-410 N 

Chemical Treatment CT-50 Z 

Chemical Treatment CT-501 L 

Chemical Treatment CT-55 Z 

Chemical Treatment CT-57 Z 

Chemical Treatment CT-708 Z 

CL-1406 CooUng Water 

Treatment N 

CL-417 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 


Chemical Waste Removal, Inc. 

Liquid Fire Drain Opener O 

Chemical Water Treating Engineers, 

Kem Boiler Water Treatment 


Kem Boiler Water Treatment 


Kem Boiler Water Treatment 


Chemical-Ways Corporation 

Acid Clean 6A C 

All-Brite M C 

Bottle Bright #70 B 

Can Wash #10 A 

Champ 1 D 

Clean #110 B 

Clean #144 B 

Clean #345 C 

Clean #345-M C 

Clean #440 A 

Clean #445 A 

Clean #60-L-2 A 

Clean #74 B 

Clean #747 B 

Clean #85 A 

Clean #850 A 

Clean #898 A 

Clean #90 B 

Clean Bright #40 C 

Clean Bright #50 C 

Clean Bright #60 C 

Clean C-500 B 

Clean NC-Plus A 

Clean PCF B 

Clean PCF-2 B 

Clean Solv 10 D 

Cone WW R 

Copper Bright C,E 

CWC-1000Q D 

CWC-119 B 

CWC-1620 B 

CWC-2000 P D 

CWC-246 C 

CWC-3000 P D 

CWC-346 C 

CWC-421 B 

CWC-46A A 

CWC-5000Q D 

CWC-680 A 

CWC-709 A 

CWC-765 P. F B 


CWC-891-C B 

CWC-946A A 

CWC-950 A 

Drainex O 

Egg-Wash D H 

Egg-Wash L.F H 

Gen Clean #404 D 

Gen Clean G A 

GBP 1000 A 

Hand Soap #46 Q 

Kettle Clean D-l B 

Kitchenaid Oprtng Dshw. Disp. 

Fid #104 A 

Liqui Clean 20 A 

Lube 65 BB 

Pik-Slik L 

PC-600 A 

PC-601 A 

PCF-3 B 

Quaternary #1 F 

Release Agent MH A 

Safeclean A 

San Clean #10 A 

San Clean #20 A 

San Clean #2000 A 

San Clean A A 

San Clean N A 

Scald-47 X 

Spray Clean #2 A 

Spray Foam A 

Steam L-276 A 

Strip R-14 B 

Super Derust B 


SS #1000 B 

Tempo D 

Tripe Clean Y 

10-Terg C 

Chemicals Unlimited, Inc. 

Speed Sol Extra D 

Chemidyne Corporation 

CD-10 B 

CD-100 B 

CD-I 15 B 

CD-115 SH B 

CD-130 B 

CD-150 B 

CD-150 SH B 

CD-20 B 

CD-200 General Cleaner A,H 

CD-200NP A,H 

CD-210 Gen. Clnr. Low Foam ..A 

CD-210 General Cleaner A,H 

CD-210NP A,H 

CD-212 A 

CD-220 A 

CD-222 A 

CD-230 A 

CD-250 Liquid General CleanerA.CC 

CD-260 A 

CD-262 A 

CD-280 Liquid Hand Cleaner. ..Q 
CD-281 Liquid Hand Clnr. 

Concntrt Q 

CD-283 Liquid Hand Cleaner.. ..Q 

CD-284 Q 

CD-285 Q 

CD-300 A,H 

CD-300NP B,H 

CD-310 A,H 

CD-320 A,H 

CD-322 Egg Wash H 

CD-330 A 

CD-332 A 

CD-333 A 

CD-340 A 

CD-344 A 

CD-345 A 

CD-345NP A 

CD-349 Gambrel & Trolley 

Cleaner A 

CD-350 A 

CD-352 A 

CD-380 Shroud Wash CC 

CD-400 C,CC 


CD-401 Liquid Acid Cleaner C 

CD-401NP C 

CD-402 C,I 

CD-403 Liquid Acid Cleaner C 

CD-404 C 

CD-410 Cncntrtd Acid Cleaner .C 

CD-410NP C 

CD-420 Pwdrd Acid Cleaner C 

CD-430 C 

CD-45 Floor Cleaner D 

CD-450 Liquid Acid Cleaner C 

CD-455 c 

CD-46 Floor Cleaner D 

CD-500 B 

CD-500NP B 

CD-505 B 

CD-506 B 

CD-510 B 

CD-510NP B 

CD-520 B 

CD-522 B 

CD-530 B 

CD-530NP B 

CD-532 Heavy Duty Cleaner ...B 

CD-533 B 

CD-540 B 

CD-543 B 

CD-S43C B 

CD-543NP B 

CD-544 B 

CD-545 B 

CD-550 B 

CD-550NP B 

CD-551 Heavy Duty Cleaner ...B 
CD-552 Heavy Duty Cleaner ...B 

CD-553 B 

CD-554 B 

CD-555 B 

CD-559 Smoketree Cleaner A 

CD-560 A.H 

CD-561 A 

CD-562 A,H 

CD-563 A 

CD-564 Liquid Heavy Duty 

Cleaner B 


CD-566 O 

CD-567 A 

CD-568 B 

CD-569 A 

CD-570 B 

CD-580 B 

CD-590 AA 

CD-592 AA 

CD-593 AA 

CD-600 G,Z 

CD-610 F 

CD-620 JJ.G 

CD-630 G 

CD-640 G 

CD-650 G 

CD-701 Powder Booster A 

CD-705 Detergent Additive A 

CD-706 Detergent Additive A 

CD-707 A 

CD-710 A.L.HH 

CD-720 A.H 

CD-722 A 

CD-723 Water Conditioner A,Z 

CD-724 C 

CD-730 Z 

CD-7S B 

CD-777 BB 

CD-787 AA 

CD-788B Conveyor Lube A,BB 

CD-790 Conveyor Lube A,BB 

CD-791 Conveyor Lube A.BB 

CD-800 A 

CD-811A A 

CD-812 B 

CD-814 B 

CD-816 B 

CD-820 Y 

CD-821 Y 

CD-822 Y 

CD-825 Hog Scald X 

CD-826 Hog Scald X 

CD-827 A,L,V,X 

CD-880 Laundry Compound B,CC 

CD-881 Laundry Compound CC 

CD-882 Laundry Compound B,CC 

CD-883 Laundry Compound A,CC 

CD-884 Laundry Compound B.CC 


CD-885 A.CC 

CD-886 Bleach CC 

CD-887 Laundry- Sour CC 

P.A.C C 

WD-103 B 

WD-105 B 

WD-1 10 B 


Chem Mist Bowl Cleaner P 

Chem Mist Coconut Oil Hand 

Soap Q 

Chem Mist Concentrated 

Heavy Duty Dgrsr D 

Chem Mist Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

Chem Mist Lotion Soap Q 

Chem Mist Power Cleaner A 

Concentrated Heavy Duty 

Degreaser D 

Consept A 

Spearmint D 

Chemisales, Incorporated 

Blue Wonder R 

Car Wash A 

Clean Up O 

Defoamer C HH 

Dew-O-Fresh R 

Dichlorizin R 

Fumeless Liquid Drain Solvent O 

Glyco Soap Q 

Gold Tiger R 

H.D Blue D 

Hog Scald X 

Hydrosteam B 

Hygea Dual-Synergist Insect 

Spray S 

Kill-O-Cide S 

Low Phos A 

Mint-O-Green R 

Multicide F 

Poultry Scald L 

PTC-85 R 

San-Air R 

Sewer-Solv O 

Shine-O-Glass Glass Cleaner ...R 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Steam Quick B 

Suds-O-Foam A 

T-C 505 P 

T-4 Ammoniated Cleaner & 

Wax Stripper R 

Theolac C 

Thermotron B 

Vat Dip B 

Chemisphere, Incorporated 

Chem-Ox C 

Germicidal Tri-Phast Detergent D 

Old Blue W 

Phast D 

Phax P 

Chemix Corporation 

Chemix 107 A 

Chemix 690 C 

Chemix Corporation 

C-100 Hot Vat B 

C-101 Hot Vat B 

Chemix C-110 Heavy Duty 

Alkaline CI B 

Chemix CI 1 1 Alkaline CleanerB 
Foamer A 

Chemkare/ A Div. of Carmel 
Chemical Corporation 

Bowl Cleanse P 

Citrisan R 

Fog Raid T 

Industrial Penetrant BB 

Kern Scour P 

Kemi Kleen C 

Prestige Concentrate D 

Prestige Plus A 

Silicone Lubricant AA 

Spra Bol P 

Slerisan F 

Sterisan (Aerosol) Germicidal 
Cleaner R 

Chemland, Inc. 

A-Plus Safety Detergent A 

Act-4 Degreased-Alkali D 

Alkashak Penetrating Cleaner. ..B 
Alkasud Heavy Duty Cleaner. ..B 
Aquaxide Liquid Caustic 

Cleaner Hvy Dty B 

Astric Heavy Duty Chlorinated 

Cleaner A 

Basic-1 Medium Duty Cleaner. _A 
Basic-2 Hi Foamer Detergent ...A 
Bio-X Acid Cleaner and De- 

Scaler P 

Blue Chip Ind. Laundry Det. 

Contl. Suds CC 

Bonus Foaming Detergent A 

Break Up H 

Bubble Up Acid Cleaner D- 

Stainer C 

Catalyst 1000 Additive A 

Chem Brite Heavy Duty 

Cleaner & D-Filmer B 

Chemad-SX Foaming Additive 

And Cleaner D 

Chemcut Car And Truck 

Washing Detergent A 

Chem foam Low PH 

Chlorinated Cleaner A 

Chemsag Chlorinated H.D. De- 
foamed Det B 

Chloran Liquid Chlorinated 

Detergent A 

Clophos Chlor. Alkali 

Phosphate No Foam A 

Code-45 Select Cleaner- 

Degreaser A 

Compact-3 Hvy Duty Chlor 

Cln & Foamer B 

Coslan Coconut Oil Skin 

Cleanser Q 

Creed Hard Water Cleaner A 

D-Foam Anti-Foaming Agent... .A 
Dermal Hand Soap and Skin 

Cleanser Q 

Dew Mist Water Base Odorant.R 

Dipstrip Soak Cleaner B 

Dry Power Fast Rinsing 

Cleaner A 

DW-90 A 

Emulsol Oil Emulsion Additive A 

Esteem Hi Alkaline Cleaner A 

Extract G,K,Z,GG 

Flomax O 

Glucox Heavy Duty Hard 

Water Cleaner B 

Gold Eagle Multi-Purpose 

Detergent A 

Grit Concrete Floor Cleaner D 

GT 16 All Purpose Cleaner A 

Hi Grade H 

Hi Sud Concentrate A 

Hurricane A 

I-Dyne Disinfectant G 

Lamz Q 

Lubrikem It Cleans As It 

Lubricates A,BB 

Masterlube Mineral Oil Base 

Lubricant A A 

Maxid Concentrated Acid 

Cleaner C 

Metalube Concentrated Chain 

Lubricant A,BB 

MB-4 Spray Detergent A 

Newtex CC 

Nu-Core B 

Nupad Hand Scrubbing 

Detergent A 

Nutrex A Laundry Sour CC 

Onyx Machine Dish Washing 

Liquid A 

Pac Sil Silicate Cleaner No 

Foam A 

Phos-40 C 

Placid Low Foam Acid Clnr & 

Neutralizer C 

Poly-D Hi Suds Detergent A 

Pride A 

Protex Pipeline Cleaner B 

Q-Max Disinfectant Deodorizer 

Sanitizer G 

Q-Max 64 Cleaner Disinfectant 

Deo. Fngcd G 

Restore CC 

Sanchlor A 

Scrub Special Automatic Scrub 

Detergent D 

Sewerod Liquid Drain Opener. .O 
Silicoat Protective Lubricant . ...BB 

Silicone Spray A A 

Soil Tex Extra Strength 

Cleaner " 

Sparkle Aluminum Cleaner and 

B tightener C 

Standard A 

Standard Blue Chlorinated 

Gen. Purp. CI A 

Statix Anti Static Detergent A 

Sulfam Sulfamic Acid Cleaner 

& Descaler C 

Suresect Extra T 

Suresect MST Concentrate S 

Suresect MX Concentrate S 

Suresect P-3 S 

Suresect P-5 T 

Suresect Prime :...S 

Suresect XV S 

Suresect 25 S 

Syntro-200 B 

Trax-XD Acid Cleaner and De- 

Ruster C 

Triumph-NT Chlorinated Alkali 

Cleaner B 

Truterge Cone. General Purp. 

Clnr A 

V. F. D-Soiler Mild Detergent ..V 

Virex JJ 

Whirl Away Laundry Soap CC 

Yello-X Dry Deoxidizing 

Bleach CC 

Zero-Bac FF 

Chemola Corporation 

Desco 50 Pure AA 

NPQD Concentrate A 

Tap A 

745 Hand Cleaner W 

745 Washing Creme Q 


Blue Laundry Concentrate CC 

Ceramo P 


Charm A 

Charm Extra Mild A 

Charm Super A 

Concrete Cleaner #103 A 

EZ Steam A 

Hand Cleaner & Conditioner ....Q 
Heavy Duty Chlorinated 

Cleaner A 

Proud Triple D 

Ruf Nek's Pal A 

Scale Remover C 

Scale Remover XX C 

Steam Cleaner HD A 

Chempar Chemical Company, Inc. 

Rozol Blockette U 

Rozol Canary Seed Mouse BaitU 

Rozol Paraffinized Pellets U 

Rozol Rat & Mouse 

Killer(Plstc Thrw Bgs) U 

Rozol Ready-To-Use Rat & 

Mouse Bait U 

Chemplast, Incorporated 

Fluoro Glide Chemically Pure 
Grd BB 

Fluoro Glide Film Bonding 
Grade BB 

Chemrite Corporation 

CR 355 Sewer Guard Sewer 

Solvent O 

CR-105 Powerite 90 D 

CR-106 Powerite B 

CR-107 Cleanrite A 

CR-110 Megasol Cleaner D 

CR-1 11 Creterite R 

CR-1 17 AUrite D 

CR-118 Solvrite A 

CR-1 19 Steamrite H.D A 

CR-120 Blastrite B 

CR-121 Super Solvrite D 

CR-128 Treatrite C 

CR-133 Preprite C 

CR-161 Aciderite Powder C 

CR-162 Sulfamorite C 

CR-164 D-Rustrite B 

CR-168 Drain Rite O 

CR-171 Dedrite T 

CR-172 Vaporite with Cherry ...T 

CR-173 Dedrite T 

CR-174 Vaporite S 

CR-180 Econorite A 

CR-182 Maskrite R 

CR-300 Chlorite A 

CR-301 Chlor-Brite A 

CR-303 Panrite Spraywash A 

CR-303-E Panrite E A 

CR-304 Econo Foam A 

CR-305 Foamrite A 

CR-307 H.D. Panrite Spray A 

CR-308 Power Foam B 

CR-309 Breakrite D 

CR-313 Iodorite G 

CR-316 Sanirite F 

CR-317 Handrite Q 

CR-320 Jelrite A 

CR-321 A 

CR-322 E 

CR-323 C 

CR-324 B 

CR-325 B 

CR-326 A 

CR-327 B 

CR-328 A 

CR-329 D 

CR-330 C 

CR-335 Chlorinated Equipment 
Cleaner A 

CR-336 Iodobac G 

CR-337 Iodosan LF JJ 

CR-341 Luberite BB 

CR-342 Megarite A 

CR-344 Liquid Luberite BB 

CR-350 Bio-Thanarite G,J,GG 

CR-352 Ciprite B 

CR-353 Alkarite (Liquid) B 

CR-371 Egg Wash H 

CR-372 Liquid Egg Wash H 

CR-374 Egg Destainer I 

CR-376 Antifoam-S HH 

CR-377 Antifoam HH 

CR-400 Neutra Cleanrite A 

CR-403 Vacrite D 

CR-409 Unirite A 

CR-4U Alumasafe A 

CR-500 Boilerite-SF M 

CR-501 Boilerite H F M 

CR-503-F Streamlinerite-F M 

CR-504 Towerite N 

CR-505 Algaerite N 

CR-505 Plus Algaerite N 

CR-507 D-Scalerite C 

CR-509 Algaerite B N 

CR-600 BB 

CR-600-EP BB 

CR-602 BB 

CR-603-EP BB 

CR-604 BB 

CR-605 BB 

CR-606 AA 

CR-607-EP AA 

CR-718 Super Bowlrite P 

CR-807 Silicone Spray AA 

CR-808 Fluorocarbon 

Lubricant BB 

CR-811 W 

CR-824 Food Equipment 

Lubricant AA 

CR-901 Chemrite XL A 

CR-973 Pot-Rite Unscented A 

Chemrock Chemical Corporation 

#201 Action Concentrated 

Liquid Detrgnt A,Q 

'Heavy Duty' A 

Blue Clean A 

Chemrock Smoke House 

Cleaner B 

Chemscope Corporation 

Aerosol Insecticide 150 S 

Aerosol Insecticide 300 S 

Aerosol Insecticide 600 S 

Anti Seize BB 

Apple Blossom Room 

Deodorant (Liquid) R 

Aqua Not Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

BlastOff A 

Bouquet Room Deodorant 

(Liquid) R 

Chain & Gear Lubricant BB 

Chem Solv D 

Clean-N Lube BB 

Diazinon 500 Insecticide T 

Diazinon 500 Residual Spray ....T 

Dri Lube BB 

Evergreen Room Deodorant 

(Liquid) R 

Foaming Glass Cleaner R 

Food Plant Insecticide S 

Food Plant Insecticide Super 

Strength S 

Formula 1 Multi-Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Formula 310 D 

Formula 769 A 

Glass Cleaner R 

Hi Foam R 

Hospital Surface Disinf Rm 

Deodz(Aer) R 

Insect-O-Fog S 

Insecticide 150 S 

Insecticide 75 S 

Isis Room Deodorant R 

Isis Room Deodorant (Liquid). .R 
Lemon Scented Surf Disinf Rm 

Deodz(Aer) R 

Lemon-Lime Room Deodorant 

(Liquid) R 

Mach-1 Hand Barrier Cream W 

Mint Room Deodorant (Liquid) R 

Moisture Guard BB 

Moly Sil Gear Lube BB 

No Foam A 

Oil Base Fogging Insecticide 

200 S 

Orange Scented Surf Disinf 

Rm Deodz(Aer) R 

Red-Dette A 

Sanitary Chain Lubricant BB 

Sanitary Lube AA 

Sanitary Lube HD AA 

Sassafras Cleaner D 

Silicone Spray BB 

Silicone Spray (Aerosol) AA 

Spice Room Deodorant 

(Liquid) R 

Steam-Klean A 

Wonder Solv D 

Chemsearch Industries, Inc. 

Clear Mint R 

Dynatherm O 

Tiger S 

Vigor T 

Chemstar Industries Inc. 

Blue Power D 

Clear Glass Cleaner R 

Concentrate Multi-Purpose 

Detergent A,Q 

Knock-Out Insect Killer S 

Quick Germicidal Spray&Wipe 

Cl.&Deo R 

Slide Silicone Spray BB 


Flo Thru Liquid Drain Cleaner .O 

HD 44 All Purpose Cleaner A 

Klenz Liquid Soap Q 

Chemtech Industries, Inc. 

Atlas Concentrate S 

Chem-Lube AA 

Chem-Spray A 

Chem-Steam B 

Chemcide T 

Chlor-N F 

Citramine R 

D Lube FM Grease AA AA 

Denaturant DD 

Dix-O-Brite C 

Dix-O-Lite A 

Dix-O-Solv A 

Dix-O-Terg A 

Dix-O-Tox 10 T 

Dix-O-Tox 11 T 

Dix-O-Vat B 

Dixie 3-D F 

Dizzalvo O 

Dyna-Phos C 

DC -67 A 


DSS-444 O 

Fantabulus A 


Five Star Pine Odor 

Disinfectant R 

Flush-Kleen Concentrate O 

Fog Away Concentrate S 

Fortress P 

Gobs-O-Suds A 

Hades B 

Halt S 

Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner. .A 

Hog Trolly Cleaner B 

Hook & Trolley Lubricant AA 

Ice-Away (Granules) R 

Ice-Away (Liquid) R 

Loosen Penetrating Oil BB 

LAC-1000 Liquid Acid Cleaner C 
LCL-1000 Liq. Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

Magnum Power Clean A 

Multi-Zyme O 

Nu Wisk P 

Nu-Oven A 

Organetic O 

Perform Concntrd Liq. Clng 

Compnd A 

Prestige A 

Robot -A,N 

RS-26 B 

Silent Kill T 

Super '3' T 

Super - 5' T 

Super Cide T 

Supreme -A 


Tart A 

Winto-Germ P 

Chemtech Industries, Inc. 

Chemshield Lemon Scent. 

Surf. Disinf R 

Chemshield Orange Scent. 

Surf. Disinf ...R 

Crystal Caustic Soda B,L,M.O,X,Y 

Fine Ground Caustic Soda B,L,M,0,X,Y 

Flake Caustic Soda B,L,M,0,X,Y 

Granular Caustic Soda B,L,M,O.X,Y 

Olympic The Champion D 

Small Flake Caustic Soda B,L,M,0,X,Y 

Solid Caustic Soda B,L,M,0,X,Y 

Chemtech Resources, Inc. See 
Chemtech, Industries, Inc. 

Chemtech, LTD. 

Tech 113 A 

Chemtek, Inc. 

Chemtek #8 Fly And Roach 

Spray Cone S 

Chemtek #9 T 

Hot Shot O 

Scum Off R 

Chemworld Corporation 

Approve D 

Dispatch G.P. Cleaner D 

Live Steam II A 

Power Plus D 

Probe RK D 

Sani-Glo Neutral Fragrance F 

Sani-Glow Citrus Fragrance D 

Success A 

Chemzall Chemical Co. 

All Clean No-7 A 

ChemRite Industries Inc. 

'Spotless' A 

Derma-Suds Q 

Glisten D 

Grime Stopper D 

Irish Mist R 

Multi-Klean A 

Pine Clean R 

Power-House D 

Rust Off R 

Sil-Lube AA 

Sila-Guard Z 

Speedy Spray A 

Steam-Klean A 

Cheney Brothers Incorporated 

C.B.I. Antiseptic Hand Cleaner 

Lotion Q 

Fanny Foster's C-B Brand 

Silicone Spray AA 

Fanny Foster's Emuls. Bowl 

Cln & Disinf P 

Cheney Lime & Cement Company 

Cheney's Hydrated Lime Y 

Chesterton, A. W. Company 

Anti-Seize Compound 

(Aerosol) BB 

Anti-Seize Compound (Bulk) ...BB 
Chain Drive Pin & Bushing 

Lub. Aerosol BB 

Chain Drive Pin & Bushing 

Lub. Bulk BB 

Detergent Lubricating Oil 

(Aerosol) BB 

Gear Reducer Oil BB 

Industrial & Marine Solvent A 

Nickel Anti-Seize Compound, 

Bulk&Aer BB 

Penetrant and Lubricant AA 

Premium Detergent Lubricating 

Oil (Bulk) BB 

Rustsolvo BB 

Silicone Lubricant AA 

Spraflex Aerosol BB 

Spraflex Bulk BB 

Sprasolvo BB 

White Grease for Food Mach. 

w/Teflon AA 

Chevron Chemical Company 

Ortho Dibrom Fly & Mosquito 

Spray T 

Ortho Fly Killer D T 

Chevron Oil Co. See Chevron U.S.A. 

Chevron U.S.A. Inc. 

Chev. RPM Delo 200 Mtr Oil 

Gr. 20W BB 

Chevron ATF Special BB 

Chevron Cylinder Oil 135PX BB 

Chevron Cylinder Oil 460X BB 

Chevron Cylinder Oil 680X BB 

Chevron Delo 100 Motor Oil 


Chevron Delo 100 Motor Oil 

SAE 20W-20 BB 

Chevron Delo 100 Motor Oil 

SAE 30 BB 

Chevron Delo 100 Motor Oil 

SAE 40 BB 

Chevron Delo 100 Motor Oil 

SAE 50 BB 

Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 


Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 

SAE 10W-30 BB 

Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 

SAE 20W-20 BB 

Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 

SAE 20W-40 BB 

Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 

SAE 30 BB 

Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 

SAE 40 BB 

Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 

SAE 50 BB 

Chevron Delo 400 Motor Oil 


Chevron Delo 400 Motor Oil 

SAE 20W-20 BB 

Chevron Delo 400 Motor Oil 

SAE 30 BB 

Chevron Delo 400 Motor Oil 

SAE 40 BB 

Chevron EP Hydraulic Oil MV.BB 
Chevron EP Hydraulic Oil 150 .BB 
Chevron EP Hydraulic Oil 32 ...BB 
Chevron EP Hydraulic Oil 46 ...BB 
Chevron EP Hydraulic Oil 68. ..BB 
Chevron EP Industrial Oil 

100X BB 

Chevron EP Industrial Oil 

150X BB 

Chevron EP Industrial Oil 

220X BB 

Chevron EP Industrial Oil 46X.BB 

Chevron EP Machine Oil 10 BB 

Chevron EP Machine OU 100....BB 
Chevron EP Machine OU 150....BB 

Chevron EP Machine Oil 22 BB 

Chevron EP Machine OU 220.. ..BB 

Chevron EP Machine OU 32 BB 

Chevron EP Machine OU 320... .BB 

Chevron EP Machine OU 46 BB 

Chevron EP Machine OU 68 BB 

Chevron FM Lubricating OU 

100X AA 

Chevron FM Lubricating OU 

105X -AA 

Chevron FM Lubricating OU 

32X AA 

Chevron FM Lubricating OU 

460X AA 

Chevron Grease BRB 2 BB 

Chevron Heavy Duty Grease-1 BB 
Chevron Heavy Duty Grease-2.BB 
Chevron Industrial Grease 

Heavy BB 

Chevron Industrial Grease 

Light BB 

Chevron Industrial Grease 

Medium BB 

Chevron K Pale OU 40 BB 

Chevron K Pale OU 50 BB 

Chevron K Pale OU 65 BB 

Chevron Marine OU 150X BB 

Chevron Marine OU 220X BB 

Chevron Marine OU 27X BB 

Chevron Multi-Motive Grease 


Chevron Multi-Motive Grease 

1 BB 

Chevron Multi-Motive Grease 

2 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

100 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

1000 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

150 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

1500 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

220 BB 


Chevron NL Gear Compound 

2200 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

320 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

460 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

68 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

680 BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 100 ...BB 
Chevron OC Turbine Oil 150. ...BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 22 BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 220 ...BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 32 BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 320. ...BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 46 BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 460 ...BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 5 BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 550 ...BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 68 BB 

Chevron Pinion Grease MS BB 

Chevron Poly FM Grease AA 

Chevron Poly FM Grease 1 AA 

Chevron Poly FM Grease 2 AA 

Chevron Polyurea EP Grease 0BB 
Chevron Polyurea EP Grease 1 BB 
Chevron Polyurea EP Grease 2 BB 
Chevron Refrigeration Oil 32. ...BB 
Chevron Refrigeration Oil 68. ...BB 
Chevron Snow White 

Petrolatum A A 

Chevron Special Motor Oil 

SAE 20W-20 BB 

Chevron Special Motor Oil 30 ..BB 
Chevron Special Motor Oil 40 ..BB 
Chevron Special Motor Oil 50 ..BB 

Chevron SRI Grease 2 BB 

Chevron Tech. White Oil No. 

77 AA 

Chevron Technical White Oil 

No. 57 AA 

Chevron Universal Gear Lub. 

SAE 80W-90 BB 

Chevron Universal Gear Lub. 

SAE 85W-140 BB 

Chevron Universal Gear 

Lubricant 80 BB 

Chevron White Mineral Oil No. 

10 NF AA 

Chevron White Mineral Oil No. 

13 AA 

Chevron White Mineral Oil No. 

21 USP AA 

Chevron White Mineral Oil No. 

32 USP AA 

Chevron White Mineral Oil No. 

34 USP AA 

Chevron White Mineral Oil No. 


Chevron White Mineral Oil No. 

7 AA 

Chevron White Mineral Oil No. 

9 AA 

Chevron White Oil No. 1 NF....AA 
Chevron White Oil No. 11 USPAA 
Chevron White Oil No. 15 USPAA 
Chevron White Oil No. 3 NF....AA 
Chevron White Oil No. 5 NF....AA 
Chevron White Oil No. 9 USP..AA 

Diamond Paraffine Oil BB 

Technical White Oil B AA 

Chicago Research Laboratories, Inc. 

C-94 A 

Centennial II F 

Chicago Sanitary Products Co. 

Krag Cleaner #100 A 

Krystokleen A 

Thorokleen O 

Velvene Castile Q 

Chocola Cleaning Materials, Inc. 

Sprayaway D 

Christner Industries 

C-1000 Dishwashing Detergent .A 

C-1040 Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

C-1060 Hand Soap Q 

C-1120 Concentrated Cleaner.. ..D 

C-503 De-Limer C 

Dasco C-511 C-A Concentrate. .A 
Dasco Window Shine Glass 

Cleaner R 

Super Bowl Toilet Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Christy Company, Incorporated 

Centraz Egg Wash H 

Centraz Heavy-Duty Floor 

Cleaner D 

Chlor-Concentrate G.K 

Chlorinated Tank & Pipe Line 

Clnr A 

Heavy Duty Acid Detergent 

Cleaner C 

Super Cleaner A 

Chromate Industrial Corporation 

Chromate C200 Sheer Slik AA 

Chronley, J. F. Manufacturing Co. 

Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Quat Germicidal Cleaner F 

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. 

Arm & Hammer Baking 

Soda(Sodium Bicarb.) A.L.O.Z 

Church & Dwight Sodium 

Bicarbonate USP A.L.O.Z 

Con-Sal A.L.M.X.Y.Z 

Sodium Carbonate 

Monohydrate USP A.L.M.X.Y 

Chute Chemical Company 

Chlor-Ten A 

Chute Sanitizer-Cleaner G 

Clean-SheU H 

Clean-Shell Type I H 

Clean-Shell Type II H 

E-ZChlor F 

Gly-Phos Acid Dairy Cleaner.. ..C 
Iodosan Medicated Hand WashQ 
Liquid Food Plant Cleaner 

Type A A 

Liquid Food Plant Cleaner 

Type B A 

Liquid Metal Brightener A C 

SPF Chlorinated Dairy Cleaner F 
SPF Dairy Pipeline And Bulk 

Tank Clnr A 

SPF Heavy Duty Caustic 

Cleaner A 

SPF Heavy Duty Cleaner-Type 

I A 

SPF Heavy Duty Cleaner-Type 


SPF Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Cincare Chemicals Incorporated 

CC-10 M 

CC-12 M 

CC-14 M 

CC-18 M 

CC-20 M 

CC-22 M 

CC-28 M 

CC-32 M 

CC-34 M 

CC-36 M 

CC-40 M 

CC-42 M 

CC-44 M 

CC-80 M 

Cincinnati Brush Manufacturing Co. 

Hi-Performance Cleaner & 

Degreaser D 

Mohawk Floor Cleaner D 

Mohawk Liquid Hand Soap 

15% Q 

Mohawk Liquid Hand Soap 

20% Q 

Mohawk Liquid Hand Soap 

40% Q 

Circle Research Laboratories 

Drain Safe O 

Grees-Out O 

Citation Equipment & Chemicals 

BlastOff B 

Steam Off A 

Citation Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

Brush Magic A 

Coil Doctor C 

Dyna-Kleen A 

Dyna-Steam Hvy Dty Powder ..A 
Dyna-Stcam Medium Duty 

Powder A 

Dyna-Wash A 

Dyna-White A 

Master Wash A 

Steam Heavy Duty Liquid A 

Super Power Plus A 

City Janitor Supply Company 

Industrial Degreaser/Cleaner D 

City Supply and Paper Company, 

Cipco Liquid Hand Soap Q 

City Wide Chemical Co., Inc. 

All Pine Surface Cleaner P. 

All Purpose General Degreaser. D 

Deodorizer And Sanitizer R 

Establishment D 

Granulated Concrete Cleaner. ...R 
Granulated Powdered Hand 

Cleaner P 

Hand-Aid Q 

Klean All A 

Penefoam A 

Power Degreaser A 

Quick Klean D 

Solv-It D 

Steam Cleaner A 

Super Quick Klean D 

15% Coconut Oil Soap Q 

40% Coconut Oil Soap 40% Q 

Claiborne Products 

Fran-O-Lite MM 

Claire Manufacturing Co. 

Automatic Insect Bomb S 

Claire Disinfectant Bathroom 

Cleaner P 

Fast Kill Roach & Ant Killer. ..T 

Hospital Grade Disinfectant R 

Mister Jinx R 

Peni-Lube Penetrating Oil BB 


Silicone Spray A A 


Institutional Liq Drain Pipe 

Opnr & Mntr O 

Liquid Hand Dish Wash A 

Clarkson Laboratories, Inc., The 

Alkastrip B 

Can Cleaner C A 

Circulation Cleaner B 

Clarco AHW R 

Clarco RCR C 

Clarco Sept F 

Clarco Steamrite HDB A 

Clarco Steamrite MD A 

Clarco 1044 A 

Clarco 1171 D 

Clarco 1171 A A 

Clarco 1277 A 

Clarco 14 B 

Clarco 260 D 

Clarco 310 A 

Clarco 310 DLB A 

Clarco 310-B A 

Clarco 440 A 

Clarco 570...., A 

Clarco 725 T A 

Clarco 725-c A 

Clarco 725-1 A 

Clarco 725A A 

Clarco 9124 D 

Claro 727 A 

D-10 Equipment Cleaner A 

D-20 Bottle Cleaner B 

Rube A 

Classic Chemical 

Cream Cleanser E 

Geroicidal Cleaner Concentrate F 

Clayton Chemical Company 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Clayton Manufacturing Company 

Kerful B 

Kerlite B 

Kermeed B 

Kleenkoil N 

Liquidemon Heavy Duty A 

Liquidemon Hvy Dty Phosp. 

Free A 

Liquidemon Universal A 

Liquidemon Universal Phosp. 

Free A 

Steamsafe Compound B 

Water Treatment Compound 

1A M 

Water Treatment Compound 

2A M 

Water Treatment Compound 

3A M 

Clean Best Corporation 

Cleanite D,Q 

Power House A 

Sanitizer Cleaner D 

Spray 61 A 

Clean Machine, The 

Lifter Release D 

Clean Sweep Supply Company 

Cessco C-S Concentrated Floor 

Clnr D 

Cessco Cement Cleaner R 

Cessco Hand Dishwash 206 A 

Cessco Hand Dishwash 212 A 

Cessco Hand Dishwash 222 A 

Cessco Klenz-AU R 

Clean-All Chemical Corp. 

Formula 106 Floor Clnr.&Wax 
Stripper R 

Formula 106 SS Floor 

Clnr.&Wax Stripper R 

Formula 211 All Purp. Clnr. 
w/Anti-Stat D 

Clean-All, Inc. 

Super Butyl Cleaner D 

Clean-Equip. Inc. 

'Dis-Solve' Lotionized 

Detergent A 

'Pine Scent' Deodorant CleanerR 
'Power Plus' Heavy- 

Duty/Cleaner/Dgrsr D 

'Power' General Purpose 

Cleaner D 

'Super Strips-It' D 

Premium Auto Scrub D 

Premium General Purpose 

Cleaner II D 

Premium Grease-'A'-Way A 


Control F 

Control Plus D 

Dividend D 

Dividend Plus D 

Fortify-Plus A 

Fortify-Plus A 

Halt F 

Halt Plus D 

Jolt D 

Pursuit F 

Pursuit Plus D 

Team Mate Cleaner Degreaser.A 

Cleaning Equipment & Supply Co. 

Cesco M-4 A 

Cleanite Company, The 

Acid Vat Cleaner & Descaler 

No. 300 C 

Bacteriasol Germicidal Cleaner.F 

Big Dog Concrete Cleaner D 

Big Jim Lemon Foam Germcdl 

C1.& Disinf P 

Brightline Special B 

Cherry Bowl Cleaner P 

Deluxe Machine Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Discrete C 

Dynamo Detergent A 

Emulsol Bowl Cleaner P 

Extra Heavy Duty Concrete 

Cleaner D 

Golden Gator Concrete CleanerR 

Golden Magic Cleaner D 

Grime Scat A 

Heavy Duty Det & Neutzr & 

Vat CI No. 400 A 

Hospital Disinfectant R 

Industrial Cleaner D 

Iodo-175 G 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Lemon Bathroom Cleaner & 

Disinfectant P 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 6 R 

Liquid Hand Soap 15 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 20 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 40 Q 

Liquid Smoke House Cleaner 

Formula II A 

Liquid Steam Cleaner B 

Multi Blue A 

No. 100 Packing House 

General Cleaner A 

No. 200 Smoke House Cleaner B 

No. 500 Tripe Cleaner Y 

No. 600 Hog Scald X 

No. 80 Space Spray S 

Orange Bacteriasol Germicidal 

Clnr R 

Pine Odor Disinfectant Coef. 5.R 

Pink Cleaner D 

Pink Satin Q 

Pot and Pan Cleaner C 

Poultry House Cleaner A 

Premium Fly & Roach Spray. ...S 

Pressure Wash A 

Pyrethroid 351 T 

Quaternary Ammonium 

Germicide Cone F 

Residual Roach Killer T 

Scald Vat Cleaner A 

Scrub Wash A 

Sewer Solvent O 

Stainless Steel Cleaner R 

Steam Cleaning Compound B 

Super Enzymes for Sewerage 

Systems O 

Sweeping Compound (Red) Oil 

Base MM 

Wax Scat A 

X 100 Chlorinated Machine 

Dishwash A 

X-150 Chlorinated Machine 

Dishwash A 

100 Plus O 

Cleanse-Tec Inc. 

Action B 

Cleanse-AU D 

Liquid Power B 

Prestige B 

Cline-Buckner, Incorporated 

New Purge II S 

Purge T 

Purge Air Sanitizer ...R 

Purge CB-40 Aerosol Insect 

Killer S 

Purge Instant Fogger S 

Purge HI T 

Purge Super Odor Neutralizer ..R 

C ling-Surface Company 

Chain & Cable Lubricant BB 

Moly Dry Film Lubricant BB 

Moovit BB 

Rust Remover Liquid A 

Rust Remover Paste A 

TFE Dry Film Lubricant BB 

Cloro-Bac Products, Inc. 

Purogene Z 

Cloroben Chemical Corporation 

Cloroben PT R 

Greastrol R 

Clorox Company, The 

Clorox G.K.P.V.GG 

Formula 409 All Purpose 

Cleaner R 

Institutional Cleaning & 

Panwash Cone R 


Clorox Food Service Products Div., 

Clorox Institutional Degreasing 
Cleaner D 

Institutional All Purpose 
Cleaner D 

Clover Chemical Company 

Cleaning Compound #18 A 

Clovasuds A 

Clover Chemical Corporation 

Clover Clean A 

Clover Drain O 

Clover Hand Soap Q 

Coastal Chemical Company/ Div. 
Coastal Industries, Inc. 

Bi Quat Disinfectant Cleaner. ...F 

Gypsy R 

Hi Brite R 

Instant Degreaser R 

Jab '. R 

Jab Odorless Floor & Wall 

Cleaner A 

Jab 500 HD R 

Mello Hand Cleaner Q 

Sani Det Germicidal Cleaner F 

Steamex 260 A 

Coke Chemical Company 

CRW Commercial Cleaner A 

Colberg Chemical Company 

Aldran A 

El-Cid D 

Cole Chemical & Supply, Inc. 

Flow Prilled Drain Opener O 

JP-30 Insect Spray S 

Sani-Power The Reserve Power 

Detergent D 

Silky II Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Silky Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Stay-Power Residual Insect 

Spray T 

Sunshine Porcelain Cleaner P 

Swat Insect Spray S 

Wipe Out Spray Concentrate. ...S 

Cole Chemical Co. 

Heavy Duty Wtr Soluble Saf 
Solvt RX-100 A 

Colgate-Palmolive Company 

Ajax with Chlorine Bleach E 

Ajax with Oxygen Bleach E 

Ajax Professional Window 

Cleaner R 

All Purpose Liquid Cleaner D 

Arctic Syntex M A 

Arctic Syntex M Beads A 

Arctic Syntex M-Beads (No 

Phosphate) A 

Quik-Solv Spray Cleaner R 

Super Ben Hur A 

Colonial Chemical Corporation 

Formula No. 101 G.P.C. Gen 

Purp. Liq Cln A 

Formula No. 102 Cleaner- 

Degreaser A 

Formula No. 104 Gen. Purpose 

Liq. Clnr A 

Formula No. 112 15% Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

Formula No. 113 20% Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

Formula No. 114 Liq. Hand 

Soap 40% Cone Q 

Formula No. 151 Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Formula No. 153 Powdered 

Bleach CC 

Formula No. 180 Inhibited 

Steam Clnr A 

Formula No. 181 Hvy Duty 

Steam Cleaner A 

Formula No. 212 Liquid Acid 

Cleaner C 

Formula No. 226 Drain CleanerO 
Formula No. 307 Gen. Purpose 

Cleaner B 

Heavy Duty Liquid Steam 

Cleaner A 

Liquid Pressure Wash 

Detergent A 

Colonial Products, Inc. 

CP Pes-Ta-Rest Insecticide 

Concentrate T 

Colonial Refining and Chemical Co. 

Kleen Sweep R 

Colonial Research Chemical Corp. 

CRC-100 C 

CRC-13 Insecticide 

Concentrate S 

CRC-18 Q 

CRC-19 Ice Melting Pellets R 

CRC-300 R 

CRC-302 M 

CRC-36 A 

CRC-37 F 

CRC-39 D 

CRC-45 R 

CRC-49 P 

CRC-51 Bowl Cleaner P 


CRC-63 Deodorant Granules R 

CRC-64 R 

CRC-71 Mud Remover O 

CRC-77 A 

CRC-91 Enzymes O 

CRC-96 R 

CRC-98 R 

Colony Chemicals, Inc. 

CD-130 Disinfectant Cleaner F 

CD-133 Pine Odor Disinfectant.R 
CD-134 Lemon Deodorant 

Cleaner R 

CD-I 36 Sanni-Rinse G 

CH-120 Coconut Oil Hand 

Soap Q 

CL-100 Cleaner Degreaser A 

CL-101 All Purpose Cleaner D 

Fogging Insecticide S 

Super Diazinon Spray T 

Colorado Chemical Company 


AC 300 Acid Cleaner C 

AC-P-350 Acid Powder C 

Chain Lube #1 BB 

CCC Cleaner E 

Grease- A way A 

GC-104 Cleaner A 

GC-105 Chlorinated Cleaner A 

HD-202 Alkali B 

HD-203 Drain Pipe Opener O 

HD-206 Alkaline Cleaner B 

HD-208 Chelated Alkali B 

HD-209A Chelated Alkaline B 

HDL-271 Chelated Alkali B 

L-100 Laundry Compound CC 

Right Hands Concentrated 

Hand Soap Q 

Slash Procelain Cleaner P 

Triple C Professional Drain 

Opener O 

Colt Chemical Company 

APC 25 D 

H-D Butyl D 

H-D Granules B 

Liq in Steam LD A 

Perki R 

Rusticide D 

Ultra-Sol A 

Colt Chemical Manufacturing Co. 

Supreme D 

Track & Chain Liquid 

Conveyer Lubricant BB 

Columbus Janitor Supply Co. 

C J Super 10 

Degreaser/Cleaner A 

C J Super 10 Non Combustible 

Emulsifier A 

C J Super 10 Steam Cleaner D 

Lemon Hand Soap Q 

576 Silicone Spray AA 

Com-Pak Chemical Corporation 

Chem-I-San A 

Comark, Inc. 

Comark Mark VIII Plus Dgrsr 

& Stripper D 

Comark Power D 

Comark Power, Neutral 

Fragrance F 

Comark-Foam All Cleaner A 

Com ark -General Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Comark-Low Foam Detergent ..D 
Comark-Phenolic Clnr-Disinf. 

Form. 4 D 

Comark -Quaternary Cleaner- 

D is- Citrus D 

Comark-Quaternary Cleaner- 

D is- Regular F 

Comark-Quaternary 256 Lemon 

Cl/Disinf D 

Comark-Quaternary 256 

Neutral Cl/Disinf F 

Comark-Steam Cleaner A 

Comark's Utidyne G 

Combined Sales Co. 

All Purpose Cleaner D 

Concentrated Floor Cleaner A 

CS Co. Chlorinated Bleach 

Cleanser E 

Glycol Air Sanitizer R 

Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner R 

Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant R 

Industrial Drain Opener O 

Lemon Hand Soap Q 

Lotion Hand Soap Q 

No Fume Liquid Drain Opener.O 

Pot and Pan Cleaner A 

Residual Insecticide T 

Spray and Wipe Foaming 

Cleaner R 


Comet Manufacturing Corporation 

C-ll Concentrate A 

Chick-Klean No. 631 D 

Com-O-Phene F 

Com-O-Terg F,J 

Comet Emulsion Bowl Cleaner. P 

Comet Kreme Q 

Comet No. 541 D 

Comet No. 88 F,J 

Comet R 55 D 

Comonite A 

Concrete Cleaner D 

CMC All Purpose Cleaner R 

CMC Com-O-Fect Surface 

Disinf. Deodrnt R 

CMC Glass Cleaner R 

CMC Roach and Ant Killer T 

CMC Silicone Spray AA 

CMC Spray De-icer R 

CMC Super Mechanic BB 

CMC Wasp & Hornet Spray T 

Fog-Out S 

Formula 666 B 

Liquid Hand Soap No. 10 Q 

P-55 General Purpose Cleaner ..A 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

SS-44 O 

TFE-Lube BB 

XX Liquid Steam Cleaning 

Compound B 

333 Cleaner B 

Commercial and Industrial Products 

Cipco Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Commercial Chemical Company 

BT75 A 

Grill & Oven Cleaner D 

Commercial Chemical Company 

#201 Triple Action Cleaner A 

Commercial Chemical Corporation 

Orange Blossom Germicide P 

Commercial Chemical Products, Inc. 

Formula No 230 M 

Formula No. 232 Z 

Formula No. 234 M 

Formula No. 315 M 

Formula No. 320-L M 

Formula No. 329 Z 

Formula No. 332 M 

Formula No. 346 M 

Formula No. 363 M 

Commercial Cleanser Company 

Formula 101 Cleaner A 

Commercial Industrial Programs, 

LKO 140 Boiler Compound & 

Cleaner M 

LKO 149 Water Tower 

Treatment N 

LKO 176 Boiler Water AdjunctM 

Commercial Mechanisms, Inc. 

Formula 1000 A 

Formula 2000 A 

Formula 4000 A 

Formula 6000 Detergent- 

Sanitizer F 

Commercial Supply Corporation 

Applause W 

Grease Gun BB 

Handy Q 

Insect Kill T 

Multi-Purpose Space&Contact 

Spray S 

Phase I A 

Prudent BB 

Syntrox P 

Taskmaster P 

Community World, Inc. 

Ease D 

Sparkleen Automatic 

Dishwashing Compound A 

Sun-Fresh Laundry Compound. A, CC 

Compact Chemical Corporation 

Formula #301 Concentrated 
Stone CI A 

Formula 1700 Production 

Equipment Cln A 

Con/Chem, Incorporated 

Cono/Clean 7 C 

Conco Chemical International Inc. 

Conco All Purpose Cleaner D 

Conklin Company, Incorporated 

Bontz D 

Care Q 

Crust Buster P 

Dike N 

Gear Glide BB 

Luboil BB 

Mox D 

Rust Not BB 

Rust Not (Aerosol) BB 

Rust Off C 

S.D. II A,Q 

Safe N 

Sanox Cleaner Disinf-Deod- 

Fungicide F 

Spring Dew A,Q 

Spring Dew Concentrate D 

Waush CC 

Wex D 

Conley Chemical & Supply Co. 

Concentrate 70 Kitchen 

Detergent A 

Coronet A 

Crown AU-Purpose Cleaner D 

Crystalite Heavy Duty Floor 
Cleaner D 

Spra-Kleen D 

Consan Pacific Inc. 

Physan 20 J 

Consolidated Chemex Corporation 

C-102-X Consolidated Chemex 

Clnr A 

Chemex 47 C 

Chemex 48 A 

Consolidated Chemical Co., Inc. 

Crystal Concrete Cleaner D 

Emulsion Spray Formula 79 A 

Liq. Steam Clnng Compnd No. 

3457 B 

Liq. Steam Clnng Compnd No. 

522 A 

Consolidated Chemical Corp. 

Consolidated Kleans It A 

Consolidated Chemical Corporation 
of Florida 

Consol Acid C-2000 C 

Consol AP-10 A 

Consol Concrete Cleaner D 

Consol CC-107 F 

Consol Germicidal Cleaner F 

Consol LS-227 A 

Consol SS-333 

Consol T-83 B 

Consol Tripe Cleaner Y 

Super Kill Concentrate S 

Consolidated Chemical, Inc. 

All Purpose Steam Cleaner B 

C.D.S F 

Creo-Carbol P 

Di-Clorothan T 

Econ Cleaner D 


Germo-Cide F 

Germo-Dine F 

Germo-Phene R 

Germo-Sol R 

Insectrol Liquid Insecticide S 

Mint-O-Sol P 

Paramount Soapless Detergent .A 

Pearl Liquid Soap Q 

Pine R 

Pink Satin Lotion Hand Soap...Q 

Quick Clean A 

Sanitize R 

Sno-Clean C 

Sno-White Egg Washing 

Compound H 

Sparkle Concentrate A 

Staphosan Q 

Top-Quat D 

Vermingo S 

Vol-O-Cide D 

Consolidated Laboratories, Inc. 

Bye Bye Rat U 

C L Concentrate A 

C L Floor Cleaner R 

Con Chlor Concentrate R 

Conzyme O 

Germ Brite F 

Glisten A 

Kleen Out O 

L.D.O O 

Lightning P 

Odor Gran R 

Pinky P 

Rid Ice , R 

Sewer Sweet R 

Super CL 666 

Vanish R 

Consolidated Marketing, Inc. 

Air-O-Mint P 

Ambush Residual Insecticide ...T 

Biocide F 

Blen Liquid Detergent D 

Chlorinal A 

Foam-O-Cide Disinfectant 

Foam R 

Fury Clean 101 Industrial 

Surfactant A 

Fury Clean 181 Press Roller 

Wash D 

Fury Clean 401 Steam Cleaner 

Cone D 

Fury Clean 403 Fireproof 

Degreaser D 

Fury Clean 405 Meat&Poultry 

Eq. CI A 


Fury Clean 499 Steam Clnr 

Cone D 

Fury Clean 703 Krete Clean D 

Fury Clean 705 Supreme 

Concrete CI D 

Fury Clean 727 Sewer Pipe 

Cleaner O 

Fury Clean 728 Food Plant 

Cleaner A 

Fury Clean 729 Dairy Cleaner ..A 
Fury Clean 732 Power Steam. ...B 

Fury Clean 737 A 

Fury Clean 737-A A 

Fury Clean 747 Bake Pan 

Cleaner A 

Fury Clean 748 Clean House ....A 

Fury Clean 750 Clini Clean A 

Fury Clean 756 Spray SanitizerF 
Fury Clean 757 Chlor Dairy 

Pipe CI A 

Fury Clean 761 Spray Wash 

Deluxe A 

Fury Clean 763 Kleen'N Shine .A 
Fury Clean 764 Hard Wtr Veh. 

Wash A 

Fury Clean 765 Super Spray A 

Fury Clean 766 Waxy Blue 

Spray Wash A 

Fury Clean 768 Powdered Car 

Wash A 

Fury Clean 925 Indust. Silcn. 

Spray A A 

Fury Clean 975 Skin Guard W 

Fury-Clean #740 Chlor 

Machine Wash Cmpd A 

Fury-Clean #801 Industrial 

Odor Control R 

Glad Hand Waterless Cream 

Hand Cleaner W 

Harmony #150 Detergent A 

Harmony #175 Detergent A 

Harmony Air-O-Mint P 

Harmony All Purpose Soap 

Powder A 

Harmony DeSoil CC 

Harmony Dish Kleen D 

Harmony Fluffy Detergent A 

Harmony Frosty Rose W 

Harmony Germicidal Cleaner ...F 

Harmony Glass Cleaner R 

Harmony Insecticide S 

Harmony Kar Kleen A 

Harmony Mini Suds CC 

Harmony Pine Oil R 

Harmony Pink Dish Kleen D 

Harmony Remove-It D 

Harmony Sani-Lube Food 

Equip Lub AA 

Harmony Scent-O-Cide F 

Harmony Shine-It D 

Harmony Smooth 409? Q 

Harmony Spray Sanitizer F 

Harmony Super Concentrate ...D 

Harmony Super Surfactant D 

Harmony Surgical Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Hygrade Liquid Detergent D 

Hygrade Wax Remover D 

Kleen All A 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 10 R 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 39 R 

Liquid Toilet Soap 40% Q 

Lubon BB 

Mister Green Kleen D 

Ms. Red-Y Cleaner D 

Pink Lotioned Liquid 

Detergent D 

Sani Shine D 

Shield Moisture Guard BB 

Skin Guard Barrier Cream W 

Slick Silicone Lubricant AA 

Smooth Forty Q 

Smooth Twenty Q 

Sparkle Glass Cleaner R 

Spicy Air Sanitizer R 

Steri Pine R 

SR-158-SZ A 

Technical APC D 

Tile Brite Bath & Tile Cleaner..P 
Twist Lemon-Lime Air 

Sanitizer R 

Victory Cleaner D 

White Lightning R 

Zap D 

Consolidated Protective Coatings 

Consolite Clcdide F 

Consolite Hand-Kleen Q 

Consolite Hvy Dty Clnr No. 33 A 
Goodyear AU Purpose Cleaner .A 
Greeskut D 

Consolidated Research Corporation 

CRC Acid Cleaner C 

CRC Concrete Cleaner 

Odorless D 

CRC Slick Streak A 

CRC Spark-It A 

CRC Super Insecticide 

Concentrate S 

CRC 212 Sewer Solvent O 

Consolidated Water Treatment Corp. 

GB-519 Z 

GB-521 Z 

Contact Industries, Inc. 

A.P.C R 

Anti-Seize BB 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Chain & Cable BB 

Ease Off Fluorocarbon BB 

Fresh Mint Glycolized Air 

Freshener R 

Germicidal R 

Ice Away R 

P-30 S 

P-30 Cherry T 

Pure Lube A A 

Quick Slip Silicone AA 

Roach & Ant Killer T 

Tile and Grout Cleaner R 

Trouble Spots D 

Water Soluble Degreaser R 

X-Term Indoor Fogger 

Insecticide Spray S 

Continental Chemical & Supply Co. 

Boilerite-100 M 

Continental Chemical Company 

A-K No. 46 Liquid Cleaner C 

Algex No. 829 N 

Aqua-X No. 800 M 

Aqua-X No. 802 M 

Aqua-X No. 804 M 

Aqua-X No. 808 M 

Automatic Floor Scrub No. 170D 

AK No. 41 C 

Chain Lube No. 952 BB 

Chain Lube No. 953 BB 

Chain Lube No. 954 BB 

Chem-X No. 820 M 

Chem-X No. 821 M 

Chem-X No. 822 .M 

Chem-X No. 823 M 

Chem-X No. 824 M 

Chem-X No. 825 M 

Chem-X No. 832 M 

Chem-X No. 836 M 

Chem-X No. 837 M 

Chem-X No. 838 M 

Chem-X No. 839 M 

Compil-X No. 865 N 

Compil-X No. 866 N 

Compil-X No. 870 N 

Compil-X No. 875 Z 

Compil-X No. 880 N,Z 

Compil-X No. 883 N 

CompU-X SS-1 G 

De-Ox No. 855 M 

Descaler No. 905 C 

Descaler No. 906 C 

Det-San No. 175 D 

Det-San No. 181 F 

Foam Additive No. 941 D 

Ice -Away R 

K-Loid No. 850 M 

K-Loid No. 851 M 

Klenosan No. 144 A 

Klenosept D 

Klenosolv No. 148 D 

Klenosolv No. 148-B D 

Lube No. 6 BB 

Meta Klen #50 C 

Meta Klen #55 C 

Neutra-San No. Z-5013-1 WS ...R 

Neutro-San No. 415 WS R 

Neutro-San No. 425 WS R 

Neutro-San No. 426 WS R 

Neutro-San No. 429 W.S R 

Neutro-San No. 434 OS R 

Neutro-San No. 434 W.S R 

Neutro-San No. 435-B R 

Neutro-San No. 436 O.S R 

Neutro-San No. 437 W.S R 

Neutro-San No. 438 R 

Neutro-San No. 440 W.S R 

Neutro-San No. 442 O.S R 

Neutro-San No. 442 W.S R 

Pad No. 901 

Pad No. 902 

Pan Washing Detergent No. 

291 A 

Pan Washing Detergent No. 

291-NP A 

Powdered Detergent No. 247....A 
Powdered Detergent No. 281 ....A 
Powdered Detergent No. 284 ....B 

Powermist No. 164 B 

Rack Wash B 

Shell Brite H 

Tile-O-San E 

Vol-Am No. 860 M 

Continental Chemical Company 

Con-O Odor Control Agent Z 

Con-O OCA Acid C 

Con-O Sodium Hypochlorite 

12.5% G 

Con-O Super OCA Z 

Con-O-Clean N-San D 

Con-O-Descaler C 

Con-O-Digester C 

Con-O-Insect Spray S 

Con-O-Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Con-O-Mill Spray S 

Con-O-San-O-Clear F 

Con-O-1346 C 

Con-O-1360 D 

Con-O-1389 B 

Con-O-1405-P B 


Con-O-250 C 

Con-O-255 A 


Con-O-400-P A 

Con-O-805 A 

Continental Chemical Company 

Bleach Bright Y 

Chloro-Clean A 

Dock Clean D 

Floor Cleaner HD B 

Foam A Way A 

Packers All Purpose A 

Pan Bright C 

Roller Hook Cleaner B 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Smokehouse Cleaner 53 B 

Super Steam B 

Tripe Clean Y 

Continental Chemical-Westbury, Inc. 

Con-Clean D 

Con-Solv A 

Con-Solv 'W D 

De-Con-Gest 'TD' O 

Super Heavy Duty AU-Purpose 
Cleaner D 

Continental Labs, Inc. 

Big G' D 

Blue Granulated Sewer And 

Drain Solvent O 

Boilente-100 M 

Conquer A 

Orange Deodorant R 

Red Hot O 

Continental Oil Company 

All Season Motor Oil SAE 

10W-30 BB 

All Season Motor Oil SAE 

10W -40 BB 

Bentone Grease No. 1 BB 

Bentone Grease No. 2 BB 

Conoco C Redind Oil 33 BB 

Conoco "C Redind Oil 45 BB 

Conoco C Redind Oil 68 BB 

Conoco Heat Transfer Oil BB 

Conoco Polar Start DN-600 

Fluid BB 

Conoco Polar Start DN-600 

Gear Oil BB 

Conoco Polar Start DN-600 

Grease BB 

Conoco 2105 Oil SAE 140 BB 

Conoco 2105 Oil SAE 80 BB 

Conoco 2105 Oil SAE 90 BB 

Conolith M Grease No 1 BB 

Conolith M Grease No. 2 BB 

Conoplex Grease "C No. 1 BB 

Dectol Oil 11 R&O BB 

Dectol Oil 116 R&O BB 

Dectol Oil 140 R&O BB 

Dectol Oil 15 R&O BB 

Dectol Oil 21 R&O BB 

Dectol Oil 33 R&O BB 

Dectol Oil 51 R&O BB 

Dectol Oil 76 R&O BB 

Dectol Oil 92 R&O BB 

E.P. Conolith Grease No. BB 

E.P. Conolith Grease No. 00 BB 

E.P. Conolith Grease No. 1 BB 

E.P. Conolith Greast No 2 BB 

El Mar Oil 20-20W, 30, 40 BB 

Gear Oil 100 BB 

Gear Oil 1 14 BB 

Gear Oil 136 BB 

Gear Oil 160 BB 

Gear Oil 220 BB 

Gear Oil 50 BB 

Gear Oil 72 BB 

Gear Oil 84 BB 

GP Dectol Oil 140 R&O BB 

GP Dectol Oil 15 R&O BB 

GP Dectol Oil 31 R&O BB 

GP Dectol Oil 51 R&O BB 

GP Dectol Oil 76 R&O BB 

GP Dectol Oil 92 R&O BB 

Ice Machine Oil 11 BB 

Ice Machine Oil 13 BB 

Ice Machine Oil 17 BB 

Ice Machine Oil 21 BB 

Ice Machine Oil 33 BB 

Inca Oil BB 

Oconoc Grease No BB 

Oconoc Grease No. 10 BB 

Oconoc Grease No. 20 BB 

Oconoc Grease No. 30 BB 

Pale Paraffin II BB 

Pale Paraffin 7 BB 

Par Motor Oil 10W, 20W, 30, 

40, 50 BB 

Racelube Grease BB 

Redind Oil 100 BB 

Redind Oil 120 BB 

Redind Oil 15 BB 

Redind Oil 21 BB 

Redind Oil 27 BB 

Redind Oil 37 BB 

Redind Oil 45 BB 

Redind Oil 68 BB 

Redind Oil 84 BB 

Robalube No. 25 BB 

Robalube No. 33 BB 

Robalube No. 45 BB 

Robalube No. 75 BB 

S-3 Diesel Oil 10W. 2O-20W, 

30, 40 BB 

Super Hydraulic Oil 15 BB 

Super Hydraulic Oil 21 BB 

Super Hydraulic Oil 31 BB 

Super Lube Grease BB 

Super Lube Grease Light BB 

Super Lube M Grease BB 

Super Lube M Grease Light BB 

Super Motor Oil SAE 50 BB 

Super Mtr Oil 10W, 20-20W, 

20. 40 BB 

Super-Sta Grease BB 

Super-Sta Grease Extra Light. ..BB 

Super-Sta Grease Light BB 

Tracon Mtr Oil 10W.20-20W, 

30,40,50 BB 

Tracon Sprm Mtr Oil 10W-30, 

20W-40 BB 

Transmission Oil SAE 140 BB 

Transmission Oil SAE 140EP ...BB 

Transmission Oil SAE 250 BB 

Transmission Oil SAE 250EP ...BB 

Transmission Oil SAE 80 BB 

Transmission Oil SAE 80EP BB 

Transmission Oil SAE 90 BB 

Transmission Oil SAE 90EP BB 

Triangle S-l Mtr Oil 10W.20- 

20W.30.40 BB 

Turbine Oil 15 BB 

Turbine Oil 21 BB 

Turbine Oil 33 BB 

Turbine Oil 51 BB 

Turbine Oil 76 BB 

Universal Gear Lubricant SAE 

140 BB 

Universal Gear Lubricant SAE 

80 BB 

Universal Gear Lubricant SAE 

90 BB 

Zuni Mineral Oil BB 

Zuni Oil BB 

Continental Oil Company 

Pressure Spray Detergent A 

Continental Research Corp. 

Aluma Kleen C 

Dura Solve A D 

Dura Solve XX A 

Dura Solve 70 D 

Continental Research Corporation 

C.R. Concentrate A 

Caf-Fog Insecticide S 

Clean Guard D 

Clor-Aid R 

CR-2 M 

Enzyme-70 O 

Foam-Ox C 

Grab II W 

In-Mist T 

In-Mist-B T 

Kitchen Kleen D 

Micronism 100% Liq. Live 

Micro Organisms O 

No-Ox R 

Process-Lube 210 AA 

San-Mint R 

Special Ox Acid C 

Spray All P 

Super Foam R 

Super 100 D 

Surgi-Clean F 

Tri-Mist P 

Continental Research Corporation 

Can-San R 

Emulsifate R 

Glow P 

Contractors Chemical Corp. 

#63 Degreaser A 

Floor Soap A 

Germicide RC-3 G 

Contrast Maintenance Chemicals, 

Aqua-Solv Concentrate A 

CMC Blitz S 

CMC Concentrate D 

CMC Kleen-Safe 

Bowl/Tile/Porcelain Clnr P 

CMC-3 S 

CMC-5 S 

Emulsi-Foam A 

Exo -Therm Sulfuric Acid Drain 

Opener O 

Fomacid P 

Scour Creme E 

Sila Lube BB 

Spray Away T 

Spray N Wipe R 

Spring Aire Disinfectant 

Deodorant R 

Stat F 

Stat Disinfectant Cleaner & 

Deodorizer D 

Stat-256 F 

Super Brite C 

Control Chemical Company 

Concrete Cleaner D 

Control Kleen D 

Detarnish C 

Metal Brite C 

No. 380 B 

Oven Brite A 

Power Chlor B 

Power Foam A 

Power Kleen A 

Power Suds A 

Purg Drain Pipe and Sewer 

Opener O 


PF-20 A 

Release B 

Rinse Brite A 

Silver Brite A 

Stain Go A 

Super Chlor B 

Super Suds A 

360 ; B 

Control Chemical Corporation 

Activate S 

Blue Sky R 

D-Kloro R 

Dart A 

Decimate O 

Di-Kil T 

Dish Kleen A 

Floor Ward D 

Go-Go D 

Ko Shan q 

Milk Stone Remover C 

Munizyme O 

Neutrex r 

Neutron R 

Obliterate O 

Open Cessme O 

Punch A 

Q-Guard F 

Q-Trol F 

R. I. P. Insecticide Spray T 

Refresh r 

Roach & Bug Killer T 

Roach-Go T 

Steam-O-Clean a 

Take-Off D 

Tee-Off D 

Tower Treat N 


Vanquish R 

White Cloud r 

Control Chemical Enterprises 

Lub Silicone Lubricant Spray. ..AA 

Conwood Corporation 

Hot Shot Fly Bait T 

Hot Shot Fly&Mosquito Insect 

Killer S 

Universal Spray Insect Killer ...S 

Cook Chemical Company 

CCC Cleaner Degreaser Extra 

Heavy Duty A 

CCC Lemon Disinfectant P 

CCC Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Cooper U.S.A., Incorporated 

Cooper Farm Disinfectant R 

Cooper Saponified Cresylic 
Solution p 

Copeco/ Custom Lubricants 

Copeco Alco-AA Food 

Machinery Grease AA 

Copecote ACFG-1HTW AA 

Copecote ACFG-1W AA 

Copecote ACFG-2W AA 

Copecote ACFG-3W AA 

Copecote FO-250W AA 

Copecote FO-30W AA 

Copper Brite, Inc. 

Roach Prufe j 

Coral Chemical Company 

A-227 c 

Blu-Tide A 

Brite Clene Add c 

Brite Clene 2S C 

Brite Clene 30 c 

C.C. 403 B 

C-Tide d 

Chlor-Clene 15 B,H 

Chlor-Clene 420 A 

Chloro-San G,K 

Clene A-21 c 

Clene Aid a 

Clene All 4 A 

Clene All 55 A 

Clene MGW a 

Clene S.S a 

Clene SRO a 

Clene 1001 b 

Clene 24 A 

Clene 27L B 

Clene 308 q 

Clene 315 b 

Clene 50 b 

Clene 500 ..b 

Clene 509 B 

Clene 520 B 

Clene 57 B 

Clene 777 B 

Clor-AU A 

Cloral a 

Concrete Brightener C 

Concrete Brightener #2 C 

Cor Cal #1 a 

Cor Cide D t 

Cor Jell a 

Cor Rinse 307 b 

Cor Saf 18 a.Z 

Cor Sheen 92 a 

Cor Steem 00 b 

Cor Steem 10 B 

Cor Steem 1 1 b 

Cor Steem 30 a 

Cor Steem 90 b 

Cor Vap 90 A 

Coral San No. 20 F 

Coralite 01 a 

Coralite 02 a 

Coralite 100 D 

Coralite 200 D 

Cordefom 92 HH 

Cordefom 93 HH 

Coredge 30 B 

Corfom 300 A 

Corfom 32 A 

Corfom 34 a 

Corfom 35 A 

Corfom 91 A 

Corfom 94 a 

Corlub 01 AA 

Corlub 80 BB 

Corlub 91 BB 

Corpol 34 £ 

Corsheen Plus A 

Corsheen 333 b 

Corsheen 908 A 

Corsheen 909 A 

Cortak 301 B 

Cortak 304 B 

Cortak 90 B 

Cortak 96 B 

Cortak 98 B 

Corvin 00 c 

Corvin 100 c 

Corvin 11 c 

Corvin 14 c 

Corvin 17 c 

Corvin 97 c 

Descale 202 c 

Descale 90 c 

E.C. Ultimate a,H 

Egg Clene FMC A^H 

Egg Clene Plus A H 

Flash Clene Super B 

Flash Clene 23 ......b 

Flash Clene 26 ~....B 

Flash Clene 99 c 

Flash 23L B 

Foam Clene 10 b 

GF 844 a 

hsc ;;;; x 

Ibex C-51 m 

Lan-O-Lite p 

Li Cor CS D 

Li Cor 21 b 

Liqua-Steam 5 A 

Odor Con 5 R 

P. W. 88 v 

PC 300 B 

Sekt-I-Cide NT S 

Sewerex LF o 

Sewerex 3 o 

Spray Clene 6 b 

Spray Cor 41 B 

Spray 30 a 

Spray 35 a 

Spray 90 a 

Super Clene B 

Surcoat 36 c 

Surcoat 96 c 

Tank Clene 3 R 

V-Clene v 

Vat Clene 50 B 

Cornell Chemical & Equipment Co., 

Pyrenone Fog Spray S 

S Gard Space Spray S 

WO-25 Rodenticide U 

Correlated Products, Inc. 

Bowlshine Bowl & Porcelain 

Cleaner p 

Bowlshine X p 

Correlsept Disinfectant-CleanerF 

Creme-Clenz p 

CPI Krome Kleen Porcelain 

Cleaner r 

CPI Residual Roach Liquid T 

Dirtsaway A 

Disinfectant-Sanitizer G 

Drain Cleaner O 

Dry-Tef Spray Lubricant BB 

Foamy r_> 

Freen Mint Disinfectant R 

Germicidal Rinse G 

Grimeaway p 

Help .....d 

Kleer Out o 

Liquid Steam Cleaning 

Compound a 

Lotionized Glass & 

Dishwashing Compound A 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Spray K D 

Staphasept Hospital 

Disinfectant Doed P 

Corrosion Control Services 

C-500 M 

CL-500 M 

CS-760 M 


PHP-20 m 

PHP-50 m 

SLT-10 m 

SLT-12 n 

SLT-50 m 

904-L M 


Cortes Ward Company, Inc. 

Coconut Oil Soap Q 

Corty, R. L. & Company 


Steamatic Heavy Duty Cleaner 
#101 A 

Costello Manufacturing Company 

Cozy me O 

Palm Cream Q 

Sani Clene A 

Superior Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Cougar Chemical 

Adjunct Ort M 

Adjunct P M 

Amine X M 

Chelate BWT M 

Cougar Chemical Company 

Cougar #100 Heavy Duty 

Cleaner A 

Cougar #150 General Purpose 
Cleaner A 

Counsel Laboratories, Inc. 

#10 High Alkaline Cleaner B 

Alclear Formula 3030 A,H 

All Purpose Compound PE 88 ..A 

AU Purpose Compound 66 A 

All Purpose Lime Solvent C 

Cement Floor Cleaner 67 R 

Con-Quat-A D 

Control 5050 B 

Correct 8080 A 

Deep Fry Cleaner 51 B 

Defoamer 32 A 

Great 808 A 

Knock Out B 

Knock Out WD B 

Liquid Hand Soap 200 Q 

Machine Glass Wash 27 A 

Nio-Clean A 

No Spot A 

Pot Rite 20 A 

Renew 400 D 

Silver Presoak & Detarnisher 

55 A 

Task 4040 B 

Twice 98 A 

Cowboy Chemical Company 

Custer's Last Charge Sewer 

Cleaner: O 

Hi Sierra P 

Saddle Slick BB 

Coyne Chemical Company 

Concen-Trol S 

Insec-Trol S 

Super-Trol S 

Sure-Trol S 

CoDel Corporation 

Code-L A 

Craft Sanitary Specialties Corp. 

All-Purpose Cleaner D 

Craft Sprayklene R 

Germicidal Cleaner F 

Grease-Klene A 

Crain Chemical Company 

#1381 B 

Beyond D 

Boiler Compound N 

Con-O-Chlor G 

Con-O-Phene P 

Con-O-San D 

Con-O-Tox 2 T 

Concentrate A 

Crain Silicone Spray Food 

Grade A A 

Dish-Brite A 

Dual S 

DFC-40 Deep Fat Fryer 

Cleaner B 

11-320 A 

Kleen-Eze D 

Lana Q 

New Glo P 

Nock-Out O 

Pluck-A-Chick L 

Quam 25 F 

Quam 75 G 

RCR-235 C 

SS-305 BB 

X-Out R 

Crane Industries 

Good Bye Liquid Drain OpenerO 

Rebrite P 

Remox C 

Craver Supply Company, Inc. 

Craco Hand Soap Q 

Creative Chemicals, Inc. 

Cling-N-Clean Bowl & 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

Gush O 

Ram Liquid O 

Creative Industries 

De-Zolv Sulfuric Acid Drain 

Opener O 

Emerald Ready To Use Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

Evergreen Pine-Odor 

Disinfectant R 

Fact Concentrate All-Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Flash Cleaner-Degreaser A 

Zing Clinging Bowl Cleaner P 

Crepaco, Incorporated 

Airlube BB 

Compressorlube No. 30AF BB 

Homolube BB 

Hydrauliclube BB 

Cresset Chemical Company 

Cresset Coral Hand Cleaner W 

Cresset Green Hand Cleaner... W 

Crest Research Products 

Control Concentrate R 

Crest Concentrate A 

Herculox C 

Luxur Q 

Crestfield Research 

Luxur Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Crestline Chemical Company 

Fat-Away A 

Criter Chemco, Inc. 

'C hem-Foam' A 

Big Stripper R 

Criter Chemco C-l A 

Criter Chemco C-2 A 

Dish Suds T A 

Dish Suds 'IT A 

Industrial Clean 1 A 

Industrial Clean 2 A 

Solve-It D 

Sudsy Ammonia R 

Super 'A' D 

Super 'A' -100 D 

Critzas Industries, Inc. 

Goop Hand Cleaner W 

Crockett Chemical Company 

C-211 D 

Crossco Manufacturing Corp. 

San ion P 

Versatal R 

Crossland Laboratories, Inc. 

Ivy Rose Q 

Mercury A 

Mirochem D 

Naturair R 

Crouch Laboratories, Inc. 

Crouch Drain Cleaner O 

Crouch Supply Company, Inc. 

Acid-Klean C 

APC Cleaner A 

BD-150 A 

Cromal A 

Crouch Cleaner-Degreaser 

Concentrate D,R 

Crouch's Cir-Spray 341 

Cleaner A 

Crouch's Coral Mist Q 

Crouch's Hi-Lo Acid Cleaner. ..C 

Crouch's ID-125 G 

Crouch's Peeel-It V 

CIP Acid Cleaner C 

CIP Acid Cleaner (concentrate)C 

D Foam HH 

D'Terge A 

Egg Washing Compound A,H 

Fluff A 

GPC Cleaner A 

Heavy Duty Super 85 A 

Improved Crouch's ID-05-R G 

Insect Spray S 

Insecticide 150 S 

Kanex A,X,Z 

Kap Cleaner A 

Kleen-N-Brite C 


No. 147 Heavy Duty Alkaline 

Cleaner B 

Petrolatum Spray A A 

Petrolatum Spray Heavy Duty..AA 

Q-10 F 

Sani-Quat G 

Sanitizer-Bactericide F 

Ship Shape A 

Ship Shape-NC A 

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution. ..G,K,GG,V 

Spray Gel AA 

Super Flakes B 

Super 85 A,H 

SP-14 C 

TCW Cleaner D 

Wegg-DF H 

3222 Crouch Industrial Floor 

Clnr D 

802 Centra-Matic Liquid Lube.BB 
888 Alkali B 

Crown Chemical Company 

Amine Condensate Treatment.M 
Colloid Boiler Water TreatmentM 


Colloid/Chelate BWT M 

Compound Ca-3 M 

Compound S-4 M 

Diasyn-7 A 

Formula 600 M 

Hydrax 2 M 

Hydrax-4 M 

Liquid Drain Cleaner O 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

LHS-40 Q 

Ox-Trol DC-P M 

Ox-Trol LQ-2 M 

PCA Boiler Water Treatment. ...M 

Crown Chemical Company, Inc. 

Foam-Up A 


Crown Chemical Inc. 

Pride Powder A 

PHC-71 A 

PHC-72 A 

Stripclene D 

Stripclene-TX R 

Sunbrite Laundry Bleach CC 

1004 B 

15 Floor & General Cleaner B 

444 A 

Crown Chemicals 

'.5% Coated Warfarin - U 

A B Insecticide T 

C-20 Chlordane Oil Miscible 

Concentrate T 

Check Pest Food Pint, Mill & 

Dairy Km Sp S 

Check Pest Indust. Aer. Insect. 

Concnt S 

Code 888 Special Odor Control R 
Code 999 Smoke Odor Control R 

Cygon 2-E T 

Dairy and Stable Spray S 

Diazinon 4E Insecticide T 

Diazinon 4S Insecticide T 

Felton No. 7 R 

Flea Spray T 

Food Plant & Dairyroom 

Insect Bomb S 

House & Garden Double 

Action Bug Killer T 

Ice Melting Pellets R 

Industrial Aerosol Insecticide ...S 
Industrial Aerosol Insecticide 

Gold S 

Lemon Disinfectant R 

Lindane Emulsifiable 

Concentrate T 

Malathion 57 T 

Mill & Food Plant Spray S 

New Purge II S 

New Purge III T 

Pest-Rid Home & Farm Bomb..T 

Pest-Rid Pelleted Bait U 

Prolin Anticoagulant 

Concentrate U 

Prolin Meal Bait For Rats And 

Mice U 

Prolin Pelleted Ral Bait U 

PY-Fly Spray S 

PY-U Emulsifiable 

Concentrate S 

Rat And Mouse Killer With 

Diphacinone U 

Rat Pucks U 

Roach & Ant Spray T 

Synergized Pyrethrum 

Concentrate #3610 S 

Syntox Insecticide 2.50% S 

Syntox Insecticide 3.0% E.C S 

Total S 

Vapona Spray Solution T 

4 lb. Chlordane Emulsion 

Concentrate T 

8 lb. Chlordane Emulsion 

Concentrate T 

Crown Industrial Products Co. 

Food Grade Silicone Lubricant 
(Bulk) AA 

Food-Gd Pure Silicone Lubrcnt 
#8036 AA 

6035 Food Safe Lubricant AA 

Crown Paper 

AH Purpose Neutral Cleaner D 

Checker-8 Q 

Heavy Duty Cleaner-Degreascr D 
Heavy Duty Stripper D 

Crown Research & Chemical 

Advanced CL A 

Advanced SH B 

Al-Safe A 

Al-Safe C A 

Al-Safe H A 

AC 410 C 

Brite A 

C 301 A 

CP401 A 

Glass and Mirror Cleaner R 

Honey-Do A 

Honey-Solve D 

HC-307 Q 

HTC 201 B 

Kleen-Kit A 



PSC 50 B 


XC 301 D 

500 A A 


Crown Sanitary Chemicals Co. 

Deep-A-Clean A 

Pow-A D 

Release D 

Sock R 

Crown Supply, Incorporated 

Gleam A 

Crown, Inc. 

A-152 Insect Spray S 

Crucible Chemical Company 

Foamkill HH 

Foamkill 105 HH 

Foamkill 644 HH.O 

Foamkill 810-HP A 

Foamkill 830-HP A 

Foamkill 854A A 

Crystal Chemical Corporation 

Penetrate- 10 A 

Penetrate-1 1 A 

Penetrate-7 A 

Penetrate-8 A 

Penetrate-9 A 

Pink Satin Lotion Hand Soap ...Q 

Crystal Chemical Laboratories 

Formula 68-L M 

Crystal Soap And Chemical Co., Inc. I 

X12-77B Conveyor Lubricant ...BB 
11-37D Conveyor Lubricant BB 


Chemical Treatment B-41 M 

Chemical Treatment B-414 M 

Chemical Treatment B-42 M 

Chemical Treatment B-43 M 

Chemical Treatment B-430 M 

Chemical Treatment B-440 M 

Chemical Treatment B-530 M 

Chemical Treatment F-824 Z 

Chemical Treatment F-86 Z 

Chemical Treatment P-323 Z 

Chemical Treatment P-324 Z 

Chemical Treatment P-33 Z 

Chemical Treatment P-34 Z 

Culligan Water Conditioning, Inc. 

B-300 M 

B-310 M 

B-503 M 

B-503M Oxygen Scavenger M 

B-513 M 

Culligan B-100 Boiler 

Treatment M 

Culligan B-101 Boiler 

Treatment M 

SL-2 Steam Line Treatment M 

SL-3 Steam Line Treatment M 

Cumberland Chemical Laboratory 

Big DG A 

Formula AP-2 R 

Formula AP-3 R 

Formula V-C D 

Water Soluablc Dcod Cone 

Neut Bubble Gum R 

Curtco Products Co. 

CO-1060 B 

CO-20 A 

CO-25 A 

CO-80 B 

CO-900 D 

Super CO-900 D 

Curtis Industries, Inc. 

Super De-Greez NB A 

Curtis Noll Corporation 

Custodi-AU Strip Kleen No. 

4401 D 

Selex-250 AA 

White, Food Machinery GreascAA 

Custodial Supply Company 

Meat Room Degrsr-Gen. 

Purpose Clnr A 

Quat Germicidal Cleaner G 

Custodial Supply Company 

Clean Up A 

Foam-Away A 

Custom Blend of California 

Custom Blend 301 S 

Custom Blend 402 S 

Custom Built Lubricants Co. 

C-B All Purpose Gear Lube 

SAE 140 BB 

C-B AU Purpose Gear Lube 

SAE 80 BB 

C-B All Purpose Gear Lube 

SAE 90 BB 


C-B AW Green Lubricant BB 

C-B AW Green Lubricant No. 


C-B Heavy Duty Motor Oil 

SAE 10 BB 

C-B Heavy Duty Motor Oil 

SAE 20 BB 

C-B Heavy Duty Motor Oil 

SAE 30 BB 

C-B Hydraulic Oil R&O Light. BB 
C-B Hydraulic Oil R&O 

Medium BB 

C-B Mineral Gear Lub SAE 

140 BB 

C-B Mineral Gear Lub SAE 80.BB 
C-B Mineral Gear Lub SAE 90.BB 
C-B Non Detergent Motor Oil 

SAE 10 BB 

C-B Non Detergent Motor Oil 

SAE 20 BB 

C-B Non Detergent Motor Oil 

SAE 30 BB 

C-B Unv Gr Lub MU-L-2105B 

SAE 140 BB 

C-B Unv Gr Lub MU-L-2105B 

SAE 80 BB 

C-B Unv Gr Lub MU-L-2105B 

SAE 90 BB 

C-B White Bentone Lubricant ..BB 
C-B White FM, Lubricant Code 

12249 BB 

Petrolith Lub Code No. 11106 ..BB 
Petrolith Lub Code No. 11201 ..BB 
Petrolith Lub Code No. 11301 ..BB 

Realfilm AW Lubricant BB 

8000 Improved Spraymatic 

Gear Film BB 

Custom Chemical 

CC-1007 A 

CC-108 Sewer Pipe Cleaner O 


CC-»007 A 

CC-5005 Jl 

CC-503 Liquid Dishwash A 

CC-520 C 

Drain Free C 

Ferrocator 208 B 

Off Concentrated Heavy Duty 

Cleaner A 

100 APC D 

1006 A 

1015 A 

103 CHL.MDW A 

104 MDW A 

106 CC ..= D 

110 Non Caustic Steam 
Cleaner A 

1104 A 

111 Heavy Duty Steam CleanerB 

115 A 

117 Blue Spray Car Wash 

Detergent A 

122 CC 

4002 A 

500 D 

5003 D 

502 D 

506 Q 

507 40 Plus Q 






562 Drain Free D 

7005 C 

Custom Chemical Company 

Boiler Compound M N 

Chain-Eze BB BB 

Cleaner 5106 B 

Cleaner 5920 A 

Dish Wash #1 A 

Drain Cleaner O 

Floor Wash #1 A 

Foam Control HH A 

Formula A-l -A 

Formula A-ll A 

Formula A-3 R 

Formula A-4 A 

Formula A-6 A 

Formula A-7 D 

Formula A-8 A 

Formula AH-1 A,H 

Formula AH-2 A 

Formula AH-3 A 

Formula AH-4 A 

Formula AH-5 A 

Formula AH-6 A 

Formula AL-1 A 

Formula B-l .B 

Formula B-2 B 

Formula B-3 A 

Formula B-4 B 

Formula B-5 B 

Formula B-6 B 

Formula B-7 A 

Formula BH-1 B 

Formula C-l C 

Formula C-ll A 

Formula C-2 C 

Formula DQ-1 D 

Formula DQ-8 D 

Formula E-l E 

Formula H-l H 

Formula V-551 B 

Grout Cleaner P C 

Hand Wash FF P 

Ice Melt R R 

Pan Wash #1 A 

Custom Chemical Company 

Caustic Soda Beads B 

Cleaner Car Clean A 

Cleaner Chlor Plus A 

Cleaner LD 25 CC 

Cleaner LDC O 

Cleaner 215A A 

Cleaner 302C B 

Cleaner 304C B 

Cleaner 412C B 

401A A 

402A A 

403A A 

404A A 

Custom Chemicals, Incorporated 

Sani-Phen 10-X F 

Custom C hemic ides Inc. 

Rodeth Blocks U 

Custom Engineering 

Brawnee D 

Custom Cannery Special C 

Custom Concrete Cleaner R 

Custom Descalor C 

Custom Etch C 

Custom Foam Booster 

Additive A 

Custom Foamee A 

Custom Microcide Citrus 

Fragrance D 

Custom Microcide H.D. 

Neutral Fragrance D 

Custom Microphene D 

Custom Rust-Off C 

Custom Stone-Off C 

Custom Super-5 A 

Custom 998 C 

Septicide Q 

Custom Laboratories, Inc. 

Qu-Bac-70 F 

Custom Spray Products, Inc. 

King Size Chlorinated Bleach 
Cleanser E 

Cutler-Magner Company 

Rockport Hgh Clcum Hydrtd 

Lime M,Y,Z 

Cygnet Chemical Company 

Formula 101-S M 

Formula 102-PA M 

D & B Products, Inc. 

Ice-Go Ice Melter R 

D & C Chemical Corporation 

Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Poly scour C-l 05 A 

Smoke House Cleaner D 

D & D Laboratories, Inc. 

Dyna Clean D 

Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant D 

Spray-N-Wipe Cleaner And 

Disinfectant D 

D & F Products, Inc. 

Coco Plus Q 

Micro-Clean F 

Super 100 A 

Super 1000 Plus A 

D & G Manufacturing 

Bake Pan Cleaner A 

Chlorinated Machine Dish 

Wash A 

Chlorinated Meat Plant CleanerA 

Deluxe Concrete Cleaner D 

Heavy Duty Car Wash A 

Sewer Pipe Cleaner O 

Super Car Wash A 

D & H Chemicals, Inc. 

D & H Formula #600 

Degreaser D 

D & J Industries, Incorporated 

Sparkle Brite D 

D & L Supply Company 

'One' Disinfectant Cleaner D 


Delco Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Reem Drain Pipe Opener & 

Maintainer O 

Smoothy Q 

Spray-Kleen D 

D L Chemical Corporation 

D-43 Alkaline Cleaning 

Compound B 

D-44 Pressure Wash 

Compound A 


L-36X All Purpose Liquid 
Cleaner D 

D L Skin Care Products, Inc. 

Antiseptic Hand Cleaner W 

Antiseptic Lotion Soap Q 

Antiseptic Skin Conditioner W 

Blue Label Hand Cleaner W 

DL Lotion Soap Q 

Have Proud Hands Hand 

Cleaner W 

Lotion Soap Q 

Non-Silicone Skin Protector W 

Silicone Skin Protector W 

Trounce Lotion Hand Cleaner. .W 

D S S Inc. 

1500 Fogging Formula S 

D. R. Chemical, Incorporated 

Degreaser M D 

Zip D 

D.C.I.I. Inc. 

DC #14 H.D. Wtr Solu Indust. 
CI & Dgrsr A 

D-Con Company, Inc., The 

d-Con Pellets U 

d-Con Ready Mixed U 

Dacar Chemical Company 

Boil Floe Ml M 

Boil 0-3C C 

Boilerene AN-1 M 

Boilerene B-l M 

Boilerene B-6 M 

Boilerene BCA M 

Boilerene BCAS M 

Boilerene BCP-2 M 

Boilerene BCP-3 M 

Boilerene BH-2 M 

Boilerene BH-3 M 

Boilerene BN-1 M 

Boilerene BN-2 M 

Boilerene BP-1 M 

Boilerene BP-2 M 

Boilerene CA M 

Boilerene EK-2 M 

Boilerene 3CN M 

Calcorene N 

Calcorene C-17 N 

Calcorene S-73 N 

Dacarene AJ M 

Dacarene 1 1 A M 

Dacarene 12 DC M 

Dacarene 13-W M 

Dacarene 15BG M 

Dacarene 17BT M 

Dalcorene Glass M,Z 

Dalcorene GM-2 N 

Dalcorene GM-4 N 

Dalcorene SP Plates N 

Dalsperse NP 2-W N 

Dalsperse NP-68 N 

Darolene A 

Drain Fre O 

Nutrite S C 

Oxi-Go-P M 

Oxy-Liqui M 

Oxzeen 2-H M 

Oxzeen 2H-2 M 

Oxzeen 2H-5 M 

Volerene M 

Volerene EK M 

Dairy Chemical Company, Inc. 

Acid Cleaner C 

Bork-Lac No. 1 C 

Bork-Lac No. 2 A 

Bork's Detergent-Sanitizer F 

Bork's Floor Powder R 

Bork's Par-O-Lenc A 

Bork's Special Compound A 

Bot-L-Ene XX A 

Daco-Zyme O 

Dairy-Chem Hi-Temp No. 4X...B 

Dionic A 

Glisten A 

Hi-Temp A 

Klor-Ex Metal Cleaner A 

Klor-San A 

Laundry Oil CC 

Metal Cleaner 65-35 B 

Q-San F 

Spec. Form. Shroud Laundry 

Mix A,CC 

Special Formula 24-48 B 

Tile Floor Cleaner D 

Yankee Cleanser A 

Dak Incorporated 

Dak-O-Mint R 

Lemonate P 

Shure P 

Dalco Chemical Company 

Alcoene M-C-l M 

Alcoene M-l M 

Alcoene M-l-C M 

Alcoene M-10 M 

Alcoene M-4 M 

Alcoene M-8-B M 

Dalcoene P-20 M 

Dalcoene P-22 M 

Domalco SW N 

Oxy-Purge SP M 

Volex M 

Dalco Chemical Company/ Division 
of Dalco Corporation 

Concentrate S 

Concentrate "C S 

Dalco Chlorez II T 

Dalco Concentrate D S 

Dalco Heavy Duty Detergent 

Disinfectant D 

Linrez T 

Malrez T 

Mill Spray S 

Roach Spray S 

Dalco Corporation 

C-10 Wash Powder A 

Chloroderm Antiseptic Hand 

Soap Q 

Dal-Phene D 

Dalco #225 S 

Dalco 3610 S 

Dalco 603 R 

Dalco 603 Delux Liquid 

Cleaner D 

Disperse D 

Electric Dishwash A 

Grand Slam D 

KP Grill and Oven Cleaner D 

Pink Ramco Suds A 

Ramco Suds A 

Sani-Rinse G,GG 

Sani-Rinse Two G 

Soft Hand Cleaner Q 

Starkleen D 

Surgisan Antiseptic Hand Soap Q 
Window Cleaner Concentrate ...R 

X-109 Super Cleaner D 

X-609 Concentrate D 

X-99 Special Cleaner A 

100 Cleaner R 

501 Special Cleaner D 

Dalco Industries, Ltd. 

Dalco Kleen DK 70 D 

Dalton & Son Inc. 

Duke Extra Heavy Duty 

Cleaner-Degreaser A 

Lemon Disinfectant P 

Mint Disinfectant P 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Dameron Enterprises, Incorporated 

Vi-Lan DE A 

Vilan Bact-Clean #8100 D 

Vilan Skin Cleanser W 

Damkoehler Chemical & Paper Co. 

Marvelle Acid Clnr-Milkstone 

Remvr C 

Marvelle Dairy Cleanser A 

Marvelle Extra H. D. Floor 

Clnr C 

Damon Chemical Company, Inc. 

All Out O 

Boiler-Rite Boiler Compound 

No. 9 M 

Bug-Dize S 

Concrete Fl. & Drveway Clnr. 

No. 93 D 

D-C Multipurpose Cleaner D 

Da-Brite Hog Scald X 

Da-Brite No. 225 A 

Da-Brite No. 350 A 

Da-Kleen #2 A 

Daco Rapid De-Sealer C 

Daco-San P 

Disinfectant D-C Cleaner D 

Fogg-R S 

FF Cleaner B 

Germicidal D.C F 

Lark A 

Min-Rid C 

Poly Strip A 

Smokehouse Cleaner #2 B 

Ster-O-Kem No. 10 F 

Synthosol D D 

SF-77 D 


Winterfect P 

Zymogen UC O 

Damsco Chemical Company 

Auto Industrial Cleaner & 

Degreaser A 

Hand Soap Q 

Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner A 

Synthetic Cleaner D 

Dan-Sales Company 

F-239 A 

Dana Chemicals 

Compound DL 20 M 

Compound DP 01 M 

Compound DP 06 M 

Danbury Chemical Products Corp. 

Formula 660 Q 

Formula 77X D 

Liquid Live Micro Organisms. ..O 

Dane Sales And Service 

Dane 100-D A 


Dane 1 15-DP A 

Dane 220-DP A 

105D D 

115D A 

120D R 

500S R 

Darmex Industrial Corporation 

Darmex ACO 10 BB 

Darmex ACO 1040 BB 

Darmex NTG AA 

Darmex NTG-1 AA 

Darmex NTO 30 AA 

Darmex NTO 50 AA 

Darmex NTO 90 AA 

Darmex 1050 BB 

Darmex 123 HT BB 

Darmex 9140 BB 

DX-123 Grease BB 

NTO 10 AA 

Daron International Corporation 

AU-Purpose A 

Alum-Klean C 

Ammo-Klean D 

Big-Kleen CC 

C&C Lube Lubricant & 

Protective Shield BB 

Cleancrete D 

Clear View R 

D-Grease R 

Daron 501 S 

Dissolve-All O 

DI-437 C 

Enz-A-Way O 

Grime-Away Q 

Handi Wash Q 

Hot Kleen B 

Hy-Glide Non-Flam. Lub. & 

Release Agent AA 

Lemon-Clean R 

Magic C 

Mr. Muscle O 

Open-Up O 

Oven Clean B 

Power-Klean A 

Rust- A way C 

Triple Clean D 

Darrill Industries 

Standard Detergent No. 100 A 

Standard Detergent No. 101 A 

Standard Detergent No. 103 B 

Standard Detergent No. 104 A 

Standard Detergent No. 105 C 

Dart Research, Inc. 

Auto Strip D 

Bol-Power Non Acid Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Breakthrough T 

Brute Force D 

Checker's Aid D 

Dar-Ox C 

Darco 868 P 

Darco 871 P 

Darzyme 250 

Defender G 

Dco-Kleen R 

Dry-Lon Teflon Lubricant Dry 

Spray BB 

Dyna-Pow Sulfuric Drain 

Opener O 

DG-11 Shaker R 

Hand Kleen W 

Hand-Aid W 

Handy Waterless Hand CleanerW 
Johnny On The Spot Toilet 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Maintain D 

Micro-Staph G 

Scooter D 

Septene Cone. Bowl Cleaner ....P 

Strip AU D 

Thermadart O 

Thermasolv O 

Turnzit Plus BB 

Datek, Inc. 

Clean-Sweep Q 

Concentrated Odor and Grease 

Control R 

Dasol Heavy Duty Water Sol. 

Saf. Solvt A 

Deoxidizing Chemical Cleaner. .C 

Detergent Concentrate A 

Tri-Jel O 

Datex, Incorporated 

Datex Super Enzymes for 

Sewerage Sys O 

Davey-Fitch Company, The 

Chlorey A 

DF-150 A 

DF-160 BB 

Flo-Kleen A 

Kleen Haus B 

Davidson, C. L. Chemical Inc. 

Crown Fas-Foam A 

Hi-Ho Lotionized Hand 

Cleaner Q 

Davies- Young Company, The 

Buckeye Acid Bright C 

Buckeye Blockade T 

Buckeye Blue D,P 

Buckeye Blue Frost P 

Buckeye Bol-Clean P 

Buckeye Bug-M T 

Buckeye Confidence R 

Buckeye Dy-Chlor F 

Buckeye Dy-Phase Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Buckeye Dyodyne F 

Buckeye Dysh A 

Buckeye EDC D 

Buckeye Gard F 

Buckeye Glad-Lath'r R 

Buckeye Glass & Window 

Cleaner R 

Buckeye Legion S 

Buckeye Liberate A 

Buckeye Liquid Hand Soap 

5000 Q 

Buckeye Maintenol D 

Buckeye Natraspray Hello R 

Buckeye Ram A 

Buckeye Roadstar G.P. Steam 

Cleaner D 

Buckeye Roadstar H.D. Steam 

Cleaner B 

Buckeye Sani-Q G 

Buckeye Sanicare R 

Buckeye Sanicare Lemon Quat D,R 
Buckeye Sanicare Mint Quat....D,R 

Buckeye Sanicare Pine Quat D,R 

Buckeye Sanicare Quat-128 D,R 

Buckeye Sanicare Quat-256 D,R 

Buckeye Sanicare Quat-64 D,R 

Buckeye Sparkle P 

Buckeye Super Gard D 

Buckeye Two-O-One D 

Buckeye XL 100 D 

Formula E-051 D 

Formula El 07 Q 

Formula E-638 A 

Formula 053 B 

Formula 104 Q 

Formula 141 Q 

Formula 256 A 

Formula 26 C 

Formula 265 A 

Formula 275 A 

Formula 421 D 

Formula 422 D 

Formula 440 D 

Formula 558 

Formula 607 A 

Formula 630 N 

Formula 631 M 

Formula 652 A 

Formula 76 M 

Formula 91 D 

Formula 981 L 

Frontier B.S.D F 

Frontier B-Wash B 

Frontier C-P B 

Frontier Chlor-Press A 

Frontier Chlor-San 12 G 

Frontier Circle 8 A 

Frontier Circo B 

Frontier Cleans Away C 

Frontier EEC-1 C 

Frontier Fair A 

Frontier Flash B 

Frontier Foam Add B 

Frontier Foam Chlor A 

Frontier Hello D 

Frontier Hot Stuff O 

Frontier Hy Press A 

Frontier Hy-Lite D 

Frontier Hy-Test 85 B 

Frontier HS-5000 Q 

Frontier HTC A 

Frontier I-O-San G 

Frontier IPC-85 A 

Frontier Kon-Kleen D 

Frontier Liquid Glow A 

Frontier Phos Acid C 

Frontier Phos 40 C 

Frontier Sanitizer Q G 

Frontier See Suds CC 

Frontier Super Power A 

Frontier Supreme A 

Gem 40 Q 

Marvel H 

PDC 5734 A 

Syntho Soap BB 

Davies, D. W. & Co., Inc. 

"Aqua-Treat #900' Z 

'Aqua-Treat 400' Z 

'Aqua-Treat 800' Z 

'Big-Joe' W 

Boiler Kleen' No. 600 M 

'Boiler-Kleen' No. S-100 M 

Cento-USO' A 

'Coco Soap 40' Q 

'Dairy-Kleen' A 

'Egg-Shine' H 

'Foam-Kleen' A 

'Glass-Shine' C 

Klear AU' O 

'Kleen-Hands' Q 

'No-Pit 100' M 

•No-Pit 200' M 

'No-Pif M 

Oxy-Out 100' M 

'Pink Magic' Cleansing Creme.W 

'Pipe-Kleen' A 

'Sani-Rinse' G 

Speed-Kleen' C 

Acid-Kleen C 

Algae-Guard N 


Boiler Kleen-500 M 

Concrete Cleaner A 

D.C. 99 D 

D.W. Concentrate D 

Davies 'Chain-Lube' BB 

Davies 'Sani-Kill' S 

Davies 'Scale-Out' M 

Davies 'Ultra Kill' Concentrates 
Davies 'Ultra Kill' Fogging 

Insect Spray S 

Davies Disinfectant R 

Davies Fogging Insect Killer T 

Davies Grease-Solv 50 B 

Davies Hospital Type 

Deodorant Disinf P 

Davies Hot Shot O 

Davies Industrial Penetrant BB 

Davies Klor-Kleen A 

Drain Kleen O 

Easy-Glide BB 

Fabulous A 

Foam Ban A,N 

Gentle Magic A 

Green Magic A 

Green Magic Hand Cleaner Q 

L-15 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

L-20 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

L-40 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Machine Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Machine Dshwashing Comp. 

Chlorntd A 

Magic Glass R 

No Scale M 

No-Touch A 

Polysiloxane A A 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

Scale-Ban M 

Smoke House Cleaner No. 120 .A 

Solvo-Kleen D 

Stop-Rust 100 M 

Suds-EE A 

Surgical Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Triple Kleen D 

Ultra-Khlor A 

Ultra-KIeen A 

Davis Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

# 705 Liquid Live Micro 

Organism O 

Buggon T 

Converta Concentrate D 

CJ-975 Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

D&G Detergent A 

D and W Cone. Multi- 

Purp.Neut.Clnr A 

Da-Co J 

Da-Co Chlorinated Dairy 

Cleaner K 

Da-Co E-Z Sol Bowl Cleaner.. ..P 

Da-Co Glass Lustre R 

Da-Co On The Spot O 

Da-Co Pine Disinfectant R 

Da-Co Ready for Use Hand 

Soap Q 

Da-Co Rocket Power Cleaner. ..D 

Da-Co Wet-A-Way D 

Dachlor A 

Daco #30 Powder Cleaner A 

Daco 100 A 

Dav-O-Lite Fluid S 

Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner B 

Dish and Glass Wash A 

Elbow Grease D 

Fly-Kill Insecticide S 

Friction-Free Safe-T-Sill AA 

Gone Wax Remover D 

Honey Cream Five Star Q 

L.W.D. With Brightener N CC 

Lemon Drops D 

Lemon-O-Five R,D 

Lemon-O-Ten R,D 

Meat Hook Cleaner C 

Noxemnow Fogging 

Concentrate S 

Number 350 Liquid Live 

Bacteria Culture O 

Sanivac C 

Scalarid 50 C 

Shield R 

Skinguard Q 

Strip-Eze D 

Wipe A 

Wipe Disinf. Clnr & Surface 

Deodor R 

XX Concrete Cleaner D 

Davis Sanitary Supply 

Davco Drain Pipe Opener O 

Davco Formula M-S B 

Davco Insecticide S 

Davco Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Davco Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Davis-Howland Oil Corporation 

DSL All Purpose Lithium 

Grease #2 BB 

DSL Cal-Ref 300 BB 

DSL Cal-Ref 500 BB 

DSL Convis 650 BB 

DSL FDA 2 Grease AA 

DSL Oil 44 BB 

DSL Oil 46 BB 

DSL Oil 47 BB 

DSL White Oil No. AA 

DSL White Oil No. 1 AA 

DSL While Oil No. 2 AA 

DSL White Oil No. 3 AA 

Dawn Sales Corp. 

Activated Alkaline Powdered 

Drain Opener O 

Bio-Kleen A 

Digestant 250 

Drain-Away O 

Jell R 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Mint Deodorant R 


Odor-Ban R 

Penetrating Oil BB 

Spray-Fog S 

Super Solv #2 D 

Daxchem A Division of Oxford 

AF-40 L.O.X 

BC-184 C 

BC-195 C 

BC-84 P 

BWC-28 B 

Daxchem AMC-51 C 

Daxchem BC-217 P 

Daxchem BC-95 

Daxchem BWC-39 B 

Daxchem CCO-17 D 

Daxchem Devil Dog A 

Daxchem DC-206 BB 

Daxchem DRC-17 A 

Daxchem FC-17 D 

Daxchem FCD-39 F 

Daxchem FCD-40 D 

Daxchem GCP-117 A 

Daxchem GCP-62 A 

Daxchem GCP-84 A 

Daxchem HDW-17 A 

Daxchem ISC-417 T 

Daxchem Jet D 

Daxchem LCL-51 BB 

Daxchem LD-262 A 

Daxchem LD-51 A 

Daxchem LDT-128 CC 

Daxchem LDT-139 CC 

Daxchem LDW-117 A 

Daxchem LGC-117 A 

Daxchem LGC-62 A 

Daxchem LHS-39 Q 

Daxchem LMR-128 C 

Daxchem LMR-39 C 

Daxchem LMR-51 C 

Daxchem LRS-39 C 

Daxchem LS-106 F 

Daxchem LS-62 G,GG 

Daxchem OM-6340 AA 

Daxchem PHD-173 D 

Daxchem PHD-206 D 

Daxchem PLB-62 CC 

Daxchem PSD-17 R 

Daxchem RC-17 N 

Daxchem SC-84 B 

Daxchem SC-95 A 

Daxchem SCH-84 B 

Daxchem SD-28 A 

Daxchem SF-17 

Daxchem SF-39 

Daxchem SHD-62 B 

Daxchem SMC-28 R 

Daxchem TL-I7 Y 

Daxchem Wave A 

DLC-17 A 

FC-273 D 

FC-62 A 

GC-28 R 

ISC-351 S 

Jubilee CC 

LCW-17 A 

LCW-73 A 

LD-95 A 

LDT-117 CC 

LDW-17 A 

LDW-84 A 

LGC-106 A 

LGC-51 A 

LHS-17 Q 

LMR-40 C 

LS-17 G 

PD-17 R 

PHD-73 R 


PL -95 

SD-51 R 

TYC-140 B 

TYC-84 B 

Daycon Products Co., Inc. 

Deo Drane P 

Fresh 'n II A 

Hy-Q F 

Insecticide T 

De-Oxx, Incorporated 

Dco-Roach & Ant Killer T 

Dean Scientific's 

Deans Quatdean F 

Dearborn Chemical (U.S.)/ Chemed 

Aqua-Serv B-202 Pulverized 

Aqua-Serv B-205 Pulverized 


Aqua-Serv B-208 Pulverized 


Aqua-Serv B-212 M 


Aqua-Serv B-214 N 

'. Aqua-Serv B-215 M 

Aqua-Serv B-216 Powdered 


I Aqua-Sen B-222 M 

Aqua-Serv B-224 M 

Aqua-Serv B-226 M 

Aqua-Serv B-227 M 

Aqua-Serv B-266 Pulverized 


Aqua-Serv B-267 M 

Aqua-Serv BC-45 N 

Aqua-Serv BC-88 N 

Aqua-Serv C-312 Z 

Aqua-Serv C-319 N,Z 

Aqua-Serv DSR C 

Aqua-Serv LSR C 

Aqua-Serve B-217 M 

Aquafloc 408 Z 

Aquafloc 409 Z 

Aquafloc 411 Z 

Aquafloc 421 Z 

Dearborn Alkatrol M 

Dearborn Hydrazine M 

Dearborn Turbine Defoulant M 

Dearborn Water-Tec BC-88 N 

Dearborn 150 M 

Dearborn 152 M 

Dearborn 155 M 

Dearborn 156 M 

Dearborn 157 M 

Dearborn 169 M 

Dearborn 17 M 

Dearborn 19 A 

Dearborn 200 Z 

Dearborn 201 M 

Dearborn 203 AF M 

Dearborn 206 M 

Dearborn 229 M 

Dearborn 240 M 

Dearborn 241 M 

Dearborn 250 M 

Dearborn 253 AF M 

Dearborn 291 M 

Dearborn 354 M 

Dearborn 502 M 

Dearborn 519 N 

Dearborn 521 N 

Dearborn 527 N 

Dearborn 541 N 

Dearborn 601 M 

Dearborn 603 M 

Dearborn 61 M 

Dearborn 63 M 

Dearborn 652 M 

Dearborn 653 M 

Dearborn 659 M 

Dearborn 659 LPA M 

Dearborn 66 M 

Dearborn 693 M 

Dearborn 694 M 

Dearborn 751 N 

Dearborn 81 M,Z 

Dearborn 840 Z 

Dearborn 841 M,X,Z 

Dearborn 846 Z,X 

Dearborn 863 Cooling Water 

Treatment N.O 

Dearmeen M 

Dearox 4870 M 

Dearox 4872 M 

Dearsol 105 A 

Dearsol 144 C 

Dearsol 45 N 

Deartrol 4760 M 

Deartrol 4770 M 

Deartrol 4780 M 

Deartrol 4842 M 

Deartrol 4844 M 

Ecomeen M 

Endcor 4600 M,Z 

Endcor 4602 Z 

Endcor 4689 Z 

Endcor 4700 N 

Endcorfilm 4960 M 

Endcormeen 4910 M 

Endcormeen 4920 M 

Endcormeer. 4930 M 

Exfoam 4860 M 

Lime-Treet N 

Polycarb M 

Polymate 160 M 

Polymate 661 M 

Polymate 662 M 

Polyphos 67 Z 

Polylec BA M 

Polytec BB M 

Polytec BC M,X,Z 

Polytec BD M 

Polytec BE M 

Polytec BF N 

Polytec BI M 

Polytec BJ M 

Polytec BL M 

Polytec BQ M 

Polytec CD N 

Polytec CE N 

Polytec CI N 

Polytec CJ Z 

Polytec CK N.Z 

Polytec DC N 

Polytec DR C 

Polytec LC N 

Polytec LR C 

Polytec RB M 

Polytec RD M 

Polytrol M 

Scale-Cleen C 

Sodium Sulfite-DecharacterizedM 

Super Filmeen 14 M 

Water-Tec RB-285 M 

Water-Tec RB-290 M 

Water-Tec RC-390 N.Z 

Water-Tec RD-96 C 

Water-Tec RS-480 M 

Water-Tec RS-491 M 

Decker's, Incorporated 

Decker's Kills-It II G 

Deo-Dranc P 

Impact C 

Kills-It Sanitizer & 

Disinfectant G 

New Generation Foam Cleaner A 
77 New Type Chemical 

Cleaner A 

Decra Cleaning Supply Company 

Decra Low Foam Cleaner- 

Degreaser D 

Deep Valley Chemical Company 

Deep Clean Dry A 

Deep Clean Liquid A 

Deep Clean Liquid Plus D 

Deep Cleaner Concentrate D 

Deep Down' Sewer Cleaner O 

Deep Duty Floor Cleaner R 

Deep Foam A 

Deep Valley Delimer C 

Deep Valley Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Liquid Hand Soap vl 

Liquid Hand Soap Plus Q 

Deere & Company 

Detergent Additive A 

Germicidal Sanitizer F 

Spray Detergent Number 1 A 

Spray Detergent Number 2 A 

Spray Detergent Number 3 A 

Deezeto Lubricants, Incorporated 

FM Grease (AA) AA 

FM Grease EP AA 

FM Grease Hi-Temp No. 2 AA 

Del Vel Chemical Company 

Formula 1030 D 

Delaware Valley Water Treatment 

NJ-Antifoam N 

NJ-B 103M M 

NJ-B 104 M 

NJ-B 110F M 

NJ-B 115 M 

NJ-B 116 N 

NJ-B 117 N 

NJ-C 201 N 

NJ-C 221 M 

NJ-C 230 C 

Delco Chemical Products 

Delco 2010 C 

Delco 2013 B 

Delco 2014 

Delco 2020 B 

Delco 2030 B 

Delco 2055 A 

Delco 2062 A 

Delco 2150 A 

Del crest Foods 

Acid Cleaner No. 1 C 

Chain Lubricant BB 

Chlorinated General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Defoamer L 

Double Strength Acid C 

Heavy Duty Cleaner No. 20 B 

Hi Alkali Cleaner B 

Iodine Sanitizer G,GG 

Liquid Alkali No. 10 B 

Liquid All Purpose Cleaner A 

Liquid Bactericide G 

Liquid Caustic Additive No. 40 A 

Liquid CIP Acid No. 30 C 

Liquid CIP No. 28 A 

Powdered Chlorinated All 

Purpose Cleaner A 

Powdered CIP No. 25 A 

Delma Chemical Company 

Del 40 A 

Delta Chemical Laboratories 

Lightning D 

Super Jet D 

XK-100 D 

Delta Foremost Chemical 

Foremost F-0114 Fortigel A 

Foremost F-0137 Detergent A 

Fore.nost F-0176 Super XXX 

Fortigel A 

Foremost F-0249 Compound DD.KK 

Foremost F-0256 Loob A.BB 

Foremost F-0379 XHD 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Foremost F-733 Foam Additive A 
Foremost F-749 Cleaner for 

Equip A 

Foremost F-769 Rust 

Preventative A A 


Foremost F-812 Equipment 

Cleaner A 

Foremost F-940 GPC 

Compound A 

Foremost PD-57-90 Oven 

Cleaner A 

Foremost 100 Hot Vat Cleaner- 


Foremost 1095 Rust & Scale 

Remvr C 

Foremost 1190 Ferro-Cleaner ...B 

Foremost 1194 Rust-Blitz B 

Foremost 1195 Paint & Rust 

Remover B 

Foremost 1198 Break-A-Way....BB 

Foremost 1199 Slix AA 

Foremost 1500 Ston-Kleen C 

Foremost 1510 General ClcanerA 
Foremost 1511 Mild General 

Clnr A 

Foremost 1515 Dairy Cleaner ...A 

Foremost 1520 Dyn-A-Terg A 

Foremost 1535 Bottle Wash B 

Foremost 1538 Bottle-Brite B 

Foremost 1548 Liquid 

Compound A 

Foremost 1551 Jet Foam 

Additive A 

Foremost 1552 Foam Blitz A 

Foremost 1553-ES Super KleenA 

Foremost 1559-ES Fos-Less A 

Foremost 1560 General Cleaner A 
Foremost 1561 Gen Prps CI. 

Type C A 

Foremost 1570 Food Pint All 

Prps CI A 

Foremost 1573 Food Plant 

Cleaner A 

Foremost 1574 General 

Cleaner-P A 

Foremost 1575 Equipment 

Cleaner A 

Foremost 1576 General Plant 

Clnr-P A 

Foremost 1577 Plus A 

Foremost 1578 Alka-Foam D 

Foremost 1579 No-Suds 

Detergent A,H 

Foremost 1580 Smokehouse 

Cleaner B 

Foremost 1581 Fd Pint All Prp 

CI U/15 A 

Foremost 1585 Tripe Cleaner.... Y 

Foremost 1590 Hog Scald X 

Foremost 1610 Hot Vat 

Cleaner B 

Foremost 1611 Food Vat 

Cleaner A 

Foremost 1645 Cleaner- 

Sanitizer F,J 

Foremost 1646 Feather 

Softener L 

Foremost 1650 Chlor-Dis F,K 

Foremost 1651 Chlor-Dis Pink..F,K 

Foremost 1653 Amazing F,K 

Foremost 1655 Cone. Iodn Cl- 

Disnf F.JJ 

Foremost 1660 Sewer Kleen O 

Foremost 1661 C-Sewer-KIeen .O 
Foremost 1662 Sewer Solvent. ..O 

Foremost 1663 Ram O 

Foremost 1690 Quad-Dis G,J 

Foremost 1700 Sani-Lube AA 

Foremost 1731 Can Cleaner- 
Auto A 

Foremost 1805 Super Digester. O 
Foremost 1806-ES Acti-Zyme...O 

Foremost 2007 Rite-Glyde A,BB 

Foremost 2008 Foam-Glyde A,BB 

Foremost 2009 Super Jet Glyde 


Foremost 2010 A.BB 

Foremost 2011 Glyde King BB 

Foremost 2016 Trolley Glyde.. ..AA 

Foremost 202 Fleet Wash A 

Foremost 204 Power Spray 

Wash A 

Foremost 2150 Utility Cleaner. .R 
Foremost 232 Odorless 

Concrete CI D 

Foremost 233-ES Hi-Power 

Odrls CI A 

Foremost 280 All Sorb MM 

Foremost 3060 Cleaner 

Concentrate A 

Foremost 3065 Grmcdl 

Concentrate F 

Foremost 3066-ES Show-Off ...F 
Foremost 3067-ES Show-Off ...D 

Foremost 3075 Scrub-Vac D 

Foremost 3076 Low Suds 

C.I.P D 

Foremost 3085 Cleaner, Mint 

Scntd D 

Foremost 34 Jet Clean A 

Foremost 40 Whammo A 

Foremost 4000 Amis. 

Handsoap Cone Q 

Foremost 4005 Antisp. Hand 

Soap RTU Q 

Foremost 4010 Coconut Hand 

Soap-C Q 

Foremost 4020 Coco. Hand 

Soap RTU Q 

Foremost 4025 Lotion Hand 

Soap Q 

Foremost 4026-ES Creme SoapQ 
Foremost 4030 Powdered Hand 

Soap P 

Foremost 4031 Prcs Food 

Handlers Soap P 

Foremost 4040 Skin Kleen W 

Foremost 4040 Skin 

Klcen(Aerosol) W 

Foremost 4050 Invisible Glove .W 
Foremost 4051-ES Hand Shield W 
Foremost 45 A Odorless Steam 

Clnr A 

Foremost 45 B Aluminum 

Cleaner A 

Foremost 4510 Minteffect 

Germ R 

Foremost 4520 Pine Oil 

Disinfectant R 

Foremost 4525 Del-Chlor G,GG 

Foremost 4544-ES Smoke 

Eater R 

Foremost 4545 Odor Control ....R 
Foremost 4808-ES Fog A Way .S 
Foremost 4809-ES Insect-O- 

Fog S 

Foremost 4810 HD-22 Inseq 

Spray S 

Foremost 4811 HD-55 Inst. 

Spry Cone S 

Foremost 4812-ES/Ambush 

ResidI Insect T 

Foremost 4813 Mistol WB 

Insctcd S 

Foremost 4820 Del-Kill 

Insecticide T 

Foremost 4840 AA Fly Spray ...S 
Foremost 4882 Bug Killer 

Bomb T 

Foremost 4883-ES Resid-U- 

Cide T 

Foremost 4885 Food Plant 

Insect Bomb S 

Foremost 4890-ES Fly Crystals T 
Foremost 4892 Reprieve Fly 

Crystals T 

Foremost 50 Heavy Duty 

Steam Clnr A 

Foremost 5510 Manual 

Dshwshng Del A 

Foremost 5510-B Extra Mild 

Dtrgnt A 

Foremost 5520 Mach. 

Dshwshng Det A 

Foremost 5521 Liq. Mach. 

Dishwshr A 

Foremost 5522-ES Fos Free 

Mach Dish A 

Foremost 5523-B-Chlor-Kleen ..A,H 
Foremost 5528 Oven Cleaner.... A 

Foremost 5530 Cool Hand A 

Foremost 5710 Abrasive 

Cleaner E 

Foremost 5711 Sani-Foam P 

Foremost 5810 A Hand 

Dshwshng Det A 

Foremost 625 Melt-A-Way R 

Foremost 626 Melt-Pellets R 

Foremost 631 Super Steamer. ...D 
Foremost 632-ES Dyna-Kleen ..R 
Foremost 650 Liquid Heavy 

Duty Steam CI B 

Foremost 650B Smokehouse 

Clnr B 

Foremost 650C Grill & Fry 

Cleaner B 

Foremost 651-ES Grill Brite D 

Foremost 690 A Rust & Scale 

Remover C 

Foremost 692B De-Scale C 

Foremost 693-ES Zing 

Concrete Remvr R 

Foremost 693B-ES Zing De- 

Limer C 

Foremost 700B Grime Buster ...A 
Foremost 701-ES Red Magic ...A 
Foremost 704-ES Tiger 

Degreaser-Detrgnt D 

Formemost 690A-ES Rust & 

Scale Remover C 

Delta Water Laboratories 

A-27 Boiler Water Treatment.. ..M 
A-29 Boiler Water Treatment. ...M 

A-51 M 

A-52 M 

AL-37 Boiler Water Treatment .M 
AL-38 Boiler Water Treatment. M 

AL-39 M 

C-123 M 

C-125 M 

C-126 M 

D-190 Z 

D-192 Domestic Water 

Treatment M 

J-136 M 

J-139 M 

K-150 N 

K-151 N 

K-159 N 

K-160 N 

M-170 C 

M-173 C 

P-182 M 

R-102 M 

R-103 M 

SL-30T M 

SL-300 Boiler Water TreatmentM 

SL-310 M 

SL-33 Boiler Water Treatment. .M 

SL-35 M 

SL-36 Boiler Water Treatment. N 


SL-41 M 

SL-45 Boiler Water Treatment..M 

SL-46 M 

SL-48 M 

SL-61 M 

SL-62 M 

SL-70 M 

SL-"1 Boiler Water Treatment. .M 

T-20 N 

T^»0 N 

T-81 N 

T-82 Cooling Tower Treatment.N 

T-90 N 

T-91 N 

T-93 N 

Delvalco Laboratories 

Delvalco Detergent Cleaner- 
Disinfectant F 

Denco Corp. 

Foam & Rinse A 

Denlar, Incorporated 

Concentrate D 

D-009 D 

Replace D 

Rescind D 

Deo-Chem, Incorporated 

Deo CL-101 BB 

Deo TL-47 BB 

Deo-Steem B 

Deo-Terge A 

Deo-Trol R 

Deo-XX Multi-Purpose 
Germicideal Cleaner F 

Der Wienerschnitzel 

All Purpose Degreaser A 

Derrick Soap Products, Inc. 

Formula 101 Solvent Cleaner. ...D 

LTH Liquid Hand Soap ..Q 

Mico 40% Liquid Hand Soap....Q 
Mite Concentrate Degreaser- 

Cleaner A 

Mite-Plus Concentrate Steam- 

Clnr & Dgrs A 

No. 160 Liquid Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

No. 250 Liquid Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

Derruchem, Incorporated 

Derrusolv D 

Heavy Duty Indstrl All 

Purpose Clnr A 

Heavy Duty Wax & Finish 

Stripper D 

I-O-Teen F,J 

Ritetrak A 

Super Derrusolv D 

Des Moines Sanitary Supply 

Break- A way A 

Desachem Company, The 

Eipare A 

Hyperdes A 

106 VPC B 

Design Chemicals, Inc. 

Acid Cleaner HD C 

B.W.C B 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Commander B 

Concrete Cleaner NC R 

Egg-Glo H 

General Cleaner A 

Interpose 128 D 

Interpose 256 D 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Motivate D 

Multi-Foam A 

Quat-Pursuit F 

Quat-Xpunge D 

San F 

Sani-Bac F 

Sano F 

Desoto, Incorporated 

Desoclean D 

Detergent Engineering Corporation 

Vari-Temp Cone. D-12 A 

Detergent Laboratories Division 
Deterg-O-Matic, Ltd. 

El Toro R 

Pot Luck A 

Red Dog A 

Silver Glow A 

Snap D 

Spotless A 

Spray-Clean A 

Steam-It R 

Whirl-A-Way A 

Detergent Laboratories, Inc. 

Liquid Soap Q 

Sanisol A 

Smoke House Cleaner 70 A 

Detrex Chemical Industries, Inc. 

Detrex 40 D 

Detrex 43J A 



TC-2 B 

73 DA B 

75 LDA B 

Dettelbach Chemical Corporation 

A C Super Roach Spray S 

New Souths Hi Foam A 

New South's Special Foamer....A 

Shackle Cleaner C 

Super Diazinon Spray T 

Dettelbach Pesticide Corporation 

Orkin Aire Industrial Aerosol 

Bomb S 

Orkin Aire Metered Air 

Sanitizer R 

Professional 'L-D' 46% 

Chlord.Emulsf Con T 

Professional DDVP 

No.2Insect.Emulsf Cone T 

Professional Malathion Fly 

Bait/DDVP T 

Professional Malathion-50 

Emuls. Liquid T 

Professional Orkil 2X Spec. 

Chlorohepton T 

Professional Orkin Booster 

Cone. H Emuls S 

Professional Orkin Concentrate 

399 S 

Professional Orkin-Aid 4E T 

Professional Orkin-Aid 4S T 

Professional Orkin's Spec 

Form Chlrdn75% T 

Professional Orkinban Plus 

Concentrate T 

Professional Orkinban 2E T 

Professional Orkincide Rodent 

Bait #4 U 

Professional Orkintrol Formula 

W/E 1-31 T 

Professional OrkinCide Rodent 

Bait #5 U 

Devour Chemical Company 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Dex Manufacturing, Incorporated 

Bam O 

Dexene D 

Dexter-Hayes Chemical Corp. 

Dexa #220 Concentrate F 

Dexa-Clean #721 D.H 

Sudden Suds A 

DeVere Chemical Company, Inc. 

#241 SC Steam Cleaner A 

Aluminum Cleaner #7 A 

Auto Wash Liquid A 

AW Auto Wash A 

BC Bowl Cleaner P 

Coil Cleaner C 

Control F 

Copper Cleaner C 

Egg Wash #70 H 

End-O-Ice R 

Gulp O 

GFC Garage Floor Clnr 

Odorless D 

Handsome Hand Cleaner Q 



LHS 20% Liquid Hand Soap....Q 

LK Liquid Kleener D 

LS Lime Solvent C 


MR Milkstone Remover C 

Power Concentrate D 

PW Power Wash A 

QD Quaternary Disinfectant G 

Sani-Kleen F 

Soak For Silverware A 

Special Cleaner #40 D 

SC Steam Cleaner A 

T And TC D 

Wow Whisk Off Wax D 

WK Window Kleener R 

DeWitt Chemical Company 

All Surface Aerosol P 

Aluminum Cleaner & 

B tightener C 

Anti-Pollution Bowl Cleaner P 

Auto Mist Air Sanitizer N 

Auto Mist Insect Killer S 

Auto Mist Odor Neutralizer R 

Bol-Aid C 

Ceramic Tile Cleaner P 

Chain Lube BB 

Chlor A,H 

Con -Clean D 

Concentrated Glass Cleaner R 

D.P. Ill B 

D.P. 113 A 

D.P. 114 A 

D.P. 115 C 

D.P. 116 F 

D.P. 117 BB 

D-13 A 

D-13-V A 

D-21 Concentrate A 

D-21 Concentrate-V A 

D-23 D 


D-27 Insecticide S 

D-48 Powdered Hand Cleaner.. .W 

DeWitt A-D R 

DeWitt AK P 

DeWitt Bowl Brite P 

DeWitt Caress P 

DeWitt Chlorine Bleach CC 

DeWitt Chloroterg F 

DeWitt D-3A S 

DeWitt Dry Moly Lube BB 

DeWitt DW Lubricant AA 

DeWitt Extra Q 

DeWitt Fly Bait T 

DeWitt Foam-A-Way A 

DeWitt Formula G R 

DeWitt Formula 2056-S S 

DeWitt Formula 225 D 

DeWitt Formula 24 R 

DeWitt Formula 376 

Chlorinated Cleaner A 

DeWitt Formula 68 R 

DeWitt Formula 91 D 

DeWitt Formula 91-A F 

DeWitt FF Sanitizing Hand 

Cleaner FF 

DeWitt Grease Ban R 

DeWitt Lemon Fresh D 

DeWitt Lube BB 

DeWitt LFD A 

DeWitt Micro 2 Insecticide S 

DeWitt Micro-3 Insecticide S 

DeWitt Moly (Aerosol) BB 

DeWitt Monitor R 

DeWitt No. 4155 CC 

DeWitt No. 7 Q 

DeWitt Rust Remover C 

DeWitt Scram Liquid Steam 

Cleaner A 

DeWitt Scrub Up Q 

DeWitt Snap W 

DeWitt Soft Q 

DeWitt SP N 

DeWitt Touch Q 

DeWitt Ultra Q 

DeWitt Wrap-Up R 

DeWitt 16D75 M 

DeWitt 2D73 Q 

DeWitt 21D75 A 

DeWitt 29-D-73 A 

DeWitt 4-D T 

DeWitt 4D74 AA 

DeWitt 7D78 A 

DeWittco 15 A 

DcWittco 8 B 

DeWittco 9 B 

Foamcr A 

Formula 135 R 

Formula 16D59-V A 

Formula 34 Car Wash A 

Formula 344 N 

Formula 375 A.CC 

Formula 5458 A 

Formula 81-V D,R 

Garbage Truck Maintainer R 

Glass Cleaner A 

Glaze R 

Grout Cleaner P 


H-59 No-Pine D 

Hand Lotion W 

Heavy Duly Cleaner E 

Ice Melt R 

Kream Kleaner E 

I. -5 1 Cleaner B 

Liquid Ice Melting Compound ..R 

Liquidizer Soap D 



Micro D R 

Mr Plumber R 

No-Pine Cement Cleaner A 

Open Gear Lubricant BB 

Pine Disinfectant R 

Pinky Q 

Release R 

Sanitary Spray Lubricant, 


Steam Cleaner B 

Stove Aid Stove & Oven 

Cleaner A 

Strip Fast Steam Cleaner B 

Super Ice Melt R 

Super Machine Dishwash 

Compound A 

Super Sil AA 

Super Wit-O-Bead Concentrate A 

Tile and Grout Cleaner P 

Wit-D-Germ P 

Wit-Deo R 

Wit-Trol 2-S O 

Wit-Wonder D 

W it-Wonder- V D 

Witt-Aid D-13 A 

Witt-Aid D-21 A 

Witt-Aid Foamer Concentrate.. .A 

Wilt-Aid LMC A 

Witl-Aid No. 7 Q 

Witt-Aid No. 99 A 

Witt-Aid Wonder D 

Witt-Aid 13D61 X,Y 

Witt-Aid 15D78 B 

Witt-Aid 19D71 B 

Witt-Aid 22D65 C 

Witt-Aid 22D67 A 

Witt-Aid 225 D 

Witt-Aid 35D72 FF 

Witt-Aid 375 A 

Witt-Aid 376 A 

Witt-Aid 38D62 A 

Witt-Aid 40D70 AA 

Witt-Aid 53D69 CC 

Wilt-Aid 54D69 A 

Witt-Aid 9D68 G.GG 

Witt-All Klcen A 

Witt-Amine F,J 

Witt-AC P 

Witt-Check Antiseptic Liq 

Hand Soap Q 

Wilt-Check D-13 A 

Witt-Check D-21 A 

Witt-Check Defoaming 

Eggwash H 

Wilt-Check Feather Softener. ...L 

Wilt-Check Floor Cleaner D 

Witt-Check Foam Depressant ...A.HH 

Witt-Check LMC A,H 

Witt-Check No 1 Space Spray S 

Witt-Check No. 3 T 

Wilt-Check No. 4 D 

Witt-Check No. 99 A 

Witt-Check 10D6I C 

Witt-Check 12D63 Bact. 

Eggwash H,K 

Witt-Check 22D67 A 

Witt-Check 225 D 

Witt-Check 31D70 A 

Witt-Check 35D72 FF 

Witt-Check 375 A 

Witt-Check 376 A 

Witt-Check 4-D T 

Witt-Check 40D70 AA 

Witt-Check 51D65 D 

Witt-Check 9D68 G.GG 

Witt-Check 9D71 A 

Witt-Check 91 D 

Witt-D-Fend D 

Witt-Dis-Solvit O 

Witt-Haste A 

Witt-I-Deel E 

Witt-Mitt W 

Witt-O-Green R 

Witt-O-Kreem W 

Witt-O-Matic Deodorant P 

Witt-O-Matic Insecticide S 

Witt-O-Safe Utility Cleaner P 

Witt-O-San R 

Witt-O-Stop R 

Witt-O-Suds Q 

Witt-O-Zyme CC 

Witt-Odo-Kill R 

Witt-Oil-Sorb MM 

Witt-Perform F 

Witt-Pona T 

Witt-Punch W 

Witt-Rid S 

Witt-Save D 

Witt-Sparkle Aerosol P 

Witt-Trol IF O 

Witt-Wash A 

Wiltamine A G,J 

Wittco No. 28 BB 

Wittco No. 30 D 

Wittlon AA 

Wittrend A 

Wittrol Extra O 

X-8956 X 

X-9156 Chemical Cleaner C 

X-9356 Y 

1D60 C 

1D62 A 

1D71 A 

10D61 C 

10D67 Foam Depressant A.HH 

1010 (No-Pine) D 

1160 R 

12D63 H 

I3D60 D 

13D61 X,Y 

14D62 A 

15D64 B 

16D59 A 

I6D73 Chlorinated Egg Wash ...H 

17D65 1 

18D62 B 

18D7I DD 

21D59 B 

21D69 A 

22D65 C 

23D62 B 

23D70 Cooking Pot & 

Machinery Clnr A 

24D69 A 

24D70 Concrete Floor Cleaner.. D 

25D64 A 

25D70 Equipment Cleaner A 

26D70 Chlorinated Cleaner A 

28D61 B 

28D68 A 

28D69 A 

33 Boiler Compound M 

38D62 A 

38D70 A 

39D67 H 

39D70 A 

4-D T 

44D70 Egg Wash H 

45D69 Liquid Cleaner A 

48D70 A 

49D67 B 

49D70 A 

5D74 A 

50D67 A 

51D65 Freezer Locker Cleaner. D 

53D69 CC 

54D69 A 

55D71 B 

6D59 L 


6D66 A 

"D64 X 

n G.JJ.GG 

75D70 P 

8D59 A 

80 F.H.JJ 

8056 Packing House Cleaner A 

81 All Surface Cleaner A 

865: B 

9D61 B 

9D67 A 

9D68 G.GG 

99 A 

DeYoung Chemical Company 

DC -88 Cleaner Degreaser D 

Diagraph-Bradley Industries, Inc. 

Quick Spray Genera] Purpose 

Silicone _ A A 

Quik-Spray Food Grade 

Silicone A A 

Diamond Chemical & Contracting 

All Purpose Cleaner 

Concentrate . D 

Big D- A 

Boilerite 100 M 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap Q 

Dual Power-43 F 

Klean-14 A 

Liquid Drain Opener O 

Tile and Porcelain Cleaner P 

Diamond Chemical Co., Inc. 

Spray-Fog S 

Diamond Chemical Company 

General Purpose Spra #2 S 

Spectrum F 

Super 175 A 

Diamond Janitorial Supply Company 

Patent Non-Butyl Ernulsifier A 

Diamond Products, Inc. 

Super Enzymes for Sewerage 
Systems O 

Diamond Shamrock Corporation 

Caustic Soda Beaded B,M,0,X,Y 

Caustic Soda, Flake B,M,0,X,Y 

Caustic Soda Granular B,M,0,X,Y 

Caustic Soda, Liquid 50% B 

Chelated Alkali Superkel B 

Clipper Cleaner CC 

Compounder's Caustic Soda B,M.O,X,Y 

CH-100 B 

General Maintenance Cleaner. ..R 

Hardnox Aikali B 

Hi-Lite CC 

Hi-Ratio Silicate B.CC 

Hi-Test Alkali #3 B 

Kin-Klor CC 

Liquid Superkel Concentrate ... A 

Liquid Superkel 100 B 

Liquid Superkel 1000 B 

Liquid Superkel 150 B 

Liquid Superkel 1500 B 

Liquid Superkel 200 B 

Liquid Superkel 2000 B 

Liquid Superkel 250 B 

Liquid Superkel 300 B 

Liquid Superkel 350 B 

Liquid Superkel 400 B 

Liquid Superkel 500 B 

Liquid Superkel 600 B 

Liquid Superkel 700 B 

Liquid Superkel 800 B 

Liquid Superkel 900 B 

Maxi-Det CC 

Orthodet B.CC 

Ortholate A 

Paralate B 

Paralate S B 

Soda Ash A,M 

Sodium Meta.. Anhyd , All 

Grades A.H.L.M.V.X, 

Sodium Meta.. Pentahyd/AU 

Grades A,L,M,V,X,Y 


Orthosilicate/Anhydrous B,CC 

Special Alkali #45 B 

Special Alkali #60 B 

Special Alkali #70 B 

Wondaco CC 

Diamond-Rite Products Company 

Do-AU Creme Cleanser P 

Drain Solvent O 

Formula X-100 D 

Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Lotioni»ed Detergent D 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

Sani-Clean F,J 

Sta Brite Bowl Cleanse P 

Diatomic Chemical Company 

Super Sorb MM 

Dickler Chemical Laboratories, Inc. 

AH Surface Cleaner A 

Concentrated Floor 

Conditioner R 

Hand Soap Liquid Q 

Hand Soap Lotion Q 

Heavy Duty Bowl Cleaner P 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner 

Liquid B 

Liquid Drain Opener & 

Maintainer O 

Pink Lotion A 

Porcelain and Bowl Cleaner 

Protector P 

Power Cleaner D 


Fngcd-Vircd F 

Rinse Disinfectant-Sanitizer 

Deodorizer G 

Surface Scum Remover D 

Wind-O-Shine R 

Dietary Products 

D-Line All Brite R 

Dilco Chemicals 

Boilerite 100 M 

Steamrite 200 M 

Dill, J. J. Company, The 

Aerosol Insecticide S 

Dill Rat-Kill Paraffin Rat 

Blocks U 

Formula B30-150 Hvy Dty 

Pyren. Mill Fog S 

Formula B30-300 Hvy Dty 

Pyren. Mill Fog S 

Formula B30-70 Hvy Dty Pyr 

MiU Fog S 

Formula B50-250 Ex. HD 

Super Mill Fog S 

Formula C-10 Pyrenone Fly 

Spray S 

Formula CI 5 Hvy Dty Pyr. 

Mill Spray S 

Formula M50 Pyr Fogging 

Insecticide S 

Formula V-5 Sugar Fly Bait T 

Formula 163 Rat Kill U 

Formula 66 Mai-Fog 

Concentrate T 

Pyrethrin Ems S 

Pyrethrin OS S 

Pyrethrin Roach Spray 

Concentrate S 

Tri-Mal Residl Form .78 

Roach&Ant Spray T 

Tri-Ron Residl Form .75 

Roach&Ant Spray T 

Tri-Zin Residl Form. 77 

Roach&MiU Spray T 

Tri-Zin Residual Formula 81 T 

Diluent, Incorporated 

Big Dog Concrete Clearer D 

Brightline Special B 

Deluxe Machine Dishwashing 

Comp A 

Dynamo Detergent A 

Extra Heavy Duty Concrete 

Clnr D 

Golden Gator Concrete CleanerR 

Golden Magic Cleaner D 

Grime Scat A 

Iodo-175 Concentrated Iodine. ..G 

Liquid Hand Soap 15 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 20 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 40 Q 

Liquid Steam Cleaner B 

Multi-Blue A 

New Formula Pink Cleaner D 

No. 80 Space Spray S 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5 ...R 

Pink Satin Q 

Premium Fly & Roach Spray. ...S 
Quaternary Amm. Germicide 

Cone F 

Sewer Solvent O 

Steam Cleaning Compound B 

SP-U05 A 

SP-182 A 

SP-25 A 

Wax Scat A 

X-150 Chlor. Machine Dish 

Wash A 

360 Milkstone Remover C 

Dipco Inc. 

FM 100 Lubricating Grease AA 

FM 109 Lubricating Grease 

No. 1 AA 

FM 109 Lubricating Grease 

No. 2 AA 

FM 109 Lubricating Oil No. 0O.AA 
FM 619 Lubricating Oil No. 1. ..AA 
FM 619 Lubricating Oil No. 2...AA 
FM 619 Lubricating Oil No. 3...AA 
FM 619 Lubricating Oil No. 4...AA 
FM 619 Lubricating Oil No 5...AA 
FM 619 Lubricating Oil No. 6...AA 
FM 619 Lubricating Oil No. 7...AA 
FM 619 Lubricating Oil No. 8...AA 
FM 619 Lubricating Oil No. 8AAA 
FM 754 Lubricating Oil No. 1...AA 
FM 754 Lubricating Oil No. 2...AA 
FM 754 Lubricating Oil No. 3...AA 
FM 754 Lubricating Oil No. 4 ..AA 
FM 754 Lubricating Oil No. 5...AA 
FM 754 Lubricating Oil No. 6...AA 
FM 754 Lubricating Oil No. 7...AA 
FM 754 Lubricating Oil No. 8 ...AA 


FM 754 Lubricating Oil No. 8AAA 

111 WateresistCA #1 BB 

111 WateresistCA #2 BB 

116 GP Lube CA #1 BB 

116 GP Lube CA #2 BB 


All Purpose Laboratory 

Cleaner A 

Bake Pan Cleaner A 

Chlorinated Machine Dish 

Washing Cmpd A 

Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner B 

DM #295 N 

DM #466 M 

DML #400 Z 

DML #422 N 

DML #430 M 

DML #455 M 

Food Plant Cleaner A 

Hychlor A 

Packing House Cleaner A 

Quaternary Ammonium 

Germicide Conctd F 

Sewer Pipe Cleaner O 

Distribution Affiliates H. K. Porter 
Company, Inc. 

da Medicated Skin Cream W 

da Medicated Skin Lotion W 

da Protective Cream Solvent- 
Resist. Type W 

da-30 W 

da-61 Q 

da-72 Q 

Distributors Processing, Inc. 

Micro-Aid D.O 

District Supply, Incorporated 

Certified Controlled Lo Foam 
Clnr D 

Diversey Chemicals Div. of The 
Diversey Corporation 

Accel A,Q 

Add-2 B 

Asid-O-Phy C,N 

Bac-Stop G,JJ 

Bril-Tak B.O 

Bru-Spra #1 B 

Bulk-Et A 

Can Nu A 

Chain-Eze A.Q.BB 


D-Phene R 

Dairy Deelite C 

Dairy Divoluxe A 

Dairy Fortify A 

Dairy Gleemate A 

Dairy Korral A 

Dairy Liquasol B 

Dairy Shur-Brite B,0 

Dairy Shur-Klor B 

Dairy Shurtrak 1 BB 

Dcogcn Plus A,H 

Dibac G,K,V 

Dican XX C 

Dicoloid FF C,H,J 

Dicolube SL A.BB 

Diflex A 

Diflex W A,V 

Dilac C 

Diokem A,H 

Dioprccn A 

Dipak A 

Disinfectant Deodorizer P 

Diton A A,H 

Diton B A,H 

Diversey Dairy Shurtrak 2 BB 

Diversey Dairy Super Dilac C 

Diversey Drain Cleaner O 

Diversey No. 1 C 

Diversey Scale Remover C 

Diverside K S 

Diversol CX Arodyne F.H.J 

Divogleam B.O 

Divoklens Q 

Divoklor A.H.J 

DS-9-333 C 

Eggs-Act H,HH 

Eggs-Pel HH 

Elect A.H 

Elite B 

Everite C 

F-120 A, H.J 

F-237 BB 

F-262 B 

Glo-Tak B 

Heavy Duty Acid Cleaner C 

Hog Scald Compound L.X 

Improve B 

Key A 

Kold-Temp A.BB 

Kontrex A 

Liqua-Brite B 

Liqua-Brite V B 

Liqua-Brite X B 

Liqua-Flex B 

Liquid Aluminux B.V 

Liquid Diokem A 

Liquid Scalite Z 

LD-2 BB 

No. 19 A 

No. 909 A 

Pan-O-Mite A 

Peel- A way V 

Perfon C.E 

Protex A 

Pyron A 


PX 1636 A 

Q.E.D. II A,H 

Quaternary Cleaner 

Disinfectant D 

Rclion B.V 

Result Plus A.H 

Saf-Sol F.J.V 

Scalite Z 

Selcon Formula 117 B.O 

Selcon Formula 149 B.O 

Selcon No. 1 C 

Selcon No. 10 A 

Selcon No. 2 A.H.J 

Selcon No. 3 A 

Selcon No. 4 A 

Selcon No. 6 B 

Selcon No. 7 C.H.I 

Selcon No. 8 B 

Selcon No. 9 B 

Selcon 100 A.Q.BB 

Selcon 101 BB 

Selcon 103 BB 

Selcon 119 B 

Shur-Lube M BB 

Shurlube LDH BB 

Shurlube LDS BB 

Shurlube LDS-B BB 

Shurlube XH A.BB 

Shurspray B 

Spec Tak No. 50 B.V 

Spec-Tak No. 2 B.V 

Spec -Tak No. 3 B.V 

Spec-Tak 1000 B.O 

Spectrum G 

Spray Insecticide S 

Stream A 

Super Foam-Brite A 

Super Takeoff D 

Sure Kill Brand S 

SCA-658 HH 

SCA-659 A.BB 

SCA-661 BB 

SCA-675 C 

Tik-Et A 

Tower A 

Tripe Wash Compound Y 

Tripel B 


Udder-Bac G.JJ 

UD-100 F 

Whirl B 

Whirl Way CC 

Whirlaway Booster CC 

Whirlaway Break CC 

Whirlaway Chloro-Eight CC 

Whirlaway Dry Bleach CC 

Whirlaway Hot Shot CC 

Whirlaway One Shot CC 

Whirlaway Suds CC 

232 D 

Diversified Chemical Manufacturing 

Liquid Steam Cleaning Cmpd 
Hvy Dty Form A 

Dixie Chemical Products Company 

Dual F 

Dixie Janitor Supply Co., Inc. 

Crust Strip B 

Knock Out Oven Renovator B 

New Pruv Concentrate A 

Pep-O-Mint Concentrate A 

PC Cleaner A 

Uni-Clean A 

163 -A D 

Do All Chemical Corporation 

Cleaner 11 R 

Cleaner 2 R 

Cleaner 21 D 

Cleaner 23 A 

Cleaner 36 D 

Cleaner 37 R 

Cleaner 38 D 

Cleaner 41 P 

Cleaner 8 R 

Dishwash 34 A 

Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Odor Control 42 R 

Scrub Soap P 

Solvent 4 R 

Synthetic Cleaner J5 

Wax Stripper and Cleaner #1 ...D 
Wax Stripper and Cleaner #2...D 

Dober Chemical Corporation 

Acid Cleaner M-57 C 

Acid Cleaner M-67 C 

Cleaner #965 D.Q 

Cleaner M-142 B 

Cleaner M-202 B 

Cleaner M-202A B 

Cleaner M-49 A 

Cleaner M-5 E 

Cleaner M-53 A 

Cleaner M-62 B 

Cleaner M-65 A 

Cleaner M-655 B 

Cleaner M-7 A 

Cleaner M-72 F.K 

Cleaner M-727 F.K 

Cleaner M-75 A 


Cleaner M-79 V 

Cleaner M-82 A,Q 

Cleaner M-93 A 

Cleaner 1271-LF B 

Cleaner 280S B 

Cleaner 3233 A 

CI -r 7328 A 

CC 2248 C 

CC 2306 H 

CC 2593 A 

Descaler 63 C 

Do-Wipe C 

Egg Washing Detergent 928 H 

Egg Washing Detergent 929 H 

Dolge, C.B. Co., The 

Ban A 

Boost J-70 D 

B.iieway D 

Cindet FPI A 

Cindet Losudz D 

Dolcomist S 

Dolcomist-XL S 

Flushout P 

Food Pint Fog. Aqueous 

Pyrethrum Insect S 

Industrial Cleaner No. 665 D 

Low pH Cindet D 

Malatox-XL T 

Nofex D 

Nofex-Plus D 

Permax-Plus T 

Spix S 

Warfarin Mixed Bait RTU U 

Dominion Sanitary Corporation 

Activ VIII A 

DSC Concentrate All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

DSC Extreme Concentrate 

Stripper D 

Triple Power A 

Don-Ko Water Treatment Company 

B-l ... 
B-2 ... 
B-7 ... 


Dore International 

Barrier W 

Big Tex Industrial Degreaser 

Cleaner D 

Block Buster R 

Convoy Buddy Heavy Duty 

Truck Wash R 

Creet-Kleen Heavy Duty 

Concrete Cleaner D 

Dore Dyna-Myte D 

Dore Lube Chain & Cable BB 

Dore LHS Q 

Dore Whiz Butyl Cleaner 

Degreaser D 

Dore-All D 

Dore Chlor R 

Dore-Eeze AliPurpSuperDgrs, 

Cl.Wa^ Strip A 

Dore-Foam A 

Dore-Hosp Detergent Cleaner- 
Disinfectant G 

Dore-Hosp-256 F 

Dore-Hospidor Disinfectant 

Cleaner G 

Dore Kleer R 

Dorecidal R 

Down-N-Out O 

Eaze Degreaser Cleaner Wax 

Stripper A 

Grabs-It A 

Graveyard Dual Action 

Insecticide S 

Handz-Up Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Industrial Doremyecin Q 

Punch A 

Rant T 

Release Automotive Silicone 

Spray A A 

Release OV Oven Protector AA 

Release ST Silicone Spray AA 

Sani-Lube A A 

Steam-Safe A 

Stryps-All A 

Super-Suds Concentrate All 

Purpose Clnr A 

Tef-Tape Pip^e Thread Sealer ....BB 
Teflex TFE Fluorocarbon 

Lubricant BB 

Verta-Kleen Jell A 

Dorex, Incorporated 

Prevention Plus O 

Dorrel-Torsch Sales, Inc. 

D-T Food Machine Oil AA 

Dorrel-Torsch Packers Tech 

Oil AA 

Dot Research 

Air O Dot R 

AAA Plus Heavy Duty CleanerD 

By-Sect Roach'n Ant Killer T 

D. C. 400 F 

Granulated Sewer Solvent O 

Orsand R 

PEL. Glass Cleaner R 

Pink Lady Q 

Un-Clog O 

Dotted Chemical Co. 

Dot-Cide 25 D 

Dot-Cide 25-N F 

Dot-Cide-N F 

Dotz Chemical of California 

Dotz All Purpose Cleaner A 

Dotz Chemical Company 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Doughtie's Foods Inc. 

All Purpose Cleaner. D 

Drain Release O 

Pot & Pan Cleaner A 

Douglas Pharmacal Industries, Inc. 

Douglas Insect Spray T 

Dow Chemical Company, The 

Dow Caustic Soda B,M,0,V,X,Y 

Dowflake R 

Dowicide A F 

Dursban M T 

Dursban 2E Insecticide T 

Dursban 4E Emulsifiable 

Insecticide T 

Hydrochloric Acid O 

Korlan 24E T 

Liquidow 32% R 

Liquidow 35% R 

Liquidow 38% R 

Methyl Bromide U 

Peladow R 

Purifloc A-22 

Purifloc C31 

Purifloc N17 

Soda Ash A,M,X,Y,Z 

Versene Flake M 

Versene Powder M 

Versene 100 Chelating Agent. ...M 

Vertan 600 M 

XD-7287L Antimicrobial N 

XD-8536 Antimicrobial N 

Dow Chemical Supply 

Activ VIII A 

Dow Corning Corporation 

Dow Corning Protective Hand 

Cream W 

High Vacuum Grease BB 

Molykote Brand Ql-3935 

Coating (Bulk) BB 

Slipicone A A 

Slipicone Spray A A 

200 Fluid AA 

560 Fluid BB 

Downcast Chemical Corporation 

DE 1000 A 

Pro-Clean Q 

Drackett Products Company, The 

Blue Automatic Vanish P 

Drano Drain Opener O 

Drano Drain Pipe Cleaner O 

Drano P.M O 

Extra Strength Vanish Toilet 

Bowl Clnr P 

Liquid Drano O 

Liquid Vanish P 

Renuzit Air Freshens Forest 

Pine R 

Renuzit Air Freshener French 

Boutique R 

Renuzit Air Freshener Powder 

Room R 

Renuzit Disinfectant DeodorantR 
Skidoo Professional Strngth 

Inset. Kill S 

Skidoo Residual Insecicide T 

Twinkle Copper Cleaner R 

Twinkle Cream for Silver R 

Vanish P 

Vanish Basin, Tub & Tile 

Disinf. Clnr R 

Whistle Utility Cleaner R 

Windex (Aerosol) R 

Windex (Liquid) R 

Drake Chemical Corporation 

Teff -Spray A A 

Drake Petroleum Company 

Drake White Oil 75-NF AA 

Drake White Oil 75-T AA 

Drake White Oil 85-T AA 

Dralle Paper Company 

Alert Antisp. Liq. Hand Soap 

20% Cone Q 

Alert Antisp. Liq. Hand Soap 

40% Cone Q 

Alert Cone. Liquid Hand Soap .Q 
Alert Disposal & Drain Clnr 

Cone O 

Alert Economy Concentrate D 

Alert High Power Degrsr & 

Stripper R 


Alert Hvy Dty Clnr & Wax 

Stripper D 

Alert Liquid Hand Dishwash ....D 
Alert Liquid Parts Degreaser ....R 
Alert Lotionized Liquid 

Dishwash A 

Alert Low Suds Cleaner D 

Alert Mild Prcln Grout Tile & 

Bowl CI R 

Alert Quat 42 F 

Alert Ready to Use Liq. Hand 

Soap Q 

Alert Strip-Master D 

Alert Window Cleaner R 

Alert Xtra Active Concentrate. .D 

Drew cTi Corporation 

Cooling Coil Cleaner N 

Drew Chemical Corporation 

Adjunct-B M 

Adjunct-F M 

Adjunct-H M 

Adjunct-H-Liquid M 

Adjunct-S M 

Adjunct-T M,Z 

Amercor 8750 M 

Amcrcor 8751 M 

Amertrol C-354 M 

Amertrol C350 M 

Amertrol C352 M 

Amertrol 1123 M 

Amertrol 1124 M 

Amertrol 1125 M 


Biocide 201 N 

Biocide 207 N 

Biocide 209 N 

Biocide 220 N 

Biocide 275 N 

Biocide 285 N 

Biospcrse 201 N 

Biosperse 209 N 

Biosperse 210 N 

Biosperse 214 N 

Biosperse 216 N 

Biosperse 230 N 

Biosperse 231 N 

Biosperse 240 N 

Biosperse 244 N 

Biosperse 280 N 

Biospcrse 284 N 

BWT 1122 M 

BWT 518L M 

Cooling Water Treatment 101 ...N 

Corrosion Inhibitor-L Z 

Corrosion Inhibitor-S M 

CWT 111 N 

Drewamine M 

Drewgard 100 N 

Drewgard 120 N,Z 

Drewgard 180 N 

Drewgard 185... N 

Drewgard 187 N 

Drewgard 190 N 

Drewgard 191 N 

Drewgard 193 N 

Drewgard 195 N 

Drewphos Z 

Drewplex 500 M 

Drewplex 501 M 

Drewplex 502 M 

Drewsperse-257 N 

Drewsperse-258 M 

Drewsperse-728 N 

Drewsperse-729 N 

Drewsperse-732 N 

Drewsperse-733 N 

Drewsperse-734 N 

Drewsperse-735 N 

Drewsperse-736 N 

Drewsperse-737 N 

Drewsperse-738 N 

Drewsperse-741 N 

Drewsperse-747 N 

Drewsperse-780 N 

Drewsperse-782 N 

Drewtergent 115 B 

Drewtergent 15 A 

Drewtergent 30 A 

Drewtergent 50 C 

Drewtergent 55 C 

Drewtergent 83 B 

Drewtergent 90 A 

Drewtrol-1500 M 

Drewtrol-1501 M 

Drewtrol-2500 M 

Drewtrol-2501 M 

Drewtrol-3500 M 

Drewtrol-3501 M 

DrewtroI-4500 M 

Drewtrol-4501 M 

Drewtrol-5500 :..M 

Drewtrol-5501 M 

Drewtrol-6500 M 

Drewtrol-6501 M 

Drewtrol-7500 M 

Drewtrol-7501 M 

Drewtrol-8500 M 

Drewtrol-9500 M 

Organic AL M 

Organic-ACAF-FG M 

Organic-U14L M 



P-55 N 


Saf-Acid (Indicating) C 

Saf-Acid G Indicating C 

Saf-Acid G Non-Indicating C 

Saf-Acid Non-Indicating C 

Steamfilm-FG M 

SLCC-35 M 

Dri-Rite Company, The 

Dri-Rite MM 

Dri-Slide, Incorporated 

Dri-Slide Molybdenum 

Disulfide Base BB 

Drum Chemical Corp. 

Glisten Pan Cleaner A 

Drummond American Corporation 

Assure Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Best Effort Low Foam CleanerD 
Dash Creme Cleanser 

Concentrate P 

Hand-Some Lotionized Liquid 

Soap Q 

Hay-Maker Fogging Insect 

Killer (Aer.) T 

Head-Way Silicone Lubricant 

Spray A A 

Hold-Fast Emulsion Cleaner R 

Key-Note Heavy Duty CleanerD 
Lunge Bowl Cleaner 

Disinfectant P 

Mandate Glycol Air Sanitzr & 

Surf Disnf R 

Mine-Field Roach & Ant KillerT 
Mine-Field Roach & Ant Killer 

(Aerosol) T 

Mobilize Steam Cleaner B 

On DutyHospital Germicidal 

Detergent R 

Open & Shut Nut & Bolt 

Lsnr&Rust Pntrnt BB 

Patina Glass Cleaner R 

Pipe Down Prilled Drain 

Opener O 

Pounce Bowl Sanitizer P 

Proud Waterless Hand Cleaner.W 
Quest Disinfectant Cleaner 

Deodorant R 

Rectify Deoxidizer And 

Cleaner C 

Sentinel Coconut Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Sequester Detergent 

Disinfectant Cleaner D 

Sprint Multi-Purpose Cleaner.... A, Q 
Status Germicidal Foam 

Cleaner R 

Strive Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner .P 
Tight Spot Dry Spray 

Lubricant BB 

Touch And Go Multi-Use 

Cleaner/Degreaser R 

Dryden Oil Company, Inc. 

Drydene B&R Bearing 

Lubricant #2 BB 

Drydene Bench Oil Light AA 

Drydene Bottle Capper & 

Filler Oil AA 

Drydene Dalze Bench Oil AA 

Drydene Divider Oil AA 

Dryden^ Food Machine 

Lubricant A A 

Drydene Lid Oil #350 AA 

Drydene Oil Absorbent MM 

Drydene Press Oil 150 AA 

Du-Rite Chemical Company, Inc. 

#505 Cleaner B 

#506 Cleaner B 

Dub-L-Kleen Chemical Corporation 

D.K. No. 88 Truckleen A 

Dub-L-Enzyme 'A' O 

Dub-L-Enzyme 'B' O 

Dub-L-Enzyme 'C O 

Dub-L-Enzyme 'D' O 

Dub-L-FIo R 

Dub-L-Kleen 44 R 

Dub-L-Power A 

Dugger Products Company, Inc. 

HC-50 A 

HD-100 Concrete Cleaner R 

HD-50 Deep Vat Cleaner B 

XD-30 Active D 

XD-37 Heavy Duty 

Concentrate D 

XD-40 Big Mack A 

Dumont Sales Company 

#20 Conveyor Lubricant BB 

#30 Conveyor Lubricant BB 

Act 2 A 

Acto Degreaser/Cleaner A 

Du-O-Tex D 

Dumont Empac Cleaner D 

Dumont Super Cleaner A 

Force D 

Milo A 

Dunrite, Incorporated 

AU Purpose Concentrate D 

Avancie F 

Blue Tint Toilet Bowl Cleaner. .P 

C-It-Go O 

Creme Cleanser P 


D-400 F 

De-Greaser Detergent A 

Disinfectant Spray R 

Glass Cleaner R 

Glass Cleaner (Aerosol) R 

Heavy Duty Concentrate D 

Insect Spray S 

Le Du Deodorant P 

Lime Solvent C 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Steam Cleaner A 

Mechanics Hand Cleaner W 

Pine Cleaner R 

Sani-Shine Dsnfctnt Bathroom 

Clnr P 

Spring Blossom R 

Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

Toilet Bowl Deodorant P 

Wall Block Deodorants P 

Wax Stripper D 

Duo Chem Labs Inc. 

Dizolv O 

Dura-Chem Inc. 

Insta-Kleen D 

Dura-Chem, Inc. 

Concrete Cleaner R 

Dura-Mint Disinfectant P 

Dura-Wash Detergent A 

Durable Products Inc. 

Odor Control Granules #100 ...R 
Odor Control Granules #200 ...R 
Odor Control Granules #300 WR 

Durall Manufacturing Company, Inc. 

Dura-Kleen C 

Dura-Sol Concrete Floor 

Degreaser R 

Metal Prep C 

Durvet, Inc. 

Iodine-Cleaner Sanitizer F 

Duryea Products Company, Inc. 

Durco Foam Quick A 

Durco Steam Clean A 

Durco 8 Degreaser & Cleaner. ..D 
Durco 8 Heavy Duty Cleaner ...D 

Durcophene 100 D 

Durcophene 128 D 

Durcoquest D 

Dutch Glo Chemical Company 

Aqua-Glo Degreaser Heavy 

Duty Cone A 

Coconut Oil Hand Soap Q 

Hand Dishwashing Detergent.... A 

Lemon Disinfectant P 

Lemon Scented All Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Lime Away De-Liming 

Compound C 

Mint Disinfectant P 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Dutch Pride Products 

Tip Top A 

Duval Chemicals 

Acid Clean C 

C.A.C-59 C 

Cardinal Spray Wash A 

Chloro Clean A 

Clean All D 

Concrete Clean + R 

Concrete Cleaner A 

D.P.-42 A 

D.P.-74 B 

Duval A.P.C A 

Duval 132-A B 

Duval 22-A A 

DL 2000 D 

DL-1 A 

DL-1000 D 

DL-150 A 

DL-21 B 

DP-122 B 

DP-125 B 

DP-128 A 

DP-133 B 

DP-39 A 

DP-60 A 

DP-65 B 

DP-73 B 

DP-87 A 

DP-89 B 

DP-94 B 

DP-98 B 

DP-99 B 

Foam Clean D 

Jet Clean A 

Laundry Kleen A 

Max-I-Mum A 

Pine Oil Cleaner R 

Pink Concentrate A-151 A 

Plus-One A 

Plus-Two A 

Resolve O 

Scouring Pal E 

Sol-Clean D 

Spray Wash D 

Stainless Steel Cleaner B 

Steam Off D 

Sterisol Cleaner D 

Sudzy A 

DuzAU Enterprises 

Disinfectant Hospital Type 

Aerosol Spray R 

Drain Treatment O 

Formula 77 Industrial Clnr & 
Degreaser A 

Insect Spray T 

Lotionized Hand Soap Q 

Wintergreen Mint Disinfectant 
Cleaner R 

DuBois Chemicals 

A-612 B 

Actex R 

Activate A 

Additive 12 A,H 

Advance A 

Aerosol Silicone Spray AA 

Again A 

Ahead A 

Alchlor A.H.V.CC 

Alchlor II A 

Alum-A-Saf A 

Arrest R 

Auto-Kleen A 

AE-3003 A 


AR Stripper B 

B-R 5512 B 

B-R 5512-P B 

B-R 5512-S B 

B-R 5727 A,L 

Bacto Loob BB 

Bacto-Wash Q 

Blast B 

Blast OS B 

Boast A,H 

Bol Boy P 

BGC-3 D 

C-1102 A 

Can Rinse L,X Z 

Clean Out B 

Clean Plus A 

Combat A,H 

Control G,J,GG 

Cure B 

Custom Clean 200 A 

Custom Clean 2000 A 

Custom Clean 2200 A 

Custom Clean 4000 A 

Cut-Away O 








CDL-2848 BB 

CL-9 Sanitizer G,K 


CSW-55 B 

D-Lite A 

D-Sect (Bulk) S 

D-Sect Aerosol S 

D-Sperse-X M 

D-Trol G.J.GG 

Depress #14 A.O 

Depress 100 

Depress 14 (Aerosol) A.O 

Depress-E A.O.HH 

Depress-S A.L.V.X.HH 

Dicatrete C,N 

Drain Cleaner O 

Dri-It 'C L 

Dri-San JJ 

Dry Chlorine Bleach CC 

Dry Chlorine Bleach Plus CC 

Du-Dri C 

Du-Gu AA 

Du-X-Tra A 

Dufome A 

Dura-Gard C 

Dura-Gard Steam C 

Dura-Loob A.BB 

DuBars A,BB 

DuBois 317 A,V 

DuBois 915 N 

DuJet A 

DuKlor F,K 

DuMaid D,P 

DuPan A 

DuSan G.JJ.GG 

DuStrypp B 

DuSuds A 

DuZyme O 

Dyna Sprex B 

Egg Brite H 

Eggstoll H 

Ego-80.90 BB 

Ego-90.140 BB 

Enviro Auto Kleen A 

Enviro B-R 5512-S B 

Enviro Blast B 

Enviro Brite C 

Enviro BR-5512 B 

Enviro C-1102 A 

Enviro C-1575-A A 

Enviro Clean 1 10 C 

Enviro DuBois 211 C 

Enviro DuBois 306 V 

Enviro DuJet A 

Enviro Dyna Sprex B 

Enviro Ferro-Terj B 

Enviro Film Free-Plus A 

Enviro Hi A Ik B 

Enviro Laundry Detergent CC 


Enviro Laundry Detergent Plus CC 

Enviro Lift-Away A,CC 

Enviro Liftaway (Aerosol) A 

Enviro Prime A 

Enviro Quickleen A,H 

Enviro Solv-A-Kleen A 

Enviro Sprex A 

Enviro Sprex AC A 

Enviro Super-Terj A 

Enviro Terj A 

Enviro Thermo Sprex B 

Enviro Vac-Eze A 

Expedite R 

Extract C 

EX-11A 115 A 

Fast Fome A 

Ferro-Terj B 

Film Free-Plus A 

Floculite 532 

Floculite 534 

Floculite 535 

Floculite 540 

Floculite 545 

Floculite 550 

Floculite 551 

Flow A 

Fome- Add A 

Forty-Seven Plus A 


FBK-10-FT A 


FC-9000 A 

FC-9010 B 

FC-9020 A.CC 

FC-9030 B 

FC-9040 A 

FC-9050 A 

FC-9060 A 

FC-9070 A 

FC-9080 B 

FC-9090 C 

FC-9100 C,CC 

FC-9110 A 

FC-9120 C 

FC-9130 A,Y 

FC-9150 BB 

FC-9160 B 

FC-9170 B 

FC-9180 A 

FC-9190 A 

FC-9200 B 

FC-9210 B 

FC-9220 A.BB 

FC-9230 B 

FC-9240 A 

FC-9250 A 

FC-9260 B,CC 

FC-9270 B 

FC-9280 C 

FC-9290 A 

FC-9300 B 

FC-9310 A.BB 

FC-9330 A 

FC-9340 A 

FC-9350 A 

FC-9360 CC 

FC-9370 A 

FC-9380 A 

FC-9390 A 

FC-9400 A 

FC-9420 H 

FC-9440 H 

FC-9460 A 

FC-9500 A 







FFW-10-FT A,V 

FFW-11-FT A,V 

FGG Extra High Temp. Food 

Grade Grease AA 






FLC-22-FT B 

FLC-23 SP A,H 

FLC-24-FT A 

FPC-22-SP A 




FSD-35-SP A 

FSD^t F 

FSD-42-SP C 

FSD-50(D) G.K.Z.CC.GG 

FSD-50(S) G,K,CC,GG,Z 




Galva-Kleen C.I 

Gax-21 N 

GAL 3 C 

GAX-20 N 

GC 3510 A 

GC-3500 A 

GC-3501 A 

GC-3530 A 

GC-3550 A 

GC-3610 A 

GC-3620 A 

GC-3650 A.CC 

GIS-8 One Shot Hi-Pressure 

Insect Fogger T 

GMX-4 Rodent Bait U 





GWT-20 M 

GWT-23 N 


Han Lan Q 

Hand Magic (Aerosol) W 

Hi-Alk B 

Hi-Alk-LT B 




HLC-2FT Glass Cleaner R 




Inhibited Tcrj A 

Iodet G.JJ.GG 

Isocal M 

Isodex M 

Isogard N 

Isomine M 


ILC-11-LT A 

IMP-12-FT Industrial Hand 

Soap Q 

IMX-18-FT A 




Jel-Add A 

Jet Loob A.BB 

Klor-X-Tra CC 

Kloro KOL A.H 

Kloro Sprex B F 

Kloro-Sprex F.H.V.CC 

KOL #2 A 

KOL Supreme A.H 

KOL 3 A 

L/S/R C 

Laundry Break CC 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Laundry Detergent Plus Bleach CC 

Laundry Spotter CC 

Lift Away OS A.CC 

Liqu-A-Force Z 

Liqu-A-Klor(D) F.K.CC 

Liqua-Safe A 

Liqua-X-Tra B 

Liquid Bactericide Z.CC 

Liquid Blast B 

Liquid BR-5512-S B.CC 

Liquid D-Tarnish A 

Liquid Dica C 

Liquid Dupan A 

Liquid Ferro Terj A 

Liquid Hi-Alk D 

Liquid Kloro-Sprex F 

Liquid Oxidet A 

Liquid Sprex AC A 

Liquid 422 A 

Loob A.Q.BB 

Loobase A.BB 

Lotionized D-Lite A 

Low Temperature Tcrj A 

LuBars A.BB 

LA-315 A 

LC-4100 A.Q.BB 

Magnatrex N 

Magnatrex Plus N 

Mask-It R 

Mir-A-Force Z.H 

Mir-A-Klor-X A.H 

Mir-A-Kol A.H 

Mir-A-Saf A.H 

Mir-A-Task A 

Monitrex N 

Monitrex Plus N 

Monitrex 26 N 

MC-3690 B 

MC-3880 A 

MC-4010 A 

MP-1 B 

MP-2 A 


MPG-2 Aerosol BB 

MPO-15 BB 

MPO-30 BB 

Ni-Late T 

NuWare H,I 

Orbit C 

Orbit NF R 

Oven Cleaner and Degreaser ....A 

Oxi Kleen A 

Oxidet A.H 

OS-664 BB 

Pelletized DuMELT R 

Perform A 

Persist A 

Prepare C 

Prime A 

Prime-K D 

Pro-Kleen C 

PC -4 L 

PC -5 A 

PH-100-LT B 

PH-120-LT B 

Q/M 1 B 

Quick Acid C 

Quick Alchlor B 

Quick Shine B 

Quick-Foam B 

Quick-Sprex A 

Quickleen A.H 

Quik-Dri A 

QD-4 R 


R-6020 B 

Radi-Aze A 

Ramjet A 

Rapid-Kleen A 

Ratangle II U 

Ratangle Rat Kill Pellets U 

Recycle A 

Release A,H 

Renown H 

Rust Prevent 101 BB 

RuBars A.BB 

RM-1935 A.BB 

RW-: A 

S-U-D-S A 

Sal-2840 BB 

Scald Additive L,X 

Sequel A 

Serve A,H 

Shackel-Brite A 

Slurry A,H 

Soft-Water Again A 

Spra-Temp P 

Sprex A 

Sprex AC-OS A,CC 

Sprex AC A,CC 

Sprex AC-3 A 

Sprex AN 9 A 

Strypp B 

Summa-Recip BB 

Summa-Rotar BB 

Super Bol P 

Super Di-Ca C 

Super Enviro-Liquid Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Super Kleen B 

Super Laundry Liquid Bleach. .CC 
Super Laundry Liquid Break. ...CC 
Super Laundry Liquid 

Detergent CC 

Super Laundry Sluri-Tech 

Detergent CC 

Super Loob A,BB 

Super Loob 134 A.BB 

Super Pure A 

Super Strong A 

Super-Klor F,H,V,CC 

Super-Klor-B F 

Super-Terg A 

Supercharge B 

Sure-Power A.CC 

SCL-635-EP BB 

SO-5 BB 

T.O.P. Aerosol AA 

T.O.P. Bulk AA 

T-Kal A 

Tart C.CC 

Temp E 

Terj A,H 

Terj-KF... A,H 

Terj-NT A,Z 

Thermo-Sprex B 

Thrifty-Fome A 

Thrifty-Jel A 

Tom Boy A 

Tripe Wite X,Y 

Triple Threat A 

Trounce (Aerosol) S 



TPG (Total Performance 

Grease) BB 



TVC-25-LT A 

Ultra-Pure A 

Vac-Eze A 

Wash-Up Q 

Wax Away D 

WC-5000 N 

WC-5060 N 

WC-5070 N 

X-E-Cute (Aerosol) S 

X-E-Cute (Bulk) T 

X-Pel N 

X-Perge N 

X-980 A 

Zephyr-oid A.BB 

100 C 

211 C 

306 V 

422M A 

DuChemCo Products Company 

Acid Cleaner B C 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Ambeco Chlorinated Cleaner... .A 
Ambeco Drychlorine Shroud 

Bleach CC 

Concrete Cleaner D 

Dri Acid Cleaner C 

Gelled Acid Cleaner C 

Granulated Detergent A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

Heavy Duty Foam Cleaner A 

Ice Melting Compound R 

Liquid Acid Cleaner C 

Liquid Detergent A 

Liquid Foam Cleaner B 

Liquid Hand Cleaner Q 

Liquid Hand Soap A Q 

Liquid Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Safety Bleach CC 

Scald Compound X 

Sewer Cleaner O 

Shroud Detergent CC 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Tree Clean B 

Tripe Denuding Compound A...Y 
Tripe Denuding Compound B ...Y 

Tripe Wash IOC Y 

Tripe Wash 5C Y 

Trolly And Metal Cleaner B 

DuCor Chemical Corporation 

Beats All Insecticide T 

DuPont de Nemours, E.I. & Co. 

GBS (Globular Sodium 

Bisulfate) C 

Hydrochloric Acid C 

Hydroxyacetic Acid C 

Perone 35 Y 

Sodium Metasilicate A,Y 

Sulfamic Acid C 

Dymon, Inc. 

Action Q 

Anti-Seize BB 

Aqua-Solv R 

Clean-N-Shine R 

DC-1250 D 

Electrical & Mechanical HelperBB 
Industrial Formula Hand Soap..Q 

Lotionized Hand Soap Q 

Mechanic's Friend BB 

Power Foam R 

Silicone Spray AA 

Stay-N-Remove R 

Tri-Jell O 

True Grit R 

Dyna Systems/ A Div. of Partsmaster, 

Big Moly BB 

Clean N' Dry AA 

CB-15 AA 

Dura-Lube Silicone Lubricant ..AA 

Dyna- Purge O 

FP-116 AA 

Giv-Way BB 

Grease-B-Gone Q 

HYD 10/30 Multi-Grade 

Hydraulic Oil BB 

Link-Lube BB 

MB-10 Moly Grease BB 

MD-113 BB 

PN-105 BB 

Results S 

Sta-Ded T 

Dyna-Chem Laboratories 

Food Safe AA 

Glove Skin Shield Cream W 

Lightning All Purpose Cleaner. .R 

Spray-Fog S 

Super Lube Silicone Spray AA 

Tef Lube BB 

Dyna-Mist Chemical Company, Inc. 

Dyna-Mist All Purpose Cleaner A 
HP-9 High Pressure Boiler 

Feed Comp M 

Quik Drain Snake O 

Dynamic Chemicals 

Big 'D' A 

Brigade R 

Centurion D 

Chain & Cable Lubricant BB 

Clean Kote R 

Derma Clean Concentrated 

Liquid Skin CI Q 

Duo Quat F 

Dura Cide Residual Insecticide 

w/Baygon T 

Dyna Cide S 

Dyna Zyme O 

Dynamo Granular Sewer and 

Drain Solvent O 

Hydro Sol A 

Hydrochem 100 M 

Hydrochem 200 M 

Hydrochem 2000 N 

Hydrochem 300 N 

Hydrochem 400 N 

Oxidex C 

Sani Dyne G 

Dynamic Chemicals International 

Bottle Wash B 

Formula 201L A 

Formula 231 A 

Formula 233 Steam Cleaner B 

Formula 239 A 

Formula 269 A 

Formula 630 A 

Tank 71 Heavy Duty Vat 

Cleaner B 

Dynamic Supply, Inc. 

Jewel A 

Lemonee D 

Liquid Super *C D 

Neutral Cleaner D 

Super Z D 

Dynasurf Chemical Corporation 

Dynabol P 

Dynaphene D 

Dynasept D 

Industrial Degreaser A 

Lotion-Creme Hand Soap Pink.Q 

Dynatech Inc. 

Action P 


Dyna-Sect Super Fly & Roach 

Spray S 

Dyna-Sol D 

Dyna-Sol D 

Kitchen Klean D 


Do All R 

Dyna-Soar A 

Kill'M Insect Spray T 

Kleen W 

Lithlubt BB 

Sani-Lube A A 

Shield W 

T-Tape BB 

TFE T-Lube BB 

DyChem International, Inc. 

'Report' A 

Big Ben D 

Big Ben II D 

Brite C 

BLC 300 CC 

Cool-Steam A 

CC 217 A 

CDS-320 G 

DC 303 A 

Elbow Grease D 

Hands-Down Q 

HD Steam A 

Lion-X G 

Maximum A 

Quick Drain O 

Ruf Rig A 

Scale-XX C 

Score Q 

E & Z Chemicals, Inc. 

Blue Butyl Cleaner D 

E H B Laboratories, Incorporated 

EHB Formula 102 B 

EHB Formula 12 A 

EHB Formula 1332 A 

EHB Formula I332B A 

EHB Formula 178 A 

EHB Formula 277 A 

EHB Formula 280 Z 

EHB Formula 30 AC A 

EHB Formula 32 A 

EHB Formula 36 B 

EHB Formula 44 B 

EHB Formula 46 A 

EHB Formula 50 A 

EHB Premier Q 

ESP Sales 

Cleaner Degreaser A 

No. 216 Multi-Purpose 

Cleaner/Dgrsr D 

No. 229 All Purpose Cleaner A 

ETC Chemical Company Div. of 
ETC Sales Corporation 

ETC #105 D 

ETC #115 P 

ETC #120 D 

ETC #125 D 

ETC #140 Q 

ETC #145 P 

ETC #160 Q 

ETC #175 R 

ETC #185 BB 

ETC #190 R 

ETC #200 W 

ETC #205 D 

ETC #210 Q 

ETC #215 C 

ETC #230 D 

ETC #235 D 

ETC #250 S 

ETC #255 D 

ETC #260 R 

E.D.S. Chemicals & Coatings Co. 

E.D.S. Quaternary Cleaner F 

E.P.G. Chemicals 

#88 Scale Cleaner C 

A-108 H Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

T-2 Cooling Tower Treatment. ..N 

E-Mac Dairy Brush Company 

Silicone Spray A A 

E-Quality Chemical Co., Inc. 

Foam-Eze A 

E-Z Janitor Supply Co. 

E-Z Foam-A-Way A 

Eagle Chemical Company 

#48 Cleaner R 


Bright R 

Caustic -Jell A 

Clean It-All Purpose Cleaner.... A 

Concentrate A 

Concrete Cleaner D 

D.I.G T 

Deodorant Nuggets R 

Essence of Almond Waterless 

Hand Cleaner Q 

Finest A 

Floor Cleaner A 

Foam Tex A 

Glisten P 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner 

#5730 B 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner 

#5773 A 

Hi Quat G 

Hog Scald X 

Hook and Trolley Cleaner B 

Industrial Water Treatment N 

Insect-X S 

Institutional Insecticide S 

Lemon Hand Soap Q 

Neutra-Clean A 

Non-Residual Space Spray S 

Pinex R 

Pink Concentrate A 

Pot N'Pans A 

Power Cleaner #1143 A 

Quadrizyme O 

Ram Rod O 

S.A.I.D. II G 

Solvall CC 

Steam Cleaner 1170 D 

Strip R 

Super Tuff Concrete Cleaner. ...D 
1.2.3. Concentrated Powd. 

Granules D 

1001 D 

Eagle Chemicals, Inc. 

Cleaner Car Clean A 

Cleaner Caustic Soda Beads B 

Cleaner Chlor Plus A 

Cleaner Chlor Plus Two A 

Cleaner LD 25 CC 

Cleaner LDC O 

Cleaner Rust Stripper C B 

Cleaner 126 AE B 

Cleaner 215A A 

Cleaner 215LF A 

Cleaner 222C R 

Cleaner 301C B 

Cleaner 302C B 

Cleaner 304C B 

Cleaner 317AS A 

Cleaner 401A A 

Cleaner 402A A 

Cleaner 403A A 

Cleaner 404A A 

Cleaner 406A D 

Cleaner 412C B 

Paint-Lok Metal Cond.-l C 

Paint-Lok Metal Cond.-2 C 

Eagle Enterprises 

Aquacide S 

Big 'G' A 

Chemtronic A 

Fast Klean C 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

Gent Concentrate D 

L-Tox Spray S 

Lemon Tree R 

Lo-Sudz D 

Miracle Cleaner Concentrate ....D 

Mr. Brite Porcelain Cleaner P 

Orange Deodorant R 

Power Concentrate P 

Remov-Ox C 

Steam Cleaner Liquid B 

Whirlpool Drain Opener O 

Eagle Products Company, Inc. 

Blue Antisept-20 F 

Disolv-All A 

Longhorn Concentrate A 

Micro Spray S 

Pur-Rinse F 

Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc. 
Minerals Division 

Floor Dry 85 Super Fine MM 

Floor-Dry No. 85 MM 

Earl Home, Incorporated 

EH Concentrate A 

Sani-Clean D 

East Carolina Chemical 

D-Solv D 

Magic High Concentrate 

Cleaner D 

Easterday Supply Company 

Coco Soap Q 

Kwikill T 

MP-45 F 

Rid-O-Sec S 

S-40 A 

Safe-T-Kleen D 

Safe-T-Strip R 

Scale Solvent P 

Soil Solv D 

Velvet Touch Q 

Willow Non-Stop O 

Eastern Counties Supply Co., Inc 

Blu Lightn'n D 

Foam It Kleen A 


Eastern Crown, Inc. 

ECI Acid Milkstone Remover 

32 FAC C 

ECI Acid Sanitizer 50 AS C,F 

ECI Alkaline Chlorinated Mech 

Cln 10 MC A 

ECI Chlorinated General 

Cleaner 22 CGC A 

ECI General Cleaner 20 GC A 

ECI Heavy Duty Mechanical 

Cleaner 12 CMC A 

ECI Liquid Can Wash A 

ECI Low Foam CIP Acid 30 


ECI Powdered Can Wash A 

ECI Sanitizer 54 PC F,J 

ECI 14 LMC Liquid 

Circulation Cleaner A 

ECI 15MC Chlorinated 

Circulation Cleaner A 

ECI 16CMC Heavy Duty 

Circulation Cleaner B 

ECI 17 Heavy Duty Alkali B 

ECI 18 Chelated Alkali B 

ECI 24 GC All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

ECI 26 CGC Chlorinated All 

Purpose CI A 




cidCl C 

ECI 51 AS-Plus F 

ECI 56 IS Low Foam Iodophor 

Det Sntzr G.GG 

ECI 60 CL Chain Lubricant BB 

Eastern Equipment and Chemical 
Co., Inc. 

Chain & Cable BB 

E. E. C.-65 A 

EEC 105 NI D 

Glean Glass Cleaner R 

Industrial Drain Opener ,.0 

Inner-Lube BB 

No. 25 Insect Spray S 

Sani Lube AA 

Silicone Spray A A 

Skin Shield Cream W 

Spray and Wipe All Purpose 

Cleaner R 

Sta-Kleen R 

Tuff Thread BB 

TFE Fluorocarbon Lubricant. ...BB 

Eastman Chemical Products, Inc. 

Myvacet 9-40 AA 

Myvacet 9-45 AA 

Easton Chemical Carribbean Inc. 

Big Job Cooling Tower 
Algaecide-Slimcd N 

Germicidal Cleaner R 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Quat Disinfectant And Cleaner- 

Residual Insecticide T 

Easton Chemical Company, Inc. 

Quick-Off D 

Easton R. S. Corporation 

Easton MSR R 

Eastonair R 

Eastonair Bad Air Sponge 

(Odorless) R 

Eastonair Fluids Concentrate. ...R 
Eastonair Liquid Detergent R 

Sweet-Pea 'Phosphate Free' R 

Sweet-Pea Concentrated R 

Sweet-Pea Food Handling 

Grade R 

Sweet-Pea No Phosphates 

Concentrated R 

Eaton, J.T. & Company, Inc 

All-Weather Bait Blks Rodnt. 

w/Apple U 

All-Weather Bait Blks Rodnt. 

w/Fish U 

All-Weather Bait Blks Rodnt. 

w/Meat U 

AU-Wthr Bait Blks Rodnt. 

w/Mol/Pea.But U 

Eaton's A-C Formula 50 U 

Ecco Chemicals, Incorporated 

Algicide 100 F 

Antiseptic Hand Soap Q 

BTC 020 M 

BTC 201 M 

Easeall A 

Ecco CQ A 

Ecco Defoamer HH 

Ecco DPC O 

Ecco HD B 

Ecco Ideal A 

Ecco Orange Q 

Ecco San 100 F 

Ecco San 200 F 

Ecco San 400 F 

Ecco Scald X 

Ecco Sour CC 

Ecco SR C 

Ecco 101 A 

Ecco 111 A 

Ecco 1125 CC 

Ecco 1126 A 

Ecco 1127 A 

Ecco 1128 A 

Ecco 1133 A 

Ecco 114 B 

Ecco 1150 CC 

Ecco 1155 A 

Ecco 1159 CC 

Ecco 1 16B A 

Ecco 1164 A 

Ecco 1166 A 

Ecco 1167 A 

Ecco 1169 A 

Ecco 117 B 

Ecco 1 176 B 

Ecco 1178 B 

Ecco 118 A 

Ecco 119 C 

Ecco 1200 CC 

Ecco 1209 A 

Ecco 210 A 

Ecco 220 CC 

Ecco 225 CC 

Ecco 2251 B 

Ecco 2266 A 

Ecco 255 A 

Ecco 28 B 

Ecco 40B A 

Ecco 41 B 

Ecco 54 B 

Ecco 64-0 A 

Ecco 66 A 

Ecco 70 C 

Ecco 75 C 

Eccodine 1 F 

Egg Detergent CL H 

Egg Wash LF H 

Fogging Concentrate 20 S 

Fogging Concentrate 25 T 

Fogging Concentrate 30 S 

Fogging Concentrate 50 S 

Food Plant Insecticide 10 S 

Food Plant Insecticide 15 S 

Help A 

Industrial Insecticide 5 S 

Master Wash A 

Pink Antiseptic Hand Cleaner.. Q 

Poly Clean A 

Poultry Scald 2 L 

Residual Insecticide 50 T 

Sanicrete D 

Sani way A 

Santex O A 

Spray Mitt A 

Stainaway A 

Super Stainaway A 

Tripe Cleaner 1 Y 

Tripe Cleaner 2 Y 

Tripe Cleaner 3 Y 

Tripe Cleaner 5 Y 

Yellow Spray D 

Echo Products 

Accelerator O 

Booster I 

Charge A,H 

Defoam H 

Echo 12CP A 

Echo 21CP A,L 

Echo 270-C Acid Detergent C 

Echo 30CP A, I 

Echo 31CP A.H 

Echo 35CP A.H 

Echo 37CP A.H 

Echo 40C A 

Echo 7CP A 

Echo-Clor F.K 

Echo-Lite A 

Echo-Solv D 

Echo-Stat F 

Formula 170-CP A 

Formula 19-P F.H.G.K 

Formula 20P F 

Formula 320-CP A.H 

Formula 329 A 

Formula 330 A 

Formula 331 B 

Formula 332 B 

Formula 690C D 

Hi-Suds Liquid Detergent A 

Iodox G 

700-C Liquid Detergent A 

Eco Products, Incorporated 

Eco Biodegradable Cleaner A 


BC-1530 M 

BC-530 M 

BC-540 M 

BC-560 M 

BC-565 M 

BWT-33 M 

BWT-60 M 

BWT-65 M 

CR-23 M 

CR-54 M 

Ecological Chemical Co., Inc., The 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Micro-Life Liquid Live Micro 

Organisms O 

Stericide F 

Ecology Chemical Company 

Auto Dish B 

AGI-Wash B 

Biffy Brite C 


Boil Out B 

ECO-Kleen A 

ECO-Lube BB 

ECO-Prep C 

ECO-000 A 

ECO-004 A 

ECO-140 B 

ECO-184 A 

ECO-198 A 

ECO-33 A 

ECO-42 A 

ECO-587-D B 

ECO-7707 B 

ECO-7855 A 

ECO-828 B 

ECO-880 C 

ECO-961 A 

ECO-97 A 

ECO-98 A 

Pan Scour A 

Pressure Kleen A 

Pressure Special A 

Pressure Wash A 

Rinse Off A 

Road Off A 

Safety Kleen A 

Safety Steam A 

Scale Out C 

Steam Deluxe B 

Steam Heavy B 

Steam Super A 

Steam-X A 

Sterile Kleen A 

Sudser A 

Wash Liquid A 

Window A 

Ecolorite Corporation 

Concentrated Bowl Cleaner P 

Ecolo-Sept Q 

Ecoloclean D 

Ecolopower R 

Ecoloquat Germicidal Cleaner ..F 

Ecolostrip R 

L.C. Cleaner D 

Porcelain Tile & Grout Cleaner R 

Economics Laboratory, Inc. 

Above B 

Above LP B 

Absorbit A 

Acclaim A 

Additive 501 A 

Additive 601 A 

Apex A 

Assure A 

Automate A 

Click A 

Detergent '101' A 

Eco-Klene A 

Eco-Line All Purpose Cleaner. .A 

Eco-Line Assert CC 

Eco-Line Bleach CC 

Eco-Line De-Limer C 

Eco-Line Destainer G 

Eco-Line Gemini CC 

Eco-Line Heavy Duty Cleaner .R 

Eco-Line Jade CC 

Eco-Line Lightning CC 

Eco-Line liquid Fun D 

Eco-Line Neutralizer CC 

Eco-Line Odor Destroyer R 

Eco-Line Olympic CC 

Eco-Line Oven Cleaner D 

Eco-Line Powd'r Detarn A 

Eco-Line Q-Quat F 

Eco-Line Regent A 

Eco-Line Sani Wash F,V 

Eco-Line Scout A 

Eco-Line Silva Detarn A 

Eco-Line Staph-I-Cide G 

Eco-Line Stero Kleen Q 

Eco-Line Superba A 

Eco-Line Tricon A 

Eco-Line Tricon Plus B 

Eco-Line Vega CC 

Eco-Line Vista A 

Eco-Line Vitresan P 

Eco-San G 

Econo-Bar A 

Elamine 180 M 

Event B 

Exceed A 

Express A 

Guardian B 

Guardian Acclaim A 

Guardian Esteem B 

Guardian Insure A 

Guardian Magnum B 

Guardian Plus B 

Heavy Duty Egg Wash 2512 H 

Impact A 

Lime-A-Way C 

Liquid Spearhead A 

Mikro-Bac D 

Mikro-Chlor F,K,V 

Mikro-Quat F 

Mikroklene G,J 

Neet A 

Neet NP A 

Ny Lime-A-Way C 

NP Pan Dandy A 

Pan Dandy A 

Pan Master A 

Precise B 

Proof A 

Regain R 

Restore A 

Score A 

Soft Water Score A 

Soil-A-Way B 

Soilax 'A' A 

Soilax 'C B 

Soilax All Purpose Cleaner A 

Soilax Bowl Cleanse P 

Soilax Greasecutter D 

Soilax Greasestrip D 

Soilax Insecticide S 

Soilax Laundri SL-NP CC 

Soilax Laundri-Break CC 

Soilax Laundri-Break NP CC 

Soilax Laundri-Brite CC 

Soilax Laundri-Brite NP CC 

Soilax Laundri-Builder CC 

Soilax Laundri-Conditioner CC 

Soilax Laundri-De-Stainer CC 

Soilax Laundri-Dry Bleach CC 

Soilax Laundri-Dry Bleach NP.CC 

Soilax Laundri-FIuff CC 

Soilax Laundri-Kleen CC 

Soilax Laundri-Neutralizer CC 

Soilax Laundri-Neutralizer NP.CC 

Soilax Laundri-Perma-Brite CC 

Soilax Laundri-Perma-Brite NPCC 

Soilax Laundri-Prep CC 

Soilax Laundri-Sheen CC 

Soilax Laundri-Sheen NP CC 

Soilax Laundri-Soil-Out CC 

Soilax Laundri-Special CC 

Soilax Laundri-Special NP CC 

Soilax Laundri-Super Dry 

Bleach CC 

Soilax Laundri-Super Dry 

Bleach NP CC 

Soilax Laundri-SL CC 

Soilax Liquid S D 

Soilax Odor Destroyer R 

Soilax Rely A 

Soilite B 

Soilmaster A 

Stain-A-Way CC 

Strip-A-Way C 

Super Impact B 

Super Soilax B 

Super Trump A 

Surgi-Bac Q 

Tetrox A 

Tetrox NP A 

Tri-Star L-2000 CC 

Trump B 

Trump Chlorinated B 

Warhead B 

Economy Chemical Company 

Blue Lightning A 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Drain Pipe Opener O 

W.C. Concentrate A 

Economy Compounds, Incorporated 

Chlorinated Cleaner A 

Econo-Chlor F 

Economy #10 Edible Lubri. 

Oil AA 

Economy Blitz A 

Economy Fantastic D 

Economy Kem-Suds D 

Economy Liquid Detergent A 

Economy MSR Cleaner C 

Economy Pan Wash A 

Economy-115 Evaporator-Tube 

Clnr B 

Economy-124 Smokehouse- 

Clnr B 

Economy- 125 Smoke house- 

Clnr B 

Economy-14 Floor-Cleaner B 

Economy-141 Floor-Cleaner B 

Economy-142 Floor-Cleaner B 

Economy-143 Floor-Cleaner A 

Economy-15 Liquid Hand SoapQ 
Economy-150 Liquid General 

Clnr A 

Economy-34 General-Cleaner ...A 
Economy-35 General-Cleaner ...B 
Economy-45 General-Cleaner ...A 
Economy-46 General-Cleaner ...A 
Economy-50 Trolley-Cleaner ....B 

Economy-55 Tripe Clean Y 

Economy-70 Steam-Cleaner A 

Economy-71 Steam-Cleaner A 

Economy-73 Steam-Cleaner A 

Economy-82 Trolley-Cleaner ....B 
Economy-84 Trolley-Cleaner ....C 
Economy-88 Laundry 

Compound CC 

Economy-95-PF Laundry 

Comp CC 

Economy-96 Laundry 

Compound A,CC 

Economy-97 Laundry 

Compound A.CC 

EC 94 Compound A 

Pride Concentrate D 

Pride Powder A 

PHC-71 A 

PHC-72 A 

Sewer Cleaner O 

Stripclene TX R 

Sunbrite Laundry Bleach CC 

1004 B 

15 Floor & General Cleaner B 

444 B 

925 Concentrate A 

950 Concentrate A 

99 Compound A 


Economy Lubricating Company, Inc. 

Boiler Colloids M 

Boiler Crystalloids M 

Economy Boiler Colloids 99 M 

Economy Products Company, Inc. 

Car Wash Soap A 

Ciodrin Insect. Emulsif. 

Concntrt T 

Ciodrin-Vapona Insecticide T 

Econ Acid Clean C 

Econ Clean #100 A 

Econ Clean #200 B 

Econ Dry Acid Clean C 

Econ Laundry Clean A 

Pyrenone Aerosol Spray S 

Rat-On U 

Raton - L '. n U 

Ridz U 

Septic Tank Cleaner O 

Vapona Insect. Emulsif. 

Concentrate T 

Vapona Insecticide Resin Strip .T 
5~<"J Malathion Emulsif. 

Concentrate T 

Economy Services & Sales Company 

B-103 M 

B-415 M 

B-421 M 

B-709 M 

B-710 M 

B-71 1 M 

B-712 M 

B-713 M 

B-719 N 

B-720 N 

B-721 N 

B-722 N 

B-723 N 

BCO-20 N 

C-300 M 

EFA-12 N 

ENF-18 N 

L-250 N 

L-300 M 

LFA-255 N 

LFA-255-2 N 

LFA-517 N 

MA-1000 N 

MA-103 N 

MA-103 F N 

MA-105 N 

MA-110 N 

MA-1 15 N 

MA-130 N 

P-250 M 

S-400Q M 

500-S M 

501 M 

510 N 

511 N 

515 N 

516 M 

517 M 

525 M 

560 N 

560-A M 

570 N 

700-A N 

700-AHB N 

700-D N 

700-E N 

Edco Chemical Company, Inc. 

A-Sept P 

Blast Insect Spray S 

Distene Disinfectant F 

Egg Wash H 

ED 20 Cleaner D 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

Germolene F 

Gone Insecticides S 

KD Liquid Dishwash 

Concentrate A 

Pot-Stick A 

Pure Conconut Oil Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

Silicone Spray AA 

Silver Dri A 

Skin Shield Cream W 

Stainless Steel Cleaner C 

Steemit Stripper Grade (Med 

Duty) B 

Super Fogging Insect Killer T 

Tef-Tape Pipe Thread Sealer ...BB 

Vamoose R 

Wil-Git Industrial Cleaner D 

Edmer Sanitary Supply Co., Inc. 

Cleaner & Conditioner R 

Extra Hvy Dty Multi-Purpose 

Clnr D 

Hemlock Germicidal Cleaner. ...F 
Institutional Grade Hand Soap .Q 

Kleen-Glo A 

Meadowbrook Concentrate 

Cleaner R 

Mint Leaf Disinfectant R 

Pine Scent Disinfectant R 

Edsan Chemical Co., Inc. 

APC Odorless Concentrated 
Cleaner A 

L.S.C. Odorless Concentrated 
Floor Clnr D 

Edward Don & Company 

Bol-Foam P 

Bubble Beads A 

Cream Cleanser P 

Doom-Spray T 

Formula Q 25 F 

Frisk Liquid Dishwashing 

Concentrate A 

Kitchen Insect Spray S 

Kitchen Insect Spray (liquid). ...S 

Pine Scent Disinfectant R 

Sani-Kreme Q 

Sani-Mint P 

Sapphire Cleanser E 

Shield Germicidal Detergent R 

Speedite D 

Spray De-Greaser R 

Super Jet Solv D 

Super Oven-Nu Grease 

Remover A 

Super Swoosh O 

Swoosh O 

Tile & Grout Cleaner C 

Triple-D P 


All-Clean-46-EDC D 

Eez Products, Incorporated 

Eez E-20 AA 

Egan Supply Inc. 

Eagle All Purpose 

Concentrated Cleaner D 

Eagle Master-Clean A 

Ehrlich, J. C. Chemical Co., Inc. 

Bac-Quat General Type Det. 
Clnr. Disnf F 

Blast Off Steam & Pressure 

Cleaner A 

Dish-Treet Cone. Liquid Hand 

Dish. Det A 

DPS Roach Powder T 

Ehrco Magic-Kleen A 

Fogging Concentrate #3610 S 

Magic Circle Fog Spray 

Concentrate S 

Magic Circle Fogging 

Concentrate #51 S 

Magic Circle Industrial 

Insecticide S 

Magic Circle Industrial Spray 

E.C S 

Magic Circle Insect Killer T 

Magic Circle Mill Insecticide ...T 
Magic Circle Rat & Mouse 

Killer U 

Magic Circle Residual Spray T 

Magic Circle Roach & Ant 

Killer T 

Pink Satin Hand Soap Q 

Pronto AU Purpose Neutral 

Cleaner A 

Soft Hand Liquid Hand Soap. ..Q 
Super Magic-Kleen D 

Ejeks Company 

Ejecks Emulsifier-Degreaser R 

Ekco Chemical Co., Inc. 

BT-101 M 

BT-103 M 

BT-105 Boiler-Trol M 

BT-107 M 

BT-109 Steam Line Treatment. M 

DC -72 Food Plant Cleaner A 

No. 475 Shroud-Cleaner A,CC 

Tripe Cleaner Y 

Elastomers Container Sealing, Inc. 

Elastomers Meat Oil #2104 AA 

Elco Industries, Inc. 

Ready For Use Hand Soap Q 

Elco Manufacturing Company 

Butyl Cleaner 33 D 

Descaler & Delimer C 

Disinfectant #10 G 

Elco #1825 Cleaner D 

Elco Aluminum Cleaner C 

Elco CS-16 F 

Elco High Sudser A 

Elco Liquid Steam Jenny 

Cleaner A 

Elco Shell Egg Cleaning 

Compound H 

Elcomist Spray S 

Emulsion Degreaser R 

Liquid Eel O 

Prolin Rat & Mouse Killer U 

Sulfur Snake O 

777 AU Purpose Industrial 

Cleaner A 

Eldorado Chemical Company, Inc. 

AC-186 C 

ED-304 D 

ED-408 D 

ED-411 D 

HTP-1115 D 

HTP-1116 D 

Eleanor Products 

L-20 Liquid Detergent 

Concentrate A 


Electro-Magic Division/Dura Corp. 

Steam & Pressure Cleaning 

Comp A 

Wash Compound A 

Electro-Magic Equipment Co. 

Compd. No. C-l B 

Compd. No. C-12 C 

Compd. No. C-13 A 

Compd. No. C-14 A 

Compd. No. C-15 R 

Compd. No. C-16 D 

Compd. No. C-17 B 

Compd. No. C-18 B 

Compd. No. C-19 B 

Compd. No. C-2 B 

Compd. No. C-20 A 

Compd. No. C-21 D 

Compd. No. C-22 A 

Compd. No. C-3 B 

Compd. No. C-4 B 

Compd. No. C-5 A 

Compd. No. C-6 A 

Compd. No. C-7 A 

Compd. No. C-8 B 

Compd. No. H-10 

Compd. No. H-ll B 

Compd. No. H-12 C 

Compd. No. H-13 BB 

Compd. No. H-14 

Compd. No. H-16 A 

Compd. No. H-17 A 

Compd. No. H-2 A 

Compd. No. H-21 C 

Compd. No. H-3 A 

Compd. No. H-4 L 

Compd. No. H-7 A 

Compd. No. H-8 B 

Compd. No. H-9 B 

Electronics Distributors 

Steamagic All Purpose AP 1685D 

Steamagic 1680-XHD B 

Steamagic 1688-XHD B 

Elgene Chemicals, Incorporated 

#22 Skidoo B 


Boiler Control #60 M 

Cleanest D 

Commando Vaporizer 

Concentrate S 

Ecologene A 

Economiser CF D 

Elgene's Antiseptic Hand 

Cleaner Lotion Q 

Elgene's Economiser A 

Fabulene A 

Foamless Cleanup A 

Formula MS-166 A 

Green Beret 

Indstrl&Instnl. Spray S 

Guerrilla General Purpose 

Spray S 

Lemonene A 

Special Aluminum Cleaner A 

Stayon Residual Spray T 

Elkhorn Chemical Company, Inc. 

De-Lite A 

Elko Bowl Cleaner P 

Elko Floor Cleaner R 

Elko Hand Cleaner W 

Elko Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Elko Insect Spray S 

Elko Kleen All A 

Elko Magic Suds A 

Elko Medi-Soap Q 

Elko Scrub Concentrate D 

Elko Steam Metal Clnr. 

Concentrate A 

Elko Super Industrial Food 

Plant Spray S 

Spray N Wipe P 

Elsco, Incorporated 

BlastOff D 

Em-Bee Chemicals, Incorporated 

"A. A.' Bottlewash B 

'A. A. A.' Bottlewash B 

'A' Bottlewash B 

•C.C: Chlor A 

•C.C Cleaner A 

"G.P.C A 

•S.W.C A 

Circlor B,H 

Circlor Special A,H 

CL-8 G,K 

Em-Bee Acid C 

Em-Bee Acid Concentrate C 

Em-Bee De Foamer HH 

Em-Bee Liquid Detergent #10. .A 
Em-Bee Liquid Detergent #20.. A 
Em-Bee Powdered Acid 

Cleaner C 

Em-Bee 43 B 

Em-Bee 43B B 

EmBeeLube 100 BB 

EmBeeLube 200 BB 

EmBeeLube 300 BB 

EmBeeLube 400 BB 

Floor Cleaner D 

Foam Booster D 

General Cleaner A 

Hard Water Alkali B 

Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Spray Cleaner A,H 

Manual 50 A 

Mold Cleaner B 

New Aerosol Embeecide 

Fly&Insect Bomb S 

New Embeecide Fly 

Kill&Insect Spray S 

Rust Stripper B 

Sanitary Solid Oil AA 

Sanitise F 

Shur-Sheen A,H 

Silicone Spray AA 

Smoke House Cleaner B 

Super Cleaner A,H 

Trolley Cleaner B 

U.S. P. Liq. Petroleum Spray AA 

Emerson Chemical Products Co. 

Emco Super Clean A 

Emsol 133 D 

Emery Industries, Inc. 

Emery 2881A BB 

Emery 2990A BB 

Emery 2991 B High 

Temperature Chain Lub BB 

Emery 2992 Rot Vane/Screw 

Type Comprs Fl BB 

Emery 2993 Reciprocating 

Comprs Fluid BB 

Emery 2997A BB 

Emil Asch Inc. 

•Q-10' G 

Dermatone Liquid Hand Soap ..Q 
EACO Suds Liquid Detergent ..A 
Surfacetone Formula 17 A 

Emkay Chemical Company 

Emkapol PO-18 A 

Empak Industries, Inc. 

Code 2382 Food Mach. Grease .AA 

Empire Chemical Company 

Aero Fog S 

Alu Cleaner A 

B.P.R. Comp A 

Bio Soap Hand Powder P 

Bowl Kleen P 

Comp 3 B 

Comp 4 A 

Drainz O 

Economy Pine-O-Lene R 

Emco Fly Bait T 

F.P.S. Compound CC 

Fleet F 

Gran-Noxo P 

Hy-Ge-No P 

Jaxo Cleanser E 

Latherine Liquid Soap Cone Q 

Marvex D 

Mill-O-Spray S 

Mill-O-Spray Mulsifiable T 

Mill-O-Spray X S 

Nu-Gleem A 

Oxidoff C 

Repelocide S 

Roachkil S 

Slayz T 

Ster-O-Lene F.GG 

Sudsbrite D 

Super-X Cleaner D 

SC-10 P 

T.S.P A 

Thermo-Cide S 

U-B-9 Cleaner D 

Velvet Cleaner Lotion D 

Velvet Liquid Soap Q 

Empire Chemical Company 

Supreme Cleaner A 

Empire International 

Acterge D 

Aqua-Em 75 N 

Aqua-EM 10 M 

Aqua-EM 15 N 

Aqua-EM 20 M 

Aqua-EM 35 M 

Aqua-EM 50 N 

Bactrol R 

Buto-Pip S 

Buto-Pip Concentrate S 

Buto-Pip Contact Insecticide ...S 

Coilene A 

Crown Cleaner D 

De-Lite D 

Dermasurge Q 

Elox C 

Emcide S 

Em dee A 

Em fog S 

Fluffy Suds A 

FPC No. 44 D 

Glist Bouquet R 

Glist Bouquet Aerosol R 

Greasolv O 

Handez W 

Hep D 

Hygex D 

Kleershield R 

Lan-O-Coat W 

Lavon D 

Lavosan P 

Leader Q 


Lectronic BB 

Lectronic (Aerosol) BB 

Liquasheen A 

Lubem DM 100 BB 

Lubem FG 110 AA 

Lubem FG 30 AA 

Lubem SL 120 BB 

Odorsolv R 

Penetxonic BB 

Penetronic (Aerosol) BB 

Pineo R 

Pire-O-Shine A 

Pow-R-Jet X10 A 

Power Foam 3100 A 

Re-Zist T 

Remolex C 

Rust-Go C 

Saf-T-Stearn A 

San-A-Can R 

Sani-Cide G 

Scale-Away C 

Scale-O-Sol C 

Scale-Rid C 

Scum-Go P 

Sew-R-Kleen II O 

Silube AA 

Spectrum D 

Tempox O 

Terge CC 

Thawz R 

Tileen P 


X-It C 

Zymo O 

Empire Laboratories See Empire 

Emsco Chemical Company 

Spray- Away B 

Emulso Corporation, The 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Cleans It Cleaner -.A 

Emco 'a' S 

Emco-e- T 

Glenzene A 

Grease Gobbler A 

Hexzene No. 2 F 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Nine Ninety Nine A 

Endico Laboratories, Inc. 

Enden A A 

Endene D 

Foam'N-Kleen A 

Powdered Dish Wash 

Detergent No. 812 A 

Sani-Kleen F 

Endura Chemical Corp. 

Insta-Brite A 

Enerco Corporation, The 

Enerco 204 N 

Enerco 327 C 

Enerco 328 N 

Enerco 413 M 

Enerco 414 M 

Enerco 415 N 

Enerco 416 M 

Enerco 417 M 

Enerco 418 M 

Enerco 419 M 

Enerco 420 M 

Enerco 4204 N 

Enerco 4327 C 

Enerco 4328 N 

Enerco 4413 M 

Enerco 4414 M 

Enerco 4416 M 

Enerco 4417 M 

Enerco 4418 M 

Enerco 4419 M 

Enerco 4420 M 

Enerco 4541 M 

Enerco 4553 M 

Enerco 4624 M 

Enerco 4625 M 

Enerco 4701 Z 

Enerco 4702 Z 

Enerco 4729 Z 

Enerco 5204 N 

Enerco 5327 C 

Enerco 5328 N 

Enerco 541 M 

Enerco 5413 M 

Enerco 5414 M 

Enerco 5416 M 

Enerco 5417 M 

Enerco 5418 M 

Enerco 5419 M 

Enerco 5420 M 

Enerco 5450 M 

Enerco 553 M 

Enerco 5541 M 

Enerco 5553 M 

Enerco 5624 M 

Enerco 5625 M 

Enerco 5701 Z 

Enerco 5702 Z 

Enerco 5729 Z 

Enerco 624 M 

Enerco 625 M 

Enerco 701 Z 

Enerco 702 Z 

Enerco 729 Z 

Eng-Skell Company 

Esco Mighty Concentrated 

Detergent D 

Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals 

Auto-Dri MM 

Poise MM 

Sol-Speedi-Dri MM 

Engineered Chemicals of Florida, 

Cigo Alk. B-l M 

Cigo Phos-T M 

Cigodyne D G 

CIGO 111 H 

CIGO 112 H 

Engineering Chemical Services, Inc. 

L-101A M 

L-117A N 

L-148 M 

L-149 M 

L-153 M 

L-158 M 

P 270A M 

P-209 M 

P-212A M 

P-214 M 

P-226A M 

P-252 M 

Enpro, Incorporated 

Blue Blaze D 

Crack Down A 

Environ Citrus Fragrance D 

Envo F 

Power-R-Plus D 

Ensign Products Company 

Ensign #577 Lubricall BB 

Ensign 595 Food Grade Lube ...AA 
318 Versatol BB 

En tech Systems Corp. 

Entech Fog-5 S 

Prentox Residual Spray T 

Resmethrin Insect Spray S 

Enterprise Chemical and Paper Corp. 

Enco PC D 

Enterprise Mill Soap Works 

Special Cleaner A 

Enterprise Paper and Chemical Co., 

Enco Kleen Mist A 

Entech II A 

K-M-C-5 Liquid Drain Solvent .O 

K-M-C-6 Insecticide T 

KMC 1 A 

KMC-2 A 

Enterprise Products Company 

'Bye Insecticide Spray No. 38 ..T 
'Bye Residual Insecticide 

Spray T 

Big-Brute No. 202 A 

Boot Hill Insect Spray T 

Boot Hill Roach & Fly Spray ...S 
Boot Hill Vaporizing Spray 

Concentrated S 

Bowl-Blu No. 697 P 

Comp R 

Disinfectant Deodorant G 

Five Way Disinfectant Cleaner. F 
GCD Germicidal Cleaner & 

Deo. No. 16 R 

I-O-Teen Adjusted G 

Just Cleaner Disinfectant D 

P-19 Pine Odor Disinfectant 

No. 19 R 

Pink Cleaner Concentrate No. 

132 A 

R-R-Ram-M O 

Silicone Lubricant No. 41 AA 

Veltone Q 

Wow P 

15% Liquid Hand Soap No. 

517 Q 

Enviro Chem Corporation 

Automatic A 

Banish A 

Bio Dyne P 

Bio OX C 

Bio Solv A 

Bio Steam B 

BWT 100 M 

Cling P 

Creme Clean P 

Diazacide Residual Insecticide. .T 

Dish Clean A 

Ecco Cide S 

Ecco Clean D 

Ecco 888 

Enviro Klean CC 

EC Vat B 

Fleet Wash A 

Fresh Lemon P 

Futura F 

Magic Granules R 

Neutral Beads A 

Neutral 40% Q 

New Rose Q 

Odormute Concentrate R 


Oven Clean A 

Power Klean D 

Power Pak C 

Prime X A 

Safe Steam A 

Sani-Lube A A 

Slide BB 

Spray Fleet Wash A 

Strip It D 

Supreme A 

Envirochem, Inc. 

Bora Soap P 

C-A-L A 

Chlor-I-Sol A 

Chlor-N-Kleen A 

Chlorisan 28 A 

Deep Fat-Fryer Cleaner B 

Descaler-IMA C 

DI-9 R 

Egg Washing Compound H 

Egg Washing Compound NF ....H 
Egg Washing Compound 

Special H 

Egg Washing Defoamer HH 

Env-305 A 

Enviro-Lube 150 BB 

Enviromatic R 


ENV-14 A 

ENV-205 A 

ENV-210 A 

ENV-246 A 

ENV-310 A 

ENV-311 A 

ENV-405 A 

ENV-410 A 

ENV-411 A 

ENV-511 A 

ENV-540 A 

ENV-605 A 

Flash A 

Flash Chlorinated A 

Fluffy A 

GC-100 D 

H.D. Cleaner XX B 

IC-17A A 

Jiffy Milkstone Remover C 

L-50 All Purpose R 

Liquid Soap Q 

Majik D 

Nat-Chlor A 

National Scale & Film 

Remover C 


Oxy Dip A 

Pan Soak A 

Penetex D 

Smoke House Cleaner 1033 A 

Smoke House Cleaner 1133 A 

Spray Clean D 

SD Alkalai B 

Window Cleaner Concentrate ...R 
29 Special A 

Environment Engineering, Inc. 

B-380 Boiler Water Additive M 

B-421 Boiler Water Additive M 

B-521 Boiler Water Additive M 

B-530 Boiler Water Additive M 

B-540 Boiler Water Additive M 

B-647 Boiler Water Additive M 

Environment 2000, Ltd. 

E-710-A Odorant R 

E-930 Odorant R 

E-930-W-A Odorant R 

Enviro-Master I O 

Enviro-Master II O 

Enviro-Master II Pellets O 

Envirofloc JM-22 0.Z 

Envirofloc MPW O.Z 

Envirofloc P4 

Envirofloc 23 

Envirofloc 81 0.Z 

Environmental Chemic Systems, Inc. 

Chem-Rel A 

Chem-Rel 1 A 

Saf-D-Ruster C 

Environmental Chemical Corporation 

Action O 

E.C.C. Emulsifiable Spray 

Concentrate S 

E.C.C. Germicidal Cleaner F 

E.C.C. Hospital Type (Mint) 

Disinf & CI R 

E.C.C. Insecticide T 

E.C.C. Porcelain and Bowl 

Cleanser P 

E.C.C. Rat Bait U 

EC 66 Chain & Cable BB 

EC 89 Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

EC-Ill All Purpose Cleaner R 

EC-14 Silicone Spray AA 

EC-75 Invisible Skin Shield 

Cream W 

Formula 76 F 

Environmental Chemicals, Inc. 

XR-1000 A 

Environmental Control Systems, Inc. 

Antiseptic Hand-Cleaner 

Lotion Q 

E C Solidbar (Green Label) R 

E C Solidbar (Pink Label) R 

E C Solidbar (Red Label) R 

E C Solidbar (Yellow Label) R 

End Run A 

Enviro Plus R 

EC Granules R 

ECS Antiseptic Hand Cleaner ..FF 

ECS Muscle A 

ECS Tremendous A 

ECS 120 A 

FEP Food Establishment 

Product G 

FEP 128 F 

Glass and Utility Cleaner A 

HR 2 A 

OBC Bowl Cleaner P 

Sani-Prime F 

Steri Guard P 

Steri Plus II Disinfectant D 

Steri Plus 128 Disinfectant D 

Steri Plus 256 Disinfectant D 

Environmental Health Services, Inc. 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Chlorinated Dishwashing 

Powder B 

Heavy Duty Cleaner/DegreaserD 

Liquid Scouring Cleaner P 

Oven Cleaner and Degreaser ...D 

Environmental Pollution Invst. & 
Control, Inc. 

DynaFloc 175 

DynaFIoc 176 

DynaFloc 273 

DynaFloc 72 

DynaFloc 78 

DynaFresh 700 R 

DynaFresh 701 R 


DynaFresh 702 R 

DynaFresh 704 R 

DynaFresh 705 R 

Environmental Sales, Inc. 

Esco-Foamy Cleaner DegreaserA 
Esco-Sanisep Sanitizcr 

Disinfectant G 

Esco-Sept II P 

Esco-Sol Q 

Environmental Services, Inc. 

E.S.I. Premium Multi-Cleaner. ..D 

Environmental Services, Inc. 

ECA Fogging Concentrate 5628S 

Environmental Standards, Inc. 

Enviro Lift D 

Enviro-Sept F 

Enviro-Sept II P 

Enzyme Industries of the USA, Inc. 

Grease-G0 A.O 

Sanzyme A.O 

Epic Chemical Co. 

Easy Rider BB 

Smooth Sailing BB 

Epic Chemical Sales Co. See Epic 
Chemical Sales Corp. 

Epic Chemical Sales Corp. 

AH Purpose Cleaner 

Concentrate A 

Antiseptic Liquid Hand Lotion Q 
Antiseptic Liquid Hand Soap....Q 
Antiseptic Liquid Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Breakout A 

Breakthrough A 


Stripper A 

Conveyor Lube Concentrate BB 

CP 00 A 

CP-1 Odorless Sanitizing 

Agency F,J 

CP-115 BB 

CP-12 A 

CP-12-NJ A 

CP-131 D 

CP-150 A 

CP-21 B 


CP-26 A 

CP-26-NJ A 

CP-29 A 

CP-29-NJ A 

CP-31 D 

CP-31-NJ D 

CP-33 NJ D 

CP-35 A 

CP-37 A 

CP-37-NJ A 

CP-41 A 

CP-41-NJ A 

CP-55 1 

CP-57 C 

CP-57-NJ C 

CP-59-NJ C 

CP-6 Dtrgent-Santzr Iodophor 

Type G.JJ 

CP-7 G 

CP-8 Conctrd Liq. Acid 

Sanitizer C,F 

Detergent Cleaner-Disinfectant. F 
Disinfectant Cleaner D 

Epic Astro Equipment Cleaner. D 
Epic Conveyor Lube 

Concentrate C,I 

Epic Feather Softener L 

Epic K-66 B 

Epic Liq. Conv. Lube No. 1 BB 

Epic Liq. Conv. Lube No. 2 BB 

Epic's Skid Rid D 

EP-1 A 

EP-106 C 

EP-1 10 A.H 


EP-lll F 

EP-116 A 

EP-122 B 

EP-122-NJ B 

EP-125 B 

EP-125-NJ B 

EP-128 A 

EP-128-NJ A 

EP-133 B 

EP-133-NJ B 

EP-140 B 

EP-140-NJ B 

EP-142 F 

EP-150 B 

EP-150-NJ B 

EP-16 A 

EP-16-NJ A 

EP-19 C 

EP-2 A 

EP-2-NJ A 

EP-20 A 

EP-20-NJ A 

EP-22 P 

EP-22-NJ P 

EP-23 A 


EP-25-NJ O 

EP-29 B 

EP-29-NJ A 

EP-33 B 

EP-33-NJ B 

EP-37 A 

EP-37-NJ A 

EP-39 A.H 

EP-39-NJ A 

EP-4 A 

EP-4-NJ A 

EP-42 A 

EP-42-NJ A 

EP-44 A 

EP-49 X 

EP-5 A 

EP-5-NJ A 

EP-53 Y 

EP-54 X 

EP-54-NJ X 

EP-60... A 

EP-60-NJ A 

EP-65 A 

EP-65-NJ A 

EP-73 B 

EP-73-NJ B 

EP-74 B 

EP-74-NJ B 

EP-76 A 

EP-76-NJ A 

EP-81 A 

EP-81-NJ A 

EP-83 A 

EP-83-NJ A 

EP-84 A 

EP-84-NJ A 

EP-87 A 

EP-87-NJ A 

EP-89 B 

EP-89-NJ B 

EP-91 B,H 

EP-91-NJ A 

EP-93 B 

EP-93-NJ B 

EP-98 B 

EP-98-NJ B 

EP-99 B 

EP-99-NJ B 

Fortified Odor Disinfectant R 

Heavy Duty Breakthrough A 

Liquid Bactericide G 

Liquid Conveyor Lube BB 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Mint Disinfectant P 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Quarry Tile Cleaner D 

Epic Chemicals, Incorporated 

pH 7+ Pink Lotion Hand 

Cleaner FF 

Alkakleen Floor Cleaner D 

AU Purpose Lime and Scale 

Solvent C 

A ma-Clean R 

AK-Shun Melt R 

Blue Magic Sudsing Detergent. .A 
Breach Chlorinated Detergent... A 
Chlorinated Liq. Machine 

Dishwash. Comp A 

Coronet White Laundry Deter. .CC 
Dandy Soft Pink Lotion 

Detergent D 

Del-Mar Synthetic Detergent ...A 

E-Z Suds A 

End-Germ Concntrtd Disinf. 

Clnr F 

Epic Concentrated Liq. Steam 

Clng. Cmpd A 

Epic Z Machine Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Fairway Pine Oil R 

Fury Car Washing Compound ..A 

Fury Instant Spray Cleaner D 

Garage Floor Cleaner R 

Germicidal Q-Lab Spray 

Cleaner R 

Glide Concentrated Liquid 

Cleaner A 

Grade 'A' Liquid Hand Soap....Q 

Guard-All R 

Happy Hands Powdered Hand 

Soap P 

Liquid Bingo Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Multi-Purpose Cleaner A 

S.I.R. Ice Melting Pellets R 

Snap Concentrated Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Sunbright A 

Swell Ammoniated All Purpose 

Clnr D 

Swell Borax Powdered Hand 

Soap P 

Swell Grill-Oven & Fat CleanerA 
Swell Low Foam Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Swell Pink Suds Dishwashing 

Detergent D 

Swell-X R 

Tops Pink Detergent A 

Treasure Terrazzo Cleaner D 

V A Cleaner-Stripper Floor 

Conditioner D 

V-8 Machine Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Waltex Synthetic Beads A 

Waltis #7 Maching 

Dishwashing Compound A 

Waltis Hand Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Waltis Opal Machine 

Dishwashing Compound A 

Waltis Pot & Pan Cleaner A 

Waltis Washing Powder A 

Waltis 89 R 

Eppert, V.R. & Son Oil & Chem. Co. 

AL-9 D 

Eppco Hydrolube 150 BB 

Eppco Hydrolube 300 BB 

Eppco Hydrolube 500 BB 

Whit Kleen #7 A 

Eppy Industrial Chemical 

Assault D 

Hercules Drain Opener O 

Quarentine P 

Score D 

Splendor R 

Spotless Germicidal Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Spotlite P 

Winner D 

Equipment Engineering, Inc. 

EE General Purpose Cleaner ...A 

Equipment Sales & Service Co. 

ESSCO Diazinon 4E T 

ESSCO Diazinon 4S T 

Equitable Chemical Corp. 

All Purpose Cleaner D 

Heavy Duty Wtr Soluble Ind 

CI & Dgrsr A 

Super Butyl Cleaner D 

Super Neutral Cleaner A 

Tempered Drain Opener O 

Erbrich Products Company 

Epco Bowl Cleaner P 

Epco Quick Clean Toilet Bowl 

Cleaner P 

SX-5 Z,CC 

Ergon Chemical Products/ Div. of 
Quality Lamp And Supply Inc. 

Dishwashing Lotion A 

Hi- Pro-Steam B 

Lather Q 

Erickson Chemical Company 

Amine Condensate Treatment 

#72PF M 

Boiler Water Treatment #164. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #278. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #295. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #71 3. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #852. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #854. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #863. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #864. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #865 ...M 
Boiler Water Treatment #869. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #875. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #876. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #877. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #878. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment #890. ..M 
Boiler Water Treatment 

Formula-888 M 

Cooling Water Treatment #250 N 
Cooling Water Treatment #252 N 
Cooling Water Treatment #307 N 
Cooling Water Treatment #310 N 


Polyphosphate Treatment #187Z 
Polyphosphate Treatment #192Z 

Water Treatment #180 M 

Water Treatment #195 Z 

Water Treatment #303 N 

Water Treatment #664 M 

Water Treatment #72 M 

Water Treatment #857 M 

Water Treatment #870 M 

Water Treatment E-12 C 

Erny Supply Company 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Esco C-20 A 

Esco 435 A 

Esco 480 A 

Esco 806 C 

Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Hypersteam 143 B 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Pine Scrub Soap R 

Espar Chemical Corp. 

Espar-Kleen D 

Pink Velvet Hand Soap Q 

Essential Chemicals Corp. 

Chloroderm Antis. Liq. Hand 

Soap 20% Q 

Ecco Quat 10 F 

PM A619 Liquid Hand 

Dishwash A 

PM Concentrated Bowl Clnr P 

PM Drain Pipe Opener O 

PM Mild Prcln Grout 

Tile&Bowl Clnr R 

PM Tile, Porcelain, &Toilet 

Bowl Clnr P 

PM I03K Window Cleaner R 

PM 1502 Super Garage Floor 

Clnr R 

PM 18T3-Trust CC 

PM 20X Hvy Dty Mach. 

Dshwsh Powder A 

PM 2026 NPN D 

PM 2032 Low Suds Cleaner D 

PM 2070 Visco Pine Clinging 

Cleaner R 

PM 2072 Liquid Laundry 

Detergent CC 

PM 2089 Ecco Solvent Cleaner.R 
PM 2095 Xtra Duty Wax 

Stripper D 

PM 2300 Econo-Strip D 

PM 2304 Ltnzd Liq. Hand 

Clnr. RTU Q 

PM 2319 Hvy Dty 

Clnr.Degrsr&Wax Strppr D 

PM 2323 Heavy Duty Machine 

Dshwsh. Pwdr A 

PM 2328 Econo-Cleaner D 

PM 2343 Concentrated 

Cleaner-Degreaser D 

PM 2346 Stnlss Steel, Porcelain 

& Enl CI P 

PM 2546 All Purpose Cleaner 

& Degreaser R 

PM 2701 Quick Suds 

Degreasing Cleaner D 

PM 2705 Industrial Heavy 

Duty Cleaner A 

PM 299 Delimer&Cement 

Cleaner C 

PM 308 Lotionized Liq. Hand 

Dshwsh A 

PM 325 Concentrated Liq. 

Hand Soap Q 

PM 33E Laundry Detergent CC 

PM 337 Sof-tutch Pink Lotion 

Hand Clnr Q 

PM 338C Liq. Hand Soap Q 

PM 340C Liq. Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

PM 35E Laundry De'.ergent CC 

PM 354 Hvy Dty 

Clnr.Degrsr&Wax Strppr R 

PM 358 Quick Suds Degreasing 

Cleaner D 

PM 359 A 

PM 360 A 

PM 387 Supreme Powdered 

Cleaner D 

PM 395 Mechanics' Hand 

Cleaner W 

PM 400-1 Superbase All Purp. 

Clnr D 

PM 401-1 Superbase Wax 

Strppr&Degrsr D 

PM 403 Liq. Parts Degreaser ...R 

PM 501 Economy Cleaner D 

PM 504 Xtra Active 

Concentrate D 

PM 508 Hand Dishwash 

Powder A 

PM 581 All Purpose Cleaner D 

PM 6X Prep Floor Conditioner.D 
PM 601 Liquid Steam Cleaner. D 
PM 601Low Suds Wax StripperD 
PM 603P Xtra Dty Wax 

Strppr(Hgh Actv) R 

PM 6140 Liquid Hand 

Dishwash D 

PM 830 Industrial Heavy Duty 

Cleaner A 

PM 9020R Antisp. Liq. Hand 

Soap 20% Q 

PM 9040R Antisp. Liq. Hand 

Soap 40% Q 

PM 9066 Pink Lotnzd Antisp. 

Hand Soap Q 

PM 9067 Pink Lotnzd Antisp. 

Liq Hand Soa Q 

Quat Rinse G,GG 

Quat 42 F 

Trust Antiseptic Hand Soap Q 

Etasol Distributing Company 

Etasol Industrial Cleaner A 

Eton-Colby Chemical Company 

Caustic Soda-Cluconate 

Solution B 

Etsol Products, Inc. 

All Purpose Solvent Cleaner R 

Etsol733 D 

Eureka Laboratories, Inc. 

I. iqiii Drain O 

No. 200 Super Butyl Cleaner ...D 

Total-Clean A 

Zip-100 All Purpose Cleaner A 

201 Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Excel Chemical Company 

Excel Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

No Fume O 

X-L Concentrate A 

X-L Foam A 

Excel Chemical Company, Inc. 

Add A 

Aluminum Chiller Cleaner A 

Blast A 

Blitz A 

Block-Aid O 

Contract T 

CCP-100 A 

CL-4600 A,H 

Excel 3DVF F 

EL-350 D 

Food Processors Insecticide S 

Formula 960 A 

G-4400 A.H 

G-480 A 

Genteel A 

Gleam A 

Jet Clean A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 


Odo-Go R 

Phos-Clene C 

Pine-O-Dis R 

Regal P 

Seabreeze R 

Stuff A 

Super Bowl P 


Triple K A 

Windo Brite R 

XL-200 D 

Z-2100 D 

Excel-Mineral Company 

Absorbs-It MM 

Clean Dri MM 

Quick-Sorb MM 

Safe-T-Sorb MM 

Excelsior Varnish & Chemicals, Inc. 

Odor Conteractant Water 

Soluble R-664-W R 

Odor Counteractant Oil Soluble 

R-665-O R 

Odor Counteractant Surface 

Treat. R-667- R 

Powdered Drain Opener Fast 

Acting V 252 

Powdered Drain Opener Slow 

Acting V 253 

Rack Wash 601 B 

Excetra Chemical Company 

All Purpose Cleaner B 

Boilerite 100 M 

Steamrite 200 M 

Exsl Chemical Company 

Acid Cleaner BN C 

Awake D 

BW-38 B 

Cal Can Cleaner RC-5 B 

Cal Can Cleaner 1 B 

Cal Can Cleaner 2 B 

Cal Can Cleaner 4 A 

China Dip A 

Chlor MDL-7721 A 

E-Z Kleen D 

Exslite #10 BOC B 

Exslite 'Purg' Drain Cleaner O 

Exslite BHG-762 A 

Exslite Chlor Cal A 

Exslite Condor Chlor A 

Exslite Controlled Suds Shroud 


Exslite CCL Special A 

Exslite D-Ice R 

Exslite E-13 A 

Exslite E-14 A 

Exslite Enzadet CC 

Exslite F-417 A 

Exslite F-430 B 

Exslite Fluff A 

Exslite Foam Up A 

Exslite H & T 110 B 


Exslite Hand Soap Q 

Exslite Hi Glo #10 A 

Exslite HD AL Spray Cleaner. B 

Exslite HD-44 B 

Exslite Lash B 

Exslite Lor Leen Chlorinated ...A 

Exslite Lube #1 BB 

Exslite Lube #3 BB 

Exslite Lube #7 BB 

Exslite LF-EMR C 

Exslite LG Neutralizer CC 

ExsUte LHD Chlor B 

Exslite LST 461 D 

ExsUte LST 465 A 

Exslite MX 17 B 

Exslite Monarch A 

ExsUte Multi 51 A 

ExsUte MAC 2001 A 

ExsUte Neutrakleen No. 1 A 

Exslite Neutrakleen No. 2 A 

ExsUte Neutrakleen No. 3 A 

ExsUte No Foam Poultry Scald L 
ExsUte Powdered Hand Soap ...P 

ExsUte Prefer A 

ExsUte Prefer No. 2 A 

ExsUte PA C 

ExsUte Rapid Rinse A 

ExsUte Special Chlor A 

ExsUte Sulfamic Acid C 

ExsUte Super Kleen A 

ExsUte Tripe 55 Y 

Exslite TM Cleaner E 

Exslite V-Kleen A 

ExsUte WOW-75 B 

ExsUte 2-DFF Cleaner B 

ExsUte 2-OFC A,H 

ExsUte 2-OFHD B 

ExsUte 2-SMC B 

ExsUte 2-SMC #40 B 

Exslite 2050E A,H 

ExsUte 3004 B 

ExsUte 4004F A 

ExsUte 4033 A 

Exslite 438 HD ,...B,CC 

Exslite 4460 A 

Exslite 500 B 

Exslite 526 A 

ExsUte 712 B 

ExsUte 7130 B 

Exslite 7270 A 

ExsUte 7530 B 

ExsUte 7535-CC A 

Exslite 955 B 

Exsol-Chlor F 

Floor Cleaner BN A.CC 

Formula 1155 R 

Formula 7858 CW A 

Golden A 

Hi-White Bleach CC 

Misty Fabric Conditioner CC 


Rosette A 

Sil-Dip C 

Silver Dip A 

The Blue Max A 

The Cleaning Gel A 

The Cleaning Gem D 

Ultra-Peel V 

Extraction Systems, Inc. 

Heavy Duty Degreaser 302 D 

Exxon Company, U.S.A. 

Alert M 275 BB 

Andok M 275 BB 

Andok 260 BB 

Bayol 72 AA 

Bayol 90 AA 

Bayol 92 AA 

Beacon Q 2 BB 

Carum 330 AA 

Coray 100 BB 

Coray 15 BB 

Coray 150 BB 

Coray 170 BB 

Coray 22 BB 

Coray 220 BB 

Coray 32 BB 

Coray 320 BB 

Coray 46 BB 

Coray 60 BB 

Cylesstic TK 1000 BB 

Cylesstic TK 460 BB 

Cylesstic TK 680 BB 

Enmist EP 100 BB 

Enmist EP 150 BB 

Enmist EP 22 BB 

Enmist EP 220 BB 

Enmist EP 460 BB 

Enmist EP-0 BB 

Enmist EP-4 BB 

Esstic 150 BB 

Esstic 32 BB 

Esstic 68 BB 

Estan 1 BB 

Estan 2 BB 

Estan 3 BB 

Faxam 15 BB 

Faxam 22 BB 

Faxam 46 BB 

Fibrax 280 BB 

HDX Plus Grade 10W BB 

HDX Plus Grade 20W-20 BB 

HDX Plus Grade 30 BB 

HDX Plus Grade 40 BB 

Isopar M AA 

Marcol 100 AA 

Marcol 130 AA 

Marcol 145 AA 

Marcol 52 AA 

Marcol 62 AA 

Marcol 70 AA 

Marcol 72 AA 

Marcol 82 AA 

Marcol 87 AA 

Marcol 90 AA 

Marcol 97 AA 

Multi-Purpose Grease BB 

Nebula EP BB 

Nebula EP 1 BB 

Nuto H 100 BB 

Nuto H 32 BB 

Nuto H 46 BB 

Nuto H 68 BB 

Nuto 100 BB 

Nuto 150 BB 

Nuto 220 BB 

Nuto 32 BB 

Nuto 320 BB 

Nuto 46 BB 

Nuto 460 BB 

Nuto 68 BB 

Primol 185 AA 

Primol 205 AA 

Primol 325 AA 

Primol 355 AA 

Spartan EP 1 BB 

Spartan EP 150 BB 

Spartan EP 220 BB 

Spartan EP 320 BB 

Spartan EP 460 BB 

Spartan EP 68 BB 

Spartan EP 680 BB 

Spinesstic 10 BB 

Teresstic 100 BB 

Teresstic 150 BB 

Teresstic 32 BB 

Teresstic 46 BB 

Teresstic 68 BB 

Teresstic 77 BB 

Unirex N2 BB 

Zerice 22 BB 

Zerice 42 BB 

Zerice 46 BB 

Zerice 68 BB 

2921 Technical White OU AA 

2935 White OU AA 

Ezzy Clean-Up Supplies & Equip. 

Grease Gone D 

F & H Chemicals 

Acid Detergent C 

Acigen 2012 C 

Formula No. 100 A 

Formula No. 127 B 

Lime Scale Remover C 

Sanitize F 

F & H Food Equipment Co. 

CLP. Acidic Scale Remover C 

Chlorinated Egg Washing 

Compound H 

Chlorinated General Cleaner A 

Chlorinated Granular Cleaner ...B 
Heavy Duty Acid Detergent 

Cleaner C 

Heavy Duty Liquid Detergent ..A 
Pressure Washing Compound ...A 
Synthetic Conveyor Lubricant. .BB 

F E C Industries 

Aqua-Clean A 

Lana Suds A 

NBC. Non-Butyl Cleaner- 

Degreaser A 

F F Industrial Service & Supplies, 

Bacteriasol D 

Deluxe Machine Dshwshng 

Compound A 

Dynamo A 

Extra Heavy Duty Concrete 

Cleaner D 

Golden Gator Concrete CleanerR 

Golden Magic Cleaner D 

Grime Scat D 

Hydro Sol P 

Industrial Cleaner D 

Iodo-175 G 

Liquid Hand Soap 40 Q 

Liquid Steam Cleaner B 

Multi Blue A 

No. 600 Hog Scald X 

No. 80 Space Spray S 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Pink Cleaner D 

Premium Fly & Roach Spray ....S 

Quick Drain O 

Safe A 

Sewer Solvent O 

Steam Cleaning Compound B 

Wax Scat D 

100 Plus Drain Pipe Opener O 

F M C Corporation 

Defoamer 16 HH 

Disodium Phosphate M.X.Z 

Freshgard 4A H 


Hexaphos M,Z 

Hydrogen Peroxide 35% HP Y 

Monosodium Phosphate C,Z 

Phosphoric Acid C 

Potassium Tripolyphosphate A 

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate X 

Sodium Tripolyphosphate A,M,X,Z 

Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate 

Granular A 

Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate A,M,X,Z 

Trisodium Phosphate A,M,X,Y,Z 

F R M Chem. Incorporated 

Cir-Clean A 

Gain S.V.P C 

Super 8 A 

Facet Enterprises, Inc. 

Deep Clene Cream Hand 

Cleaner W 

Fair hank Corporation, The 

Facilite Giant Wash B,V 

Fairfield American Corporation 

Aerosol Multi-Use Insecticide ..S 
Aqueous Food Plant Pyrn. Fog. 

Insect S 

Compactor and Kitchen 

Insecticide S 

Double-A Grade Insect Spray ...S 

Drione Insecticide T 

Drione Insecticide Spray T 

Food Plant Fogging Insecticide. S 
General Purpose 0.25-0.25 

Insect Killer S 

Industrial Aerosol 2.0-0.4 S 

Industrial Aqueous Pressurized 

2.0-0.4 S 

Industrial Aqueous Pressurized 

4.0-0.5 S 

Industrial Spray 0.25 S 

Mosquito Spray Concentrate ....S 
Multi-Purpose Pyrenone Insect. 

Cone S 

Pyrenone Diazinon Dual Use 

E.C T 

Pyrenone Diazinon E.C T 

Pyrenone Diazinon Residual 

Spray T 

Pyrenone Dursban Dual Use 

E.C T 

Pyrenone Dursban Roach & 

Ant Spray T 

Pyrenone Food Plant Fogging 

Insecticide S 

Pyrenone Gen. Purp. Aqueous 

Insecticide S 

Pyrenone General Purpose 

Household Spray S 

Pyrenone General Purpose 

Spray S 

Pyrenone Indust. Spray 

Emulsfbl. Cone S 

Pyrenone Industrial Aerosol 

Insecticide S 

Pyrenone Malathion Mosquito 

Fog. Insect T 

Pyrenone Malathion Residual 

Spray T 

Pyrenone Mill Spray S 

Pyrenone Mill Spray 2-0.2 Oil 

Type S 

Pyrenone Mosquito Fogging 

Spray S 

Pyrenone Multi-Purpose 

Insecticide S 

Pyrenone One Shot Hi- 
Pressure Aerosol S 

Pyrenone PCO Roach 

Concentrate S 

Pyrenone Space Spray S 

Pyrenone 1-0.2 Food Plant 

Spray S 

Pyrenone 25 5 M.A.G.C T 

Roach & Ant Liquid Spray T 

Roach & Ant Spray Aqueous ...T 
Roach & Ant Spray 

Pressurized T 

Synthrin Industrial Aerosol 

0.50 S 

Tetralate Multi-Purpose 

Insecticide E.C S 

Your Brand Auto. Sequential 

Aer. Insect T 

Fairfield International Corp. 

Enviro-Gest TD O 

Enviro-Solve A 

Poly Solv O 

Shure-Scent R 

Falco Chemical Company 

Falclean #1 H 

Power-Plus Concentrated 

Cleaner A 

Quick Spray A A 

Famous Lubricants, Incorporated 

Fasol A-180 White Oil AA 

Fasol A-200 Certified AA 

Fasol A-340 Certified AA 

Fasol A-70 White Oil AA 

Food Machinery Lubricant AA 

Food Machinery Lubricant No. 


Orange FM Lubricant No. AA 

Orange FM Lubricant No. 2 AA 

Far Best Corporation 

No. 6575 43 Cleaner A 

7062 Eazy Kleen D 

7184 Liquid Universal Cleaner..D 

Farewell, W. K., Company 

Concentrate 45 A 

P T L Conquest A 

PTL Foam-Aid A 

PTL Impact A 

PTL Renew C 

PTL Smokehouse Cleaner B 

PTL Sparkle A 

PTL Super-Kleen A 

PTL Trolley Cleaner B 

PTL Vanish B 

PTL Vantage Plus Y 

Farmers Chemical & Equipment Co. 

Industrial Cleaner D 

Truck Wash #4 A 

Farmers Union Central Exchange, 

Spray-Fog T 

Farmland Industries, Inc. 

Co-Op BRB Grease BB 

Co-Op Dexron Auto. Transm. 

Fluid B-11043 BB 

Co-Op Diesel Engine Oil SAE 

10W BB 

Co-Op Diesel Engine Oil SAE 

20-20W BB 

Co-Op Diesel Engine Oil SAE 

30 BB 

Co-Op Diesel Engine Oil SAE 

40 BB 


Co-Op Hydrol No. 150 BB 

Co-Op Hydrol No. 315 BB 

Co-Op Hydrol No. 465 BB 

Co-Op Natrl & LP Gas Eng. 

Oil SAE 10W BB 

Co-Op Natrl & LP Gas Eng. 

Oil SAE 20 BB 

Co-Op Natrl & LP Gas Eng. 

Oil SAE 30 BB 

Co-Op Natrl & LP Gas Eng. 

Oil SAE 40 BB 

Co-Op Premium Light Gun 

Grease BB 

Co-Op Super H.T.B. Hydraulic 

Oil BB 

Double Circle Motor Oil SAE 

10W BB 

Double Circle Motor Oil SAE 

20-20W BB 

Double Circle Motor Oil SAE 

30 BB 

Double Circle Motor Oil SAE 

40 BB 

Double Circle Motor Oil SAE 

50 BB 

Indol Oil No. 10 BB 

Indol Oil No. 2 BB 

Indol Oil No. 3 BB 

Indol Oil No. 4 BB 

Indol Oil No. 5 BB 

Indol Oil No. 7 BB 

Indol Oil No. 8 BB 

Indol Oil No. 9 BB 

Lith-Gard 2 BB 

Super Miscol White Packer Oil.AA 
Universal Gear Lube SAE 140 BB 
Universal Gear Lube SAE 80. ..BB 
Universal Gear Lube SAE 90. ..BB 

Fa mam Companies 

KillEm T 

Farris Chemical Company, Inc. 

Alka-Aid M 



BAF-15 N 

Co-Jel #200 M 

Co-Jel S-201 M 

Co-Jel S-202 M 

Co-Jel S-203 M 

Co-Jell 600 M 

Cond-Trol N 

Ex-19 N 

No-Ox M 

No-Ox-L M 

No-Scale #400 M 

No-Scale #410 M 

No-Scale #420 M 

No-Scale #440 M 

No-Scale #444 M 

No-Scale #460 M 

No-Scale #485 M 

Poly-Sur M 

Poly-Trol LH M 

Scale-Trol L M 

SC-46 A M 

SC-46-B M 

SC-46-C M 

Vap Adjust M 

Vap Trol M 

Void-Ox M 

Fast Products 

Power Cleaner D 

Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company 

Bon Ami Cleaning Cake E 

Bon Ami Cleaning Powder E 

Bon Ami Polishing Cleanser E 

Kleen King For Copper & 
Swiss Steel E 

Federal Chemical Co., Inc. 

Arab Industrial Strength 
Aerosol S 

Federal International Chemicals 

Acidulade C 

Advantage 100 D 

Advantage 128 D 

Advantage 256 D 

At-Last A 

Blue Concentrate Detergent 

Cleaner D 

Capture D 

Capture Neutral Fragrance F 

Clean-All D,Q 

Conquest II Citrus Fragrance ...D 
Conquest II Neutral Fragrance. F 
Conquest 256 Lemon 

Fragrance D 

Conquest 256 Neutral 

Fragrance F 

Dyno-Might D 

Fedphene 100 D 

Fedphene 128 D 

Foam-Kwik A 

Grease-Go R 

Low Foam Butyl Cleaner D 

Low Foam Detergent D 

Mark VIII Plus D 

Mark VIII Spra Cleaner D 

Municipal Sewer Cleaner O 

Steam-Kleen Liq. Steam 

Cleaner A 

Super Con-Treat C 

Task Force Industrial 

Degreaser D 

Federated Chemicals 

Federated (Floral Fragrance) 

Disinf. Cln D 

Federated Cln/Disinf/Deod 

(Citrus Frag.) D 

Federated Cln/Disinf/Deod 

(Phenol) D 

Federated Neutral Fragrance. ...F 

Foaming Cleaner A 

Meat Plant Steam Cleaner A 

Feed waters, Incorporated 

Algor M 

Alkatron M 

Alphamine M 

Oxatrol M 

Rustang 65 Z 

Fel-Pro Incorporated 

•Hi-Temp' Nickel Ease BB 

C-670 Moly Paste Lubricant BB 

C5-A BB 

Food Grade AA Antiseize 

Lubricant A A 

Food Machinery EP Grease AA 

Food Machinery EP Grease 

(Aerosol) A A 

Femco, Incorporated 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Dishwashing Liquid A 

F-75 Tuff-Foam A 

FemChem, Incorporated 

Glow A 

Gone A 

Lustre Clean A 

Now F 

20 To 1 All Purpose Cleaner D 

Fenko Chemical Company 

APC Powder D 

Ferro Corporation/ Ottaiwa Chemical 

Liquid Live Micro Organisms. ..O 

Fidelity Supply Co. Div. Of 
Enterprise Paper Co. 

Fidelity Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Filardo Products Company 

FU-O-Chemical Cleaner D 

Filmite Oil Corporation 

Mitaplex AA-2 AA 

Firestone Paper & Supply, Inc. 

Kwik-Foam A 

Non-Butyl Cleaner A 

Prodrane O 

Rock Bottom D 

First U.S. Chemical Company 

First U.S. BWT-1 N 

First U.S. CHWT-1 N 

First U.S. CWT-S1 N 

First U.S. CWT-S2 N 

First U.S. CWT-1 N 

First U.S. Microbiocide 15 N 

Fischer Chemco, Incorporated 

All Purpose Liquid A 

All Purpose Powder A 

Blast No. 1 Liquid D 

Blast No. 1 Powder A 

Milk Stone Remover Liquid C 

Milk Stone Remover Powder. ...C 

Pan Cleaner A 

Super Blast B 

Fischer-Lang & Company, Inc. 

F-L Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Last Quat Germicidal Cleaner ..F 

Recon Conditioner-Cleaner A 

Syn-X A 

Fish, A. J. Oven Company 

Oven Lubricant BB 

Fiske Brothers Refining Co. 

Lubriplate Aero BB 

Lubriplate Air Tool Lubricant ..BB 


ffix'A' BB 

Lubriplate Auto-Guard 

(Aerosol) BB 

Lubriplate Auto-Guard ( Bulk ) BB 
Lubriplate Auto/Marine-Lube 


Lubriplate AC-O BB 

Lubriplate AC-1 BB 

Lubriplate AC-2 BB 

Lubriplate AC-2A BB 

Lubriplate AC-3 BB 

Lubriplate AC-4 BB 

Lubriplate Ball Bearing BB 

Lubriplate Chain & Cable 

Fluid BB 

Lubriplate Chain & Cable 

Fluid(Aerosol) BB 

Lubriplate DS-ES BB 

Lubriplate FMO-350 A A 

Lubriplate FMO-350L AA 

Lubriplate FMO-500 AA 

Lubriplate FMO-500 CCH AA 

Lubriplate FMO-500L AA 

Lubriplate FMO-85 AA 

Lubriplate FMO-85L AA 

Lubriplate FMO-900 AA 

Lubriplate High Temp BB 

Lubriplate HO BB 

Lubriplate HO-00 BB 

Lubriplate HO-1 BB 

Lubriplate HO-2 BB 

Lubriplate HO-2A BB 

Lubriplate HO-3 BB 

Lubriplate HO-4 BB 

Lubriplate HO-5 BB 

Lubriplate Low Pour Hydraulic 

Oil BB 

Lubriplate Low Pour HDS 

Motor Oil SAE 30 BB 

Lubriplate Low Pour HDS 

Motor Oil SAE10W BB 

Lubriplate Low Pour HDS 

Motor Oil 20-20W BB 

Lubriplate Low Temp BB 

Lubriplate Marine-Guard 

(Aerosol) BB 

Lubriplate Marine-Guard 

(Bulk) BB 

Lubriplate Mist Oil BB 

Lubriplate Multi-Lube A BB 

Lubriplate Multi-Lube A-l BB 

Lubriplate MH Oil AA 

Lubriplate MO-Lith No. 2 BB 

Lubriplate No. APG-140 BB 

Lubriplate No. APG-250 BB 

Lubriplate No. APG-80 BB 

Lubriplate No. APG-90 BB 

Lubriplate No. BB 

Lubriplate No. 1 BB 

Lubriplate No. 102-^4 BB 

Lubriplate No. 105 BB 

Lubriplate No. 105V BB 

Lubriplate No. 107 BB 

Lubriplate No. 110 BB 

Lubriplate No. 115 BB 

Lubriplate No. 1200-2 BB 

Lubriplate No. 130-A BB 

Lubriplate No. 130-AA BB 

Lubriplate No. 130-AAA BB 

Lubriplate No. 2 BB 

Lubriplate No. 3 BB 

Lubriplate No. 3-V BB 

Lubriplate No. 4 BB 

Lubriplate No. 5555 BB 

Lubriplate No. 630-A BB 

Lubriplate No. 630-AA BB 

Lubriplate No. 630-AAA BB 

Lubriplate No. 630-2 BB 

Lubriplate No. 630-2 Special BB 

Lubriplate No. 70 BB 

Lubriplate No. 707 BB 

Lubriplate No. 78 Oil BB 

Lubriplate No. 8 BB 

Lubriplate No. 914 Oven Chain 

Lubricant A A 

Lubriplate No. 930-A BB 

Lubriplate No. 930-AA BB 

Lubriplate No. 930-AA-S BB 

Lubriplate No. 930-AAA BB 

Lubriplate No. 930-AAA-S BB 

Lubriplate No. 930-2 BB 

Lubriplate No. 930-2-S BB 

Lubriplate Oven Chain 

Lubricant BB 

Lubriplate Solvent BB 

Lubriplate Super FML-O AA 

Lubriplate Super FML-1 AA 

Lubriplate Super FML-2 AA 


Lubriplate Super FML-2 

(Aerosol) A A 

Lubriplate Super FML-3 AA 

Lubriplate Super GPO Motor 

Oil SAE 10W BB 

Lubriplate Super GPO Motor 

Oil SAE 30 BB 

Lubriplate Super GPO Motor 

Oil SAE 40 BB 

Lubriplate Super HDS Motor 

Oil SAE 10W BB 

Lubriplate Super HDS Motor 

Oil SAE 30 BB 

Lubriplate Super HDS Motor 

Oil SAE 40 BB 

Lubriplate Super HDS Motor 

Oil SAE 50 BB 

Lubriplate Super HDS Motor 

Oil SAE20-20W BB 

Lubriplate STO-3 AA 

Lubriplate Wheel Bearing BB 

Lubriplate 184 BB 

Magic Soluble Oil BB 

Fisons Corporation 

Ficam W T 

Fitch Dustdown Company, The 

Break-Down A 

Fido B-838 D 

Fido Brand P-28 Insect Spray. ..S 

Fido Brand Steric A 

L-50 Fido Insect Spray S 

Pink Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Satin-Wash Hand Soap Q 

Five Flags Chemical Co. 

Bleach Cleanser E 

Blue Mist A 

Five Ways D 

Glass Cleaner R 

Insect Spray S 

Pro-Degreaser A 

Rose-Bowl P 

Skin Shield Cream W 

Supre-Solve C 

Flag Janitorial Supply 

Great Stuff A 

Flexabar Corporation 

Jelly De Rust C 

Liquid Germicidal Cleaner D 

Odor Control 1600 R 

Remove All D 

Flexo Chemical Company 

Flexo-Terg D 

Flintkote Co./U.S. Lime Div. 

Flintkote Hydrated Lime Y 


Pynammo R 

Pynclene R 

Super D-G A 

Versa-Clene D 

Water Soluable Deod Cone 
Neut Bubble Gum R 

Flo-Kern, Incorporated 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

All Purpose Cleaner 

Concentrated D 

All Purpose Liquid 1093 A 

Bottle Wash 0437 B 

Circulation Cleaner 0873 B 

Coconut Liquid Hand Soap 

15% Q 

Cooker Cleaner 1027 B 

Drain Opener O 

Flo-Away Cleaner D 

Flo-Dine Disinfectant G 

Flo-Kern 9-90 Cone. Fogging 

Insecticide S 

Flo-Kern 9-95 


w/Dursban T 

FloKem Acidet C,I 

FloKem Defoamer HH 

FloKem Egg Wash H 

FloKem Flo-AC C 

FloKem Flo-Con D 

FloKem Flo-Crete A 

FloKem Flo-Kleen 57 B 

FloKem FIo-Klor A 

FloKem Flobac B 

FloKem Flobrite B 

FloKem Flodet A 

FloKem Flomatic A 

FloKem Flopower B 

FloKem Flosan C 

FloKem Flosheen A 

FloKem Flosheen HD B 

FloKem Floterg A 

FloKem Flothru A 

FloKem Foamzall A 

FloKem Fos Det 31 C 

FloKem Fos-Klor A 

FloKem Fosbrite C 

FloKem FA-21 C 

FloKem FGC A 

FloKem FK 204 A 

FloKem FK 913 C 

FloKem GC-20 A 

FloKem Klccner 96 B 

FloKem Klorshine D A,H 

FloKem Laundry Compound. ...CC 

FloKem MC-100 A 

FloKem PC-61 A 

FloKem PC -95 A 

FloKem Spray Wipe 90 A 

FloKem Spraykleen X B 

FloKem TC#1 B 

FloKem Veg Peel V 

General Purpose Cleaner 0690. .A 

Glass Cleaner Concentrate R 

Heavy Duty Degreaser D 

Io-Dis Disinfectant G 

Liquid Acid Cleaner 1032 C 

Liquid Conveyor Chain Lube...BB 

Liquid Steam Cleaner 0931 A 

Low Suds Cleaner D 

Milkstone Remover 0539 C 

Neutral Cleaner R 

Paste Conveyor Chain Lube BB 

Peel Additive 0927 V 

Quaternary Germicidal Cleaner D 

Spot Remover 0492 Z 

Spray & Wipe Cleaner- 

Dcgreaser A 

Triple-2 Germicidal Cleaner D 

Water Base Degreaser A 

358 Glass Cleaner (Ready to 

Use) R 

999 Odrls Concntrtd Insecticide 

Spray S 

Floor Care Supply 

Break Thru A 

Floor Systems, Incorporated 

Trouble Spots D 

Florasan Corporation 

No. 25 Insect Spray S 

Sani-Lube A A 

Silicone Spray A A 

Florida Paper Company 

APC Bowl Cleaner And 

S .in in zer P 

APC Germicidal Utility 

Cleaner R 

APC Glass Cleaner R 

APC TB Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

APC Waterless Hand Cleaner.. .W 

Floridin Company 

Cal-Flor Dry MM 

Flor-Kleen MM 

Florco MM 

Florco-X MM 

Florex LVM MM 

Formula 44 MM 

Flow Laboratories, Inc./ 

Environmental Cultures Division 

Cultured Plmbr Grs.Trap&Drn 

Line CI O 

Cultured Plumb Environ Odor 

Contl R 

DBC Plus O 

Flushing Plastics Corporation 

MAE 13C2AB Power Wash 

Detergent A 

MAE 13C2111 Power Wash A 

Steam Cleaning Machine 

Additive A 

Foam Spray Industries 

'Champion Supreme' D 

'Champion' A 

Foam-Pak Company 

Foam-Pak General Purpose 

Degreaser D 

Foam-Pak Germicidal Cleaner ..F 

Foam-Pak Safety Hard Water 
Scale Remover C 

Foley Janitor Supply & Service Co. 

Acid Bright C 

Excel A 

Ford Tractor Operations/ Ford 
Motor Company 

BTC-350 Liquid Detergent 

Additive A 

BTC-710 Detergent A 

BTC-730 Caustic Free 

Detergent A 

Foremost Maintenance Supply Co. 

#510 Fore-Lite Multi-Purpose 

Cleaner A 

#530 Lo-Foam Auto Scrub D 

#540 Slugger D 

#560 Spray & Clean A 

#605 Co Co Liquid Hand SoapQ 

Foresight Of Omaha, Inc. 

F-101 A 

F-40+ Cleaner-Degreaser D 

Foresight, Incorporated 

F-101 A 

F-804 Heavy Duty Industrial 
Cleaner D 


Formula Marketing Co. 

C-4 Steam&Pressure Clng 

Compound A 

Formulated Products, Inc. 

100 Smoke House Cleaner B 

101 Smoke House Cleaner B 

102 Smoke House Cleaner B 

107 Smoke House Cleaner B 

108 Smoke House Cleaner B 

11" Smoke House Cleaner A 

121 Smoke House Cleaner B 

132 Stainless Steel Cleaner B 

152 Smoke Stick Cleaner A 

171 Aluminum Smoke Stick 
Cleaner A 

172 Aluminum Smoke Stick 
Cleaner A 

173 Aluminum Cleaner A 

191 Tripe Cleaner Y 

192 Tripe Cleaner Y 

211 Stainless Steel ClnrAcid 

Type C 

213 Stainless Steel Cleaner C 

251 General Purpose Cleaner. ..A 
253 General Purpose Cleaner ...A 
255 General Purpose Cleaner. ...A 

275 Can Cleaner A 

281 Special General Purpose 

Clnr A 

300 Sharpless Rendering Pump 

Clnr A 

315 Hog Scalding Compound. ...X 
325 Hog Scalding Compound. ...X 

332 DeGreaser & DeRuster B 

333 Hook & Trolley Cleaner B 

371 Ham Mold Cleaner A 

376 Liquid Acid Cleaner C 

392 Ham Mold Cleaner A 

439 Car & Truck Wash A 

476 Powdered Hand Soap P 

514 Bottle Cleaner B 

561 Sewer Cleaner O 

575 Machine Dish Washing 
Comp A 

576 Extra Heavy Duty Cleaner. B 

584 Hand Dish Washing 
Compound A 

585 Liquid Heavy Duty 
Cleaner B 

586 Combo Floor Cleaner A 

589 Concentrated Liquid 

Detergent A 

591 Liquid Truck Cleaner A 

593 Foaming Agent A 

600 Scouring Powder E 

606 Washing Machine 

Compound A,CC 

610 Washing Machine 

Compound A.CC 

Forrer Chemical 

Action F 

Foam-Klean A 

NSD No Solvent Degreaser A 

Forshaw Chemicals, Inc. 

Diazinon 4F. T 

For Syn S 

For-Pyre S 

Forfog-PBPP S 

Forsj n R S 

Forsyn Throid S 

Forsyn 2.5 S 

Fort Dodge Laboratories 

Nolvasan Solution F 

Forum International, Inc. 

Multi-Kleen A 

Foster Chemicals Inc. 


FP-10 A 

FP-15 A 

FP-18 A 

FP-20 Q 

FP-35 A 

FP-38 D 

FP-45 R 

FP-70 P 

Foster Company 

Respond Degreaser & 

Four Star Chemical 

'FSL' Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

'118' Fluorocarbon Lubricant ...BB 

Double Duty 32 D 

Powr-Thru Drain Opener O 

Vy-Ser-Eze BB 

421 Silicone Spray AA 

Fowler Sales & Distributing Co. 

Formula 3 Squared Chlor. Gen. 

Purp. CI A 

Husky B 


Foam- A way A 

Franchise Services, Inc. 

FSI Ammoniated All Purpose 
Cleaner D 

FSI Liquid Hand Dish Wash ....A 

FSI Machine Dish Wash 

Compound A 

Institutional Liq Dm Pipe Opnr 
& Maintn O 

Franciscan Forge Mfg. Co. 

Aqua-Jet All Purpose 

Degreaser Clnr A 

Aqua-Jet Liquid Steam A 

Frank C. Mendes Supply Co. 

Conquer A 

Frank Industries, Inc. 

Fran-Chem A 

Frank Miller & Sons, Inc. 

Concentrated Inhibited 

Chemical Clnr C 

Deo-Gran R 

Disinf ectant-Sanitizer- 

Deodorizer Cone G 

Emulsifiable Spray 

Concentrate S 

Germicidal Cleaner D 

Heavy-Duty Floor Cleaner R 

Hospital Type (Mint) Disinf. & 

Clnr R 

Insecticide Concentrate S 

Liquid Steam Cleaning 

Compnd. H.D.Form A 

Lotionized Hand Soap Q 

Mr. Melt R 

Multiple Purpose Boiler & 

Feedwtr. Treat M 

Powdered Hand Soap P 

Virucide F 

Franklyn Sales Company, Inc. 

Quick-Release A 

Franlynn, Incorporated 

Citrosene 10 R 

Lynnpol No. 96 Concentrate A 

Freco Chemical Co. 

Offense G 

The Bomb A 

Fred H. Williams Co. 

Textile Grade Dry Silicone 

Spray A A 

Fred's Chemical & Boiler Service 

Chemical No. 240S M 

Frederick Gumm Chemical Co., Inc. 

Stero 24 A 

Fredricks Manufacturing Corp. 

Lubri-Cone Spray A A 

Saf ti-Flex Lubri-Spray AA 

Freedman, S. & Sons, Inc. 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

SFS All Purpose Spray CleanerD 

SFS Liquid Hand Dishwash A 

SFS 301 Hvy Dty Stripper 

Degreaser D 

SFS 40 AU Purpose 

Concentrate Cleaner D 

SFS 64 Disinf. CI. Citrus 

Fragrance D 

Freeport Manufacturing Company 

Freeport Waterless Hand Cln. 
Knuckles Up W 

Freitas Enterprises 

New Non Butyl Degreaser A 

Fremar Corporation 

Lemon Disinfectant P 

Fremont Industries, Inc. 

#101 c 

#101X c 

#109 A 

#11 A 

#110 A 

#12 Acid Cleaner C 

#14A E 

#16 A 

#160 A 

#160XX A 

#180 New F 

#190F A 

#2014 Food Vat Cleaner B 

#2020 Brightener C.E 

#2025 Acid Cleaner C 

#2026 Acid Cleaner C 

#203HD C 

#215 A 

#22 A 

#220 A 

#227 A 

#227M General Cleaner A 

#227PF General Cleaner A 

#23 A 

#23D D 

#23S D 

#2300 Detergent-San itizer F 

#2301 Detergent-San itizer F 

#2302 Detergent-Sanitizer 

Cone F 


#2303 Detergent-Sanitizer F 

#237 A 

#24 B 

#25 B 

#26 C 

#3015 B 

#302 A 

#3024F Alkaline Rust RemoverA 

#3036 Food Vat Cleaner B 

#304F Q 

#3045 General Maintenance 

Cleaner A 

#3045PF General Maintenance 

Cleaner A 

#305F C 

#3061 General Cleaner A 

#3066 General Maintenance 

Cleaner A 

#307 A 

#3074 O 

#310 Fremo-Chlor F 

#311 A 

#322 B 

#324 B 

#336 Food Vat Cleaner B 

#34 B 

#34F D 

#360 A 

#4 A 

#4 Special Pot & Pan Cleaner. .A 

#40 B 

#4006 Utensil Cleaner A 

#4022 Cleaner Detergent A 

#4032 H.D. Liquid Cleaner A 

#4072 A 

#4073 A 

#4080 General Purpose 

Detergent A 

#4081 A 

#41 B 

#41A A 

#42HD B 

#42S B 

#4908 A 

#50 B 

#51H A 

#52PW A 

#7 A 

#7A A 

#7B A 

#70HD A 

#707 Alkaline Cleaner A 

#71X A 

#90 Boiler Water Treatment M 

#90C Boiler Treatment M 

#900 Boiler Water Treatment ...M 
#901 Boiler Water Treatment. ..M 
#902 Boiler Water Treatment ...M 

#91 M 

#91C Boiler Water Treatment ..M 

#910N A 

#911 M 

#91 1C Water Treatment M 

#911HD Boiler Treatment M 

#912 Z 

#913 M 

#92 M 

#92P Boiler Water Treatment.. .M 

#922 Z 

#923 M 

#924 M 

#930 M 

#931 M 

#932 Z 

#94 M 

#9400C M 

#9401 R 

#9402 R 

#9403 R 

#9404 R 

#942 Z 

#95 Boiler Water Treatment M 

#953 Boiler Water Treatment. ..M 

#96 Boiler Water Treatment M 

#960 Collodial Oxygen 

Scavenger M 

#963 Boiler Water Treatment. ..M 

#98 Boiler Water Treatment M 

#98C Colloidal Treatment M 

#98P Colloidal Treatment M 

#9901 M 

#9904 Municipal Water Treat. Z 
Fremont 2012HW Water 

Soluble Lubricant BB 

Fremont 2015 Low Foam Acid 

Cleaner C 

Fremont 2306 Detergent 

Sanitizer F 

Fremont 2307 Sanitizer F 

Fremont 250 B 

Fremont 752 Low Temp. 

Cleaner A 

Fremont 753 Low Temp. 

Cleaner A 

Fremont 8020 Machine Utensil 

Detergent A 

Fremont 826 Bacteria-Enzyme 

Digester O 

Fremont 8505 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Fremont 8511 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Fremont 8515 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Fremont 8517 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Fremont 8530 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Fremont 8536 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Fremont 8540 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Fremont 8542 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Fremont 8555 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Fremont 8561 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Fremont 8565 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Fremont 8567 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Fremont 921 Water 

Conditioner Z 

Fremont 955 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Fremont 9931 Sanitizer G 

Fremont 9932 Disinfectant G 

Fremont 9933 Disinfectant G 

Fremont 9954 M 

Fremont 9961 Liquid Oxygen 

Scavenger M 

Fremont 9962 M 

Fremont 9965 Flocculent Z 

Fremont 9966 Flocculent Z 

Fremont 9980 Liquid Caustic. ...M 

Frick Company 

Frick No. 5 Oil BB 

Frick Oil No. 2A BB 

Refrigerating Machine Oil No. 

3 BB 

Refrigeration Machine Oil No. 

4 BB 

Fried Industries, Inc. 

Stericlean Granular A,H 

Stericlean Liquid A,H 

Friendly Chemical Company 

Chava Industrial Solvent A 

Fas-Cut Cleaner & Descaling 

Agent C 

Friendlube 100 BB 

Friendlube 100 Extreme 

Pressure Gear Oil BB 

Friendlube 200 BB 

Friendlube 300 BB 

Friendly 9900 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Frisk Q 

Herald Concntd. AU-Purpose 

Cleaner A 

L-88 High Temp. Hvy Dty. 

Lubricant BB 

Mable BB 

Maxi-Flex BB 

Muscle BB 

Plow Concentrated Liquid 

Drain Opener O 

Poly-Slip AA 

Proto-Shield R 

Steam Chisel A 

Will-Open O 

Friendly Systems/ Division of NCH 

Accept BB 

Armor Guard A 

Assist C 

Avenger A 

BP-1 P 

Charade R 

Cide-Way S 

Clenforize D 

DO. A T 

FAS-Hand Q 

Ice-Melting Pellets R 

Let-Go BB 

Lineman O 

Naturalizer Biological 

Treatment System O 

Pine-Point R 

PC-400 (Aerosol) R 

Sani-Breeze R 

Sani-Breeze (Aerosol) R 

Sewer-Magic O 

Sharpshooter T 

Shear-Glo R 

Single-Step A 

Steam Chisel A 

Strike-Out S 

Submit A 

Trail-Blazer T 

Frito-Lay, Incorporated 

F.L. Acid Cleaner C 

F.L. Caustic Cleaner B 

F.L. Equipment Cleaner A 

F.L. Floor and Wall Cleaner D 

Fritzsche Dodge & Olcott, Inc. 

Animal Product Deodorizer 
47100 R 

Fruchtman Floor Supply 

Command Duz-All A 

Fuld-Stalfort, Incorporated 

Brevity Blue Liquid Scouring 
Creme E 

Cherry Blossom Frangrance 
Insect. Spray T 

Comp Clnr. Sanitizer Disinfnt. 
Deodorant R 


D-San 1330 F 


D'Part Roach & Fly Spray S 

D'Part Vaporizing Spray S 

E-Z Kleen A 

Enviro-Sep R 

F-S ^8D Disinfectant Cleaner ...G 

F-1000 G 

Forty Percent Hand Soap Q 

Fuld Professional Strength 

Insect Killer S 

Fuld-O-Solv D 

Gold Wrench Penetrating Oil... BB 
HD4 Problem Stripper & 

Heavy Duty Cln R 

I-O-Teen Adjusted G.G.JJ 

Jamaica Insecticide Spray T 

Just I Defoamer A 

Just 1 Emulsifiable AU-Purp 

Inset. Cone S 

Just 10 Cleaner Disinfectant D 

Like Magic Ammoniated 

Window & Hard Surf R 

Like Magic Window Glass 

Cleaner R 

Liminate Liquid Residual 

Insect T 

Liminate Liquid Residual 

Insect T 

Liminox Liquid Residual 

Insect T 

Mint-Tergent D 

Open Gear & Wire Lube BB 

Out O 

P-19 Disinfectant Pine Odor R 

Pink Cleaner Concentjate 

(Odorless) A 

Pink Tergent Cleaner A 

Reem Drain Opener & 

Maintainor O 

S'Gone Germicidal Clnr. and 

Deodorant R 

Scum-Go 12 D 

Silicone Lubricant A A 

Solarbrite C 

Solarine Metal Polish R 

Spring Time Insect. Preszd. 

Spray II T 

Super Butyl Blue D 

Super Staze A 

Switer Bowl Cleaner P 

Triad D 

Veltone Antibacterial Hand 

Soap Q 

Wildcat A 

15% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Fuller Brush Company, The 

Formula 937 Liquid Steam 

Clnr A 

Formula 938 Water Soluble 

Deg. Sol R 

Formula 939 Strippng&Degrsng 


Fullclean A 

Fullguard F 

Fullphene II D 

Fullsparkle Cleaner D 

Fullsparkle Window Cleaner P 

Industrial Insect Spray S 

Liquid Bowl Cleaner P 

Super Fullphene D 

3 Way Bowl & Bathroom 

Cleaner P 

Fuller, H. B., Company Monarch 
Chemicals Division 

Monarch #12 D 

Monarch #3 A 

Monarch Acid Clean C 

Monarch Acid Rust Remover. ..C 

Monarch Boot Wash F 

Monarch Bottleshine B 

Monarch BW-5 B 

Monarch BW-90 B 

Monarch C.I. P. Acid C 

Monarch Chain Clean BB 

Monarch Chlor Brite A 

Monarch Circ Brite B 

Monarch Cots-O-Dine C 

Monarch Crest A,H 

Monarch Crevat A 

Monarch Dart B 

Monarch Degreaser A 

Monarch Experimental 600 H 

Monarch Foam-X A 

Monarch Germicidal Hand 

Scrub FF 

Monarch GPC #10 A 

Monarch H.D. 325 B 

Monarch H.S. -Chain Lube BB 

Monarch Heavy Duty Floor 

Cleaner D 

Monarch I-Bac G 

Monarch Industrial Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Monarch K3-Chain Lube BB 

Monarch K6-Chain Lube AA 

Monarch Laundry Bleach 

Powder CC 

Monarch Laundry Sour CC 

Monarch Liquid Sep-Ko A 

Monarch Low Foam Iodophor 

Germicial Det JJ 

Monarch M-9-B A 

Monarch Mon-O-San A 

Monarch Monacid C 

Monarch Monoklor Liquid G.K 

Monarch Monoklor Power F,K 

Monarch MP-2 Acid C 

Monarch Oxygen Bleach CC 

Monarch ORP-1 Boiler Water 

Additive M 

Monarch Peri CC 

Monarch Prime A 

Monarch Quat 1000 D 

Monarch Renu Acid A 

Monarch Sep-Ko A 

Monarch Sep-Ko BTC H 

Monarch Sewer Cleaner O 

Monarch Shell White A,H 

Monarch Special Caustic 

Additive C 

Monarch Spin B 

Monarch Super Can-O A 

Monarch Super Jet B 

Monarch Super Ream A 

Monarch Super 200 C 

Monarch Super-R A 

Monarch ST-1 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Monarch Teem A,Q 

Monarch Water Conditioner A,M,Z 

Monarch WT-12 Water 

Conditioner N,Z 

Monarch 10BTL M 

Monarch 1 1 A 

Monarch 1300 A 

Monarch 1313 A 

Monarch 1325 B 

Monarch 1350 B 

Monarch 250 C 

Monarch 3BTP M 

Monarch 5BTP Boiler Water 

Additive M 

Monarch 500 A 

Monarch 6BTL M 

Monarch 8BTL Boiler Water 

Additive M 

Monarch 800 C 

Monarch 860 C 

Monarch 870 C 

Monarch 880 C 

Fults Chemical, Incorporated 

Acideze Acid Cleaner C 

Activ-8 A 

Alumite A 

Alumite 12 Chlorinated A 

Aqua Force A 

Automatic Pipe N Spray 

Cleaner A 

BacCide G 

Buzz CC 

Chlorinated Pipe & Tank 

Cleaner A 

CL-14 F,K 



Floreze D 

Ful San CLX K 

Ful San Flor-o-Pine R 

Ful San Forcit B 

Ful San LK A 

Ful-San #1 H 

Ful San BW Cleaner B 

Ful-San Econ Caustic B 

FC-1 B 

FC-100 B 

FC-3 C 

Hand Mate A 

Hot or Cold Commercial CC 

Hot or Cold Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Instant R 

Jiffy Fifty A 

Pep General Cleaner A 

Power House A 

PT-50 Acid Cleaner C 

QT-100 Acid Cleaner C 

Renew A 

White Side Automatic Egg 

Washing Cmpd H 

Fumico, Incorporated 

Liquid Hydrocyanic Acid U 

Fumol Corporation 

Fumol 125 Insecticide S 

Fumol 203 Silicone Release 

Spray A A 

Fumol 56 Special S 

One Shot S 

56 Insect Spray S 

Furst-McNess Company 

McNess Crystal Cleanser A 

McNess Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

G & G Sales-Service 

Tabco Clean-Up De-Greaser A 

G & L Supply Company 

Glow Lene D 

G A F Corporation 

Cheelox BF-13 A 

Igepal CO-630 A 

G B Corporation 

Sta-Clean -85 V- M 

Sta-Clean-90 V M 


G B Fermentation Industries Inc. 

Enzyme TS-3 

Enzyme TS-3 with Lipase O 

G B Industrial Products 

Grime Buster W 

G F C Chemical Co., Inc. 

Real Kleen A 

G N C Enterprises 

Chain & Cable Lubricant BB 

Grease BB 

G N R Corporation 

Poly-Clean A 

G S I Supply Inc. 

Ocean Blue D 

G S Marketing 

Alpha I A 

G-Y Products, Inc. 

Big G - A 

Big Blast A 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap Q 

Concrete Cleaner R 

Dual-27 F 

Gent Concentrate D 

GPC-24 D 

Hydrolytic Enzyme Bacteria 

Complex O 

Lemon Tree R 

Mr. Brite Porcelain Cleaner P 

Remuv-Ox C 

Skin Shield Cream W 

Thrift Detergent D 

Touch-Up R 

Vita Pine Phenol Coefficient 5..R 

Vita-Pine R 

Whirlpool Drain Opener O 

Gabos Pest Control 

RatGlu U 

Shur Death Fly Spray S 

Gabriel Chemicals Ltd. 

Agrisect Brand Dursban 2E T 

Agrisect Brnd Mai 57-E Emul 
Liq-Stor Gra T 

Galaxie Chemical Company 

X-Cell A 

Galaxy Chemical Corp. 

All-Brite D 

Blast-Plus D 

Clean A Mint Deodorizing 

Cleaner D.CC 

Dish wash Concentrate A 

Insect Spray T 

Liquid Dish wash A 

Neutro R 

Wipe-Away Lemon Spray 

Cleaner R 

300 Blast Industrial Degreaser 

& Clnr D 

Galer & Hults, Incorporated 

G & H 490 D 

Suspense A 

Gamco, Inc. 

Brite-PIus HAF C 

Brite-Plus MAN C 

Chlorinated Sanitizer F 

Con-Brio D 

Derma-Clean Q 

Hy-Foam A 

Hyper-Tergo HCP A 

Hyper-Tergo HP A 

Iodine Sanitizer G 

Pesti-Purge S 

Quat Sanitizer F 

Scenti-Shield R 

Super-Tergo Chlor MSL A 

Super-Tergo MAL A 

Super-Tergo MFP B 

Super-Tergo MSL A 

Super-Tergo MSP B 

Gamecock Chemical Company 

A-153 Atomic Action A 

C-700 Milkstone Remover C 

H-280 Egg Wash H 

Sunshine Silicone Spray AA 

Gamlen Chemical Company 

Cool. Water Treat. Gamsperse 

CSX 1051 N 

Gamadyne Water Treatment 

U49M M 

Gamadyne 1380 Z 

Gamadyne 1707 M 

Gamadyne 1728 Boiler Wtr. 

Treat M 

Gamadyne 1729 Boiler Wtr. 

Treat M 

Gamalox 1121 M 

Gamaminc 1750 M 

Gamamine 1765 M 

Gamlen 'CA-1' D 

Gamlen - X' Solvent C 

Gamlen Compound #7 B 

Gamlen Compound #8 A 

Gamlen Compound 762-L B 

Gamlen Compound 762-S D 

Gamlen Enviro D 

Gamlen Gamcor CSX 1055 

Cooling Wtr Treat N 

Gamlen Gamcor 1308-L 

Corrosion Inhib N 

Gamlen Metal Cleaner GR C 

Gamlen Rust Remover A.D B 

Gamlen RSO C 

Gamlen Spall-Gard C 

Gamlen Washall A 

Gamlen XD C 

Metal Brightener C 

Vapjel PD M,Z 

Garman Company, Incorporated 

APC All Purpose Cleaner R 

Vapco Ice Machine Cleaner C 

Garratt-Callahan Company 

Adjunct C M 

Adjunct D M 

Adjunct LC M 

Adjunct S M 

Adjunct T M.Z 

Formula #455 M 

Formula A M 

Formula A-AF M 

Formula Adjunct 81 M 

Formula Adjunct 88 M 

Formula Organic SS Cat M 

Formula 10 N 

Formula 101 M 

Formula 101 AF M 

Formula 101CF M 

Formula 101CF-AF M 

Formula 12-L N 

Formula 150 M 

Formula 151 M 

Formula 151 AF M 

Formula 153 M 

Formula 16 M.Z 

Formula I6N M 

Formula 17 N 

Formula 19 N 

Formula 19L N 

Formula 20-L N 

Formula 202 M 

Formula 202AF M 

Formula 202KC M 

Formula 202KC-AF M 

Formula 21 Z 

Formula 21CC M,Z 

Formula 22-L N 

Formula 241 N 

Formula 242 C 

Formula 245 C,N 

Formula 246 N 

Formula 247 A 

Formula 25-L N 

Formula 250 Z 

Formula 251 M 

Formula 30 N 

Formula 30-A N 

Formula 303 M 

Formula 303-AF M 

Formula 31 N 

Formula 32 N 

Formula 35 N 

Formula 36 M 

Formula 435 M 

Formula 44 N 

Formula 445 M 

Formula 48 N 

Formula 48FAL M 

Formula 485 N 

Formula 49 N 

Formula 50 M 

Formula 55 A,N 

Formula 57 Z 

Formula 60 N 

Formula 610 Z 

Formula 65 M 

Formula 65- A M 

Formula 66 M 

Formula 72A Z 

Formula 76 Z 

Formula 76A Z 

Formula 80 M 

Formula 80D M 

Formula 80L M 

Formula 82 M 

Formula 87 M 

Formula 88 M 

Formula 92 M 

Formula 92L M 

Formula 93-L M 

Garvey Corporation 

Garvey Combination Clnr. 

Sanitizer F 

Garvo DPO O 

Garvosan Iodophor 

Concentrate F,JJ 

Garvosol A 

Gast, P.B. & Sons Company 

Antiseptic Hand Soap Q 

Antiseptic Hand Soap Q 

Bowl-White P 

Break Down D 

Circle Cleaner D 

Drain Flo O 

Formula 50 D 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Medi-Clean Antisp. Liq.Hand 
Soap Q 



Cleaner P 

Power Pak Solvent Cleaner R 

Quat Rinse G.GG 

Quat 42 F 

Sof-Tutch Liquid Dishwash A 

Spec P 

Special Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Super D-Waxer D 

True Blue A 

True Blue Odorless A 

Wipe-Out D 

40% Concentrated Liq. Hand 
Soap Q 

Gateway Chemical Company 

Foam Clean A 

Gate-Cide, Citrus Fragrance D 

Gate-Cide, Odorless F 

Gate-Phene D 

Gateway Chemicals Inc. 

Big Brute Hand Cleaner Q 

Brite Clean Detergent A 

Certain Roach & Ant Killer T 

Chain & Cable BB 

E-Z Clean Concentrate D 

Gate-Ox C 

Hercules D 

Insect Spray T 

Jet Clean D 

Kil-Lo-Tox Fly & Insect Spray S 
Lanolin Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Mirror-Shine Glass & Mirror 

Cleaner R 

Nu-Flash Foam Action Cleaner R 

Pine-Odor Cleaner R 

Power D 

Removes D 

Residual Insecticide with 

Baygon T 

Sila-Gate Silicone Spray AA 

Skin Shield Cream W 

Strip-It R 

Gem Chemical Corporation 

Gemsoap Foaming Cleaner A 

Mighty Clean II Extra H.D. 

Cln-Degreaser A 

Multi-Heavy Duty Degreaser 

Cleaner D 

Re-Nu-It C 

Gem Products, Incorporated 

Acid Vat Compound C 

Akromaktor F 

All Purpose Cleaner B 

All Purpose Dairy Cleaner A 

All Purpose Laboratory 

Cleaner A 

Bake Pan Cleaner A 

Blue Pressure Spray Wash A 

Borax Hand Soap P 

Chlorinated In Place Dairy 

Cleaner A 

Chlorinated Mach. Dish 

Washing Compound A 

Deep Fat Fry Cleaner B 

Deluxe Concrete Cleaner D 

Dermaterg 100 A A 

Derusting Cold Vat Compound. B 

DC-20 Pressure Spray Wash A 

DC-40 Automatic Spray Wash. A 
Foaming Scouring 

Cleanser/bleach E 

Food Plant Cleaner A 

Hand Dshwshng Compound 

No. 1 A 

Heavy Duty All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner B 

Hot Vat Compound B 

Hunter's Deep Fat Fryer 

Cleaner B 

Hychlor A 

HPH Pink Automatic Spray 

Wash A 

Low Suds Laundry Compound .CC 
Machine Dish Compound No. 1A 
Medium Duty Steam Cleaner....A 
Medium Suds Laundry 

Compound CC 

Neutro Vapor Steam Cleaning 

Comp A 

Non Chlorine Bleach CC 

Non Suds Detergent A 

Packing House Cleaner A 

Pinklor F 

Sewer Pipe Cleaner O 

Special Concrete Cleaner D 

Truck & Car Wash -Brown A 

Truck & Car Wash -1 A 

Truck & Car Wash -2 A 

Truck & Rig Spray Wash A 

Washing Powder A 

White Pressure Spray Wash A 

Yellow Hand Dish Wash A 

10% Chlorine Bleach CC 

16% Chlorine Bleach CC 

20% Chlorine Bleach CC 

Gem, Incorporated 

Aerocos Disinfectant Cleaner 
& Deodz D 

Aerocos Disinfectant 

Deodorant R 

Gemini Chemical Corporation 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Descaler & Delimer C 

Emulsion Degreaser R 

Gemini Aluminum Cleaner & 

Brightener C 

Gemini Liquid Steam Cleaner...A 

Gemini Chemicals, Incorporated 

Blue Suds A 

Bo Pan A 

Glide Bars BB 

Star Kleen Plus 393 C 

Star Shine 211 A 

Star Suds A 

Star Terg D 

Super Cid 396 C 

217 Jet Off D 

218 Strip Off B 

300 Glide A 

317 Luster Plus A 

320 De Lux A 

323 Super Chlor A 

324 All Klor A 

326 Blast Off B 

328 Star AC A 

329 Star HD B 

332 Star Chlor A 

380 Supreme Performance A 

381 D-Terg A 

394 Star Kleen C 

397 Cid C 

519 Chem Terg A 

537 Raise R 

Gemini Distributing Company 

Biox 200 F,Z 

Gene Labs 

Activated Alkaline Powdered 

Drain Opener O 

Aerosol Disinfectant R 

Big-B 2 D 

Bigestant 250 

Bio-Kleen A 


Disinfectant Sanitizer 

Deodorizer G 

Drain- Away O 

Frigid Cut BB 

Graphite BB 

Jell R 

Lemon Sewer Sweetener O 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Mint Deodorant R 

Multi-Purpose Penetrant BB 

Odor-Ban R 

Penetrating Oil BB 

Polysiloxane Release Agent AA 

Silicone Lube A A 

Spray-Fog S 

Stericide F 

Gene Smith Chemical Co., Inc. 

SS-18 Liquid A 

SS-18 Powder A 

General American Oil Company 

Gold Shield 100 AA 

Gold Shld All Purp. Lith 

Grease Grd 1 BB 

Gold Shld All Purp. Lith 

Grease Grd 2 BB 

Gold Shld All Purp. Lith 

Grease Grd 3 BB 

Gold Shld All Wthr Gr Oil 

162P/80/90/140 BB 

Gold Shld Compressor Oil BB 

Gold Shld Ice Mach Oil Wax 

Free 4025 hvy BB 

Gold Shld Ice Mach Oil Wax 

Free 4025 lgt BB 

Gold Shld Ice Mach Oil Wax 

Free 4025 med BB 

Gold Shld Moly Bentone 

Grease AP Grd 1 BB 

Gold Shld Moly Bentone 

Grease AP Grd 2 BB 

Gold Shld Moly Bentone 

Grease AP Grd 3 BB 

Gold Shld OCT 500 

Compressor Oil BB 

Gold Shld SR-1 Gear Oil BB 

Gold Shld Wheel Bearing 

Grease S BB 

Gold Shld White Litho Grease 

Grade 1 BB 

Gold Shld White Litho Grease 

Grade 2 BB 

Gold Shld White Litho Grease 

Grade 3 BB 

General Bionomics Corporation 

Aqualite A 

Aqua Bond Z 

General Blending Company, Inc. 

Blendex 1030 Cocoanut Oil 

Hand Soap Q 

GB-1000 A 

GB-519 Z 

GB-521 Z 

General Chemical, Inc. 

Break Away A 

Len-Phene R 


Myra-Cyn R 

General Drug & Chemical Corp. 

10% Sodium Hypochlorite 
Solution G 

General Electric Company 

AF-10 HH 

AF-71 HH 

AF-72 HH 

Silicone Emulsion AF-75 HH 

General Environmental Science Corp. 

LLMO Liquid Live Micro- 
organisms O 

General Import-Export Company 

Par-C-Lay Multi-Purpose 

Cleaner A 

General Industrial Supply Co. 

GI-4 Liquid Compound Stm & 
Prs Clnr A 

General Pest Control Co., The 

Mystic Food Plant Spray S 

General Products & Supply Co. 

Enhance D 

Hydrosolve Cleaner D 

Super Stripper Degreaser D 

Genesis Corporation 

Generate A 

Generate Concentrate A 

Genie Chemical Inc. 

GWD-400 D 

Gent-L-Kleen Products, Inc. 

Gent-L-Kleen Hand Cleaner W 

Geo. A. Hormel & Company 

Formula H-200 B 

Formula H-300-Z A 

Formula H-400 Chlorinated 

Gen Purp CI A 

Geo. L. Williams Co. 

Compact D 

Foam-Off A 

Hygeea D 

Saveon Q 

Softee Q 

Super Breen D 

Wilco APC D 

Wilco Industrial Cleaner D 

Wilco Remuv-All A 

George T. Johnson Co., The 

Best Yet Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Johnson Antiseptic Hand- 
Cleaner Lotion Q 

Johnson Fortified Pine Odor 
Disinfectant R 

Lan-O-Mint Q 

Liquid Steam Cleaner A 

Spray Cleaner D 

Georgia Chemical Company, Inc. 

Acid Vat Clnr & Descaler No. 

300 C 

Bacteriasol D 

Big Dog Concrete Cleaner D 

Dual F.H.J 

Dynamo Detergent A 

Glomay Creme Emulsion Bowl 

Clnr P 

Glomay Liquid Drain Opener ...O 
Golden Gator Concrete CleanerR 

Grime Scat D 

Hvy Dty Dtrgnt&Netrlzr & 

Vat Cl#400 A 

Liq. Steam CI All Purp Heavy 

Duty B 

Liquid Hand Soap 15 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 20 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 40 Q 

Liquid Smokehouse Clnr. 

Form. 11 A 

Multi Blue A 

No. 100 A 

No. 200 Smoke House Cleaner .B 

No. 600 Hog Scald X 

Sewer Solvent O 

Wax Scat D 

Georgia-Pacific Corporation 

Cormatic Liquid Hand Soap Q 

FS Ammonia R 

FS Bleach CC 

FS Cleanser E 

G-P Chlor G 

Top Clor G 

Georgia-Tennessee Mining & 
Chemical Co. 

Inst-A-Sorb Super MM 

Instant-Dri MM 

Whiz-Zorb MM 

Ger Chem Industries 

Extra Strength Hvy Dty Water 
Soluble CI A 

Gerald McManus Chemical Co. 

McManus Hand Liquid Soap....Q 

Gerard Supply Co. 

Gerard I-O-Teen Disinfectant 
Adjusted G 

Gessco Sales Division 

Formula 101 M 

Formula 102 M 

Formula 150 M 

Formula 151 M 

Formula 152 Z 

Formula 154 Z 

Formula 50 M 

Formula 52 M 

Formula 54 M 

Formula 60 M 

Gessco Basameen N M 

Gessco 105-X M 

Gessco 106 M 

Gessco 145 N 

Gessco 208 N 

Gessco 208-B N 

Gessco 209 N 

Gessco 210 N 

Gessco 40-D M 

Gessco 551 M 

Gessco 90 M 

Gessco 92 N 

Navy Special Formula M 

Getty Refining & Marketing Co. 

Petroleum Insoluble Lube 1641.BB 

Geyer-New York Equipment & 
Chemical Co. 

Perfection Power Cleaner A 

Giant Oak Industries, Inc. 

Medadine W 

Gibney, R. B. & Sons, Inc. 

Big 'G' Detergent Cleaner- 
Disinfectant F 

3-D All Purpose Clnr, Dgrsr, 
Wax Strip A 

Gibralter Chemical Corp. 

Extra Strength Heavy Duty 
Water Sol. CI A 

Gibralter Bacterial-Enzyme O 

Gibralter Clean It-All Purpose 
Cleaner A 

Gibralter Odor Control 

Granules R 

Gibson Products Co. 

Gib-Foam A 

Gil Chemical Company 

C-S 26 A 

Chlorit F 

D-97 R 

Formula One Hundred F 

GL-601 Boilerized M 

GM22 A 

Iodex G 

MS-77 C 

OP88 D 

Pride A 

TC-60 B 

880A O 

Gilbert Chemical Corporation 

Gil-Chem F 

PVL Germicidal Cleanser D 

Super Mov-It D 

Gilmer Industries, Inc. 

Gil A Super Chlor F 

Gil Acid Sanitizer LF C,F 

Gil Beads A 

Gil Better Egg Wash H 

Gil Bigger Dog A 

Gil Blitz D 

Gil Boil Away B 

Gil Bowl Cleaner P 

Gil Brite Wash CC 

Gil BG Cleaner B 

Gil B V-20A C 

Gil Can-Tort A 

Gil Caustic B.M.O.X.Y 

Gil Caustic Plus B 

Gil Chlor G.P A 

Gil Chlor Hi-Suds A 

Gil Chlor Kleen A 

Gil Chlor Machine Wash A 

Gil Chlor Suds A 

Gil Chlor Suds Heavy Duty A 

Gil Chlor-W A 

Gil Chlorinated Cleaner A 

Gil Clean A 

Gil Cone. G.P. Powder A 

Gil Concrete Cleaner D 

Gil Deep Clean B 

Gil Defoam A, A 

Gil Dehair X,Y 

Gil Dermal Rare Q 

Gil Econo Clean A 

Gil Egg Wash H 

Gil F.P. Liquid Cleaner A 

Gil Feather Off-LF L 

Gil Feather-Off L 

Gil Foam-Ade A 

Gil G.P. Liquid A 

Gil Grime-Away B 


Gil H.D. Steam Powder B 

Gil Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

Gil Heavy Duty CIP Cleaner. ...A 

Gil Hifoam Acid C 

Gil High Suds A 

Gil Hook And Trolley B 

Gil HD Cleaner B 

GilJel A 

Gil L DOC O 

Gil Liquid Chlor 15 G 

Gil Liquid CIP A 

Gil Liquid Power A 

Gil Liquid Spray A 

Gil Liquid Steam A 

Gil Metal Strip B 

Gil Metal-Brite C 

Gil O Dine G.GG 

Gil Organo-Chlor F 


Gil Phene D 

Gil Phene Plus D 

Gil Poultry Scalder L 

Gil Powdered CIP A 

Gil Powdered CIP And Spray 

Cleaner A.H 

Gil PR Acid C 

Gil Quick Clean D 

Gil San G,J 

Gil Shackle Klean and Lube A.BB 

Gil Soft Suds A 

Gil Speedy Cleaner 

Concentrate A 

Gil Speedy II A 

Gil Spray Cleaner A 

Gil Spray Off D 

Gil Strip-Away A 

Gil Sud-Z-Wash A 

Gil Super Speedy A 

Gil Tray Wash A,H 

Gil Tripe-Brite X,Y 

Gil Truck & Car Wash A 

Gil Vat Cleaner B 

Gil Wildcat A 

Gil 333 

Gil-Bacti Derm Hand Cleaner 

Lotion Q 

Gil-Super Insecticide 

Concentrate S 

Ginn Chemical Company 

Big G' A 

Glazer Chemical Corporation 

C-25 Ice & Snow Melter R 

C-26 Laundry Soap Powder CC 

C-3 All Purpose Cleaner A 

C-39 Interior Exterior Cleaner. A 
G-40 Skale Remover C 

Glissen Chemical Co., Inc. 

Nu-Foam A 

Global Laboratories, Inc. 

Bac-Off Q 

C IP Acid C 

Do All-P H.D B 

Freedom Silicone Spray AA 

FPL-22 Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Global #81 B 

Global 2020 D 

Global-Plus A 

Heavy Duty Degreaser D 

Link Chain & Cable Lubricant .BB 

Muscle D 

Non Chlor P-2 A 

Pro Remove 1 C 

Pro-Remove C 

Protective Hand Cream W 

Release BB 

Super Degreaser D 

Super Muscle D 

Total L-l A 

Total L-2 H.D B 

Globe Chemical Company, Inc. 

#95 P 

A-161 Sof T Suds A 

A-162 Ezy Suds A 

A-230 Chlornate A 

A-231 Brillant A 

A-235 Accent A 

Accent A 

Alto Pine R 

ABC A-290 Po Pac Ho Cleaner A 

B.G. Spray T 

B.W.T. 100 M 

B.W.T. 300 N 

Barrier Creme W 

Black Jack R 

C. F. R C 

Chain Lube BB 

Clear View Glass & Window 

Cleaner R 

Cream-O-Septic Q 

Double-Power F 

Dri-Kleen Q 

Dyne Germicide Concentrate... G 

Ezy Steam Cleaner B 

Formula A-R A 

Formula 1231-EW H 

G-12 D 

Germ Purge F 

Getz-AU Concrete Cleaner D 

Globan R 

Globe Aftawash A 

Globe Alkali on A 

Globe Atackit A 

Globe Eggcondition No. 2 H 

Globe Flushox B 

Globe Liquid Chain Lube BB 

Globe Metastrip B 

Globe Multikon A 

Globe P-H-C Formula II A 

Globe Power Flush A 

Globe Scog Remover X 

Globe Smack Formula II A 

Globe Soakit C 

Globe Tripecure Y 

Globe Zymes O 

Globe-San F 

Globe-San Formula 21 F 

Globe-Sol P 

Globecide T 

Globolene A 

GL Concentrate D 

GM Concentrate D 

GM Concentrate-Odorless A 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner P...B 
Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner 

Powder B 

Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Hotcide S 

Hydroclo P 

Johnny Brite P 

Kleen-O Brite A 

Kleer View R 

Kut-Zit Drain Opener O 

L-S Cleaner R 

Lab-Kleen R 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

M-157 Yellow Cat R 

Magic Kleen R 

Malathion Fly Bait with DDVPT 

Mark IV Cleaner D 

Odor Solve R 

Open Gear Lubricant BB 

Out-Side S 

PH. Cleaner P 

Panacea A 

Pesto Spray T 

Pine-O-Septic R 

Pyrenone Insecticide S 

R-140 Stainless Steel Cleaner 

& Polish R 

Red Hot Sewer Solvent O 

Remuv-Ox C 

Sani-Phene 10-X F 

Sewer Solvent O 

Super 500 Thermal Fog Spray ..S 

Thermal Fog Roach Spray S 

Thry-Gly R 

Triple T A 

Vapo Mist T 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

30% Malathion in Oil T 

50% Malathion Concentrate T 

Globe Chemicals, Incorporated 

#2776 Liq. Acid Maintenance 

Clnr C 

#3654 Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

#8545 Ham Mold Cleaner A 

#8592 Smoke House Cleaner. ...B 
#8595 Smoke House Cleaner....A 

#8602 All Purpose Cleaner D 

Dairy Cleaner A 

Deo-Gran R 

Foamy P 

Gleem R 

H-D 321 D 

Heet O 

Laundry Bleach CC 

Lie-It R 

Metacon D 

O.A.D C 

Pen-Lube BB 

Power Kleen Steam Cleaner A 

Red-Fire O 

Sani-Lube A A 

Sewer-Cide O 

Solo San 500 F 

Solo San 510 F 

Super Uni-Fog T 

Super Uni-Terg D 

Uni-Chlor R 

Uni-Quat 14 F 

Uni-Terg D 

Uni-Zyme O 

X-O Therm R 

Globe Services 

Chemi-Jel R 

Floor Syn D 

Rapid-Clean R 

123 Spray Cleaner D 

15% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

20% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

40% Concentrate Liq. Hand 
Soap Q 

Go-Jo Industries, Inc. 

Go-Jo Hand CI w/Deep Scrub 
Fine Italn Pu W 

Go-Jo Original Form. Hand 

Clnr W 

Gold Cross Products, Inc. 

Servis Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Servis Liquid Scrub Detergent. .D 

Gold Kist, Incorporated 

Acid Brite C 

Acid Brite I C 

Acid Brite II C 


Acid Cleaner C 

Alkaline Powder A 

All Purpose Clnr. Concentrate. .A 

Caustic Cleaner B 

Cleaner A 

Concrete Cleaner A 

CIP Cleaner A 

Deodorant-Stripper R 

Egg Wash A,H 

Feather Softener L 

Feather Softener and 

Defoamer L 

Gold Kist B-102 Boiler 

Treatment M 

Gold Kist B-104 Boiler 

Treatment M 

Gold Kist B-105 Boiler 

Treatment M 

Gold Kist B-200 M 

Gold Kist B-300 M 

Gold Kist B-301 M 

Gold Kist Defoamer M 


GPC Powdered No. 1 A 

GPC Powdered No. 2 A 

Hi-Chlor F.H.J 

Hi-Foam A 

Liqui-Foam A 

Liquid Caustic Concentrate B 

Liquid Detergent A 

Low Chlor A 

Powdered Caustic Cleaner I A..B 
Powdered Caustic Cleaner II A B 

Powdered Egg Wash H 

Processor Residual Sanitizer F 

TT Cleaner A 

Golden Bear Division Witco 
Chemical Corporation 

Golden Bear's Cd 9914 White 
Min. Oil AA 

Golden Glades Chemicals 

Concrete Cleaner D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Golden Products, Incorporated 


Super 10 All Purpose Cleaner. ..D 

Golden State Chemical Co. 

GSC-77 D 

GSC-88 A 

Goodwill Chemical Co., Inc. 

Golden Glow All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Golden Glow Cesspool&Septic 

Tank CI O 

Golden Glow Drainpipe 

Solvent Liq O 

Golden Glow Drainpipe 

Solvent(Flk) O 

Golden Glow Hand Cleaner P 

Golden Glow Hog Scour X 

Golden Glow Liquid Detergent. A 
Golden Glow Safety Cleaner ....A 
Golden Glow Sewage 

Conditioner O 

Golden Glow Smoke House 

Cleaner B 

Golden Glow Soap Beads A 

Golden Glow Speedy Steam 

Jenny B 

Golden Glow Sudzy Ammonia. .P 
Golden Glow 515 Comp. Soap 

Beads A 

Gordon Johnson Company 

SC-3 C 

SC-8 A 

SC-9 A 

Gordon's Supply, Inc. 

Brute Liquid Organic Digester. .O 

Gordy Salt Company, Inc. 

Evaporated Salt CC 

PHG Evaporated Salt CC 

Government Chemical Products 

Pink Lightning Concentrate A 

Grace-Lee Products, Inc. 

All Purpose Compound B 

Aquamatic A 

Aquamatic 2B A 

Blue Wall Wash D 

Chain Lube BB 

Controlled Suds CC 

Controlled Suds with Bleach CC 

Cream Cleanser P 

D.C. Cleaner A 

Dairy & Vat Cleaner C 

Dubl Duti Cleaner D 

E-M Hand Soap P 

Empress Hand Soap W 

Extra Hvy Dty Liq Steam 

Cleaner B 

F-165 C 

F-199 A 

F-209 C 

F-210 A 

F-211 C 

F-212 B 

F-263 A 

F-266 B 

F-283 C 

F-295 HH 

F-348 Acid Cleaner C 

F-360 Safety Cleaner D 

Feet A 

Formula N.F A 

Formula XP-101 Steam CleanerB 

Formula 140 A 

Formula 16 A 

Formula 300 A 

Formula 400 A 

Formula 400-SA Utility 

Cleaner D 

Formula 9 A 

G/L CarWash A 

G/L Cleaner E 

G/L Detergent A 

G/L Liquid Cleanser D 

G/L Syntrate D 

G/L 24 B 

G/L 62 B 

Glo Suds A 

H.D.Hand Soap P 

Heavy Duty Liquid Steam 

Cleaner B 

Heavy Duty Steam 

Cleaner(Powder) B 

Heavy Grease Detergent A 

Heavy Weight A 

Knock Out D 

Lab Formula A 

Lab Formula 4 F 

Lid-128 A 

Lime Clran C 

Liquid All Purp D 

Liquid All Purp (Low Suds) A 

LD Hand Soap P 

MD Hand Soap P 

No. 45 Soap A 

Ph D Surgical Hand Soap Q 

Pink Pine Crystals (Odorless) ...D 
Pink Velvet Lotion Hand Soap.Q 

Plastic Dish Compound A 

Plus One C 

Reet Bowl Cleaner P 

Sanitizer G,GG 

Scale Remover C 

Sewer Cleaner SC-36 

Skin Lotion W 

Special Hard Floor Cleaner D 

Special T-D A 

Spray Away A 

Spray Wash 100 A 

Standard Liquid Steam CleanerB 

Standard Steam Cleaner B 

Synetic Suds A 

Tripl Duti D 

Tripl-Duti Low Suds D 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

XP 223 Liquid Detergent A 

133 Suds A 

225-Kleener(Odorless) D 

3-Way D 

3-Way PF D 

61 1 Degreaser D 

Graco Products, Incorporated 

Graco Pine-Odo R 

Rem ov- All Concentrate R 

Graco, Incorporated 

Dirt-tergent A 

Green Dirt-tergent A 

Grand Union Company 

Sani-Clean Plus Neutral 

Fragrance F 

Gray Supply Company 

Gold Strike Kwik-Foam A 

Gold Strike-Break-Down A 

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., 
Inc., The 

A&P Supermarket Floor 
Cleaner D 

Great Lakes Biochemical Co., Inc. 

Meta-Phos M,Z 

Micro-Zyme O 

Great Lakes Chemical Corporation 

Meth-O-Gas U 

Great Lakes Corporation 

C.L.D. Liquid Denaturant DD 

Great Lakes Distributing, Inc. 

Spray Foam A 

Great Western Supply Co. 

G. W. Super Grelease A 

Greater Mountain Chemical Co., Inc 

GMC Nu-Blu A 

GMC 127 B 

Green Mountain Research Corp. 

Bio-Terge Concentrated All 

Purpose Clnr A 

D.F.C D 


Tri-Solvex A 


Green's, Inc. 

'Extra' A 

Atlas Creme Cleanser P 

Big G' A 

Boiler Treat N 

Bulldozer P 

Culture O 

Custom Maid A 

De -Grease A 

Dizolv D 

Doz A 

Flush Out Organic Digester O 

Liqui-Grease BB 

Muscle A 

No. 333 Insecticide S 

Nuthin' D 


P & E Bowl Detergent, 

Deodorant & Disinf P 

Spray-Ez R 

Steam-O A 

Super 444 S 

Wildcat D 

Greene-Douglas Maintenance 
Industries, Inc. 

G-D 1000 A 

G-D 1050 A 

Superac A 

Greene, E & Company, Inc. 

Greenetree All-Purpose 

Cleaner #560 D 

Greenetree Coconut Oil Liq 
Hand Soap #99 Q 

Greentree Hvy Dty Stripper CI. 
Degrsr A 

Greenwood Chemical Co., Inc. 

Greenwood-100-C R 

Improve A 

Klor-Klene A 

Liquid Mildsuds A 

Sanityze 72 F 

Shine-C A 

Sudsy-C CC 

Greenwood Chemical Sales, Inc. 

Glo-Bowl P 

Greer Laboratories, Inc. 

Alltreat 300 N 

Big G' A 

Dual-27 F 

Griffin Bros., Incorporated 

Antiseptic Liq. Soap 40% 

Concentrate Q 

Auto-Magic A 

Blu Blazes P 

Bowl San Emulsion P 

Brand-Y R 

Cleaner Disinfectant D 

Diamond Liquid Soap Q 

Disinfectant Cleaner D 

Formula 100 D 

Formula-56 Sanitizer F 

Fresh-Ette R 

Glass Cleaner R 

Golden Pinol R 

Griff-N-Off A 

Griffin's Fasfoam D 

Heavy Duty Ammon. Glass 

Cleaner R 

Heavy Duty Griffin-Suds R 

Hypine-8 R 

Jolt D 

Liqua-Suds A 

Locacten Sanitizer F 

Non-Scents R 

Odor-Ban R 

Opal 40 Liquid Soap Q 

Phen-All 7 Cleaner D 

Red-Hot Stripper R 

Ritenow Cleaner P 

Spring W 

Var Brite Cleaner R 

20% Antiseptic Liquid Soap Q 

Griffith & Company, Inc. 

Steril-Kleen D 

Griffith Company, Inc., The 

Hy-Det Liquid A 

Hydro Flow A 

Hydrosteam (Green Label) A 

Hydrosteam (Red Label) A 

Hydrosteam A. P. Powdered 

Compnd A 

Hydrosteam No. 50 A 

Power Wash Liquid 

Concentrate A 

Powerwash P A 

Griffith Laboratories, Inc., The 

Erado F 

Klenzall A 

Growth Marketing Corporation 

APC-23 All Purpose Cleaner A 

ASV-33 Disinfectant 

Deodorant R 

BCL-25 Bowl Cleaner P 

Controlled Situation Metered 

Insect. Aer T 

CCR-13 Coil Conditioner C 


DOR-15A O 

DOR-15S O 

DSD-33 D 

DSF-33 D 

DSP-33 R 

DSQ-33 Germicide F 

E-Z Kleen R 

Formula 8-B Boiler Treatment. .M 
Formula 8-BL Boiler And Line 

Treatment M 

FPL-11 Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

HSP-23 Hand Soap Q 

HSP-235 Q 

HTC-31 B 

OCG-55 Odor Control R 

OXC-13 Oxidizing Cleaner C 

Sol-10 A 

Sol-20 Cleaner A 

Springtime R 

SCL-15 A 

SOL-15 Solvent A 

Growth Marketing Corporation of 

APC-23 All Purpose Cleaner A 

BCL-25 Bowl Cleaner P 

CCR-13 Coil Conditioner C 

DOR 15 S Drain Opener O 

DSF-33 D 

Formula 8 B Boiler Treatment. .M 
Formula 8 BL Boiler & Line 

Treatment M 

HSP-23 Q 

OCG-55 R 

OXC-13 Oxidizing Cleaner C 

SCL-15 A 

SOL-15 A 

Gruss Industries, Incorporated 

Compound 10 A 

Compound 99 D 

Guarantee Chemical Company 

Auto Scrub R 

Boot Hill U 

Brite A 

Cherry Gran R 

Cling P 

D Germ F 

Doz/It A 

Get Zit O 

Kitch-Solv D 

Look Out R 

Medi-Creme Q 

Mighty C 

Odoban R 

Protect M 

Royal Flush O 

Safe Walk R 

Shopmate D 

Guarantee Exterminating Co. 

Supertox Brand Food Plant 
Fog. Insect S 

Guardian Chemical & Supply, Inc. 

Guard Ammoniated Wax Strip. .D 

Guard Germicidal Cleaner D 

Guard Pressure Cleaner D 

H.D. Caustic Cleaner B 

H.D. For Grease Removal 

Cleaner R 

H.D. High Caustic PS. CleanerB 

H.D. Steam Cleaner A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Non Caustic Chlorinated 

Cleaner A 

Non Caustic Cleaner A 

Non Caustic Processing Equip. 

Cleaner A 

Guardian Chemical Company 

Atox S 

Chickodine F,J 

Concentrated Liquid Toilet 

Soap Q 

Conta B 

Disolvit O 


Germicide F 

Guardex D 

H.D. Cleaner A 

Idocide G 

Liquid Toilet Soap Q 

Nuthin' D 

PHC Cleaner A 

Release A A 

Squirt R 

Task D 

Waste-Away-I O 

7-C A 

Guardian Chemical Specialties Corp. 

Aqua Kleen D 

Foam Off A 

Grease-B-Gone D 

Pack Kleen A 

Guardian IPCO, Incorporated 

#550 Alkaline Drain Cleaner . ...O 

#551 Acid Drain Cleaner O 

Guardian-Ipco #1 M 

Guardian-Ipco #1-T M 

Guardian-Ipco #101 Threshold 
Treatment Z 


Guardian-Ipco #102 Threshold 

Treatment M 

Guardian-Ipco #170 N 

Guardian-Ipco #2 M 

Guardian-Ipco #2-S M 

Guardian-Ipco #21 M 

Guardian-Ipco #3 M 

Guardian-Ipco #30 M 

Guardian-Ipco #370 Boiler 

Treatment M 

Guardian-Ipco #400 Boiler 

Treatment M 

Guardian-Ipco #6 On-Line 

Boiler Cleaner N 

Guardian-Ipco #7 N 

Guardian-Ipco #99 Rust 

Remover N 

Vulcan #88 N 

Vulcan #89 N 

Guest Paper Company 

GP Lemon Disinfectant P 

GP Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pink Lotion A 

Gulf Atlantic Chemicals, Inc. 


GAC-681 M 

Gulf Chemical Supply Co., Inc. 

'Charlie' Heavy Duty Cleaner ..D 

Gulf Coast Laboratories, Inc. 

Everklear Z 

Hydroklear Z 

Hydroklear Plus Z 

Liqui-Phos 400 Z 

Liqui-Phos 500 Z 

Tri-Lux Z 

Gulf Oil Corporation 

Automatic Transmission Fl. 

Type F BB 

Gulf Automatic Transmission 

Fl. Dexron I BB 

Gulf Block Grease B BB 

Gulf Cut Soluble Oil BB 

Gulf E. P. Lubricant S100 BB 

Gulf E. P. Lubricant S120 BB 

Gulf E. P. Lubricant S150 BB 

Gulf E. P. Lubricant S70 BB 

Gulf Endurance 109 BB 

Gulf Endurance 35 BB 

Gulf Endurance 37 BB 

Gulf Endurance 39 BB 

Gulf Endurance 45 BB 

Gulf Endurance 48 BB 

Gulf Endurance 51 BB 

Gulf Endurance 64 BB 

Gulf Endurance 81 BB 

Gulf Eskimo 48 BB 

Gulf Fleet H. D. 10W BB 

Gulf Fleet H. D. 20/20W BB 

Gulf Fleet H. D. 30 BB 

Gulf Fleet H. D. 40 BB 

Gulf Fleet H. D. 50 BB 

Gulf Harmony 41 BB 

Gulf Harmony 43AW BB 

Gulf Harmony 44 BB 

Gulf Harmony 47 BB 

Gulf Harmony 48AW BB 

Gulf Harmony 53 BB 

Gulf Harmony 54AW BB 

Gulf Harmony 59EP BB 

Gulf Harmony 61 BB 

Gulf Harmony 69 BB 

Gulf Harmony 74AW BB 

Gulf Harmony 76 BB 

Gulf Harmony 77 BB 

Gulf Harmony 88 BB 

Gulf Legion 36 BB 

Gulf Legion 38 BB 

Gulf Legion 41 BB 

Gulf Legion 43 BB 

Gulf Legion 45 BB 

Gulf Legion 47 BB 

Gulf Legion 55 BB 

Gulf Legion 62 BB 

Gulf Legion 97 BB 

Gulf Mineral Seal Oil BB 

Gulf Multi-Purp. Gear 

Lubricant 140 BB 

Gulf Multi-Purp. Gear 

Lubricant 80 BB 

Gulf Multi-Purp. Gear 

Lubricant 90 BB 

Gulf Paramount 39 BB 

Gulf Paramount 42 BB 

Gulf Paramount 45 BB 

Gulf Paramount 49 BB 

Gulf Paramount 58 BB 

Gulf Paramount 65 BB 

Gulf Precision Grease No.l BB 

Gulf Precision Grease No. 2 BB 

Gulf Precision Grease No. 3 BB 

Gulf Security 118 BB 

Gulf Security 155 BB 

Gulf Security 205 BB 

Gulf Security 2450 WCR BB 

Gulf Security 39 BB 

Gulf Security 44 BB 

Gulf Security 47 BB 

Gulf Security 53 BB 

Gulf Security 61 BB 

Gulf Security 71 BB 

Gulf Security 85 BB 

Gulf Security(1450-2500) BB 

Gulf Security(2500-40O0) BB 

Gulf Security(750-1400) BB 

Gulf Senate 110 BB 

Gulf Senate 135 BB 

Gulf Senate 145D BB 

Gulf Senate 155 BB 

Gulf Senate 186 BB 

Gulf Seneca 39 BB 

Gulf Seneca 42 BB 

Gulf Seneca 45 BB 

Gulf Seneca 49 BB 

Gulf Seneca 54 BB 

Gulf Seneca 57 BB 

Gulf Seneca 66 BB 

Gulf Seneca 75 BB 

Gulf Seneca 84 BB 

Gulf Super Duty Motor Oil 


Gulf Super Duty Motor Oil 

SAE 20W/2O BB 

Gulf Super Duty Motor Oil 

SAE 30 BB 

Gulf Super Duty Motor Oil 

SAE 40 BB 

Gulf Super Duty Motor Oil 

10W BB 

Gulf Super Duty Motor Oil 

20/20W BB 

Gulf Super Duty Motor Oil 30. BB 
Gulf Super Duty Motor Oil 40. BB 

Gulf Supreme Grease No. BB 

Gulf Supreme Grease No. 1 BB 

Gulf Supreme Grease No. 2 BB 

Gulf Supreme Grease No. 3 BB 

Gulf Supreme Grease No. 4 BB 

Gulf Transmission Oil 140 BB 

Gulf Transmission Oil 250 BB 

Gulf Transmission Oil 90 BB 

Gulfcrest 44 BB 

Gulfcrown Grease BB 

Gulfcrown Grease 1 BB 

Gulfcrown Grease 2 BB 

Gulfcrown Grease 3 BB 

Gulflex A BB 

Gulflex Moly BB 

Gulflex-Al BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil H.D. SAE 

10W BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil H.D. SAE 

20W/20 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil H.D. SAE 

30 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil H.D. SAE 

40 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil H.D. SAE 

50 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil H.D. 10W ..BB 
Gulflube Motor Oil H.D. 

20/20W BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil H.D. 30 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil H.D. 40 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil H.D. 50 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil SAE 10W...BB 
Gulflube Motor Oil SAE 

20W/20 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil SAE 30 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil SAE 40 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil SAE 50 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil X.H.D. 


Gulflube Motor Oil X.H.D. 

SAE 10W/30 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil X.H.D. 

SAE 20W/20 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil X.H.D. 

SAE 20W/40 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil X.H.D. 

SAE 30 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil X.H.D. 

SAE 40 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil X.H.D. 

SAE 50 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil X.H.D. 

10W BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil X.H.D. 

10W/30 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil X.H.D. 30 ..BB 
Gulflube Motor Oil X.H.D. 40 ..BB 
Gulflube Motor Oil X.H.D. 50 ..BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil I0W BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil 20/20W BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil 30 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil 40 BB 

Gulflube Motor Oil 50 BB 

Gulf pride Multi-G BB 

Gulf pride Single-G Motor Oil 


Gulfpride Single-G Motor Oil 

SAE 20W/20 BB 

Gulfpride Single-G Motor Oil 

SAE 30 BB 

Gulfpride Single-G Motor Oil 

SAE 40 BB 

Gulfspray Ant Roach Killer 

Formula 17 T 

Gulfspray Flying Insect Killer. .S 
Gulfspray Multipurpose Insect 

Killer S 

Gulfspray Quick Action 

Insecticide S 

High Temperature Grease BB 

Legion 77 BB 

Saphire Motor Oil 10W BB 

Saphire Motor Oil 20/20W BB 

Saphire Motor Oil 30 BB 

Saphire Motor Oil 40 BB 

Saphire Motor Oil 50 BB 

Saphire Motor Oil 60 BB 


Gulf State Chemical & Supply Co. 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 13 R 

Gulf States Paper Corporation 

E Z Complete All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

E-Z Big Poier A 

E-Z Coconut Oil Hand Soap Q 

E-Z Insect Killer S 

E-Z Power Clean A 

Gustone Products, Inc. 

Latha-Leaf Q 

Guyard, Inc. 

Formula G-510 D 


H & E Chemicals, Inc. 

H & E 14? Power Wash Liquid A 
H & E 161 Heavy Duty Steam 

Cleaner A 

H & E 191 Water Soluble 

Degreaser D 

H & E 404N All Purpose 

Neutral Cone. CI A 

Silicone Release (Bulk) BB 

H M K Distributors 

HMK Degreaser-Cleaner A 

H. & W. Chemicals, Incorporated 

Lustre General Cleaner MC 

No. 1 A A 

Lustre Granular A 

Lustre Liquid Acid Cleaner C 

Lustre N-550 R 

Lustre 900 B 

Lustre 990-X : .B 

H.E.K. Chemical Products 

Formula 140 A 

Formula 140L A 

Formula 360 A 

Formula 360L D 

H-O-H Chemicals, Inc. 

B-615 M 

B -62: M 

B-629 M 

B-665 M 

B-669 N 

B-702 M 

B-703S....: M 

B-707 M 

Pur-Flo 987L O 

Pur-Flo 991 L O 

Pur-Flo 993 

Pur-Flo 995 

SC-20 M 

SC-32 M 

Haag Laboratories, Incorporated 

Chemi-Jel Floor Cleaner R 

Conveyor Lubricant 

(Greasless) BB 

CP00 A 

Floor Syn. Concentrate D 

Foamanol Hand Dish Wash 

Liquid A 


Hi-Ho Lotionized Hand 

Cleaner Q 

L C All Purpose Industrial Cln 

& Dgrsr A 

Liquid Scrub Soap R 

Mapp Concentrate A 

Medi-Soap Q 

Pi-No-Germ R 

QAT 1000 G 

QAT 160 F 

QAT 450 G 

QAT 900 F 

Rapid-Clean R 

Rapid-Clean Plus R 

Remove-It D 

Scrub-It A 

Super-Concentrate A 

Zephyr-Brite Neutral Floor 

Clnsr D 

Zephyr- Phene R 

123 Spray Cleaner D 

15% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

20% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

40% Concentrate Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

45% Vegetable Oil Jelly Soap ...A.BB 

55% Conveyor Lubricant BB 

65% AU Coconut Oil Jelly SoapA.BB 

65% Conveyor Lubricant A.BB 

65% Vegetable Oil JeUy Soap ...A.BB 
80% Vegetable Oil Jelly Soap ...A.BB 

Hadco Corporation 

Ab-Solv A 

Aci-Det C 

All-Kleen Heavy Duty D 

All-Kleen Klor F 

Blue Butyl Cleaner D 

Bowl Kleen P 

Bug-Doom S 

Butylful Blue D 

Chlorinated All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Concrete Floor Cleaner A 

Correct Germicidal Detergent. ..F 
Cove-Kleen Soil Penetrant Gel 

Odorless R 

Drain Pipe Opener A 

Electrolite KLM 0001 PF A 

Extra Hi Concentrate A 

Fog-O-Death S 

Food Processors Cleaner C 

Glitter Liquid A 

Liqui-Cide No. 100 Insecticide .S 

Liqui-Cide No. 50 S 

Liquid Drain Pipe Opener O 

Liquid Hand/Face Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Liquid Hand/Face Soap 

Dispenser Ready Q 

Liquid Hand/Face Soap 

Number 20 Q 

Liquid Hand/Face Soap 

Number 30 Q 

Luxury Bathroom Cleaner P 

LST Kitchen Degreaser A 

No. 21 Concentrate A 

Quat-Amo G 

Rac IV D 

Super Ab-Solv B 

Super One A 

Super Steam Concentrate A 

X-Static D 

X-Stream A 

511 Heavy Duty Cleaner- 

Degreaser D 

606 General Purpose Detergent. A 

Halco Engineering Company 


Rat Nix Blox U 

Hale Sanitary Supply Co. 

H.D.C A 

Hallbro Chemical Company 

Alkali/No. 2 B 

Liq. CLP Cleaner B 

No. 1 General Cleaner A 

No. 12 H.T.S.T. Cleaner B 

No. 2 CLP. Cleaner A 

No. 4 General Cleaner A 

No. 5 Acid Cleaner C 

No. 5 Tank Wash A 

No. 6 Acid Cleaner C 

No. 7 CLP. Cleaner B 

3 Genera] Cleaner A 

Hallemite/ Lehn & Fink Industrial 
Products Division 

Food Area Degreaser D 

Halt Products 

HP-151 Spray Cleaner- 

Degreaser D 

HP-153 Detergent Concentrate D 

HP-155 Quaternery Cleaner D 

HP-405 Water Soluble Dgrsrng. 
Solvent R 

HP-406 Liquid Steam Cleaner. ..A 

Hamblet & Hayes Company 

Tek Klean GCB B 

Hammons Products, Incorporated 

Hammons Waterless Skin 

Cleanser W 

Pink Lotion Skin Cleanser Q 

Shimmering Lotion Skin 

Cleanser Q 

Hampshire Chemical Division 

Hamp-Ene 100 M 

Hampton Janitorial & Paper Co. 

Coliseum Brand Blue Cleaner ...D 

Hamway, D.S. Company 

27- B CC 

Hanco Manufacturing Company 

Bowl Sanitizer P 

Dairy Terg F 

Grout Cleaner P 

H.C Concentrate D 

Hanco Chain Lube 101 BB 

Hanco Chain Lube 202 BB 

Hanco Gleem Glass Cleaner R 

Hanco Skin Guard W 

Hanco 950 D 

Hano Mint P 

Ha no Pine R 

Hanolan #5 W 

Hanolan A- Aerosol W 

Hanozone R 

Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Lathe Q 

Pine Cone R 

Silicone Spray BB 

Star Cleaner D 

SC-245 A 

SC-250 A 

Towercide N 

200 D 

500 Drain Solvent O 

510 Dual Synergist Insecticides 

925 F 

930 F 


Hanco Products Division/ Britt Tech 

Hanco Germicidal Sanitizer F 

Hanco No. 240 Detergent A 

Hanco No. 700 Detergent A 

Hanco 880 Germicidal 

Detergent F 

No. 735 Detergent A 

750 Special Purpose Detergent. A 

Handi-Clean Products, Inc. 

All Purpose Cleaner 

Concentrated D 

Bacteriasol Germicidal Cleaner. D 

Big Dog Concrete Cleaner D 

Clean-It A 

Concentrated Bowl Sanitizer ....P 
Drain Pipe Opener & 

Maintainer O 

Extra Heavy Duty Concrete 

Cleaner D 

Formula H4C Industrial Liquid 

Deodorant R 

Formula 955-T R 

General Purpose Low Sudsing 

Cleaner D 

H-100 Mystery Cleaner D 

Handi-'G' D 

Handi-Way Instant Spray 

Cleaner R 

Insecticide for Crawling 

Insects T 

Liquid Hand Soap 20% Q 

Lotionized Hand Soap Q 

NuAir All Purp. Liq Deo. and 

Air Frshnr R 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. #5 .R 
Premium Fly & Roach Spray. ...S 
Prometheus Alkaline Cleaner....B 

Sewer Solvent O 

Steam Cleaning Compound B 

X-150 Chlorinated Machine 

Dish wash A 

Handicap Agency 

Tom Savage Perfumed 

Deodorant Blox P 

Hanson Maintenance Systems 

Eliminate A 

Hanson, R G Company, Inc. 

AM 16 Multi-Purpose Cleaner 

Concentrate A 


GC64 Germicidal Cleaner F 

HD 36 D 

HD 690 D 

Super 14 A 

VHD400 B 


Harbor Chemical & Engineering 

#125 Boiler Water Treatment. ..M 

Hardi Chemicals 

Deep Six O 

Hardi-Power D 

Lemon- Aide Q 

Solvital D 

Hardy Salt Company 

Lake Maid Kiln Dried Feed 
Mix Salt R 

Lake Maid Kiln Dried Hay & 

Stock Salt R 

Lake Maid Salt Crystals Kiln 

Dried R 

Harley Chemicals/ Div. of Concord 
Chemical Co., Inc. 

Activated Pine Type 

Disinfectant R 

Con-Sen A 

Creamedic Q 

Dishtergent A 

Foam Up A 

Green Satin Glove P 

Harco Tincture of Green Soap .Q 
Harco 162B Conctd Liq Stm 

Clng Cmpd A 

Industrial Creamedic Q 

Lemonee 8 Disinfectant P 

Pine Jelly Soap R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5 ....R 

Pine Scrub Soap R 

Pink Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Rinz-Free D 

Scourge R 

Winta-Dis Disinfectant R 

15% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

3-D All Purpose, Hvy Dty 

Industrial Clnr A 

40% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Marlon Products Corporation 

Formula BH-5 for Boilers M 

Harper Brush Works 

Formula #730 D 

Formula #731 D 

Formula #732 R 

Formula #770 A 

Harris Corporation 

Guard P 

Harris Janitor Supply Co., Inc. 

Clear-Pane R 

Code 1000 Phosp. Free Clnr H- 

13 D 

D/Zolv A 

H-X-24 Bleach Cleanser E 

Harrison Bros. Janitorial Supply Co. 

Emerald Liquid Soap Q 

Harco Jolt 45 D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Pinol No. 5 R 

Super Cleaner #3 R 

Harry Alter Co., Inc., The 

Allclean D 

Coil Clean R 

Metalclean D 

Scale-Clean C 

Spray N'Wipe R 

Harry Miller Corporation 

Reversol 492 

Hart Laboratories 

Chain Belt Lubricant Type 1 .. .BB 

Hartford Chemical Corporation 

#227 Super Neutral Cleaner A 

Acid Free Ice Melter R 

Enzymes O 

Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Liquid Organic Digester O 

Super Neutral Cleaner A 

Tempered Drain Opener O 

Hartford Chemical Corporation 

Foam-Kleen 22 A 

Harvard Supply 

Pearl Liquid Toilet Soap Q 

Hasa Products Company, Inc. 

Hasapine D-60 R 

Hasaquat 200 F 

Hasa-Cherokee Chemical Co., Inc. 

Alk-Rus B 

AAA I00-L H 

AAA-#100 Shell Egg DetergentH 

AAA-#203 H 

AAA-#302 Deslainer I 

AAA-#700 E. W. Defoamer HH 

Bonanza HW B 

Chain and Conveyor Lube BB 

Chloro-San A 

Con-Syn A 

Dock Cleaner A 

Hasa #101 B 

Hasa #2418 

Hasa #2910 B 

Hasa #2913 C 

Hasa #2929 

Hasa #387 A 

Hasa #387 LD L 

Hasa #391 H 

Hasa #429 A 

Hasa #485 B 

Hasa #64 A 

Hasa Anti-Foam HH 

Hasa Chlor A 

Hasa Chloro-Brite A 

Hasa Smokehouse Cleaner C 

Hydro-Pan A • 

Keechem MR-2 C 

Keechem 16 A 

Keechem 20 B 

Keechem 21 A 

Keechem 25 C 

Keechem 301 A 

Keechem 301-A D 

Keechem 40 B 

Keechem 45 C 

Keechem 51 A 

Keechem 56 B 

Keechem 62 A 

Keechem 80 Y 

Keechem 80 R Y 

Keechem 80W Y 

Keechem 99 B 

Liqui-Shine With Chlorine A 

Liquid Supreme A 


MR-1 C 

Packers General A 

Peel Add V 

Power Chem A 

Power Kleen R 

Quik Wipe D 

Steam Con B 

Steam Con Liquid A 

Steam Elite A 

Synterg D 

Target A 

1021 General D 

Havatampa Corporation 

BlastOff D 

Coco-Kleen Hand Soap Q 

Emerald Pine R 

En-Gard Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Enviro Kleen P 

Hava-Crete R 


Hava-Dine F 

Knock Out S 

Haviland Products Company 

Acid Cleaner #138 C 

Acid Cleaner #139 C 

Aluminum Cleaner FG A 

B-5-S Egg Cleaner H,J 

Chlorisol K 

Cleaner #124 BFG B 

Concrete Cleaner R 

Havasan CS F 

Havasan LB-12 G 

Milkstone & Lime Remover C 

Packing House Cleaner A 

Pintex R 

Powdered Delimer C 

Purgit O 

Purple Sparkle A 

Rust And Scale Remover #132.C 


Swish D 

Ultra Clean D A 

Hawk Industries, Inc. 

Du-AU D 

HD-77 A 

Lift R 

Poly Scour Power A 

Power Pac Concentrate A 

Scour Powder D 

Haymar Sanitary Supply 

Greasaway A 

Haynes Manufacturing Co., The 

Haynes USP Liquid Petroleum 

Spray A A 

Lubri-Film AA 

Lubri-Film Spray A A 

Health-Aids, Inc. 

Chem-Rel MD A 

Heat-Power Engineering Co., Inc. 

#120 Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

#122 Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

#124 Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

#190 Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

#220 Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

#410 Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

Potable Water Treatment #730. Z 

Heather Products International, Inc. 

MacDuff Heavy Duty Cleaner. D 

Hedgetree, Inc. 

LOCC Liquid Organic Cleaning 

Compound A 

Tub And Tile Cleaner C 

Heinrich Fischer Company 

490 Immaculene D 

Heisler-Green Chemical Co. 

Boiler Water Softener M 

Boiler Water Treatment M 

HG454 M 

HG455 M 

HG 6 M 

HG 7 M 

HG-C270 Water Treatment N 

Scale Solve #9 N 

Heljo Inc. 

Heljo 700 A 

Heller B. & Company 

No-0130 Grip MM 

Ozo Washing Powder A 

Tru-White Washing Powder A 

Hemisphere Chemical Corp. 

Mitey-Kleen D 

Henry Chemical Industries, Inc. 

No-Scent Deodorant Nuggets ...R 

Herbert Chemical Company, The 

C.K. Chlorinated Cleaner A 

C.K. General Purpose Cleaner. A 

C.K. 62 Cleaner A 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

151 M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

199 M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

236 M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

236V M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

237VS M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

238 M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

250 M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

403 M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

403S M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

403V M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

409 M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

414 M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

414H M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

414V M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

415 M 

Premier Boiler Water Treat. 

555 M 

Premier Boiler Water 

Treatment No. 460 M 

Premier Boiler Water 

Treatment No. 606 M 

Premier BH-40 Detergent Clnr. 

& Degrs D 

Premier Cooling Tower Treat. 

86 N 

Premier Egg Cleaner 2 H 

Premier Inhibitor Solution 518. .M,Z 
Premier Liquid Cleaner 

Concentrate A,Q 

Premier Steam & Condensate 

Treat. No. 1 M 

Premier Steam & Condensate 

Treat. No. 2 M 

Premier Steam & Condensate 

Treat. No. 3 M 

Premier Sure Fire Boiler Wtr 

Treat. 155 M 

Premier Tank Cleaner Acid C 

Premier Water Treatment 380. ..Z 
Premier 425 Dry Inhibitor M.Z 

Herbert Webb Co., Inc. 

Silicone Spray (Aerosol) AA 

Hercules Packing Corporation 

Food Machine Grease Style 

No. 97 AA 

Hercules, Incorporated 

Antifoulant Compound AF 501 N 
Antifoulant Compound AF 502. N 
Antifoulant Compound AF 504. N 
Antifoulant Compound AF 506. N 
Antifoulant Compound AF 510. N 
Antifoulant Compound AF 51 IN 
Antifoulant Compound AF 512.N 
Antifoulant Compound AF 513. N 
Antifoulant Compound AF 545. N 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 205 M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 217 M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 227 M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 234 M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 236 M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 241 M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 249 M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 250 .M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 255 .M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 261 .M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 265 .M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 273 M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 279 .M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 284 .M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 290 M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 291 M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 294 M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 295 .M 
Boiler Treat. Chemical BL 296 M 

BL 351 M 

BL 352 M 

BL 354 M 

BL 357 M 

Corrosion Inhibitor CR 404 N 

Corrosion Inhibitor CR 408 N 

Corrosion Inhibitor CR 430 Z 

Hercules SP 944 M 

Microbiocidal Comp MB 102 ....N 
Microbiocidal Comp MB 120. ...N 
Microbiocidal Comp MB 121 ...N 
Microbiological Comp MB 100 .N 
Microbiological Comp MB 103 .N 
Microbiological Comp MB 108 .N 
Microbiological Comp MB 111 -N 
Microbiological Comp MB 1 18 .N 

Specialty Product SP 975 C 

Specialty Product SP 976 C 

Herculite Protective Fabrics 
CorporationA Subsidiary of 
Health-Chem Corporation 

Insectape T 

Heritage House Supplies LTD. 

Heritage Foam A 

Heritage Manufacturing Company 

Betsy Ross Pink Lotion Hand 

Soap Q 

Sparkle R 

Steam -A way A 

Terrific All Purpose Cleaner A 

Tri-Hydrol A 

Hermetic Chemical Laboratories, Inc. 

Activated Alkaline Powdered 

Drain Opener O 

Apollo F 

Apollo F 

Centurion W 

Centurion W 

D-A2 R 

D-A2 R 


Digestant 250 

Digestant 250 

Euripedes G 

Euripedes G 

Graphite Fast Dry Lube BB 

Graphite Fast Dry Lube BB 

Hermes' Spray R 

Lemon Sewer Sweetener O 

Lemon Sewer Sweetener O 

Mirv 2 D 

Multi-Purpose Penetrant BB 

Multi-Purpose Penetrant BB 

Odin A 

Odin A 

Slick Silicone Lube AA 

Slick Silicone Lube AA 

Slipper A A 

Slipper A A 

Spray Fog S 

Spray Fog S 

Zeus G 

Zeus G 

Hertron, Inc. 

Economite 40 D 

Hess & Clark/Division of Rhodia Inc. 

Carnebon '500' F,Z 

Hewitt Soap Company, Inc., The 

#6200 Synthetic Detergent A 

#6688 Green Bar Soap BB 

Hexcel/specialty chemicals 

F.O. 253 Rust & Stain 

Remover C 

F.O. 328-C Heavy Duty 

Concrete Degreaser A 

F.O. 385-A Delergent-Sanitizer- 

Cntrodrnt D 

F.O. 389 Phos-Free D 

F.O. 497 Heavy Duty Steam 

Cleaner A 

F.O.-328-B Heavy Duty 

Concrete Degreaser D 

FO 446 Heavy Duly Alkaline 

Degreaser D 

Hi-Brett Chemical Co., Inc. 

Boom R 

Drain Solve A O 

Drain-Solv O 

Formula No. 184 P 

Formula No. 8712 F 

Formula X-l 15A D 

Formula 0-22 R 

Formula 0-33 A 

Formula 185 P 

Formula 1881 G 

Formula 220 C 

Formula 220X C 

Formula 89 A 

Hook Cleaner B 

Jamboree A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Steam Cleaner Formula 

#88 A 

Marathon 790 A 

Odor Ban R 

Spartan All Purpose Cleaner A 

Sweet- Air R 

Whiz A 

Whiz Special A 

Hi-Lite Chemicals Co. Inc. 

Apex Germicidal Detergent D 

Belle-Air Germicidal Detergent. F 
Formula BC-1S M 

Formula CCS-60 N 

Formula H-43 M 

Formula OL-45 M 

Formula OS-45 M 

Formula P-80 M 

Formula RT-60 M 

Formula 35 M 

So Soft Coconut Oil Liquid 
Hand Soap Q 

Hiawatha Chef Supply, Inc. 

Automatic Glass Wash G.GG 

Chlorinated Mech Dshwsh 

Cmpd Pressurized A 

Chlorinated Mechanical 

Dishwash Compound A 

Heavy Duty Chlorinated Mech. 

Dshwsh Cmpd A 

Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner. .B 

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner D 

Laundry Liquid Builder CC 

Liquid All Purpose Cleaner R 

Liquid Laundry Detergent CC 

Low Foam Lime Remover C 

Multi-Purpose Cleaner A 

Hicks-Denver Co. 

Safety Cleaner D 

High Valley Products, Inc. 

Boiler Treatment N 

Extra Heavy Duty Meat 

Packers Cleaner A 

Meat Packers General Cleaner. .B 

Highland Chemical Corp. 

Hi Degrease #1004 A 

Hi-Clean #103 D 

Highpoint Marketing Corp., Inc. 

HP. 201 Floor Finish 

Maintainer Neu. CI A 

H.P. 234 Wax & Floor Finish 

Stripper D 

H.P. 239 Ammoniated Wax 

Stripper D 

H.P. 502 All Purpose 

Concentrated Clnr D 

HP-101 Degreaser Cleaner D 

HP-112 Degreaser Cleaner Wax 

Stripper A 

HP-145 General Type 

Detergent Clnr Disnf F 

HP-156 Hospital Detergent 

Cleaner-Disnf G 

HP-167 Cone Det San Fngcd 

Disnf Deodz F 

HP-178 Butyl Cleaner 

Degreaser D 

HP-189 Concentrate A 

HP-212 Scum Remover and 

Renovator A 

HP-223 Foam Degreaser and 

Cleaner A 

HP-245 Heavy Duty Concrete 

Cleaner D 

HP- 267 Hand Cleaner Lotion 

w/Septi-Chlor Q 

HP-323 Heavy Duty Solvent 

Cleaner R 

HP-423 Steam & Pressure 

Cleaner A 

Higley Chemical Co. 

Santroll D 

Hild-Chem Division 

A-l Hi-Lite A 

Foam-Rite A 

Hild All Purpose Cleaner A 

Hild Chlorinated Cleaner A 

Hild H. D. Caustic Cleaner B 

Hild H. D. Cleaner R 

Hild H. D. Liquid Cleaner A 

Hild Lubricant BB 

Hild P. E. Cleaner A 

Hild Steam Cleaner A 

Hild Super Chaser D 

88 Neutral Cleaner A 

Hilex Division, Hunt Chemicals, Inc. 

Hi-Lex Bleach G,K 

Hi-Lex 6-40 G,K 

Hill Manufacturing Company, Inc. 

#1147 Master Foam R 

#1568 F.A.C. (Foaming Acid 

Cleaner) C 

Alpha-Dyne F 

Anti-Foam H-1739 A 

Bee Wasp And Hornet Killer.. ..T 

Beta-Phene D 

Black Disinfectant(Phenol 

Coefficient 5) R 

Clean-All D 

Conveyor Lubricant BB 

CK-341 B 

Diamond Blue Glass Cleaner ....R 

Du-More D 

Foamy Bowl Cleaner P 

Food Grade Phosphoric Acid....C 

Formula -381 A 

Formula 707 Instant Spray 

Cleaner R 

Glass Cleaner R 

H.D. 23 Special A 

H-D-45 A 

Hi-Bowl P 

Hi-Kleen A 

Hilco #88 A 

Hilco Bane T 

Hilco No. 74 Roach And Insect 

Spray T 

Hilco San F,J 

Hilco-Lube BB 

Hilco-Pride R 

Hilco-Rid T 

Hilco-Sec S 

Hilco-Suds A 

Hilco-Tox S 

Hillco No. 119 A 

Hillco No. 120 A 

Hillco No. 20 F 

Hillco No. 224 A 

Hillco No. 30 B 

Hy-Pine R 

Has A 

Keep Kleen A 

Kreme-Kleen E 

Launder-Rite CC 

Liquid Hand Soap #200 Q 

LC-65 Liquid Steam Cleaner ...B 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Mr. Foam A 

No. 1033 Equipment Cleaner.. ..A 
No. 1208 Steam Cleaning 

Compound B 

No. 1372 Hi-Lustre C 

No. 1397 HUcotrol R 

No. 1402 Foaming Cleaner D 

No. 142 Scale-Solvent P 

No. 1430 Hill's Dry Bleach CC 

No. 147 Shane P 

No. 1477 Mighty Red A 

No. 1480 Tuffy Q 

No. 1481 Foamer A 

No. 1482 Additive A 


No. 157 Pyneco Disinfectant R 

No. 159 Lemon-Cide R 

No. 1678 Mad Dog R 

No. 168 Shackle Cleaner C 

No. 197 Surgisep Q 

No. 200 Liquid Hand Soap T 

No. 212 Fly Bait T 

No. 26 Sewer Solvent O 

No. 304 Rust Stripper B 

No. 306 Aluminum Chiller 

Cleaner A 

No. 31 Flo-Thru Sewer Solvent O 

No. 574 Feather Penetrant L 

No. 766 Compound A 

No. 85 Hilcotrol Y 

No. 909 Blue Flash A 

No. 959 Hilco-Solv P 

O.T. 155 R 

Odorless Lotion-Kleen Q 

Odorless Pink Lotion Kleen- 

Up Q 

OT-155 Deodorant R 

Power O 

R.P.D. No. 255 R 

Sanitary Spray Lubricant, 

U.S.P A A 

Silicone Spray AA 

Super Con '96' R 

Super-Chlor 84 G 

SC-1 Steam Cleaning 

Compound B 

SC-2 Steam Cleaning 

Compound B 

SC-3 Steam Stripper 

Compound B 

Vapo-Mist '35' S 

Vapo-Mist 500-D T 

WS-309 Water Soluble Safety 

Solvent D 

101 Drain Lax O 

1518 Sep-Guard Q 

85 Hilcotrol R 

Hillcrest Products Inc. 

HC-43-CS Chlorinated Heavy 

Duty Cleaner B 

HP-10 Liquid Acid Cleaner C 

HP-20 Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

HP-21 Bottle Wash Alkali B 

HP-22 Trolley Cleaner B 

HP-30 General Cleaner A 

HP-31 General Cleaner A 

HP-40 Chlorinated CIP CleanerB 
Smokehouse Cleaner #1 A 

Hillside Brush & Chemical Co. 

Hillco H-555 D 

Hillco H-717 D 

Hillco Jet Degreaser D 

Hillco Power Solvent A 

Hillco Special Mill Spray S 

Hillyard Chemical Company 

Best-All D 

Briten-Zit D 

Clean-O-Lite F 

Clean-O-Lite II G 

CSP Cleaner C 

H-101 G 

HU-Phene D 

Industrial Degreaser/Cleaner D 

No. 115 Drain-Lax R 

Protective Hand Cleaner W 

Re-Juv-Nal D 

Regular Hilco Cleaner D 

Super Grease Buster A 

Synthetic Cleaner #153 D 

Top Clean D 

Triple Strength HUco Cleaner ...D 

Hilson Manufacturing Co. 

HPC 1001 A 

Hilton-Davis Chemical Co., The 

Cyncal 80% G 

Roccal II 50% G 

Roccal 50% Technical G 

Hoch Company 

Anti-Foam X 

AV-240 Tripe Cleaner Y 

Calcan Wash A 

Chloro-San F 

Concentrated Liquid Rust 

Stripper C 

Cooler Cleaner D 

Diphacinone Rodenticide 

Concentrate U 

Duke Super Floor Cleaner B 

DBT Cleaner C 

F-C No. 100 D 

First Wash Tripe Cleaner Y 


G.C. No. 175 Liquid Cleaner ...A 

G-119 General Cleaner A 

GM-229 General Cleaner A 

GM-230 A 

GS-29 Shroud Cleaner A 

Hog-Scald X X 

Hormel General Cleaner A 

Hormel General Cleaner, New 

Super A 

Hormel Stainless Steel Smkhs 

Clnr B 

HM-265 C 

HS-210 X 

HS-712 X 

1-155 Super Kill Insecticide S 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Lethane 20 S 

Liberate B 

Lift-Zit A 

No. 1 Smokehouse Cleaner B 

No. 301 General Cleaner E 

No. 32 Smokehouse Cleaner B 

No. 85 Shroud Bleach A 

O-570 R 

O-570-BS F 

0-575 Odor Control R 

0-577 R 

Pyrotox Concentrated 

Insecticide S 

PS-380 L 

Rendo R 

Residual Concentrate 5% 

Malathion T 

Retort Can Spot A 

Special H Odor Control R 

Stainless Steel Smokehouse 

Cleaner B 

Super Foam A 

SC-220 Smokehouse Cleaner ...B 

TC-200-1 X,Y 

TD-225 Trolley Cleaner B 

TD-300 B 

WW-580 A 

Z-33 O 

30% Malathion in Oil T 

555-A B 

75% Chlordane Emulsif. 

Concentrate T 

Holcomb, J.I. Manufacturing Co. 

Aerosol Insekon S 

Aerosol Woodvale P 

Anser R 

Big Joe A 

Creme Scour E 

Floats Off D 

Food Lube A A 

Glen vale P 

Hit The-Dirt D 

Hoco-Zyme O 

Insekon 100 S 

Insekon 1000 S 

Insemal 100 T 

Inserid T 

Inserid 100 T 

Kleen-Con A 

Liquid Dishine A 

Liquid Q.D.S F 

Little Joe D 

Low Suds Detergent D 

Multilube BB 

N-Dit Concentrate F 

New Improved Dishine A 

Nu Lube BB 

One Wash Hand Cleaner P 

Pine-Ola R 

Puntine A 

Riz P 

Rust Go C 

Sila-Plus A A 

Springvale P 

Super Hoco-Zyme O 

Super Ice-A-Way R 

Supreme Hand Soap Q 

T.J A 

Tick-Tock P 

Woodvale (Bulk) P 

X-75 D 

Zen P 

1001 Concentrate D 

Holder Corporation, The 

Special Sping A 

Holiday Products 

Gent Concentrate D 

GPC-24 D 

Hydrolytic Enzyme Bacteria 

Complex O 

Super Power D 

Thrift Detergent D 

Hollingshead, R.M. Corporation 

Butyl Cleaner D 

Germicidal Cleaner D 

Heavy Duty Degreaser Cleaner A 

P.G.P. Cleaner D 

Purr Q 

Holly Farms Poultry Industries, Inc 

Brite Shackle B 

Sani-Kleen A 

Hollymatic Corporation 

Anti-Seize Lubricant BB 

Gear Reducer Lubricant BB 

Holly-Fluid AA 

HoUy-Lube AA 

Holly-Multi-Lube BB 

Hollymatic AMT 650 AA 

Holme Commercial Solvents 

Deep Fat Solvent A 

Homcare Division Of Chemical 
Associates, Inc. 


Swipe A 

Homstead Industries, Inc. 

Hypressure Jenny Car Wash 
Dtrgnt A 


Hypressure Jenny Compound 

#AP B 

Hypressure Jenny Compound 

#CL-45 B 

Hypressure Jenny Compound 

#3 B 

Hypressure Jenny Compound 

#49 B 

Hypressure Jenny Compound 

#49-S B 

Hypressure Jenny Compound 

#50 B 

Hypressure Jenny Compound 

#60 B 

Hypressure Jenny Compound 

#64 B 

Hypressure Jenny Compound 

#65 B 

Hypressure Jenny Compound 

#7 B 

Hypressure Jenny MJ A 

Jenny No. 80 Coil Conditioner. .C 

Honeywell Incorporated 

Honeywell HM-430 M 

Hood, H. P. & Sons 

Liquid Chlorine G 

Hooker Industrial Chemicals Div. 

Caustic Soda Liquid 25% B.M.O.X.Y 

Caustic Soda Liquid 50% B.M.O.X.Y 

Crystal Caustic Soda B.M.O.X.Y 

Crystal Flake Caustic Soda B.M.O.X.Y 

Crystal Flk Rayon Caustic 

Soda B.M.O.X.Y 

Disodium Phosphate M.X.Z 

Flake Caustic Soda B.M.O.X.Y 

Hy-Phos Fines M.Z 

Phosphoric Acid-85% C 

Sodium Hexametaphosphatc M.Z 

Sodium Tripolyphosphate A, M.X.Z 

Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate A.M ,X,Z 

Trisodium Phosphate, Anhy A.M.X.Y.Z 

Trisodium Phosphate, Cryst A.M.X.Y.Z 

Hooser-Wolf, Incorporated 

Magikitch'n Fryer Cleaner B 

Hopkins Agricultural Chemical Co. 

Malathion 57% Emul. Liq. 

Insect. -B T 

Horizon Chemical Company 

Break-Thru Powder O 

Thoro-Drain O 

Horizon Ecology Co. 

Liquid Live Micro Organisms. ..O 

Homing's Safety Products Co. 

Acid Kleen C 

Blitz A 

De Rust Kleen B 

Delime-Kleen C 

Film Remove Acid C 

Gcnrl-Kleen A 

In-Place-Kleen B 

Liquid Scald Kleen X 

Machine-Kleen B 

Powdered Scald Kleen X 

Sewer-Kleen O 

Smo-Kleen B 

Tre-Kleen ..B 

Tripe Kleen Y 

Hosco Inc. 

Germicidal Cleaner F 

Heavy Duty Cleaner-Stripper ...D 
Power Foam Degreaser A 

Hot Rod Laboratories 

Hot Rod O 

Hotsy Equipment Company 

Super X Compound A 

Hotsy Pacific 

Hotsy Super X Two A 

Hotsy 4461 D 

Hotsy 7270 D 

Super X A 

The Gem D 

Hou-Tex Specialty Company 

Big Boy All Purpose Cleaner.... A 
Clear and Bright R 

Houghton, E.F. & Company 

Sta-Put 204 BB 

Sta-Put 350 BB 

Houston Paper Company, Inc. 

Houston Duo D 

Houston 200 H.D. Alkaline 

Clnr B 

Houston 300 Acid Cleaner C 

Howco Supply Inc. 

Formula 77 Heavy Duty 

Cleaner Cone A 

Howe Chemical Company 

Cleaner L-130 A 

Cleaner P-101 A 

Cleaner P-103 A 

Cleaner P-112 B 

Cleaner P-114A A 

Cleaner P-l 17 A 

Cleaner P-120 B 

M.S.R. Acid Cleaner C 

M.S.R. Acid Concentrate C 

Hub Chemical Company 

Acid Quat Dairy And Food 

Industry Clnr G 

Advance 100 D 

Advance 128 D 

Advance 256 D 

Bio-Kleen A 

Blazes D 

Charge D 

Concentrated Inhibited 

Muriatic Acid CI C 

Conquer II D 

Conquer N F 

Conquer 256 L D 

Conquer 256 N F 

Digestant 250 

Disinfectant Sanitizer 

Deodorizer G 

Fluoro Carbon BB 

Foams Off A 

Frigid Cut BB 

Graphite Fast Dry Lube BB 

Hub Deo-Gran R 

Hub Deodorizer R 

Hub General Purp. Liquid 

Clnr A 

Hub Germicidal Cleaner F 

Hub Heavy Duty Floor 

Cleaner R 

Hub Liq. Solvent Non-Flam. 

Clnr D 

Hub Liquid Ice Melt R 

Hub Low Pressure Boiler 

Comp M 

Hub Organic Acid Detergent ....C 
Hub Powdered Cleaning Comp. A 

Hub Rat Bait U 

Hub Three-Gly R 

Hub Window Glass Cleaner 

Cone R 

JeU R 

Lemon Sewer Sweetener O 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Mint Deodorant R 

Multi-Purpose Penetrant BB 

Non-Acid Lime and Scale 

Remover A 

Odor-Ban Odor Control R 

Odor-Ban Odor Control with 

Mask R 

Penetrating Oil BB 

Polysiloxane Release Agent AA 

Protector D 

Protector N F 

Rust and Corrosion 

Preventative BB 

Shower Room Cleaner C 

Silicone Lube A A 

Spray-Fog S 

Super Power D 

Super Solv #2 D 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

Waterless Hand Cleaner 

(Aerosol) W 

Hub States Corporation 

Blue Ribbon Insect Spray T 

D.D.V.P. 2#Vapona T 

Duracide T 

Dursban 4E Emulsifiable 

Insecticide T 

Fog or Spray S 

Fogging Formula II S 

Hub Stales #147 U 

Hub States Rodent Blocks U 

Lindane 20% T 

Pyrethrins Concentrate S 

Residual Spray T 

Tower of Power S 

Trust S 

45% Chlordane-45 T 

50% Malathion Spray T 

Hubbard-Hall Chemical Co., The 

H-H Lusterbrite L-141 A 

H-H Lusterbrite L-142 A 

H-H Lusterbrite L-144 A 

Huber Janitor Supplies, Inc. 

Beaver Beads A 

Beaver Clean C A 

Beaver-Soil Toilet Bowl 

Cleaner O 

H-833 Liquid Steam Cleaner A 

H-855 Spray Cleaner D 

Huber Dis-Solves-It A 

Huber-Phene D 

Kill-M S 

Liquid Drain Pipe Opnr & 

Maintainer O 

Mint-O-Green Disinfectant P 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pow'r Cleaner-Degreaser #75... A 

Power-X O 

Pyr-O-Kil Insecticide S 

Sani-Dis Rinse G 

Super Huber Pink Dish-Lustre .A 
40% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Huge' Company, Inc., The 

Excelcide A-OK Residual T 


Excelcide Aerosol Insecticide. ..S 
| Excelcide C.M.S. Residual 

Cone. #2 T 

( Excelcide C.M.S. Spra No. 3....S 
Excelcide C^C Residl. Spra 

Cont. Baygon T 

Excelcide Canary Seed 

Rodenticide U 

! Excelcide Cold Fog S 

Excelcide CS Fog No. 40 S 

Excelcide Diazinon 4E T 

Excelcide Dursban 2E 

Insecticide T 

Excelcide Dyna-Fog Contact 

Spra S 

Excelcide Dyna-Fog Contact 

Spra Special S 

Excelcide Enzyme Treatment. ..C 

Excelcide Fly Spra S 

Excelcide Fly Spra-Formula G S 
Excelcide Fogging Concentrate 

5628 S 

Excelcide Fogging Concentrate 

7192 S 

Excelcide Fogging Concentrate 

7211 S 

Excelcide Fogging Formula 

7207 S 

Excelcide General Purpose 

Spra No. 2 S 

Excelcide Hydrosol Rodent 

Bait U 

Excelcide Indstrl Aerosol 

Insect Bomb S 

Excelcide Kill-Kote T 

Excelcide Malathion 

Concentrate T 

Excelcide Micro-Encap. Rat & 

Mouse Bait U 

Excelcide Micromist T 

Excelcide Mill Spra S 

Excelcide Mold Control F,Z 

Excelcide Outside Residual T 

Excelcide Paraffinized 

Rodenticide Pell U 

Excelcide Poultry Plant Spra ...S 

Excelcide Pyrethrin-P.B S 

Excelcide PG Space Spra S 

Excelcide Rat and Mouse Glu 

Pads U 

Excelcide Residual Spra No. 9 .T 

Excelcide Resifume T 

Excelcide Resistex T 

Excelcide Rodent Bait Cakes. ...U 
Excelcide Rozol Canary Seed 

Mouse Bait U 

Excelcide Rozol Paraffinized 

Pellets U 

Excelcide Safeway Stores 

Cntct Sp Spra S 

Excelcide Space Spra S 

Excelcide Space Spra Forty- 
Eight S 

Excelcide Space Spra Special ...S 
Excelcide Special Contact 

Spray Formula- S 

Excelcide Special Delivery S 

Excelcide Special Fly Spra S 

Excelcide Special Form. No. 

333 T 

Excelcide Special Mill Spray ...S 
Excelcide Surface Treat. Spra S 

Excelcide SM Residual #1 T 

Excelcide STS-PX T 

Excelcide Ultrafog S 

Excelcide Vapo Fly Spra T 

Excelcide Vapo Spra S 

Excelcide Warehouse Residual .T 

Excelcide Wtr Soluble Rat & 

Mouse Bait U 

Excelcide 2% Chlordane 

Residual T 

Excelcide 2% Malthn Residual- 

Wtr Bsd T 

Excelsan Hi-Chlor-12 Liquid ....G 

Excelsan Sanitizer G 

RJR Baygon Residual T 

RJR Frogicide P S 

Hunnewell Soap Company, The 

Giant Klenzall E 

Monarch #25 Enzyme Blend. ...O 
Monarch No. 300 Enzyme 

Blend O 

Hunt and Company, Inc. 

Foam 'N Clean A 

Mainline 256-Q F 

Hunt Chemicals, Inc. 

Di-Zo Bleach G,CC 

Hunter Chemical & Formulating Co. 


H-21 D 

H-40 D 

Liquid Amber R 

Hunter Chemicals, Inc. 

Acid Vat Compound C 

Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner B 

Ex-Lent D 

FI-100 D 

Insec-Trol 300 S 

Insec-Trol 400 S 

Insec-Trol 500 T 

Sewer Pipe Cleaner O 

Surgent Lotionized Liquid 

Soap Q 

8-80 Machine Dish Washing 

Powder A 

8-80B Chlorinated Mach Dish 

Wshg Powder A 

Hunter Industrial Chemicals, Inc. 

Hydrozyme Enzyme Bacteria 

Complex O 

Packing House Cleaner A 

Hunter Products Corporation 

Magic Mist Brnd Flying Insect 
Killer S 

Huntington Laboratories, Inc. 

A-100M C 

Accent W 

Beaucoup D 

Blue Star S 

Bug Blast T 

Clear Creek D 

Compass P 

Di-Crobe NN D 

Film-Off D 

Floor San D 

Foam-Away Extractor 

Defoamer D 

G.S.I. Iodine Surgical 

Detergent FF 

Germa-Care Lotionized Skin 

Cleanser Q 

Germa-Medica Q 

H-3 D 

Hi-Sine F 

Hunto Pine R 

Instru-San Instrument Cleaner. A 

J 8-10 P Heavy Duty Degreaser 

Cleaner D 

K-O A 

K-215 Degreaser, Cleaner, 

Stripper A 

K-331 B 

Keen D 

Knox-Out D 

Lenjel C 

Liqua San C Q 

Liquid Bingo Drain Pipe 

Opener O 

Liquid Bowl Cleaner P 

Mariko D 

Matar Germicidal Detergent R 

No. 1 Cleaner Surface 

Renovator C 

Old Settler P 

Plast-O-San A 

San Pheno X P 

Sana Scrub Q 

Sana-San Bowl & Porcelain 

Cleaner P 

Sanitate Bowl Cleaner P 

Skedaddle D 

Spal Concentrate A 

Suave Waterless Hand Cleaner. W 

T-25 B 

T-33 B 

Tor D 

V-10 Auto San A 

X-007 A 

X-4 A 

40% Coconut Oil Soap Q 

Husom Distributing Co. 

HDC Anisolve Foaming 

Cleaner Degreaser A 

Hy-Grade Chemical Company 

Super Strip-Sol D 

Hy-Pro Chemical Co. 

Hy-Pro All Purpose Cleaner R 

Spray 'Cleen' D 

Hy-Test Chemicals 

Clear Liquid Hand Soap Q 

F.A.T.-Formula #2067 R 

Formula 666 A 

46- J Water Soluble Emulsifying 
Degreaser R 

Hyco Chemical Distributors 

Odo-Rout Concentrate R 

Hyde Park Chemical Corporation 

Auto Degreaser A 

Con-Terge A 

En-Gest TD O 

Hy-Clean D 

Hy-Quat G 

Hy-Solv D 

Hy-Solv Plus D 

Super Heavy Duty All Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Synthetic Cleaner D 

Hyde Park Supply Company, Inc. 

HP Combat 5 D 

HP Medic P 

HP Merit A 

HP Mintex P 

HP Power D 

HP Silicone Spray BB 

HP Thrust D 

Less-Suds D 


Hydrahone Equipment Division 

HG-300 Lubricating Grease BB 

Hydrite Chemical Company 

Cleaner-Sanitizer F 

Phosphoric Acid-75% C 

Sodium Hypochlorite 15% G 

Hydro Sales and Service Co., Inc. 

Hydro-Magic Stm&Prssr 

Wshng Comp A 

Hydro-Chem Corporation 

H.C. 71 N 


Hydro-Pure 220 M 

Hydro-Pure 600 N 

Hydrochem Corporation 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Boiler Water Treatment EOS....M 

Hy-Amine M 

Hy-Chelate BWT M 

Hydrotex AC2 M 

Hydrotex F8 M 

Hydrotex HC3 M 

Hydrotex HC7 M 

Hydrotex 09C M 

Liquid Drain Cleaner O 

Liquid Soap Q 

Ox-Scav L M 

Hydrotech Chemical Corporation 

BWT 600 M 

BWT 610 FG M 

BWT 620 FG M 

BWT 623 FG M 

BWT 630 M 

BWT 655 M 

BWT 685 M 

BWT 690 M 

Hydrotex Industries 

Deluxe No. 100 Non-Stain 

Textile Oil BB 

Deluxe No. 216 'Improved' BB 

Deluxe No. 217 Improved' BB 

Deluxe No. 218 Improved' BB 

Deluxe No. 219 'Improved' BB 

Deluxe No. 302-U AA 

Deluxe No. 507-R AA 

Deluxe No. 528 Sp Hgh Spd 

Chn Lub w/Moly BB 

Deluxe No. 529 High Spd 

Chain Lube BB 

Deluxe No. 529Sp. Hgh Spd 

Chain Lube BB 

Deluxe No. 670 Copr Gear 

Cote BB 

Deluxe No. 711 BB 

Deluxe No. 712 S.P BB 

Deluxe No. 713 BB 

Deluxe No. 800- U AA 

Golden Kleenz A 

No. 602 Pcrma-Temp w/Moly 

Mcdum BB 

Hygin Sanitary Supply Co. 

Safc-T-Clean Non Butyl 

Cleaner A 

Hygrade Food Products Corp. 

Hygrade Heavy Duty Liquid 
Cleaner B 

Hysan Corporation 

A.M. Concentrate A,Q 

A-Plus R 

Aero-Bol Bowl Cleaner P 

Aerodet D 

Ambush Insect Killer T 

Aqua-Sect Insecticide S 

B-U Foam Cleaner R 

Bafix Germicidal Spray & 

Wipe Cleaner R 

Bergamot R 

Big Blow T 

Big Fyte P 

Blue Glass Cleaner R 

Blue Grotto R 

Bowlex P 

C.I.K. Roach'N Ant Killer T 

C-Spra Disinfectant Deodorant. R 

Can-I-San P 

Citrone Disinfectant Deodorant R 

Clean & Neat Q 

Clean Mint Disinfectant 

Deodorant R 

Cleaner for Deep Fry Kettles ...B 

Clear-Thru R 

Clinch Hand Cleaner W 

Concentrated Insecticide S 

Concentrated Liquid HandSoapQ 

Concept P 

D.T. Heavy Duty Cleaner R 

Dek Concrete Cleaner R 

Dirtex A 

Disan F.J 

Disinfectant #7 Hospital 

Disinf. Dcod P 

Disinfectant #8 R 

Do-Rite O 

Ernes Open Gear Lubricant 

Aerosol BB 

F.S. 200 Sanitary Spray 

Lubricant A A 

Foaming Cleanser E 

Futron 25 F,J 

Fyte Hospital Germ. Detergent. R 
Fyte 13 Hospital Disinfectant ...R 

Gly R 

H-28 Cleaner D 

Hot Rod O 

Hy-Clear R 

Hy-Fog T 

Hy-Kil S 

Hy-O-Dine F.JJ 

Hy-O-Lan Super Duty Soap P 

Hy-Od-Abate R 

Hy-Slurp MM 

Hy-Tef BB 

Hy-Treat Shower Suds W 

Hycide N 

Hycreme D 

Hydene D 

Hydrang Prilled Drain Opener. .O 

Hyhex S 

Hypine 7 R 

Hyron Soothing Soap P 

Hysect S 

Hysil Silicone Spray AerosoL.BB 

Hysilan Barrier Cremc W 

Hyspray 77 R 

Hyzex R 

HP-673 M 

HP-88 Sewer Solvent O 

HY-T Metered Insecticide 

Aerosol T 

I.S. Sewer Solvent O 

K.O. Dose Insect Killer S 

Klop S 

KO-40 Insect Killer S 

Lemon 20 Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Liqui-Klenz P 

Liquify R 

Lo-Sope Q 

Ludene P 

Master-Kleer O 

Medicide P 

Mintene P 

MIM Silicone Lubricant AA 

New Super Smooth Cleansing 

Creme W 

No Fume O 

Number One Hosp. Disinf 

Deod Aerosol R 


Opalium Cleaner A 

OB-40 Insect Killer S 

Pearl Creme D 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 3 ....R 
Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5....R 

Poly-Zag P 

Porcena P 

Pow O 

PS 75 Insect Killer S 

Q.B. Hand Cleaner W 

Shear Gel R 

Slash C 

Sleek Germicidal Cleaner & 

Deodorant R 

Smite S 

Smooth Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Sno-Cleang P 

Snoap A 

Solvene Pink Powder R 

Spoox Residual Roach Liquid. ..T 
Spray N" Wipe Multi-Use Clr. 

Degreaser R 

Sterizone P 

Super Hy-Kil Insect Killer S 

Super Hykil Liquid Insecticide .S 

Super Hysanite A 

Super Syn Suds A 

Surgent Q 

Swinger D 

Teffy BB 

Thrice Steam Cleaner B 

Traffic Light P 

Vac D 

Victory Disinfectant 5 R 

Vigate #2 Air Sanitizer 

Deodorizer R 

Vigate #3 Air Sanitizer 

Deodorizer R 

Vigate #4 Air Sanitizer 

Deodorizer R 

Vigate #5 Air Sanitizer 

Deodorizer R 

Vigate #6 Air Sanitizer 

Deodorizer R 

Vigate #7 Air Sanitizer 

Deodorizer R 

Vigate #8 Air Sanitizer 

Deodorizer R 

Vigate #9 Air Sanitizer 

Deodorizer R 

Vigate One Air Sanitizer 

Deodorizer R 


Wax-Rid R 

Wint Mint R 


15% Liquid Coco Hand Soap....Q 

40 Plus Q 

6209 Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Hyte Engineering 

Hyte 705 N 


I A C Chemical Company 

Floor Cleaner D 

1AC Dish Detergent A 

Scrappy Hand Cleaner Q 

Scrappy Industrial Pine 

Cleaner R 

Scrappy Instant Action CleanerA 
Scrappy Multi-Purpose CleanerA 

Scrappy Spray Cleaner A 

Scrappy Spry Clnr Steam Clng. 

Comp D 

I B A, Incorporated 

• FC 900 Chlorinated Egg Wash..H 

IMC Chemical Group, Inc. 

Zorb-AU MM 

IMC Corporation 

I Big G - D 

Boilerite-100 M 

Citrosene 10 R 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

Hydrolytic Enzyme Bacteria 

Complex O 

Lemon Tree R 

Power Concentrate P 

Red Hot O 

Whirlpool Drain Opener O 

6/49 Concentrate D 

I Mart 

Innkare B-4 Heavy Duty All 

Purpose Clnr A 

Innkare Emerald 15 Q 

Innkare Emerald-40 Q 

Innkare Golden-Glo A 

Innkare Klensade F 

Innkare Microbio-Cide P 

Innkare Odorless Disinfectant ..G 

Innkare Pine Prill R 

Innkare Sulfuric Acid Liquid 

Drain Cln O 

Innkare 2-Way Degreaser D 

ITT Building Services 

ITT 700 Foam A 

ITT Gwaltney Inc. 





I W M Corporation 

B-115 Boiler Water Treatment. .M 
B-l 16 Boiler Water Treatment ..M 
B-130F Boiler Water TreatmentM 
B-131F Boiler Water TreatmentM 
B-132F Boiler Water TreatmentM 
B-141 Boiler Water Treatment. M 
B-150 Boiler Water Treatment ..M 
B-170 Boiler Water Treatment. .M 
B-171 Boiler Water Treatment. M 

S-30 Condensate Treatment M 

S-36 Condensate Treatment M 

S-40 Condensate Treatment M 

S-46 Condensate Treatment M 

I W T Inc. 

Concentrated Odor and Grease 
Control R 

I.V. Company, Inc. 

Blue Sparkle A 

Super 771 Concentrate A 

Impac Chemical Products Inc. 

Impac Heavy Duty Floor 

Cleaner D 

Impala Chem Labs., Inc. 

Activated Alkaline Powdered 

Drain Opener O 

Bio Kleen A 

Concrete Cleaner D 


Digestant 250 

Drain- A way O 

Dual Chlor F 

Flash D 

Heavy Duty Soluble Indust 

Wtr C1& Dgrs A 

JeU R 

Lemon Sewer Sweetener O 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Magic A 

Meat Plant Cleaner No. 50 A 

Meat Plant Cleaner No. 70 B 

Mint Deodorant R 

Odor-Ban Odor Control R 

Odor-Ban Odor Control with 

Mask R 

Peak LF C 

Pentrating Oil BB 

Perma-Clean A 

Scale & Film Remover C 

Spray Fog S 

Steam Cleaner AD 1235 B 

Super Solv #2 D 

Truck Wash Steam Cleaner 

Pressure Wash A 

Imperial Industries, Inc. 

Amber-Glo D 

Deluxe D 

Dynasty Blue D 

Glisten R 

Golden Princess Q 

J-Jax Concentrate D 

Lemonize R 

Mint-O R 

Pathocide F 

Pine-O R 

Pink Lemon-Aid D 

Pink Princess Q 

Sky Power D 

Velvet Q 

Imperial Oil & Grease Company 

A-890 Light Synthetic 

Compressor Lub BB 

A-930 High Temperature Chain 

Oil BB 

A-931 Light Spindle Oil BB 

A-940 High Temperature Chain 

Oil BB 

A-942 Hydraulic Oil BB 

A-943 Hydraulic Oil BB 

A -945 Hydraulic Oil BB 

Molub Alloy White MID 

Grease BB 

Molub Alloy White MID 

Grease 2 BB 

Molub Alloy 823-0 FM Grease. AA 

Molub-Alloy GO. 690 MID BB 

Molub-Alloy G.P. Oil MID BB 

Molub-Alloy Go-L-MID BB 

Molub-AUoy Spindle Oil MID . BB 

Molub-Alloy XTO Heavy BB 

Molub Alloy XTO Light BB 

Molub-Alloy XTO Medium BB 

Molub-Alloy XTO Super 

Heavy BB 

Molub-Alloy 785 FM Grease AA 

Molub-Alloy 785-0 FM Grease. .AA 

Molub-Alloy 815 Grease BB 

Molub-Alloy 823 FM Grease AA 

Tribol 771 Circulating Oil BB 

Tribol 772 Circulating Oil BB 

Tribol 773 Circulating Oil BB 

Tribol 774 Circulating Oil BB 

Tribol 775 Circulating Oil BB 

Tribol 776 Circulating Oil BB 

Tribol 779 Circulating Oil BB 

Imperial Paper Company 

Elite A 

Imperial, Inc. 

Aqueous Food Pint Pyrne Fog 

Insect S 

Drione Insecticide T 

Food Plant Fogging Insecticide. S 

Food Plant Spray T 

Pyrenone All-Purpose Spray S 

Pyrenone Super Spray 

Emulsifiable Cone S 

Pyrenone 1.2 Food Plant 

Spray S 

Rat & Mouse Killer U 

Imperial, Inc. 

Silicone Lubricant AA 

Inco Chemical Supply Co., Inc. 

Egg Wash H 

I.A.C C 

Inco 360 Dish Brite A 

Inco 375 Blue Concrete 

Cleaner R 

Independence Chemical Co. 

All Purpose Detergent A 

Bora-Soap P 

Con-Cleen R 

Deep Fat-Fryer Cleaner B 

Hi-Suds A 

I-Deen-2 Disinfectant G 

Indco Detergent K A,K 

Indco LA 17 A 

Indco LA 19 A 

Indco LD 11 D 

Indco LD 12 D 

Indco LD-13 D 

Indco LF 12 F 

Indco LG-11 G 

Indco LM-10 M 

Indco LM-11 M 

Indco LM-12 M 

Indco LM-13 M 

Indco LM-14 M 

Indco LM-15 M 

Indco LM-16 M 

Indco LM-17 M 

Indco LP 10 P 

Indco LR 10 R 

Indco LR 11 R 

Indco LR 12 R 

Indco PA-31 A 

Indco PB 25 B 

Indco PB-24 B 

Indco PC-10 C 

Indco PC-U C 

Indco-LA 10 A 

Indco-LA 11 A 

Indco-LA 12 A 

Indco-LA 14 A 

Indco-LA 15 A 


Indco-LA 18 A 

Indco-LB 10 B 

Indco-LB 13 Q 

Indco-LBB 10 BB 

Indco-LBB 1 1 BB 

Indco-LC 10 C 

Indco-LC 11 C 

Indco-LD 10 D 

Indco-LQ 10 Q 

Indco-LQ 11 

Indco-LQ 12 Q 

Indco-Nancy Brand Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Indco-PA 10 A 

Indco-PA 1 1 A 

Indco-PA 12 A 

Indco-PA 13 A 

Indco-PA 14 A 

Indco-PA 15 A 

Indco-PA 16 A 

Indco-PA 17 A 

Indco-PA 19 A 

Indco-PA 20 A 

Indco-PA 21 A 

Indco-PA 22 A 

Indco-PA 23 A 

Indco-PA 24 A 

Indco-PA 26 A 

Indco-PA 27 A 

Indco-PA 28 A 

Indco-PA 30 A 

Indco-PB 10 A 

Indco-PB 11 B 

Indco-PB 12 B 

Indco-PB 13 B 

Indco-PB 14 B 

Indco-PB 15 A 

Indco-PB 16 B 

Indco-PB 17 B 

Indco-PB 18 B 

Indco-PB 19 B 

Indco-PB 20 B 

Indco-PB 21 B 

Indco-PB 22 B 

Indco-PB 23 B 

Indco-PO 10 

Indco-PX 10 X 

Independence Bowl Cleaner P 

Liberty Bell Beads A 

Scotch Boy Liquid Handsoap...Q 
Sterine 100 G 

Independent Chemical & Supply Co. 

Impact O 

Independent Chemical Corp. 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Can Wash A 

Independent Dairy Equipment 

I.D.E.A. Chlorinated CIP 

Cleaner A 

I.D.E.A. Liquid Chlorinated 

CIP Cleaner A 

I.D.E.A. Liquid Sanitizer G,CC 

Indiana Chemical Corporation 

S & W All Purpose Chlorinated 

Clnr A 

S & W General Cleaner A 

S & W Hook & Trolley 

Cleaner B 

S & W Laundry Detergent A 

S & W Loaf Mold Cleaner B 

S & W Low Foam Detergent. ...A 
S & W New Hook & Trolley 

Cleaner B 

S & W Powdered Acid C 

S & W Smokehouse Cleaner B 

S & W Special Acid Cleaner C 

S & W Tree & Hanger Cleaner B 

S & W Tripe Cleaner Y 

S & W Truck Cleaner A 

Tripe Cleaner #60 Y 

Indianhead Manufacturing Co. 

Cal-Chief Bug Killer S 

Fly Killer S 

Indusco Chemical Products 

Product No. 580 Tug-N-Barge ..A 

Industrial & Institutional Supply 
Co., Inc. 

Foodlube A A 

Insta-Cide S 

Sil-Ease AA 

Skin Shield Cream W 

Spots-Off R 

Industrial Bearing and Transmission 

Food Machinery Lubricant AA 

Industrial Chemical Division of Leo 

Formula 100 Mint Disinfectant .P 
Formula 100 Mint Hosp. Germ 

Disinf P 

Formula 101 Neutral Cleaner. ...D 

Formula 101-S D 

Formula 101-X Floor 

Condtnr&Clnr D 

Formula 106 All-Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Formula 106-X All-Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Formula 15 F 

Formula 22 Pine Oil 

Disinfectant R 

Formula 220 Liquid Hand SoapQ 
Formula 44 N-B Degreaser 

Cleaner D 

Formula 47 Soap Scum 

Remover A 

Formula 50 D 

Formula 77 Multi-Purpose 

Cleaner- Dgrsr D 

Formula 77-X Multi-Purp. 

Cl&Degrsr R 

Formula 801 

Formula 808 

Formula 81 T 

Formula 91 S 

Formula 91-X S 

Formula 996 Hvy Dty Steam 

Clnr A 

Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Industrial Chemical 

Success A 

Industrial Chemical & Supply 

Lift D 

Task Master A 

Industrial Chemical & Supply Co. 

M.S.R. Acid Cleaner C 

Pelican Brand General Cleaner .A 
Pelican Brand Sanitizer 

Cleaner F 

Pelican Brand Smokehouse 

Cleaner B 

Industrial Chemical Cleaner 

'Power Plus' P 

Industrial Chemical Co. of S.F. Inc. 

Indco Action Alkali No. 54 B 

Indco Bottle Cleaner D-20 B 

Indco D-10-A A 

Indco F.B. Cleaner B 

Indco F.F.C. No. 40 Cleaner A 

Indco L.C.C. No. 1 D 

Indco MP-3 Cleaner D 

Indco No. 46 B 

Indco No. 49 B 

Indco No. 5 A 

Indco No. 50 B 

Indco No. 51 B 

Indco 43 Cleaner A 

Indo No. 52 Cleaner B 

Industrial Chemical Labs., Inc. 

Aqua-Kil T 

Black Boiler Compound M 

Boiler Compound 317 M 

Boiler Treatment 100-Dry M 

Boiler Treatment 200 M 

Boiler Treatment 400 M 

Boiler Treatment 401 M 

Break-Thru R 

Break-Thru II R 

Brute B 

Buffer-All C 

Chemoseptic Concentrate No. 

40 Q 

Chemoseptic 20 Q 

Chloriclean A 

Concentrated Stainless 

Insecticide S 

Cooling Tower Treatment 100. ..N 

D-Sol Liquid A 

D-X Degreaser R 

D/S/D D 

Dal-Tex Cleaner A 

Done A 

Dri-Co Powdered Bleach CC 

Dynamic 1 10 A 

Grease-Off D 


Hi-Con D 

Insecticide Stainless S 

ICL Scale Remover Formula 

#1 C 

ICL Scale Remover Formula 

#2 C 

IFC Industrial Foaming 

Cleaner R 

Kel-Kleen A 

Kleer-Zit CC 

Lime Solvent C 

Liquiclean A 

Liquid Insect Spray T 

New D/S/D D 

Odorless 'A' G 

Packlean A-90 C 

Packlean C.S.-6040 B 

Packlean 15-CS A 

Packlean 22C B 

Packlean 25 B 

Packlean 45-A C 

Packlean 53 B 

Packlean 75 A 

Packlean 81 Bleach CC 

Packlean 83 Bleach CC 

Packlean 85 A 

Packlean 85-NF A 

Packlean 99 CC 

Porcelain and Enamel Cleaner. .E 
Powmul R 


RCW-40 Cleaner A 

Spra Kleen D 

'Stenlkleen A 

Super Indralite B 

Super Kel-Kleen A 

WTM-50 N 

Industrial Colloids & Chemicals, Inc. 

AC. Liquid Concentrate B 

Can Wash Z 

Chlorinated General Cleaner A 

Denaturant 314 DD 

Dri-Chlor F 

Dn-Solv C 

Dynosolv Iodophor Sanitizer ...G,JJ 

Egg Klean H 

Egg-Glo H 

Foam Off D 

Formula Deodorant #7 R 

Formula 1000 C 

Formula 2000 C 

Formula 4000 C 

G-57 Hvy Dty Cleaner 

Concentrate A 

Galvanized Cleaner B 

General Cleaner A 

General Poultry Cleaner A 

H.B. Liquid A 

H.B. Liquid Concentrate A 

Hand Cleaner Q 

Hi-Chlor A 

Hypochlor Z 

Industrial Cafe Insecticide 

Spray S 

Industrial Dry Bleach F.CC 

Industrial Formula K-25 A 

Liquid Foam XX B 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Mighty B 

Milkstone Remover C 

Mite D 

MS-23 Spra-Clean A 

Penetrant and Defoamer L 

Powdered Hand Soap W/O 

Borax P 

Quat 50 F,J 

Real Klean A 

Real Klean 3S A 

Roller Cleaner B 

S-700 X 

Sewer Solvent O 

Shroud Laundry Detergent A 

Spra-Clean A 

Spray Truck and Body Wash. ...A 
Stainless Steel & Aluminum 

Clnr A 

Super Cannon Ball Cleaner B 

Super Concrete Cleaner D 

Super Smolce House Cleaner ....B 

T-Klean A 

Vee-Chlor G,GG 

Wall & Shackle Cleaner A 

WS Liquid Cleaner A 

X-100 Scrubbing Liquid A 

22 MS A 

5X Alkali B 

Industrial Environmental Pollution 
Controls Corporation 

Foamatic Foam Additive A 

Foamatic FPD Food Plant 

Detergent A 

Foamatic Smokehouse Cleaner. B 

Industrial Floor Finishes, Inc. 

Permanize Clean-All All 

Purpose Cleaner D 

Industrial Fumigant Company, The 

Diarin 5 T 

Kel-5 Pyrenone Spray S 

Pyre-Mist 3610 S 

Pyre-Mist 548 S 

Pyrenone '2' Spray S 

Pyrenone Concentrate 101 T 

Pyrenone Emulsion Conctrt 

Stable T 

Pyrenone Fogging Spray S 

Pyrenone Industrial Spray S 

Pyrenone Mill Spray S 

Special Residual Concentrate 

No. 2 T 

Vap 500 T 

Water Soluble Warfarin U 

Industrial Laboratories 

Floor Cleaner D 

Lifter Release D 

Industrial Maintenance 

B-13 Degreaser A 

Industrial Maintenance Corp. 

B-210 N 

B-272 M 

B-40-S M 

B-50L M 

B-52 M 

B-52L M 

B-55 M 

B-57 M 

B-60-L M 

Basemeen M 

BA-105 N 

C-342 N 

Industrial Maintenance Supply 

Bulldog Boiler Treatment HP-1 M 
Bulldog Water Treatment LP-3.M.Z 

Industrial Marine Corporation 

Concentrate IMC 1460 A 

Industrial Concentrate IMC 250A 
Institutional Concentrate IMC 
350 A 

Industrial Municipal Chemicals 

Big G' A 

IMC Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

IMC Insect Spray S 

IMC Safety Glass Cleaner R 

IMC Safety Silicone Spray AA 

IMC Safety Skin Shield Cream. W 
Thrift Detergent D 

Industrial Products, Inc. 

Keen Action Butyl D 

KP-80 D 

Industrial Sanitation Company 

Bee-Clene D 

Scrub-It A 

Stripclene D 

Super Concentrate A 

123 Spray Cleaner P 

Industrial Sanitation Consult. 

Bacti-Chlor F,K 

C-10 C 

C-20 B 

C-20A B 

C-20B B 


ISC-A10 A 

1SC-A2 A 








ISC-L50 A 

ISC-11 C 

ISC-12 C 

ISC-2 A 

ISC-21 B 

ISC-23 B 

ISC -24 B 

ISC -26 B 

ISC-27 B 

ISC-3 A 

ISC-31 A 

ISC -4 A 

ISC-41 A 

ISC -42 A 

ISC -43 A 

ISC-44 A 

ISC-44A A 

ISC-5 A 

ISC-6 A 

ISC -7 A 

ISC-8 A 

ISC-9 A 

Retort Cleaner A A 

Industrial Sanitation, Inc. 

Excel Germicidal Detergent F 

Excel Stripper-Degreaser A 

Industrial Soap Company 

Actiphene Germicidal Cleaner ..D 

Boot Hill T 

Disolv R 

Encore Lotionized Hand Soap.Q 

Fanfare All Purpose Cleaner R 

Fanfare Blue A 

Fanfare Porcelain Cleaner F 

Free 'N Easy BB 

Impact Hospital Disinf. And 

Deodzr P 

Impact Insecticide S 

Lime-O-Lator C 

Medlex Pure Pine Oil 

Disinfectant R 

Me tone Q 

Me tone Bleach CC 

Metone Glass Cleaner R 

Metone Hand Cleaner P 


Rise N' Shine A 

Rise'N Shine Liquid Detergent. D 
Rise'N Shine Lotion Detergent. D 

Saber Spray D 

Saber White Bowl Cleaner P 

Sani-Lube AA 

Wincide Bug Killer S 

Wincide Disinfectant R 

Wincide Pine Odor 

Disinfectant R 

Wincide Super Residual Roach 

Killer T 

Zyfo All Synthetic Laundry 

Dtrgnt CC 

Zyfo Cleaner Concentrate D 

Industrial Solvents 

AU-Purpose R 

Aqua P-2 S 

Chlorinated Mach. Dish Wash. 
Comp A 


Cyclo-Sol M 

Derma-Shield W 

Dry-Lube BB 

E Z Lift A 

Foaming Glass Cleaner R 

Formula 525 ULV 2 S 

Formula 625-2 S 

Glisten A 

Grease Gun BB 

GC-100 R 

Hand-Sol Q 

Insta-Matic A 


IND-Sol Concentrate D 

IND-Sol 113 L,X 

IND-Sol 13 C 

IND-Sol 160 C 

IND-Sol 20 Steam Cleaner D 

IND-10 A 


IND-12 D 

IND-13 A 

IND-14 A 

IND-15 B 

IND-151 D 

IND-16 A 

IND-17 A 

IND-25 O 


Pine-Sol R 

Pronto O 

Residu-Sol T 

Residu-Sol 2 T 

Sanitary Lube HD AA 

Scale-Eze C 

Shine A 

Sol-Vex M 

Sparkle A 

Syner-Sol Fogging Concentrate S 

Syner-Sol Insecticide S 

Tanni-Sol M 

Vamos Bowl Cleaner P 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

Industrial Specialists & Assoc. 

Pro-Action Plus D 

Pro-Smash D 

4 Way D 

Industrial Steam/ A Division of 
Kewanee Boiler Corp. 

C8-102 M 

1.4-204 Dry Boiler Compound. ..M 
L8-219 Dry Boiler Compound. ..M 

P-100 Dry Boiler Compound M 

PF-101 Dry Boiler Compound. M 
PF-104 Liquid Boiler 

Compound M 

PP-801 Liquid Boiler 

Compound M 

PS-30 M 

PS-40 Liquid Boiler Compound M 


RTL-100 MX Liquid Boiler 

Compound M 

S-100 Dry Boiler Compound M 

S5-263 Dry Boiler Compound ...M 

23P-01 N 

33 P-62 Liquid Boiler 

Compound N 

Industrial Supply of San Antonio 

Industrial-Lite D 

Industrial Supply Co. of Salem, Inc. 

I.S.C. Absorb R 

I.S.C. Disinfectant Cleaner D 

I.S.C. Hi-Powdered Cleaner D 

I.S.C. Industrial Cleaner D 

Industrial Supply Company 

Industrial Liquid Soap Q 

Industrial Water Chemicals 

Algacide-L N 

Algaecide - 66 N 

Algaecide-W N 

Algaecide-WS N 

Bactacide-M N 

BT-403-LH M 

BT-503-LH M 

Cal-Sol-L M,Z 

Cal-Sol-L-2 M 

Cal-Sol-P M,Z 

Coag-C-1 M 

Coag-C-2 M 

Coag-M M 

Coag-R M 

Con-Film N 

No Rust NC N 

No-Rust-S N 

Nutramine 150-2 M 

Nutramine-150 M 

Nutramine-200 M 

Nutramine-300 M 

Ox-Scav-B M 

Ox-Scav-C M 

Ox-Scav-D M 

Ox-Scav-E M 

Ox-Scav-E-2 M 

Ox-Scav-L M 

Poly-A M 

Poly-A-2 M 

Poly-D N 

Poly-P M 

Poly-P-2 M 

Poly-X N 

Poly-X-2 N 

Scale-Off-C M 

Scale-Off-C-2 M 

Scale-Off-CP M 

Scale-Off-E M 

Scale-Off-HP M 

Scale-Off-HP-2 M 

Scale-Off-L M 

Scale-Off-LMO M 

Scale-Off-P M 

Scale-Off-P-1 M 

Indy Chemsol Corporation 

Indy 104 Indox C 

Indy 108 Hvy Dty Organic 

Drain Opnr O 

Indy 225 Germicidal Cleaner F 

Indy 226 Gen. Purpose Liq. 

Clnr A 

Indy 231 Liq. Dshwashng 

Conctrte A 

Indy 233 Liq. Mach. Dshwshng 

Comp A 

Indy 234 Window Glass 

Cleaner R 

Indy 242 Gen. Purp. Low 

Sudsng CI R 

Indy 244 Blitz D 

Indy 310 Sewer Cleaner O 

Indy 322 San-Float O 

Indy 325 Deodorizer R 

Indy 327 Enzymes for Sewage 

Systems O 

Indy 704 Liquid Ice Melt R 

Indy 706 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Indy 708 Chain&Conveyor Belt 

Lubcnt BB 

Indy 801 Three-Gly R 

Indy therm O 

Inlander-Steindler Paper Company 

Invincible Neutral Cleaner D 

Invincible Rinse D 

ISP #71 Cleaner D 

ISP All Purpose Cleaner A 

ISP Caustic Cleaner B 

ISP Chlorinated Cleaner A 

ISP HD. Cleaner R 

ISP HD. Liquid Cleaner A 

ISP Steam Cleaner A 

ISP 100 Lotionized Hand Soap.Q 

ISP 115 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

69Q Concentrate G 

70 Neutral Cleaner D 

71 Stripper/Degreaser D 

750 Soap Film & Scum Remvr 

& Floor Rinse D 

79 Degreaser & Metallic Finish 

Remover D 

87 Blast Off Emulsifiable 

Solvent CI D 

Insect Control & Research Inc. 

Spray Concentrate 625 S 

Insect Control Sales & Service 

Sectrol Dairy & Mill 

Insecticide S 

Instant Mobile Powerwash Service, 

IMPS Powerwash Dtrgnt Form. 

101 A 

Powerwash Superjet A 

Instasan Brand Products, Inc. 

Instasan 20 Concntrtd Disinf- 
San Deodz G 

Instasan 5 Detergent-Disnf- 
Deo.-Fngcd G 

Institutional Chemical Co. 

Dermatone Liquid Hand Soap..Q 

Institutional Chemical Corp. 

Surfacetone Formula 17 A 

Institutional Labs, Inc. 

Hot Rod O 

Integrity Chemical Corp. 

Heavy Duty Acid Drain 

Cleaner O 

Inter-City Chemical Co., Inc. 

Degreaser Concentrate D 

Inter-Continental Chemical 

ICC Foam-Qwik A 

ICC 207 D 

Inter-County Farmers Co-op 

Coop Brand Chlorinated 

Detergent H,J 

Coop Brand Sanitizer H 


Kill Sect-1 S 

Kill Sect-3 S 

Kill Sect-5 Food Plant Fogging 

Insect S 

No. 4 Resido-Sect 

Residl.Roach&AntLiqSpy T 

Interchem, Inc. 

Chase Automatic Washing 

Machine Det CC 


Formula 700 D 

Freedom Q 

Germa-Sep F 

Remove Heavy-Duly Granular 
Floor Cleaner R 

Interco Company 

Interco 204 NP D 

Intercontinental Chemical Corp. 

Polycon Industrial Oil BB 

Intercontinental Chemical Corp. 

Con-O- 1467 Peeleze V 

ICC Clean-N-San 234 R 

ICC Concentrated Spray 

Emulsifiable Cone S 

ICC Descaler 166 C 

ICC Dysodine 236 G 

ICC Poly-Con FG-2 AA 

ICC San-O-CIear 235 F 

ICC W 03 N 

ICC W 08 M 

ICC W 09 N 

ICC W 12 N 

ICC W 21 M 

ICC W 24 M 

ICC W 27 M 

ICC W 28 M 

ICC W 30 M 

ICC W 32 M 

ICC W 33 M 

ICC W 34 M 

ICC W 35 M 

ICC W 37 M 

ICC W 38 M 

ICC W 40 M 

ICC W 41 M 

ICC W 46 M 

ICC W 71 C 

ICC W 73 B 

ICC 101 A 

ICC 102 A 

ICC 103 A 

ICC 105 A 

ICC 1061 A 

ICC 1070 A 

ICC 108 A 

ICC 1137 A 

ICC 1138 A 

ICC 1141 A 

ICC 1144 A 

ICC 115 A 

ICC 1150 A 

ICC 1 16 A 

ICC 119 B 

ICC 120 B 

ICC 121 A 

ICC 123. .. A 

ICC 124 A 

ICC 125 A,CC 

ICC 130 A 

ICC 131 A 

ICC 132 A 

ICC 140 A 

ICC 141 A 

ICC 1466 Ezzepeel D,V 

ICC 149 A 

ICC 150 Z 

ICC 160 A,CC 

ICC 162 A,CC 

ICC 165 C 

ICC 191 >....A 

ICC 192 D 

ICC 200 A 

ICC 204 A 

ICC 205 B 

ICC 205D B 

ICC 207 B 

ICC 2077 A.CC 

ICC 2078 B 

ICC 208 B 

ICC 2103 B 

ICC 211 A 

ICC 212 V,Z 

ICC 213 V,Z 

ICC 217 C 

ICC 221 A 

ICC 230 F 

ICC 237 F 

ICC 237-A G 

ICC 238 C 

ICC 241 Z 

ICC 243 Z 

ICC 244 C 

ICC 245 Z 

ICC 258 C 

ICC 262 BB 

ICC 270 BB 

ICC 291 A 

ICC 309 A 

ICC 3101 A 

ICC 3104 C 

ICC 3105 A 

ICC 3106 C 

ICC 3108 A 

ICC 311 A 

ICC 3114 A 

ICC 316K R 

ICC 316P A 

ICC 317 R 

ICC 318 R 

ICC 3206 B 

ICC 3207-A V 

ICC 3208 Hog Scald X 

ICC 321 1/3212 A 

ICC 3230 A 

ICC 3232 A.CC 

ICC 324 D 

ICC 3351 D 

ICC 350 CC 

ICC 351 CC 

ICC 352 CC 

ICC 354 CC 

ICC 355 CC 

ICC 356 CC 

ICC 358 CC 

ICC 3650 A 

ICC 3805 A 

ICC 390 A,Q 

ICC 394 WHC W 

ICC 504 A 

ICC 518 E 

ICC 525 B 

ICC 527-P B 

ICC 528 P A 

ICC 529 A 

ICC 530 A 

ICC 603 A 

ICC 61 1 B 

ICC 621 A,CC 

ICC 623 A.CC 

ICC 627 D 

ICC 636 A 

ICC 655 B 

ICC 681 C 

ICC 731 A 

ICC 732 B 

ICC 744 B 

ICC 746 B 

ICC 760 A 

ICC 775 C 

3712A HH 

3715 HH 

Interex International, Inc. 

Zoff D 

Interlube Corporation 

Formula 1155 Metal Safe 

Cleaner A 

Formula 1156 Metal Safe 

Cleaner A 

Formula 2030 Liq Steam & 

HP. Cln Cone D 

Formula 2445 A 

Formula 2501 Liquid Cleaner 

Concentrate A 

Formula 2600 Multi Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Formula 4390 Acid Cleaner C 

Sani-Lube Food Equipment 

Lubricant AA 

Silicone Lubricant AA 

White Cote FM AA 

White Cote-C BB 

White Cote-L BB 

I liter mountain Soap and Chemical 
Co., Inc 

Chaparral Deluxe Laundry 

Compound CC 

Chaparral Sanify G 

D-Chlor G 

D-Pure Acid Cleaner C 

D-Pure BC-85 Blancher 

Cleaner B 

D-Pure FC-75 Fryer Cleaner B 

D-Pure Liquid Pipeline Cleaner 

(Alk) B 

D-Pure Mor-Foam A 

D-Pure MC-15 A 

D-Pure Pipeline Cleaner 

Alkaline Powder A 

D-Pure SA-96 Stainless Steel 

Acid Clnr C 

Excello D 

Klean-AU A 

International Bionomics, Inc. 

Aquarius A 

K-Jell A 

International Chemical Corp. of 

Huilex A 

International Chemical Industries, 

Interchem Fresh Bath and Tile 
Cleaner P 

Interchem RID Residual 

Insecticide T 

International Dioxcide, Inc. 

Anthium Dioxcide F,Z 

Anthium 200 F,Z 

Carnebon F,Z 

Carnebon 200 F,Z 

International Enzymes Inc. 

Bacto-Zyme O 

Industrial Enzy-Magic Clng. 
Concentrate A 

International Lubricant Corp. 

B & RB Grease 1 BB 

B & RB Grease 2 BB 

HVI Microgel 1 BB 

HVI Microgel 2 BB 

No. 1 Chassis Grease BB 

No. 2 Chassis Grease BB 


International Pharmakon Labs., Inc. 

Instasan Antibctrl Surg 
Scrub&Skin Clsr Q 

International Products Corp. 

Micro R 

International Research Corp. 

Super GLD A 

Super HDC D 

International Two Thousand, Inc. 

Mr. Rat Guard II U 

Intex Products, Incorporated 

Breaker A 

Commercial Blast Off Cleaner. .D 
Commercial Food Service 

Degreaser A 

Commercial Window Cleaner ...R 

F-19-A A 

F-21 A 

F-3 A 

F-5 R 

F-6 A 

F-9 R 

Get-Up A 

KoolKlor 8090 F 

Liquid Lotion Soap 8612 Q 

Scrub-A-Matic D 

Simoniz Disinfectant Cleaner.. ..R 

Steam-Power A 

8010 Metal Conditioner C 

8017 C 

8020 Acid Cleaner C 

8025 C 

8051 Porcetex Bowl Cleaner P 

806 F 

8061 Quatex D 

8071 Texodyne G 

8091 A 

8092 A 

8093 B 

8095 L 

8096 R 

8098 Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

8099 Resort B 

8101 Cleaner Additive-A A 

8102 Cleaner Additive-N A 

8107 D 

8108 A 

8120 D 

8121 Versitex Detergent 

Cleaner A 

8122 A 

8129 Big J-D D 

8133 Institutional Degreaser A 

8140 D 

8150 Detergent Cleaner 

Concentrate R 

8170 Industrial Cleaner D 

8172 Suretex Wax Stripper D 

8174 D 

8180 Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

8187 A 

8191 Low Foam Cleaner R 

8200 A 

8201 Sprayclean A 

8203 Autotex D 

8204 Select A 

8232 Steam or Spray CI. Heavy 
Duty A 

8233 Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

8244 Sludge Solvent R 

8259 A 

830 Disinfectant Germicide R 

8301 Texene D.P 

8302 Arotex D 

8303 Arotex-Mint D 

8311 Steritex D.P 

8365 Surgical Scrub Q 

8378 BB 

8379 BB 

845 Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

846 _ F 

8480 R 

851 Insecticide S 

8522 Residual Insecticide SprayT 

8540 CC 

8603 30% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

8604 BB 

8630 D 

8631 Heavy Duty Floor 

Cleaner R 

8651 Safetex Cleaner A 

8652 Steam Cleaner Medium 
Duty A 

8653 Steam Cleaner Heavy 
Duty B 

8661 Hot Tank Ferrous B 

8663 Hot Tank Rust Remover. ..B 
8667 Hot Tank Steel Cleaner ...B 

8668 B 

8669 A 

8671 Hot Tank Aluminum 

Cleaner A 

8676 D 

8677 D 

8691 A 

8697 General Purpose Cleaner ..A 

8758 A 

8840 Wax Remover 

Concentrate R 

8940 R 

8964 Enzyme Drain Cleaner O 

8990 Window Cleaner R 

Iowa Des Moines Supply Co. 

Climax Detergent D 

Climax, Neutral Fragrance F 

Degreaser Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Foam-Kleen A 

Lotionized Detergent D 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Sani-Clean P 

S.i ni Surf R 

Surgent Lotionized Liquid 

Soap Q 

Irish Chemicals Inc. 

Pink Lotion P40 Hand Soap Q 

1301 Bake Pan Cleaner A 

1303 Laundry Detergent-Low 
Suds CC 

1304 Lemon Deodorizer R 

1305 Donut Machine Cleaner. ...B 

1320 All Purpose Liquid 
Cleaner D 

1321 AU Purpose Powder A 

1324 140 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

1332 Liquid Hand Dish 

Detergent A 

Irwin Industrial 

Foamative 747 A 

Poultry Power A 

Irwin-Willert Co. 

Deodorant Blocks P 

Isis Foods, Incorporated 

Lee All Purpose Cleaner 

Concentrate A 

Lee Blue Glass Cleaner R 

Lee Bowl & Porcelain Cleaner. P 

Lee Concentrated Hvy Dty 

Skin Cleanser Q 

Lee Deep Fat Fry Cleaner B 

Lee Degreaser D 

Lee Disinfectant Cleaner D 

Lee Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Lee Lemon Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Lee Liquid Coco Hand Soap .Q 

Lee Liquid Drain Solvent O 

Lee Porcelain, Tile, & Grout 

Cleaner P 

Lee Prilled Drain Opener O 

Lee Regular Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Lee Roach'N Ant Killer T 

Lee Sanitizer F 

Lee Sanitizer Iodine Germicide F 

Lee Sparkle Glass Cleaner R 

Lee Spray N - Wipe Cleaner 

Degreaser R 

Lee Triclosan Liquid Soap Q 

Super Lee Insect Killer S 

Iso-Chem Division of Sage Systems, 

Lemon Scrub A 

J & B Associates/ Division of Lloyd 
Chemicals, Inc. 

F-239 A 

J & G Sales Corporation 

Aquacide S 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap 

(Concentrate) Q 

Dual-27 F 

Emulsion Bowl Cleaner P 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

L-Tox Spray S 

Odo-Rout R 

Un-Block O 

Whomp O 

J & J Chemical Company 

Acid Cleaner and Brightener C 

Anti-Foam One HH 

F-5 Chlorinated Cleaner A 

Food Plant Cleaner # 1 A 

Formula 272 H 

Formula 372 A 

J & J Blaze A 

J & J Booster H 

J & J Egg Click H 

J & J Foam A 

J & J Formula 173 B 

J & J Hand Clean Q 

J & J Hand Soap Q 

J & J Nil Foam H 

J & J Strip A 

J & J Suds A 

J & J Suds Plenty A 

Liquid MFP Cleaner A 

Lite Egg Wash H 

Powdered MFP Cleaner A 

Scald Vat Dcfoamer L 

J & J Chemicals, Incorporated 

Blast O 

Chem-Spec General Purpose 

Dtrgnt A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner & Wax 

Stripper D 


K»ik Heavy Duty Detergent ...A 

Steam Machine Compound A 

White Floor Cleaning Powder. ..D 
White Powder Hand Soap P 

J & J Rangel Distributor Co. 

J-J99 O 

J & P Chemical Corporation 

I H.D. Steam Cleaner D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Minute Clean 480 D 

Neutral Cleaner 3 D 

, Odor Control Solvent R 

J & S Custom Chemical 

AC #18 C 

I C.I.P B 

J" Chlor-Cleen A 
Formula #42 B 

G.P.C A 

H.D. 205 B 

Hy-Cleen A 

J & V Sales & Services, Inc. 

Touch-Up AU Purpose Cleaner.R 

J Drewsan Company 

Tackier Cleaner-Degreaser A 

J W F Inc. 

Alive Bacteria/Enzyme O 

J. J. Enterprises 

HP-10 Steam And Pressure 

Cleaner A 

Jack Frye Sales & Service 

Ease D 

Sudsy A 

Jack Huppert Company, Inc. 

Bacto-Fun-Zyme O 

Jacks Manufacturing Company 

Anti-Foam M 

Boiler Compound No. 2 M 

Bowlbryte P 

Cement Floor Cleaner R 

Cooling Tower Treatment N 

Drasol O 

Formula 50 M 

Formula 50 Type B M 

Grease Solvent R 

Hot Water Tank Treatment Z 

Jacks Coil Cleaner C 

Non-Fuming Jacks Coil 

Cleaner C 

Porclean P 

Powdered Boiler Comp. Form. 

100 M 

Powdered Boiler Comp. Form. 

120 M 

Special Acid Descaler C 

Steam Generator Compound M 

WS Boiler Compound M 

Jackson Paper Company 

Concrete Cleaner A 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 10 R 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Neutral Cleaner D 

Pine-Dis-5 Pine Oil 

Disinfectant R 

Jadco, Inc. 

Bio-Clean O 

Jade Chemical Company 

Jade H.D.-25 F 

Jade Chemicals, Incorporated 

De-Grease D 

Quick Cleaner A 

Jaguar Chemical Corporation 

Clean It-All Purpose Cleaner ....A 

Clean-It A 

Concentrated Inhibited 

Chemical Cleaner C 

Concrete Cleaner D 

Descaler & Delimer C 

Drain-Flo O 

Flo-Go No. 308 R 

General Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner A 

Germicidal Cleaner R 

Hand Soap Q 

Heavy Duty Organic Drain 

Cleaner O 

Ice Melting Compound R 

J. A. E. Agricultural Enzyme. ...O 

J-T650 D 

Jaguar Controlled Suds CC 

Jaguar Germicidal Cleaner F 

Jaguar Lemon Hand Soap Q 

Jaguar Odor Control Granules ..R 

Jaguar Sewer Solvent O 

Liqui-Drain O 

Liquid Hand Soap 40% 

Concentrate Q 

Liquid Solvent Non-Flammable 

Cleaner D 

Neutral Cleaner A 

Organic Acid Detergent C 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Quat Cleaner F 

Super-Kleen D 

Three-Gly R 

1001 Butyl Power Cleaner D 

Jalcar Industries 

Red Dog R 

James Huggins & Son, Inc. 

Cresyl Fluid P 

Hug-O-Dine F 

Kiltarol Disinfectant Coef. 6 P 

Ortho-Solve R 

Pine Odor Disinfectant Coef. 2.R 
Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5 ....R 

James Varley & Sons, Inc. 

#200 Vaporizing Insecticide S 

#202 Select Hand Soap Q 

#40 Liquid Soap ..Q 

#400 Insecticide S 

#404 Select Hand Soap Q 

All American 32-Skidoo D 

Anti Staph D 

Beta-Trol P 

Blue Label Concentrate Iodine .G 

Bowl Creme P 

Clear Bowl Cleaner P 

dinger P 

Closet Deodorant For Indoor 

Toilets P 

Coal Tar Disinfectant Coef. 5...R 
Coal Tar Disinfectant Coef. 6...R 

Creme Cote D 

Crystal Clear A 

Deo-Sul Liquid Drain Pipe 

Opener O 

Drain Pipe Cleaner O 

Dyna Lube BB 

Dyna-Sol D 


Dysul O 

Gentle-Mild Bowl and 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

Glyco Mist R 

H.W.C. Waterless Hand Clnr 

(Bulk) W 

H.W.C. Wtrlss Hand 

Clnr(Aerosol) W 

Hospital Creyslic Disinfectant ..R 

J.V. Concentrate D 

Lano Var Cream Lotion Hand 

Soap Q 

Lemon Scented Disinfectant R 

Med-I-San Anti-Bacterial Liq 

Soap 1320 Q 

Med-I-San Anti-Bacterial Liq. 

Soap 1340 Q 

Mist 'N Wipe R 

New Disinfectant Cleaner D 

No-Ox R 

Non-Selective Surface 

Disinfectant P 

Pale Pine 8 R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Phenol 

Coef. 5 R 

Pink Frost W 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

Power-Pak Insect Killer S 

Pyn-A-Roma Disinfectant R 

Pyrethrum Type Fly Spray S 

Q-Tabs Sanitizing Tablets F 

Quaternary Amnion. Germ. 

Coef. #5 F 

Quaternary Ammon. Germ. 

Coef.#10 F 

Quaternary Ammon. Germ. 

Coef.#20 F 

Quaternary Ammon. Germ. 

Coef.#25 F 

Quiet Please P 

Red Label Beta Trol R 

Special Synthetic Butyl 

Cleaner D 

St. Louis Blue Window 

Cleaner A 

Sunny Suds A 

Super Crystal Clear A 

SS-96 Liquid Detergent A 

Tincture of Green Soap Q 

Var-Tar Remover R 

Varco Resistant Roach Spray ...T 
Varco Viscous Phosphoric 

Cleaner P 

Varley Lemon Scented Non- 
Selective Disnf R 

Varox Inhibited Chemical 

Cleaner C 

White Label Concentrated 

Iodine G 

Winter-Phene R 

20% Pure Coconut Oil Liq. 

Hand Soap Q 

40% Pure Cocoanut Oil Liq. 

Hand Soap Q 

James White Corporation 

Dazie Disk R 

Jan -San Supply Co. 

Foam-Now A 

Jan-San Spray Silicone Release AA 

Janco Chemical Supply, Inc. 

Foam-Klean A 

Jan-Quat D 

Jan-Quat 64 D 

Jan-Quat 64-N F 

Jan-Quat-N F 

Jan-Quat-256 D 

Janco Super Clean D 

Janco SJ-212 A 

Janco SP-005 D 

Janco WSD-66 R 

Janco-Cide Citrus Fragrance D 

Janco-Cide Odorless F 

Syn-Con A,Q 

Janco United, Inc. 

Antifect Disinfectant Cleaner ...P 

Cascade D 

Crawler Killer Insect Killer T 

Jan Clean D 

Jan Guard P 

Jancopyne R 

Open Gear Lubricant BB 

Open Sesame Sewer Solvent ....O 

Rus-T-Race C 

Zonk Cleaner Degreaser- 

Deodorant D 

401 Prssrzd Space Spray Insect 

Killer S 

Janitor Equipment Company 

Janeco Saf-Way D 

Janitor Jim, Incorporated 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Instant Bowl Cleanse P 

Janitor Jim Disinfectant 

Cleaner F 

Liquid Drain Opener O 

Liquid Steam Cleaning 

Compound A 

Penetrating Cleaner and 

Degreaser D 

Janitor Supply House 

Spectrum A 

Spectrum II A 

Janitorial Supplies Corporation 

Flormate 242 Power Clnr 
Degrsr D 

Janitors Closet 

E Z Clean All Purpose Cleaner.A 
Janitors Supply & Chemical Corp. 

Vita Pine R 

Janitors Supply Co., Inc., The 

Fatso A 

Spectrum F 

Wayne A-Team Cleaner 

Degreaser D 

Wayne Big 'J' Cleaner- 

Degreaser D 

Wayne Cocoanut Oil Hand 

Soap Q 

Wayne Concentrate Handsoap..Q 

Wayne Foam Clean A 

Wayne Insect Spray S 

Wayne Modern Concept F 

Wayne NB-I A 

Wayne Pink Lotion Dish 

Detergnt A 

Wayne Pink Lotion Handsoap.Q 

Janitors Supply House, Inc. 

Jano Insect Spray S 

Janlen Industries 

JIC Foamy R 

JIC FPL Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

JIC Invisible Glove W 

JIC Kleen W 

JIC Silicone Spray AA 

JIC TFE Fluorocarbon 

Lubricant BB 

January Service Company, The 

January No. 155 D 

Janus Scientific Inc. 

JBC-101 M 

Janvey, I. & Sons, Incorporated 

SC-100 D 

Jarvis Corporation 

Air Mist Oil AA 

Thirteen-Fifteen While Grease .AA 

Jay Rodgers Co. 

Miesel Disinfectant Deodorant .P 
Miesel Germicidal Foam 

Cleaner R 

Miesel Germicidal Liquid 

Detergent R 

Miesel Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Miesel Quat Disinfectant 

Cleaner D 

Jaytech Chemical Co., Inc. 

Break Away A 

C.I.P. Cleaner A 

Jay Alk B 

Jay Kleen A 

Jay Klor A 

Jaytech Bite 601 C 

Jaytech 101 D 

Jaytech 102 D 

JayTech 202 A 

JT 1000 B 

JT 512 B 

JT 727 A 

Jefco Laboratories, Inc. 

Assured Lotion Hand Cleaner. .W 

Belt Dressing BB 

Big Boy Odor Control Blocs P 

Blast Insect Killer T 

C-200 Z 

C-673 M 

C-750 Steam Return Line 

Treatment M 


Disinfectant/Deodorant R 

Concentrate A 

Deluxe Liquid Coco Hand 

Soap Q 

Dish-Sheen Dishwash 

Concentrate D 

Duocide T 


D432 A 

Foam- A way A 

Fumeless O 

Get-Smart R 

Han-Saver W 

Horizon R 

Jef-Pine R 

Jef-Zyme II O 

Jefcide 101 T 

Jefcide 102 T 

Jefcide 104 T 

Jefcide 105 T 

Jefcide 108 T 

Jefcide 1 1 1 S 

Jefcide 112 S 

Jefcide 113 S 

Jefcide 1 14 S 

Jefcide 115 S 

Jefcide 116 S 

Jefcide 117 S 

Jefcide 118 S 

Jefcide 119 S 

Jefcide 120 S 

Jefsect Insect Killer S 

Jiffy BB 

JL-350 C 

JL-373 M 

JL-401 Tripolyphosphate Z 

JLI-202 Emulsifiable Spray 

Concentrate S 

JLI-209 Insecticide T 

JLI-211 Insecticide 

Concentrate S 

Kleer R 

Krcme Kleen W 

Mark II D 

Melt-Away R 

Neutracidc R 

Open-It Liq Drain Solvent O 

P-674 Oxygen Control M 

Power Up D 

Puracide P 

Real Ease A A 

Royal Surgical Lotionize 

Liquid Soap Q 

Rust Buster BB 

Safe R 

Safe-F A 

Sana Brite Bowl Cleaner P 

Slick AA 

Spra-Lub BB 

Sprat Residual Roach Liquid ....T 

Sprat Roach'N Ant Killer T 

Sure Kill S 

Sure Kill Fly & Roach Spray. ...S 
Sure San Food Equip. 

Lubricant A A 

Sure Shot O 

Sure Tape BB 

Surf-San R 

White Knight P 

Zero Foam D 

476 Liquid Oxygen Control M 

6209 Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Jefferson Food Products Corp. 

Daisy Bleach P.CC 

Jefferson Products, Inc. 

Remuv-OX C 

Zip D 

Jefferson Service Company 

J-54 S 

Jefferson Supply Company 

Silicone Spray A A 

Jen-Mor Products, Inc. 

Pro-Tect S 

Rip C 

X-'Em' S 

Jersey Industrial Chemical Products 

Boiler Water Treatment 

Compound N 

Scalite M 

Softite M 

Jersey Janitor Supply 

Clover Industrial Cleaner #8 ....D 

Clover Steam Kleen A 

Hospital F 


Jeryco Chemical & Supply Co., Inc. 

Fume -Free #500 Liquid Drain 

Opener O 

Jeryco #211 A,Q 

Jeryco #211 Concentrate A 

Jeryco #221 D 

Jeryco #601 R 

Jeryco #605 T 

Jer\co #609 P 

Jeryco #615 BB 

Jeryco #88 Sewer Solvent O 

Jeryco V1003 AA 

Jeryco V101 

Jeryco V103 

Jeryco V104 P 

Jeryco V107 

Jeryco VI 15 

Jeryco V206 D 

Jeryco V207 D 

Jeryco V208 A 

Jeryco V227 A 

Jeryco V407 Q 

Jeryco V408 C 

Jeryco V412 R 

Jeryco V601 R 

Jeryco V834 

Jeryco V902 R 

Jeryco 641 BB 

Klean-Quik A 

Jesco Lubricants Co., Inc. 

AC Track Roller BB 

Ball & RoUer Bearing No. 1 BB 

Ball & Roller Bearing No. 2 BB 

Helox A BB 

Helox B BB 

Lith-O-White No. 2 BB 

Lithium-AM 1 BB 

Lithi3m AM 2 BB 

Lubri-Vis 1 BB 

Realfilm AW BB 

Realfilm Evapo H Gear Shield BB 

Realfilm 3F ...BB 

Water Pump BB 

White Food Machnry Grease 


3000 Mill BB 

3001 BB 

Jet Sales, Incorporated 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Blast Off D 

Clean D 

Jet Liquid Dishwash A 

Mark Ten G 

Jet Supply Company, Inc. 

Aerojet A 

Algaecide R 

Biocide P 

Cherry Blossom Insecticide 

Spray S 

Citrosene 5727 R 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap Q 

Concrete Cleaner, Liquid D 

Deluxe Dish Wash A 

Derma-Jet Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Dual-27 F 

Flora-Mint P 

Germisyl Coef. 10 D 

Glass Cleaner R 

GP2000 A 

Hydroxade A 

Invisible Skin Shield Cream W 

Jet-ise R 

Jet-O-Dyne 20 G 

Jet-O-Dyne 30 G 

Jet-O-Lene P 

Jet-O-Pine R 

Jet-O-San F,J 

Jet-O-Sol P 

Jet-O-Steam A, Liquid B 

Jet-O-Strip R 

Jetco Jint Foam A 

Jetco-Cide Spray S 

Kleer Glass Cleaner R 

Lemon Disinfectant P 

Lemon Disinfectant Coef. 6 P 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 10 R 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Steam Cleaner B 

Lo-Sudz D 

Mint Disinfectant R 

O.L.Concentrate A 

Odor Gone R 

Odorless Concentrate Cleaner ..A 

Odorless Disinfectant P 

P.C.D.-10 D 

Para-Phyll P 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Pine Scrub Soap R 

Pine-Dis-5 R 

Poultry-San F 

Quik Clenz R 

R.I.S.-15 Residual Insecticide 

C/Baygon T 

Red Hot O 

Safety Hard Water Scale 

Remover C 

Sani-Lube Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Sewer Solvent O 

Shamrock 880 D 

Silicone Spray AA 

Spotless Foaming Germicidal 

Surface Clnr P 

Steam Cleaner D 

Steri-Fog F 

Super J R 

Super Rig Wash D 

Surgical Soap 40% P 

Task Force A 

Technical A.P.C D 

Technical D.W. Base D 

U.N.C.L.E. Insecticide S 

Un-Stop Drain Opener O 

Victory Cleaner D 

W.C-170 R 

W.C.-85 R 

1421-31 Jet Food Industry 

Spray S 

1421-31 Jet Jetcocide Non-Tox 

AA Fly Sp S 

1421-69 Jet No. 39 Roach&Ant 

Spray S 

15% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

20% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

40% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

6/49 Concentrate D 

Jet-Lube, Incorporated 

Aluminum Complex Food 

Mach. Grease E.P AA 

Calcium No. 2 Food Machinery 

Grease A A 

FM-W Special AA 

Jett-Co Products, Inc. 

Acid Cleaner B C 

Chlorinated Cleaner A 

Concrete Cleaner D 

Dri Acid Cleaner C 

Dry Chlorine Shroud Bleach CC 

Granulated Detergent A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

Liquid Acid Cleaner C 

Liquid Detergent A 

Liquid Hand Soap A Q 

Safety Bleach CC 

Scald Compound X 

Shroud Detergent CC 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Tripe Denuding Compound B ...Y 

Tripe Wash 10c Y 

Tripe Wash 5c Y 

Trolly and Metal Cleaner B 

Jewel Chemical Company 

All Purpose Surface Cleaner A 

Blender A 

Ex-Germ F,H 

Heavy Duty Cleaner D 


Jewel AA Grade Fly Spray S 

Jeweluxe Cleaner A 

Liquid Drain Opener O 

O C 

Poweret A 

Re-Jewelene A 

Residual Insect Spray T 

S A 

S.S. Atlantic B 

Sani-Soap Coconut Q 

Sanitizer G 

X X 

10 A 

109 C 

129 B 

149 D 

50-50 B 

6 B 

89 D 

95 A 

Jobe Chemical Corp. 

Steam Cleaning Compound 

Heavy Duty NP-9 B 

Steam Cleaning Compound 

Heavy Duty S9 B 

Johar Enterprises, Inc. 


Floor Cleaner D 

Foamax H B 

Foamax OR A 

Fomad D 

General Cleaner A 

Hog Scald X 

Impact A 

Jo-Chlor No. 3 G 

Jo-Chlor No. 4 A 

Jo-San No. 1 G 

Jo- San No. 2 G 

Johar 52 A 

JEM-50 A,Q 



No. 1 A 

No. 10 B 

No. 108 B 

No. 11 A 

No. 12-D B 

No. 13 B 

No. 13A B 

No. 14-A C 

No. 14S C 

No. 15 B 

No. 20 A 

No. 23A C 

No. 23HL C 

No. 23LF C 

No. 25 D 

No. 26 A 

No. 29 D 

No. 32 B 


No. 33 B 

No. 33-A A 

No. 35 B 

No. 5 F 

No. 8 B 

Pan Wash A 

Power Detergent A 

Steam Cleaner B 


John A. Earl, Incorporated 

#5666 Break-Down A 

Earl's #5022 Sani-Clean 

(Odorless) F 

Earl's Du-All Cleaner #5010 D 

Grand Union Sani-Clean F 

John M. Loftus & Assoc., Inc. 

Soft Power Compound A 

Johns-Man vi lie Products Corporation 

Hyflo Super-Cel MM 

Johnson Chemical Co. 

B-T-O All-Pro Cleaner D 

Johnson Chemical Industries, Inc. 

Safe-Dry Bleach CC 

Johnson Hayworth Chemical Co. 

Pyrcnone Diazinon Residual 

Spray T 

Pyrenone Indust. Aerosol 

Insecticide S 

Pyrenone No. 1 S 

Pyrenone No. 3 S 

Pyrenone No. 4 S 

Pyrenone No. 5 S 

Pyrenone No. 6 Insecticide S 

Pyrenone No. 7 S 

Johnson, McCord & Seevers, Inc. 

WR-lll D 

Johnson, S.C. & Son, Inc. 

Big Bare A 

Bolt Comm Insect Liq Air 

Form V-500 ULD T 

Bolt Comm Insect Liq Air. 

Form P3610 S 

Bolt Comm Insect. Air. For 

Fly. Insects S 

Bolt Comm Insect. Dual Action 

Roach Bait T 

Bolt Comm Insect. Rcsidl. For 

Crawl. In T 

Bolt Comm Insect. Liq Air. for 

Fly. Insects S 

Bolt Comm 

Insect. Liq. Resid. for 

Crawl. In T 

Bolt Comm. Insect. Air. Solid 

In. Strip T 

Bolt Commericial Rodenticidc ..U 

Break-Up D 

Buggy Whip Airborne S 

Buggy Whip Residual T 

Come Clean A 

End Bac P 

Envy Instant Cleaner R 

Expose R 

Forward F 

Glance Glass Cleaner R 

Go-Getter P 

J-Clean D 

Johnson Blue Chip D 

Johnson Buggy Whip Solid 

Insect Killer T 

Johnson J-80 Sanitizer G 

Raid Insect Spray (Liquid) S 

Raid Residual Liquid T 

Step Off D 

Trail-Blazer D 

Wall Power Wall Washer R 

Wax Strip D 

Jon Don Products, Inc. 

Foam Break A 

Purity Speed Foam A 

Quat-Cide D 

Quat-Cide-N F 

Jonah Service Company 

Act 3 R 

Presto-Clean A 

Jones Chemical Company 

T-3 Indust. Strength CI. & 

Dcgreaser D 

Jones Chemicals, Incorporated 

Liquid Caustic Soda Z 

Sunny Sol Bleach Z 

Sunny Sol 150 G.K.V.Z 

Jones Manufacturing 

PHC-50 A 

Jones-Hamilton Company 

Bisulfate of Soda C 

Joplin Janitor Supply Company 

Conquer D 

Conquer Neutral Fragrance F 

Crud Buster Heavy Duty 

Cleaner A 

Crud-Buster D 

Joseph Dixon Crucible Co., The 

Dixon Ticonderoga Lub. Fla. 

Graph. No. 1 BB 

Fire Resistant Oven Chain 

Lubricant BB 

Graphite No. 8485 BB 

Graphite Oven Chain LubricantBB 
Graphokote 220 BB 

Jubilee Products, Incorporated 

Kandu Bleach G 

K & G Enterprises, Inc. 

'Spotless' A 

Derma-Suds Q 

Glisten D 

Grime Stopper D 

Irish Mist R 

Multi-Klean A 

Powcr-House D 

Rust Off R 

Sil-Lube AA 

Sila-Guard Z 

Speedy Spray A 

Spray Klean A 

Steam-Klean A 

K & R Distributing Co., Inc. 

De-Gree-Sol Solvent Cleaner 
Clnr & Dgrsr D 

K and M Products 

Activ VIII A 

K and M Lemon Hand Soap Q 

K C I Chemical Company 

Carmel-Solvent C 

Klene Vat-50 B 

Klener-E B 

Klor Klene A 

K D F Enterprises 

Enterprise 8000 A 

KDF 298 F 

KDF 350 F 

K E B, Incorporated 

K&S Heavy Duty Degreaser ....R 

K&S Kel Klcn A 

K&S Phase One R 

K R C Research Corporation 

KRC No. 7 Cleaner D 

Twink D 

K Yamada Distributors, Ltd. 

Non Butyl Degreaser A 

Super D A 

K.L. Sales 

K.L. Powdered Cleaning 

Compound A 

K-Klean Chemical Company 

Chelated Alkali #1 B 

Chlorinated C.I. P. Cleaner A,H 

Chlorinated Heavy Duty 

Cleaner B 

Concentrated Acid C 

Conveyor Lubricant #2 BB 

Dry Bleach CC 

Foam Booster A 

Foam Two A 

General Cleaner #1 A,H 

General Cleaner #2 A 

General Cleaner #3 A 

General Cleaner #3 SP A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

Heavy Duty Cleaner No. 2 B 

Hot Tank Cleaner B 

HD Spray Cleaner A,H 

K-Klean Cleaner-Degreaser A 

K-Klean Coco 40 Hand Soap.Q 
K-Klean Conveyor Lubricant ...BB 

K-Klean Liquid Sanitizer G 

Light Duty Cleaner A,H 

Liquid Acid Cleaner C 

Lite & Brite CC 

Powder Foam A 

Safety Bleach CC 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Special C.I. P. Cleaner A,H 

Trolley Klean B 

Trolley Oil AA 

Truck Wash A 

Kadison Laboratories, Inc. 

Sparkleen #1 A 

Kalco Chemical Company 

KC-20 Moisture Guard BB 

Kammson Industries, Inc. 

Industrial Creamedic-HD Q 

Trans-100 D 

Kamo Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

Big K A 

BK-62 B 


Chloro Clean F 


Dart C 

Emulsion Bow! Cleaner & 

Disinfectant P 

Germicidal Cleaner F 

Hi Foamy A 

K-»0 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

K-42 Smokehouse Cleaner B 

K-44 Activated Sewer Solvent. .O 

K-99 Insecticide S 

Kamo-F.I.S. Insecticide S 

Kamo's Liquid BST A 

KTC Tripe Cleaner Y 

No Roma Concrete Cleaner D 

Remov-Ox C 

Steam Cleaner GP B 

Vapo-Cide 400 S 

Kanco Tech., Inc. 

Hotsy Super X A 

Kane Chemical Company 

Liquid Househould Insect 
Spray #1 T 

Kankakee Industrial Supply Co. 

KM 550 Hy-Foam Degreasing 
Cleaner A 

Kansas City Chemical Company 

Super-Clo G,K 

Kansas Janitorial Supply 

Neutral Concentrate A 

Torol All Surface Cleaner A 

Kanter, R. J. Company, The 

Horseoline #2 A A 

Kapco Industries, Incorporated 

#10 Super Concentrate CleanerA 
#100 Super Odor 

Counteractant ...R 

#22 Frozen Freezer Cleaner D 

#50 Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Antiseptic Liquid Hand Soap....Q 

Formula No. 60 A 

Formula NP 812 G 

Formula 812 F 

Industrial Bowl Cleaner P 

Kapco Odor Counteractant 

Cleaner D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

No. 25 Germicidal Cleaner F 

No. 55 Hard Surface Cleaner.. ..D 
Sparkle Emulsion Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Super Clean-Up A 

Super No. 23 Cleaner & 

Stripper A 

Super Shine-All Concentrated 

Cleaner R 

Kar Products Inc. 

65379 White Grease BB 

65381 Hi-Temp Dry Lubricant 

(Aerosol) BB 

65385 Penetrating Oil (Aerosol) BB 

Kare Products, Inc. 

Knock Out S 

Roach & Ant Killer T 

Karen Janitorial Supply Co. 

Miracle Might D 

Karrousel Kemical Korporation, Inc. 

'Food-Plant' Insecticide S 

'Food-Plant' Insecticide Super 

Strength S 

'Grime-Away' A 

'Karre-Ox' C 

'Karrousel Klean-Kitchen' A 

'Kontack Odor-Trol' R 

'Silli-Slide' BB 

'Trash Kan-Karre' R 

Gentle Stroke W 

Grime-Away S.S A 

Lub-It BB 

Kay Chemical Company 

Ban-Or A 

Ban-Or 50 A 

Ban-Or 72 All Purp. Cleaner A 

Big 'K' D 

Charger B 

Chloro Tablets G 

Compound #600 A 

Compound #850 A 

Compound F-166 B 

Compound F-2I0 A 

Compound F-80 A 

Compound F-80-L A 

Compound 245 C 

Delimer C 

Drain Opener R 

HQF-310 D 

Lancer B 

TL-1 A 

V-41 A 

V-42 A 

Kay Chemical Company 

K-Fresh D 

K-Fresh(Neutral Fragrance) F 

Meat Room Cleaner A 

Kayline Chem-LLite Co. 

Bowl & Porcelain Cleaner P 

Brute Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

C-Thru Glass Cleaner R 

Destroy Mint Disinfectant R 

Erase Hvy Dty Germicidal 

Detergent-Deodz D 

Fog Fly Roach & Ant Spray S 

Kleen-Away II O 

Mr. Magic Germicidal Cleaner 

Deodorant R 

Open-Up Prilled Drain Opener .O 
Pure Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Silicone Spray A A 

Super Blast Fogging Insect 

Killer T 

X-It Residual Roach Liquid T 

Keating of Chicago, Inc. 

Keating Klenzer E 

Kebo Chemical 

Kebo Clean A 

Key man Neutralizer D 

Liquid Dynamite A 

Super Strip Off D 

Keeler Company, Inc., The 

ES-100 M 

ES-102 M 

ES-103 M 


ES-113 M 

ES-114 M 

Keene Products, Incorporated 

Deluxe Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Keene 311-LF A 

Keene 311-X A 

Keene-Eze A 

Keenelube #17 BB 

Keene, Food Service Div. 

Keene-CDS F 

Lubricoat AA 

Keepers Supply Corporation 

Complex K A 

Kel-San Products Company 

Utility Cleaner R 

Kelgraf Company, The/ A Div. of 
Anderson Oil&Chemical Co., Inc. 

1100CS BB 

1200BS BB 

1300MS BB 

1400 M BB 

Kellermeyer Chemical Company 

#173 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Foam-Away Cleaner D 

Kelco Concentrate D 

Master Industrial Bowl CleanerP 
San-O-Wite Toilet Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Swish D 

WG-5 Disinfectant P 

Kellogg- American, Inc. 

Rotary Oil KA RO 200 BB 

Kelso Company 

Acid Drain Opener O 

Bowl Cleaner Disinfectant P 

Concentrated Multi-Use 

Cleaner A 

Cream Cleanser P 

Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Heavy Duty Disinfectant 

Cleaner D 

Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Lemon Odor Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Liquid Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Lotionized Hand Dish 

Detergent D 

Pine Oil 5 Disinfectant R 

Porcelain and Bowl Cleaner F 

Roach 'N Ant Spray(Aerosol)...T 

Roach-N-Ant Spray T 

Silicone Spray BB 

40% Liquid Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

6209 Cleaner A 

Kelton Company, The 

Kel Steam 202 A 

Kelco Detergent A 

Kelco Detergent 202 A 

Kelco Detergent 404 A 

Kem Manufacturing Corp. 

A.R.69 AA 

Bio-Strain O 

Blast D 

Boiler Treat M 

Boiler Treat 1200 M 

Check Spice F 

Coilex A 

Concrete Cleaner D 

Control CC 

Durakem EP 500 AA 

Econocide S 


Ez Bait Weather Resistant Rat 

Killer U 

Fabrite CC 

Faze P 

Fogicide S 

FD-100 S 

Gentle Formula #4 A 

Germex R 

Germex Aerosol R 

Grout Gleem P 

H.G. Concentrate D 

Hands-Off D 

HR 230 

Insta-Kleen C 

K.O.K D 

Kern 'IT D 

Kem Kill B T 

Kem Lube BB 

Kem-O-Lan P 

Kemcide S 

Kemelt R 

Kemist Air Sanitizer Hospital 

Type R 

Kemist Odor Killer R 

Kemox C 

Kemsect S 

Kemsurge Q 

Kemterge D 

Kemtreet Krust C 

Kcmtreet M.S.R N 

Kemtreet Rx 150 N 

Kemtreet SX-1 1 C 

Kemtreet 100 M 

Kemtreet 1120 C 

Kemtreet 200 M 

Kemtreet 201 M 

Kemtreet 203 M 

Kemtreet 300 M 

Kemtreet 450 M 

Kemtreet 456 M 

Kemtreet 850 N 

Kcmtrcx A 

Kemtrol R 

Kemtronic BB 

Kemtronic Aerosol BB 

Kcmycin Q 

KiU T 

Klecrgard II R 

Lactosolv C 

Lathereeze Q 

Liqui Lube BB 

Micro-Cellerate Formula 3 

Miro-Kcm A 

New Formula 7-11 R 

New Vigilante W 

Odortrol R 

Penetrate R 

Pine 17 R 

Porcel P 

Quad A 

Quikcide Concentrate 

Insecticide S 

Quikcide Contact Insecticide ....S 

Quikcide Insecticide S 

Ren-O-Grout P 

Ren-O-Grout Ready To Use R 

Residex BB 

Rustless II C 

San-A-Lube A A 

San-O-Van R 

Sanitrol G 

Shield W 

Shine Brite A 

Silikem BB 

Skavenger O 

Stain-Go A 

Stainless P 

Steam All A 

Super Foam 310 A 

Superterge R 

Thermakem O 

Viro-Phene R 

Zip A 

Zone Fog S 

Kern-Co Chemical, Inc. 

Acid Quat Dairy and Food 

Industry Clnr G 

CD Cleaner Disinfectant Deodz 

Fungicide G 


Swim. Pools, Etc C 

Di-Verse D 

Di-Verse Butyl Cleaner D 

Eliminator O 

Gentle Touch W 

Glass-N-Utility Cleaner R 

Grease Gun BB 

Hospital Foaming Cleaner P 

Kwik Klean Concentrate A,Q 

NP Cleaner Disinfectant Deodz 

Fungicide G 

Sani-GIeem P 

Spray-Fog S 

Surgi-Power Q 

Wash-Up Liquid Coco Hand 

Soap Q 

Wipe Out Multi-Use Cleaner 

Degreaser R 

Kemaloid Corporation, The 

Kemaloid #AL-25 M 

Kemaloid #AL-40 M 

Kemaloid #OS-15 N 

Kemaloid #OS-30 M 

Kemaloid #PO-20 N 

Kemaloid #PO-35 M 

Kemaloid Dry Heavy Duty 

#201 M 

Kemaloid Liquid-HP #102 N 

Kemaloid Liquid-LP #101 N 

Kemaloid Steam Line 

Treatment #310 M 

Kemaloid Water Treatment M 

Kemco Chemical Company 

Bingo C 

Bowl Brite P 

Chlor-Klcen A 

Flash D 

Glass Cleaner R 

Green Giant Hand Dshwshng 

Detergent A 

Hi-Foam A 

Invisible Skin Shield Cream W 

K-Wash A 

Kemco #1 A 

Kleen-Brite D 

Lite A 

No. 25 Insecticide S 

Oceana Q 

Pink Lotion A 

Pro Fite A 

Spray and Wipe All Purpose 

Cleaner R 

Super Flash D 

Valiant Hand Soap Q 

Victory Cleaner-Disinfectant ....P 
Winda-Shine Glass Cleaner R 

Kemco Environmental Products Co. 

Chain & Cable Lubricant BB 

K-26 Silicone Spray AA 

KE-25 Insecticide S 

Lanolin Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Sani-Lube Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Super Clean All Purpose 

Cleaner R 

TEF Sealer BB 

Wyte-Ease Lithium Grease 

Lubricant BB 

Kemex, Incorporated 

Insect Spray T 

K 190 D 

K25 A 

K35 A 

K 350 Q 

K 355 Q 

K 570 B 

K 580 B 

K-302 Liquid Dishwash A 

K-320 A 

K-33 D 

K-340 A 

K-380 Q 

K-44 D 

K-48 Foam-Kleen A 


K300 Liquid Dishwash A 

K881 Super Enzymes O 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 6 R 

Orange Bacteriasol Germicidal 
Cleaner R 

Kemicals, Incorporated 

K-2AC A 

Kemin Industries, Incorporated 

Kem San F 

Kem Wet P L 

Ken-Ray Industrial Products Corp 

Power Instant Spray Cleaner ....D 

Kendall Co., The 

Kendall Food Plant Fogging 
Insecticide S 

Kendall Refining Company 

Kenlube C-931 BB 

Kenlubc L-412 BB 

Kenlube L-421 BB 

Kenlube L-425 BB 

Kenlube M-612 BB 

Kenlube M-621 BB 

Kenlube S-825 BB 

Kenlube S-831 BB 

Three Star Gear Lubricant 

SAE 85 W-I40 BB 

Kensington Co. Inc., The 

Germi-Kleen D 

Multi Concentrate D 

Kensington Products Co. 

Kenpro Safety Clean A 

Kent Chemical Company 










Kenway Chemical Co. of Kentucky 

Creme-A-San P 


Kernite/ Division of NCH 

K" O Sect T 

K-Last BB 

K'-Steam A 

K'an-'K'are R 

K'era-Fog S 

K'eraaire R 

K'ernaire Aerosol R 

K'U Mate T 

Kon-Off C 

K"oncentrate A 

KVick-Thaw R 

K'Linic-Klean R 

K'Linic-Klean R 

K'Nock-Out Wasp Spray T 

Aero -K - BB 

Big K A 

BT-2000 M 

Cavalier D 

Chain and Cable Cover BB 

Chamber Maid P 

Count-Out S 

Domain Part A' & Part B' O 


Econ-K-6 R 

First Line C 

Gangbuster B 

Gleams A 

K-Sect 88 T 

Kaptain-Kleen A 

KTT 1000 N 

KWT-101 N 

LubrK - BB 

Lubra'K' H.H BB 

Lunge D 

Mr S'KTn Q 

Multi-Lube White Food-Grade 

Lubricant A A 

Out-K' Old S 

Ox-Out M 

Quadro K' S 

S'Kale-X C 

San-Greeze AA 

Sewer-'K'len O 

Sila-'K' AA 

Top Blend SAE 85W-140 BB 

Tower Treat N 

Un-LocK - BB 

Un-Loc'K' Aerosol BB 

Kerns, J. F. Chemical Corp. 

Liquispray D 

Kerns, J. F. Industries 

Banish R 

Cabrite 87 A 

Coconol Q 

Foamor A 

Galvo C 


Liquakleen A 

Liquispray D 

Pandy A 

Pine-Type -Dis R 

Quest B 

RD6000 B 

Sectrol 1011 S 

Sesame O 

Sharpies Cleaner B 

Smoke x B 

So Klean D 

Sprite D 

Steamex B 

Tripe Bleach Y 

Tripe 800 Y 

Tripe 900 Y 

Trox 76 B 


1425 Shell Egg Wash H 

347 C 

5555 B 

888 General Industrial Cleaner. A 
888 S A 

Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp. 

Trona Fine Granular Soda Ash.Y 
Trona Granular Soda Ash Y 

Key Chemical Co. Inc. 

Auto Degreaser A 

Drain Flo O 

Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Super Heavy Duty All-Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Synthetic Cleaner D 

Key Chemical Company 

Form. No.23HvyDty Wax 

Remvr&Degr D 

Key Chemical Company 

Alive Bacteria/Enzyme LS- 

Key Chemical Company 

CD-95 M 

Keyco 150 M 

Keyco 310 M 

Keyloid 119 M 

Key Chemicals, Incorporated 

Key-Chem 200 D 

Key-Chem 303-A C 

Key-Chem 306 D 

Key-Chem 307 A 

Key-Chem 342 A 

Key-Chem 348 A 

Key-Chem 370 A 

Key-Chem 370A A 

Key-Chem 371 C 

Key-Chem 390NF C 

Key-Chem 503 F 

Key-Chem 503 A D,R 

Key-Chem 533 D 

Key-Chem 760 D 

Key-Mix 100 A 

Key-Mix 107 B 

Key-Mix 111 A 

Key-Mix 113 A 

Key-Mix 117 A 

Key-Mix 125 B 

Key-Mix 131 B 

Key-Mix 139C A 

Key-Mix 147 A 

Key-Mix 28 C 

Key-Mix 30 A 

Key-Mix 40 

Key-Mix 48 A 

Key-Mix 54 A 

Key-Mix 54H A 

Key-Mix 92 B 

Key-Mix 95 A 

Key Chemlab Corporation 

Action P 

Attack S 

Bactrol Mint Odor Disinfectant P 
Bactrol Pine Odor Disinfectant. R 

Blast Off B 

Breeze P 

Chem-Ox C 

Chem-Sil BB 

D.D.D D 

Flow O 

Fogicide T 

Husky Creme Hand Clnr 

(Aerosol) W 

Key Kleen A 

Key Lube 201 BB 

Key Lube 33 AA 

Kleen (Aerosol) R 

Kleer R 

Power Off B 

Punch P 

Purge O 

Show Off P 

Tef-Seal BB 

X-L D 

Key-Chem Industries 

#15 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

'PDQ' Lotionized Waterless 

Hand Cleane W 

Adios Insecticide T 

Concept P 


E-Z-Wrench BB 

Enzymes O 

Move-It Dry Silicone AA 

Nock-Out T 

Pro-Tek Moisture Guard BB 

Refresh Lemon Scented P 

Royal Flush O 

Swat T 

Swinger D 

Keystone Chemical & Supply Co. 

Boiler Water Treatment M 

Keystone Division/Pennwalt Corp. 

Condensed Oil 50 Medium BB 

Cup Grease Medium BB 

G.P. 20 BB 

G.P. 30 BB 

GG Medium A A 

K 600 BB 

K.L.C. No. 6 BB 

Kelco SAE 20 Motor Oil BB 

Kelco SAE 30 Motor Oil BB 

Kelco SAE 40 Motor Oil BB 

Keycut 102 BB 





KLC-432 BB 


KLC-543 BB 

KLC-654A BB 

KR-6 BB 

KSL 222 BB 

KSL-112 BB 

KSL-114 BB 

KSL-213 BB 

KSL-214 BB 

KSL-219 BB 

Moly 29 BB 

Moly-81 LT BB 

Nevastane Heavy AA 

Nevastane HT-1 AA 

Nevastane Light A A 

Nevastane Medium AA 

Nevastane SP Heavy AA 

Nevastane SP Light AA 

Nevastane SP Medium AA 

Nevastane SPS AA 

Nevastane SP6 AA 

Nevastane 10 AA 

Nevastane 20 AA 

Nevastane 40 A A 

Nevastane 5 A A 

Nevastane 6 Light AA 

Nevastane 6 Medium AA 

No. 1790 BB 


No. 53-X Light BB 

No. 81 Light BB 

No. 81 X Light BB 

No. 81 XX Light BB 

No. 86 Light BB 

No. 89 Medium Silicone BB 

NP-500 BB 

NP-750 BB 

Pen Oil No. 1 BB 


Silicone Release Agent & 

Lubricant A A 

Velox 2062 BB 


WG-1 BB 

WG-3 BB 

1791 BB 

2-K-6 AA 

2K5 Medium AA 

2K5X Light AA 

49 Med BB 

49-LT BB 

5P6 AA 

5P7 Heavy AA 

5P7 Light AA 

5P7 Medium AA 

53-LT BB 

80 Light BB 

80 XX Light BB 

86 Med BB 

Keystone Laboratories, Inc. 

Keystone BT-642 M 

Keystone BT-652 M 

Keystone BT-661-F M 

Keystone OR-70 M 

Keystone P-380 M 

Keystone PP-390 Z 

Keystone SI-377 M 

Keystone SL-681 M 

Keystone Wiper & Supply Co. 

Key-O-Kleen D 

Kilburn Chemical Company 

Wind-O-Shine R 

Kilmer & Associates 

K&A-300 A 

Kimbell Foods, Incorporated 

Kalex Bleach F.CC 

101 Heavy Duty All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

305 Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

340 Lemon Disinfectant P 

701 R-T-U Liquid Hand Soap...Q 


Kemclean R-10 Concentrated 
Detergent D 

Kemclean R-ll All Purpose 
Cleaner D 

Kimzey Chemical Company 

Disburse A 

Kimquat 64-N F 

Kinetico Incorporated 

K-Five Z 

King Associates, LTD. 

King Bath And Tile Cleaner A 

King Detergent Cleaner 

Disinfectant F 

King Liquid Hand Soap Q 

King Mint Disinfectant P 

King Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

King Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

King Pink Lotion Hand Soap....Q 

King Super Cleaner D 

King Super Strip D 

King Wax Stripper-Degreaser 
Cleaner A 

King Chemical Company, Inc. 

King-Solv A 

Luster-King D 

Opalene Hand Soap '. Q 

Tri-Lite A 

King Chemical Company, Inc. 

Kingco All-Purp Silcn Spray 

Food Grd A A 

Kingco All-Purp Silcn Spray 

Food Grd 2% AA 

Kingco All-Purp Silcn Spray 

Food Grd 3% AA 

Kingco All-Purp Silcn Spray 

Food Grd 4% AA 

Kinzua Environmental, Inc. 

KE 22 D 

KE 31 D 

KE 89 A 

Power-Out O 

Kitten & Bear Chemicals, Inc. 

Concentrated Aerosol Purge II 

Insect S 

Cygon 2-E Systemic 

Insecticide T 

Diazinon 4E T 

Felton 77 Masking Agent R 

Industrial Aerosol Insecticide 

Cone S 

Kitten 88 Problem Odor 

Control R 

Kitten 88 Problem Odor 

Control Cone R 

Malathion 57-E T 

PY-3 S 

Roach and Ant Spray T 

Kjell Water Consultants, Inc. 

C-10 z 

F-35 Z 

K.W.C. Aqua Mag Z 

Kleen Chemical Company, Inc. 

All Kleen A 

All-Kleen Heavy Duty A 

Bowl Kleen #34 P 

D-505 Hand Dishwashing Det...A 

F-99 A 

G-707 Galvanized Cleaner C 

Hog Scald X 

Kleen Klor F 

Kleen R-1000 P 

Kleen W-5 A 

Kleen 01 Q 

Kleen 02 Q 

Kleen 11 A 

Kleen 22 A 

Kleen 23 A 

Kleen 24 A 

Kleen 25 A 

Liquid HD Alkaline Cleaner A 

P-101 B 

P-711 A 

WA-55 L 

1-4 Insecticide S 

511-Plus Heavy Duty Cleaner- 

Degreaser D 

88 Inhibited Acid Detergent C 

Kleen Kare Company 

Big G - A 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap 

(Concentrate) Q 

Combine D 

Dual-27 Disinfectant Cleaner ....F 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

GPC-24 D 

KK Industrial Deodorant R 

Odo-Rout R 

R.I.S.-15 Residual Insecticide ...T 

Remuv-Ox C 

Steam Cleaner Liquid B 

Vita-Pine R 

Kleenco Sales And Services, Inc. 

Disinfectant Cleaner 140 D 

Heavy Duty K-Suds R 

Kleen-Off A 

Kleenzit D 

PleaScent R 

Klein Kleen-All Company Div. of 
Terminix International 

Blue Concentrate General 

Cleaner D 

Heavy Duty Cleaner & 

Degreaser T100 R 

Terminix Germicidal Cleaner. ...F 

Klein Pest Control Company 

Bug X S 

Kilex S 

Rat Feast U 

Klenzade Division Economics 
Laboratory, Inc. 

Acclean Formula HC-500 A 

Acid 2573 C 

Aero-San A A 

Alkaline Low Temperature 

Cleaner 2556 A 

Alkaline Low Temperature 

Cleaner 2561 A 

Automate 1 A,H 

Automate 2 A,H 

Automate 3 A,H 

AC-1 B 

AC-10 B 

AC-100 B 

AC-3 C.CC 

AC-300 C 

AC-6 A,Z 

AP-1 A 

Bevro Klene Formula ID-81 G 

Bio-Klenz A 

Brite-Klenz Formula HC-19 B.O 

Brite-Klenz Formula HC20 B.O 

C-I-P Acid M C 

Chelate Additive Form. LC-82..A.H 

Cir-Klenz A,H 

Cleaner 2356 A 

Defoam Acid Formula 2190 C 

Derma Klenz Q 

Diophor Formula ID-80 F 

Drain-Klenz O 

Egg Wash KX 2490 H 

Envirocid C 

Esteem B.O 

Floor-Nu A 

Foam-Breaker 2579 A 

Foam-Nox Formula LC-81 A,H,HH 

Hard Water Treat 'A' Form 

WT-11 Z 

Heavy Duty Acid M Formula 

2568 C 

Heavy Duty Alkaline 

Deter.KX2448 B 


Heavy-Duty Egg Wash 2521 H 

Heavy-Duty Formula LC-30 C 

High Foaming Liquid Cleaner.. .A 
High Foaming Low 

Temperature Clnr. 2553 A 

Hog Scald 1 X 

HC-10 Chlorinated Kleer-Mor ..A 
HC-22 Mechanical Clnr Form 

HC-22 A 

HC-6 Cleaner Formula HC-6....A 

HC-8 General Cleaner A 

HC-86 B.O.V 

HC-90 Chlorinated Detergent... A, H 

HW-19 C 

Iodophor Dtrgnt Santzr Form 

ID-11 F,JJ 

Iodophor San Hi /er JJ 

IM-3 General Cleaner A 

K- San Formula S-15 G 

Kancel Formula HC-34 N 

Kleen-Shel Formula 880 H 

Kleer-Brite Formula HC-29 B.O 

Kleer-Klenz Formula HC-32 B 

Kleer-Mor Formula HC-1 A 

Klenz-Foam A 

Klenz-Glide Conveyor 

Lubricant 4 A,BB 

Klenz-Glide 1 A.BB 

Klenz-Glide 10 A,BB 

Klenz-Glide 2 A.BB 

Klenz-Glide 3 A,BB 

Klenz-Glide 5 A,AA 

Klenz-Glide 7 A,BB 

Klenz-KIor Formula X-3 F,H 

Klenz-Scald Formula 2133 A,L 

Klenz-Solv D 

Klenzmation AC-7 A 

Klenzmation Formula AC-30....C 

Klenzyme O 

Kurb Formula HC-65 N 

Laundry Del. Super 'S' Form. 

HC76 CC 

Liquid Cleaner 2 A 

Liquid Cleaner 3 A 

Liquid Egg Defoamer 2579 HH 

Liquid Foam Booster And 

Cleaner A 

Liquid Gen. Purpose Cleaner 

#2256 A 

Liquid Peeler V 

Liquid Sanitizer G,K,V,Z.CC, 

Liquid Smokehouse Cleaner 

2528 D 

Liquid Sodium Hydroxide B,O.V 

Liquid-K Formula LC-300 A 

Low Foaming Liquid Cleaner... A 

Low Temperature Lubricant A.BB 

Lubn-Klenz A.BB 

Mikroklene DF G.JJ.GG 

Multi-Power Formula HC-9 A 

MI-5 Formula MI-5 A.H 

Nu-KIeen C 

OR-3 Acid Detergent Formula 

OR-3 C 

Phosphoric Acid C 

Poultry Scald 2510 A,L 

PL-190 H 

PL-3 C,CC 

Redi-Kleen A 

Retort Additive KX-2363 Z 

Special Alkali Formula HC-41 ..B 

Speed Wash Formula LC-5 A 

Spray Cleaner 2135 A 

Ster-Bac Formula KQ-12 G,J 

Technical Oil 1 AA 

Technical Oil 2 AA 

Technical Oil 3 AA 

Top Blend SAE 80W-90 BB 

Trichlor-O-Cide Formula XP- 

100 F 

Vega-Kleen Formula 1164 V 

Vega-Kleen Formula 2437 A.V 

Vital Pwdr Caustic Additive 

Form HC-52 A 

Vital 2 Formula 2446 A 

X-4 G.K 

XY-12 G.K.V.Z.CC, 


2100 Acid C 

2171 General Cleaner A 

2313 Liq. Alkaline Clnr Form. 

2313 D.H 

2385 Plastic Wash A 

2470 Conveyor Lubricant A.BB 

Klenzer Company, The 

Heavy Duty A. P. Detergent A 

Heavy Duty Liq. Steam Clning 

Compd A 

Non-Caustic Liq. Steam Clning 

Compd A 

Klenzoid, Inc. 

Kelox #10F M 

Klenphos Z 

Klenzamine M 

Klenzamine Fl N 

Klenzamine F2 N 

Klix Chemical Company, Inc. 

Bluebird A 

Boss D 

Brawnee D 

Chloro Clean F 

Clean-CO 25 D 

Concrete Cleaner R 

Control CC 

Do-It D 

Egg Wash #18-266 H 

Foam-O-Gel D 

Germicidal Cleaner F 

Grease Trap Cleaner O 

Green Glass Cleaner R 

Grime Zapper Q 

Iodine Sanitizer F 

K-100 R 

KLX Cleaner A 

Liquid Soap Q 

Liquid Suds Up A 

Logic CC 

Med-I-Sept Q 

Mighty Concentrated DetergentD 

Mill Spray S 

Phos-Clean C 

Powdered Laundry Bleach 16%CC 

Power Pink Cleaner D 

Power Spray S 

Spray Clean D 

Super Concentrated Control CC 

Super-Q-Sanitizer F 

Top-Flite A 

Knapp Chemical Company 

Acid Descaler C 

Acid Detergent C 

All Purpose Cleaner Granular... A 

All Purpose Cleaner Liquid A 

Bottle Washing Compound B 

Bottle Washing Compound- 
Liquid B 

Chain Lubricant #1 BB 

Chain Lubricant #2 BB 

Chlorinated Machine 

Dshwshng Comp A 

Egg Stain Remover I 

Egg Washing Compound H 

Floor and Wall Cleaner A 

Food Contamination Remover. B 

Knapp Fruit Wash V 

Knapp Portable Restroom 

Deodorant-Clnr P 

Liquid Detergent A 

Machine Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Peeling Compound V 

Pipeline Cleaner Heavy Duty.. ..A 

Pipeline Cleaner-Regular A 

Pot.Pan&Utensil Cleaner A 

Roach Control Insecticide 

Aerosol T 

Spra-Gon Drosophila Spray S 

Spra-Gon Roach and Fly Spray S 
Steam Cleaning Comp H.D. 

Liquid A 

Steam Cleaning Comp Light 

Duty Liq A 

Steam Cleaning Comp Med 

Duty Powd B 

Steam Cleaning Comp Medium 

Liq A 

Steam Cleaning Compound 

H.D. Powd B 

Steam Clning Comp. Lght Duty 

Powder A 

Knight Enterprises, Incorporated 

AV 60 D 

Brite 400 C 

Brite 404 C 

BD 14 A 

Carb Off 400 B 

Carb Off 405 B 

Carb Off 44 B 

Cleen J B 

Cleen 200 B 

Cleen 70 AL A 

FLR.-Con D 


Hi-Ho Lotionized Hand 

Cleaner Q 

HL Concentrate A 

HT-17 A 

Jel-Cleen R 

JR-8 C 

Knight L-212 R 

Knight 1 A 

Lub-29 BB 

PH Reducer S C 

Rapid Clean R 

Special 123 Spray Cleaner D 

Spra 16 R 

Super Concentrate D 

SC-55 C 

SRO 82 B 

T-21-L R 

T-25-L R 


Zephyr Brite D 

123 Spray Cleaner & Degrease .D 

15% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

20% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

200-B A 

212 A 

40% Concentrate Liq. Hand 

Soap Q 

505 A 

506 B 

515 A 

770 A 

920 A 

Knight Oil Corporation 

Knight's Grease Grabber W 

Knight's New Spray Nine A 


Knox Chemical Company 

Canner's Special Insecticide S 

Diazinon 4S Insecticide T 

Fly Killer T 

Formula #111 S 

Formula DML T 

Formula MML T 

Formula 311 Residual 

Insecticide T 

Hi-Pressure Aerosol Bomb S 

Knox Fly Spray Formula G S 

Knox Pyrenone B S 

Knox Pyrenone Semi- 
Concentrate S 

Knox Rat & Mouse Cakes U 

Knox Special Contact Spray 
Formula-D S 

Knox Special Mill Spray S 

Knoxit #304 D 

Malathion Insecticide 2 T 

Malathion Insecticide 5 T 

Mintene P 

M4F T 

New Improved Prolin U 

Professional F.O.D T 

Pyrenone A S 

Pyrenone Concentrate C S 

Pyrenone O.T. 60-6 Insecticide .S 

Pyronyl Concentrate #3610 S 

Residual 'D' Insecticide T 

Residual Insecticide T 

Tanner's Special Formula 

Insecticide T 

20% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Knox Oil of Texas, Inc. 

Blue Spray Car Wash 

Detergent A 

Koch Supplies, Incorporated 

Hi-Voltage A 

New 'Old' Baldy Liquid Hog 

Scald X 

Old Baldy Hog Scald X 

Smoke House And AU Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Tripurge Y 

Kochem Inc./ Div. Power Engr'g & 

Formula CWT-41 Z 

Formula H-211 Boiler Feed 

Water Treat M 

Formula HA-20 M 

Formula HB-13 Boiler Feed 

Water Treat M 

Formula HB-13A M 

Formula HB-21 Boiler Feed 

Water Treat M 

Formula HCW-66 N 

Formula HL-10 Boiler Feed 

Water Treat M 

Formula HL-10A M 

Formula HL-18 Boiler Feed 

Water Treat M 

Formula LS-12 Boiler Feed 

Water Treat M 

Formula LS-20 Boiler Feed 

Water Treat M 

Formula RL-55 Boil. Corosn 

Contrl Treat M 

Formula RL-56 Boil. Corosn 

Contrl Treat M 

Formula SB-15 Boiler Feed 

Water Treat M 

Formula SB-19 Boiler Feed 

Water Treat M 

Formula SB-23 Boiler Feed 

Water Treat M 

Formula TW-250 Cooling 

Water Treatment N 

Formula TW-251 Cooling 

Water Treatment N 

Kochem AL-146 Algicide N 

Kochem AL-153 Algicide N 

Kohl's Food Stores 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Kohnstamm, H. & Company, Inc. 

#996 Universal Detergent A,CC 

Blue Power Scouring Creme P 

Borochlor Dry Bleach CC 

Bowl Power P 

Bug-Off Residual Insecticide ,...T 
Bug-Off Residual Insecticide 

(Aer.) T 

Clear-Blue R 

Colorsuds CC 

Eliminator Drain Opener O 

Ez-It Silicone Lubricant AA 

Germ Spot R 

H.K. Alkaline Cleaner B 

H.K. All Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner A 

H.K. AU-Purpose Liquid 

Alkaline Cleaner A 

H.K. Detergent Oil A.CC 

H.K. Dry Bleach CC 

H.K. Manual Washing 

Detergent A 

H.K. Sodium Metasilicate CC 

Impax A.CC 

Inex CC 

Intersuds CC 

Knock Out S 

Lime Solv A,CC 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Medi-Cream Q 

No. 1179 Detergent CC 

Nuclor Dry Bleach CC 

Orange Fresh R 

Perlite Extra B.CC 

Perlite Regular A.CC 

Poly/Cot D.CC 

Pow-R-Clean D 

Pow-R-Foam A 

Ramrod D 

Sani-Bowl P 

Sani-Phene Plus D 

Sani-Q F 

Sani-Q-Extra F 

Simplex CC 

Startex CC 

Steamer A 

Super Sheen A 

Thundersuds D.CC 

Kor-Chem, Inc. 

Bact-Cide N 

Gets-It Pot&Pan Hnd Dish.Liq 
Cone 181-L A 

Kor-X-All Company Inc. 

Kor-X-All Neutra Sheen A 

Kraft Chemical Company, Inc. 

Kaynidol #24 A 

Kraft Foods 

Can Cleaner RK-330 A 

Cheesecloth Cleaner RK-355 . ...B 

Chelated Liquid Cleaner B 

Chlorinated C.I. P. Cleaner RK- 

331 A 

Chlorinated Farm Cleaner RK- 

359 A 

Chlorinated General Cleaner A 

Concentrate No. 471 A 

General Cleaner RK-329 A 

Liqui Clean A 

Liquid Floor Cleaner No. 1 D 

Micro Kleen RK 336 C 

NDP-29 Dairy Farm Cleaner 

RK-338 A 

NDP-32 Milkstone Remover 

RK-339 C 

Organic Milkstone Remover C 

Pan Acid Cleaner RK-333 C 

Pan Alkali Cleaner RK-332 A 

Phosphoric Milkstone Remover 

RK-334 C 

Recirc. Phosphoric Milkstn 

Rmvr C 

Sequestrant H A 

Special Heavy Duty Liquid 

Cleaner A 

Wetter Defoamer A 

Kramer Chemicals Inc. 

Lube Len-100 BB 

Krano Products Company 

Krano Film Remover D 

No. 8540 Kranomagic Cleaner. .D 

Kroger Company 

Kandu Liquid Detergent A 

Kwiq Industrial Cleaner A 

Kuhl Corporation 

Commercial Detergent H 

Concentrated Sanitizer Powder. K 

Defoamer HH 

Destainer I 

Hatcher Tray Washing 

Compound A,H 

Super CD H 

Kutol Products Company 

•Job' Q 

"3 + 1' Medicated Skin Cream W 

Economy P 

Hi-Let P 

Kutol S-PHS P 

KML Medicated Skin Lotion. ..W 

Miracle P 

Monarch P 

No. 110 Magic Muscle P 

No. 140 Waterless Skin 

Cleaner W 

No. 45 R 

No. 510 Liquid S.C. 

Concentrate A 

No. 540 Lotion Hand Cleaner. ..W 
No. 550 Lotion Hand Cleaner. ..W 

No. 9100 Laundry Detergent CC 

No. 92 Laundry Detergent CC 

Protective Cream (Water- 
Resistant) W 

Protective Cream PC -25 

(Solvent-Resist.) W 

Pum-Solv Antiseptic Hand 

Cleaner W 

Pure P 

Royal Lotion Skin Cleanser Q 

Safe-Guard P 

San-O-Clean P 

Summa Hand Cleaner P 

Supreme P 


L & A Products-Northern Calif. 

Lanco Formula 361 A 

Lanco-Chlor HD B 

LA Concentrate D 

L & A Products, Inc. 

#20 General Cleaner A 

#44 D 

#46 F 

Formula 14 A 

Formula 14M A 

Formula 14PF A 

Formula 16 A 

Formula 36 A 

Formula 36L D 

Formula 40 A 

Formula 58 C 

Formula 64 B 

Formula 685 A 

Formula 690 A 

Formula 695 B 

L & J Chemical & Supply Co. Inc. 

AC 555 C 

AC 666 C 

ASC 15 A 

CMC 25 A 

CMC 50 A 


GC 77 A 

GC 99 A 

HDC 101 B 

HDC 102 B 

HDC 103 B 

HDC 104 B 

L & P Paper Co. 

Lots-of -Power A 

L & S Products 

Liquid Dynamite D 

L K C Cleaning 

Degreaser/Cleaner A 

LPS Research Laboratories, Inc. 

LPS #1 BB 

LPS #2 BB 

LPS #3 BB 


L. B. Chemical Company, Inc. 

L.B.D. #10 Sanitizer & 

Detergent F 

L.B.D. Algi-San 10 N 

L.B.D. Drain Opener&Sewer 

Solvnt O 

L.B.D. Hansom A 

L.B.D. Heavy Duty Concrete 

Clnr R 

L.B.D. Lite C 

L.B.D. Mark VII Concentrate. ..A 
L.B.D. Milky Bowl 

Clnr&Deodorizer P 

L.B.D Pine Disinfectant R 

L.B.D. Spray Concentrate No. 

625 S 

L.B.D. Tip Top A 

L.B.D. Zippo Liq. Steamer 

Compnd B 

L.B.D. Zippo Pwdr Steamer 

Compnd B 

La-Mar Chemicals, Incorporated 

Acid Etch C 

Acidulade III C 

ALC-77 Aluminum Cleaner C 

CHD-77 Heavy Duty Cleaner. ..D 

DS-140 Disinfectant #10 G 

Floor Blast D 

FD #1 Neutral Fragrance F 

FD#1C Citrus Fragrance D 

FF 67 Foam Off A 

FSC 800 Steam Cleaner A 

Grease A-Go-Go R 

HD 77 D 

IA-30 Inhibited Acid C 

Kennel Kleen II D 

Kennel Kleen 1 Neutral 

Fragrance F 

MW-82 Motor Cleaner R 

RS-102 Spray S 


SC-800 Liq. Steam Jenny 

Compound A 

Lab Automated Chemicals Div. Of 
American Chemmate Corp. 

Actene-Z O 

Applaud P 

Banish T 

Bi-Phase R 

Biomune G,J 

Broot O 

Corelium P 

D-Bac P 

Delectrin BB 

Deo-Bol P 

Deo-Gen R 

Descend O 

Dish Wash Compound A 

Dispatch R 

Frigid-Kleen D 

Glyde R 

Hytox Chemical Cleaner C 

Lab Conquer D 

Lab Creme Lotion Q 

Lab Escort D 

Lab Flo-Kleen O 

Lab Glaspray R 

Lab Lust'r R 

Lab One D 

Lab One Formula 128:1 R 

Lab One Plus R 

Lab Steem A 

Lab Steem HD A 

Lab Super Strip R 

Lab 102 Vaporizer Insect 

Spray S 

Lab 12 D 

Lab-Mist Disinfectant- 
Deodorant R 

Lab-Prime D 

Lab-Trol R 

Listrovax R 

Original Bty Tile Restor.& 

Grout Clnr P 

Positrel Q 

Positrel n.s Q 

Power Mite A 

Power-Jet Concentrate D 

Prelan W 

Prestige Detrgnt Restnt Floor 

Finish D 

Pro-Tectrin BB 

Rain'N Shine R 

Shuv BB 

Sila-Lube (Aerosol) AA 

Sila-Lube (Bulk) AA 

Sparkolite R 

Sprint R 

Strafe S 

Tcchtrol Tri-Aerate A 

Times-3 R 

Total-Break A 

Tri-Power R 

Ultra-Glo A 

Whirl Away A 

Labbco, Incorporated 

Lass-O Bleach CC 

Lad Chemicals 

Kleenz Brite Extra A 

PHC-71 A 

PHC-72 A 

Suds Kleenz A 

Lair Products, Inc. 

Formula #10 A 

Lake Road Warehouse Company 

Lake Road Warehouse Cleaner 

No. 1 B 

Packers White Oil AA 

Lakeview Chemical 

B747 A 

Lamar Chemical Co. 

All Pro No. 100 Cleaner A 

All Pro Steam Cleaner D 

Lamb Chemicals Incorporated 

General Purpose Cleaner D 

Lambin & Company 

Pro-Col Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Lamco Chemical Company, Inc. 

Heavy Duty Cleaner And 

Degreaser D 

MR. 50 Special Cleaner D 

Lamont Labs, Inc. 

Elegant Q 

K-34 P 

Non-Butyl Power Kleen A 

RD-210 D 

Lancelot Laboratories, Inc. 

Lancelot Degreaser Clnr. & 
Wax Stripper A 

Lanco Chemical 


Land O'Lakes, Inc. 

Lando Concentrate C 

Pyrenone All-Purpose Spray S 

Residual Spray Concentrate T 

Lane Laboratories, Incorporated 

A.K . Chlor Concentrate R 

COS-40 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Eapo O 

Five-Purpose F 

Food Plant Lube AA 

Giant Killer S 

Lane Surekill Fogger S 

Lane Surekill Space Spray S 

Lane-Fog-O S 

Lano-Tox S 

LBT-101 M 

LBT-201 M 

LBT-301 M 

Sani-Sure G 

Solar Concentrate A 

Steam-X A 

Super Tru-Solv R 


Tempest S 

Tender Touch W 

True-Solv A 

Lange Supply 

Lang's Germicidal 

Cl.Disinf.(Neu.Fragr.) F 

Lantis Company, The 

Lantis No. 256 D 

Lantis No. 5 Multi-Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Lantis No. 6 Low Foam 

Stripper/Degreaser D 

Lantis No. 64 D 

Lantis No. 7 Foaming 

Degreaser A 

Lathrop Laboratories 

Lathrop Live Micro-Organisms O 

Laun-Dry Supply Co., Inc. 

Clear Lotion Dshwshng 

Detergent A 

Hi-Quat Disinfectant G 

Pink Lotion Detergent A 

Lavar Corporation 

Hot Tank Compound B 

Rust Stripper B 

Style A 

Surface D 

Var-Brite A 

Lavar Laboratories 

Deodorizing Cleaner (Cherry 

Scent) R 

Deodorizing Cleaner (Lemon 

Scent) R 

Deodorizing Cleaner (Orange 

Scent) R 

Lava Soft CC 

Lava-Mano A 

Lava-Matic C-100 A 

Lava-Matic H-220 A 

Lava-Matic N-l 10 A 

Lava-Matic N-200 A 

Lava-Matic S-210 A 

Lavacide S 

Lavagon S 

Lavarid S 

Lavaspray T 

LBC-100 M 

LBC-112 M 

LBW-03 M 

LBW-04 M 

LBW-12 M 

LBW-15 M 

LBW-16 M 

LBW-22 M 

LBW-24 M 

LBW-26 M 

LBW-27 M 

LBW-39 N 

LCS-410 A 

LCS-411 C 

LCS-412 C 

LCS-420 Cleaner & Scale 

Treat C 

LCS-445 Cleaner & Scale 

Treat N 

LCW-201 N 

LCW-203 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

LCW-204 N 


LCW-205 N 


LCW-210 N 

LCW-219 N 

LCW-260 Cooling Wtr. 

Treatment N 

LCW-270 Cooling Wtr. 

Treatment N 

LCW-278 N 

LCW-280 N 

LSA-300 Slime & Algae 

Treatment N 

LSA-302 Slime & Algae 

Treatment N 

O.S.H.A A 

PWR-Kleen HC-75 

LiqHighPres Clnr A 

PWR-Kleen OTD-30 Oil Tank 

Degr A 

PWR-Kleen PK-7 H.D. Spray 

Degr A 

Scale-Gon C 

Steam-Eze A 

Your Maid In a Bottle R 

Lavo Chemical Corporation 

Heavy Duty Detergent A 

Lavo Industrial Freezer Clnr 

No. 1 D 

Lavo 44 A 

Lavo-Cide 64 F 

Lavolite A 

Power-Kwik A 

Special Chem D 

Lawhorn Chemical Company 

LA-15 Concentrate D 

Lawlor Industries, Inc. 

Great D 

L.C. 210 D 

Lawrence B. Bier Company 

LB-33 A 

LB-35 Non-Butyl Degreaser A 

LB-40 A 

LB-45 F 

LB-88 A 

Lawrence Products, Inc. 

Food-Film A A 

LP-20 Silicone Spray LubricantAA 
Ultroil A A 

Lawrence Sanitary Co., Inc. 

Safety Brite Q 

Lawson Products, Inc. 


Food Grade Silicone No. 19915 AA 
Super C No. DS A 

Lawton Bros., Inc. 

Float A 

Hydro-Clean D 

Lift-Off A 

Liquid Hand Soap Concentrate 

15% Q 

Liquid Hand Soap Concentrate 

40% Q 

Nox-All A 

San-O-Lite C 

Strip-Off A 

Sunicide 256 F 

Lawton Specialty Co., Inc. 

M.P. 900 A 

Magic Power No. 317 A 

Layco Chemical & Engineering 

HD Cleaner Concentrated A 

Layne & Bowler, Inc. 

Layne Grease AA Part No. 

1046F005 AA 

LaMar Chemical Service Inc. 

Approve B 

Asset B 

Astro B 

Bost B 

Brite-Glo A 

Built Caustic B 

Deplete B 

Do More C 

Double A C 

ESE Silicone Spray AA 

Gyro C 

Impact B 

Luster Glass Cleaner R 

Nu Brite C 

Peel Aid V 

Results C 

Royal B 

Ultimate B 

Wow C.CC 

LaRosa Products, Inc. 

AB-118 Acid And Alkaline 

Foamer A 

AC-114 Acid Cleaner C 

CA-113 Chlorinated Alkaline 

Cleaner A 

LHS-109 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

LHS-117 Synthetic Hand Soap.Q 

MR-120 A 

SHC-119 Smoke House 

Cleaner B 

SLA-101 Shroud Laundry 

Alkali CC 

SLB-110 Shroud Laundry 

Bleach CC 

SLB-111 Shroud Laundry 

Bleach CC 

SLD-100 Shroud Laundry 

Detergent CC 

SLW-102 Shroud Laundry 

Surfactant CC 

TC-103 Trolley Cleaner B 

TC-104 Trolly Deruster B 

TN-116 Tripe Neutralizier Y 

TO -105 Trolley Oil And 

Lubercant AA 

Le Bro Chemical Company 

LB 101 R 

LB 102A R 

LB 22 Heavy Duty Liquid 

Cleaner D 

LB 306 BB 

LB 35 Degreaser D 

LB 505 W 

LB-30 Disinfectant Cleaner F 

Punch P 

Lea Chemicals, Inc. 

Aide Hand Soap Q 

AD-51 C 

Capri A 

Concrete Cleaner C 

Conveyor Lubricant No. 6 BB 

D-S perse M 

Dermaclean FF 

Egg Wash H 

Genie Q 

Guardian F 

Jiffy Bowl Cleaner P 


Lea Algitrol N 

Lea AC-108 D 

Lea AC-216 D 

Lea D Rust And Shackle 

Cleaner B 

Lea Drain Opener O 

Lea Egg Sanitizer J 

Lea EC-42 A 

Lea Foam Aid Cleaner A 

Lea HD^»13 A 

Lea LC-15 A 

Lea Pine Scented Disinfectant. R 

Lea Pot 'N Pan Cleaner A 

Lea Powdered Cleaner A 

Lea Quik Kill S 

Lea Tank & Pipe Line Cleaner. A 

Lea Tile Bright Concentrate C 

Lea 1235 Disinfectant R 

Lea 305 F 

Lea 310 F 

Lea-Zyme O 

Leacide S 

Liquid Egg Destainer and 

Cleaner H,I 

Liquid LC-17 B 

LC 100 Iodophor F 

LC 1231 Disinfectant - Cleaner.R 

LC 19 A,Q 

LC 38 A 

Orbit Hand Soap Q 

Scale Remover C 

Steam-X A 

Super Scrub Hand Soap Q 

Superb Heavy Duty Laundry 

Detergent A,CC 

Total Q 

UP-404 D 

WD-7 R 

Leadership Products Company 

AH Purpose Heavy Duty 

Degreaser D 

All Purpose Wax Stripper D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Minute Clean D 

Steam Jenny Compound A 

Leahy- Wolf Company 

Purity AA 

LeahChem Industries, Inc. 

Chlor-Clean 1 A 

Chlor-Clean 2 A 

Killtex-G-I S 

Killtex-G-3 S 

Stainless Steel Cleaner C 

Lebanon Valley Paper Company 

Dutch Valley Power Cleaner D 

Lee Chemical Corporation 

Buster A 

LL-9 Fogging Concentrate S 

LP-85 B 

Lee Chemical, Inc. 

Automatic Dishwash A 

Bio Clean II I- 

Bio Clean 2 F 

Bulls Eye Formula F A 

Bulls Eye Heavy Duty Cleaner. A 
Challenge Heavy Duty 

Degreaser D 

Dura-Suds Liquid Dishwash A 

Dura-Suds Lotionized 

Dishwash Detergent A 

Effecto Special Degreaser D 

Foamy Red Baron A 

Lime Be Gone C 

Liquid Hand Soap Ready to 

Use Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 20% Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 40% Q 

Lotionized Hand Cleaner 

Concentrate Q 

LC 12 AU Purpose Cleaner D 

LC-30 General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

LC-4 AU Purpose Powder A 

Mark Ten G 

Pink Dawn Hand Dishwash 

Liquid A 

Red Baron A 

S-S-C Super Suspension 

Cleaner D 

Tiffany Pink Bowl Cleaner P 

Tiffany Snow Bowl Cleaner P 

636 odorless Oven & Grill 

Cleaner A 

Leeder Chemicals, Inc. 

Improved Amm. G-l Gen. 

Industrial Clnr D 

110-A A 

118-A A 

120-B A 

123-A A 

123-B A 

124-C C 

124-L BB 

126-B H 

129-C C 

144-D C 

147-D C 

150-D C 

167-R A 

175-R A 

176-V Q 

184-Y F 

196-Y G 

199-Y F,J 

202-A B 

206-Y A 

208-A A 

209-Y A 

210-Y A 

211-A B 

214-Y A 

215-B A 

216- Y A 

217-A A 

219-B B 

219-Y H 

219-Y Special H 

226-C I 

227-C I 

232-Y H 

234-D C 

237-D C 

244-Y H 

272-V L 

315-A B 

3I7-A B 

321-A B 

324-A B 

329-M AA 

331-M H 

334-M H 

368-G HD AlkaUne Cleaner B 

383-V D 

385-V B,X 

386-V B,Y 

395-V G-I Cleaner D 

397-V General Industrial 

Cleaner D 

400-Y H 

402-Y H 

402-Y Special H 

403-Y H 

404-Y H 

405-Y H 

407 -A H 

408-A B 

411-A B 

Lehrman, A.J. & Sons 

Ajay Insect Spray Odorless S 

Ajay Medi Creme Q 

Ajay Mint Disinfectant P 

Ajay Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Ajay Spearmint P 

Ajay Staph-Out R 

Ajay Surgi-Mint Liq. Hand 

Soap Q 

Ajay Wide Open O 

Dyna Kleen A 

Nitrolene Concentrate A 

Pink Magic A 

Leidy Chemicals Corporation 

Leidy LA-12 A 

Leidy LA-14 A 

Leidy LA-15 A 

Leidy LB-10 B 

Leidy LC-10 C 

Leidy LC-U C 

Leidy PA-10 A 

Leidy PA-11 A 

Leidy PA-14 A 

Leidy PA-16 A 

Leidy PA-17 A 

Leidy PA-19 A 

Leidy PA-20 A 

Leidy PA-24 A 

Leidy PA-26 A 

Leidy PA-28 A 

Leidy PB 12 B 

Leidy PB-13 B 

Leidy PB-14 B 

Leidy PB-17 B 

Leidy PB-18 B 

Leidy PB-19 B 

Leidy PB-20 B 

Leidy PO-10 

Leland Chemical Division/ American 
Bio-Synthetics Corp. 

'Smoky Joe' Smoke House 

Cleaner A 

Acid Cleaner C 

Heavy Duty Cleaner 610 A 

Hook & Trolley Cleaner C 

Hook & Trolley Cleaner #14....B 
Hook & Trolley Cleaner LiquidC 

L-711 Liquid Cleaner A 

Le-Brite HD CC 

Le-Brite 10 CC 

Le-Brite 421 CC 

Liquid Hand Soap #2 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap #3 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 15% Q 

Poultry Scald L 

PH-8 Y 

Red Ball #21 Aluminum 

Cleaner A 

Red Ball No. 11 F 

Red Ball No. 31 C 

S.F. #11 Slippery Jim Hog 

Scald #3 X 

S.F. No. II Tripe Cleaner Y 

S.F. Number 11-C B 

S.F. Number 11-XX A 

S.F. Number 43 D 

Slippery Jim Hog Scald X 

Special S.F. Number 11 A 


Steam Cleaner A 

Super Foam No. 126 A 

Tripe Cleaner No. 1005 Y 

Lemajeur, W. W. Co. 

E-Z Duz It Cement 

Rejuvenator Floor CI R 

E-Z Duz It Cement 

Rejuvenator HD Fir CI B 

E-Z Duz It Controlled Suds 

Laundry Det CC 

E-Z Duz It Deep Fatfry 

Cleaner B 

E-Z Duz It Equalizer A 

E-Z Duz It Flash A 

E-Z Duz It Industrial Cleaner. ..P 
E-Z Duz It Lime Remover 

Low Foam C 

E-Z Duz It Pro-Tect No. 1 G 

E-Z Duz It Pro-Tect No. 2 G 

E-Z Duz It Super Scrubber 

Floor&Wall CI R 

E-Z Duz It Super Suds Powder A 


Breaker 1-9 A 

Lenox Laboratories, Inc. 

Mercury D 

Leon Supply Company 

Royal All Purpose Powder A 

Royal Aluminum Brightner C 

Royal AA Fly Spray S 

Royal DA Plus Fly Spray S 

Royal DA-30 Cleaner A 

Royal DA-30 Steam Cleaner B 

Royal DA-40 Concrete Cleaner.D 

Royal DA-40 Steam Cleaner B 

Royal Liquid Steam Cleaner#l B 
Royal Liquid Steam Cleaner#2 B 

Royal Odor Control R 

Royal Spray-On #1 B 

Royal Spray-On #2 B 

Leonard Brush Company, Inc. 

Leonard's All Purpose Cleaner.D 
Leonard's Super All Purp. 

Cleaner D 

Leonard's Super Stripper- 

Degreaser D 

Leonard's Washing Compound.A 

Leonard Products Company 

Leppco Antiseptic Liq. Soap 

40% Cone Q 

Leppco D-500 Concentrate D 

Leppco D-500 Detergent A 

Leppco DC-140 D 

Leppco Floracent R 

Leppco Formula 44 D 

Leppco Glass Cleaner R 

Leppco Golden-5 R 

Leppco Judo Concentrate D 

Leppco K-25 Concentrate F 

Leppco K-25 Odorless 

Sanitizer F 

Leppco KP-8 R 

Leppco O-C R 

Leppco S-D-500 R 

Leppco Springtime W 

Leppco Termin-X R 

Leppco U. L. Cleaner R 

Leppco 40% Concentrate Liq. 
Soap Q 

Leonard Refineries, Inc. 

Total AA 

Leonard, W. F. Co. Inc. 

Shurfoot MM 

Shurfoot #2 MM 

Leprino Cheese Co. 

Ammoniated AU Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Institnl. Liq. Drain Pipe 

Opnr&Maintnr O 

Liquid Hand Dish Wash A 

Lerro's Soaps & Chemicals, Inc. 

Pio-Clor G 

Lester Laboratories, Inc. 

Algaecide B N 

Algex N 

Bainicide S 

Blandite Cone. Liq. Hand SoapQ 

Blandite Ready for Use Q 

Bona it R 

Chlorotox F 

Cretex Concentrate C 

Fog Concentrate A 

Hysol D 

Ice Machine Cleaner C 

Lester No. 77 Rust Stripper B 

Lester 373 D 

Liquid Oleon A 

Magiclean R 

Metalene Concentrate A 

Obsol Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Obsol Heavy Duty Liq. 

Concrete Clnr D 

Odorless Concrete Cleaner A 

Porclean P 

Powdered Oleon A 

Ratex U 

Reddy Ice Machine Cleaner C 

Run Roach S 

s. mi I..- F 

Scale King C 

Scalex Scale Remover C 

Soilene D 

Solvol A 

Speedy Scale Remover C 

Super Bainicide S 

Waterene Gems N 

Levenson Chemical Company 

O'Kay Coconut Oil Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

O'Kay Diazinon-Pyrethrum 

Emlsf. Cone T 

O'Kay Glass Cleaner R 

O'Kay Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorizer P 

O'Kay Levensoap 

Concentrated Q 

O'Kay Pine 7 Sweet 

Disinfectant R 

O'Kay Surgent Q 

O'Kay Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

Lever Brothers Company 

Cold Water 'All' A 

Exact Commercial 

Dishwashing Powder A 

Lever Professional LSI Alkali. .CC 
Lever Professional LSI Blue 

Detergent CC 

Lever Professional LSI 

Detergent CC 

Lever Professional LSI Liquid 

Bleach CC 

Lever Professional Scouring 

Cleanser E 

Lever Profsnl All Purp. Hard 

Surface CI R 

Liquid Detergent DW-300 A 

Neptune Blue Synthetic 

Detergent A 

Neptune Deodorant Soap P 

Neptune Heavy Duty Liquid ....A 

Starlight Soap P 

Sunbeam Deodorant Soap P 

Sunlight Soap P 

Wisk A 

Lewis Research Laboratories, Inc. 

Drain- Aid O 

LeMasters' Janitor Supply Co. 

Aseptic-Kleen D 

Germa-Phene O 

Task Force Cleaner & 

M a in 1. nncr D 

Libby Laboratories, Incorporated 


Flor-Dozer D 

Hand Eze Q 

Klene-Tec D 

I.QD Lightning Quick 

Detergent D 

Spray- A way D 

Strip-Tec R 

T & C Conditioner D 

15% Hand Soap Q 

Libby, McNeill & Libby 

Libby Blue General Purpose 
Detergent A 

Libby Green Liquid Detergent. .A 

Libby Red Heavy Duty 

Detergent B 

Libby Yellow Acid Detergent. ..C 

Liberty Chemical Corp. 

Auto Kleen A 

Combat D 

Glow D 

Grime Free D 

Irish Breeze R 

Maxi-Lube F/G A A 

Power Plus A 

Rust Buster R 

Sila-Shield Z 

Steam Off A 

Liberty Chemical Products Co. 

Amiline M 

Aqua Treat M 

AquacoU BWT M 

Aquakey BWT M 

Aquaphos-P M 

Aquapol BWT M 

Aquatex M 

Chemicide SBA N 

Chemsoap Liquid Soap Q 

Chemtort Z 

Deg resit D 

Drainfree O 

Dual Treat M 

Lustra Soap Q 

Minitkleen D 

Ox Scav-D M 

Ox Scav-S M 

Ox-Scav-H M 

Prestokleen A 

Steamex A 

Liberty Chemicals Ltd., Inc. 

'Blast' Multi-Purp. Steam 

Cleaning Cone A 


'Max' Liquid Steam Cleaning 

Concentrate A 

'Monster' Ultra Hot Sewer 

Solvent O 

A-145 Disinfectant Cleaner D 

A-151 Pink Concentrate A 

A-152 Syntheso Neutral 

Cleaner A 

A-161 Sof-T-Suds A 

A-162 Beaded Hand Dishwash 

Compd A 

A-230 Super Mach. Dishwash 

Compd A 

A-231 Prize Mach. Dishwash 

Comp A 

A-235 Deluxe Mach. Dishwash 

Comp A 

A-280 Egg Wash A 

Alpha 5000 D 

B-165 Liquid Dishwash 

Compound B 

B-194 White Stm. Pres. CI. 

Odrls B 

B-195 Liq. Hvy Dty Stm Prssr 

Clnr B 

B-196 Steam Pressure CI. Med. 

Duty B 

B-197 Extra HD St. Pressure 


Big C Concentrate D 

D-156 Odorless Concrete 

Cleaner D 

D-160 ADR Sudsing Cleaner D 

F-186 Chlorinated Krystals A 

F-187 Super Germicide F 

F-188 Germ I San G 

G-100 Cocoanut Oil Hand SoapQ 

G-105 Econo Hand Soap Q 

G-UO Germicidal Hand Soap....Q 
Heavy Duty Form Liq. Stm 

Cleaning Cone A 

Inhibited Chemical CI. & 

Oxidation Rmvr C 

L-120 Seal-Away Inhibited 

Bowl CI P 

L-125 Blue Bowl Cleaner P 

L-130 Bowl CLeaner 

(Emulsion Type) P 

L-135 Porcelain Cleaner P 

Liberty APC-27 A 

Liberty BD 85 R 

Liberty C-34 D 

Liberty CIP-150 A 

Liberty GC-42 A 

Liberty GP-280 A 

Liberty H.D. Alkalene B 

Liberty Lubricant TL 

Concentrate A A 

Liberty LD-515 A 

Liberty MC-81 C 

Liberty MPD-550 A 

Liberty S-311 B 

Liberty S-45 A 

Liberty Scalex C 

Liberty Supenis A 

Liberty SH-26 B 

Liberty SHC-21 B 

Liberty SHC-32 B 

Liberty TC-38 B 

Liberty X-10 A 

Ml 57 H D Magic Concrete 


Ml 57 Magic Concrete Cleaner.R 
Ml 59 Econo Concrete CleanerR 
M-181 Pine Odor Disinfect. 

Coef. 5 R 

N-211 Insecticide No. Ill S 

N-212 Space Spray No. 3 S 

0-215 ABC 50% Malathion 

Emlsfbl.Conc T 

Organic Acid Detergent C 

Po-PacHo Cleaner _D 

Red Hot Sewer Solvent O 

Task Master Q 

Liberty Labs 

Super Bruce A 

Liberty Paper & Bag Company 

Silicone Spray & Lubricant 

#145 AA 

Lico Chemicals 

Brute D 

Catch 22 S 

Drain tain O 

E-Lime-Inate C 

Excelerate O 

Expose D 

Lico Bacteriostatic Hand 

Lotion Soap Q 

Lico Blue D 

Lico Formulation 66-25 F 

Lico Lemon Cleaner D 

Lico Liquid Hand Soap #1 Q 

Lico Liquid Hand Soap #2 Q 

Lico Liquid Hand Soap #3 Q 

Lico Renew Cone. Emuls. 

Bowl & Uml. CI P 

Lico Sanitizer Cleaner 2150 G 

Lico Stripper-Degreaser D 

Lico Super-X Stripper- 
Degreaser D 

Lico 30 D 

Lico-Det D 

Lico-Suds A 

Liquithaw R 

Manicure W 

Perfloormance Plus D 

Pierce D 

Pink Lico-Suds A 

Sapon A 

Slugger CC 

Lien Chemical Company 

M828 Deodorant Concentrate ...R 
M8546 Solvent Action Cleaner P 

M917 Rodeth U 

S8515 Detergent Powder E 

140 Clienall A 

147 Clienware A 

152 Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

154 Concentrated Nu Clien R 

159 Drain Pipe Opener O 

163 Washbrite A 

174 Grand Toilet Bowl Cleaner. P 

177 Grand A 

224 Scum Remover A 

227 Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

243 Shop & Garage Shock 

Treat R 

254 Clien Chloro G 

275 Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

305 Clien-Off D 

324 Clien-A-Matic D 

362 Royalien r....D 

403 Malathion Emulsion 50%. ...T 

404 Fly Bait T 

410 Insect Spray S 

413 Vapocide S 

5001 Grimebuster 
Tile&Ceramic CI D 

5002 Grimebuster Glass Clnr. 
Cone R 

540 Supreme-10 Q 

592 Waste Treatment R 

806 Supreme 20 Liquid Q 

816 N.P. Hand Soap W 

822 Sanitizer P 

8293 Deodorant Liquid P 

853 Magiclein D 

Life Soap & Chemical Co., Inc. 

Acid B C 

Acid CA C 

Acid S C 

Decharacterized Sodium NitriteZ 

Klean-A-Bric C 

Life Drain Cleaner O 

Life Super Foam A 

LS #30 A 

LS #60 A 

LS #7 A 

New Acid B C 

Packers Detergent No. 25 A 

Sink C 

Soak Tank Cleaner B 

WIT. Steam Cleaner A 

Lightfoot Company, The 


Laundri-Mate CC 


15% Liquid Soap Q 

Lighthouse Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

Big L R 

Big Red O 

Blast Off A 

Boiler Maker N 

Concentration D 

Flash Concrete-L B 

Flash Concrete-P R 

Growl P 

Handee-Andee Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

K.K. On Duty C 

Kiss-Off S 

Kiss-Off Insecticide (Aerosol) ..S 

Kitchen Maid A 

Libby Lube BB 

Lightox C 

Linda Gloveless Invis. Skin 

Shield Crm W 

Pine-O-Mine R 

Plug Away-I O 

Plug Away-M O 

Power Play F 

Scent-D-Garb R 

Silcon Silicone Spray AA 

V-Day A 

Vince Bombari S 

Zymatic O 

Lilico Products, Inc. 

Iodophor Type Detergent- 

Sanitizer-Disinf G 

Lily Industrial Chemicals Inc. 

Caustic Soda Beads B 

Cleaner Car Clean A 

Cleaner Chlor Plus A 

Cleaner Chlor Plus Two A 

Cleaner LD 25 CC 

Cleaner LDC O 

Cleaner Rust Stripper C B 

Cleaner 126 AE B 

Cleaner 215 LF A 

Cleaner 215A A 

Cleaner 222C R 

Cleaner 301 C B 

Cleaner 304C B 

Cleaner 317AS A 

Cleaner 401A A 

Cleaner 402A A 


Cleaner 403A A 

Cleaner 404A A 

Cleaner 406A D 

Cleaner 412C B 

Paint Lok Metal Cond. 1 C 

Paint-Lok Metal Cond. -2 C 

Lily Products of Michigan 

LPW Extra Heavy Duty 

Cleaner-Degreaser D 

Lily White Products 

Lily White Liquid Detergent A 

Lincoln Research, Int. 

Bac-Tex G 

Fazt D 

Multa-Duti A 

Vitro Sheen P 

Wa-Bath C 

Lindsay Division, The 

Poly-4 Z 

Lindsey Chemical Company 

P.T.M. Cream Cleanser R 

Lion Industrial Chemical 

Sanitizer Disinfectant G 

TFE Release Fluorocarbon 

Lubricant BB 

Lion Products 

Break-Thru A 

Lithium Corporation of America 

Lithcoa Lithium Hypochlorite ..F 

Little Acre Chemical Company 

Lachemco Super Foam Blast... .A 

Littlefield Incorporated 

Pink Concentrate A 

Livingston Industries, Inc. 

'Escape' O 

Ban-San F 

Bunny Bleach CC 

Formula 'LSC Liquid 

Concentrate A 

Formula 2389 A 

Formula 711 A 

General Cleaner 1 A 

General Cleaner 2 A 

General Cleaner 3 A 

Heavy Duty Liquid 

Concentrate B 

Imperial General Cleaner A 

Keo-Break Detergent CC 

Super Tetramex CC 

Livingston Laboratories 

Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser A 
Super Crest-O-San P 

Lockert Enterprises 

Bulldog Commercial Clean Up 

Dct A 

Bulldog Floor Detergent D 

Magnu-Clenz 620 B 

Magnu-Clenz 640 B 

Super Magnu-Clenz 650 B 

Lone Star Brush & Chemical Co. 

Hydene 202 D 

Lone Star Paper Co., Inc. 

Concentrate D 

Hand Soap Ready to Use Q 

Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser D 
Kleer-Vu Glass Cleaner R 

Lone Star Supply Company 

Dis-O-Pine R 

Lemon-Brite Disinfectant P 

LS-100 Porcelain & Bowl 

Cleaner P 

LS-33 A 

Ready-To-Use Hand Soap Q 

Star-Brite P 

Star-Glo P 

Super D-C Degreaser Cleaner... A 

Long Chemical Co. 

Mark III A 

Quick-Strip Heavy Duty Floor 
CI & Strip A 

Long Chemical, Incorporated 

#51 A. P. Cleaner A 

Biodegradable Condenser 

Treatment #6 N 

Concrete Floor Cleaner A 

Long Chemical Formula WT 66M 

No Foam A 

No. 59 Heavy Duty Cleaner D.Q 

Spray Clean 81 A 

Long's Preferred Products 

Big Dog Concrete Cleaner D 

Break Clean D 

Chlorinated Egg Cleaner H 

Deluxe Machine Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Dynamo Detergent A 

Extra Heavy Duty Concrete 

Cleaner D 

Golden Gator Concrete ClcanerR 

Golden Magic Cleaner D 

Grime-Scat A 

Liquid Hand Soap 15 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 20 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 40 Q 

Liquid Steam Cleaner B 

Multi Blue A 

Pink Cleaner D 

Pink Satin Q 

Poultry House Cleaner 

Formula II A 

Sewer Solvent O 

Steam Cleaning Compound B 

Wax Scat A 

X-150 Chlorinated Machine 

Dish wash A 

360 Milkstone Remover C 

Lorenz Chemical Company 

Hy-Klor C G,K 

Pyrenone Insect Spray #6 S 

R-K Rat and Mouse Bait U 

20% Lindane Emulsion 

Concentrate T 

25% DDVP Emulsion 

Concentrate T 

65% Chlordane Emulsion 

Concentrate T 

Lori Chemical 

Drain Cleaner Enzyme Type O 

Duocide F 

LC-215 Dizer R 

Power-Plus A 

Los Angeles Chemical Co. 

Lacco 8015 Cleaner A 

Louis Rich, Inc. 

Rich's Chlorinated Equipment 
Cleanser A 

Rich's Multi-Purpose 

Chlorinated Clnr A 

Rich's Smoke House Cleanser. .B 

Louisville Chemical Co., Inc. 

L-C Bowl Cleaner P 

LC 201 A 

Louisville Chemical Company 

LC-601 Multi-Purpose Cleaner. F 

Lovinger Company 

Rescue Prilled Drain Opener O 

Lowe's Incorporated 

Dri-Spot MM 

Kwik-Dry MM 

NabsoU #1 MM 

Safety Absorbent MM 

Lub-O-Line Industrial Oil Co. 

Luboco F.M. Grease AA AA 

Lube Systems, Inc. 

AA Food Machinery-Number 
8002 AA 

Lubri-Chem Products, Inc. 

LC-328 Sfgrd No.2 EP FMG 

Anti-Wear A A 

Silicone Spray A A 

Lubrical, Inc. 

Laminall BB 222 Bearing 

Lubricant BB 

Laminall Gear Oil SAE 140 BB 

Laminall Gear Oil SAE 90 BB 

111 USP Food Machinery 
Lubricant.. A A 

112 White Food Machinery 
Lubricant BB 

44-A Colson Caster Lube BB 

Lubricating Specialties Co. 

Gld Mdl All Wthr Gr Oil 

162P80/90/140 BB 

Gld Mdl Ice Mach Oil Wax 

Free 4025 Hvy BB 

Gld Mdl Ice Mach Oil Wax 

Free 4025 Lt BB 

Gld Mdl Ice Mach Oil Wax 

Free 4025 Med BB 

Gld Mdl Moly Bentone Grs 

A. P. Grd 1 BB 

Gld Mdl Moly Bentone Grs 

A. P. Grd 2 BB 

Gld Mdl Moly Bentone Grs 

A. P. Grd 3 BB 

Gld Mdl Prm/HD Mtr Oil 

SAE20/30/40 BB 

Gld Mdl White Litho Grs. 

Grade 1 BB 

Gld Mdl White Litho Grs. 

Grade 2 BB 

Gld Mdl White Litho Grs. 

Grade 3 BB 

Gold Medal All Prp. Lith 

Grease Grd 1 BB 

Gold Medal All Prp. Lith 

Grease Grd 2 BB 


Gold Medal All Prp. Lith 

Grease Grd 3 BB 

Gold Medal Compressor Oil 


Gold Medal OCT 500 

Compressor Oil BB 

Gold Medal SR-1 Gear Oil BB 

Gold Medal Wheel Bearing 

Grease S BB 

Gold Medal 100 AA 

Lubrication Engineersjnc. 

Monolec Air Compresser Oil ...BB 
Monolec Air Tool Lubricant 

Light BB 

Nutrigent A 

1107 Dexron II D BB 

1215 Bearing & Chassis Lub. 

(Heavy) BB 

1225 Bearing & Chassis Lub. 

(Light) BB 

1225 Bearing & Chassis Lub. 

(Medium) BB 

1250 Almasol High 

Temperature Lubricant BB 

1275 Almaplex BB 

175 White Machine Lubricant. .AA 
2059 Monolex BB 

3751 Almagard Vari-Purpose 
Lubricant BB 

3752 Almagard Vari-Purpose 
Lubricant BB 

4024 (AA) Food Machinery 
Lubricant A A 

4025 AA Food Machnry 
Lubricant A A 

4701 Monolec Industrial 

Lubricant BB 

601 (Almasol) (SAE 90) BB 

602 (Almasol) (SAE 140) BB 

606 (Almasol) (SAE 80) BB 

607 (Almasol) (SAE 90) BB 

608 (Almasol) (SAE 140) BB 

609 (Almasol) (SAE 250) BB 

6120 (SAE 20) Monolec 

Hydraulic Oil BB 

6155 Monolec Fire-Resist. Hyd. 

Fluid BB 

6203 (SAE 30) Monolec Air 

Compresser Oil BB 

6721 Monolec Refrigeration OilBB 

6722 Monolec Refrigeration OilBB 

6723 Monolec Refrigeration OilBB 

9102 Monospray BB 

9963 Monolec Syntemp 

Lubricant BB 

Ludale, Inc. 

Atomic Liquid Steam Cleaner.. B 
Big G' D 

Lundstrom Industrial Supply 

Grease- Break A 

Luseaux Laboratories, Inc. 

Delite A 

Floor Clean R 

Floor Clean No. 2 D 

Sur-Nuf A 

LuBar Company 

Boiler & Steam Line 

Treatment FG M 

Boiler Compound FG M 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Chlortroi T 

Concentrated Dish Washing 

Detergent A 

Detergent Concentrate A 

Digesto O 

Drain Pipe Cleaner & Opener. ..O 
Gen. Purpose Non-Sudsing 

Cleaner A 

General Purpose Sudsing 

Cleaner A 

Glycolene P 

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner D 

Hi-Co D 

Ice Melt R 

Industrial Deodorant R 

Interior, Exterior Cleaner A 

Krystal F 

L-100 A 

Liquid Conveyor Lubricant BB 

Liquid Hand Soap FG Q 

Lucide Mint R 

Odor Control Lemon R 

Odor Control Lilac R 

Odor Control Mint R 

Pine Lucide R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Porcelain Cleaner Concentrate. .C 

Pyrokill S 

Scale Remover C 

Special Compound C 

Special Industrial Deodorant R 

Special Soap Powder CC 

Spray And Wipe R 

Steam Cleaning Compound A 

Window Cleaner R 

Lynch Chemical Company 

Big - G' A 

Lynde Company, The 

APAC All Purpose Acid 

Cleaner C 

Chloro-Cide F.K 

De-Grease Sol A 

Dia-A-Cide R 

Drain-X O 

Dyna-Cide S 

Floor-Kare D 

Formula #3 A 

H.D. Floor Detergent A 

Microcide S 

Nutro-Sol A 

Special Detergent A 

Thermo Fog S 

TWD Liquid Truck Cleaner A 

101 L.F. Detergent D 

Lyon Enterprises, Inc. 

BD-20 D,R 

Royal W A 

SC-10 A 

SC-15 A 

Lystads, Incorporated 

Anticoagulant Rat&Mouse Bait U 

Ben Dicks B 

Cement Cleaner D 

Concentrate A 

Contax P 

Control 25 U 

D -Greaser D 

D-Lime C 

Dari Alkali A 

Dari Chlor A 

Dari Clean A 

Dari Shine A 

Dari Solv C 

Darisol F 

Dipro D 

Entrol S 

Erase N-A D 

Fast Action CC 

Flash-3 A 

Flash-4 A 

Fly Bait T 

Foam Kleen D 

Heavy Duty A 

Industrial Bug Bomb S 

Insecticide For Institutions S 

IP Cleaner C 

JRD No. 764 B 

Listol II G 

Lystads Active 

Degreaser/Cleaner A 

Lystads Institutional Aer. 

Insecticide S 

Lystads Pyrifog S 

Lystads Sugar Bait For Flies. ...T 

Lystads 1 S 

Lystads 2 Insect Killer S 

Maid's Delite P 

Medi-Clean F 

Pyrethrin Spray S 

Pyricon S 

Rogon U 

S.S. Cleaner C 

Sanitize F 

Sanitize II G 

Scum & Film Remover D 

Snap A 

Solvit A 

Special Detergent CC 

Suracid II G 

Syntho Suds CC 

Tops A 

Water Soluble Rat&Mouse 

Killer U 


M & B Pi ducts 

Mop-N -Bucket Blue Stuff A 

Mop-N'-Bucket Complete 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Mop-N'-Bucket Denver Mint 

Disinfectant P 

Mop-N'-Bucket Glub 

Concntrtd. Cleaner D 

Mop-N'-Bucket Lemon 

Combat Disinf P 

Mop-N'-Bucket Lotion Hand 

Soap Q 

Mop-N'-Bucket Luxury Hand 

Soap Q 

Mop-N'-Bucket Pine Oil 

Disinfectant R 

Mop-N'-Bucket Porcelain & 

Bowl Clnr P 

Mop-N'-Bucket Product #250 

Disinf CI P 

Mop-N'-Bucket Product #512 

Dshwshng Det A 

Mop-N'-Bucket Pure-Powr D 

Mop-N'-Bucket Sewercide 

Sewer Solvent R 

Mop-N'-Bucket Spectrum 

Cleaner-Disinf P 

Mop-N'-Bucket Winner Clnr 

Glass Clnr R 

M & M Distributing Company 

Detro D 

M & M Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

M & M Car Wash Soap A 


M & M Supply Company 

Proclean D 

M & N Chemicals Inc. 

Foam- A way A 

Glisten P 

M & S Chemicals, Inc. 

Big 'G' D 

Chemtronic D 

Descaler & Delimer P 

Descaler & Delimer C 

Discrete Safe Sure Cleaner C 

Iodo-175 Concentrated Iodine. ..G 
No. 500 Tripe Cleaner Y 

M A Chemical Laboratories, 

Degrease-R A 

Degrease-R Sanitizer F 

MA-104 A 

Re-Move A 

M B M and Supply Company 

All-Clean D 

Aquasolve D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Tuff-Strip D 

M D Laboratories Inc. 

Di-Gestit O 

M F A Oil Company 

Food Machinery Grease AA 

Penn Guard BB 

Rat and Mouse Killer U 

Sho-Me BB 

M M Industries, Inc. 

No. 350 HiFo-Cling Cleaner A 

No. 350 Tri-Chem Cleaner A 


Adjunct 101 M 

Adjunct 200 M 


Best-I B 

Blue Klean D 

Bottle Wash B 

Chloro-Suds A 

Clean Up 1-1 B 

Conquer A 

Conquer + Pine R 

Descale 118 C 

Dishwash-No Foam A 

Flush Kleen O 

Foamore II A 

Foamy D 

Fresh-N-Clean A.CC 

G.P.C.-II A 

Great-I D 

Jet Spray A 

L.F. Spray Wash A 

Lemon Grove 10 R 

Macfactant BX D 

Macfactant C.P.C C 

Macfactant D.C A 

Macfactant FPC C 

Macfactant S.F A 

Macfactant S.P.W D 

Macfactant S.S.C D 

Macfactant W.W A 

Macfactant 21 B 

Phostreet 1000L M 

Phostreet 807 M 

Pine Oil Cleaner R 

Poly-Treet 500 M 

Poly-Treet 5000 M 

Polytreet 180 N 

Polytreet 800 N 

Pressur-Clean A 

Quip Clean B 

Quip Clean II B 

Rapiclean D 

Solva-Suds A 

Spank-N-Clean D 

Sparkle Brite A 

Sparkle Clean 303 A 

Sparkle Clean 404 A 

Sparkle Clean 606 B 

Sparkle Clean 707 A 

Sparkle Clean 909 B 

Spin-Off B 

Super Clean 1001 D 

Tough III A 

Tough IV B 

Tough IX B 

Tough V B 

Tough VI B 

Tough VII B 

Tough VIII A 

Tough-I A 

Tough-X A 

True Grit E 

Mackay Industries, Inc. 

Multex D 

Mackwin Company, The 

Ratorex U 

Ro-Dent U 

Macmillan Ring-Free Oil Co., Inc. 

Supergard HiPerfor No. 151 

Multi-Purp Grs BB 

Macon Industrial Chemicals Corp. 

All-Purpose Heavy Duty 

Cleaner D 

Madison Chemical Co., Inc. 

Acid Clean A C 

Acid No. 3 C 

Acid No. 3 + C 

Acid No. 3 A C 

Additive A 

Aero-Foam B 

Aerofoam CL A 

Aerofoam D A 

Aerofoam Special A 

Alkaline Deruster B 

Antifoam B A 

Beads A 

C.I.P C 

C.I. P. 181 A.H 

Can Wash T-142 A 

Chlor-Clean G 

Chlorinated CIP Cleaner B 

Chlorinated Egg Cleaner H 

Chloro-Floor A 

Compound A-97 A 

Compound AD-8 B 

Compound AF-A A 

Compound AF-B A 

Compound AF-C A 

Compound AF-H A 

Compound AT-4 D 

Compound BC-14 A 

Compound CL-2 A 

Compound DC-14 A 

Compound DC-144 A 

Compound HS-30 A 

Compound HT 50 B 

Compound IDC-30 G 

Compound IDC-32 G 

Compound K-260 D.BB 

Compound L-14 A 

Compound L-144 A 

Compound L-144-NP A 

Compound MSP-10 A 

Compound NBR-2 A 

Compound PS-l-NP A 

Compound R-98X A 

Compound 14-XC A 

Compound 14-XP A 

Compound 14X A 

Compound 175-D A 

Compound 175-D-NP A 

Compound 175-F A 

Compound 175-F-NP A 

Compound 175-FJ A 

Compound 175-FJ-NP A 

Compound 175-FK A 

Compound 175-FK-NP A 

Compound 175-FW A 

Compound 175-FW-NP A 

Compound 175-X A 

Compound 175FWF A 

Compound 50-M A 

Compound 50MF A 

Con-eyor Lube BB 

Crystal Base Q 

Dairy Cleaner No. 14 A 

Dairy Cleaner No. 14-NP A 

Dart 150 C 

Dart 151 C 

Dart 172 C 

Dart 254 BB 

Dart 260 A 

Dart 286 A.H 

Dart 351 A 

Dart 701 A 

Dart 751 A 

Dart 800 R B 

Dart 822 A 

Dart 824 B 

Dart 825 B 

Dart 835 B 

Dart 875 A 

Decharacterized Sodium NilriteZ 

Egg Cleaner DF H 

Fast Clean A 

Galvanite C 

General Purpose Heavy Duty ...B 
General Purpose Heavy Duty 


General Purpose N A 

General Purpose N-NP A 

General Purpose 5 A 

Germicidal Hand Soap Q 

Help A 

High AC A 

High AC-NP A 

Hog Scald X 

Hog Scald Powder X 

Hog Scald SJ X 

HT-25 B 

In Place A B 

In Place A-NP B 

Jel Terge A 

Lanosoft P 

Liquid AC A 

Liquid Bottle Wash B 

Liquid Caustic Soda B 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Madisan 16 F 

Madisan 2080 G 

Madisan 32 F 

Madisan 90 F 

Madison Concentrate D 

Marvella D 

Marvella M A 

Marvella P D 

Oil Dip AA 


Poultry Scald L 

Powdered Hand Cleaner P 

Powdered Hand Cleaner B P 

Power Scrub Concentrate D 

Residual Insecticide T 

Sewer Cleaner O 

Shroud Special A,CC 

Smoke House B B 

Smoke House B NP B 

Smoke House SS B 

Smoke House SS NP B 

Smoke House 2 B 

Smoke House 2C B 

Smoke House 3 B 

Smoke House 66 B 

Smoke House 99X B 

Spray Insecticide S 

Stainless Cleaner No. 3 B 

Steam Cleaner SN B 

Stnpper B 

Stripper 07 B 

Stnpper 20-N B 

Super Floor Cleaner 5 B 

Tech Oil AA 

Triox Supreme A 

Tnpe Bleach Y 

Tripe Cleaner Y 

Tripe Cleaner CD Y 

Tripe Cleaner E Y 

Vegetable Cleaner A 

Wagon Wash A 

1-2-3 A 

1-2-3-50 A 

10% Hyamine Sanitizing Agent. F 

Madison Sales Company 

Acid Cleaner C 

Floor Cleaner D 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

Iodine Sanitizer G 

Liquid Egg Wash H 

PIP-Clor Egg Wash H 


pHydrate M 

Acrofon A 

Actinate Z 

Actionize A A 

Aerogen R 

Aerotape BB 

Al-Right C 

Antidine G,JJ 

Antural O 

Atronal B 

Attract R 

Baxate B 

Bichlornate H 

Bio-Care O 

Bio-Dyne F 

Bowl Bar P 

Carbotrol B 

Chem Rod O 

Chem 2 D 

Chem-Buds E 

Chem-Ox C 

Chem-Steam A 

Chemplex D 

Chlorganic G,K 

Clophane R 

Cocinex H 

Combinoid S 

Command BB 

Compatex< Aerosol) A A 

Compatex(Bulk) A A 

Contronate R 

Conversol A 

Correctol A 

Cyclophene R 

Darvex A 

Davinate V 

De-Min C 

Declomate B 

Delate L 

Delate LF L 

Deo-Drex R 

Deozoid R 

Dependrin A,H 

Depilate X 

DeOzene R 

Di-amo-gen R 

Di-Isolen B 

Die-Sect Spray Powder T 

Dis-Solvent 77 R 

Doxelate C 

Drilon BB 

Drixoran R 

Duet (Bulk) D 

Duet (Scented Aerosol) P 

Dymelite C 

Dynosite C 

E-Z-Thred BB 

Econ-O-Mist D 

End Sect S 

Entrisin A 

Enzytroid CC 

Everal A 

Ex-Purge O 

Exinase R 

First Hand Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Flite D 

Foamate A 

Folate O 

Forest & Field R 

Free-Flow O 

Freez-Thaw R 

Garbate R 

Glint R 

Goes BB 

Hefty A,BB 

Hi-Q F,J 

Hydro-Tel N 

Hygenite F 

In-Cide S 

Keep-Kool BB 

Lectric-Like (Aerosol) BB 

Lectric-Like (Bulk) BB 

Lectric-Like Alternative 

Aerosol BB 

LiquaTherm R 

Liquifact R 

Listroval D 

Lock-Smyth BB 

Lotionized First Hand W 

Loyal BB 

Lubritrol BB 

Lubriveyor BB 

Magnite B 

Melt-O-Matic R 

Metagen A 

Methex B 

Microgen 1 

Microgest 7 

Molyfied BB 

Motilate BB 

Neral O 

Neutrogen R 

Neutrothene A,BB 

Nitrosol D 

NitroFoam R 

Norexin A 

Pelamine Additive L,V 

Penzocine S 

Penzocine(bulk) S 

Perform Alternative Aerosol BB 

Permacide (Aerosol) T 

Permacide (Bulk) T 

Polansin Aerosol BB 

Polarisin Bulk BB 

Pre phase A 

Prim Q 

Process #11 N 

Process #12 M 

Procid C 

Proloid BB 

Prophylex BB 

Puritize F 

Quatrol G,J 

Radene P 

Reclamate C 

Recover B 

Respond A 

Sanacide Cleaner Concentrate ..C 

Sanatrox C 

ScoopO R 

See Glass Cleaner R 

Sentry Mint R 

Shieldex R 

Silfax Alternative Aerosol AA 

Silifax AA 

Silifax (Bulk) AA 

Solar Steam A 

Soothe Q 

Spectrasol D 

Steam Roller A 

Sterilather Q 

Submers-able BB 

Sundance R 

Surprocin D 

Symbex R 

Sy steam A 

SFS Triangle P 

Tarp R 

Thermatic O 

Thermelt R 

Thermolyte B 

Thrax O 

Touch-Up Alternative Aerosol. R 

Tower Trol N 

Towerful N 

Toxcide T 

Toxcide(Aerosol) T 

Tribite Y 

Trival Y 

Tylon BB 

Vivax R 

Wite-Way BB 

Madison, J.R. Maintenance Supplies 

JRM Brite Blue Toilet Bowl 

Cleaner P 

JRM Brite White Cone. Toilet 

Bowl Clnr P 

Ma dor Company, Inc., The 

Bugum S 

Germicidal Cleaner P 

Greasy BB 

HD Drain Opener O 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Lotionized Hand Soap Q 

Mador-Kleen Heavy Duty A 

Madorcide S 

Madorect F 

No Fume Drain Opener O 

Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

Ultra Clean A 

Vandal Mark Remover R 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

666 Odorless Disnf. San. Slmcd 
Algcd G 

Magee Chemical Company 

Adios D 

All Clean D 

Buster D 

Condition D 


Life Guard Non-Acid Porcelain 

& Bowl Cln P 

Mr. Power D 

MC-27 NP G 

No Suds A 

Strip Clean A 

Suspend D 

Take Over D 

Tear Drops D 

103135 Cleaner D 

Magic Chemical Co. 

Magic Chem's Shur-Solv D 

Magic Chemical Company 

Magic Foam A 

Magnolia Chemical Co., Inc. 

Hari-Kari Type II S 

Magnolia Products Co. 

All Purpose Cleaner D 

China Clean A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Lotionized Hand Soap Q 

Presurg Q 

Sani Pak F 

Super Concentrate A 

Magnum Research Corp. 


Neutri-Kleen A 

Magnus Chemical Division, 
Economics Laboratory, Inc. 

Colloids No. 3 M 

D-Scale-R-100 C 

Hand Cleaner P 

Kling Grease BB 

Kling Oil Regular BB 

Magnatrol No. 2 M 

Magnatrol 100 N 

Magnatrol 50 N 

Magnox Liquid M 

Magnu-Clenz 630 B 

Magnu-Spray 205 B 

Magnufos M 


Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

1005-B D 

114 A 

1156 A 

1204 A 

143-X3 A 

147-X A 

155-X A 

215-D B 

23-X B 

55-P R 

61-XX B 

645-DX B 

800-X C 

92-XX A 

921X3 B 

94-XX A 

Main/Tex, Inc. 

GPC-24 D 

MT-120 D 

MT-235 D 

Maintenance Chemical Suppliers, 

MCS Pressure Wash #1 A 

MCS Super 30 F 

214-H.D. Dcgreaser- 

Concentrate D 

Maintenance Engineering Co. 

Slip-Not MM 

Maintenance Engineering Corp. 

Boiler Water Dispersant 132 M 

Mecolene M 

Monofilm Liquid N 

MECO Microbiocide C-U N 

MECO Nix-Ox M 

MECO Sodium 

Hexametaphosphate M 

MECO Treat H-Amine M 

MECO Treat NA-1 M 

MECO Treat 125 M 

MECO Treat 1406 N 

MECO Treat 249 M 

MECO Treat 498 M 

Maintenance Mates 

Toxene T 

2 M Disinfectant Cleaner D 

2 M Multi-Purpose Space & 
Contact Spray S 

Maintenance Products Inc. 

Kwik Foam Cleaner A 

MP-5000 D 

Maintenance Research Laboratory 

Deck Detergent R 

Jet Pressure Wash Detergent 

(M.R. 337) A 

M.R. 200 D 

M.R. 44 Delimer C 

M.R. 489 D 

M.R. 544 Cream Hand Soap Q 

M.R. 747 D 

M.R. 88 M 

Ol Smokey B 

Task B 

Viking Tru-Quat G 

Viking 1000 Conveyor Lube BB 

Viking 3000 Conveyor Lube BB 

Viking 4000 Conveyor Lube BB 

Maintenance Supply Co., Inc. 

GIo Clean R 

Grime Getter A 

Improved Grime Getter D 

Improved Nelcophene F 

Liquid Ded Eye S 

Nelco Pine Odor Disinf.Deod. 

Clnsr R 

New Look P 

Northwoods Pine Odor 

Disinf.Deod. Clnsr R 

Pine Odor Disinf Deod. 

Cleanser R 

Pine Oil Disinf. Phenol Coef. 5.R 
Pine Oil Disinf. Phenol Coef. 7.R 

Premium Floor Cleaner D 

Sentinel R 

Smooth Q 

Speed Clean A 

Supreme Bol-Sol P 

Ward-O-Phene P 

Maintenance Supply Company A 
Division of Bunn Capitol Co. 

Masco Break Thru A 

Mascocide HD-25 F 

Maintenance Supply, Inc. 

Enhance D 

Hydrosolve Cleaner D 

Super Stripper-Degreaser D 

Maintenance Warehouse 

Drain Line Opener O 

Maintex, Inc. 

A.P.C D 

DDC Disinfectant-Cleaner 

Sanitizer D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Mainkleen D 

Mainstrip D 

Spectrum Neutral Free Rinsing 

Cleaner D 

Super Jetclean D 

Therm-O-Solv A 

Typhoon D 

7-11 Industrial Heavy Duty 

Cleaner D,R 

Major Supply Company 

Foam-Kleen A 

Major Supply, Inc. 

40% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Malco Products, Inc. 

#665 Concrete & Garage Floor 

Clnr R 

Bio All Purpose Household 

Cleaner D 

Cleaning Compound P.C. 00435 A 
CC 9502 Alkaline Chlorinated 

Cleaner A 

Dairi-Brite Deluxe Auto. 

Dshwshng Comp A 

Deluxe Laundry Compound A,CC 

Do-It-Ail A 

Egg Washing Compound H 

Floor Shampoo D 

H/A Concentrate A 

Laundry Compound A.CC 

Liquid Car Wash A 

Lotion Hand Cleaner Q 

Malco Deluxe Automatic 

Dshwshng Compound A 

Malco Disinfectant Cleaner 

DC-100 F 

Malco Ice Melt R 

MC 9501 Manual Chlorinated 

Cleaner A 

New Hand Dishwashing 

Powder A 

Pressure Car Wash Compound .A 
Sunburst Multi-Purpose Clnr. ...R 

SC-1070 Steam Cleaner A 

SC-1071 Steam Cleaner A 

SC-1072 Steam Cleaner A 

SC-1073 Steam Cleaner B 

SC-1075 Steam Cleaner A 

SC-1076 Steam Cleaner A 

SC-1077 Steam Cleaner A 

SC-1078 Steam Cleaner A 

TC 9058 Alkaline Chlorinated 

Cleaner B 

Mallet and Company, Inc. 

Exa-Lube A A 

K-Lube A A 

Prima-Lube A A 

Trough Grease A A 

Ultra-Lube A A 

Ma lone Chemical Co. 

Malone No. 76 Cleaner Disinf 
Deod Fngcd G 

Malone 710 Antiseptic Hand 
Clnr Lotion Q 


Malsbary Manufacturing Co. 

All Purpose Cleaning 

Compound B 

All Purpose Liq. Cleaning 

Chemical A 

Heavy-Duty Cleaning 

Compound B 

Heavy-Duty Liq. Cleaning 

Chemical A 

Malter International Corp. 

A-Plex Concentrate D 

Adios T 

Advantage D 

Airborne Space Spray S 

Ammene R 

Banish T 

Barrier Protective Skin CleanerW 

Big B M 

Blast C 

Blu-Tex P 

Blue Power W 

Bug-Cide T 

Chem-Terg C 

Chlorothion T 

Clear F 

Control B 

D-Clog O 

Dairy Cide S 

Deo-Trol R 

Dual A 

Electro-Dry BB 

Fini's T 

Fog-A-Way S 

Glo-Brite P 

Go-Pher C 

Lift-Up A 

LMO-77 Liquid Live Micro- 
organisms O 

Mai Kil T 

Malathion W.E. Concentrate T 

Maltrate Concentrate A 

Maxim D 

Moly-Glide Aerosol BB 

Mud-Flow O 

N-Zymes O 

Prevail D 

Prevent N 

Q-Plus Lemon R 

Q-Plus Mint R 

Q-Plus Pine R 

Ram-It O 

Rat Rid U 

Rid-Sect T 

Ruffnek D 

Rusterizer C 

RP-20 BB 

Saf-T-Lube A A 

Sani-Gard A A 

Scale-Trol N 

Scrubmatic A 

Sect Cide S 

Seez-Pruf BB 

Sewer Solv O 

Smooth Q 

So Clean R 

Sparkle A 

Spraze-it D 

Sprint Q 

Super Concentrate No. 105 T 

Tectron BB 

Tef-Lube BB 

Tempered D-Clog O 

Tuf-Tape A A 

Turbo 600 Heavy Duty CleanerD 

Twin M 

Ultra Scent R 

XL-101 AA 

15 Plus 24 D 

6+11 Piney Disinfectant R 

692-L Concentrate C 

Man-Gill Chemical Company 

Flake Caustic Soda B 

MG 1491 B 

MG 1492 B 

MG 906 A 

MG 907 B 

MG 910 A 

MG 911 B 

MG 913 B 

MG 915 A 

MG 917 A 

MG 918 C 

MG 920 B 

MG 924 A 

MG 925 B 

MG 926 B 

MG 928 B 

MG 929 A 

MG 930 A 

MG 934 Extractor Cleaner A 

MG 942 A 

MG 943 B 

MG 944 B 

MG 945 C 

MG 952 A 

MG 953 A 

MG 961 A 

MG 962 A 

MG 966 A 

MG 970 B 

MG 971 A 

MG 972 B 

MG 973 B 

MG 985 B 

MG 990 C 

MG 991 B 

MG 994 A 

MG 997 B 

MG 998 B 

Manchester Supply/ Kastle Kare 

MSC Metallic-Ceramic 

Resurfaces P 

MSC Ram-Rod O 

MSC UR-Guard P 

Mandeville Company, The 

Packers Tech Oil AA 

Mankana Chemical Company 

Grease-Away R 

Slick-Away R.O 

Steam Cleaning Compound A 

Mann, W'.D. Company 

Kleen Kote PM Boiler Water 
Treat M 

Kleen Kote XXX Boiler Water 
Treat M 

Kleen Kote 80/20 Boiler Water 
Treat M 

NLO-119-T M 

Manny's Sanitary Supply Inc. 

Onward Reserve Power 

Germicidal Det D 

Mantek/ Division of NCH 

Aglow A 

All-Nu P 

Barricade BB 

Big Tex A 

Break Away BB 

Casino A 

Centura A 

Chloro-Con R 

CC-93 BB 

D-Scale C 

Derket C 

Dri-Gard BB 

Etch-Tec C 

Exotherm R 

Food Plant Cleaner 

(Germicidal) D 

Gentilly Machine Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Grecco R 

GG-10 BB 

Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Hydrex BB 

Hydro-Fog S 

IMC-33 R 

IR-48 T 


Liqui-Zyme D 

Liquid Sewer Solvent O 

Manasect S 

Manco MP Gear Oil SAE 140. BB 
Manco MP Gear Oil SAE 90 ...BB 

Manco Moly Grease BB 

Mantek Amacide T 

Mantek Food Grade Lubricant .A A 
Mantek Ro-Tek Rodent Cakes. .U 

Mantek 1000 B 

Mantek 1800 M 

Mantek 400 M 

Mantek 500 N 

Mantek 600 N 

Mantek 700 M 

Mantek-850 N 

Manzyme O 

Mash BB 



One-Sect Insecticide T 

Paratek P 

Passage O 

Pentron BB 

Powdered Steam Cleaner A 

Preen Hand Dishwashing 

Powder A 

PS-70 AA 

Quick-Kill S 

Rodon S 

Sanitrate P 

Sanitrate (Aerosol) P 

Sight R 

Speed O 

Spring-Aire II R 

Staunch BB 

Strong Power B 

Temp-Ease A A 

Toro Q 

Torrent Vehicle Wash R 

Tri-Matic A 

Trig A 

TLR-44 AA 

Whoosh O 

Wid-Out T 

Zzap BB 

Manufacturers Supply Corporation 

Bake Pan Cleaner A 

Deluxe Concrete Cleaner D 

Food Plant Cleaner A 

Neutra Clean A 

Mapco Products 

Lacko Metal Polish C 

Laundry Bleach CC 

Liquid Concentrate A 


Liquid Concentrate 25 A 

Liquid Concentrate 38 A 

Mapco Conquest A 

Mapco Egg Wash H 

Mapco Insecticide Spray No. l.S 

Mapco Laundry Detergent CC 

Mapco Liquid Soap Q 

Mapco Mapclene-S A 

Mapco Mapclene-SX A 

Mapco Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Mapco Pynocide R 

Mapco PSM Smokehouse 

Cleaner B 

Mapco Sanol F 

Mapco Sewer Line Cleaner O 

Mapco Super Sanol F 

New Phenex Q 

Trolley Magic B 

Mapco, Inc. 

Mapco-Sol R 

Mapco-Zyme 201 

Mapco-Zyme 202 

Mapco-Zyme 203 

Mapco-Zyme 204 

Mapco-Zyme 205 

Mapco-Zyme 206 

Mapco-Zyme 207 

Mapco-Zyme 208 

Mapco-Zyme 209 

Mapco-Zyme 210 

Mapco-Zyme 211 

Mapco-Zyme 214 

Mapco-Zyme 215 

Mapps & Salk Inc. 

Ultra Kleen All A 

Ultra Kleen Hand Soap Q 

Ultra Kleen Orange Blossom 
All Purp. Cln A 

Mar-Chem, Incorporated/ Chemical 
& Supply Company 

Gem Cutter A 

Total Clean A 

Mar-Len Supply Inc. 

ML-41 A 

Mar-Lo Chemical Company 

MLB-350 M 

Mar-Mo Chemical Co. 

Pot-Lick A 

Zoom-It D 

Marathon Morco Company 

Sontex 100NF A A 

Sontex 130NF A A 

Sontex 150NF A A 

Sontex 19 USP AA 

Sontex 21 USP AA 

Sontex 33 USP AA 

Sontex 35 USP AA 

Sontex 475 AA 

Sontex 55NF AA 

Sontex 70-MP A A 

Sontex 70NF A A 

Sontex 7030 AA 

Sontex 75-T AA 

Sontex 75NF A A 

Sontex 80-MP AA 

Sontex 85-T AA 

Sontex X5NF A A 

Sontex 8530 AA 

Sontex 95-T AA 

Sontex 9530 AA 

Marathon, Inc. 

Micro-Bicide No. 42 N 

Micro-Biocide #41 N 

Marco Equipment Company 

Non-Butyl Degreaser A 

Marimik Industrial Supply 

Big Blue A 

Big Blue Heavy Duty 

Cleaner/Degreaser D 

Dual-27 F 

Marimik Sting D 

Marion Brush Mfg./ & Janitorial 

Foam-Kleen A 

Marion Green Giant H.D. 

Cleaner D 

Mark Chemical Company 

All Purpose Actshine R 

Beadletts Mark 100-B A 

Bullox Mark 100 A 

Chem Plex Mark 100-X A 

Chemmark Magic Snake O 

Midas Auto Con S 

Mark Chemical Company 

Automatic Dishwash A 

Bio Clean II F 

Bio Clean 2 F 

Bio Clean 20 G 

Bio-Clean 1 F 

Bio-Quat 20 G 

Breakthrough A 

Concrete Cleaner D 

Enviro Insecticide S 

Glow A 

Hand Dishwashing Compound. .A 

Heavy Duty Warewash B 

Lime & Scale Remover C 

Lotionized Hand Cleaner 

Concentrate Q 

LSC#3 A 

Mark Bowl Cleaner P 

Mark Special Degreaser D 

Mark Super Degreaser D 

Mark Ten G,GG 

Mark 25 G 

Mark 250 G 

Mark 5 G 

Mild Bowl Cleaner P 

Pot & Pan Wash A 

Remove A 

Remove Concentrate D 

Scale- A way C 

Win A 

Mark Manufacturing Corporation 

DR-50 B 

FS-404 A 

FSA-606 L 

LHS-888 X 

Mar-Chlor H 

Mark-O-Fect F 

Phenol Mark I0-X F 

PEM-51 B 

PHS 444 X 

R-U A 

R-22 B 

TC-66 Y 

Mark-L Corporation 

Bowl Cleaner & Disinfectant. ...P 

Mark-L Residual Insecticide T 

Mark-L Solv A 

Mark-L-Teen F.JJ 

Super Strength Drain Opener 
& Maintainer O 

Markay Laboratories 

Adjunct TS M 

Aquagard 334 M 

Aquagard 334-5 M 

Aquagard 338 N 

Aquagard 338-5 N 

Boil Out M 

Boiler Water Treatment BCS-2.M 
Boiler Water Treatment BL-IC M 

Catalyzed Sulfrite Organic M 

Easy Acid Formula C 

Formula BDF N 

Formula BSL-1 M 

Formula BSL-2 M 

Formula BSL-3 M 

Formula BSL-9 M 

Formula SRL-25 N 

Formula I01L M 

Formula 102L M 

Formula 103L M 

Formula 105L M 

Formula 106S M 

Formula 201S M 

Formula 202S M 

Formula 205L M 

Formula 521CS Z 

One Shot M 

Polymer EMG M 

Polymer 104HL M 

Polymer 104L M 

Polymer 520L N 

Polymer 522-L N 

Marko Chemical, Inc. 

Marko Alum-Glo C 

Marko CDD F 

Marko Hand Kleen 40 Q 

Marko KO Insect Spray S 

Marko Liquid Drain Kleener....O 

Marko PCC-26 D 

Marko SC-100 D 

Marko 1000 Plus D 

Marko 1002 B 

Marko 1185 S 

Markocide F 

Markofresh R 

Markosol P 

Pineteen R 

Mars Chemical Corporation 

Mars Pro Cone I A 

Marschall/ Division Miles 
Laboratories, Inc. 

Bacterial Culture S O 

Marshall Manufacturing Company 

Dual-27 F 

Martin Chemical Company 

Enzyme 57 

Martin Laboratories, Inc. 

Liquid Conveyor Lube BB 

M 30- Acid Cleaner C 

M30-Acid Spray C 

M30-Caustic Cleaner B 

M30-Caustic Phospo B 

M30-Chlorinated Cleaner A 

Minrifanir Stripper D 

Cleaner A 

M30-Pressure Steam Cleaner. ...A 

M30-Spray Cleaner A 

M30-Versatile Cleaner B 


M30-Waterless Hand Cleaner ...W 

Martin Marietta Cement/ Southern 

Magnolia Chemical Hydrate 
Lime Y 

Marton Chemical Corp., Inc. 

Ab-So-Lube D BB 

Marval Chemical Company 

Marval Industrial Cleaner A 

Marwol Products, Inc. 

MP-16 D 

MP-4 D 

MP-6 D 

MP-8 D 

Maryland Chemical Co., Inc. 

Marchem D-500 

Marchem D-501 D 

Marchem D-502 B 

Marchem D-503 A 

Marchem D-504 A 

Marchem D-505 A 

Marchem D-506 A 

Marchem D-507 A 

Marchem D-509 A 

Marchem D-510 B 

Marchem D-511 A 

Marchem D-512 A 

Marchem D-513 A 

Marchem D-514 A 

Marchem D-515 B 

Marchem D-516 B 

Marchem D-517 A 

Marchem D-519 A 

Marchem D-521 A 

Marchem D-522 A 

Marchem D-523 A 

Marchem Drain Cleaner O 

Marchem L-702 A 

Marchem L-707 B 

Marchem L-709 A 

Marchem L-710 A 

Marchem L-711 A 

Marchem L-712 A 

Marchem L-713 A 

Marchem L-714 A 

Marchem L-715 A 

Marchem L-716 A 

Marchem L-717 B 

Marchem L-718 A 

Marchem L-719 C 

Marchem L-720 C 

Marchem L-721 C 

Marchem L-722 A 

Marchem L-723 C 

Marchem L-724 Q 

Marchem L-725 BB 

Marchem L-726 A.BB 

Marchem L-727 BB 

Marchem L-728 B 

Marchem L-729 C 

Massasoit Chemical Company 

Bergerite Formula P B 

Berite Granules A 

Emeralite Heavy Duty Cleaner. B 

Massey-Ferguson Inc. 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

General Purpose Detergent A 

General Purpose Thrifty 

Detergent A 

Germicidal Sanitizer F 

Heavy Duty General Purpose 
CInr A 

Master Chemical Company 

Master 8% Chlor 8% G,K 

Master-X Bleach G,K 

Master Chemical Products, Inc. 

Disinfectant-Cleaner D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Master Concentrate 61 Cleaner.A 

Pow-R-Pak O 

Super Master Sheen Cleaner 

9X R 

362 Bowl Cleaner & 

Disinfectant P 

Master Lubricants Company 

CW606B AA 

Lubriko AZ-406 BB 

Lubriko B-501 BB 

Lubriko B-503 BB 

Lubriko B-506 BB 

Lubriko B-554 BB 

Lubriko BZ-501 BB 

Lubriko BZ-503 BB 

Lubriko BZ-554 BB 

Lubriko CW-606 AA 

Lubriko M-l BB 

Lubriko M-24-M BB 

Lubriko M-3 BB 

Lubriko M-32-6K BB 

Lubriko M-40 BB 

Lubriko M-6 BB 

Lubriko T-385 BB 

Lubriko 0000 BB 

Lubriko 0000 P BB 

Lubriko 0000PZ BB 

MasterZyme, Inc. 

Masterzyme Drain Cleaner O 

Masuen, A. J. Company 

Masco Medicated Skin Lotion. .W 

Masury-Columbia Company 

Acid Type Bowl Cleaner P 

ATI Setol A 

ATI Solar A 

ATI Yellow Jacket R&H 

Cleaner D 

C-A Concentrate D 

Carousel Germicidal Cleaner ....D 

Cfresh R 

Cleancide D 

Drain Opener O 

Food Grade Lubricant AA 

Formula 976MC D 

Glass Cleaner R 

Hand Soap Concentrate Q 

Hand Soap Ready-To-Use Q 

Hetracide R 

Hetraphene (Ready to Use) Q 

Hetraphyl R 

MR Concentrate A 

Myco Accolade R 

Myco Promolite D 

Myco Q-99 F 

Myco Q-99-NR G 

Myco Sanitizer NR G 

Myco Tiara A 

Myco Water Based Degreaser ..A 

Myco 404 A 

Mycolade RN 27A-704 R 

Mycoleum R 

New Blue Glass Cleaner R 

Povidone Iodine Hand Soap FF 

Powersoft P 

Scotch Concentrate D 

Spring Day D 

Yellow Jacket Colco D 

Yellow Jacket Instaclean D 

Yellow Jacket Low Suds A 

Yellow Jacket Marbleous D 

Yellow Jacket Scrub Soap R 

Yellow Jacket Sunburst A 

Matosantos Commercial Corp. 

Green Brand Liquid Soap Q 

Matt Enterprises 

Clean-L A 

Concentrate A 

Excel A 

Machine 'C A 


Shine 30 C 

Ultra Special B 

Zipp D 

Max-Gard Chemical & Equipment 

Max-Gard 101-L M 

Max-Gard 104-P M 

Max-Gard 170-L M 

Max-Gard 225-L M 

Mayer Myers Paper Company 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 10 R 

Pinky D 

Wax Remover D 

Mayo Chemical Company 


Mister Detergent CC 

Scourmaster C-P CC 

Snowhite Bleach Plus CC 

Mayo Products Company 

Sodium Hypochlorite G,K 

Mazer Chemicals Inc. 

Mazu DF 110S HH 

McCain Boiler & Engineering Co. 

Compound #SA-100 N 

Compound #SP-100 N 

Compound #SPL-100 N 

Compound #1 M 

Compound #2 M 

Compound #3 M 

Compound #4 M 

Compound #5 A M 

McCalPs, T. Frank 

Dynasol A 

Pink Lotion Dish Detergent A 

McConnon And Company 

Cleanser & Water Softener A,N,Z 

Mouse Rid U 

Rat-O-Mice U 

Zyme O 

McGlaughlin Oil Co., The 

Petro-Gel AA 

McKesson Chemical Company 

McKcssol 8530 AA 

McLaughlin Gormley King Co. 

D-Trans Fogger And Contact 

Spray -2147 S 

Formula 7243 S 


MGK Soluble Powder 

w/Dipterex T 

Pyrocide Concentrate 7254 T 

Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 

5628 S 

Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 

7167 S 

Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 

7192 S 

Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 

7206 S 

Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 

7211 S 

Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 

7219 T 

Pyrocide Fogging Concentrate 

7257 T 

Pyrocide Fogging Formula 7207S 
Pyrocide Fogging Formula 7216S 
Synergized Pyrethrin 

Indust. Spray F-6630 S 

McManus Chemical Company 

McManus H. D. Safe-Fireprf 

CI Wax Rmvr D 

McManus Neutral Liquid 

Cleaner D 

McVicker, W. B., Company 

Plainsol M A 

Meat Industry Suppliers, Inc. 

Chemtrol F 

Meat Packers & Butcher Supply Co. 

Long Life Prime White Oil AA 

Medallion Chemical Corp. 

Bio-Kleen D 

De-Vour 'L' O 

De-Vour 'S' O 

Digest 'SP' O 

Digest 'TD' O 

Super De-Zolv-19 D 

Megargel Bros. 

Big Mac A 

Meinhardt Products Division 

Ice-Ban (with color) R 

Ice-Ban(Colorless) R 

Mellocraft Company, The 

#364 Flush O 

F-27 Mellosheen A 

Lac-1300 D 

Lac-1302 D 

MC-200 Industrial Cleaner and 

Degreaser D 

No. 1030 M C B C 

No. 1032 Mello-Dyne G 

No. 1038 Agri-Dyne G 

No. 1050 Sanitizer F 

No. 1093 Dissolv-It Prilled 

Drain Opener O 

No. Ill Hand Dishwashing 

Compnd A 

No. 115 Lan-O-Suds A 

No. 1307 N.B. Degreaser A 

No. 153 Pre-Soak De-Ox Liq 

Tarnish Remvr A 

No. 163 W.S.D D 

No. 1651A LPR BB 

No. 1659 A Liq TEF Tape Pipe 

Thd Seal BB 

No. 174 Lift-Off D 

No. 175 Mellosheen 

Concentrate A 

No. 176 Mello-Cide F 

No. 192 Econo-Suds A 

No. 201 40% Pearl Liquid Q 

No. 214 Creme-Lotion Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

No. 223 Mello-Kleen P 

No. 303 Pure Kleen A 

No. 335 Heavy Duty Mello-Sol.P 

No. 343 Foam Off D 

No. 346 Spra-Zit R 

No. 435 Rinz-Ex H 

No. 443 Thermo-Kleen C 

No. 444 Mild MeUo-Sol P 

No. 484 Spra-Zit Surface 

Cleaner R 

No. 533 Lemon Scented 

Disinfectant R 

No. 612 Astro-Dis F 

No. 651 Glass Shield R 

No. 675 Beta-Phene P 

No. 790 Liqua-Scale C 

No.368 Sulf. Acid For. 

Dissolvo Drn Opnr O 

Pac-1400 A 

Pac-1402 B 

Pac-1450 R 

Menco Chemical Division 

Mono-Molecular Water Treat 

No. 171 M 

Water Treatment No. 1 M 

Water Treatment No. 2 M 

Water Treatment No. 201H M 

Water Treatment No. 3 M 

Water Treatment No. 50 M 

Water Treatment No. 501H M 

Mendez & Company, Inc. 

Action Stripper Cleaner D 

Menaco Antiseptic Hand- 
Cleaner Lotion Q 

Menaco Hand Liquid Soap Q 

Menaco Super Deterge A 

Menaco Wax Stripper 

Degreaser Cleaner A 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Tuf-Strip Wax Stripper D 

Mentholatum Co., The 

Baracaide W 

Mercury Chemical Co., Inc. 

Fogging Concentrate 3610 S 

Fogging Formula #7216 S 

Merchem Bait Block. Rodnt 

w/Mol-Pea.But U 

Merchem Bait Blockette 

Rodnt. w/Apple U 

Merchem Bait Blockette 

Rodnt. w/Fish U 

Merchem Bait Blockette 

Rodnt. w/Meat U 

Merchem Rat and Mouse Bait..U 
Merchem Special Fogging 

Concentrate 511 S 

Mercomist Aerosol Insect 

Killer S 

Mercovap T 

Mercury Fogging Concentrate 

#7167 S 

Mercury Fogging Concentrate 

#7192 S 

Mercury Fogging Concentrate 

#7206 S 

Multi-Purpose Fogging 

Insecticide-100 S 

Meridian Petroleum Company 

Dri-Quick MM 

Dri-White MM 

Merit Chemical Company, Inc. 

Caustic -Jell Merit 675 A 

Concrete Kleen Merit 20RP R 

Concrete-Kleen Merit 20XP R 

Hi- Foam 1 A 

Kloro Kleen Merit Pink 2XW...A 
Kloro-Kleen Merit Pink 21XW A 
Kloro-Kleen Merit White 2XW.A 

Kloro-Kleen White 220 A 

Kloro-Kleen White 227 A 

Liquid Hand Soap 15 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 20 Q 

Liquid Steam Kleen Merit 

HD701 B 

Low Foam Merit 711 R 

Low Suds Merit 21XX CC 

Merit Liquid Skin Cleaner Q 

Merit 487X C 

Merit 487XC C 

Merit-Kleen Merit 11DX B 

Merit-Kleen Merit 12RX B 

Merit-Kleen Merit 14RX B 

Merit-Kleen Merit 2R A 

Merit-Kleen Merit 22BX A 

Merit-Kleen Merit 28BX A 

Merit-Kleen Merit 3 BDX B 

Merit-Kleen Merit 3DCX B 

Merit-Kleen Merit 3DX B 

Merit-Kleen Merit 325 B 

Merit-Kleen Merit 41 C 

Merit-Kleen 10RX B 

Merit-Kleen 2BX A 

Merit-Kleen 500 A 

Merit-Lube 1 BB 

Vari-Kleen Merit 7BDX D 

Vari-Kleen Merit 7XX A 

Vari-Kleen Merit 705 A 

Merit Chemical, Inc. 

AL-10 A 


Chloricide-12 G 

Circl-Acid C 

Circl-AIkali B 

Circl-Phos Z 

Egg Shine H 

Hi-Shine Alkali B 

Iodibac G 

PH-5 C 

Suds-Rite A 

Merit Maintenance Supply, Inc. 

Hand 40% Pure Coconut Oil 
Hand Soap Q 

Merit Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

Cold Water Immersion Cleaner A 

Descaler C 

Equipment Cleaner B 

Foam Glo A 

Fryer Cleanser B 

Immersion Cleaner A 

Merit Hand Cleaner P 

Merit Liqui-Kleen A 

No. 11 Line Cleaner B 

No. 61 Hvy Dty Cleaning 

Compound R 

P Chlorinated Hand Cleaner E 

Poultry Processor's Special 

Cleaner A 

Smokehouse Cleaner D 

Sulfamic Acid C 

WC Chlorinated Equipment 

Cleaner A 


Merit Paper Corp. 

Merit Par Excellance Hand 
Dish. Cmpd A 

Merit Sanitary Supply Co. 

Hot Shot D 

Mesa Sanitary Supply Company 

Mesa Strip-It R 

Metalene Chemical Company, The 

Anticor No. 604 M 

Boiler Feedwater Treatment 

No. 1111 M 

Boiler Feedwater Treatment 

No. 306 M 

Boiler Feedwater Treatment 

No. 401 M 

Boiler Water Treatment No. 

1125 M 

BWT No. 1108 M 

BWT No. 1166 M 

BWT No. 550 M 

BWT 4-075 N 

BWT 4-165 M 

BWT 4-171 M 

BWT 4-174 M 

BWT 4-181 M 

Liq. Boiler Water Treatment 

No.1115 M 

Organic Adjunct CD No. 1039. .M 
Organic Adjunct CD No. 1040. .M 

Organic Adjunct No. 1041 M 

Rust Foil C No. 2083 M 

Rust Foil No. 2093 M 

Rust Foil 5-1351 M 

Rust Foil 5-1361 M 

Metra Chem Company 

EK25 A 

Metro Products Company 

Concrete Cleaner X-l A 

Concrete Cleaner X-6 A 

Feen-O-Pine R 

Geolin Antiseptic Lotionized 

Liquid Soap Q 

HC-45 Disinfectant Cleaner D 

Insectrol No. 100 S 

Insectrol No. 75 S 

Liquid Drain Opener O 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Litnin Sol R 

M-O Concentrate D 

Metro Formula M-32 A 

Metro Pine-Sol R 

Metro-Sol P 

Metrodyne G 

Metrolite Digester O 

Metzolite A 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Ozonene R 

S-D-C A 

S-F Cleaner A 

Santrol No. 25 F 

Stain-Off P 

Steam Cleaner KS B 

Steam Cleaner MSP B 

Super Five D 

Tempo Chlorinated Bleach 

Cleanser E 

Metropolitan Refining Co., Inc. 

C S Cleaner A 

Clean-Away 300 B 

Corrodicide Dry Z 

Corrodicide FP Z 

Corrodicide Liquid Z 

Corrodine 710 M 

D rain k lee n O 

Duboth M 

Duboth A M 

Duboth A-38 M 

Duboth B M 

Duboth CA M 

Duboth CA-96 M 

Duboth H-6 M 

Duboth JA M 

Duboth JS M 

Duboth LP M 

Duboth OX M 

Duboth P M 

Duboth P-AC80 M 

Duboth S-5 M 

Duboth 89 N 

Kno Klog O 

Metro #340 M 

Metro #630 Water Supply 

Treatment Z 

Metro Anti-Foam U-125 M 

Metro Clean-Away Formula 

200 N 

Metro Clean-Away Formula 

400 D 

Metro Clean-Away Formula 

500 R 

Metro Cleaner 129 A 

Metro Descaler C 

Metro General Cleanser A 

Metro Steam Cleaner A 

Metrofloc 515 M 

Metrosperse 269 N 

Seagull O 

Sterokleen A 

Vaporene C N 

Vaporene C-2 N 

Vaporene D-680 N 

Vaporene DT-216 N 

Vaporene FP N 

Vaporene K-5 N 

Vaporene SA-1 12 N 

Vaporene 216 N 

Vaporene 72 N 

Vaporene 89 N 

Meyer-Blanke Company See: Em-Bee 
Chemicals, Inc. 

Meyer, H. B. & Son, Inc. 

'IT' W 

Action D 

Chlorinated Super Clean A 

Clenzene A 

Cream Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Dare D 

Dek-Ade D 

Double XX A 

Great Southern Hnd 

Dishwash.Powd A 

H.B. Meyer Hand Clnr. & 

Sanitizer FF 

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner A 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaning 

Comp B 

Kleenswell D 

Launderette CC 

Lemon Odor Disinfectant P 

Lotion Clenzene A 

Low Suds Launderette CC 

Meyer's Foaming Cleanser E 

Meyer's Pressure Spray Wash. .A 

Pepsene A 

Pineolene R 

Sani-Sope Q 

Sedoc R 

Sterylclene D 

Sudzee A 

Super Clenzene A 

Micro Products Corporation 

Heavy Duty Degreaser XX- 

1810 A 

Micro All-Purpose Cleaner A 

Micro Car Cleaner A 

Micro Marine Cleaner A 

Micro-Gen Equipment Corporation 

ULD BP-300 Insecticide S 

ULD V-500 5% Vapona 

Insecticide T 

Mid-America Chemical Co. 

Dyna-Mite Sulfuric Acid Type 

Drain Clnr O 

Germicidal Cleaner & 

Deodorant R 

Glass & Utility Cleaner R 

Insecticide (w/residual insect 

control) T 

Liquid Boiler and Feed Water 

Treatment M 

Quatra Rinse G 

Slash #195 Nut & Bolt 

Loosener Penetrant BB 

Super Fogging Insect Killer T 

Super Steam Steam Cleaner.... B 
Super-Kleen Heavy Duty 

Cleaner D 

Three Gly R 

Mid-America Chemical, Inc. 

Tru-Kleen Sodium 

Hypochlorite Solution CC 

Mid-America Dairymen, Inc. 

Mid-Am A.P.C-23 C 

Mid-Am Acid Cleaner C 

Mid-Am Acid Cleaner 

(Concentrate) C 

Mid-Am Acid Cleaner 100 C 

Mid-Am Acid Glow C 

Mid-Am Acid 220 C 

Mid-Am Acid 400 C 

Mid-Am Alkali Cleaner B 

Mid-Am Britank A 

Mid-Am C-10 B 

Mid-Am C-12 B 

Mid-Am Can Wash (L-160) C 

Mid-Am Chelaton No. 4 B 

Mid-Am Chlorinated Cleaner... A 

Mid-Am Chlorinated TSP A 

Mid-Am Circulation Cleaner B 

Mid-Am Circulation Cleaner C- 

5 B 

Mid-Am Crystal Chlor F 

Mid-Am Flex-O-Wash No. 2 A 

Mid-Am Flex-O-Wash No. 2NPA 

Mid-Am General Cleaner A 

Mid-Am General Cleaner NP....A 
Mid-Am General Cleaner 880.... A 
Mid-Am Neutral Cleaner(L- 

143) A 

Mid-Am NXZ Defoamer A 

Mid-Am Tile Floor Cleaner D 

Mid-American Research Chemical 

MARC Double Strength 

Descaler C 

MARC Tile & Grout Cleaner. ...C 
MARC 300 Spray and Wipe 

Cleaner R 

MARC 305 Glass Cleaner R 

MARC 38-AAA Marcicide D 

MARC 53 Got-A-Mess R 


MARC 54 Odor Counteractant 

Cherry R 

MARC 54 Odor Counteractant 

Citrus R 

MARC 59 

MARC 61 Odor Control R 

MARC 62 Deodorant Granules .R 
MARC 68 Deodorizer Cherry ...R 
MARC 68 Deodorizer Citrus 

Lemon R 

MARC 69 Flocculent & Sludge 

Dewtr. Cmpd O 

MARC 71 Concentrated High 

Pressure Clnr A 

MARC 92-GW Gel Degreaser. ..D 

MARC 95 Descaler C 

MARC-101 TFE Fluorocarbon 

Lubricant BB 

MARC-109 Glass Cleaner R 

MARC-116 A A 

MARC-127 BB 

MARC-135 AA 

MARC-154 Invisible Glove W 

MARC-156 Pipe Thread Sealer. BB 
MARC-158 Oven & Hood 

Protector A A 

MARC-16 R 

MARC-214 M 

MARC-218 R 

MARC-38 F 

MARC-41 D 

MARC-47 R 

MARC-50 P 

MARC-55 O 

MARC-63 Marc-Xion O 

MARC-65 Homogenizer and 

Solubilizer D.O 

MARC-66 R 

MARC-88 Jelled Descaler C 

MARC-89 O 

MARC-97 R 

Mid-Coast Chemical & Janitorial 

Brute Degreaser And Wax 

Stripper A 

Hand Soap Lemon Scented Q 

Mid-Co Citracid P 

Power Cleaner All Purpose 
Degreaser A 

Mid-Continent Chemical Co. 

Alpha 'B' Chlorinated B 

Alpha A Chlorinated A 

Alpha C Chlorinated A 

Alpha Pledge A 

Alpha Silva-Brite A 

Alpha Suds A 

Alpha Super A 

Alpha X-Cel A 

Concentrate All Purpose 

Detergent D 

D.C.C F 

Green Power D 

Hygienal A 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Lime Go L/ 

Mid-Con B C 

Mid-Con D-3000 A 

Mid-Con Laundry Two CC 

Mid-Con Ox-O-Brite CC 

Mid-Con 220 A 

Mid-Con 2500 B 

Mid-Con 330 B 

Mid-Con 3990 C 

Mid-Con 500 B 

Soil-Gon A 

Sonic Solvent A 

Yellow Magic A 

Mid-Continent Laboratories, Inc 

A-P-W-5 Food Plant Cleaner ...D 
A-P-W-5 Heavy Duty Cleaner ..A 
A-P-W-5 Inhibited Chemical 

Clnr C 

Apple Blossom Air Santzr. & 

Surf. Disinf R 

Aqua-Solv A 

Aqua-X F 

Car Kleen A 

Chem Ox C 

Cinch W 

Clor-Aid R 

Crystal R 

Deo-Clear O 

Dis-N-Kleen D 

E Z Clean D 

Express Sewer Solvent O 

Flavor-Sect Insect Spray S 

Fleet Kleen A 

Germex P 

Hook And Trolley Cleaner D 

Kwik-Fog Insect Spray S 

M.C. Boiler Compound M 

M.C. Concentrate A 

Metro-Clear O 

Midzyme 20 

Midzyme 30 

Mintize R 

Mist N' Clean R 

MC-6 Water Treatment M 

MID-10 A 

Neutral Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

New X-Can R 

Odor-Gone Lemon R 

Odor-Gone Lilac R 

Odor-Gone Mint R 

Old Smokey A 

Pent-X BB 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5 ....R 

Pine-All Disinfectant R 

Sani Klean Q 

Sectrol T 

Sparkle A 

Super Solve A 

Thaw Away R 

Tri-D Disinfectant Deodorant ...R 
Whiz R 

Mid-Lands Chemical Co., Inc. 

AC Foamer A 

AC 103 C 

AC 104 C 

CC 100 B 

CC-101 B 

CC-102 B 

EO 202 AA 

EO-203 AA 

Hulk A 

LB 48 CC 

LC-01 R 

LD 60 CC 

LD-61 CC 

LHS 40 Q 

Total A 

TW 300 Y 

Mid-South Supply 

No. 185 Cleaner A 

Odor Control R 

Mid-State Chemical & Supply Corp. 

Acid Brightener C 

Acid Cleaner 5525 C 

Chain Lube 8420 BB 

Chlor-Clean 1612 A 

Chlorinated Hand Scrubbing 

Cleaner A 

CIP Acid Circulation Cleaner 


CIP Circulation Cleaner B 

Floor Cleaner 71 10 D 

Foam Additive 1650 A 

Foam Cleaner B 

Heavy Duty Alkaline Drain 

Opener O 

Heavy Duty Bottle Wash B 

Heavy Duty Chlorinated 

Cleaner B 

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 

7120 D 

Heavy Duty Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Heavy Duty Smoke House 

Cleaner B 

Hook, Trolley, And Tree 

Cleaner B 

Low-Alkaline General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Pan And Mold Cleaner B 

Pan And Mold Cleaner NS B 

Rapid Clean 2000 C 

Raven Brand CIP Acid 

Circulation Clnr C 

Raven Brand Gen.Purp.Powdrd 

Clnr A 

Raven Brand Non Phos. Hog 

Scald Comp X 

Raven Brand Phos-Free Det 

Chain Lube8430 BB 

Raven Brand Phos-Free Tripe 

Clnr Y 

Raven Brand Rinse Aid 1675 ....Z 

Super Clean 1500 D 

Super Kleen 1630 A 

Truck Wash 110 A 

Truck Wash 110 A A 

Mid-State Chemical Corp. 

Hydro-Clean All Purpose 

Water Sol. Dgrsr A 

Mid-State A 

Zoom A 

Mid-States Laboratories, Inc. 

Multi-Solv Liquid Concentrate .D 
MSL 1003 All-Purpose Silicone 

Spray A A 

MSL 101 Organic Sewer Line 

Opener & Mntr O 

MSL 103 Drain Line Opener 

and Maintainer O 

MSL 107 Enzyme Sewer & 

Drain Line Mntr O 

MSL 115 Organ. Drain Line 

Opnr & Maintnr O 

MSL 206 Multi Solv Wtr Base 

Dgrs. Cone D 

MSL 208 Super Cone. All 

Purpose Clnr A 

MSL 226 Hvy Dty Water Base 

Dgrs Cone D 

MSL 227 Super Neutral 

Cleaner A 

MSL 407 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

MSL 408 Descaler-Delimer 

Concentrate C 

MSL 412 Non-Abrasive Liquid 

Cleanser R 

MSL 427 Cuts Rust Remover ...C 
MSL 533 Timed-Rel Ice & Sno 

Mltr Pelts R 

MSL 834 Lift Station Cleaner.. .B 


Mid-Tex Chemical Company 

AH Purpose Cleaner and De- 
Greaser R 

Mid-West Chemical Company 

Grease Eater and Concrete 

Cleaner D 

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner D 

Nu-Glo D 

Midco Products Company 

Autobrite A 

Cleaner And Disinfectant D 

CDS Cleaner-Degreaser 

Solvent D 

Disinfectant Deodorant R 

Dry Moly Lubricant BB 

Flying Insect Killer T 

Fogging Insecticide T 

Glass Cleaner R 

H.T.20 B 

Kleen-WeU A 

Mud-A-Way Concentrate O 

MDW 45 A 

Penetrating Oil BB 

Silicone Mold Release AA 

Silicone Spray AA 

Silicone Spray Food Grade AA 

Steam-Off A.P A 

Steam-Off H.D A 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

Midco Products, Inc. 

Midco 'AA' Concentrate R 

Midland Chemical Corporation 

Bee-Clene D 

Bee-Clene Plus D 

Floor Condition R 

Foam Additive :....A 

Hand Soap Q 

M.C. Concentrate A 

PHC-70 A 

PHC-75 D 


Spra-CIene D 

Twenty Percent Hand Soap Q 

Midland Industrial Products/ A Div. 
of Rochester Germicide Co. 

BFW-3 M 

BFW-4 M 

CCI-1 M 

OS-13 M 

PW-1 Z 

PW-2 Z 

Midland Laboratories, Inc./ Div. of 
Rochester Germicide Co. 

Bay-O-Cide T 

Blitz O 

Cleen-Sheen F 

Di-O-Cide T 

Di-O-Cide E-3 T 

F-102 A 

F-118 Low Foam Cleaner A 

F-180 A 

F-204 D 

F-25 Sanitizer G 

Gas-O-Cide U 

Germ-O-Solv D 

Gloz R 

Krysloh A 

Lime-Sol C 

Liquid Shiloh P 

Lohfoam D 

Losuds A 

Mi-Clean D 

Mi-Solv D 

Midox Disinfectant F,Z 

Mill-O-Cide S 

Mill-O-Cide '100' S 

Mill-O-Cide '500' S 

Mill-O-Cide B-9 S 

Mill-O-Cide Super Strength S 

ML-10 F 

ML-101 D 

ML-11 Surgical Soap Q 

Paragon Q 

Sano-Septic Antiseptic Lotion 

Soap Q 

Shiloh E 

Super Strip D 

Super-C R 

Sure A 

Syn-O Germ D 

Syn-O-Germ 1 D 

Ulo-Cide V-500 Insecticide T 

ULo-Cide 10 S 

ULo-Cide 30 S 

ULO-Cide 25 T 

Midland Paper Co. Maintenance 
Supply Div. 

Midpaco Power Kleen D 

Midpaco Power Plus D 

Midpaco Vanish Bowl Cleaner .P 
Midpaco 101-Cleaner D 

Midland Research Laboratories, Inc. 

Chem-I-Cal Chemet Liquid Z 

Chem-I-Cal Chemet Powder Z 

Chem-I-Cal G210 M 

Chem-I-Cal G210P M 

Chem-I-Cal G211 M 

Chem-I-Cal G212 M 

Chem-I-Cal G213 M 

Chem-I-Cal G220 M 

Chem-I-Cal G221 M 

Chem-I-Cal G222 M 

Chem-I-Cal G223 M 

Chem-I-Cal G250 M 

Midwest Biochemical Corporation 

Embiozyme N-B O 

Embiozyme N-STA O 

Embiozyme SE-A O 

Embiozyme SE-L4 

Embiozyme SEB-A O 

Embiozyme SEB-2 

Embiozyme 5-E O 

MBC-250 D 

Midwest Chemical Company 

Graygone Commercial Grade. ...CC 
Tetra D Commercial Grade A 

Midwest Chemical Company 

Concentrate Deodorant R 

Deo-Gran R 

Deodorizer R 


Deodorizer-Conc F 

Drain Cleaner O 

Drain Cleaner Enzyme Type O 

Enzymes for Sewage Systems ..O 
General Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner A 

Germicidal Cleaner F 

Heavy Dty Liq. Organic Drain 

Cleaner O 

Heavy Dty Organic Drain 

Cleaner O 

Ice Melting Compound R 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Liq. Solvent Non-Flammable 

Clnr D 

Liquid Dishwashing 

Concentrate A 

Liquid Hand Soap 20% Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 40% Q 

Liquid Ice Melt R 

Low Pressure Boiler 

Compound M 

New Improved Rat Bait U 

Organic Acid Detergent C 

Porcelain and Bowl Cleanser. ...P 
Powdered Cleaning Compound .A 

Sewer Solvent O 

Three-Gly R 

Window Glass Cleaner R 

Window Glass Cleaner 

Concentrate R 

Midwest Food Supply Company 

F.C. Floor Cleaner R 

Midflash A 

No. 150 Super Cleaner A 

No. 200 All Purpose Cleaner A 

No. 2000 A 

No. 300 General Cleaner A 

No. 700 Chlor Cleaner A 

No. 925 Chelated Alkali B 

Midwest LTD 

Do-It D 

Midwest Oil Company 

Ace-Lube AA-AW BB 

Ace-Lube BB-AW BB 

Ace-Lube Compressor Oil AA..BB 
Ace-Lube Compressor Oil Ext. 

Light BB 

Ace-Lube Compressor Oil 

Heavy BB 

Ace-Lube Compressor Oil Hvy 

Med BB 

Ace-Lube Compressor Oil 

Light BB 

Ace-Lube Compressor Oil 

Medium BB 

Ace-Lube CC-AW BB 

Ace-Lube Extra Heavy AW BB 

Ace-Lube EE-AW BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#0 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#1 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#2 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#3 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#4 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#5 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#6 BB 

Ace-Lube EP GL-#7 BB 

Ace-Lube GL-5 EP. 140 BB 

Ace-Lube GL-5 EP. 80 BB 

Ace-Lube GL-5 EP. 90 BB 

Ace-Lube Heavy-AW BB 

Ace-Lube Heavy-Medium BB 

Ace-Lube Heavy-Medium-AW BB 

Ace-Lube Hi-Temp-2 AA 

Ace-Lube HH AW BB 

Ace-Lube I.M. Oil CD BB 

Ace-Lube I.M. OU Extra 

Heavy BB 

Ace-Lube I.M. Oil Heavy BB 

Ace-Lube I.M. Oil Light BB 

Ace-Lube I.M. Oil Medium BB 

Ace-Lube Imco Oil #0 BB 

Ace-Lube Imco Oil #1 BB 

Ace-Lube Imco Oil #2 BB 

Ace-Lube Imco OU #3 BB 

Ace-Lube Imco OU #4 BB 

Ace-Lube Imco Oil #5 BB 

Ace-Lube Light-AW BB 

Ace-Lube Lithium No. BB 


Ace-Lube Lithium No. 1 BB 

Ace-Lube Lithium No. 2 BB 

Ace-Lube Lithium No. 3 BB 

Ace-Lube LoHi-2 BB 

Ace-Lube Medium AW BB 

Ace-Lube Moly Hi-Temp 2 BB 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-100 AA 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-130 AA 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-150 AA 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-50 AA 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-60 AA 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-70 AA 

Ace-Lube NF Oil-90 AA 

Ace-Lube Oildraulic S BB 

Ace-Lube Oildraulic W BB 

Ace-Lube Oven Oil P BB 

Ace-Lube Oven Oil PG BB 

Ace-Lube Oven Oil PM BB 

Ace-Lube Process Oil-10 AA 

Ace-Lube Process Oil-6 AA 

Ace-Lube Process Oil-7 AA 

Ace-Lube Process Oil-8 AA 

Ace-Lube Super Hydroflo Oil 

150 BB 

Ace-Lube Super Hydroflo Oil 

300 BB 

Ace-Lube SM Oil 1210 BB 

Ace-Lube SM Oil 160 BB 

Ace-Lube SM Oil 1650 BB 

Ace-Lube SM Oil 190 BB 

Ace-Lube SM Oil 310 BB 

Ace-Lube SM Oil 500 BB 

Ace-Lube SM Oil 890 BB 

Ace-Lube Tecpro Oil-40 AA 

Ace-Lube Tecpro Oil-60 AA 

Ace-Lube Tecpro Oil-70 AA 

Ace-Lube Tecpro Oil-80 AA 

Ace-Lube U.S. P. #2 AA 

Ace-Lube USP Oil-190 AA 

Ace-Lube USP Oil-210 AA 

Ace-Lube USP Oil-320 AA 

Ace-Lube USP Oil-350 AA 

Ace-Lube Vistac #1 BB 

Ace-Lube Vistac #2 BB 

Ace-Lube Vistac #3 BB 

Ace-Lube Vistac #4 BB 

Ace-Lube Vistac #5 BB 

Ace-Lube Vistac 3 MS BB 

Ace-Lube Vistac 5 MS BB 

Ace-Lube WP #5 AA 

Ace-Lube BB 

Ace-Lube 00 BB 

Ace-Lube 000 BB 

Ace-Lube 130A AA 

Ace-Lube 130AA AA 

Ace-Lube 60 White Mineral OilAA 

Ace-Lube 600 W-SM BB 

Ace-Lube 600 WAD BB 

Ace-Lube 61 White Mineral OilAA 
Ace-Lube 62 White Mineral OilAA 

Ace-Lube 630-AA BB 

Ace-Lube 701 AA 

Ace-Lube 930AA-15 A A 

Ace-Lube 930AA-2 A A 

Ace-Lube 95 WA BB 

Midwest Pressure Cleaner Co. 

Acid Clean #40 C 

Acid Clean P-42 C 

AG #70 A 

Char Off 76 B 

Floor Soap M-44 D 

Liq. Gen. Purp. Clnr A 

SHC #74 B 

Thermosol A 

20 Degreaser A 

Midwest Supply Company 

#200 Insecticide S 

Algaecide and Sanitizer 

Solution F 

Aqua-Solv Cleaner Degreaser ...D 

Bafix Germicidal Cleaner R 

Bafix Germicidal Cleaner R 

Dri-Tef Spray Lubricant BB 

E-Z Go Penetrant BB 

Grease-Solv D 

Lemon Sewer Sweetener O 

Med-I-Co D 

Mid Zone Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Midwest Power Solv D 

Midzyme Digestant 250 

No-Ox Inhibited Chemical Clnr 

& Deox R 

Open Up Drain Pipe Cleaner. ...O 
PY Spray Pyrethrum Type Fly 

Spray S 

Q-Tabs Sanitizing Tablet F 

Select Cleansing Cream Hand 

Cleaner W 

Sewer Solvent O 

Sila-Lube BB 

Smoothy Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Spray-A-Way R 

Staph-X D 

T.N.T. Liquid Drain Pipe 

Opener O 

Warpath Roach n' Ant Killer. ...T 
White Wizard Emulsion Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Midwest Textiles, Inc. 

Westex Bleach Y 

Westex Heavy Duty Cleaner ,...B 

Westex Hog Scald X 

Westex Shroud Wash A 

Westex Tripe Wash Y 

Milchem Laboratories Inc. 

M-4961 A 

M-4962 V 

Milfred Company, The 

Diocene R 

Milfuso Fog Generator Insect 

Spray S 

Milfuso No. 200 Residual 

Insect Spray T 

No. 25 Insect Spray S 

Tef-Tape Pipe Thread Sealer ....BB 

Miller Chemical & Fertilizer Corp. 

Fly Away Spray Away Ready 

to Use S 

Liquid "55' Malathion T 

Miller Chemical Company, Inc. 

Mill Chem 275 C 

Mill Chem 300 P 

Mill Chem 310 P 

Mill Chem 320 R 

Mill Chem 404 S 

Mill Chem 404 Aerosol S 

Mill Chem 500 A 

Mill Chem 600 Q 

Mill Chem 700 A 

Mill Chem 88 A 

Miller Scales & Food Machines, Inc. 

Sani-Lube AA 

Miller Supply Company 

Ben's Best Cleaner-Degreaser ..A 

Miller-Norris Company, Inc. 

Val-U-Line Clear Lemon 

Disinfect P 

Val-U-Line Glass Cleaner R 

Val-U-Line Lime Cleaner D 

Val-U-Line Pink Lotn Hand 

Dish.Det A 

Milport Chemical Company 

Chloro Crystals A 

Coil Clean C 

Detergent Zero-Zero A,CC 

Dry Acid Cleaner C 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

Heavy Duty Liquid Acid 

Cleaner C 

Inhibited Chemical Water 

Meter Cleaner C 

Liquid Acid Cleaner C 

Mil-Dri MM 

No Specx Alkali B 

No Specx Alkali No. 52 B 

No-Specx Alkali No. 42 B 

No-Specx Alkali No. 43 B 

No-Specx Alkali No. 46 B 

No-Spccx Alkali No. 47 B 

No-Sprecx Alkali No. 45 B 

No-Sprex Alkali No. 55 B 

Phospho-Clean C 

Smoke House Cleaner B 

25% Coconut Oil Hand Soap....Q 

Milsolv Companies, The 

Blandol NF 85 AA 

White Mineral Oil 70 Technical AA 

Mingo Sales & Service Co. 

Rust-Solve and Mositure GuardBB 

Minnesota Central Supply Company 

D-600 Degreaser D 

S-20 All Purpose Cleaner D 

Sani-Surf 2 F 

Mione Manufacturing Company 

Special P 

Miracle Corporation 

Alkaline Powdered General 

Cleaner A 

Aluminum Cleaner C 

Liquid Alkaline Cleaner A 

Miral Chemical Corp. 

Super Solv #2 D 

Miraq Corporation 

Gold-Chem Cleaner 22NP A 

Gold-Chem Cleaner 22XX A 

Gold-Chem Cleaner 33TT A 

Gold-Chem Cleaner 44TT A 

Miraq CC 

Misan Chemical, Inc. 

Ammoniated Wax Stripper R 

Break Loose A 



Cmpd B 

Concentrated Liquid Acid 

Cleaner C 

Foaming Degreasing Cleaner. ...A 
Heavy Duty All Purp CI Wax 

Strip & Dgrs D 

Micro Jet O 

Multi-Purpose Cleaner A 


Thermex O 

Misco Chemical 

Unique D 

Misco International Chemicals, Inc. 

Abrasive Action Cleaner P 

Auger O 

Chain And Cable Lubricant BB 

Chemical Cleaner C 

D.I.G. Deodorant Insect. 

Granules T 

Disinfectant Deodorant Spray. ..R 

Dyna-Mic D 

Eliminate R 

Emulsifier/Homogenizer R 

Finest A 

Foam R 

Foam Suppressant O 

Garb-Ex R 

Glycol Disinfectant Deodorant 

Spray R 

Grease Trap Cleaner R 

Instant Action O 

Liquid Boiler Treatment M 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

M.I.C. Bowl & Bathroom 

Cleaner P 

Mighty D 

Misco Little Green Granules R 

Misco Pots 'N Pans A 

Misco Waterless Hand Cleaner. W 

Mud & Silt Remover O 

MLC Laundry Compound CC 

Nature's Method O 

Neutra-Clean A 

No Flash R 

Non-Residual Space Spray Bug 

Killer S 

Power A 

Prof. Machine Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Removes R 

Residual Roach, Ant&Bug 

Killer T 

Sewer Block Buster O 

Sewer Deodorant R 

Steam Cleaner Concentrate A 

Super Steam Cleaner 

Concentrate A 

Sustain Multi-Purpose Floor 

Cleaner D 

Touch of Mint R 

Triple C A 

Water Tower Treatment N 

4-Way Bowl & Bathroom 

Cleaner P 

Misco Products Corporation 

AH Purpose Cleaner A 

Cleaner-Degreaser A 

Hand Soap Coconut Oil Base...Q 
Liquid Steam Cleaning 

Compound A 

Quat Germicidal Cleaner F 

Mission Chemical Company 

A-l S 

Ammonia Number 2 R 

Ammonia, Sudsy Household R 

Bactoll F,J 

Big M Egg Washing Compound H 

Compound D-6 A 

Compound KF D 

Compound SC-25 B 

Compound SC-26 B 

Fast-X-Crystal Cleaner D 

Liquid Soap #1 Q 

Mical D 

Milmite A 

Misco Suds D 

Mission Cleanser E 

Mito A 

Pal-O-Clean P 

Pala Bleachit G 

Pala Killer S 

Pipe and Drain Cleaner O 

Roachcide S 

Sanitary Toilet Fluid P 

Spray-93 Concentrate D 

Tri Clean A 

Mission Kleensweep Products, Inc. 

Eezo : O 

Kleenol 15 D 

Kleenol 30 D 

Purinse F 

Wonder Coconut Oil Liquid 

Soap Q 

Wonder Concrete Floor 

Compound R 

Wonder General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Wonder Hvy Dty Steam Mach. 

Cmpnd R 

Mission Sales And Janitor Supply 

Silicone Spray A A 

TFE Fluorocarbon Lubricant. ...BB 

Mississippi Lime Company 

Hydrated Lime Y 

Missouri Farmers Association, Inc. 

AP-100 A 

Missouri-Kansas Chemical Co. 

Antiseptic Hand Soap Q 

Boiler Compound FG M 

Chemcide F,J 

Cove Cleaner D 

Down The Line O 

Drain Pipe Cleaner & Opener. ..O 

DYZ Residual Roach Liquid T 

General Duty Steam Clng. 

Compound A 

Glycol Vapair R 

GDX Cleanser B 

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner B 

Hvy Dty Type Steam Clning 

Comp B 

Ice Melt R 

Liquid Hand Soap FG Q 

Liquid Porcelain Cleaner P 

Minto-Cide R 

MKC Blast A 

Plus F 

Reprieve D 

Sanol Liquid Hand Soap FG Q 

Sewer Cleaner O 

Skoff Bowl Cleaner P 

Solu Pinol R 

Steamline Compound N 

Strike Out J 

Sure-Do Cleaner A 

The Big Bang R 

Thirty F,J 

Watergate O 

Windo-Kleer R 

Zip Detergent Concentrate A 

Mitchell Manufacturing Corp. 

Mitchell Concentrated 

Powdered Bleach CC 

Mitchell Heavy Duty Laundry 

Compound CC 

Mitchell Laundry Detergent CC 

Mitco, Incorporated 

A-5 N 

A-5-1 N 

A-5-2 N 

A-5-3 M 

A-5 -4 M 

A-5-5 Corrosion Control 

Treatment M 

A-8 M 

AC-6 N 

AC-7 C 

AC-7Z C 

B-l 15NT M 

B-116 M 

B-l 16NT M 

B-125 M 

B-125NT M 

B-l 26 M 

B-126NT M 

B-222 M 

B-226 M 

B-226NT M 

B-319 M 

B-322 M 

B-324 M 

B-324 NT M 

B-5305 M 

B-5305NT M 

B-5405 M 

B-5505 M 

CC-10-L Algaecide N 

CC-12-L Algaecide N 

CC-3 Algaecide N 

CC-3T Algaecide N 

CW-704 L N 

CW-714 L N 

CW-715 L N 

CW-716 L N 

CW-717 L N 

CW-718 L N 

CW-724 N 

CW-725 L N 

CW-726 L N 

CW-727 L N 

CW-728 N 

CW-752 L N 

CW-754 L N 

CW-755 L N 

CW-851L N 

CW-852L N 

CW-854L N 

Liquid Descale DS-1 C 

LB-19 M 

LB-20 M 

LB-21 M 

LB-21A M 

LB-22 M 

LB -30 Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

LB-31 Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

LB -31 A Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

LB-70 M 

LB-70A M 

LB-71 M 

LB-71A M 

LB -80 Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

LB-81 Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

Mitco CC-1 1-L Algicide N 

Mitco CC-30 Algicide N 

PW-10 Z 

PW-3 Z 

PW-4 Z 

PW-4L Z 

PW-5 Z 

PW-50L Z 


T-3 M 

T-4 M 

T-5 M 

T-8 M 

TL-9-2 M 

Mobil Chemical Company Industrial 
Chemicals Div. 

Bacats F 

FS-32 B 

FS-5B Heavy Duty Alkaline B 

R-23-AX A 

SK-56 A 

Trisodium Phosphate A 

45LC Foam Additive A 

Mobil Oil Corporation 

Cylrex 150 BB 



DTE Extra Heavy BB 

DTE Heavy BB 

DTE Heavy Medium BB 


DTE Light BB 

DTE Medium BB 

DTE 103 BB 

DTE 105 BB 

DTE 11 BB 

DTE 13 BB 

DTE 15 BB 

DTE 18 BB 

DTE 24 BB 

DTE 25 BB 

DTE 26 BB 

DTE 797 BB 

Etna #4 BB 

Etna Oil 24 BB 

Etna Oil 25 BB 

Etna Oil 26 BB 

Extra Hecla Super Cylinder OilBB 

Flowrex 100 BB 

Flowrex 200 BB 

FM-2 Grease AA 

Gargoyle Artie Oil C BB 

Gargoyle Artie Oil 155 BB 

Gargoyle Artie Oil 300 BB 

Hydraulic Oil Light BB 

Mobil Aero HFA BB 

Mobil Almo 527 BB 

Mobil Almo 529 BB 

Mobil ATF 220 BB 

Mobil Mist 24 BB 

Mobil Pegasus 390 BB 

Mobil Vactra Oil No. 3 BB 

Mobil Voco Engine Oil #1 BB 

Mobilgear 626 BB 

Mobilgear 629 BB 

Mobilgear 630 BB 

Mobilgear 632 BB 

Mobilgear 633 BB 

Mobilgear 634 BB 

Mobilgear 636 BB 

Mobilgrease 28 BB 

Mobilgrease 7 BB 

Mobiltemp BB 

Mobiltemp 1 BB 

Mobiltemp 2 BB 

Mobiltemp 78 BB 

Mobilube HD 80/90 BB 

Mobilux EP BB 

Mobilux EP 023 BB 

Mobilux EP 1 BB 

Mobilux EP 2 BB 

Mobilux No 1 BB 

Mobilux No. 2 BB 

Sovarex Grease No. 1 W BB 

Vactra Oil AA BB 

Vactra Oil BB BB 

Vactra Oil Extra Heavy BB 

Vactra Oil Heavy BB 

Vactra Oil Heavy Medium BB 

Vactra Oil Light BB 

Vacuum Pump Oil BB 

Velocite #3 BB 

Velocite #6 BB 

Velocite Oil No. 10 BB 

Whiterex425 AA 

600 W Cylinder Oil BB 

600 W Super Cylinder Oil BB 

Mobile Electric Company, The 

Mobisolve A 

Mocho Industries, Incorporated 

Mo-Co Flying Insect Spray S 

Mo-Co Industrial Roach & Mill 

Spry S 

Mo-Co Roach Spray with 

Diazinon T 

Mo-Kleen Ammoniated Soap....R 

Mo-Kleen Dish Detergent A 

Mo-Kleen Heavy Duty 

Detergent A 

Mo-Kleen Liquid Hand Soap....Q 
Mo-Strip Floor Stripper&Wax 

Remvr D 

Mo-Strip Fir Strppr & Wax 

Remvr Am R 

Modern Chemical, Incorporated 

Blue Gold D 

Modern Research Corporation 

A B Aluminum Cleaner C 

Astro A 

B-All CC 

Bay-Kill T 

Big-C A 

Big-Mac A 

Big-Name CC 

Brave C 

Break Thru O 

Bright-View R 

Bullit O 

Clean-N-GIo A 

Coil-X C 

Digest O 

End Zip O 

F.P. Lube AA 

Fast Action O 

Foam-Stick A 

Frigid Lube BB 

Heat B 

HP Control M 

Kleen N' Soft Q 

LP Control M 

Med-Chem F 

Modereen P 

Modereen XL P 

Modern-Ox C 

Moderns 99 R 

Mr-Strength A 

MR 101 AA 

MR 610 D 

MR 611 A 

MR 613 A 

MR 625 D 

MR 628 R 

Nice F 


Odor-End R 

Open-Up O 

Oven Klean A 

Ox-Out M 

Phenol Germicidal Cleaner F 

Pinen R 

Power C 

Protect W 

Rat Kill U 

Rich Q 

RCT-Away C 

Sanicon F 

Scrub-A-Matic D 

Smell Away R 

Sta-Bright R 

Strength O 

Super All A 

Super CC D 

Super Kill S 

Supreme T 


Tiger A 

True-Sect S 

Zodiac Vaporizing Insecticide. ..S 

Moellering Supply Co., Inc. 

Releze O 

Mogul Corporation, The 

Mogul A-421 N 

Mogul A-423 N 

Mogul A-492 N 

Mogul A-495 N 

Mogul AG-414 N 

Mogul AG-415 N 

Mogul AG-416 N 

Mogul AG-420 N 

Mogul AG-452 N 

Mogul AG-460 N 

Mogul AG-461 N 

Mogul AG-471 N 

Mogul C-632 C 

Mogul C-633 C 

Mogul C-641 A 

Mogul CL-630 C 

Mogul CL-631 C 

Mogul CL-646 N 

Mogul CL-647 N 

Mogul CL-648 N 

Mogul CL-649 N 

Mogul CL-652 N 

Mogul CL-653 M 

Mogul CL-654 N 

Mogul CO-941 Z 

Mogul CO-983 Z 

Mogul CO-984 Z 

Mogul CO-985 Z 

Mogul CT-601 N 

Mogul CT-602 M 

Mogul CT-655 N 

Mogul CT-656 N 

Mogul CT-657 N 

Mogul H-201 M 

Mogul H-234 M 

Mogul H-237 M 

Mogul H-256 M 

Mogul H-282 M 

Mogul H-284 M 

Mogul HP-220 M 

Mogul HP-257 M 

Mogul HP-263 M 

Mogul HP-270 M 

Mogul HP-271 M 

Mogul HP-272 M 

Mogul HP-273 M 

Mogul HP-273A M 

Mogul HP-274 M 

Mogul HP-278 M 

Mogul HP-280 M 

Mogul HP-281 M 

Mogul HP-283 M 

Mogul HP-287 M 

Mogul IS-669 

Mogul O-303 M 

Mogul PCI 1 10 Z 

Mogul PC1220 N 


Mogul PCI 221 N 

Mogul PC1230 N 

Mogul PC1231 N 

Mogul PCI 262 N 

Mogul PCI 281 M 

Mogul PC 1290 N 

Mogul PCI 292 N 

Mogul PC13U N 

Mogul PCI 320 N 

Mogul PC1340 N 

Mogul PCI 350 N 

Mogul PC1404 M 

Mogul PC1405 M 

Mogul PC1412 M 

Mogul PC1413 M 

Mogul PC1417 M 

Mogul PC1418 M 

Mogul PC1421 M 

Mogul PC1425 M 

Mogul PC1640 M 

Mogul PC1642 M 

Mogul PC1643 M 

Mogul PC1652 M 

Mogul PC1901A Z 

Mogul PC191 1C Z 

Mogul PC1921N Z 

Mogul PC1950 Z 

Mogul PC2011 A 

Mogul Sanitizer G 

Mogul SL-320 M 

Mogul SL-340 M 

Mogul SL-341 M 

Mogul SL-343 M 

Mogul SL-360 M 

Mogul SL-362 N 

Mogul SL-371 M 

Mogul W-132 Z 

Mogul W-138 Z 

Mogul W-139 Z 

Mogul W-180 N 

Mogul W-195 N 

Mogul W-I98 N 

Mogul WS-110 M,Z 

Mogul WS-119 Z 

Mogul WS-142 N 

Mogul WS-178 N 

Mogul WS-181 N 

Mogul WS-182 N 

Mogul WS-192 N 

Mogul WS-193 N 

Mogul WS-194 N 

Mogul 6110 M.Z 

Mogul 6130 M,Z 

Mogul 6139 Z 

Mogul 6142 N 

Mogul 6161 N 

Mogul 6180 N 

Mogul 6182 N 

Mogul 6192 N 

Mogul 6198 N 

Mogul 6200 M 

Mogul 6220 M 

Mogul 6222 M 

Mogul 6230 M 

Mogul 6231 M 

Mogul 6232 M 

Mogul 6237 M 

Mogul 6240 M 

Mogul 6242 M 

Mogul 6260 M 

Mogul 6261 M 

Mogul 6262 M 

Mogul 6263 M 

Mogul 6272 M 

Mogul 6273A M 

Mogul 6275 M 

Mogul 6276 M 

Mogul 6280 M 

Mogul 6281 M 

Mogul 6282 M 

Mogul 6283 M 

Mogul 6284 M 

Mogul 6300 M 

Mogul 6303 M 

Mogul 6310 M 

Mogul 6340 M 

Mogul 6341 M 

Mogul 6371 M 

Mogul 6601 N 

Mogul 6630 C 

Mogul 6632 C 

Mogul 6633 C 

Mogul 6641 A 

Mogul 6646 N 

Mogul 6647 N 

Mogul 6648 N 

Mogul 6649 N 

Mogul 6652 N 

Mogul 6653 M 

Mogul 6654 N 

Mogul 6655 N 

Mogul 6657 N 

Mogul 6903C Z 

Mogul 6913A Z 

Mogul 7110 M,Z 

Mogul 7130 M,Z 

Mogul 7139 Z 

Mogul 7142 N 

Mogul 7180 N 

Mogul 7192 N 

Mogul 7198 N 

Mogul 7200 M 

Mogul 7222 M 

Mogul 7230 M 

Mogul 7232 M 

Mogul 7237 M 

Mogul 7256 M 

Mogul 7257 M 

Mogul 7260 M 

Mogul 7261 M 

Mogul 7263 M 

Mogul 7272 M 

Mogul 7273A M 

Mogul 7275 M 

Mogul 7278 M 

Mogul 7280 M 

Mogul 7281 M 

Mogul 7283 M 

Mogul 7300 M 

Mogul 7303 M 

Mogul 7360 M 

Mogul 7360 M 

Mogul 7362 N 

Mogul 7371 M 

Mogul 7414 N 

Mogul 7416 N 

Mogul 7420 N 

Mogul 7423 N 

Mogul 7460 N 

Mogul 7471 N 

Mogul 7601 N 

Mogul 7630 C 

Mogul 7633 C 

Mogul 7641 A 

Mogul 7646 N 

Mogul 7647 N 

Mogul 7648 N 

Mogul 7649 N 

Mogul 7652 N 

Mogul 7653 M 

Mogul 7654 N 

Mogul 7903C Z 

Mogul 7913A Z 

Mogul 9001 A Z 

Mogul 9003C Z 

Mogul 9013A Z 

Mogul 9025N Z 

Mogul Maintenance Systems Div. Of 
The Mogul Corporation 

Mogul Break-Foam A 

Mogul H.D.C D 

Mogul P.W.D D 

Molectron Company 

Food Lube AA 

Food Machinery Grease AA 

Food Machinery Grease EP AA 

Silicone Lube-Food Plant 

Grade A A 

Mollen Chemical Company 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Deodorized Toilet Fluid P 

Drain Solvent O 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Moladine Odorless DisinfectantF 

Molopine Phenol Coef. 3 R 

Molopine Phenol Coef. 5 R 

Molopine Phenol Coef. 5.5 R 

Super Clean Concentrate D 

Tn-Mol A 

Mom Chemical Company, Inc. 

Attack T 

Ban 22 Insecticide T 

Bang D 

Bang w/a R 

Bi-Chlor R 

Blast R 

Bleach-Eez F 

Blow Out M 

Blow Out 'A' C 

Berated Hand Soap P 

Bowl-Kleen P 

Bright Window Spray R 

Cherish A 

Chloro R 

Chloro RF-2 R 

Commercial Ammonia R 

Concrete Cleaner D 

Control Tabs N 

Culture O 

D-Foam A 

Degrease D 

Deluxe Chlorinated A 

Drain Out Liquid O 

Dy-Namo R 

Fab-U-Lus A 

Floor Treatment D 

Floro Lube BB 

Flush Out O 

Formula C C 

Formula S C 

Garbo R 

Garbo C R 

Household Ammonia R 

HydroB' N 

Insecticide Sure Kill Brand Dbl 

Strenght S 

Insecticide Sure Kill Brand 

Double Stren S 

Jiffy D 

Just C 

Klear R 

Krystal Kote R 

Magic W 

Marv-Ulus R 

Mom-Dine G 

Mom's Q.A. Tabs N 

Momco Cleanser E 

Momco Laundry CC 

Neutral Beads A 

Neutral Beads Liquid A 

New Improved Quick Creme 

Cleanser E 


Perfect C 

Perfect N C 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Porcelain Cleaner Concentrate. .C 

Pre-Dip CC 

Pure-Fact R 

PyrokiU S 

Quick Cleaner D 

Re-Solve Hand Cleaner W 

Rhino 'A' R 

Rust Gone C 

Rust Kote Z 

Rust O Slide Z 

S-D White Wall D 

Sabre-Kill T 

Saftex A 

Saftex Super A 

Saftex 50 A 

Sir-Gent Q 

Slick Degreaser D 

Slick Liquid Dishwashing A 

Slide AA 

Smooth Q 

Solv-O-Way C 

Special Compound C 

Steraide R 

Super Blue Flash D 

Super Cleaner R 

Super Degrease D 

Super Degrease 'S' D 

Super Marazzo D 

Swish A 

Swish Glass Wash A 

Swish Pot'N Pan A 

SD Steam Cleaner A 

SMD Boiler Treatment II M 

SMD Boiler Treatment 1 M 

SMD#11 M 

T-Tape Pipe Thread Sealer BB 

Take Off A 

Thick-R Lithium White Grease. BB 

Tough 50 D 

Vita Pine R 

Whisp R 

White Lube Food Equip. 

Lubricant A A 

White Power P 

Wildcat R 

Yield W 

Zap S 

Zippo C 

Momar, Incorporated 

All-Pur-Klean A 

Aluminum Chiller Powder A 

Aquatrol B-Five System N 

Aquatrol B-Two System N 

Arrest D 

B.L. 702 A 

Bev-Lube BB 

Big M R 

Blitz A 

Butoxol S 

Chex W 

Cleaner R 

Contro-Suds D 

Creme Clene P 

CS Special Purpose Cleaner C 

D-2 D 

Deep Fryer Cleaner B 

Deo 99 R 

Drain-Klean O 

Du-Bleach A 

Easy Liquid Hand Dishwash 

Cone A 

Eg-San F,H 

Egg Destainer I 

Egg-Brite A,H 

Extermin-8 T 

ESP Concentrate S 

Fly-Fyter T 

Foaming Cleanser E 

Formula A534 Ger Pro 

Concentrate D 

Formula 1830 Pipe Cleaner B 

Formula 1846 R P Cleaner A 

Four-S D 

Garbo-Klean R 

Glass & Mirror Cleaner R 

Grime-Go W 

Hand Dishwashing Powder A 

Handy W 

Hydro-Solve D 

Ice-Go R 

Io-Dis #165 G 

Io-Dis Germicide-Sanitizer F 

Kettle-Brite C 

L.W. Suds A 

Liquid Action A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Locker Room Scum Remover.. .C 

Loco A 

M-Bang D 

Ml 18 D 

M-23 R 

M-4 R 

Maz-O-Lan P 

Mo-Flo O 

Momar Activator FP A 

Momar Break-Thru A 

Momar D-Skale C 

Momar Restore C 

Momar Rust-Off C 

Momar Spray Away R 

Momar Steel Klein C 

New-Trol D 

Non-Phos A 

N ox-Smoke A 

Nynol F 

Odorless Steam Cleaner B 

Odorless Stripper D 

Porcleaner C 

Poultry Processors Cleaner A 

Poultry Processors Insecticide. .S 
Poultry Processrs Concrt CIsr 

Cone D 

Poultry-Dyne F 

Poultry-Dyne #165 G 

Power Plus A 


Refuse-Trol R 

S.S. Weld Klean C 

Saniglas F 

Scale-Off C 

Sewer-Cide O 

Solv-AU P 

Special Aluminum Cleaner 

Powder A 

Special Tile Conditioner D 

Spring R 

Steam Cleaner Compound B 

Steam It B 

Super Bowl P 

Super Pine Disinfectant R 

Super Velvet Q 

Syn-Tho Concentrate R 

SPC Special Purpose Cleaner ...C 

SR 1941 Acid Cleaner C 

SR 1946 Cleaner Powder A 

Tidy Tile P 

Tropical Insecticide S 

Vapo Spray S 

WA-22 L 

X-I90 A 


Mon-D-Aid & Cleanit Company 

Ma Co San P 


Ma Co Sol P 

No-Fume O 

Mona Industries, Incorporated 

Monamine ALX-100S A 

Monawet MO-70E A 

Monarch Institutional Foods 

Cavalier C 

Coronet A 

Countess Q 

Endure A 

Exalt O 

Lance C 

Monarch Ambassador D 

Monarch Baroness II A 

Monarch Blue Fawn A 

Monarch Chancellor F 

Monarch Fame B 

Monarch Noble A 

Monarch Paramount R 

Monarch Tribune A 

Monarch Trust R 

Reign CC 

Scepter R 

Sheik A 

Signet G 

Sovereign P 

Monarch Laboratories 

Dyna-Sol A 

Solve X D,Q 

Super-X D,Q 

Wildcat A 

Monroe Company, Inc., The 

X-73 Ice Remover R 

Monroe Machinery and Supplies, Inc. 

Alkali 50 B 

Alkali 60 B 

CCC 20 B 

CCC 21 A 

CCC 22 A 

CGC 33 A 


Foamy A 

GMC 30 A 

GMC 31 A 

GMC 32 A 

GMCC 34 A 

HDC 41 B 

HDC 42 B 

Lac 10 C 

Lac 11 C 

Monroe 8 B 

N 10 A 


Spray Kleen A 

Monsanto Company 

Detergent MXP A 

Disodium Phosphate M,X,Z 

Phosphoric Acid 75% C 

Sodium Bisulfate C 

Sodium Tripoly phosphate A,M,X,Z 

Sterox AJ A 

Sterox AJ-100 A 

Sterox NJ A 

SQ Phosphate A.M.Z 

Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate A,M,X,Z 

Trisodium Phosphate A,M,X,Y,Z 

80% Phosphoric Acid Food 

Grade C 

85% Phosphoric Acid Food 

Grade C 

Montana Broom & Brush 

Foam-Clean A 

Monterey Sanitary Supply, Inc. 

"Power Foam' D 

Sparkle-Wash A 

Moore Research, Inc. 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Germa-Klenz D 

Moore Kill Insect Killer S 

Moore Kill Insecticide S 

Moore No. 18 A 

Moore No. 36 D 

Moore Residual Roach 'N Ant 

Killer T 

Morcept Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Power Kleen R 

Super Strength Insecticide S 

Triad Germicidal Cleaner 

Deodorant R 

Moorman Manufacturing Co. 

Fly Bait T 

Fly Spray T 

Morgan-Gal lacher, Inc. 

Acid #40 C 

Acidisol F 

All Brite A 

ALK-1 B 

B-Brite #2 B 

Bio-Clor F 

Bio-Quat G 

Biodisan G 

Blue Foamer A 

Brite E 

C W C 2 A 

Candidate Egg Wash H 

Canners AP A 

Chem Brite B 

Cir Lac C 

Cir-Q-Sol A 

Clor-VL B 

Concentrated All Purpose 

Cleaner A 


Duo-Clor A 

Duo-Clor-Pink A 

Egg Cleaner Sanitizer F 

Floor Cleaner D 

FM-1000 Pan Washer A 

Gleam A 


Heavy Duty MSR C 

Hi-Glow B 

HM-6 A,Z 

Improve A 

Kount Down F 

M & G Foam Breaker HH 

Nu Brite B 

Organic Remover STU B 

Pan Safe A 

Powdered MSR-Inhibited C 

PDQ AU Purpose Clnr 

Concentrate A 

Resque D 

Shur-San F 

Suds-All A 

Super Duty B 

Super Gleam A 

Tri-Clor A 

TSL-45 B 

Morrell Chemical Company/ Division 
of John Morrell Co. 

All Purpose Liquid Detergent ...A 

AU Purpose Liquid Detergent 

Cone Cln D 

Aluminum Pan Cleaner E 

Anti-Stick Silicone Spray BB 

Beef Shroud Detergent CC 

Car and Truck Wash 

Compound A 

Chain Saver No. 120 BB 

Chain Saver No. 60 BB 

Chlorinated Scouring Powder ...E 

Circuit A 

Commercial Laundry Soap CC 

Complete Foam B 

Dish Wash Cleaner A 

Drain Cleaner O 

Floor Cleaner D 

General Purpose Chlorinated ....A 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

H.D. Sanitizer F 

Heavy Duty Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Heavy Duty Stripper B 

Hog Scald C.S X 

Kettle Wash 12.25 A 

Laundry Additive CC 

Liquid Alkaline Cleaner #10 B 

M-ll Liquid Hand Soap Q 

M-6 Bowl Cleaner P 

Mild Suds Detergent A 

Miton Chlorinated Detergent ....A 

Mor Acid 61 C 

Mor Alkaline 50 B 

Mor-O-Dine G 

Mor-San G 

Moracid C 

Moracid 30 C 

Morrell Alkaline Cleaner No. 

10 B 

Morrell Alkaline Cleaner No. 5.B 

MoiTell Baygon 311 T 

Morrell D.S. Liquid F 

Morrell Egg Wash H 

Morrell Foamer A 

Morrell Liquid Alkaline 

Cleaner No. 5 B 

MorTell Liquid Auto Wash A 

Morrell Liquid Circuit A 

Morrell Liquid Hog Scald X 

Morrell Malathion Concentrate.T 
Morrell Multi Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner A 

Mon-ell Pyrenone B S 

Morrell Residual #1 T 

Morrell Residual 'D' 

Insecticide T 

Morrell Scald Plus X 

Morrell Semi-Concentrate #2 ...S 

Morrell Space Spra #2 S 

Morrell Space Spra #3 S 

Morrell Special Scald Aid Y 

Morrell Tanners' Special Form. 

Insect T 

Morrell 57% Malathion 

Concentrate T 

Neutralon-1002 Y 

Pro Strip B 

S.F. Acid Brightener C 

Smoke House Cleaner B 

Soft Soak A 

Special Tripon Y 

SC-15 Sewer Cleaner O 

SC-15 Sewer Cleaner O 

Tripon Y 

Trolley Wash and Rust 

Remover B 

Water Deposit Remover C 

Whiton 101 Y 

Morris Litman 

Mor-Eez Detergent-Cleaner- 

Disinf F 

Mor-Eez Lotionized Pink 

Detergent A 

Mor-Eez Mint Disinfectant P 

Mor-Eez No. 195 BB 

Mor-Eez No. 200 Q 

Mor-Eez Pine Oil Disinfectant. .F 

Twist-Eez A 

X-Cel-Z Concentrate A 

Morris Paper & Chemical Co. 

Aci-Det D 

Big Bull A 

Blue Butyl Cleaner D 

Bowl Kleen P 

Foxy Blue Concentrate D 

Golden Gator R 

Golden Pine R 

H-D 321 Concentrate D 

Lift D 

Red Devil Concrete Cleaner A 

Superior Concrete Cleaner B 

Morrison Chemical Company, Inc. 

Amigo A 

Big Blue Kreme Kleanser E 

Big Dog R 

Coil-Ite D 

Combat P 

Industrial Aerosol Insecticide ...S 

Iodine-175 F 

Liquid Pot Soap A 

Lo-Tox Spray S 

Odo-Rout R 

Pan Right A 

Reflect CC 

Sani-Lube AA 

Sewer Solvent O 

Splash A 

Super Glo A 

Ten & Out O 

Ultra Glo CC 

Vita-Pine Coef. 5 R 

Morrison Products, Inc. 

Auto-Kut D 

Bomb-Bard A 

Morrison's Chemical Company See 
Morrison Chemical Co., Inc. 

Morse, F.J., & Company, Inc. 

Scoot D 

Morton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Silicone Sanitary Lubricant 

Spray A A 

Spra-Lub Sanitary Lubricant 

Spray A A 

Motomco, Incorporated 

Aquadyne EC A 

Pival Concentrate U 

Water Soluble Pivalyn U 

2% Pival Concentrate U 

Moulder-Oldham Company 

No. 40 Pearl Liquid Toilet 

Soap Q 

Pearl Liquid Toilet Soap Q 

Wallop Institutional Foaming 
Degreaser A 

Mozel Chemical Products Co. 

CIP-MID Shroud Cleaner A 


Galvoline C 

Mozel No. 351 A 

Mozel No. 472 C 

Mozel No. 52 A 

Mr. Aerosol 

No. 25 Insect Spray S 

Sani-Lube Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Mr. Janitor 

Blue Power Concentrate D 

Dynamo Foam A 

Grime Scat D 

Mt. Hood Chemical Corporation 

Al-Kleen A 

Boomerang A 

C-80 A 

Cascade Granular Bleach CC 

Challenge CC 

Chlor-A-Sanitizer CC 

Crown Sodium Hypochlorite ....G,V,Z 

D.G.C B 

Dandi-Suds A 

Deo Solv CC 

Detergo-Suds CC 

Dri-Walk R 

Dynamo A 

Floor Matic D 

Foam Kleen C 

Foamz-It A 

Formula 100 A 

Formula 21 A 

Formula 26 B 

Formula 39 B 

Formula 43 A 

Formula 510 A 

Formula 560 A 

Formula 561 A 

Formula 563 Steam Cleaner A 

Formula 699 O 

Formula 711 A 

Formula 750 B 

Formula 790 B 

Gone A 

Gorilla B 

Hi Jet A 

Hoodi-Kleen A 

Ice Away R 

Ido-Sept Disinfectant G 

IOF Sanitizer G 

Klenz-All CC 

Kreme 'N Kleen E 

Mira-Tex CC 

No Spot A 

Now G 


Power Scrub A 

Quadrex Q 

Ramrod A 

Re-Nu A 

Rinse-Well B 

S-44 CC 

S-77 CC 

S-88 CC 

S-99 CC 

Sani Det Sanitizer F 

Sani Guard D 

Sani Wash Sanitizer F 

Sani-Cleaner Sanitizer G 

Scalex C 

Shell Game H 

Shell White H 

Silver Brite A 

Star A 

Sterling A 

Strike B 

Strip B 

Strip Eaze R 

Super Alk B 

Super Re Nu CC 

Super Shine Brite A 

Super Trio A 

Super Tripe Kleen Y 

Super White CC 

Surf Sanitizer F 

Surgatol Q 

Surgatol Ready to Use Q 

Total CC 

Tri-Tex P 

Trio A 

Tripe Kleen Y 

Triumph CC 

Trix CC 

Washing Powder A 

Wonder C 

Zippo C 

Mullen, E. C. Company 

777 Food Machinery Grease AA 

Multi-Chem Industries, Inc. 

B-102 Phase Two Bowl CleanerP 

D.D. 107 P 

Deep Kleen P 

F-E-L Food Equipment 

Lubricant AA 

Formula 43 Sewer Solvent O 

Formula-43 Sewer Compound. ..O 

Freeline O 

Glass Cleaner R 

Invisible Skin Shield Cream W 

IS-6 Insecticide S 

Kleen Waterless Hand Cleaner. W 

Lemann D 

Litho-Lub BB 

Mint Clean R 

MC-147 Cleaner & Protector ....R 

O.C.G R 

Push O 

Quick P 

R.O.A. Residual Roach Liquid. .T 

S Bowl Cleaner P 

Sani-Lube Food Equipment 

Lubricant AA 

Skin Shield Cream W 

Super Bowl P 

Super Bowl Cleaner P 

Super Foam Off D 

Super Power A 

TEF Release BB 


Vapor Spray S 

Vapor-Safe S 


Zap Prilled Drain Opener O 

Multi-Chemical Products, Inc. 

Dishwashing Detergent Spray 
Dry A 

Multi-Clean Products Division of H. 
B. Fuller Company 

B-124 P 

B-68 Bowl Cleaner P 

Blue Blazes D 

Butyl-Plus D 

BL-10 D 

Century Maintenance Cleaner. ..D 

H.D. All-Purpose Cleaner D 

H.D. Hi-Foam Cleaner A 

H-D Mac Cleaner R 

KF Cleaner D 

Lo-Foam Cleaner D 

Lo-Foam Stripper D 

LP Cleaner D 

Mac Cleaner R 

Multi-Pro Cleaner D 

PBM Bowl Cleaner P 

PBM Window Cleaner R 

Red Lightning D 

Super Staph-Trole 128 G 

Super Staph-Trole 64 D,F 

Super Strip Ammoniated D 

SPL 180 H.D. Cleaner D 

SPL 210 H.B. Cleaner D 

Ultra Powder A 

Wax and Finish Stripper D 

302 Cleaner D 

303 Cleaner D 

305 Stripper Ammoniated D 

306 Stripper D 

311 Window Cleaner R 

315 Bowl Cleaner P 

316 Cleaner D 

317 Cleaner D 

319 Butyl Cleaner D 

MuniChem Corporation 

Al-Con N 

All Star A 

Attack D 

Chlor-Mal 96 T 

Corro Free R 

De-Scent R 

Dead Line T 

Dead Sure U 

Dirty Harry D 

Dua-Cide T 

Easy Kleen W 

Enzymes Formula Plac 100 

Sewage Digsnt O 

Extend Tank Protector Z 

Fresh N Clean R 

Germ Away P 

Hot Line O 

Irish-Aire R 

Kleen Up W 

Kwik Thaw R 

Lemon 'Glycolized' R 

Liquid Residual Insecticide T 

Muni-Fog T 

Muni-X S 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

Premium Food Grade Grease.... AA 

Purge A 

Quadrizyme O 

Red Flash O 

Shoo Fly S 

Stop Stick AA 

Strike S 

Murnell Wax Company, The 

Big Bite Detergent Cleaner D 

Murphy Chemical Company 

Murox R 

Zonemask R 

Murphy-Phoenix Company, The 

#500 Plain Scrub Soap A 

#506 Soft Amber Vegetable 

Oil Soap A 

#575 Conveyor Lubricant BB 

#600 Liquid Synthetic 

Detergent D 

#604 Super Blaster D 

#810 BC Low Suds Cleaner A 

Coco Liq. Hand Soap 

Concntrtd 40% Q 

71-638 Liquid Detergent A 

74-123 Liquid Detergent A 

74-95 Liquid Detergent A 


Murray, B. L. Co. Inc. 

Break Thru A 

Murro Chemical Company, Inc. 

Murro 42/94 Soap Granules CC 

Mutual Chemical & Supply Inc. 

Romax Jet A 

Romax Sure Strip A 

Romax Wintergreen Mint 
Disinfectant P 

Myco Service & Supply/ Div. Of 
Pressure Systems, Inc. 

Myco-Magic Steam & Pressure 
Washing Cmpd A 

Mystic Mist Corporation 

Deep Suds A 

Disinfect F 

MyChem Company 

Blue Glass Cleaner R 

Bowl Cleanser Germicide 

Disinfectant P 

Commercial Prilled Drain 

Opener O 

Double Action Foaming 

Cleanser E 

Dry Spray Lubricant BB 

Germicidal Spray&Wipe 

Cleaner Deodorant R 

Glass Cleaner R 

Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Insect Killer S 

Lotionized Detergent D 

Nut And Bolt Loosener And 

Penetrant BB 

Roach & Ant Killer T 

Silicone Spray BB 

Super Fogger Insect Killer T 

3 in 1 Spray Germicidal Disinf. 

Deo P 


N A R Chemical & Supply, Inc. 

Formula 109A H.D. Heavy 

Duty Cleaner D 

N L Industries, Incorporated 

AA U.S.P. Castor Oil AA 

Crystal O U.S.P. Castor Oil AA 


Nalco Chemical Company 

Cuprose N,Z 

Fer-Rid Z 

Nalchelate 2544 M 

Nalchelate 2546 M 

Nalchelate 2581 Pulv M 

Nalchelate 465 M 

Nalchelate 760 M 

Nalchelate 761 M 

Nalchelate 762 M 

Nalchelate 785 M 

Nalchelate 8205 M 

Nalclean 2561 B 

Nalclean 2566 N 

Nalclean 2568 N 

Nalclean 2569 R 

Nalclean 295 C 

Nalclean 4WH-371 A 

Nalclean 464 Z 

Nalclean 466 C 

Nalclean 468 C 

Nalclean 65 A 

Nalclean 66 C 

Nalclean 68 C 

Nalclean 7940 B 

Nalclean 7941 , D 

Nalclean 7942 A 

Nalclean 7943 Scale Remover. ..C 

Nalclean 7945 A 

Nalclean 8900 B 

Nalclean 8910 D 

Nalclean 8920 A 

Nalclean 8930 C 

Nalclean 8940 C 

Nalclean 90H09 R 

Nalco 18-S Ball M 

Nalco 2511 BaU M 

Nalco 2511 Pulv M 

Nalco 2543 Pulv M 

Nalco 2549 BaU M 

Nalco 2550 M 

Nalco 2556 Liquid M 

Nalco 2557 M 

Nalco 2562 BaU M 

Nalco 2563 Liquid M 

Nalco 2580 BaU M 

Nalco 2580 Pulv M 

Nalco 2585 Ball M 

Nalco 2770 BaU M 

Nalco 2771 M 

Nalco 2772 BoUer Feedwater 

Treatment M 

Nalco 2773 Pulverize M 

Nalco 2774 BaU M 

Nalco 2775 M 

Nalco 322 N 

Nalco 4WC-352 N 

Nalco 418 Pulverized M 

Nalco 418-S BaU M 

Nalco 420 N 

Nalco 441 N 

Nalco 54 Ball M 

Nalco 6WC-719 N 

Nalco 6WC-934 N 

Nalco 718 Ball M 

Nalco 7220 Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

Nalco 728 BaU M 

Nalco 7313 N 

Nalco 7320 N 

Nalco 7323 N 

Nalco 7324 N 

Nalco 7325 N 

Nalco 7326 N 

Nalco 7328 N 

Nalco 7340 N 

Nalco 7370 N,Z 

Nalco 756 BaU M 

Nalco 7780 N 

Nalco 8201 BaU M 

Nalco 8202 BaU M 

Nalco 8203 BaU M 

Nalco 8287 M 

Nalco 8318 N 

Nalco 8348 N 

Nalco 8355 N 

Nalco 8362 N 

Nalco 8370 N 

Nalco 8371 N 

Nalco 8374 N 

Nalco 8375 N 

Nalcool 7350 N 

Nalcool 7351 N 

Nalcool 7397 N 

Nalcool 8376 N 

Nalcool 8380 N 

Nalcool 8397 N 

Naiprep 330 N 

Nalsperse 7348 N 

No. 2 M 

11 BaU M 

18-S Pulverized M 

19 BaU M 

19-H Liquid M 

201 N 

202 N 

205 N 

206 N 

207 N 

208 N 

209 N 

21-S N 

25-L N 

2502 Algaecide N.Z 

2505 A 

2509 N 

2516 BaU Z 

2518 M 

2518 Pulverized M 

2521 N 

2525 N 

2527 BaU Briquette N 

2529 N 

2542 Boiler Feedwater 
Treatment M 

2543 BaU M 

2549-H M 

2551 Corrosion Inhibitor M 

2552 Corrosion Inhibitor M 

26-W Z 

28-S Pulverized M 

295 N 

296 N 

30B04 N 

309 N 

31B03 Z 

310 N 

311 N 

321 N 

333 N 

339 N 

344 N 

345 N 

35 M 

350 Corrosion Inhibitor M 

352 M 

352-A M 

356 Liquid M 

357 M 

359 Corrosion Inhibitor M 

382 N 

385 N 

386 N 

39C03 N,Z 

393 Liquid N 

394 BaU N 

394 Pulverized N 

395 Ball N 

395 Pulverized N 

401 N 

402 N.Z 

41 N 

410 N 

411 Ball M 

418 Ball M 

418S Pulv M 

419 Ball M 

42 BaU M 

424 N 

425-L N 

426 Ball M 

426 W PeUets Z 

427 N 

429 N 

435 M 

44 BaU or Pulverized M 

443 N 


444 Ball M 

445 N 

447 Ball M 

447-S Ball M 

449 Ball M 

450 Corrosion Inhibitor M 

454 Ball M 

456 M 

459 Corrosion Inhibitor M 

47-S Ball or Pulverized M 

475 BaU M 

475 Pulv M 

477 Ball M 

48-S M 

482 N 

484 N 

489 M 

493 Liquid N 

495 Ball N 

496 Ball N 

519 Lump M 

519 Pea Size M 

519 Plates M 

519 Pulverized M 

617 M 

680 M 

7 Ball or Pulverized M 

711 Ball or Pulverized M 

718 Pulverized M 

7219 Ball M 

726 Ball or Pulverized M 

728 Pulverized M 

7312 N 

747 Ball or Pulverized M 

748 BaU M 

749 Ball M 

75 Ball or Pulverized M 

750 Liquid M 

752 Pulverized M 

756 Pulv M 

757 M 

787 M 

789 M 

82 N 

8201 Pulverized M 

8202 Pulverized M 

8203 Pulverized M 

84 Z 

918 Ball or Pulverized M 

936 Ball & Pulverized Z 

937 Z 

Napasco International 

Aqua-Jet D 

Blast-Off R 

Bowlite P 

BC-1500 B 

Chef-Power D 

Chloro-7 Liquid Machine 

Dish wash A 

Chloro-7 Powder Machine 

Dishwash B 

Contra-Rust C 

Go-Power D 

Lemonex D 

Micro-Live Liquid Live Micro- 
Organisms O 

N-P Concentrate D 

NPC-909 Non-Polluting 

Cleaner D 

Quadex D 

Sani-Lite No Rinse G 

Scour-Lite P 

Super Hi-Kill S 

Nashville Distributors Co. 

Nadco Odorless Concrete 

Cleaner D 

Nadco Stainless Steel Cleaner ..C 

National Chemical Co., Inc. 

A-145 Disinfectant Cleaner D 

A-150 Superior Concentrate A 

A-151 Pink Concentrate A 

A-152 Syntheso Neutral 

Cleaner A 

A-161 Sof-T-Suds A 

A-162 Beaded Hand Dishwash 

Comp A 

A-225 Blue Sea Beads A 

A-225 Pink Sky Beads A 

A-225 White Foam Beads A 

A-230 Super Mach. Dishwash 

Comp A 

A-231 Prize Mach. Dishwash 

Comp A 

A-235 Deluxe Mach. Dishwash 

Comp A 

A-270 All Purpose Cleaner A 

A-280 Egg Wash A 

B-165 Liquid Dishwash 

Compound B 

B-190 White Odorless Jet 

Steam Clng Cmpd B 

B-192 Heavy Duty Odorless 

Stm Clng Cmpd B 

B-193 Extra HD Odorless 

Steam Clng Cmpd B 

B-194 White Stm. Prs. CI. 

Odrlss B 

B-195 Liq. Hvy Dty Stm Prs. 

Clnr B 

B-196 Steam Pressure CI. Med. 

Duty B 

B-197 Extra HD Stm. Pressure 


D-156 Odorless Concrete 

Cleaner D 

D-160 ADR Sudsing Cleaner D 

F-186 Chlorinated Krystals A 

F-187 Super Germicide F 

F-188 Germ I San G 

G-100 Cocoanut Oil Hand SoapQ 

G-105 Econo Hand Soap Q 

G-110 Germicidal Hand Soap....Q 

KA-GO-C-601 Acid Cleaner C 

L-120 Seal-Away Inhibited 

Bowl CI P 

L-125 Blue Bowl Cleaner P 

L-130 Bowl Cleaner (Emulsion 

Type) P 

L-135 Porcelain Cleaner P 

M-157 HD. Magic Concrete 


M-157 Magic Concrete Cleaner. R 
M-159 Econo Concrete CleanerR 
M-181 Pine Odor Disinf. Coef. 

5 R 

N-211 Insecticide No. Ill S 

N-212 Space Spray No. 3 S 

0-215 ABC 50%Mlthn.Emlsfbl. 

Cone T 

Po-PacHo Cleaner D 

R-140 Stainless Steel Cleaner 

& Polish R 

National Chemical Company 

Jet Magic Cleaner A 

National Chemical Company, Inc. 

X-Stream Liquid Detergent D 

511 Heavy Duty Cleaner- 

Degreaser D 

701 Heavy Duty Cleaner- 

Degreaser D 


National Chemical Division/ National 
Service Industries, Inc. 

Condamine M 

EZ Tower Clean N 

Foam Fighter N 

Formula NCS-168 Z 

Low pH Formula 4-L N 

National 1001-C M 

National 1003-C M 

NC Z-8-C Z 

NC 1005-C N 

NC 1201-C N 

NC 1203-C N 

NC 1206-PC M 

NC 1208-C M 

NC 1219-C M 

NCS 569 Z 

PolySperse N 

Threshold Z 

Volamine M 

Z-7-C M 

Zeolite Algae Briquettes N 

Zeolite Algaecide NP-25L N 

Zeolite Algaecide NP-40L N 

Zeolite Base D' Formula 1200- 

4L M 

Zeolite Boiler Cure N 

Zeolite Boiler Cure-CT M 

Zeolite BFWT 1 200-1 9L OH 

Adjunct M 

Zeolite BFWT 1200-7-L 

Generator-TMT M 

Zeolite BFWT-1200-IL M 

Zeolite BFWT-1200-3P M 

Zeolite D-Foam #644 C-2 HH.O 

Zeolite Formula 1200-4P M 

Zeolite HWT-Potable Z 

Zeolite Liquid Descaler 

Formula 709-L C 

Zeolite Powder Descaler 

Formula 'A' C 

Zeolite Steam & Return Line 

TMT 1000-4L N 

Zeolite Steam &Return Line 

TMT #1000-2-L M 

Zeolite Steam &Return Line 

TMT #1000-3-L M 

Zeolite Trpl'S'Plus Non-Poltng 

1300-13L N 

Zeolite-BFWT-1200-2P M 

National Chemical Labs, of PA., Inc. 

Acti-Pine Disinfectant R 

Astro-Chem Degreaser Cleaner D 

Bacti-Chem F 

Bacti-Cream Q 

Blast A 

Bullseye A 

Chem-Eez A 

Conkleen 204 D 

E C Cone. Dish Wash A 

Economy Butyl Cleaner 

Degreaser D 

Flicker L 

Formula NBC All Purpose 

Degreaser Clnr D 

Fresh Air R 

HurTah A 

Ionox Disinfectant Cleaner G 

Kleer-Brite R 

Lazer Wax & Floor Finish 

Stripper D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Micro-Chem G 

Mighty Giant Cleaner A 

Mirage A 

Nac Lube BB 

Nac Mint Disinfectant P 

Nac Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Nac-X Disinfectant-Cleaner D 

Naca Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Nactrol R 

Neutral Cleaner D 

NL Nuclear Cleaner Degreaser D 

Pink Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Pink Panther All-Purpose 

Cone. CI w/Ion- D 

Pooff Foam Degreaser and 

Cleaner A 

Pom. F 

Power-Eez Detergent D 

Quarry Tile Cleaner D 

Rainbow CC 

Razo Cleaner D 

S.D Ammoniated Wax 

Stripper D 

Sani-Derm GG 

Scum Remover and Renovator .A 

Septisurge Q 

Septisurge Concentrate Q 

Steam & Pressure Cleaner A 

Super Cherry Deodorant O 

Super Lube D BB 

Super Nac Concentrate A 

Syn 40 Cleaner D 

Synglide Conveyor Lubricant ...BB 
Synglide H.F. Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

Wash-Brite CC 

Wild Cherry Deodorant R 

Yukon Heavy Duty Solvent 

Cleaner R 

10X Concentrate R 

800 Conveyor Lube BB 

National Chemical Labs, Inc. 

Formula No. Special #43-T M 

Formula No. Special #43-59 M 

Formula No. Special #55-71. ..,.M 

Formula No. Special NL-25 M 

Formula No. 2-52-T Boiler 

Water Treat M 

Formula No. 52-50A-T Boiler 

Water Treat M 

Special Formula M 

Triangle Brand Anti-Foam L 

National Chemicals, Inc. 

Blu-Magik C 

LFD Low Foaming Detergent ..A 

Q.A G 

T-D-C Detergent C 

National Chemsearch/ Division of 
NCH Corporation 

Actamine R 

Aerolex BB 

Aerosol Concentrate S 

Al-Chek N 

Aquafog S 

ABF^)2 N 

Bactrol (Aerosol) P 

Bactrol Concentrate P 

Bio-Pure D 

Bio-Quad R 

Blue Wizard Cream Cleaner P 

Boil-Tane N 

Brex Concentrate Chemical 

Cleaner C 

Camelia P 

Chem-A-Lube ML-770 BB 

Chem-A-Lube WL-660 Multi- 

Purp. Wht Lub BB 

Chem-Aqua 100 M 

Chem-Aqua 1444 N 

Chem-Aqua 1500 N 

Chem-Aqua 200 M 

Chem-Aqua 250 M 

Chem-Aqua 300 N 

Chem-Aqua 4000 N 

Chem-Aqua 8000 N 

Chem-Aqua 900 M 

Chem-Fog S 

Chemalube F-880 AA 

Chemene-X G 

Chemlyte C 

Chemzyme I O 

Cleanamatic D 

Concentrate A 

Control 77 R 

Convoy BB 

De Luxe Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Decade A 

Deox C 

Di-Ron T 

Di-Sect T 

Dichloron Insecticide T 

Dimon BB 

Dishine A 

Duo-Power A 

Enerlex Multi-Grade Hydraulic 

Oil BB 

Enforce D 

Etch Klenz C 

Everbrite D 

Eze-Way BB 

Fad A 

Flair R 

Flair (Aerosol) R 

Foam-Ad A 

FL-100 Packing House Cleaner B 
Gearco Extrm Presr Gear Oil 

SAE140 BB 

Gearco Extrm Presr. Gear Oil 


Gearco Extrm Press. Gear Oil 

SAE 80W-90 BB 

Gearco Extrm Press. Gear Oil 

SAE 85W-140 BB 

Germene D 

Get Out CC 

Gex BB 

Glisten R 

Great Giant A 

Hi-Brite A 

Hydrocide S 

I-So-Sect T 

Killzol Brand S 

Kilzone T 

Limex A 

Lube-Plus BB 

Lube-San A A 

Lube-Shield BB 

Lubrease BB 

Lustra C 

Maldane T 

Melts R 

Method A 

Micro-Treat Parts A&B O 

Neldracide T 

New Can San Concentrate R 

Nu-Concept P 

ND-150 A 

ND-20 B 

ND-25 Compound O 



P-O-W Wasp Spray T 

Patrol S 

Power Plus Germ. Food Plant 

Cleaner D 

Power Plus Heavy Duty 

Cleaner A 

Power Plus Hot Water Cleaner. B 
Power Plus Liquid Car Wash....R 

Pyra Fog 100 S 

Rat-Tat-Tat U 

Red Streak O 

RS-13 B 

San-5-Pine R 

Sanaphene P 

Sila-Chem AA 

Skate O 

Soapreme Q 

Soludize Industl Grd Gen Purp 

Lub 10W^»0 BB 

Soludize Industl Grd Gen Purp 

Lub 5W-20 BB 

Solvex R 

Solvex Concentrate R 

Spec-Lube A A 

Spress R 

Squad S 

Sunup CC 

Swoop Q 

Teen A 

Tel-X AA 

Ten-50 BB 

Thread-Eze BB 

Thread-Eze (Aerosol) BB 

Transect S 

Trill O 

Tuf -Scrub W 

Tytrex R 

Vina-Chlor T 

Warrior R 

X-Ice R 

X-Sect S 

Yield BB 

Zoom R 

1000 Plus A 

1592 Food Plant Cleaner A 

National Colloid 

Cleaner A 

Super Concentrate A 

National Colloid Co., The 

Boiler Colloidene A M 

Boiler Colloidene A-l M 

Boiler Colloidene A-120 N 

Boiler Colloidene B N 

Boiler Colloidene B-2 N 

Boiler Colloidene B-4 M 

Boiler CoUoidene BP-45 M 

Boiler CoUoidene C-2 N 

Boiler Colloidene D-10 M 

Boiler Colloidene D-2 N 

Boiler Colloidene D-5 M 

Boiler Colloidene D-6 M 

Boiler CoUoidene XTP-AF N 

Boiler CoUoidene 1500 M 

Natcolamine No. 1 M 

Natcolamine No. 2 M 

Natcolene 'P' M 

Natcolene CH-50 M 

Natcolene P-2 M 

Natcolene P-25 M 

Natcolene P-5 M 

National Consolidated, Ltd 

Big •G' A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner (Pine 

Odor) R 

Odo-Rout R 

Trak Lube BB 

National Detergents, Inc. 

Deodorant Nuggets R 

Gentle Power A 

Glisten P 

Great D 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner A 

Lemon Hand Soap Q 


LF Suds CC 

Quardizyme O 

S.A.I.D. II Q 

National Environmental Chemical 

Blue Boy Liquid Cleaner 

Concentrate P 

Blue Boy Solid P 

Chem-Mite A 

Citrusol D 

Di-Date T 

Di-Date Residual Insect Spray. .T 

Exothermic O 

Spotless D 

V.I.P. 1000 S 

V.I.P. 600 S 

VIP No. 500 Insect Spray S 

National Institutional Food 
Distributor Associates, Inc. 

Nifda Grill-Oven & Fat Fry 
Cleaner A 

National Janitors Supply Co. 

Nasco Ordorless Cleaner 

Disinfectant G 

Nasco Quat 80 G 

National Laboratories 

Aerozone Mist R 

Amphyl D 

Amphyl Spray P 

Barrage All Purpose Cleaner A 

Barrage Concentrate Bowl 

Cleanse P 

Brisk A,H 

Con-O-Syl Disinf .-Detergent D 

Conpact A 

Duel Crystal Fragrance P 

Duel Golden Fragrance P 

Fasolv A 

Institutional Lysol Brand Disnf 

Spray R 

Lime Shine C 

Liquid Power A 

Lysol P 

LF-10 F 

N-L Concentrate D,Q 

N-L Creme Cleanser E 

N-L No Phosphate Cleaner D 

Neutrodor P 

New Roccal Mist Air Sanitizer 

Module R 

New Tergiquat Germicidal 

Cleaner F 

Osyl D 

Premeasured Tergisyl 

Detergent Disnf R 

Quatsyl 256 F 

Roccal Brand Sanitizing Agent 

10% F,J 

Roccal II 10% G.J.GG 

Roccal Mist R 

Scene R 

Scene Six R 

Shop Industrial Waterless 

Hand Cleaner W 

Soaperfect D 

Soaperior Q 

Tergiquat F 

Tergisyl D 

Titan Bulk Liq. Fogging 

Insecticide S 

Titan Dual Action T 

Titan Fly Bait (Blue) T 

Titan Insect Killer S 

Titan Mist Insecticide Module ..S 

Titan Supreme T 

Vani-Blocs P 

Vani-Sol Bowl Cleanse P 

Vani-Sol Bulk Disinfectant 

Wash.oom Clr P 

Vani-Sol Disinfectant 

Washroom Cleaner P 

Vani-Sol Per Diem P 

Vani-Sol Washroom Drain 

Opener O 

National Milling & Chemical Co. 

'447' A 

AL2 Cleaner A 

B-263 Star Chain Lube BB 

Bake Pan Cleaner A/S A 

Borax Base Hand Soap P 

C-25 Hand Soap P 

Cling Det E 

Coco Tallow 40% Liquid Soap .BB 

Compound 458 A 


Deep Fat Fry Cleaner B 

Delimer C 

Deluxe D.W A 

FDA Hand Soap P 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

Gentle Giant Powdered Hand 

Soap P 

H. D. Deluxe A 

H.D. Chlorinated Cleaner A 

Hand Suds A 

Hi-Suds E 

K-2 A 

Mechano-Det D 

Namico Abrasive Detergent E 

Namico Green Bar Soap BB 

Namico Power-Chlor A 

Namico Sour 'B - CC 

Namico SPTX B 

Namico 444 D 

Namifluff A 

Namilube A.BB 

Namilube 1058 BB 

Namisuds A 

Namisyn Flosuds A 

Pot and Pan Cleaner A 

Powdered Grill Cleaner B 

PR-261-P A 

Rinse Aid A 

Smoke House Cleaner Heavy 

Duty B 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Special 'B' Cleaner A 

Special C Compound A 

Super H.D. Chlorinated 

Cleaner B 

Supreme Steam Cleaner 

Granules A 

Supreme Steam Cleaner Liquid A 

Sure Suds A,CC 

15% Cocoanut Oil Soap Q 

40% Cocoanut Oil Soap Q 

462-G CC 

National Products Co. 

Coach House Non-Butyl 

Cleaner A 

National Purity Soap & Chemical Co. 

#65 Prime Oil Soap BB 

Ace Bar Lube BB 

Arrow C 

Aseptic-Clean D 

Dcsolve A 

Emulso Degreaser A 

Garfloor R 

Glass Shine R 

Glo Chlor B Dishwash A 

Kwi Kleen Hvy Dty Acid 

Detergent C 

No. 20 All Coco Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

No. 40 Coco Castile Liquid 

Soap Q 

No. 60 Detergent Cleaner A 

NPS Glownite Reg. Dishwash... A 
NPS Pipeline And Bulk Tank 

Cleaner #711 A 

NPS Proto-Clean CC 

NPS Proto-Wash CC 

NPS Super Glownite Dishwash A 

NPS 100 Floor Cleaner R 

NPS 20 Liq. Surgical Soap Q 

NPS 40 Liq. Surgical Soap Q 

NPS 8A-15 Lube PN #625 BB 

P.N. #213 Wall Cleaner-Heavy 

Duty A 

Plastic Gloss Cleaner D 

Purity Glass Wash A 

Rex Lo Suds CC 

Rex-Heavy Duty CC 

Rex-One-Shot CC 

Royal Oil Soap #50 BB 

Satin Suds CC 

Spik Cone. D5 Det. Floor 

Cleaner D 

Super Kwik Shine A 

Super Whip P.N. #106 A 

Syntha No. D2 D 

Trio P 

3-V Liquid Detergent A 

National Research & Chemical Co. 

Lemon Liquid Soap Q 

M & F Pot and Pan Cleaner A 

Rustex L-7 C 

Tyfo Butchers 500 A 

Tyfo Chek A 

Tyfo Defoamer HH 

Tyfo Egg Destainer I 

Tyfo Sewer Compound O 

Tyfokleen #300 B 

TyfokleenCIP A 

Tyfoscald L 

Tyfowash 'A' H 

Tyfowash - B' H 

Ultrasonic Egg Cleaner H 

National Sales And Distributing Co. 

G P 66 - A 

National Sanitary Supply Co. 

Action-D D 

Big Break A 

Blitz Residual Roach 'N'Ant 

Killer T 

Blitz 1932 T 

Cloudy Ammonia R 

Crystal Glass Cleaner R 

D-Fen P 

D-Fen 30-40 D 

Foam Up A 

Four-In-One P 

Household Bleach CC 

Industrial Extra Strength 

Bleach CC 

Lemon D-Fen 1763 P 

Liqui-Terge R 

Liquid Lemon Hand Soap Q 

Lubri-Can 3055 BB 

Majestic No. 11 Dish-Clean A 

Measure Up A 

NSS Cement Cleaner D 

NSS Concentrate Cleaner D 

Pathfinder D 

Power Stripper D 


Power Wash 2623 Truck And 

Equipment CI A 

Scum Clean D 

Suck Silicone Spray BB 

Sud-N-Kleen A 

Teflex BB 

Teflon Thread Sealer 3070 BB 

Wind-O-Clean R 

National Sanitary Supply, Inc. 

National Solv 


National Sanitary Supply, Inc. 

Foaming Action A 

National Specialty Products Co., Inc. 

Odo-Chlor R 

National Wax Company 

Flexoil 100 AA 

Nationwide Chemical Co., Inc. 

AU-Purpose Cleaner Blue D 

All-Purpose Cleaner Clear D 

AU-Purpose Cleaner Opal D 

Aluminum & Stainless Steel CI. 

& Bright C 

Block Buster Cleaner, Strip & 

Dgrsr Blue R 

Block Buster Cleaner, Strip & 

Dgrsr Opal R 

Block Buster Cleaner, Strip & 

Dgrsr Clear R 

Compactor & Kitchen Aqueous 

Spray #4005 S 

Concrete Remover & Masonry 

Cleaner C 

Deodorant Granules R 

Dishwashing Liquid (Hand) 

#509 A 

Drain Flo O 

Enzyme Drain & Trap Cleaner 


Flo-Go 308 R 

Germacidal Cleaner R 

Heavy Duty All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Hvy Dty Wtr Sol Indust C1& 

Dgrsr Purple A 

Hvy Dty Wtr Soluble Indust 

C1& Dgrsr Clr A 

Hvy Dty Wtr Soluble Indust 

Cl&Dgrsr Red A 

Industrial Aqueous Spray 

#4004 S 

Industrial Spray #4000 S 

Liquid Air Freshener #1038 R 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Mill Spray#4001 S 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Potent Plus Enzyme Drn & 

Trap Cln #2067 

Quat F 

Sewer-Treatment O 

Special Stripper #1 A 

Special Stripper #2 A 

Steam Cleaner Pressure Wash 

Blue A 

Steam Cleaner Pressure Wash 

Clear A 

Super Food Plant Fogging 

Insect. #4003 S 

Super Hvy Dty Wtr Sol Indust 

CI & Dgrsr A 

Super Power Flo 1031 D 

Synthetic Cleaner D 

Vaporizer Concentrate #4002. ..S 
X-Tra Heavy Duty AU Purpose 

Clnr Blue D 

X-Tra Heavy Duty All Purpose 

Clnr Clear D 

X-Tra Heavy Duty All Purpose 

Clnr Pink D 

Nationwide Chemical Corp. 

Enzo-Gest O 

Enzo-Gest Drain & Trap 

Cleaner O 

Enzo-Gest Hydrocarbon O 

Enzo-Gest 1500 

Nationwide Chemical Corp. 

Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Neutral pH Cleaner A 

Navajo Chemical Company 

Aluminum Cleaner A 

Mold Cleaner A 

Packing House Cleaner B 

Navy Brand Manufacturing Co. 

#800 Degreaser P 

A.C.D. Cleaner C 

AU Purpose Cleaner A 

Aqua Sanitizer G,K 

Aquanism Liquid Live Micro- 
organisms O 

ACP Laundry Compound A 

ACP Laundry Soap Powder C 

Bact-O-Stat Liquid Hand Soap.Q 

Blue Bonanza P 

Blue Glass R 

Bosuns-Mate Penetrating Oil ....BB 

BC-98 BoUer Compound M 

Car Brite A 

Creton Bacteriostatic Cleaner. ..F 

D.P.S O 

Deo Pelts R 

Deo-Dis P 

Deo-Dis Citrone Disinfectant 

Deodorant R 

Dish Glo A 

Egg Wash #1 H 

Ensign P 

Formula No. 200 D 

Formula No. 35 B 

Formula No. 596 Hand CleanerW 
Formula 596 Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

G.G. Cleaner F 

Hang Up A 

Hog Scald #7 X 

HT-30 B 

KUzum Ant and Roach KiUer ...T 

Kilzum Plus T 

Kilzum 2 Ways T 

Lan-O-Foam Q 

Let 'Em Have It S 

Lilol Disinfectant P 

Liquicem D 

Liquid Concentrate Floor 

Cleaner D 

Lucin BB 

M-33 B 

MiU Spray S 

Morte F 

Naval Aide AU Purpose Cone. 

Sil. Lub BB 

Navy Bowl P 

Navy Brand Absolute A 

Navypine Disinfectant R 

Navyzyme II O 

No. Bac #1010 Disinfectant P 

Nu-Air R 

NBC Concentrate A 

Odors Gone R 

Protecto Barrier Creme W 

Rebuf AA 

Rebuf (Aerosol) AA 

Rendo BR-93 R 

Residual #300 T 

Residual #700 T 

RM Germicidal Disinfectant 

Cleaner P 

RP-49 C 

Sail Away R 

Sanico #600 P 

Smoke House Cleaner B 

Spif O 

Sta-Foam A A 


SC-7 Liquid Solvent B 

SS21 Sewer Solvent O 

Teftred BB 

Tripe Cleaner Y 

Triumph Emulsion Bowl 

Cleaner P 


Needels Janitor Supply 

Bulldog Commercial Clean Up 
Dtrgnt A 

Bulldog Floor Detergent D 

Commercial Clean Up 

Detergent A 

Floor Detergent D 

Neleco Products, Incorporated 

Placer A 

Nelson Chemicals Company 

ALA-100 C 

Detergent 395 B 

Detergent 455 B 

Liq. Hand Soap No. 658 

Concentrate Q 

Solo 100 CC 

TCC-No.3 A 

Nelson Jameson, Incorporated 

#71 Can-Wash A 

Chlorinated Sanitizer K 

Compound X A 

Iodophor Detergent Sanitizer. ...JJ 

Liquid Concentrate Cleaner A 

Liquid Detergent A 

N-J Acid Can Wash C 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Treated Alkali B 

Neo-Life Company of America 

Neo Kleen Plus CC 

Rugged Red A 

Network Services Company 

AU Purpose Cleaner D 

Cleaner Degreaser D 

CUnging Restroom Cleaner P 

Concentrated Alkaline Drain 

Opener O 

Dishwashing Detergent A 

Foaming Cleaner A 

Lemon Disinfectant P 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pink Petal Hand Dishwashing 

Detergent A 

Ready-To-Use Pure Coconut 

Liquid Soap Q 

Sanitizer Concentrate G.GG 

Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

WiH4 MPC AU Purpose 

Cleaner D 

40% Pure Coconut Liquid SoapQ 


Neutron Industries, Inc. 

Formula NI-700 Safety Cleaner 

Degreaser D 

Formula NI-725 Ice Melting 

Compound R 

Never-Seez Compound Corp. 

Never-Seez Anti Seize&Lub. 

Comp BB 

Never-Seez Pure Nickel 

Special BB 

New England Maintenance Chemical 

N-200 All Purpose Cleaner 

Cone A 

New England Specialty Company 

Nesco Cleaner Degreaser 10 A 

New ETC Products, Inc. 

ETC Hand Cleaner W 

New Land Products Company 

Multi-Purpose Cleaner D 

Super Cleaner Concentrate R 

New South Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

pH Controlled Foamer A 

Acid Cleaner Concentrate C 

Acid Cleaner Concentrate II C 

Acid Cleaner 1 C 

Acidic Scouring Powder C 

Alkaline Cleaner Concentrate ...A 

Alkaline Cleaner II A 

AA Fly Spray S 

Blast Off B 

Chlorinated Bleach CC,F 

Chlorinated Cleaner A 

Chlorinated General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Cleaner & Degreaser A 

Cleaner And Disinfectant R 

Concentrated Defoamer L,V,X 

Conveyor Lubricant BB 

Deicer R 

Delining Acid C 

Descaler C 

Dynamic Super Dynacide S 

DB 55-FG M 

Egg Wash H.I 

Feather Softener & Defoamer ..L 

Formula NS-200 B 

Germicidal Cleaner 

Concentrate R 

H.D. Alkaline Cleaner B 

Hi Foam A 

Hook & Trolley Cleaner B 

KP Degreaser A 

Light Acid Cleaner P 

Liquid Drain Opener O 

Liquid Steam Cleaning 

Compound A 

LB 105 M 

LB 106 M 

LB 107 M 

LB 150 M 

LB 151-C M 

LB 152-C M 

LB 201 M 

LB 210 M 

LB 212 M 

LC400 M 

LC 505 M 

Malathion Fly Bait T 

Mint Disinfectant P 

Nu-Air R 

Nugloss Beads A 

Odorless Wildcat Cleaner D 

Oxsolv C 

Pep A 

Pink Magic Concentrate A 

Pot & Pan Cleaner A 

Powdered General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Pyrethroid Insecticide S 

Quickwash CC 

Rins-O-Dine F 

Rust Remover B 

S A Cleaner B 

S.K. Concentrate A 

Safeway Bleach CC 

Safti -Sol P 

Sani-Rinse F 

Sanitex A 

Sewer Solvent O 

Shackle Cleaner C 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Special Foamer A 

Spray Mist Deodorant R 

Stack Odor Control R 

Super Diazinon Residual Spray T 

Super Foamer A 

Tetralite A 

Thermal Fog Spray S 

Tile & Grout Cleaner P 

Touch - N' Go A 

Tripe Cleaner Y 

Tropico Antiseptic Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

Tropico 40 Q 

Tropico 40% Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Tuf-Stuf Q 

Velvet Suds A 

30% Malathion In Oil T 

300 Acid Cleaner C 

Newbridge Chemical Corp. 

Multi-Clean XP-101AA A 

Newport Chemical Company 

Newport 77 R 

Niagara Lubricant Co. Inc. 

White Oil-AA A A 

Niagara National Corporation 

Accusol D 

Niagara NT-50 A 

Niagara TK-10 Concentrate D 

Niagara 101 Product 1000 A 

Niagara 330 Trail-Clean 

Concentrate A 

Niagara 446 WY-59 Cone. 

Dgrs&Stm Cl.Cmpd A 

2700 OD F 

Nichols Chemicals Inc. 

CC-53 A 

Dual-27 F 

Mint Disinfectant R 

NC-50 D 

Orange Deodorant R 

Nick Muller Co. 

'Powerhouse' Steam Cleaner ....A 
Liquid Pressure Wash M276L...A 

M-36 Cleaner Degreaser A 

Pressure Wash Detergent M- 
176 A 

Nino's, Incorporated 

Challenger, Degreaser&Floor 
Clnr D 

Nobel, Incorporated 


Noboil Company 

Noboil Bleach G 

Nodor Chemical Company 

Nodor FP A 

Nokomis International, Inc. 

Nokomis 3 A 

Nokomis 4 A 

Non-Fluid Oil Corporation 

#150 NFO White Lubricating 

Oil AA 

F-925 BB 

F-925/EP BB 

Grade LS-683 AA 

KF #132 AA 

KF-133 AA 

Non-Fluid Oil A-#5 BB 

Non-Fluid Oil Grade #1315 AA 

Non-Fluid Oil H-#12 BB 

Nonfluid No. G-60 BB 

S-5 BB 


Nor-Solv D 

Norchem Corporation 

Dinaclean A 

Norco Manufacturing And 
Distributing Co. 

Pizza Inn Ammoniated All 

Purpose Cleaner D 

Pizza Inn Inst Liq Drain Pipe 

Opnr & Mnt O 

Pizza Inn Liquid Hand Dish 

Wash A 

Pizza Inn Machine Dish Wash 

Compound A 

Norman Chemical Company 

Form. #830 Domstc Hot Wtr 

Treat M 

Formula #10 M 

Formula #16 M 

Formula #200 M 

Formula #202 M 

Formula #241 M 

Formula #242 M 

Formula #251 M 

Formula #30 M 

Formula #300 M 

Formula #40 Z 

Formula #400 M 

Formula #50 M 

Formula #51 M 

Formula #52 M 

Formula #53 M 

Formula #54 M 

Formula #60 M 

Formula #61 M 

Formula #610 M 

Formula #61 1-W M 

Formula #62 M 

Formula #63 M 

Formula #655 M 

Formula #66 M 

Formula #811 M 

Formula #815 M 

Formula #816 M 

Formula #841 M 

Formula #841 C Liquid Gel M 

Formula #853 M 


Formula #90 N 

Formula #900-P N 

Formula #91 M 

Formula #910 N 

Formula #920 N 

Formula #936 M 

Formula #940 Z 

Formula #950 N 

Lyme-Kleen C 

No Cor Steamline Treatment.. ..M 
No-Cor B Steamline Treatment N 
No-Cor D Steamline Treatment N 

Nor-Kleen Liquid R 

NV 600 M 

610L M 

9-4-D N 

Norman Manufacturing Co. 

Boiler Compound BWT-1 M 

Boiler Water Treatment No. 7 


H-100 Oxygen Inhibitor BWT- 

100 M 

H-300 Treatment BWT-300 M 

No. 11 Boiler Treatment BWT- 

U M 

No. 77 Sludge Conditioner 

BWT-77 M 

Oxygen Catalyst BWT-107 M 

Poly-Ox BWT-125 M 

Sol-3 Norman D 

Norman, Fox & Co. 

Norfox CB Lube 12 BB 

Norfox Lube X-14 BB 

North American Chemical Division of 
North American Oil Company 

Free'Nezy Silicone AA 

Spray Wrench BB 

Steamex Liquid B 

Zymex O 

North American Chemical Corp. 

FC601 R 

FC 603 A 

HC-103 A 

HT505 B 

Lotion Hand Soap Q 

MC-201 A 

MC-203 H 

MC-209 H 

SC 401 A 

SC-403 A 

SC-405 A 

SC-407 B 

SCL410 A 

VW 303 A 

VW 305 A 

VWL 312 A 

North American Labs 

Big 'G- D 

North American Oil Company 

Drain-One O 

North American Research Corp. 

De-Rust C 

S.H. Concentrate C 

North Atlantic Chemical, Inc. 

Aero Zyme O 

AS-200 D 

Liquid Drain Opener O 

N.A.C-300 T 

O.A.C. 100 C 

Sewer Aide O 

Shur Stop S 

Super Bowl II P 

WO-200 S 

North Central Chemicals, Inc. 

Jones Chlorinated Gen. Purp. 

Clnr A 

Jones Smoke House Cleaner B 

Stoppenbach G-P Cleaner A 

North Coast Chemical Co., Inc. 

Acid 200 C 

Acid 400 C 

Acid 600 C 

Aluminum Cleaner 105 A 

Ay won Q 

Bactisol F,J 

Canwash 5 A 

Car and Truck Wash A 

Carwash 10 A 

Chain Lube Concentrate BB 

Chain Lube Jelly Soap BB 

Chain Lube 55 BB 

Chelator B 

Cleaner 88 B 

Clenespray A 

Coco Borax P 

CC & S F,K 

CC 55 B 

D G Steam Cleaner A 

Dairi-San G 

Defoamer 5 A,HH 

Double Duty A 

Foam Cleaner 22 B 

Formula AG-3 H 

Formula DW-4 H 

Formula DW-6 H 

Gel-Klean A 

Glucator Ten R 

Green Stripe Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

GMC 2000 A 

GMC 220 Chlorgen Cleaner A 

Liq. Conctd. Sodium 

Hypochlorite Blch G,CC 

Liquid Drain Pipe Opener O 

Megasol 128 G 

Megasol 256 G 

Megasol 64 G 

Megazyme O 

N-66 A 

New Home Service DeLuxe 

Laundry Compound CC 

Northco FC-77 D 

Northco 9 D 

Northocal F,J 

Northwind A 


NC-1000 Hi-Chlor Circ. 

Compound A,H 

NC-66 A,H 

Orbit B 

Plus Detergent Cleaner A 

Powder Foam A 

Pressure Wash Cleaner A 

Rainier B 

Rinsol G 

Rustphoil C 

Scale-Off C 

Sewer-Solv O 

Smokleen B 

Steamsol D 

Strix-RS B 

Sun-Wite Bleach A.CC 

Super Blitz B 

Super-Chlor G.CC 

SM Cleaner A 

Top-San C 

Trolley Cleaner DR B 

Trolley Cleaner IL B 

Trox CC 

W.B.D. Water Base Degreaser.D 
55 Chlor Floor Cleaner D 

North East Dairy Cooperative 

Nedco Liquid Chlorine G 

North Star Sanitary Supply 

Power Foam A 

Northeast Chemical, Inc. 

Move-All D 

Noralc B 

Normid C 

Northeast Foam Booster A 

Northeast Cleaning Materials Corp. 

Norco China Shina A 

Norco Fyve Pynes Pine Odor 

Disinf R 

Norco Glad Hands Q 

Norco Lustranol D 

Norco Palm Balm Antisp. 

Hand Cln. Lotion Q 

Norco Pink Concentrate A 

Norco Scum Remover A 

Norco Sprig-O-Mint P 

Norco Tuf Boy A 

Northeastern Chemical Company 

A-Z 99 D 

Northern Chemical & Supply 

Hercules A 

Northern Sanitary Supply Co., Inc. 

Nor-San Degreaser/C leaner A 

Nor-San Hi-Foam A 

Norton Company 

Bear Brand Oil AA 

Nova Products, Incorporated 

Nova Fogging Concentrate S 

Novaspray 10 S 

Novel Wash Co., Inc. 

Novel Wash Bleach D.CC 

Now Chemical Corporation 

Now Ovencleaner A 

Nowcide Concentrate 

Insecticide S 

Nowcide Emulsifiable Spray 

Cone. #101 S 

Nowcide Insect Spray 'B' S 

Nowcide Insecticide S 

Nowgon Contains Baygon T 

Nowgon Residual Spray 

Contains Baygon T 

Nowmist S 

Nu Face of America 

Nu-Air R 

Nu -Glass R 

Nu-L.C. Concentrate CC 

Nu-Wash A 

Nu-Ball Manufacturing Co. 

Cold Gold A 

Con-Trol p 

Cuts-All D 

D-San-X F 

E-Z Strip D 

Foam N Cleaner A 

Formula 636 D 


Nu-Brite P 

Nu-Glass Cleaner R 

Nu-Kill Insect Killer S 

Nu-Klenz P 

Nu-Q F 

Nu-Septic Q 

Nu-Spray Glass Cleaner R 

Quick O 

Shipshape Concentrate A 

Velvet Hand Soap Q 

Zip-Strip D 

Nu-Ease Cleaning Materials Co. 

Detergent #195 A 

Nu-Life Laboratories 

Action Q 

All Purpose Germicidal CleanerP 

Aqua Mist T 

Deoxidizing Chemical Cleaner. .C 

Detergent Concentrate A 

Duo Fog S 

Kleen-N-Shine R 

Mechanic's Friend BB 

Power Foam R 

Water Soluble Cleaner A 

Nu-Process Industries, Inc. 

D-480 Heavy Duty Cleaning 
Compound B 

D-55 Powr-Wash A 

NPL-100 Concntrted Liq. 

Detergent A 

NPL-300 Detergent Intensifier..D 

Powr-Clean D 

SC-50 Steam Cleaner 

Compound A 

Nu-Tone Products Co., Inc. 

Hurri-Clean A 

Nu-Kill Aerosol S 

Nu-Kill Insecticide S 

Nu-Tone Chemical Cleaner A 

Super Beads D 

Trex Chemical Cleaner R 

Nu-Trend Supply Company 

Multi Kleen A 

Wipe Out R 

Nu-Way Products Company 

Nuchlor G,Z 

Nu-Waye Water Conditioning Co. 

Formula 500-C M 

Nugget Distributors, Inc. 

Ammoniated All Purpose 

Cleaner 925-1 D 

Bowl Cleaner 940-1 P 

Chlorinated Bleach Cleanser E 

Concentrated Dry Bleach CC 

General Purpose Cleaner 915.. ..A 
Heavy Duty General Purpose 

Cleaner 920 A 

Heavy Duty Machine Scrubber 

Concentrate A 


LiqDrnPipeOpnr&Mntrl 090- 

1 O 

Liquid Hand Dish Wash A 

Machine Dish Wash Compound 

330-X50 A 

Nugget Brand Sanni-Rinse F 

Supreme Low Suds Laundry 

Det. 340X50 CC 

Nutmeg Chemical Company 

NB-10 M 

NB-11 M 

NB-12 M 

NB-130 M 

NB-131 M 

NB-132 M 

NB-133 M 

NB-14 N 

NB-142 M 

NB-15 N 

NB-17 N 

NB-18 N 

NB-19 M 

NB-20 M 

NB-21 M 

NB-22 M 

NB-37 M 

NB-46 M 

NB-51 M 

NB-52 M 

NB-53 M 

NB-62 M 

NB-65 M 

NB-70 M 

NC-32 N 

NC-54 N 

NT-30 N 

Nutrilite Products, Inc. 

Automatic Dishwasher 

Concentrate A 

Controlled Suds Laundry 

Compound A 

Dishwashing Lotion A 

Eco-Lite Power Cleaner D 

Window Cleaner Concentrate ...R 

Nuvite Chemical Compounds Corp. 

Feed Water Treatment (Liq. 

Formula) M 

Nuvite All Purpose Cleaner D 

NuSheen Products Company 

Clean Fast Grill & Oven Clnr.D 
Clean Fast 600 A 

Nyco Products Company 

Bactizyme O 

Beckleener R 

Bowl Kleen P 

Calci-Solve Crystals C 

Concentrated Calci-Solve C 

Drain Solve O 

Grease-Solve R 

Municipal Sewer Cleaner O 

N-103 Floor&All Purpose 

Concentrate D 

N-205 Oven Cleaner A 

N-206 Instant Oven & Grill 

Cleaner A 

N-230 Cleaner-Degreaser D 

N-233 Cleaner-Degreaser D 

N-630 Odor Control R 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

Scale-Kleen C 

Septic Tank Activator O 

Special Plumbers' Ideal O 

Super Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

Urina Kleen P 

O'Brien Industries, Inc. 

O'B Aid HP M 

O'B Aid LH-10 M 

O'B Aid LP M 

O'B Aid 500 M 

O'B Aid 500T M 

O'B Amine V-10 M 

O'B Col-A M 

O'B Col-AN M 

O'B Col-HA M 

O'B Col-HAX M 

O'B Col-HP M 

O'B Col-One M 

O'B Col-V-222 M 

O'B Col-V-322 M 


O'B Col-125 M 


O'B-Col D-610 M 

O'DonnelPs Termite & Pest Control, 

Chlordane Residual Spray T 

O' Flanagans, Incorporated 

Big 'G' A 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Concrete Cleaner R 

Dual-27 F 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

Lemon Tree R 

Miracle Cleaner Concentrate ....D 

Odo-Rout R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Power Concentrate Emulsion 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Red Hot O 

Steam Cleaner Liquid B 

Vita Pine (Phenol Coef. 5) R 

Whomp O 

O'Hollearn Chemical 

ECO-Pure 001 A 

ECO-Pure 003 A 

O'Neill Brothers Chemical, Inc. 

Jingo II D 

Thor Chlor A 

Oak Materials Group 

Food Grade Silicone Spray AA 

Industrial Silicone Spray AA 

Man's Hands W 

Oakite Products, Incorporated 

#100 B 

#101 D 

#12 Q,BB 

#125 R 

#130 B 

#132 C 

#161 B 

#19 D 

#20 A 

#202 A 

#22 A 

#23 A 

#24 B 

#29 A 

#30 A,CC 

#31 C 

#32 C 

#36 C 

#360-L B 

#51 C,I 

#53 A 

#6 BB 

#61 -A A 

#61 -B A 


#62 B 

#67 A 

#70 D 

#75 B 

#78 A.V.X 

#84-M C 

#90-M B 

#92 B 

#94 A 

A-Plus A,CC 

Aluminum Cleaner 164 A 

Bactericide G,K,GG 

Biocide 20 N 

Chlor-Tergent F,H,I,K 

Circhlor A.H.I 


Detergent-Sanitizer G 

Di-Sanite D 

Drycid C 


Enprox BWT N 

Enprox BWT-F M 

Enprox 200 M 

Enprox 355 NC N 

Enprox 555 N 


Fisan Del A,H,L,Q,X,Z 

Fisan-Brite B 

Fisan -Chlor A 

Fisan-Clean A,H 

Fisan-CQD B 

Fisan-Glow Z 

Fisan -Guard A 

Fisan-GC A 

Fisan-HD B 

Fisan-Lube BB 

Fisan-LC66 BB 

Fisan-Panacea A,H 

Fisan-Pep A 

Fisan-SR C,I 

Fisan-500 ...B.V 

FiSan-PB B 

Fleetline JC-4 D 

Fleethne JC-5 D 

Fleetline 170 A 

Fleethne 204 D 

Fleetline 205 D 

Fleetline 74-J D 

Highlite C,E 

Hydrokite Z 

Jelcid C 

Liqualin A,H 

Liqualin CSC B 

Liqualin CC A 

Liqui-Det #2 A,Q 

Liquid Power-Det A 

LC-106 BB 

LC-206 BB 



Oakite A 

Oakite ABC B 

Oakite CHD B 

Oakite CPC A 

Oakite CPC2 A 

Oakite Detergent-Sanitizer LF..G 

Oakite Enhance A 

Oakite Enprox BWT-2 M 

Oakite Fisan-Add A 

Oakite Fisan-Guard LT A,H 

Oakite Fisan-Liquacid C 

Oakite Fisan-LC 55 BB 

Oakite Fisan-500M B 

Oakite FiSan-LCS BB 

Oakite Foam-Det A 

Oakite Foam-On A 

Oakite General Cleaner A 

Oakite Hand Cleaner P 

Oakite Handsome FF 

Oakite Liqualin C-C-X B 

Oakite LFL A 

Oakite Radiate R 

Oakite Rustraint C 

Oakite RB CC 

Oakite SC 225 A 

Oakite SC 929 A 

Oakite STC B 

Oakite 162 B 

Oakite 167 A.H.I 

Oakite 190 B 

Oakite 220 Special A 

Oakite 220NP D 

Oakite 2327 B 

Oakite 71 MM 

Oakite 84-F C 

Oakite 90 B 

Penetrant R 

Plause Q 

Power-Det A 

PW-178 A,V 

Rustripper B 

Rustripper M B 

Sanitizer #1 G,J 

Sanitizer 2 G 

Scald-Aid X.Y 

Speedet A 

Steri-Det F.J 

Stripper Additive A 

Stripper M-3 B 

Stripper R-6 B 

Stripper R-8 B 

Super-Det A 

SC-129 A.X 

SC-229 A 

Test-X B 

TriSanite G.JJ.GG 


Versadet A 

Ocean & Forest Products 

REP 1 Q 

REP 1412 All Purpose Cleaner D.Q 

REP 3-1 Q 

REP 75 D 

Ocean State Chemical & Supply Co. 

Foam Quick Degreasing 

Cleaner A 

Ocean State Heavy Duty 

Cleaner & Dgrsr D 

Octagon Process Incorporated 

ICC #3 D 

Octagon Sales Company 

Octagon 3947S D 

Odorcon Sanitation Service 

Drain Pipe Opener & 

Maintainor O 

Extra Heavy Duty Concrete 

Cleaner D 

Lemon Bathroom Cleaner & 

Disinfectant P 

Liquid Hand Soap 20% Q 

Lotionized Hand Soap Q 

Odorcon Odor Control R 

Orange Bacteriasol Germicidal 

Cleaner R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5....R 
Pink Rainbow Liquid DishwashA 
Premium Fly & Roach Spray. ...S 

Pyrethroid 351 T 

Stainless Steel Cleaner R 

X-100 Chlorinated Machnie 

Dish wash A 

Ohio & Michigan Paper Co., The 

Ompco Conveyor Lubricant BB 

Ompco Extra Heavy Duty 

Floor Clnr D 

Ompco Low Suds Cleaner A 

Ompco Plain Scrub Soap A 

Ompco Regular Liquid Soap 

15% Q 

Ompco Regular Liquid Soap 

20% Q 

Ompco Regular Liquid Soap 

30% Q 

Ompco Regular Liquid Soap 

40% Q 

Ompco Royal 305 Cleaner A 

Ompco S.D. Concentrate D 

Ompco Soft Amber Vegetable 

Oil Soap A 

Ompco Super Blaster Floor & 

Wall Clnr D 

Ompco Super 100 Cleaner A 

Ompco 231 Cleaner A 

OMPCO Best Clean 

Concentrate D 

OMPCO Clean Strip DegreaserD 
OMPCO Quat Disinfectant 

Cleaner F 

OMPCO 166 Cleaner D 

Ohio Valley Supply Company 

Medi-Creme Q 

Oil Center Research, Inc. 

Liquid-O-Ring # 1 14F AA 

Oil Co Industrial Products 

Oil-Co Scorpio Insect Fogger...S 

Oil Mop Inc. 

Sheenex A 

Oil Specialties & Refining Co., Inc. 

AD-BAC-22 F 

AD-BAC-4227 F 

CoCo Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Mint Disinfectant R 

OSR Powdered Dish Wash 

Detergent A 

Ping A 

Power Foam Degreaser A 

Saflex Concentrate Synthetic 

Floor Clnr D 

Sanflex Germicidal Cleanser D 

Strip XX A A 

Stripp XX D 

Oil-Dri Corp. of America 

Oil-Dri MM 

Oil-Sorb Industries 

Oil-Sorb Oil & Grease 

Absorbent MM 

Oilchem Company 

All Purpose Dairy Cleaner A 

AU Purpose Laboratory 

Cleaner A 

Bake Pan Cleaner A 

Biocide P 

Blen D 

Blue Gold A 

Blue Pressure Spray Wash A 

Chain & Cable BB 

Che-een D 

Chef-ette D 

Chlorinated In Place Dairy 

Cleaner A 


Chlorinated Mach. Dishwshng 

Cmpnd A 

Cleanup C 

Dakiree P 

Delite Q 

Deluxe Concrete Cleaner D 

Dermaterg 100A A 

DC-20 Pressure Spray Wash A 

DC-40 Automatic Spray Wash. .A 

Flora-Mint P 

Foaming Scouring Cleanser E 

Food Plant Cleaner A 

Germisyl D 

Glass Cleaner R 

GP-2000 A 

Hand Dish Washing Cmpnd 

No. 1 A 

Handco Q 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaning 

Cmpnd B 

Hydroxade A 

Hydroxade Concentrate A 

HPH Pink Automatic Spray 

Wash A 

Lemon Disinfectant Coef. 6 P 

Low Suds Laundry Compound .CC 

Lubon BB 

Machine Dish Compound No. 1A 
Medium Duty Steam Cleaning 

Cmpnd A 

Medium Suds Laundry 

Compound CC 

Neutrovapor Steam Cleaning 

Cmpnd A 

No. 2 Food Machinery Grease. .AA 

Non-Suds Detergent A 

Oilchem A-5 Bob Kat Concrete 

Cleaner D 

Oilchem-5006 Extra Hvy Dty 

Stm Clng Pdr A 

OUchem-5012 Premium Fleet 

Wash Powder A 

P.C.D.-10 D 

Packing House Cleaner A 

Pine-Dis-5 R 

Pine-Feen R 

Pink Pearl W 

Pinky D 

Purge D 

Royal Concentrated Detergent.. A, CC 
Safety Hard Water Scale 

Remover C 

Sewer Pipe Cleaner O 

Shamrock 880 D 

Special Concrete Cleaner 

(Improved) D 

Steri-Fog F 

Steri-Pine R 

Super Rig Wash D 

Super Sapon D 

Super Sapon Concentrate D 

Super Strip D 

Synall D 

Syncon D 

SR-158-SZ A 

Technical APC D 

Technical D.W. Base D 

Touch-Up All Purpose Cleaner.R 

Triclenal D 

Truck and Car Wash No. 1 A 

Truck and Car Wash No. 2 A 

Truck and Car Wash-Brown A 

TFE Release BB 

U.N.C.L.E. Insecticide S 

Victory Cleaner D 

W.C-170 R 

W.C.-85 R 

Washing Powder A 

904 Concentrate D 

Ojserkis Paper & Janitor Supply 

Rocket 8 A 

Okun Company, Incorporated 

Liquid Industrial Cleaner 

Concentrate A 

Rust Bust C 

Old Dominion Paper Company 

Odpaco Liq. Drain Conditioner 
& CI O 

Olde Worlde Products, Inc. 

Germicidal Concentrate F 

Heavy Duty Concentrate D 

Laundry Compound A,CC 

Laundry Compound Phosphate 

Free A.CC 

Natural Concentrate A 

Oldham Chemicals Co. 

Diazinon 4E Insecticide T 

P-40 Aerosol Insect Killer S 

Olin Corporation 

AD-Dri Bleach CC 

Caustic Soda B 

Disodium Phosphate M.X.Z 

HTC Granular Dry Chlorine G.K.V.Z 

HTH Tablets F,J,V,Z 

Improved Teox Compound A,CC 

Lo-Bax Special F,J 

Monosodium Phosphate M 

MCC Flake B 

Polyphos A.M.X.Z 

Scav-Ox M 

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate X 

Sodium Hexametaphosphate A.M.X.Z 

Sodium Tripolyphosphate A.M.X.Z 

Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate A.M.X 

Trisodium Phosphate A.M.X.Y 

Trisodium Phosphate 

Chlorinated F.H.K 

Trisodium Phosphate Chlorntd. 

Pink F 

58% Dense Soda Ash A.M 

58% Light Soda Ash A.M 

Olin Water Services 

Clean-Out A 

Olin Scale-Out C 

Olin T1013 M 

Olin TI015 M 

Olin T2201 N 

Olin U1019 M 

Olin 1000 M 

Olin 1001 M 

Olin 1002 M 

Olin 1003 M 

Olin 1005 M 

Olin 1006 M 

Olin 1008 M 

Olin 1010 M 

Olin 1020 M 

Olin 1021 M 

Olin 1025 M 

Olin 1026 M 

Olin 1028 M 

Olin 1501 M 

Olin 1502 M 

Olin 1503 M 

Olin 1504 M 

Olin 1505 M 

Olin 1507 M 

Olin 1511 M 

Olin 1514 M 

Olin 1517 M 

Olin 1519 M 

Olin 1520 M 

Olin 1600 M 

Olin 1601 M 

Olin 1602 M 

Olin 1603 N 

Olin 1604 M 

Olin 1605 M 

Olin 1606 M 

Olin 1609 M 

Olin 1610 M 

Olin 1750 M 

Olin 1751 M 

Olin 1752 M 

Olin 1755 M 

Olin 1800 M 

Olin 1803 M 

Olin 1850 M 

Olin 1851 M 

Olin 1852 M 

Olin 1853 N 

Olin 1854 M 

Olin 1855 N 

Olin 1857 M 

Olin 1858 N 

Olin 1860 N 

Olin 2001 N 

Olin 2002 N 

Olin 2004 N 

Olin 2005 N 

Olin 2007 N 

Olin 2011 Z 

OUn 2100 N 

Olin 2101 N 

Olin 2105 N 

OUn 2112 N 

Olin 2250 N 

Olin 2251 N 

Olin 2350 N 

Olin 2351 M 

Olin 2352 M 

Olin 2500 Z 

OUn 2602 M 

Olin 2603 N 

Olin 2604 N 

Olin 2605 N 

Olin 2607 N 

OUn 2608 N 

Olin 2609 N 

OUn 2803 M 

OUn 3002 N 

Olin 3003 N 

OUn 3102 N 

OUn 3103 N 

OUn 3202 N 

OUn 3203 N 

Olin 3204 N 

Olin 3205 N 

OUn 3300 N 

Olin 4001 Z 

Olin 4002 M.Z 

Olin 4006 M.Z 

Olin 4007 N,Z 

Olin 4100 Z 

Olin 4101 Z 

Olin 4105 Z 

Olin 4107 Z 

OUn 5000 

Olin 5001 

Olin 5002 

Olin 5003 

Olin 5004 

OUn 5005 

Olin 5006 

Olin 5007 

OUn 5008 

Olin 5100 

Olin 5101 

Olin 5102 

Olin 5104 


Otin 5105 

Olin 5106 

Olin 5107 

Olin 5108 

Olin 5109 

OUn 5110 

Olin 5119 

OUn 5201 

Olin 5301 N,Z 

OUn 5311 Z 

OUn 6000 C 

OUn 6001 C 

OUn 6003 C 

OUn 6052 B 

OUn 6057 B 

OUn 6201 N 

OUn 7700 M.Z 

OUn 7701 N.Z 

Oliver Chemical Co., Inc. 

Chlorinated Dishwash A 

Clean Tech 50 Compound A 

Flash Clean C 

Flash-Tech Power Wash D 

Floormatic Cleaner D 

Hi-Potency Cleaner & Stripper.D 

Kitchen Pleasure A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid High Pressure Car 

Wash A 

Mechnical Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Olco Special Mill Spray S 

Pot-O-Matic Cleaner A 

Power Tech Compound D 

Speedy Automatic Car Wash ....A 
Speedy Industrial Cleaner- 

Degreaser D 

Speedy 8 Compound A 

Super White Toilet Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Oliver Distributing Company 

Surface Scum Remover & 

Renovator A 

Oliver Sales Company 

Alpha SiUcone Spray(Aerosol)..AA 

Olsen Chemical Company 

Olco Boiler Water Treatment FN 
Olco Boiler Water Treatment F 

10 M 

Olco Boiler Water Treatment F 

20 M 

Olco Boiler Water Treatment F 

30 M 

Olco Boiler Water Treatment F 

40 M 

Olco Cooling Water Treat. 

Adjunct A N 

Olco Liquid Boiler Water 

Treat. CLF M 

Olco Liquid Boiler Water 

Treat. F 1 M 

Olco Liquid Boiler Water 

Treat. F 2 M 

Olco Liquid Boiler Water 

Treat. F 3 M 

Olco Liquid Boiler Water 

Treat. F 4 M 

Olco Liquid Boiler Water 

Treat. F 5 M 

Olco Volomine T M 

Olympic Manufacturing Co. 

#170 Super Steam Cleaner 

Concntrt B 

Buff Spin 551 Interior Tank 

Cleaner A 

CR-32 Water Soluble 

Degreaser Cone A 


Food Grade Lubricant AA 

Germicidal Cleaner 

Concentrate F 

Kleenaway A 

Meat Hook Cleaner C 

Meat Hook Dip Solution C 

Milkstone Remover 

Concentrate C 

Natrine D Concentrate D 

Odo-Go Odor Counteractant R 

P-100-C Pressure Cleaner 

Compound A 

RC-50 Interior Reefer Floor 

Clnr C 

WJ-25 A 

Omaha Compound Company 

Defiance Kleensolv C 

Defiance No. 2 Tripe Cleaner ...Y 

Defiance Sanite Cleaner A 

Defiance Stainless Steel 

Cleaner C 

Defiance 40% Concentrated 

Liq. Soap Q 

Definance Household 

Ammonia R 

Instant Bowl Cleaner R 

Royal Concentrated Detergent. .A,CC 

Silken Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Super Glo-Tex A 

Unique A 

Omega Chemical Co., Inc. 

#1011 General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

#430 Liquid Steam Cleaner A 

#727 Liquid Floor Cleaner D 

Acid Cleaner 102 C 

Acid Cleaner 103 LF C 

Act A 

AU Clean B 

Arcid 8 C 

Auto Brite A 

Auto Magic A 

Away D 

Bottle Brite B 

Bottle Wash 101 B 

Chloro A 

Chloro D A,H 

Chloroclean A.H.V 

Clean A 



CIP Acid Cleaner 101 C 

CIP Chlor 101 H 

D.S B 

Dee Scale C 

Dee Scale II C 

Dee Stone A 

Deep Clean A 

Emulso A,H 

Floor Cleaner 101 D 

Foam Free A 

G.P A 

Handy terj A 

Kwikleen A 

Lime Off C 

Liqua Strypp K7 B 

Liqua Strypp 5 B 

Liquid Thrust A 

Lube Add AA 

Medicol Q 

Medicol 50 Q 

N A 

Omega CIP Cleaner 103 B 

Omega 383 B 

Omega 585 A 

Omega 590 D 

Omega 888 A 

Omega-AU Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner D 

Omega-Chlor A 

Omega-Cid C,H 

Omega-Clean A.H 

Omega-Foam A 

Omega-Jel A 

Omega-Kern B 

Omega-Kleens-AU A 

Omega-Lube BB 

Omega-Spray A 

Omex L12 C 

OSA Auto Brite A 

OSA Thrust B 

Pan Brite A,H 

Peel Quick A,V 

Penetrate A,CC 

Presto Clean B 

Pride A.CC 

Rip-It A 

Rust Away FG B 

Rust Free B 

San-203 G 

Scrub-Eze A 

Soakleen 18 B 

Soil Gone Plus R 

Solv Power A 

Sparkle L B.H 

Spot Less B 

Spray Clean 101 A 

Spray D B.H 

Steam Power IV A 

Subdue A.V.HH 

Sudz A 

Super Emulso B 

Super Penetrate A 

Super Stroil R 

T-Bol P 

T-White Y 

Thrust B 

Zinkleen C 

Omega Manufacturing Co. Pty. Ltd 

Omega 58 AA 

Omni-Chem Company, Incorporated 

COF No. 1515 A 

COF Vessel Cleaner B 

No. 846 B 

O-C 112 D 

O-C 315 A 

Omni-Chem No. 130 A 

Omni-Chem No. 515 B 

Omni-Chem OCSB-12 B 


OC SB 14 B 

OC 515NF A 


OC-NC-51 A 


Barrier W 

Citron Air Sanitizer R 

Go Go Q 

Omni-Cocanut 40 Concentrate 

Hand Soap Q 

Omni-Flo Organic Digester O 

Omni-GlO P 

Omni-Kleen R 

Omnikill R Insecticide T 

Omnilube A A 

Omnimene Cone. Ammoniated 

AU-Purp. Clnr R 

Pan-Aid A 


PLH-74 Pink Lotion Hand 

Soap Q 

RP-Tron BB 

Sunshine Air Sanitizer R 

Wasp Gun T 

One-Up Products Co., The 

l-Up Insecticide S 

1-Up Oven Cleaner D 

Onyx Chemical Company 

Maprolyte RM Q 

Onyx CD 1.6 F 

Opie Brush Company 

DC-1107 Low Foaming Auto. 
Machine Detrgn D 

Orange Coast Industries, Inc. 

Grease-Grabber A 

Orb Industries, Incorporated 

Industrial Aerosol Insecticide ...S 
Roach and Ant Bomb T 

Orbitco Products Inc. 

'Just One Liquid Soap' A,Q 

'Orbitash Drain Pipe Clnr-Liq. 

End Prod' O.B 

'Quick Way Dgrs. &Pwr. Wsh. 

Magnif.Liq.' A 

'Swift &Easy Liquid Detergent 

Dual Purp' A,Q 

'Swift Rust Remover' C 

'Walk On SolDegrCrstls for 

Fat SlipFls' MM 

Orchid Laboratories Co. 

Neutrox Gamma R 

Ore-Lube Corporation, The 

HT 1020 ND BB 

Lubricating Fluid Food Grade ..AA 

Ore Lube Compressor Oil AA 

Ore Lube Compressor Oil 

Food Grade A A 

Ore Lube ET-2G AA 

Ore Lube SPO AA 

Ore Lube ST 10Y AA 

Ore Lube ST 2G AA 

Ore Lube ST 20Y AA 

Ore Lube ST 30Y AA 

Ore Lube ST 30YND Capping 

Oil AA 

Ore Lube BB 

Ore Lube 00 BB 

Ore Lube 000 BB 

Ore Lube 1 BB 

Ore Lube 10 BB 

Ore Lube 140 BB 

Ore Lube 2 BB 

Ore Lube 20 BB 

Ore Lube 250 BB 

Ore Lube 3 BB 

Ore Lube 30 BB 

Ore Lube 30Y-N.D AA 

Ore Lube 300 BB 

Ore Lube 4 BB 

Ore Lube 40 BB 

Ore Lube 5 BB 

Ore Lube 50 BB 

Ore Lube 6 BB 

Ore Lube 60 BB 

Ore Lube 70 BB 

Ore Lube 80 BB 

Ore Lube 90 BB 

Ore-Lube Formula #82872 BB 

Organic Laboratories, Inc. 

Odor Buster R 

Or kin Exterminating Co., Inc. 

Orkin/Aire Industrial Aerosol 
Bomb S 

Orkin/Aire Metered Insect. 

Aerosol T 

Orkin/Aire Metered Insecticide S 

Oroco Industries, Inc. 

Alpha-103 ...A 

Alpha-143 D 

Alpha-145 D 

Alpha-335 S 

Alpha-339 S 

Osborn Manufacturing Co., The 

Food Grade Silicone No. 76194 AA 

Osborn Sales And Service Inc. 

Sept-All Antiseptic Liquid 

Hand Soap 20% Q 

Sept-All Antispectic Liq. Soap 
40% Cone Q 

Oscar Mayer & Company 

Acid Salt Cleaner 91-0019 C 

Aluminum Cleaner A 

Can Washing Cleaner 91-0012. ..A 

Dry Acid Cleaner 91-0042 C 

Experimental Cleaner 3013-91- 

0126 B 

General Purpose Cleaner 91- 

0025 A 

H-20 Conditioner 91-0044 Z 

Heavy Duty Cleaner 91-0024 ....B 
Inhibited Muriatic Acid 91-0043C 
Inhibited Phosphoric Acid 91- 

0030 C 

Liquid Hand Soap 31-0018 Q 

Liquid Smokehouse Deter. 91- 

0089 B 


O.M Liquid Hand Soap (VOB 

Special) Q 

Shark Cleaner 91-0020 B 

Smokehouse Cleaner 91-0027. ...B 
Utility Cleaner A 

Otares B.V. 

Indob 15 A 

Overton Chemical Sales, Inc. 

#10 A 

#1078 B 

#1139 Cleaner B 

#5 A 

Acid Cleen No. 2 D 

Acid Cleen No. 3 D 

All Purpose Liqui-Cleen A 

AC Cleaner A 

B-l Cleaner A 

B-2 Cleaner A 

B-3 Cleaner C 

B-4 Cleaner B 

B-5 A 

Can Scrubber A 

Can-Cleen X A 

Chlor Cleen F 

Chlorinated Gen. Purpose Clnr. 

A A 

Chlorinated Gen. Purpose Clnr. 

B A 

Churn Cleen No. 90 A 

Cir-Cleen B 

Egg Washing Compound H,I 

Formula #1099 Cleaner A 

General Purpose 'C Cleaner ....B 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

General Purpose Cleaner No. 

5E A 

Germicidal Detergent F 

GP'S' Cleaner A 

GP'W' Cleaner A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Hook & Trolley Cleaner A 

Hormel Chlor. Gen. Purp. Clnr. 

A A 

Hormel Chlor. Gen. Purp. Clnr. 

B A 

Hormel Formula #100 A 

Hormel Formula #200 B 

Hormel Formula #300 CI A 

Hormel General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Hormel General Purpose Clnr. 

#5E A 

Hormel Stainless Steel 

Smokehouse Clnr A 

Hormel Super General Purpose 

Clnr A 

Lightning Acid Cleen C 

Liquid Steam Cleaner 

Concentrate A 

Mesh Glove Cleaner A 

Milkstone Remover C 

MDP Special Detergent A 

Neutral Wetting Agent A 

Overton's Chlorinated General 

Purpose CI A 

Overton's Degreasing Powder. ..D 
Overton's Detergent Additivc.A 

Overton's Disinfectant F 

Overton's Dry Bleach CC 

Overton's Foamer A 

Overton's Heavy Duty 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Overton's Heavy Duty StripperB 
Overton's HD-799 Detergent ....A 

Overton's SX Detergent A 

Overton's Tripe Wash Y 

Overton's Whitewall Cleaner.... A 

Phosphoric Acid-75% C 

Poly suds Detergent A 

Rail Car Cleaner A 

Revolving Smokehouse CleanerA 

S&S Cleaner A 

Scouring Powder E 

Smokehouse 'G' Cleaner B 

Smokehouse 500 Cleaner B 

Sodium Hypochlorite Z,CC 

Special A 

Stainless Steel Cleaner C,E 

Stainless Steel Smokehouse 

Clnr B 

Tankhouse Cleaner B 

Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

Tree Cleaner A 

Trolley Cleaner A 

1097 General Purpose Cleaner ..A 

1098 Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

1119 Cleaner A 

5000 Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

5000A Heavy Duty Liq. 

Cleaner B 

71 Cleaner A 

72 Cleaner A 

73 Cleaner A 

Owl Oil & Supply Co., Inc. 

Honorline 70 AA 

Oxford Chemicals 

Acidet C 

Aciterg C 

Alkaterg A 


Alkeen-HD B 

Alklorex A 

Aqua Sperse Z 

Armour Standard 103 B 

AD 266 L.X 

AF-215 HH 

AL-:58 C 

Bacto-Zyme O 

Barrage T 

Bi-Trol R 

Big Boy P 

Bloom H 

Bluo D 

Bottle Kare B 

Brite D 

Bnte-N-Tile C 

BG 26 B 

Censation A 

Centergent A 

Cip-Terge B 

Circlean B 

Clear-Line O 

Cling B 

Countdown FF 

Creamex W 

CC-649 A 

CFS-1 A 

CL-4^ A 


D-Hair X 

D-73 R 

D'Smoke B 

De-Skin V 

Dehydrol BB 

Drain Pipe Cleaner O 

Duplix O 

Dyna-Kfll T 

DB-94 R 

DL-90 R 

DO-79 R 

DP-59 R 

DV-68 R 

DX-85 R 

DZ-80 R 

Eg-Chlor H 

Eg-Terg H 

Eg-Whyte I 

Egzalt H 

Egzotek H 

Equipmate A 

Exit C 

Fast-Glo C 

Ferogel C 

Filmex B 

Flora-Zone R 

Floterg D 

Foam N'Kleen A 

Foam- Aid A 

Foamzit A 

Formula 100 B 

Formula 100L B 


G-42 A 

Gibson Microcat 5 G 

Gibson Microchlor 1 A 

Gibson Microdet 3 F 

Gibson Microfoam 11 A 

Gibson Microgen 2 D 

Gibson Microsil 8 A 

Gibson Microsmok 7 B 

Gibson Microsyn 12 S 

Grabzit MM 

gm:7 a 

Hairex X 

Hi-Foam A 

Hygenol Q 

Hyklor A 

HD-Spraywash B 

HD-88 B 

HM-81 C 

HS-711 X 

I.P.C A 

Insto-Clean D 

IM-239 R 

Kleen D 

Klor-Det A 

Klor-Klenz E 

Kwish A 

Last Stop Fly Bait T 

Laundet CC 

Laundri-Kleen CC 

Lift A 

Liquid BG-26 A 

Liquid GM-27 A 

Liquid Speedy A 

Lotion W 

Lotionized Super Disheen A 

Lub-All BB 

Lubri-Gel AA 

Lustrex C 

Lyp-Aid O 

LP-441 A 

LS-666 X 

Manic are Q 

Marvo A 

MeUo Q 

Micro-Dyne FF 

Microcide S 

Mistox S 

MM-556 A 

MR-56 C 

MR-57 C 

MS-888 A 

No-Drag BB 

Nu-Terge A 

NP 36 B 

NP-37 A 

Odor-Zone R 

Ox-O-Cide S 

Ox-O-Solv O 

Oxford H' A 

Oxford Acidox C 

Oxford Algitrol 2 N 

Oxford Allude A 

Oxford Applause Q 

Oxford Aqua-Blue N 

Oxford ACA-705 B 

Oxford AF-85 L.X 

Oxford Bacto-Phene D 

Oxford Belt Bright A 

Oxford Biophect F 

Oxford Blitz CC 

Oxford Bowl-Bright P 

Oxford BC-38 C 

Oxford BT-505 N 

Oxford BT-509 M 

Oxford BT-510 M 

Oxford BT-511 M 

Oxford BT-513 M 

Oxford BT-514 M 

Oxford BT-518 M 

Oxford C.T. Disinfectant No. 2R 

Oxford C-61 R 

Oxford Chase A 

Oxford Chlor-Avail F 

Oxford Chlorinated Giant Size 

Cleanser E 

Oxford Contak A 

Oxford CD-63 A 

Oxford CP-707 D 

Oxford D-tlll A 

Oxford D'Chlor A 

Oxford D'Germ P 

Oxford DDS-701 C 

Oxford DDS-702 C 

Oxford DDS-758 C 

Oxford Ed Aquarius R 

Oxford Ed Aries R 

Oxford Ed Gemini R 

Oxford Ed Libra R 

Oxford Ed Taunis R 

Oxford Ed Virgo R 

Oxford Eg-Shine H 

Oxford Feet R 

Oxford Flag LL 

Oxford Fly Bait T 

Oxford Foam-Eze A 

Oxford Foam-Terg D 

Oxford Formula "C G 

Oxford FM Liquid R 

Oxford FMG-2 AA 

Oxford G-1115 EE.LL 

Oxford Germ-Master D 

Oxford Glass-X(Liquid) R 

Oxford GD-717 

Oxford Hark Q 

Oxford Hy-Kleen TC B 

Oxford Hydrocide S 

Oxford HD-Spray Kleen A 

Oxford IX-91 G.JJ.GG 

Oxford Kan-Det B 

Oxford Keene Liquid Slime 

Remover A 

Oxford KUz-M T 

Oxford Kleen House B 

Oxford Klor-Klenz ..B 

Oxford Lift 700 A 

Oxford Liquid NI-22 D 

Oxford Liquid Upgrade H,l 

Oxford Liquid X-240 B 

Oxford Lub-All (L.F.) BB 

Oxford LLB O 

Oxford LP-27 A 

Oxford LYP-712 

Oxford Micro-Phene D 

Oxford Micro-Sep F 

Oxford Microtox S 

Oxford Mint-D D 

Oxford Minticide R 

Oxford Nedox TF S 

Oxford Nemesis T 

Oxford Ol' Glory A 

Oxford Ox-O-Tox-V T 

Oxford Ox-Scav-E M 

Oxford Perma Kill Brand T 

Oxford Perma-Sof CC 

Oxford Pine Oil Disinfectant ...R 

Oxford Poly-X N 

Oxford Pro-Med Q 

Oxford Pro-Med Odorless Q 

Oxford Pro-Skin W 

Oxford Quatergent F 

Oxford Redox-49 T 

Oxford Roach 'N' Ant Killer. ...T 

Oxford Sani-Chlor G.K.CC 

Oxford Sani-Master Lift D 

Oxford Scaldex L 

Oxford Septicide P 

Oxford Spra-Away CC 

Oxford Spra-Fect R 

Oxford Steri-Phene R 

Oxford Strip-N-Kleen R 

Oxford Super B D 

Oxford Super Brand Insect. 

Cone. Arsl S 

Oxford Super Cling A 

Oxford Super Fog S 

Oxford Super Lift A 

Oxford Super-Kleen Liquid B 

Oxford Supercide Brand S 

Oxford Suppress L.O.X 

Oxford Syntox S 

Oxford SHS G.K 

Oxford Tag DD 

Oxford Tergachlor A 

Oxford Ultra-Fog S 

Oxford Vapogene D 


Oxford Vey-Eze BB 

Oxford WDL-710 

Oxford X69 Odorless A 

Oxford 1202 G,K,CC 

Oxford 1204 S 

Oxford 1217 D 

Oxford 1220 D 

Oxford 1270 F 

Oxford 1776 A 

Oxford 311 S 

Oxford 3610 S 

Oxford 493 L 

Oxford 499 Rat and Mouse 

Killer U 

Oxford 514 Insecticide S 

Oxford 522 F 

Oxford 580 T 

Oxford 583 T 

Oxford 599 U 

Oxo-Dyne FF 

Oxyford Hi-Lite R 

OP-34 D 

OP-444 D 

Pan-Det A 

Pine Scent Disinfectant R 

Poli-Kleen A 

Pot-Shot B 

Power-Pak A 

Pro-Det V 

Pro-Det (LF) V 

Pro-Lub AA 

Ramix C 

Regal A 

Rite-Brite CC 

Rollax A 

Rust-Rout B 

RM-457 C 

S-21 B 

Saf-Kleen A 

San-Kleen Concentrated 

Germicidal Det D 

San-O-Sep Q 

San-O-Sep Odorless Q 

Sav-A-Spray T 

Shackleen B 

Shellex H 

Siltex O 

Smoothskin Q 

Soo-Kleen O 

Sparkle A 

Steam B 

Steam-M A 

Steamex B 

Steamzit A 

Super Brnd Oxford Insect. 

Concntrt S 

Super Disheen A 

Super-Kleen B 

Sure J 

Swash A 

Syna Phex Q 

SF-32 B 

SH-311 B 

SP-45 A 

T-I24 Y 

Therm ocide S 

Total-Plus A 

TL-12 Y 

TL-12 Supplement Y 

TL-12C Y 

TW-125 Y 

TW-164 Y 

Upgrade H,I 

Vey-Lube BB 

Wonder Beads A 

X-Tra B 

X-240 B 

X-38 B 


Zy magic CC 

Zyme G O 

122 X 

222 O 

222 Liquid O 

299 A 

299 SW L 

342 C 

44 Concentrate A 

470 T 

722 CC 

745 Aerosol AA 

745 Liquid AA 

76 C 

822 X 

919 Iodophor Concentrate G.JJ.GG 

Oxford Chemicals/Hockwald Div. 


Bowl White P 

Hockwald LF-Lub-Eze BB 

Medicol Q 

Medicol 50 Q 

Millcide S 

Ophene 12 D 

Ophene 15 D 

Oxford Nova 19 B 

Vaporkill S 

840 Liq. Emulsifier Clnr. 

Concntrt D 

Oxy Metal Industries Corporation 

Hi-Foam FP-55 A 

Parco Cleaner FP-17 A 

Parco Cleaner FP-24 A 

Parco Cleaner FP-46 B 

Parco Cleaner FP-5 C 

Parco Cleaner FP22 A 

Parco Cleaner FP31 A 

Parco Cleaner FP32 A 

Parco Cleaner FP39 A 

Parco Cleaner FP41 B 

Parco Cleaner FP43 B 

Transport Truck Wash 2223-T..A 

Ozark Chemical Company 

Action A 

Albrite C 

Alkasil Alkaline Cleaner A 

Beadz 90 Chlorinated Alkali 

Cleaner B 

Blendrite CC 

Brisk CC 

Britex CC 

Chlor-O-Phos A 

Clean Trak C 

D-Stain CC 

Featherlite L 

Fiv-O Fogging Insecticide 

Spray S 

Foamad A 

Foamex A 

Glide Concentrated Chain 

Lubricant A,BB 

Hot Rod O 

Kaustak B 

Kosgard B 

Laundraid CC 

Lax O 

Lusteron A 

Microban Sanitizer F 

Multi Use Detergent A 

Newtro CC 

Peak # 225 D 

Peak #100 A 

Peak #101 B 

Peak #105 A 

Peak #106 A 

Peak #110 A 

Peak #111 A 

Peak #113 R 

Peak #115 R 

Peak #190 D 

Peak #198 B 

Peak #199 B 

Peak #200 A 

Peak #201 D 

Peak #202 H 

Peak #203 C 

Peak #205 F 

Peak #210 F 

Peak #215 F 

Peak #216 G 

Peak #230 BB 

Peak #241 H 

Peak #243 H 

Peak #250 Hog Scald X 

Peak #260 V 

Peak #265 V 

Peak #266 A 

Peak #270 A 

Peak #295 X 

Peak #310 N 

Peak #400 Soak Cleaner B 

Peak #405 C 

Peak #409 C 

Peak #464 S 

Peak #465 S 

Peak #470 S 

Peak #500 R 

Peak #505 CC 

Peak #515 Hand Soap Q 

Peak #517 Q 

Peak #520 W 

Peak #525 Q 

Peak #550 A 

Peak #551 A 

Peak #552 A 

Peak #553 A 

Peak #555 A 

Peak #566 G,GG 

Peak #569 P 

Peak #575 A 

Peak #577 A 

Peak #580 

Peak #599 D 

Peak Foam A 

Peak Lotion Q 

Peaksolv Cone. General 

Purpose Clnr A 

PeakLube BB 

Perform B 

Permalite CC 

Pic line C 

Polyklor Detergent Sanitizer F 

Proline A 

Pushload CC 

Razorback Red D 

San-D Iodine Hand Soap FF 

Sanadine F 

Scan A 

Scrubber Concrete Floor 

Cleaner D 

Scrubsol D 

Select B 

Silicare Silicone Spray Lube AA 

Slur A 

Soil Mist A 

Soilex-50 B 

Soilsolv B 

Sudsy Plus A,BB 

Surge C 

Trak-2 B 

Tri-Tak A 

Viro-X Disinfectant FF,G,GG,JJ 

199 Alkali Heavy Duty CleanerB 


Ozark Chemical Company, Inc. 

410 Boiler Water Treatment N 

410-C M 

450-S Boiler Water Treatment ..M 

P & M Service 

PM #455 M 

P B I-Gordon Corporation 

Diazinon Roach Spray T 

Fly Bait T 

Industrial Emulsifiable Cone. 

Stabled) S 

Institutional Area Spray S 

Institutional Mist Spray S 

Malathion (51bs/gal) T 

New Last Meal U 

Pyrenone Multi-Purp. 

Knockout Spray 826 S 

Pyrenone Multi-Purpose 

Knockout Spray S 

Quick Draw Fly Bait T 

Quick Seep O 

Roach Rid Brand T 

PDF, Incorporated 

New Sure Clean A 

P J Supply Co. 

Stainless Steel Cleaner & 

Polish C 

PPG Industries 

Caustic Soda Coarse Flake .......B,M,0,X,Y 

Caustic Soda Fine Flake B,M.O,X,Y 

Caustic Soda Liquid 50% B,M,O.X,Y 

Caustic Soda Medium Flake B,M,O.X,Y 

Caustic Soda Small Flake B,M.O,X,Y 

Granular Soda Ash A,M,Y 

Hydrogen Peroxide 35% SP 

Grade Y 

Light Soda Ash A,M,Y 

Pels 180 B,M,O.X,Y 

Pittabs F.K.Z 

Pittchlor F,K ,Z 

P. H. Chemical Co. 

Activated Alkaline Powdered 

Drain Opener O 

Blast D 

Flo-Eze R 

Kleenzall D 

Kleenzeall Heavy Duty All 

Purpose CI A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Odor Control R 

Quat F 

Sewer Solvent O 

Stalume Aluminum & Stainless 

Steel CI C 

Steamy D 

P.L.C. Corporation 

1008 Scouring Powder E 

201 Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

203 General Purpose Liquid 
Cleaner D 

P.S.F. Organics, Inc. 

Environmental-Aid R 

Pace Ltd. 

Action R 

Activated Alkaline Powdrd 

Drain Opener O 

Aerosol Disinfectant R 

Bio-Kleen A 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Chain & Conveyor Belt 

Lubricant BB 

Cotes-It AA 

DO. A. Super Fogging Insect 

Killer T 

De Greez R 

Digestant 250 

Drain- Away O 

E-Z Out BB 

E-Z Steam A 

Foamer A 

Foamy A 

General Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner A 

Gladiator S 

Graphite Lubricant BB 

Grease-Off R 

H D Cleaner A 

H.D. Power D 

Heavy-Duty Floor Cleaner R 

Hook and Trolley B 

Husky Jr W 

I-O-Dine G.GG 

Kleen R 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Lemon Sewer Sweetener O 

Liqui-Liner Z 

Liquid Dishwash Concentrate.. .A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Maxi-Glow A,D 

Mura-Clean C 

MP Chlor G 

MP 101 A 

MP 22 C 

MP 33 B 

MP 44 C 

Pace 5 BB 

Palm Balm Q 

Pine Oil D R 

Porcelain and Bowl Cleaner P 

Powerhouse D 

Seize D 

Seize-N F 

Silicone Lube A A 

Solvit R 

Speedy Spray A 

Spray Fog S 

Squeeky Kleen A 

Stericide F 

Super Power D 

Thrust D 

Virucide F 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

Wintermint R 

4D D 

4DN F 

Pace Products, Inc. 

Hylo-Zyme O 

Kandu 1 10 D 

Pacer Lubricants, Inc. 

Pacer Com-Cyl 130 BB 

Pacer Goltex Indust. Gear Oil 


Pacer Mineral Gear Oil AGMA 

6 (SAE90) BB 

Pacer Non-Coke HD 65 BB 

Pacer Puritan Oil 170 BB 

Pacer Rock Drill Oil 600 BB 

Pacer Syndrol 46 BB 

Pacer Syntherm 700 BB 

Pacer Thermal T 315 BB 

Pacer-Therm 500 BB 

Pacific Chemical 

Adhere CD A 

Adhere LK A 

Adhere N-72 A 

All Soil D 

AUdet-76 A 

Balance Detergent A 

Bar Cor N-128 M 

Bar-Cor CWS-4 M 

Bar-Cor-OWS Z 

Bar-Tox L-l M 

Bar-Tox L-44 M 

Bold A 

Brawn B 

Brew Clean MF-56 B 

Calsol C 

Chemprocide , F 

Conlube N-10 BB 

Control M-61 A 

Convey N-100 BB 

Creet N-33 R 

E-Chlor R 

Esteem MF-38 A 

Expel L-49 A 

Fist A 

Friction BB 

Handsome P 

Hercules A 

Hi-Press B 

Io-Cide G.GG 

Liquid Tru-Wash A 

Master A A 

Master BXX B 

Master CA F 

Master CAX F 

Master M-H-W A 

Microcide CA-39 N 

Microcide L-36 N 

Pace AD C 

Pace C-16 F 

Pace MF-63 A 

Pace MF-81 C 

Pace MF-82 A 

Pace MF-88 M 

Pace N-127 B 

Pace N-51 A 

Pace N-53 A 

Pace S-L A 

Pace SR B 

Pace T-10-X A 

Pace T-20X F.J 

Pace T-30X A 

Pace T-60XX A 

Pace T-70-CL A,H 

Residex MF-34 A 

Rid all D 

Scale Pro L-38 N 

Scale Sol WT-29 C 

Scale-Cycle D-30 N 

Scalex D-12 M 

Scalex D-13 M 

Scalex D-17 M 

Scalex D-400 M 

Scalex DC-46 M 

Scalex DCH-47 M 

Scalex DO-45 M 

Scalex DP-42 M 

Scalex DPLA-48 M 

Scalex DS-40 M 

Scalex DS-41 M 

Scalex EB-5 M 

Scalex L-20 M 

Scalex L-22 M 

Scalex L-23 M 

Scalex L-56 M 


Scalex L-57 M 

Scalex LCP-53 M 

Scalex LOA-43 M 

Scalex LOA-52 M 

Scalex LP-51 M 

Scalex LP-54 M 

Scraper D 

Scraper-P R 

Solvit D 

Top Hand W 

Tru Wash A 

Vacate A 

Pacific Chemical Company 

GP-100 Cleaning Concentrate ...A 

Pacific Chemical Company 

Formula 22 D 

Pacific Chemists, Incorporated 

Sequoia Dura-Chlor H,K 

Sequoia Egg Cleaner 'B' H 

Sequoia Egg Cleaner "C H 

Sequoia Egg Cleaner 'E' H 

Sequoia MSR C 

Sequoia NF 9 HH 

Pacific Coast Chemical Corp. 

Formula MC-3 A 

Pacific Janitor Supply 

Non Butyl Degreaser A 

Packard Chemicals/ Division of 
Packard Industries, Inc. 

Aggregate MR C 

Boil-Pak M 

D.P.W R 

Grease Light'ning R 

Hands-Up Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Image Glass Cleaner R 

Invader C 

KDS Non-Fuming Cleaner & 

Descaler C 

Lubra-Cone Silicone Spray AA 

Oxy-Pak M 

Pak-Kill Insect Spray S 

Pink Submarine A 

Quat-Pak Cleaner Disinfectant 

Deo. Fngcd D 

Shield Kleen Anti-Fog R 

Steam & Return Line 

Treatment M 

T.S.R D 

Tef-Lube BB 

Therma-Pak O 

Thunderbolt O 

Toughman (Bulk) D 

Toughman All Purpose Cleaner 

(Aerosol) R 

Packer-Scott Company 

Blue Lightning D 

Break-Thru A 

Compound 1908 A 

De-Grease R 

Down-N-Out O 

Formula 20-10 D 

K-28 Automat Detergent D 

Magic Mist-Plus D 

Municipal Sewer Cleaner O 

Pascocide #64 Odorless F 

Pascophene D 

Pascot Blast-Off D 

Pascot Stop-N-Go Bowl Clnr. 

Disinfectant P 

Pascot Syn-Det D,Q 

Prep C 

Reward D 

Reward Neutral Fragrance F 

Steamex SK-747 A 

Packers Development Corp. 

Padco Packers Grease AA 

Packers Engineering & Equip. Co., 

Electro-Honer Oil BB 

Pak-Co No. 20 Q 

Pak-Co No. 40A Q 

Warco #44 Y 

Warco #44A Y 

Warco #55 Y 

Warco General Purpose 

Cleaner Y 

Warco No. 99-LC Y 

Pagoda Industries, Incorporated 

Alsolv A 

Eazolv (Concentrate) D 

Exsolv B 

Kezolv (Concentrate) D 

Pago-10 (Concentrate) A 

Pak West Paper & Chemical 

Non Butyl Cleaner A 

Palmer Company, Incorporated 

#1005 Water Soluble Degrsng 

Solv R 

#1010 Liquid Steam Cleaner ...A 

#1015 Tough Job Cleaner D 

Brilliant No. 13 P 

D Liquid Soap Q 

Guardian Disinfectant 

Detergent D 

Lime and Scale Off C 

Palm-A-Tize F 

Palm-X F 

Super Foam Clean A 

Palmer House Chemical Corp. 

General Purpose Detergent 

(GPD) A 

Low Foam General Purpose 
Det A 

Palmetto Chemical & Supply Co., 

Aquasecl S 

Clean-Rite 200L M 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Egg Wash H 

F-ll Concentrate D 

Fly Tox S 

Fry-Kleen A 

He & She Concentrated Liquid 

Skin Clnr Q 

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner D 

Hog Scald X 

Ideal D 

Killo Insect Spray T 

Kleen AU B 

lanolin Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

LB #1 P 

Metal Brite C 

Milk Stone Remover C 

Mint-O-Phene R 

Mr. Brite Porcelain Cleaner P 

Now A 

Palco 76 A 

Perma Kill T 

Phene-O-Pine R 

Preen A 

Pride A 

Red Hot R 

Release D 

Safety Sheen D 

Sani-Lube A A 

Seal-Ease BB 

Sewer Sol O 

Shackle Kleen Liquid A 

Shackle Kleen Powder B 

Skin Shield Cream W 

Thermo Kill S 

Trailer Brite C 

Treatrite 100L M 

Tri-Tex A 

Triple Power F 

TFE Fluorocarbon Lubricant.. ..BB 

Pan American Chemical 

Aerodet A 

Liquid Toilet Soap Q 

Pacco Aerodet A 

Pacco No. 25 Insect Spray S 

Pacco Pure-Lube AA 

Pacco Silicone Spray AA 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R " 

Pan American Chemical Co. 

Blue Magic D 

Panoramic Industrial Chemicals Co., 

Antiseptic Liquid Soap Q 

Blockbuster R 

Cyclozyme A 

Hand Soap Q 

Lustre-Lite Formula #300 

Cleaner D 

Lustre-Lite Formula #3220 

Cleaner D 

Panther Chemical Company, Inc. 

Action B 

Brightener B C 

D-22 A 

Econ-O-Blitz A 

HD-250 B 

HP Stripper B 

Liquid Hot Soap B 

LD-3 Q 

LHT-100 B 

N-ergy 3310 D 

Panco AS-33 B 

Panco Mean Green D 

Panco Pure A A 

Panco RR-50-NF B 

Panco Trolley Cleaner B 

Panco WD 506 D 

Panco 618 N 

Panco 619 N 

Panco 642 M 

Panco 691 N 

Pangold A 

Panther Brightener S C 

Panther C-450 A 

Panther CD-64 D 

Panther Hot Soap B 

Panther HD-25 A 

Panther HLD CC 

Panther Old Yeller A 

Panther SW-440 B 

Panther SW-440 CL B 

Panther WE-160 A 

Panther WE-525 A 

Panther WED-129 A 

Panther WED-137 


Panther 111 A 

Panther 388 C 

Panther 399 C 

Panther 600 M 

Panther 610 Z 

Panther 611 N 

Panther 612 M 

Paw Power S 

RR-50 B 

S.W.E.D. 538 A 

Seven Eleven A 

Silver Soke A 

Skylark A 

Yazoo O 

102 Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Pantry Products, Inc./ Division Food 
Fair Stores, Inc. 

Pantry Pride All Purpose A 

Pantry Pride Drain Cleaner X 

Pantry Pride Germicidal Hand 

Cleaner FF 

Pantry Pride Glass Cleaner R 

Pantry Pride HD-120 A 

Pantry Pride Odor Pellets R 

Pantry Pride Powdered Floor 

Cleaner B 

Pantry Pride Q-100 G 

Pantry Pride Super Scrub A A 

Pantry Pride Super Scrub B D 

Pantry Pride Tremendous A 

Paper Company, The 

Purity Speed-Foam A,D 

Purity 100 A 

Parachem Corporation 

Cleaf Q 

Cleaf-300 Q 

Paragon Chemical, Inc. 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

Paragon Manufacturing Inc. 

Flex A 

Muscle D 

Plus Super Neutral Cleaner A 

Super Muscle D 

Paragon Products, Incorporated 

Ex-Pel A 

Impact D 

Power Kleen D 

Regent A 

Paramount Pest Control Service, Inc. 

Doc Kilzum S 

Paramount Sanitary Chemical Co. 

Cherry Blossom T 

Insecticide Spray S 

Lotion Type Antiseptic Liquid 

Soap Q 

Whiter Emulsion Bowl Cleaner P 

Parish Maintenance Supply Corp. 

Auto-Mated Cleaner D 

Parish Q 4 In 1 F 

Parish Q 4 In 1 Citrus 

Fragrance D 

Super Foam A 

Parke-Hill Chemical Corp. 

Bleach Best 'B' A 

Boiler Water Treat. No. 10 M 

BWT No. 1 M 

BWT No. 2 M 

BWT No. 3 M 

BWT No. 4 M 

BWT Powder M 

Cesspool Wizard O 

Chloro-Kleen R 

Econokleen A 

Liquid Drain Whizz O 

Steam-Kleen A-2 A 

Parke, Davis & Company 

Tincture Green Soap N.F Q 

Parker Engineered Chemicals, Inc. 

L-36 Liquid Boiler Feedwater 

Treat M 

L-37 Liquid Boiler Feedwater 

Treat M 

L-40 Steam Line Corrosion 

Control M 

L-43 Adjunct 'OH' Boil. Feed. 

Treat M 

L-49 Sol-U-Lint Scrub A 

L-59 BFWT Adjt. OH&Orgnc. 

Complx M 

L-61 Threshold Treatment Z 

L-62 Water Distrbtn. System 

Treat Z 

L-65 Boiler Feedwater 

Treatment M 

L-69 Boiler Feedwater Trtmt....M 

L-9 Inhibited Descaler, CS N 

P-18 Condenser Clnr & pH 

Control N 

P-19 Par-Chem N 

P-23 Powdrd Feedwater Treat. .M 
P-24 Powdrd Boil Feedwater 

Treat M 

P-25 Filming Amine M 

P-28-1 Adjunct S' Oxygen 

Scavngr M 

P-30 Pwdrd Fdwtr Trt. BFWT- 


P-35 Par-Chem Threshold 

Treat Z 

P-36 Powdered Feedwater 

Treat M 

Sulfuric Acid 66 Degrees N 

XL-10 Special Boiler 

Treatment M 

XL-102 Oxidation Pond 

Treatment R 

XL- 105 Cooling Tower 

Treatment N 

XL- 105-1 Cooling Tower 

Treatment N 

XL-116 Special Cooling Tower 

Treatment N 

XL-59 Special OH&Organic 

Complex M 

XL-591 Special Boiler Treat. 

Organic M 

XL-68 Waste Treatment 

Oxidant R 

Parkway Research Corporation 

Blast A 

Blow- A way D 

Break-Up O 


Clean-Bowl P 

Cleans-AU D 

Coil Nu Plus D 

Coil-Nu D 

Purge F 

Safe-Clean C 

Sewer-Clean R 

Sheen D 

Steam Off A 

Steam-X A 

Tile Nu C 

White D 

Parnin Janitor Supply Co. 

Delate O 

Pasquale Food Company 

Ammoniated All Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Institutional Liq Drn Pipe Opnr 
& Maintn O 

Liquid Hand Dish Wash A 

Patclin Chemical Co., Inc. 

#313-P.C. Cleaner A 

Patele Chemicals 

AUtreat-300 N 

Boilerite 100 M 

Command A 

CLT-100 M 

CWT-500 N 

Descaler #1 C 

Super Reprosolv D 

Tridet D 

Paterson Card & Paper Co. 

Prelco Concentrated Cleaner ...D 

Patrick Cudahy Incorporated 

No. 7601 Standard Detergent ...A 
No. 7602 Chlorinated DetergentA 
7606 Smokehouse Detergent B 

Patterson Chemical Co., Inc. 

Fogging Concentrate S 

Mill & Food Plant Spray S 

Pyrenone 20 New S 

Patterson Company, Inc. 

Adjunct 'A' M 


Paul Koss Supply Company 

Crystal Clear Lqiuid Glass 

Cleaner R 

Down & Out O 

Dynamic Industrial Cleaner D 

Foam Off A 

Glo-Power Truck And 

Equipment Cleaner A 

Green Stuff R 

Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner .D 

K-Kreme D 

Kleen-O-Fect D 

Magic Film & Scum Remover ..D,P 
New Palm Liquid Hand Soap...Q 

Purple Stuff F 

Red Stuff R 

Ring-Gone Cleaner-Descaler P 

Shower-Wash Cleaner-DescalerC 

Yellow Stuff D 

Zonk Degreaser Cleaner- 
Deodorant A 

Paulsen & Roles Laboratories 

Super-Strip Fireproof Cleaner 
Degreaser D 

Payette Industrial Laboratories 

Attain A 

Brace B 

Commit A 

Compel C 

Compliment A 

Dignify C 

Engage A 

Foam-Up A 

Habit A 


Intense B 

San-Foam A 

Peck's Products Company 

#200 Centramatic Lube BB 

#450 Dishwashing Compound ..A 

Aseptex Q 

Aseptrol Q 

Blu-Fome D 

Britex B 





Ca-Mag Solve Code #492 C 

Cleanser AC A 

Compound 702 A 

Deo Clean B R 

Duo Lube BB 

Foamtrol A 

Glycerole 17% Q 

Glycerole 20 Q 

Glycerole 20% Liquid Soap Q 

Glycerole 40% Concentrtd Liq. 

Soap Q 

Grease Off A 

Heavy Duty Pexide B 

K-3 D 

Laboratory Glass Cleanser A 

Lemon Odored Pepco DC R 

Liquid 'Squeek' A 

Liquid Pexchlor F 

Liquilube Conveyor Lubricant. .BB 

Master Muscle D 

N.B.C A 

No. 201 Jell-Lube BB 

No. 213 Jell-Lube BB 

No. 216 Jell-Lube BB 

No. 431 Bar-Lube BB 

No. 710 Chlorinated Dshwshng 

Cmpnd A 

No. 77 Detergent Liq. Cleaner. .A 

No. 80 Liquid Cleaner A 

Peck-Kleen D 

Peckleer B 

Pepco Add A,L 

Pepco AP R 

Pepco Can Cleaner 717 B 

Pepco Concentrated General 

Purpose CInr A 

Pepco D-C Plus F 

Pepco DC F 

Pepco Foam A 

Pepco N C #463 A 

Pepco Pan Acid 719 C 

Pepco Pan Alkali 718 B 

Pepco Pexene 10 G 

Pepco QK D 

Pepco Spray 143 A 

Pepco SQK D 

Pepco Winter Lube BB 

Pepco 107 D 

Pepco 152 A,H 

Pepco 315 Hand Soap Q 

Pepco 408 A 

Pepco 410 A 

Pepco 415 P 

Pepco 418 P 

Pepco 460 A 

Pepco 477 Egg Wash H 

Pepco 485 B 

Pepco 490 Acid Detergent C 

r-'epco 493 B 

Pepco 553 D 

Pepco 707 A 

Pepco 714 B 

Pepco 716 B 

P-pco720 C 

Pepco 724 A 

Pepco 725 A 

Pepco 732 C 

Pepco 914 A 

Pepco-Lube BB 

Pepcochlor B 

Pepcocide G,J 

Pepcodex D 

Pepcodine FF 

Pepcol C-l 10 A.BB 

Pex #1 D 

Pex #26 Q 

Pex #4 D 

Pex #8 A 

Pex General Cleaner 715 A 

Pex Granular A 

Pex Liquid Detergent A 

Pex-O-Dine F 

Pex-O-Matic Liq. Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

Pexan A 

Pexchlor F 

Pexell A 

Pexide Heavy Duty 

Chlorinated A 

Pexlar B 

Pexolv #489 Acid Detergent 

Sanitizer C 

Pexsyn 586 D 

Pexsyn 596 D 

Premier A 

Puraphen F 

Puraphen Plus D 

Restaurall A 

Scaltrol A 

Skinny A 

Special 40 Q 

Spray 66 D 

Sprazo A 

Super Britex B 

Super CC Code P-478 A 

Super Pexide A 

Super Pridex Code P-471 A 

Super 703 D 

Syn-Lube BB 

Syn-Lube Special BB 

Terge-Off D 

Truly C 

White Lotion D 

138 A 

700 Steam Cleaner B 

76% NA20 Caustic Soda B 

Peerless Chemical Company 

#536 Kleenzall R 

#812-C Liquid Coconut Hand 

Soap Q 

#812-S Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Bulldozer R 

Spraykleen No. 901-1 A 

Peet Packing Company 

Farmer Peet's Acid CI. 

Galvanized C 

Farmer Peet's Acid CI. Stnls 

Steel Only C 

Farmer Peet's General Purpose 

Clnr A 

Farmer Peet's Liq. Gen. 

Purpose CInr A 

Farmer Peet's Roller Cleaner. ...B 
Farmer Peet's Smokehouse 

Cleaner B 

Pegler & Company 

Peg Disinfectant Deodorant P 

Peg Germicidal Foam Cleaner ..R 
Peg Insecticide for House and 

Garden S 

Peg Prilled Drain Opener O 

Peg Silicone Spray BB 

Penetone Corporation 

Brawn A 

Formula 61 1 A 

Formula 990 C 

Formula 991 C 

KAR-M-1 A 

Lube 2017 BB 

Lubrisil A A 

My stone Q 

Penesolve #1 Blue A 

Penesolve HTC B 

Penesolve 1009 A 

Penesolve 1022 A 

Penesolve 12 A 

Penesolve 202 B 

Penesolve 208 B 

Penesolve 220-A B 

Penesolve 229 B 

Penesolve 5 B 

Penesolve 814 A 

Penesolve 902 A 

Penetize D 

Penetone D 

Penetone DC R 

Penetone 128 B 

Penetone 2088 NF BB 

Penetone 426 D 

Penetone 58 D 

Penetone 66 A 

Pennesolve 206 A 

Pennesolve 209 B 

Pl-998 C 

Power Cleaner A 

Power Cleaner 155 D 

Powertone A 

Professional Digester O 

PC-6 D 


Salubrite F 

Senior D 

Slix A 

Steam Kleen B 

Supar D 

Valuclean A 

Penick, S. B. & Company 


(.20%+.40%)A.P.S S 

Peninsula Maintenance Supply 

Super Degrcase A 

Penn Chemical 

#115 Organic Drain Line 

Opener&Maintnr O 

Super Enzymes O 

Penn Tech Corporation 

Erase A 

Extrol Drain Opener O 

Flash C 

Gemini P 

Penn Fog S 

Penntrol R 

Streak D 

Ultrasol D 

Wipe Out C 

Penn Valley Chemical Co., Inc. 

NB-l A 

Penner, L. C. Company 

C.I. P. Cleaner A 


General Cleaner #3 A 

H.T.S.T. No. 5 B 


Milkstone Remover C 

Natol A 

Powdered MSR C 

Soaker Alkali No. 2 B 

Solvex Cleaner D 

Thirty-Three Alkali B 

Pennstate Chemical & Solvent Co. 

Cleaning Compound A 

Penn State Concentrate A 

Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Co. 

Sla-Kleen Liquid Hand Soap....Q 

Pennwalt Corporation 

Accomplish F 


BanKal C 

Besk A 

Brykleen Z 

BK Defoamer HH 

BK Egg Wash #2 H 

BK Laundry Detergent CC 

BK Liquid G,K 


BK Powder G,K 

BK Veg Wash V 

BK Vegpeel V 

BK 101 Chlorinated CIP 

Cleaner A 

BK 202 Liquid Chlorinated CIP 

Cleaner A 

BK 303 Chlorinated Manual 

Cleaner A 

BK 404 Heavy Duty Alkali B 


C.E.C. #4 A 

Caliber A 

Carvac A 

Clor F 

Clorclean Liquid ...A.H 

Cloreze CC 

Clorital A,H 

Clorital Super A,H 

Cosmic A 

Crystal Caustic Soda B 

CIPChlor A 

De Min XL A,H 

Delklor H 

Delscaler A C 

Dri-Clor CC 

Dynahue CC 

Echelon A 

Enzomatic A 

Exalt C 

Exception B 

Flake Caustic Soda B 

Foamore A 

Fresh FF 

FCD 1 D 

G.A.C. #2 C 

G.A.C.(B) C 

Globest A.H 

GL Alkali Liquid B 

GL Alkali Liquid LF B 

GL Alkali Solid B B 

H D Chlor A,H 

H.D. Circulation A 

Indal CC 

Jato Strip A 

Kaycee A 

Kee-Phos B 

Keep A 

Lewis Lye Drain Cleaner O 

Lexicon A 

Liqua Terg A 

MC-3 A 

MC-7 Chlorinated A 

Nu Dreme A 

Nu-Trox CC 

NP-200 A 

NP-301 A 

Orthosil CC 

Packleen A 

Pen Glo A 

Pendette F L 

Pengel A 

Pennbild CC 

Pennchem Stericide Sanitizer....J,G 

Pennchem 14 B 

Pennchem 333 A 

Pennchem 81 B 

Pennchem 91 B 

Pennclean C 

Pennclor G 

Pennquest B 

Pennsan XXX F,J 

Pennswim Clor-Tabs G,K 

Pennswim Sentry G,K 

Pennwalt BPC A 

Pennwalt Hy-Con A 

Pennwalt Hydropel A 

Pennwalt K A 

Pennwalt M-S-A CC 

Pennwalt Packon A 

Pennwalt Pansan A 

Pennwalt Safe-D-Scale C 

Pennwalt 2730 B 

Pennwalt 4000 B 

Pennwalt 4083 Tripe Cleaner ....Y 

Pennwalt 721 C 

Pennwalt 743 C 

Pennwalt 766 A 

Pensal CC 

Pensal-M CC 

Pensco Bleach CC 

Pentrox 3115 CC 

Phos-Kleen F 

Poly-D CC 

Polysol CC 

Prem CC 

Profile A 

Proven A.H 



Rayclor A 

Raydex (B) A 

Recoil D 

Red Dog O 

Respond B 

Rexite P 

Scaldron X 

Scrimmage A 

Sparkette CC 

Sparkle CC 

Spray-Flo A 

Stafoam A 

Suggest B 

Syntholene RR F 

Thrust B 

Thrust Liquid B 

True Clean A 

Velclor A 

Velcon A.BB 

Velcon H A.BB 

Velcon LT A.BB 

Velcon 30 BB 

Velcon 41 BB 

Velpro A.BB 

Versal CC 

Vitex CC 

Warebest B 

Wareglow A 

Watersoph Z 

Watersoph Liquid Z 


2730-R B 


Amber Petrolatum NF AA 

Clearteck A A 

Drakeol 10 AA 

Drakeol 13 AA 

Drakeol 15 AA 

Drakeol 19 AA 

Drakeol 21 AA 

Drakeol 32 AA 

Drakeol 33 AA 

Drakeol 35 AA 

Drakeol 5 AA 

Drakeol 6 AA 

Drakeol 7 AA 

Drakeol 9 AA 

Liteteck A A 

Parol 100 AA 

Parol 60 A A 

Parol 70 AA 

Parol 80 AA 

Peneteck AA 

Penreco Regent White 

Petrolatum USP AA 

Spray Type Tro-Grees 4529 AA 

Superteck A A 

4460 White Mineral Oil AA 

4461 White Mineral Oil AA 

4462 White Mineral Oil AA 

Perceptors Chemical Research 

Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Heavy Duty Indust. Clnr & 

Dgrsr Purple A 

Pert Products 

Compel A 

Formula 603 Laundry 

Compound CC 

Glis'n Liquid Detergent A 

Hand Dishwashing Compound. .A 
Twink A 

Perma-Brite Corporation 

Concrete Treatment C 

Disinfectant Deodorant P 

Foam Degreasing Cleaner A 

GermicidalCleaner Deodorant. ..R 

Perma Steam H.D A 

Perma-Brite Activated 

Chemical Granules R 

Perma-Brite Heavy Duty 

Germicidal Clnr D 

Perma-Guard D 

Perma-Phene D 

Roach & Ant KiUer T 

SP-60 Insect Killer S 

Perma-Guard Corporation 

Perma-Guard Household 

Insecticide D-20 T 

Permadyne Chemical Corporation 

Sidekick Heavy Duty Cleaner. ..D 
Sidekick Laundry Detergent CC 

Perolin Company, Inc, The 

#189 Boiler Treatment M 

#191 Boiler Treatment M 

#260 Boiler Treatment M 

#261 Boiler Treatment M 

#262 Boiler Treatment M 

Algae Preventive #909 Tablets .N 
Boiler Sludge Conditioner #U2M 

Dry Compound #200 M 

Dry Compound #206 M 

Dry Compound #210 M 

Dry Compound #212 M 

Dry Compound #216 M 


Dry Compound #219 M 

Dry Compound #221 M 

Dry Compound #223 M 

Dry Compound #241 M 

Dry Compound #243 M 

Dry Compound #249 M 

Dry Compound #250 M 

Dry Compound #263 M 

Dry Compound #264 M 

Dry Compound #265 M 

Formet Water System Treat 

Crysls 321 Z 

Formet Water System Treat 

No. 302 Z 

Formet Water System Treat 

No. 304 Z 

Formet Water System Treat 

No. 314 N 

Formet Water System Treat 

No. 315 Z 

Formet Water System Treat 

No. 322 N 

Formet Water System Treat 

No. 339 N 

Formet Water System Treat 

No. 343 N 

Formet Water System Treat 

No. 355 N 

Formet Water System Treat 

No. 390 N 

Formet Water System Treat 

No. 394 N 

Green Gel. #123-D M 

Liquid #107 D M 

Liquid #107 SD M 

Liquid #108 M 

Liquid #121 M 

Liquid #178 M 

Pero-Klean Dry Acid CI. No. 

809 C 

Perolin Liquid No. 196 M 

PL 188 M 

Steam Heating System Treat. 

#111 M 

Steam Line Treatment #700 M 

Steam Line Treatment #701 M 

Steam Line Treatment #707 M 

Steam Line Treatment #725 M 

Supplement OS-1 1 M 

Supplement PO-65 M 

Pest Control Equip. Co., Div. 

Formulation 16 S 

PCE Industrial Aerosol S 

Pest Control Supplies 

PCS Blue-Green Fly Bait T 

PCS Pyrethrum Oil 

Concentrate 3-6-10 S 

Peter Eckrich and Sons, Inc. 

Acid Cleaner C 

Eckrich #100 Cleaner A 

Eckrich #110 A 

Eckrich #20 Cleaner B 

Eckrich #30 Cleaner A 

Eckrich #40 Cleaner A 

Eckrich #50 Cleaner C 

Eckrich #60 Cleaner C 

Eckrich #70 Cleaner A 

Eckrich #90 Cleaner B 

Eckrich Acid Cleaner-NP-Sl ....C 

Eckrich Cleaner #2-NP A 

Eckrich Cleaner #4-NP A 

Eckrich Cleaner #4K-NP A 

Eckrich Cleaner #5-NP A 

Eckrich Cleaner #9 NP B 

Eckrich Hook and Trolley 
Clnr-NP B 

Eckrich Liquid Cleaner #1 A 

Eckrich Lubricant BB 

Eckrich No. 88-NP B 

General Cleaner #2 A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner #9 B 

Mechanical Cleaner #4 A 

Mechanical Cleaner #4K A 

Mechanical Cleaner #5 A 

Smokehouse Cleaner #80 B 

Peterson/Puritan, Inc. 

P/P Disinfectant Deodorant 
Spray 'G' R 

Petrochemicals Company, Inc. 

Petro A A V 

Petro BAF A 

Petro 1 1 V 

Petro 22 D 

Pfizer, Incorporated 

Anti-Germ 55 G 

Pharmacal Research Laboratories 

Clout A 

Quatricide D 

Trail R 

Philadelphia Quartz Company 

Alkasohp CC 

Beachrite CC 

Besco CC 

Brawn A,CC 

Brawn W A.CC 

Fluorium CC 

G A 


Hi-Built Soap CC 

Hycon CC 

Hycon PF CC 

ISP Detergent Booster CC 

ISP Fabric Brightener CC 

Lydet CC 

Lydet 100 A 

Metso Anhydrous A,L,M.V,X,Y 

Metso Anhydrous 60 A,L,M,V,X,Y 

Metso Beads 1048 A,L,M,V,X,Y 

Metso Beads 2048 A.L.M.V.X.Y 

Metso Granular A.H.L.M.V.X, 


Metso Pentabead 10 A.L.M.V.X.Y 

Metso Pentabead 20 A.L.M.V.X.Y 

Metso 20 A.L.M.V.X.Y 

Metso 200 B.L.V.X.Y 

Metso 55 A.H 

Metso 66 R 

Metso 66-A R 

Metso 99 A.L.V.X.Y 

Minisudz CC 

N A.M.Z 

O A.M.Z 

Prime Sohp CC 

Qudet A.CC 

Sayfbrite CC 

Phillips & Jacobs, Incorporated 

Sulfamic Acid C 

Phillips Petroleum Company 

Automatic Transmission Fluid 

(F) BB 

Automatic Transmission Fluid 

Dexron II BB 

Baltic Grade 1000 BB 

Baltic Grade 1500 BB 

Baltic Grade 2150 BB 

Baltic Grade 3150 BB 

Baltic Grade 465 BB 

Baltic Grade 700 BB 

Baltic Grade 75 BB 

Baltic Oil Grade 105 BB 

Baltic Oil Grade 150 BB 

Baltic Oil Grade 215 BB 

Baltic Oil Grade 315 BB 

Baltic Oil Grade 500 BB 

Baltic Oil Grade 60 BB 

Condor Grade 1000 BB 

Condor Grade 105 BB 

Condor Grade 1500 BB 

Condor Grade 75 BB 

Condor Lubrcat. Oil Grade 315 

SAE 20 20W BB 

Condor Lubricating Oil Grade 

150 SAE 10W BB 

Condor Lubricating Oil Grade 

215 BB 

Condor Lubricating Oil Grade 

465 SAE 30 BB 

Condor Lubricating Oil Grade 

700 SAE 40 BB 

Corona W Lubricating Oil SAE 

30 BB 

Corona W Lubricating Oil SAE 

40 BB 

Heavy Duty Motor Oil SAE 

10W BB 

Heavy Duty Motor Oil SAE 

20-20W BB 

Heavy Duty Motor Oil SAE 30 BB 
Heavy Duty Motor Oil SAF 40 BB 
Heavy Duty Motor Oil SAE 50 BB 

Hector Oil 1000S BB 

Hector Oil 2000 BB 

Hector Oil 2000S BB 

Hector Oil 3000 BB 

Hector Oil 3000S BB 

HDG Motor Oil Grade 10W BB 

HDG Motor Oil Grade 20-20W.BB 

HDG Motor Oil Grade 30 BB 

HDG Motor Oil Grade 40 BB 

HDS + 1 Motor Oil SAE 10W BB 
HDS + 1 Motor Oil SAE 

2020W BB 

HDS + 1 Motor Oil SAE 30 BB 

HDS + 1 Motor Oil SAE 40 BB 

HDS Motor Oil SAE 10W BB 

HDS Motor Oil SAE 20-20-W...BB 

HDS Motor Oil SAE 30 BB 

HDS Motor Oil SAE 40 BB 

HDS Motor Oil SAE 50 BB 

HG Fluid BB 

Magnus -A- Oil Grade 215 BB 

Magnus Oil Grade 1000 BB 

Magnus Oil Grade 105 BB 

Magnus Oil Grade 150 BB 

Magnus Oil Grade 1500 BB 

Magnus Oil Grade 215 BB 

Magnus Oil Grade 315 BB 

Magnus Oil Grade 465 BB 

Magnus Oil Grade 700 BB 

Magnus-A-Oil Grade 150 BB 

Magnus-A-Oil Grade 315 BB 

Magnus-A-Oil Grade 465 BB 

MM Motor Oil SAE 10W BB 

MM Motor Oil SAE 20 BB 

MM Motor Oil SAE 20-20W BB 

MM Motor OU SAE 30 BB 

MM Motor Oil SAE 40 BB 

MM Motor Oil SAE 50 BB 

Philkool Soluble Oil BB 

Philube A NLGI Grade No. 2...BB 
Philube All Mineral Gear Oil 

SAE 85W-90 BB 

Philube All Minrl Gr. Oil SAE 

140 BB 

Philube All Minrl Gr. Oil SAE 

250 BB 


Philube All Minrl Gr. Oil SAE 

80 BB 

Philube All Minrl Gr. Oil SAE 

90 BB 

Philube All Purp. Gear Oil 

SAE 85W-90 EP BB 

Philube All Purpose Gr. Oil 

SAE 140 BB 

Philube All Purpose Gr. Oil 

SAE 250 BB 

Philube AU Purpose Gr. Oil 

SAE 80 BB 

Philube All Purpose Gr. Oil 

SAE 90 BB 

Philube ASM BB 

Philube B-2 Grease BB 

Philube C-3 _ BB 

Philube C-4 BB 

Philube CB-0 Grease BB 

Philube CB-00 Grease BB 

Philube CB-1 Grease BB 

Philube CB-2 Grease BB 

Philube IB&RB NLGI Grade 

No. 2 BB 

Philube L-0 Multi-Purpose BB 

Philube L-l Multi-Purpose BB 

Philube L-2 Multi-Purpose BB 

Philube M-2 Grease BB 

Philube PF AA 

Philube S.M.P. Gear Oil SAE 

80W-90 BB 

Philube S.M.P. Gear Oil SAE 

85W-140 BB 

Philube SMP Gear Oil SAE 140BB 
Philube SMP Gear Oil SAE 80 .BB 
Philube SMP Gear Oil SAE 90 BB 
Sixty Six Motor Oil SAE 10W..BB 
Sixty Six Motor Oil SAE 20- 

20W BB 

Sixty Six Motor Oil SAE 30 BB 

Sixty Six Motor Oil SAE 40 BB 

Sixty Six Motor Oil SAE 50 BB 

Sixty Six Special Mtr Oil SAE 

20W-40 BB 

Sixty Six Special Mtr Oil 

10W20W30 BB 

Soltrol 170 AA 

Super HD II Low Ash Motor 

Oil SAE 10W BB 

Super HD II Low Ash Motor 

Oil SAE 15W-40 BB 

Super HD II Low Ash Motor 

Oil SAE 20-20W BB 

Super HD II Low Ash Motor 

Oil SAE 30 BB 

Super HD II Low Ash Motor 

Oil SAE 40 BB 

Super HD Motor Oil SAE 10W BB 
Super HD Motor Oil SAE 20- 

20W BB 

Super HD Motor Oil SAE 30... .BB 
Super HD Motor Oil SAE 40. ...BB 
Super HD Motor Oil SAE 50. ...BB 

Thetis Oil Grade 315 BB 

Thetis Oil Grade 465 BB 

Thetis Oil Grade 700 BB 

Trop-Artic All Sea. Mtr Oil 

SAE 10W 30 BB 

Trop-Artic All Sea. Mtr Oil 

SAE 20W40 BB 

Trop-Artic All Seasn Mtr Oil 

10W20W30 BB 

Trop-Artic All Season Mtr Oil 

SAE 10W-40 BB 

Trop-Artic All Season Mtr Oil 

SAE 5W-30 BB 

Trop-Artic Motor Oil SAE 

10W BB 

Trop-Artic Motor Oil SAE 20- 

20W BB 

Trop-Artic Motor Oil SAE 30. ..BB 
Trop-Artic Motor Oil SAE 40. ..BB 

Type C-2/C-3 Fluid BB 

Unique Motor Oil SAE Grade 
30 BB 

Phillips Supply Company 

Industrial Cleaner D 

Open Upper Liq. Drain OpenerO 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

Whyte-Lube Lithium Grease ...BB 

Phoenix Oil Company 

P-X Cleaner and Cleanser D 

Phostoxin Sales, Incorporated 

Phostoxin U 

Pick Heaters, Inc. 

Heater Kleen C 

Piedmont National Corporation 

Bowl Brite P 

Clean-Crete R 

Deodorant Blox P 

Dri-Lube A A 


E-Z Lube AA 

Free-It BB 

G. C. D F 

Grout Renu P 

Hand Shield W 

Handy Waterless Hand CleanerW 

Jelly Lube BB 

Lectric-Lube BB 

Long Kill T 

Pine-Cide R 

Power D 

Power Plus A 

Re-Fresh R 

Spray-It R 

Steam-Off B 

Tef-Lube..., BB 

White-Lube BB 

Piedmont Supply Company 

PSC Pink Cleaner A 

PSC Power Pack D 

Pike's Enterprises 

All Purpose Degreaser A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner & 

Degreaser D 

Neutral Cleaner D 

Pilot Chemical Company 

Calfoam AAL A 

Calfoam ES-30 A 

Calfoam LLD A 

Calfoam NEL-60 A 

Calsoft BD-40 A 

Calsoft L-40 A 

Calsuds A A 

Calsuds CD-6 A 

Calsuds 81 Concentrate 'new'.. .A 

Pine Chemical, Incorporated 

Pineco AP-303 A 

Pineco SD-103 D 

Pineco SP-33 D 

Pine Forest Chemical Company 

FC 1000 D 

FC-900 D 

Pioneer Chemical Co., Inc. 

Pioneer Brite Butcher's Helper. MM 
Pioneer Brite Butcher's Helper 

Pioneer Chemical Laboratories Inc. 

Bowlex P 

Bow lite p 

Carbon Cut D 

Carbon Off A 

Clear Concentrate A 

De-Scale C 

Decal C 

Degreaser 20 A 

Degreaser 20F A 

Dissolve D 

Grease Cut A 

Grease Cut Sanitizer F 

Grease Release A 


Klenzol A 

Laundry Brite CC 

Laundry Matic CC 

Liquid Power Kleen A 


Par A 

Power Kleen B 

PC Hog Scald X 

PC Hy-Foam A 

PC-10 Super Task Concentrate .D 

PC-I01 Q 

PC-102 A 

PC-I04 A 

Re-Move A 

San-A-Quat G 

Service A,Q 

Special C A 

Sprit R 

Super Care A 

Super Chlor Plus A 

Trap O 

Twister A 

Pioneer Chemical Works, Inc. 

Egg Wash 45 H 

PD-114-KP HH 

Pioneer Chemical, Incorporated 

AU Purpose Cleaner A 

Di-Solv P 

Dis-Deo P 

Glass Cleaner R 

Granular Sewer Solvent O 

It'L'Do P 

Lotionized Creme Detergent D 

Mr. Steam B 

P501 F 

P-742 P 

Real Clean C 

Super Kill S 

Take It Off D 

Wint Mint R 

444 A R 

Pioneer Manufacturing Company 

Action Germicidal Cleaner F 

Actrite Drain Opener O 

Aqua Noxstain P 

Cling Cleaner R 

Control-35 Germicidal Cleaner.. F 

Floor-In-One Cleaner D 

Fumeless Drain Opener O 

Germotox F 

Glass Cleaner R 

Golden Swishee A 

Grease Remover WOC D 

Ice Thaw (Flakes) R 

Ice Thaw (Pellets) R 


Instant Wipe & Clean R 

K O Fly & Bug Spray T 

Kitchen Police Scouring Liquid R 

Lotion-Soft Swishee A 

Phos-Free D 

Pioneer Lotionized Hand Soap.Q 

PHD Cleaner D 

Riddo Disinfectant-Deodorant ..P 

Snap Cleaner D 

Stainless Steel Cleaner R 

Surgiene Antimicrobial Soap Q 

Tackle R 

Thix Bowl Cleaner P 

Velvet Antiseptic Hand & Bdy 

Lotion W 

Window Cleaner R 

Pioneer Material, Incorporated 

Drain-Cleen O 

Klean-Out O 

Pioneer Mining & Sales, Inc. 

Star-Brite MM 

Pioneer Salt & Chemical Co. 

Pio-Clor G 

Pioneer Soap Company, Inc. 

Concentrate Cleaner No. 900... A 


No. C-20 Cleaner B 

No. 117 Chain Lubricant BB 

No. 2 Cleaner A 

Pioneer No. 40-SH Cleaner A 

Pipco Industrial Division Phillips 
Supply Company 

Flash B 

Scale-Solve C 

Spray N' Clean D 

Vigor A 

Pitt Oil Service, Inc. 

Food Machinery Grease 2432 ...AA 

Pittsburgh Chemical Mfg. Co. 

All Purpose Silicone Spray BB 

Bowl-Nu P 

Bug Insecticide S 

Deogran R 

Fumig T 

Gone O 

Odor Gone P 

PC-30 P 

PCM 301-F D 

Scale-Off C 

Sewer Flo O 

Platte Valley Chemical Co., Inc. 

Break-Thru A 

Plex Chemical Corporation 

P-40 V 

Perf Cue Ten F 

Plexidyne F 

Super-Germide P. 

Wetting Agent - S' V 

Plunkett Chemical Company 

Detergent D 

Glass Cleaner R 

Insect Killer S 

Klenzine O 

Liquid Coco Hand Soap Q 

PC-150 P 

Renovene P 

Roach N' Ant Killer T 

Sanoform-CS P 

Polar Chemicals, Incorporated 

Tek-Klean D-IO B 

Tek-Klean D-12 B 

Tek-Klean D-13 B 

Tek-Klean D-55 B 

Tek-Klean D-55A B 

Tek-Klean D-56 A 

Tek-Klean D-61 A 

Tek-Klean D-65 A 

Tek-Klean D-66 A 

Tek-Klean D-81 C 

Tek-Klean Foam Booster A 

Tek-Klean L-50 C 

Tek-Klean SC A 

Tek-Klean SHC B 

Tek-Klor Chlorinated Cleaner. ..A 

Polara Manufacturing Co. 


Quatricide F 

Poli-Plus, Incorporated 

Poli + Plus R 

Pollution Sciences, Inc. 

Atomic By-Pro-D R 

By-Pro-D R 

By-Pro-Z R 

Rend-Air R 

Rendo-Rainbow R 

Polutec, Incorporated 

BT-Scav-L M 

CS-203 M M 

CT-202-P N 

Poly Chem, Incorporated 

Coco Hand Soap Q 

Cosmic A 

Egg Wash Cleaner A 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner A 

Hi Power D 

Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Lemon Odor Germicidal 

Cleaner R 

Low Foam Cleaner D 

Phenolic Germicidal Synthetic 

Clnr F 

Pine Scent Disinfectant R 

Poly Bug Kill T 

Poly Fogging Insecticide S 

Poly Mint R 

Selectra A 

Polyphase Chemical Service, Inc 

Hot & Cold Water Treatment. ..Z 
Hot & Cold Water Treatment 


Metal & Water Treatment 

HAS-5 M 

Metal & Water Treatment 

HBS-5 M 

Metal & Water Treatment 

HGS-5 M 

Metal & Water Treatment 


Metal & Water Treatment 

LKAS-15 M 

Steam Treatment M 


EC-143 A 

GPC 101 A 

HS-30-I Q 

HS-30-L Q 

H64 A 

KO 68 A 

Lightning O 

Liminex C 

Liqui-Steam M A 

LG-34 BB 

Poly TL1-78 Drain Opener & 

Maintainer O 

Polyzymes O 

Power Plus A 

Pomona Brush & Chemical Co. 

Ens-Stop O 

Portage Broom & Brush 

Accelerator O 

Bowlette Toilet Bowl 

Deodorant P 

Diet D 

Foam Break A 

Isocel W 

Mirex Thixotropic Concentrate.P 

Ream O 

Repel R 

Syn-Sol Bowl & Urinal CleanerP 
Wall Block Deodorants P 

Portion Control Products, Inc. 

Effect D 

Portion-Pac Chemical Corp. 

Germicidal Detergent F 

Mop-Pac A 

Scrub-Pac A 

Porto-Blast Inc. 

Lift-Off A 

Penetrate-10 A 

Penetrate-1 1 A 

Penetrate-7 A 

Penetrate-8 A 

Penetrate-9 A 

Positive Formulators, Inc. 

Killmaster T 

Pow Laboratories 

Pow Acid Drain Opener O 

Powdered Products Company, The 

Clean Bright Concrete-Cleaner .D 

Di-Wa-Co Red Label A 

Di-Wa-Co Red Label Chlor- 

B right A 

Po-Po Powdrd Hand Cleaner 

WH-1 P 

Ultra-KIeen Acid Aluminum 

Cleaner C 

Ultra-KIeen Additive F-40 A 

Ultra-KIeen All Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Ultra-KIeen Heavy Duty Steam 

Clnr A 

Ultra-KIeen Power Cleaner B 

Ultra-KIeen 40% Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Powell Company, Inc., The 

Germicidal Bowl Cleanse P 

Poco-Star A 

Safety Clean D 

TC 600 Lotionized Hand Soap..Q 

TC-150 A 

TC-200 D 

TC-300 Industrial Cleaner- 
Stripper D 

TC-350 A 

TC-450 A 


Power Chemicals, Incorporated 

Boiler Compound 301 M 

Boiler Compound 51 M 

Boiler Water Treatment 320 M 

Boiler Water Treatment 321 M 

Boiler Water Treatment 322 M 

Boiler Water Treatment 323 M 

Boiler Water Treatment 324 M 

Boiler Water Treatment 325 M 

Boiler Water Treatment 326 M 

Boiler 302 M 

Cooling Water Treatment 98^ N 

Liquid Boiler Compound 50 M 

Liquid Boiler Water Treatment 

551 M 

Liquid Boiler Water Treatment 

552 M 

Liquid Boiler Water Treatment 

553 M 

Liquid Boiler Water Treatment 

554 M 

Liquid Boiler Water Treatment 

555 M 

Liquid Boiler Water Treatment 

556 M 

Liquid Boiler Water Treatment 

557 M 

Special Dry Compound 32 M 

Special Liquid Compound 52. ...M 

Power Dynamics Corporation 

Hydrodyne 7 M 

Power Engineering Company 

2202 M 

2203 N 

2301 M 

2313 M 

2314 M 

2315 M 

2493 N 

2494 M 

3241 M 

3243 M 

3244 N 

3245 M 

4334 Z 

4335 M 

4536 M 

4691 N 

4692 N 

5425 C 

7411 N 

7412 N 

7413 N 

7414 N 

7415 N 

7416 N 

7418 N 

7419 N 

Power Plant Associates 

Formula BWT 100-Boiler 
Water Treatment M 

Formula BWT 430 H Oxygen 
Scavenger M 

Formula BWT 800 M 

Formula CS 1065 N 

Formula RLT D-20 Return 

Line Treatment M 

Powers Regulator Company 

Powers 620 M 

Powers 622 M 

Prairie States Inc. 

Foam Away A 

P.S. Quat. 64-N F 

P.S.-Phen 256 D 

P.S. -Quat. 256 Lemon 

Fragrance D 

P.S. -Quat. 256 Neutral 

Fragrance F 

P.S. -Quat. 64 Citrus D 

Prairie View Industries, Inc. 

PV-100 D 

PV-103 D 

PV-115 F 

PV-117 D 

PV-318 C 

PV-804 R 

PV-806 A 

PV-808 D 

Pratt, B. G. Division Gabriel 
Chemicals LTD 

Diazinon 4 EC Insect Spray T 

Diazinon 4-OS Insect Spray T 

DP-2 Special Insect Spray T 

Emulsifiable Roach Repellent 

Cone T 

Fly Spray Concentrate S 

Fogging Concentrate S 

Fogging Spray S 

Household & Industrial Spray ..S 

Pratt B. G. N. Insect Spray T 

Pratt Cygon 2-E Systemic 

Insecticide T 

Pyrethrum Fogging Spray S 

Resmethrin 3 Insect Spray S 

1565 Household & Industrial 

Spray S 

3610 Fogging Concentrate S 

Precision Chemicals/ Div. of Atlantic 
Chemical & Equipment Co 

Algaecide Liquid 205 N 

B-121 M 

B-140 N 

B-141 M 

B-142 M 

B-143 M 

BL-130 M 

BL-135 M 

BL-137 M 

BL-150 M 

BL-151 M 

BL-1512 M 

BL-160 M 

BL-161 M 

BL-162 M 

BL-163 M 

BL-170-C M 

BL-170-P M 

CL-135 M 

CL-401 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

CL-402 N 

Formula C-235 C 

Precision B-l 10 M 

Precision B-144 M 

Precision BL-131 M 

Precision BL-133 M 

Precision BL-135-S M 

Precision BL-139 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Precision BL-153 M 

Precision BL-1532 M 

Precision BL-164 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Precision BL-404 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Precision BL-504 Boiler Water 

Treatment N 

Precision C-230 N 

Precision CL-153 M 

Precision CL-1532 M 

Precision CL-2151 N 

Precision CL-2152 N 

Precision CL-406 N 

Precision CL-407 N 

Precision CL-408 Cool. Twr. 

Trt N 

Precision CL-410 Cool. Twr. 

Trt N 

Precision Formula MC-78 A 

S-45 Scale Remover (Liq) C 

Precision Laboratories, Inc. 

Acid Cleaner Concentrate C 

Act II Bowl Cleaner P 

Apollo P 

Aqua-Clear N 

Attack Sewer Opener O 

Brag Beaded Drain Opener O 

Delight D 

Dermi-Surge Triclosan Liquid 

Soap Q 

Foam Additive A 

Foaming Cleanser E 

Go O 


Hand Shield W 

Hantex Cleansing Cream W 

Hook & Trolley Cleaner B 

HP-673 M 

Lemon Scented Sterene 

Disinfectant Deod P 

Light Duty Cleaner A 

Liquid Hand Soap 15% Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 40% Q 

Liquid Multi-Purpose Cleaner... A 

Lube-2 BB 

Mint-O-Green R 

Nice N'Easy R 

Non-Caustic Spray Cleaner A 

Open Gear Lubricant BB 

Penetral BB 

Penetral-Industrial Penetrant BB 

Power-Gel R 

Power-Plus A 

Precision Concrete Clnr.-Hvy- 

Dty. Fl. CI R 

PL Stop Odor Control 

Chemical Granules R 

PL -Concentrate A 

PL-Food Machinery Lubricant .AA 

PL-Fresh (Mint) R 

PL -Laundry Detergent CC 

PL-Mud-Flo O 

PL-Power Clean A 

PL-Tef-Tape BB 

PL-Teflex AA 

PL-200 D 

PL-34-P BB 

PL -345 C 

PL -350 C 

Real-Ease BB 

Respond D 

Rhino O 

S.T S 

Sana Clean Special Formula P 

Sam- Rinse II G 

Scenlamint Disinfectant R 

Sewage Enzymes O 

Smash T 

Smoke House Cleaner B 

Spray And Wipe R 

Steam Clene B 

Sterene P 

Sterene II Air Sanitizer R 

Super L.I.M R 

Super Sanaclean P 

Super Tuff Concrete Cleaner. ...D 


SM-38 O 

T-K-O S 

The Better Way Q 

Ultimate T 

Vat Cleaner A 

Victory Coef.-5 P 

View R 

1830 Cleaner B 

Premax Laboratories 

Drops of Magic F 

Plumb Magic O 

Premier Chemical Corporation 

Germicidal Liquid Hand Soap ..Q 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

M-S-R-C C 

Montex 3 A A 

Monti AC A 

Monti AC 505 A 

Monti AC 505 W/Color A 

Monti Klor Cleaner #3 A 

Monti Tone Liquid Lubricant 

Cone BB 

Monti Tone 114 B 

Monti Tone 135 D 

Monti Tone 228 B 

Monti Tone 232 B 

Monti-Base Cone A,BB 

Monti-Base Conveyor Base 

Lubricant BB 

Premchem 1 16 A 

Premchem 120 A 

Premchem 123 H 

Premchem 131 A 

Premchem 133 B 

Premchem 136 D 

Premchem 146 B 

Premchem 205 A 

Premchem 216 D 

Premchem 217 D 

Premchem 225 A 

Premchem 227 A 

Premchem 501 A 

Premchem 502 B 

Premchem 545 C 

Premchem 546 C 

Premchem 71 BB 

Premchem 846 B 

Premfome 1021 A 

Premfome 1722 A 

Premkleen 1522 A 

Premkleen 1612 D 

Premkleen 1712 D 

Premklor 1321 H 

Premklor 1331 B 

Premklor 1502 A 

Premloob 117 BB 

Premscale 1545 C 

Premscale 1645 C 

Premsoke 1131 A 

Premsoke 1641 B 

Premspra 1611 A 

Premsteem 1631 D 

Premstrip 1648 B 

Premier Chemicals, Inc. 

Spritz's Shine D 

Strippette D 

Prentiss Drug & Chemical Co., Inc. 

Co-Rax Pelleted Bait U 

Prentox Blue Powder T 

Prentox D.D.V.P. Five T 

Prentox Diazinon 4E 

Insecticide T 

Prentox Diazinon 4S 

Insecticide T 

Prentox Diazinon 6E 

Insecticide T 

Prentox Dursban 2E 

Insecticide T 

Prentox Dursban 4-E 

Insecticide T 

Prentox DDVP-Ronnel 

Emulsifiable Cone T 

Prentox DPBM Concentrate 

#4425 T 

Prentox Emulsifiable Spray 

Cone. #101 S 

Prentox Fogging Concentrate 

#1 S 

Prentox Fogging Concentrate 

#2 S 

Prentox Insect Spray 'A' S 

Prentox Insect Spray 'B' S 

Prentox Insect Spray 'C S 

Prentox Insect Spray 'D' S 

Prentox Liquid Household 

Insect Spray #1 T 

Prentox Mill Spray 

Concentrate #562 S 

Prentox Pyronyl Oil 

Concentrate #225 S 

Prentox Pyronyl Oil 

Concentrate #3610 S 

Prentox Pyronyl Oil 

Concentrate #525 S 

Prentox Pyronyl Oil Concntrt. 

OR-3610-A S 

Prentox Pyronyl Pltry 

House&Barn Fly Spy S 

Prentox Pyronyl 1.2-2.4-4.0 

Emulsf. Cone S 

Prentox PB Concentrate #125 ..S 
Prentox PB Concentrate #20 ....S 
Prentox Residual Concentrate 

DV-One T 

Prentox Residual Concentrate 

DV-Two T 

Prentox Residual Spray 

Contains Baygon T 

Prentox Ronnel 24E InsecticideT 
Prentox Spray Concentrate No. 

1575 S 

Prentox Spray Concentrate No. 

625 S 

Prentox Synpy-Diazinon 

Emlsfbl. Cone T 

Prentox Vapon 2 T 

Prentox Vapon 20% Emulsifi. 

Concentrate T 

Presco Food Products, Inc. 

Caldina X 

Grease Remover B 

Super-Cleanser B 

Two-In-One Cleanser A 

Press Chemical & Pharmaceutical 

La Veeze Concentrated 

Sanitizing Clnsr F 

Pressure-Lube, Inc. 

Jax Chain & Cable Lubricant ...BB 

Jax Dry-Slide AA 

Jax Lift Truck And Sliding 

Tandem Lub BB 

Jax Non-Toxic Lube AA 

Jax Penetrating Oil BB 

Jax Spray Lube for Open 

Gears BB 

Prestige Chemical & Supply Co., Inc. 

APD All Purpose Detergent CC 


Our Own Insect Spray T 

Our Own Rat And Mouse Bait ,U 
Pyrenone Insect Spray No. 6....S 

Pride Chemical & Supply Co. 

Action A 

Bold R 

Green Leaves R 

Green Lotion Q 

Guardian R 

Porcelain & Bowl Cleaner P 

Pride Concentrate D 

Sentry D 

V-Detergent D 

Pride Laboratories, Inc. 

Pride Bowl-O Tile & Porcelain 

Clnr P 

Pride De-Clog Drain 

Conditioner & Clnr O 

Pride Unclog O 

Pride Manufacturing & Supply Co. 

A-145 Disinfectant Cleaner D 

A-150 Superior Concentrate A 

A-153 Atomic Action A 

A-161 Soft Suds Hand 

Dishwash. Compd A 

A-162 Beaded Hand 

Dishwashing Comp A 

A-230 Super Chlorntd Mach 

Dishwash Det A 

A-231 Prize Mach. Dishwash 

Detrgnt A 

A-280 Egg Wash A 

ABC A-270 All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

ABC A-290 Po Pac Ho CleanerA 
B-165 Liq. Machine Dishwash 

Detergent B 

B-192 Heavy Duty Odorless 

Stm Clng Cmpd B 

B-194 White Odorless Steam 

Clng Comp B 

B-195 Steam Cleaner 'Heavy 

Duty' B 

C-700 Milkstone Remover C 

D-156 Odorless Concrete 

Cleaner D 

F-186 Chlorinated Krystals A 

F-187 Super Germicide F 

F-188 Germ-I-San G 

G-100 Cocoanut Oil Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

G-105 Econo Cocoanut Oil Liq 

Hand Soap Q 

KA-GO-C-601 Acid Cleaner C 

L-120 Seal-Away Inhbtd Bowl 

Cleaner P 

L-l 30 Emulsion Bowl Cleaner ..P 

L-180 Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

M-157 Magic Concrete Cleaner. R 

M-185 General Disinfectant R 

N-211 Insecticide No. Ill S 

N-212 Space Spray No. 3 S 

0-215 Malathion-50 Spray T 

O-880 Sewer Solvent O 

Prime Chemical Division 

AF 317L C 

D100 D 

HTS 203P B 

LC 116 P A 

Super Det CC 

Prime Chemicals 

AT 306-L C 


CW-107-P A 

D-100 A 

HTS-203P B 

Liqui-Base with-107 A 

Prime Solutions, Inc. 

Aqua-Vent Ventilator Cleaner- 

Dgrsr Cone D 

Low Foam Cleaner/Degreaser ..A 

Prime 'Equipment Spray' BB 

Prime 'Stick-Less' Snow 

Release Spray BB 

Prime Acid Tile and Wall 

Cleaner D 

Prime All Purpose Cleaner D 

Prime Anti-Crawl Residual 

Insecticide T 

Prime Anti-Seize Lubricant BB 

Prime Bath And Tile Cleaner. ...P 

Prime Citrus Air Sanitizer R 

Prime Cleaner-Degreaser D 

Prime Cleaner-Degreaser 

Concentrate D 

Prime Disinfectant & 

Deodorant R 

Prime Disinfectant Foam 

Cleaner R 

Prime Drain Cleaner (Enzyme 

Type) O 

Prime FPD A 

Prime Glass Cleaner R 

Prime Grill & Oven Cleaner A 

Prime Ice Melt R 

Prime Multi-Purpose 

Insecticide S 

Prime Penetrating Lube & 

Demoisturizer BB 

Prime PW 3 D 

Prime Super All Purpose 

Cleaner R 

Prime Tile and Grout Cleaner. ..D 
Prime Waterless Hand Cleaner. W 

Primrose Oil Company 

#216 Primrose Plus White 

Mineral Oil AA 

#314 Primrose Superior 

Cannry Grs A A 

#610 P.D.S. Concentrate A 

#620 Quik-Solv A 

No. 314 Primrose Plus Cannery 

Grease A A 

Quik A 

Princeton Chemical Co. Inc. 

Floor Wiz A 

Kitchen-Wiz D 

Prinova Co. Inc. 


Ladrin Ecolo Blend CC 

Ladrin Ecolo-Break Plus CC 

Ladrin Ecolo-Det CC 

Ladrin Ecolo-Det S CC 

Ladrin H-Chlor B Bleach CC 

Ladrin Super Sil CC 

Ladrin X P-12 CC 

Pritchard Sales Company 

A- 150 Superior Concentrate All 
Purp. Cln A 

A-151 Pink Concentrate A 

A-153 Atomic Action A 

A-I61 Sof-T-Suds Hand 

Dishwashing Cmpd A 

A-162 Beaded Hand 
Dishwashing Compound A 

A-225 Blue Sea Beads A 

A-225 Pink Sky Beads A 

A-225 White Foam Beads A 

A-230 Super Chlorinated Mach 

Dshwsh Det A 

AA-106 Chain Lub & Cleaner.. .AA 
ABC A-290 Po Pac Ho Cleaner A 
ABC A-310 Labor Saver 

Chloro Cleaner A 

B-I65 Liquid Machine 

Dishwash Detergent B 

B-194 White Odorless Steam 

Cleaning Cmpd B 

B-195 Steam Cleaner Heavy 

Duty' B 

B-196 Medium Duty Steam 

Cleaner B 

B-197 Extra Heavy Duty 

Steam Clng Cmpd B 

B-250 Restaurant King DFF 

Cleaner B 

D-156 Odorless Concrete 

Cleaner D 

G-100 Cocoanut Oil Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

G-105 Econo Cocoanut Oil Liq. 

Hand Soap Q 

Genera] Disinfectant R 

Germ-I-San G 

Heavy Duty Sewer Solvent & 

Drain Opener O 

Insecticide No. Ill S 

L-210 Hog Scald Compound X 

M-157 Heavy Duty Magic 

Concrete Cleaner R 

Malathion-50 Spray T 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Space Spray No. 3 S 

Super Germicide F 

Private Label Chemicals, Inc. 

APC Super Concentrate D 

Bio-Clean F-2 F 

Bio-Quat N2 G 

Bio-Quat 2 G 

Breakthrough A 

Hand Dishwashing Liquid A 

Heavy Duty Dishwash B 

Heavy Duty Dishwash CI B 

High Foam Cleaner #116 A 

Lime Solvent C 

Liquid Hand Cleaner Q 

Mark F-25 G 

Mark Ten G.GG 

Mark V G 

Mark 25 G 

P-101 Special Degreaser D 

P-109 All Purpose Cleaner D 

P-202 General Purpose Powder. A 
P-234 Machine Dishwashing 

Compound A 

P-240 Chlorinated Dishwash A 

P-256 All Purpose Powder A 

P-303 Mild Bowl Cleaner P 

P-315 White Bowl Cleaner P 

P-319 Lime Be Gone C 

P-541 Floor Cleaner D 

P-602 LSC#3 A 

P-603 Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

P-603A Foaming Heavy Duty 

Cleaner A 

P-609 Concentrate D 

P-612 Oven And Grill Cleaner ..D 

P-614 Grill Cleaner D 

P-620 Floor Cleaner D 

P-733 Window Cleaner 

Concentrate R 

P-907 Hand Dishwash Liquid A 
P-909 Liquid Hand Soap 20 Q 

P-915 Liquid Hand Soap 40 Q 

P-933 Ready to Use Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

Pot & Pan Wash A 

PLC Quat F 

PLC Quat I F 

PLC Quat II F 

Pro Cal Company 

Glide BB 

Pro-Lube BB 

Pro Chemicals, Inc. 

Pro Blitz B 

Pro Blitz-WBC B 

Pro Center C 

Pro Center-200 C 

Pro Circuit A 

Pro Circuit-200 A 

Pro Conversion B 

Pro Drive A 

Pro Drive-200 A 

Pro Field-P R 

Pro Flanker B 

Pro Guard C 

Pro Guard-200 C 

Pro Guard-300 C 

Pro Hall of Foam D 

Pro Lateral C 

Pro Line B 

Pro Line-200 F A 

Pro Pass C 

Pro Pass-200 C 

Pro Pursuit B 

Pro Pursuit-200 D 

Pro Return B 

Pro Return-200 B 

Pro Safety A 

Pro Safety N.F. 200 A 

Pro Score B 

Pro Snap B 

Pro Tackle B 

Pro Tackle-200 B 

Pro Team A 

Pro Team-CL A 

Pro Team-G.B A 

Pro Team-200 A 

Pro field B 

Propass-300 C 

Proscore-200 B 

Protackle^MK) B 

Pro Line Sanitary 

Overtime A 

Pro Tec Chemical Company 

Boiler-Tec Formula GP LP M 

Boiler-Tec Formula GP NP M 

Boiler-Tec Formula GP PNN....M 

Pro-Chem, Incorporated 

Aqua Aid 603 N 

Aqua Aid 603B N 

Aqua Aid 603R N 

Aqua-Aid 600 M 

Aqua-Aid 600A M 

Aqua-Aid 600C M 

Aqua-Aid 600N M 

Aqua- Aid 600X M 

Aqua-Aid 604 M 

Aqua-Aid 605 M 

Aqua-Cide T 

Ban Q 

Brite R 

Chain Lube BB 

Cherry Kill Insecticide S 

Chlorinated Krystals A 

Coil Care D 


Con Clean D 

Control R 

Derma-Aid Q 

Digest Drain Opener O 

Digest PC -403 

Garb-Aid PC -44 R 

Grout Renovator PC-57 P 

Hand Guard W 

Indusol A 

Indusol PC-101 D 

Klenz P 

Kon Kleen PC-196 R 

Kut-It W 

KA-GO-C-601 Acid Cleaner C 

Lemon Power PC-45 R 

Lemon-Kleen PC-48 P 

Malathion-50 Spray T 

Meter Insecticide T 

Mint-Kleen PC -47 P 

Odor-Abate R 

Odor-X PC-414 R 

Oxall C 

P/C 109 Q 

P/C 151 R 

Pine Kleen R 

Power-Sol A 

Powersol Plus A 

Pro-Gel PC-1 13 R 

Pro-Quad PC -46 F,H,J 

Procide T 

PC 104 Power Sol D 

PC-203 Slip-Ez AA 

PC-220 San-I-Lub AA 

PC-80 R 

Quic-Kleen Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Ram Rod O 

Red Hot O 

San-O-Kleen P 

San-O-Safe P 

San-O-Suds R 

Sani-Lube Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Steam Kleen Liquid B 

Steam-It D 

Supercide S 

SFX #1 PC-502 S 

SFX #2 PC -503 S 

SFX #3 PC-504 S 

Total D 

White Lube BB 

Pro-San Products 

All-Brite A 

Big J Concentrate A 

Pro-San A.I.D C 

WSB Germicidal Detergent F 

Pro-Specialties, Incorporated 

Bac-Off P 

Ban-Ice R 

Bug It S 

Command A 

DPO Sewer Compound O 

Fresh-Bac O 

Han-D W 

Hi-Glow A 

Husky Hank W 

Invisa-Shield W 

Kom-Plete M 

Magic Glide AA 

Municide T 

N-Zymes Formula STD- 

lOOOSewage Digestant O 

Ox-Off Chem-Ion Cleaner R 

Pro Algae-Kill N 

Pro Kleen CC 

Pro Pure Lube AA 

Pro Spray-Wash A 

ProTriple-X R 

Pro X-It S 

Pro 10-11 D 

Red Lightning O 

San-O-Mint R 

Scum-X D 

Sentrol R 

Steameze A 

Swat S 

Twin Power D 

Zon-Kil T 

4-Way All Purpose Penetrant. ...BB 

Pro-Tex-All Co., Inc. 

Beta-Phene 128 D 

Klens-O-Matic D 

Processor Supply 

Golden Cleaner A 

Procter & Gamble Company, The 

Amber Granules A,CC 

Bowl Quick P 

Clean Quick D 

Comet with Chlorinol E 

Comet with Chlorinol G E 

Comet Institutional Pack 

w/Chlorinol G E 

Comet Institutional Pack with 

Chlorinol E 

Comet Liquid Institutional 

Pack E 

Cream Suds A 

Crest Hand Soap P 

Institution X A 

Ivory Soap P 

Joy Institutional Pack D 

Kirk's Coco Hardwater Castile. P 

Kyro EOB A 

Launette Special A,CC 

Lava Hand Soap P 

Orvus Extra Granules A,H,CC 

Orvus Hytemp Granules A,H,CC 

Orvus K Liquid A,Q 

Orvus WA Paste A,X 

Pierce II CC 

Safeguard P 

Servant CC 

Spic And Span Institutional 

Pack D 

Tide Institutional Pack D,CC 

Works A,CC 

Production Chemical Company 

P.C. 2042 A 

Productive Chemicals, Inc. 

AC-77 Aluminum Clnr & 

Brghtnr C 

ACC-233 Air Conditioner 

Cleaner A 

BCD Disinfectant #10 G 

CC-31 Coil Cleaner C 

CD 260 F 

DGN-80 R 

DO-104 R 

IA-200 C 

LDDC-89 A 

LDSO-50 O 

LSDO-88 Liq Sulfc Swr&Drain 

Opnr Sulf Sn O 

PC-33 A 

PC-33 E.B D 

Silicone Spray AA 

SECC-33 H 

SF-400 A 

SF-500 A 

SFDC-16 F 

TBC-77 P 

Products Chemical Company 

Cling & Clean P 

Green Genie Bowl Clnr. 

w/Mint Fragrance R 

Pro Chem 200 Germicidal 

Cleaner D 

Professional Chemical Company, Inc. 

Professional Spray Concentrates 

Professional Chemists, Inc. 

Realclean Spray Concentrate. ...R 

Professional Cleaning Services/ & 
Supply Corporation 

Pro-Chem Formula 800 A 

Professional Maintenance Center, 

PMC Flying Insect Killer S 

PMC Glass & Utility Cleaner ...R 
PMC 910 Disinfectant Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Silicone Lubricant Spray BB 

Professional Maintenance Supply 

Big Dutch A 

Big Dutch II A 

Professional System Supply 

Blaz Off A 

Sensuous Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Proform Products Corporation 

BTO All-Pro D 

Progress Chemical Co., Inc. 

Blend 17 H 

Blend 17 WA Egg Detergent H 

Blend 5 Egg Detergent H 

DE 1 Egg Detergent H 

DE 2 Antifoam Formula HH 

DE 3 Detergent Booster H 

DE 4 Egg Destainer I 

DE 5 Chlorine Sanitizer 

Powder K 

Foam-Away HH 

Klor Plant Cleaner A 

Linear Alkane Sulfonate A 

Odor Quest R 

One Step Detergent A 

Power Terge Egg Detergent H 

Power Terge Formula H 

Power Terge Plus Formula H 

Pro-San 10 G 

Pro-White Egg Detergent H 

PCC Alk Plant Cleaner A 

PCC Chlorine Sanitizer F,K 

PCC CIP Cleaner B 

PCC CIP Cleaner 300 B 

PCC Detergent Booster A,H 

PCC Egg Destainer I 

PCC Feather Penetrant 50 L 

PCC Foamadd D 

PCC Klor 150 Plant Cleaner A 

PCC Liq. Milkstone Remover 

Conctrt C 

PCC Liquid Hand Soap Q 

PCC One Step Disinfecting 

Detergent F 

PCC Plant Cleaner P-196 A 

PCC Plant Cleaner P296 A 

PCC Plant Cleaner 100 A 

PCC Plant Cleane.- 18 A 

PCC Plant Cleaner 20 A 


PCC Plant Cleaner 200 A 

PCC Plant Cleaner 30 A 

PCC Plant Cleaner 8 A 

PCC Plant Cleaner 80 A 

PCC Plant Cleaner 90 B 

PCC Plant Cleaner 99 B 

PCC Shackle Bright B 

PCC Shackle Cleaner B 

PCC Shackle Cleaner CC B 

Spray Clean D 

Progressive Chemical Corp. 

RH-63 A 

Progressive Enterprizes 

'21' Concentrate A 

Aci-Det C 

AU-Kleen Heavy Duty A 

Bowl Kleen P 

Extra Hi Concentrate A 

Grease Trap Formula O 

Industrial & Municipal Waste 
Formula O 

Progressive Products 

Aqua-Plus Z 

Aqua-Plus Pro-44 Z 

Blend-Dex Dyno Stix M 

Blend-Dex 2 M 

Blend-Dex 3 M 

Boiler Power Liquid M 

Boiler Power 2 N 

Boiler Power 3 » N 

Boiler Power 350 N 

Boiler Purge N 

Dyno-Stix N 

Eco Blend N 

Oxygen Control M 

Poly Blend 400 M 

Poly Blend 521 M 

Tower Purge ...N 

Tower Treatment N 


Destroyer O 

Property Chemical Products 

Acrofoam P 

Alumasol C 

Autumn Gold R 

Awair R 

Chem-Mate D 

Chem-Ram O 

Control 21 BB 

Desist S 

Di-Phonal R 

Direct P 

Direct Non-Perfumed P 

Disonate O 

Disoterge D 

Dyapen T 

Evax S 

Extar R 

Flexite A A 

Gar-Buds R 

Hard Surface Cleaner No. 205. .D 

Methagran O 

Mint Condition R 

Mirrex R 

Pathatrol G 

Power-Melt R 

Release BB 

Rinseless Cleaner No. 200 A 

Ronite A 

Sila-Lube (Aerosol) AA 

Sila-Lube (Bulk) AA 

Sure Bowl Cleaner P 

Thrift R 

Thrusty BB 

Prosclean, Incorporated 

Acid P-22 C 

Acid P-33 C 

Acid-M-44 C 

Foam-O A 

Gal-122 A 

General L A 

General Purpose 10 X 

Chlorinated A 

H-Duty-LlOO B 

Implace LP B 

L. Hog Scald X 

Machine A-Spray A 

Machine Spray B 

Machine Spray P B 

P. Hog Scald X 

Ruster-P-99 B 

Safe General A 

Safe General 101 A 

Sewer Cleaner 9 

Shroud Wash A CC 

Smoker-P-88 B 

Smoker-P-881 B 

Tree Wash B 

Tripe-W-66 Y 

Protex Janitorial Products 

Super Protex A 

ProClean Inc. 

All-Purpose Cleaner A 

Degreaser-Cleaner A 

Industrial Degreaser-Cleaner A 

Pot Licker A 

Stripper R 

ProLine Chemical & Supply Div. 
George Kech & Company 


Prudential Chemical Corp. 

Aluminum & Stainless Steel 

Cln. & Brtnr C 

Clean It-All Purpose Cleaner ....A 
Clean It-All Purpose Cleaner 

#1 A 

Clean-It A 

Concentrated Inhibited 

Chemical Cleaner C 

Deep Fry Pot & Pan Cleaner. ...D 

Drain-Flo O 

Extra Strenght Hvy Duty Wtr 

Soluble Cln A 

Flo-Go No. 308 R 

Foam Kleen A 

General Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner A 

Germicidal Cleaner R 

Hand Soap Q 

Heavy Duty Organic Drain 

Cleaner O 

Ice Melting Compound R 

JT-650 D 

Liquid Hand Soap 40% 

Concentrate Q 

Liquid Solvent Non-Flammable 

Cleaner D 

Neutral Cleaner A 

Organic Acid Detergent C 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Prudential Agricultural EnzymeO 
Prudential Butyl Power CleanerD 

Prudential Concrete Cleaner D 

Prudential Controlled Suds CC 

Prudential Deodorant Granules. R 
Prudential Germicidal Cleaner. .F 

Prudential Lemon Hand Soap...Q 
Prudential Odor Control 

Granules R 

Quat Disinfectant F 

Sewer Solvent O 

Super-Kleen D 

Synthetic Cleaner D 

Three-Gly R 

Public Health Equipment & Supply 

Oil Concentrate #3610 S 

Public Health Systems, Inc. 

Kleen Up A 


Slipmor A A 

Puratex Company, The 

Stainless Steel Cleaner A 

Purdue Frederick Company, The 

Betadine Skin Cleanser Foam...FF 
Betadine Surgical Scrub/Skin 
Clnsr FF 

Purdy Products, Inc. 

Trophy Concentrated Toilet 

Bowl Clnr P 

Trophy Porcelain Grout Tile 

Bowl Clnr P 

Trophy Renovator D 

Purdy, N.B. Products Company 

Chlorinated Par A 

Par French-Fryer & Filter 

Cleaner A 

Regular Dairy Par A 

Thoro-Cleen A 

X-Ton C 

Pure Water Products, Inc. 

Formula BL-154A M 

Formula BL-160A M 

Pure-Chem Products Company 

Bottle Sheen B 

Clean Away A 

E-Z Clean A 

Pur Chlor A 

Pur Lac C 

Pure Cir Q A 

PC Chain Lube 41 BB 

PC Conveyor Lube BB 

PC No. 1 Lube BB 


PC-50 B 

PC -51 A 

PC -52 A 

PC -53 A 

PC -54 A 

PC -55 C 

PC-6 A 

Purex Corporation 

All Fabric-All Color Dry 

Bleach CC 

All Purpose Concentrated 

Cleaner D 

All Purpose Low Foam 

Cleaner D 

All Purpose Spray Cleaner D 

Ammoniated Wax And Finish 

Remover R 

Blue Barrel Soap BB.CC 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Brillo Bowl Cleaner P 


Brillo Foaming Cleaner- 

Degreaser A 

Brillo Pine Creme Deodorant 

Cleaner R 

Brillo Pinosan Disinfectant 

Cleaner F 

Brillo Vanquish P 

Cold Room Cleaner 1 

Dutch All Purp 

Liq.Ammoniated Clnr R 

Extra Strength Wax & Floor 

Finish Remvr D 

Fleecy White Liquid Bleach G,V 

Franklin Blu-Lite P 

Franklin Clearinse Foaming 

Clnr Dgrsr A 

Franklin Disappear P 

Franklin Dutch R 

Franklin Foam-Xit D 

Franklin Formula 707 A 

Franklin Formula 900 D 

Franklin Friendly Air P 

Franklin F9890 Acid Cleaner. ...C 

Franklin G-O-E-S A 

Franklin Heavy Duty Cleaner 

Degreaser D 

Franklin Heel Mark Remover. ..D 

Franklin Liquid Detergent D 

Franklin Out-Strip D 

Franklin Phenomysan D 

Franklin Rubber Gloss Cleaner. R 

Franklin Sani-Turge 128 F 

Franklin Sani-Turge 256 D 

Franklin Sentinel D 

Franklin Seventy-7 D 

Franklin Speedsope R 

Franklin Superscope D 

Franklin Water Rinsable 

Degreaser R 

Fresh-Up Malodor 

Counteractant P 

General Q G 

Institutional Bab-O-Cleanser E 

K-3359 All Purpose Water 

Base Degreaser A 

K-3377 Heavy Duty 

Cleaner/Degreaser D 

Liqui-Foam D 

Low-Suds Concentrated 

Laundry Det CC 

Non-Ammoniated Wax And 

Finish Remover D 

Old Dutch Cleanser Super 

ProfesnI.Strnth E 

Old Dutch Clnsr. Institutional 

Formula E 

Pink Lotion Hand Dishwash A 

Pink Lotion Trend A 

Purex Bleach I,V 

Quik-Off General Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Sani-Turge D 

Sentinel F 

Trend-X-Beads D 

Water Rinsable Degreaser R 

1/128 Quaternary Disinfectant 

Cleaner F 

1/256 Quaternary Disinfectant 

Cleaner D 

1/64 Quaternary Disinfectant 

Cleaner D 

1193/32B Foaming Cleaner- 

Degreaser A 

3350 Multi-Purpose Germ. 

Clnr..„ F 

951/47 All Purp. Water-Based 

Degreaser A 

Puritan/Churchill Chemical 

A.I.D D 

A-4 D 

Alumax O 

Arrive D 

Attack O 

Auto Scrub D 

Avast R 

Bactilin F 

Blue Denim D 

Brawn D 

Brite-N-Klean A 

Brute A 

Buddy W 

Cannonball D 

Cascade A 

Celebrity (Bulk) R 

Chum Q 

Churco A.C R 

Churco P.A.C R 

Con-Clean R 

Croaks T 

Croesus A 

Debonaire R 

Dermagene Q 

Diffusor Spray Concentrate S 

Dirge T 

Ditox-25 T 

Dolphin A 

Dynamo B 

E-Z Clean E 

Eldorado F 

Envoy R 

F.H.I S 

Ferromin B 

Finesse R 

Foretell #1984 F 

Foretell #2005 A 

ForeteU #2112 LL 

Foretell #2200 A,H 

ForeteU #4529 A,BB 

ForeteU #4738 A,BB 

ForeteU #5000 A 

ForeteU #6045 C 

ForeteU #6130 A,BB 

ForeteU #6500 A 

ForeteU #6666 L 

Foretell #6678 A 

Foretell #6695 A 

Foretell #6727 A 

Foretell #6750 A 

ForeteU #6793 C 

ForeteU #6840 A 

Forte A 

Fortell #6844 A 

ForteU #6935 A 

Fortissimo F 

Galahad R 

Gaze A,H 

GUs'n A 

Glycolin P 

Gotcha A 

Hog Scald (Puritan #3039) X 

Honcho W 

Husky P 

Illustrious A,H 

Klean-N-Dis D 

Kudo Q 

Liberate R 

Lift D 

Liqua-Scale P 

Liquid Live Micro Organisms. ..O 

M -Grade Q 

Mintene-5 R 

Mulsyn A 

Multi Foam Q 

New Float A 

New Master Clenzer A 

New Sparkle A 

New Speedkil S 

No Sweat D 

Nomel W 

Notoxide S 

O-Kon R 

Old Castle A 

Opella Liquid Toilet Soap Q 

Orion II A 

Ovation D 

Pistol A 

Poultry Plant Detergent- 
Germicide F,J 

Poultry Processors' Germicide. .F,J 

Powertex R 

Pureen P 

Purge P 

Puritan #2112 LL 

Puritan #2885 F,K 

Puritan #3470 F 

Puritan #3554 R 

Puritan #3845 AA 

Puritan #3854 R 

Puritan #4529 A.BB 

Puritan #4738 A.BB 

Puritan #5577 N 

Puritan #5925 S 

Puritan #5933 S 

Puritan #5950 Disinfectant G 

Puritan #6045 C 

Puritan #6130 A.BB 

Puritan #6450 F 

Puritan #6678 A 

Puritan #6680 D 

Puritan #6695 A 

Puritan #6840 A 

Puritan A.I.-22 A 

Puritan A-76 A 

Puritan PM-59 A 

Puritan PM-76 A 

Pyro-Jet B 

Pzazz P 

Quatramine-A G,GG 

Red Seal BoUer Compound 

Formula #1 M 

Red Seal BoUer Compound 

Formula #2 M 

Renown Q 

Robust D 

Saf-T-Cide Brand S 

Saf-T-Fog Brand S 

Sana-Dis F 

Sanogen A 

Save A 

Scotch Lather Q 

Skaze P 

SUp' Um AA 

Sno-Wyte CC 

Soft D 

Sparkle P 

Speedet Concentrate A 

Sprite D 

Star Cleaner-Disinfectant D 

Star-Clean D 

Star-Dish wash A 

Star-Fog S 

Star-KUl T 

Star-Met A 

Star-Steam B 

Star-Syndo A 

Styx T 

Sub track R 

Super GUnt C 

Super Speedet A 

Super Star lite A 

Superb A,H 

Surg-On Concentrate Surgical 
Hand Scrub FF 


Surg-On-Conc Q 

Surg-On-11 Q 

Surgical Hand Scrub Fortell 

Formula FF 

Surgical Hand Scrub Puritan 

Formula FF 


T.S.R. Tile Scum Remover R 

T.S.R. Tile Scum Remover & 

Terrazzo Cln D 

Teknite A 

Ten-Four S 

Thermo-Jet R 

Thrust A 

Top Secret D 

Twinkle A 

Ultimate R 

Valiant R 

Vortex A 

Zodiac A 

Zot O 

4-D 25 F 

Purity Chemical Company Div/Ion 
Exchange Products, Inc. 

Dry Acid No. 88 C 

P.B.T. No. 100 M 

Product No. 175 N 

Puramine No. 60 M 

Purity Product No. 102 M 

Purity Product No. 103 M 

Purity Product No. 104 Z 

Puro Chemical Company 

Blue Tint Toilet Bowl Cleaner. .P 

Creme Cleanser P 

Drain-A-Go-Go O 

Drain-E-Z O 

Odorless Concrete Cleaner 

P554 D 

Perfumed Deodorant Blocks P 

Powdered Drain Solvent O 

Sana-Bole Drain Pipe 

Cl.&Maintnr O 

Sana-Bole Emulsion Toilet 

Bowl CI P 

Toilet Bowl Deodorant P 

Wall Block Deodorants P 

Puromation Industries, Inc. 

KO-200 Liq Steam & Pressure 

Clng Compnd A 

Mus'L-X Clnr -Stripper-Dgrsr. 

Liq Compnd D 

Myriad 100 Do-All Cleaner D 

Puro 10-B Boiler Water 

Treatment N 

Puro 20 B Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Puro 30 B Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Puro 40 B Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Puro 60 B Closed System Hot 

Water Treat M 

Puro 80-B Adjunct M 

Puro 90-B M 

Puro-Scrub A 

Puro-Washdown A 

Q-22, Inc. 


Qadrex, Incorporated 

Q-429 Fast Action 

Stripper/Cleaner D 

Qualcon, Inc. 

Qual-Chem Sanitizer G 

Qualichem Incorporated 

Biodor R 

Bora-Clean Q 

Chef-Ette D 

Conductive Cleaner 

Disinfectant F 

Conductive Detergent Sanitizer F 

HD-100 D 

Lemon Fresh Odor R 

Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Mint Fresh Odor R 

Neutral Cleaner D 

Pine Scent Disinfectant R 

Pine-Dis-5 R 

Quali-Blue D 

Supurple Concentrate D 

U.N.C.L.E S 

20% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

40% Liquid Hand Soap Q 

40% Surgical Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Qualified Laboratories, Inc. 

Quali Hospital Cleaner D 

Quali Septic Degreasing 

Cleaner A 

Quali-Sil Silicone Spray AA 

Skin Shield Cream W 

Touch-Up All Purpose Cleaner. R 
TFE Fluorocarbon Lubricant.. ..BB 

Quality Chem Products 

#391 H 

A.C.30 #B1001 C 

A-1011 Pan Wash A 

A-1013 Foamer B 

A-1112-Endlich B 

A-1112A-Endlich Additive A 

A-1196 Tray Wash A 

A-1199 Soak A 

A-1231 Ultra Clean B 

A-1231 XP B 

A-1231 A Ultra Clean Additive. A 

Anti-Foam HH 

AAA#100 H 

AC-60 C 

AC-90 C 

B-1219-Tanken Schein A 

Blitz L #B1017 A 

Blitz S #B1019 R 

Bottle Clean #A1021 B 

Chlorospray A 

Clean A.C. #A1041X A 

Clean Deluxe #A1043 A 

Con Clean #A1061 R 

Con Clean HD #A1065 R 

Conveyor Lube BB 

Descale L C 

Descale P C 

Descale 25 C 

Dyna Clean HD #A1103 B 

Exceed #B1113 A 

Exceed LF A 

Exceed Plus #B1115 D 

Foamer A B 

Jell All A 

Lube Deluxe BB 

Lube Deluxe #B1137 BB 

Lube Special #B1139 BB 

Lube Special LF BB 

Machine #1 #A1205 B 

Saluta #B1 187 A 

Sewerex O 

Spray Chlor D #A1209 B 

Spray Chlor S #A1207 B 

Spray L #1215 A 

Super Six LF BB 

Ultia-Chlor A 

Quality Chemical Company 

Speed Sol D 

Speed Sol Extra D 

Quality Chemical Corp. 

Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner 

& Degrease A 

Kleen R 

Quat Kleen F 

Quality Labs 

Q.L. Emulsifier A 

Quality Supply Company 

Dissolve D 

Ream O 

Quasar Corporation 

Moon Shine P 

Quipu Corporation 

Q-Mist Air Sanitizer( Hospital 

Type) R 

Q-Mist Bug Killer S 

Q-Mist Insecticide Indust. 

Type T 

R + R Square Company 

Hand Soap-R 247 Q 

Nu Clean-R Degreas-R 149 D 

R&D Products Corporation 

Big G D 

Citrosene 10 R 

L-Tox Spray S 

R&D Liquid Steam 

Concentrate A 

R&D Truck Soap A 

R & H Enterprise Co., Inc. 

AG Detergent A 


Bowlex P 

Bow lite P 

Clear Concentrate A 

Clear-Out O 

De-Scale C 

Dissolve D 

Foam Add A 

Fresh CC 

Grease Cut A 

Grease Release A 

GP-401 A 

Hy-Foam A 


Laundry Brite CC 

Liquid Hand Soap A,Q 


LCMR Concentrate C 

LCMR Concentrate Low FoamC 

LCMR Low Foam C 


Medi-Clean Q 

Q-Ten G 

Remove A 


RH-55 M 

RHS-90 M 

Sani-Clean II F 

Sani-Clean 20 G 

Sani-Ten G,GG 

Shiny Brite C 

Soak-Lean A 

Special C A 

Spra-Away R 

Strip Away B 

Strip Kleen B 

Super AGP A 

Super Chlor A 

Super Chlor Plus A 

Super Heat Drain Pipe Opener .O 
Wash Brite CC 

R & K Chemical Co. 

Nu-Power A 

R & P Chemicals 

Shi-nee Industrial Strength All 
Purp CI D 

R & R Manufacturing Co. 

Hi-Trac-Lube BB 

R B Chemical Company 

All Right D 

Hot Shot CC 

R-B Concentrate D 

R-B 212 A 

Rapid A 

Shine A 

Vigor Q 

R M C Products Co., Inc. 

RMC Super Bar U 

R. & E. Martin 

Marsolv D 

R. & S. Enterprizes 

RS 519 A 

R. C. P., Incorporated 

Aqua-Zyme O 

R. L. R. Industries 

Gentle D 

Natural D 

Perform A 

Qualem R 

Steem Kleen B 

R-Square Chemical & Coating, Inc. 

B.C.-10 D 

Chlor-Clean R 

Coconut Oil Hand Cleaner Q 

Mor-Chlor G 

R-Quat-15 P 

R-Quat-25 F 

RA-101 A 

RA-102 General Purpose 

Powder A 

RA-103 A 

RA-122 A 

RA-123 A 

RA-125 Manual Cleaner A 

RA-150 Powder A 

RA-43 General Cleaner A 

RB-104 B 

RB-105 A 

RB-106 A 

RB-124 Cleaner Booster B 

RB-160 Powder A 

RB-70/30 Shackle Cleaner B 

RBB-115 Lubricant BB 

RBB-116 BB 

RBB-1 18 Lubricant BB 

RC-107 C 

RC-126 Acid Cleaner C 

RCC-100 Laundry Detergent CC 

RD-113 D 

RD-50M Floor Cleaner D 

RFB-121 Foam Booster A 

RFB-701 Foam Booster A 

RH-112 H 

RH-114 SheU Egg Wash 

Detergent H 

RL-210 Feather Penetrant L 

RL-220 Feather-Penetrant L 

RL-230 Scald Vat Media L 

RP-170 Detergent A 

RP-175 All Purpose Cleaner A 

RP-190 Neutral Detergent A 

RP-195 General Cleaner A 

RP-215 Hi-Foam Power A 

RP-245 General Cleaner A 

RP-405 HF Acid C 

RP-405C Concentrated Acid 

Cleaner C 

RP-565 H.D. Cleaner B 

RP-701 Chelate A 

RP-703 Chelate A 

RQ-109 Q 

RY-200 Tripe Cleaner Y 

Scat D 

Sof-Glo Hand Cleaner Q 

Sof-Tex Hand Cleaner Q 

Softsuds Hand Cleaner Q 

Super-C A 

Tray Wash A 

White Oil 35 USP AA 

70/30 Extra A 

R/B Industrial Supply 

R/B 42 Germicidal Cleaner F 

Raban Supply Company 

Concentrated Cleaner A 

R.S.C. Liquid Soap Q 

Rae, J. H. Oil Company, Inc. 

FPM Grease AA 

Raechem Products, Inc. 

Breakdown A 

Ralston Purina Company 

All Purpose Cleaner D 

All Purpose Cleaner F.G A 

C & S Powder F 

Chlorine Sanitizer-II G 

Chlorine Sanitizer-O-40-II G 

Cygon 2E T 

Disinfectant J 

Egg Cleaner H 

Liquid Anti Foam HH 

Morlex Corrosion Inhibitor 

A(MorphoIine) M 

Powdered Hand Cleaner P 

Purina Acid Cleaner C 

Purina Acid Cleaner #2 C 

Purina Acid Cleaner F.G C 

Purina Acid Cleaner HD C 

Purina Acid Cleaner LP C 

Purina Acid Cleaner(Powdered)C 

Purina Alkaline Cleaner A 

Purina Bowl Clean P 

Purina Bowl Clean S P 

Purina Caustic Cleaner 25P B 

Purina Caustic Cleaner 299 B 

Purina Caustic Cleaner 60P B 

Purina Chlordane 2-E 

Insecticide T 

Purina Chlorinated Cleaner F 

Purina Chlorine Egg Rinse K 

Purina Chlorine Sanitizer 0-10 ..F 

Purina Chlorine Sanitizer 50 F,K 

Purina Cleaner A 

Purina Conveyor Lubricant A,BB 

Purina CC-1I6 A,H 

Purina CC-244L B 

Purina CC-25 B 

Purina CC-294 B 

Purina CC-60 B 

Purina CHC-1 A 

Purina CW-I A 

Purina D-P Cleaner A 

Purina Disinfectant 

Concentrate 4X G,J 

Purina Drain Pipe Opener O 

Purina Drain Pipe Opener S O 

Purina DW-1 A 

Purina DW-2 A 

Purina Egg Cleaner-1 H 

Purina Fast Clean D 

Purina Floor Cleaner D 

Purina Fly Bait Granules T 

Purina Fly Patrol (Fly Bait) T 

Purina Food Industry 

Insecitcidc Cone S 

Purina Fresh Aire Odor Neutrl. 

Strip R 

Purina Fryer Cleaner B 

Purina FM-100 A 

Purina General Cleaner 

(Powdered) A 

Purina General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Purina Glass Clean R 

Purina Hand Cleaner Q 

Purina HPC A 

Purina I-O-Concentratc G 

Purina I-O-Dairy G 

Purina Insecticide Mist S 

Purina Insecticide Mist Special. S 
Purina Iodine Concentrate 3.5...G 

Purina KS-27 A 

Purina KS-30 B 

Purina KS-30 Part B D 

Purina L.E.C A,H 

Purina Liquid Detergent A 

Purina Liquid Egg Cleaner H 

Purina Malathion Spray T 

Purina Mouse-Kill U 

Purina Odor Control R 

Purina P.E.C A 

Purina Pura-Kleen A 

Purina Quaternary Disinfectant G, J 

Purina Rat Control Pellets U 

Purina Residual Insect Spray ....T 

Purina Rinse Aid A 

Purina Roach and Ant Killer T 

Purina Roach Spray T 

Purina RP 300 B 

Purina RP 302 B 

Purina RP 303 A,H 

Purina RP 304 B 

Purina RP 401 A 

Purina RP 402 F 

Purina RP 403 A 

Purina Sanitizer (Chlorinated). ..G 

Purina Sanitizer 0-40 G 

Purina Solu-Clean /. ,H 

Purina Space Mist Insecticide. ..S 

Purina Spray and Dip T 

Purina Spray Disinfectant P 

Purina Spray Fresh Bouquet P 

Purina Spray Fresh Floral P 

Purina Spray Fresh Lemon P 

Purina Stainless Steel 

Polish/Lub AA 

Purina Tool Spray AA 


Quebracho Tannin M 

Rat KM U 

Sodium Carbonate M 

Sodium Phosphate M 

Strip Clean D 

Ram Industries 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

Ramrod Chemical Company 

Ram-Cide II G 

Ranco Chemical 

AC 30 C 

Blitz R 

Blitz L D 

Can Wash A 

Clean Deluxe A 

EndUch B 

Exceed Plus A 

Exceel A 

Foamer B 

Machine L A 

Mild A 

Saluta A 

Spray Klor B 

Tray Wash A 

Randall's United Petroleum 
Company, Inc. 

'C#362' Grease BB 

Randall's White Grease #2 BB 

Randik Paper Company 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

AU - N One F 

Pineol 5 R 

Rapid Chemical & Color Company 

Conveyor-Ease BB 

Cos All Purpose Steam Clng 

Comp A 

Cos Concrete Floor Cleaner D 

Cos Heavy Duty Steam Clng 

Comp D 

Liquid Spec B 

Rapid Floor Clean II D 

Rapid Spec B 

Rath Packing Company, The 

'G' Cleaner B 

All Purpose Farm Detergent A 

AC Cleaner A 

General Purpose "C Cleaner. ...B 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

GP 'S - Cleaner A 

GP W Cleaner A 

Mesh Glove Cleaner A 

Rail Car Cleaner A 

Revolving Smokehouse CleanerA 

S & S Cleaner A 

Scouring Powder E 

Smokehouse 500 Cleaner B 

Stainless Steel Cleaner C,E 

Tankhouse Cleaner B 

Tree Cleaner A 

Trolley Cleaner A 

Ravan Products, Incorporated 

All Purpose Cleaner (Liquid) ....A 
All Purpose Cleaner (Powder)... A 

B.C. -10 D 

Bright Glo Stainless Steel 

Cleaner B 

Bright Line A 

Bright Line Special B 

Centralized Cleaner-Detergent ..A 
Chlor-Clean R 

Coconut Oil Hand Cleaner Q 

Iodine Disinfectant F 

Mor-Chlor G 

Odorless Concrete Cleaner 

Special D 

PLS Super C A 

R-Quat-15 P 

R-Quat-25 F 

Ravan Bleach G 

Ravan Odor Control R 

RA-101 A 

RA-102 A 

RA-103 A 

RA-122 A 

RA-123 Neutral Cleaner A 

RA-125 A 

RA-150 Powder A 

RA-205 General Cleaner A 

RA-43 General Cleaner A 

RB-104 B 

RB-105 B 

RB-106 A 

RB-124 Cleaner Booster B 

RB-160 Powder A 

RB-70/30 Shackle Cleaner B 

RBB-1 15 Lubricant BB 

RBB-1 16 BB 

RBB-1 18 Lubricant BB 

RC-107 C 

RC-126 Acid Cleaner C 

RCC-100 Laundry Detergent CC 

RD-113 Concrete Floor CleanerD 

RD-50M Floor Cleaner D 

RFB-121 A 

RFB-701 Foam Booster A 

RH-112 H 

RH-114 Shell Egg Wash 

Detergent H 

RL-210 Feather Penetrant L 

RL-220 Feather-Penetrant L 

RL-230 Scald Vat Media L 

RP No. 106 Stripper Detergnt ...B 

RP-AU Purpose Cleaner A 

RP-Odorless Concrete Cleaner .D 

RP-170 Detergent A 

RP-175 All Purpose Cleaner A 

RP-190 Neutral Detergent A 

RP-195 General Cleaner A 

RP-215 Hi-Foam Powder A 

RP-220 R 

RP-221 R 

RP-302 H 

RP-305 All Purpose Low Foam A 

RP-339 B 

RP-339 Special A 

RP-405 Acid Cleaner C 

RP-405 HF Acid C 

RP-405C Concentrated Acid 

Cleaner C 

RP-505 Chlorinated Heavy 

Duty Cleaner B 

RP-515 Chelated Heavy Duty 

Cleaner B 

RP-525 Smoke House Cleaner. .B 

RP-543 B 

RP-545M B 

RP-565 H.D. Cleaner B 

RP-575 Heavy Duty Foam 

Cleaner A 

RP-701 Chelate A 

RP-703 Chelate A 

RP-715 Jell Additive A 

RQ-109 Q 

RY-200 Tripe Cleaner Y 

Scat D 

Sof-Glo Hand Cleaner Q 

Sof-Tex Hand Cleaner Q 

Softsuds Hand Cleaner Q 

Special AA Fly Spray S 

Super Diazinon Spray T 

Super Fog Spray S 

Super-C A 

Tray Wash A 

White Oil 35 USP AA 

70/30 Extra A 

Rawleigh, W. T. Company, The 

Superior Bowl Cleanser P 

Ray Camp, Incorporated 

Adjunct Special M 

Formula C-X M 

Formula C-Y M 

Formula C-20 N 

Formula C-34 N 

Ray W. Hawksley Co., Inc. 

Series 104 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 109 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 110 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 1 14 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 119 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 123 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 124 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 125 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 127 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 131 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 135 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 143 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 145 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 195 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 197 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 198 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 199 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 204 Return Line 

Treatment M 

Series 205 Return Line 

Treatment M 

Series 206 Return Line 

Treatment M 

Series 210 Return Line 

Treatment N 

Series 215 Return Line 

Treatment M 

Series 217 Return Line 

Treatment N 

Series 218 Return Line 

Treatment M 

Series 219 Return Line 

Treatment N 

Series 222 Return Line 

Treatment N 

Series 412 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 415 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 416 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Scries 418 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 


Series 419 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 420 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Series 514 Colloidal Boiler 

Treat M 

Series 580 Colloidal Boiler 

Treat M 

Series 581 Colloidal Boiler 

Treat M 

Series 584 Colloidal Boiler 

Treat M 

Series 588 Colloidal Boiler 

Treat M 

Series 590 Colloidal Boiler 

Treat M 

Series 601 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Series 615 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Series 616 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Series 618 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Series 622 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Series 623 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Series 629 Hydron Corrosion 

Control Z 

Series 631 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Series 632 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Series 633 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Series 636 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Series 637 Cooling Water 

Treatment Z 

Scries 706 Line Treatment M 

Series 707 Sludge Conditioner ..M 

Series 714 Line Treatment M,Z 

Series 716 Cleanout Treatment .M 

Series 821 Boilout Mixture M 

Series 823 Shutdown 

Treatment M 

Raymond T. Greene Co., Inc. 

Break Down A 

Impact D 

Remove D 

RTG Clean-Up A 

RTG Foam-A Cide Germicidal 
Cleaner Deo R 

Raytex Chemical Corporation 

Herriclean P-100 D 

Herriclean P-200 A 

Reaction Laboratories, Inc. 

HPP-Boiler Water Chemicals. ...M 

Rebel Sales Agency 

Rebel Multi-Purp. Oil & Grease 
Absorbent MM 

Red Top Products, Inc. 


Formula No. 102 A 

Formula 901 S 

Formula 903 S 


No. 105 A 

No. 106 B 

SW-1 A 

104 A 

401 A 

402 B 

404 B 

411 A 

414-M A.BB 

416-FA A 

419 C 

420 Y 

421 X 

431 1 

432 R 

433 A 

444Q Disinfectant-Sanitizer 

Deodorizer G,J 

Reed Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. 

Heavy Duty Cleaner R 

Pink Powder A 

Regal Chemical Company 

Gem 40% Concentrated Liq. 

Hand Soap Q 

Hy Sudsing Cleaner A 

Regal Egg Cleaner H 

Regal Supply & Chemical 

■818 - A 

A.D.C A 

Acidulent C 

Acta-Lan W 

Actamedic Q 

Activate O 

Alive O 

All Brite D 

Aluminate C 

Ammo-Pine R 

Bay-Bee R 

Borax Plus Pwdrd Hand Soap 

Cmmrcl P 

Borax Plus Pwdrd Hand Soap 

Gentle Pink P 

Break-Thru A 

Brute R 

Carboplex A 

Chemi-Gel D 

Cherry Bol P 

Cleaner Gel Concentrate D 

Costile Q 

DOxid C 

De-Lime C 

De-Odo-Gest R 

Dot C 

E-Z Kleen Concentrate D 

Economic CC 

Excel APA B 

Facet P 

Flash B 

Flush-A-Way O 

Foma-Cid C 

Food Equipment Lubricant AA 

FPD Odorless Disinfectant 

Cleaner G 

Gar-Ban R 

Germitol Concentrate F 

Glass Kleen Super Concentrate R 

Grease Trap Cleaner O 

Green Suds A 

Halo-Gen D,CC,P 

Herculex R 

Hi Power CC 

Ionogen C 

Kleen-Flush O 

Kleerall A 

Lavar P 

M-C Gel D 

Mark-Off R 

Mate R 

Mecanix Q 

Mint Power R 

Minty R 

O-So-Brite P 

P.M.C P 

Petro-Lub BB 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pine 75 R 

Pondate O 

Purge O 

Pyretocide S 

Refco C 

Reo-Clean 100 R 

Sani-Tize F 

Servate D 

Silicon-Lub A A 

Six Shooter High Concentrate ..T 

Skal-Zo C 

Soak Hot Dip Cleaner B 

Softaskin Q 

Star A 

Super Bleach F.CC 

Super Bol Brite P 

Swipe E 

Synthetic Auto Wash A 

Uni-Gest O 

Universal 512 A 

Vale R 

Versatol D 

Washex CC 

Regent Chemical Corporation 

C-28 D 

CS-927 Steam Cleaner A 

Reily Chemical Company 

'Sani-Clear' Liq. Chlor. Mach. 

Dish wash A 

Alkaline Liquid Drain & Sewer 

Line Opnr O 

Biodor R 

Bora-Clean Q 

Cemex Concrete Remover C 

Chef-een D 

Chef-ette D 

Chlorinated Mach Dish Wash 

Comp A 

Concrete Cleaner A 

Creme Antistatic Cleaner A 

Delite Extra 20% Q 

Delite Extra 40% Q 

Delite 20% 

Desoiler and Descaler C 

Desoiler and Descaler #200 C 

Disinfectant No. 918 D 

E-Z Greasy A 

Flora-Mint R 

Food & Dairy Cleaner All 

Purpose A 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

Germisyl F 

GP-2000 Cleaner A 

Handco 20% Q 

Handco 40% Q 

Hi-Clean A 

Hydroxade Concentrate A 

Hydroxade Regular A 

HD-100 D 

Lemon Beaute-Cair Q 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 10 R 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 13 R 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 20 R 

Lemon Lite Cream Lemon 

Scented Disinf D 

Lotioni7ed Hand Soap 

Unperfumed Q 

Low Suds Laundry Detergent. ..CC 

Lubon BB 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Phosphate Free Hand Dish 

Wash. Comp A 


Phosphate Free Mech. Borax 

Hand Clnr W 

Pine-Dis-5 .' R 

Pine-Feen R 

Pinky D 

Power Pack D 

Presurg-Plus Q 

Purge D 

Redress R 

Safety Hard Water Scale 

Remover C 

Shamrock 880 D 

Special Pink Super Sapon 

Concentrate A 

Steam-X -Steam Cleaner B 

Steri-Fog F 

Steri-Pine R 

Super Rig Wash D 

Super Sapon D 

Super Sapon Concentrate D 

Super Strip D 

Synall D 

Syncon D 

SR-158-SZ A 

Technical A. PC D 

Technical D.W. Base D 

Total 100 F 

Total 200 G 

Triclenal D 

U.N.C.L.E S 

Victory Cleaner D 

W.C.-170 R 

W C -85 Window Cleaner R 

Workhorse D 

40% Delite Q 

904 Concentrate D 

Reitech Corporation 

CD-30 Cleaner Degreaser D 

PB-10 Liquid Cleaner A 

Release Coatings, Incorporated 

M-12 Release Cote AA 

Reliance Brooks, Inc. 

Alkaline Deruster Formula No. 

736 B 

Aqua Turge No. 744 

Disinfectant G 

Aqua-Turge Formula No. F- 

6179-1 A 

Aqua-Turge Formula No. 740 ...C 
Aqua-Turge Formula No. 741 ...C 
Aqua-Turge Formula No. 747. ,.D 
Aqua-Turge Formula No. 750 ...A 
Aqua-Turge Formula No. 752 ...A 
Aqua-Turge Formula No. 754- 

M A 

Aqua-Turge Formula No. 757.. .B 
Aqua-Turge Formula No. 758. ..A 

Aqua-Turge No. 756 A 

Aqua-Turge 745-NP F 


Baygon Insect Residual Spray 

No. 922 T 

Bio-Mix Formula No. B O 

Chain Lube Formula No. 20 BB 

Chain Lube Formula No. 22 BB 

Chain Lube Formula No. 23 BB 

Chain Lube Formula No. 24 BB 

Defeathering Agent L 

Drain Clean Formula No. 324. ..O 
Dual Synergist Pyreth. 

Insect.For.No.920 S 

Dual Synergist Pyreth. 

Insect.For.No.923 S 

Foam Additive D 

Formula No. 2105 N 

Formula No. 2110 M 

Formula No. 2113 M 

Formula No. 2114 M 

Formula No. 2115 M 

Formula No. 2122 M 

Formula No. 2311 R 

Formula No. 24107 M 

Formula No. 2413 M 

Formula No. 2446 M 

Formula No. 2460 N 

Formula No. 2464 N 

Formula No. 2468 N 

Formula No. 2603 M 

Formula No. 2609 M 

Formula No. 2636 M 

Formula No. 2643 M 

Formula No. 2650 M 

Formula No. 2730 C 

Formula No. 2732 C 

H-C Treatment Formula No. 

413 Z 

H-C Treatment Formula No. 

415 N 

H-C Treatment Formula No. 

460 Z 

H-C Treatment Formula No. 

461 N 

H-C Treatment Formula No. 

464 N 

H-C Treatment Formula No. 

465 N 

H-C Treatment Formula No. 

467 N 

H-C Treatment Formula No. 

468 N 

H-C Treatment Formula No. 

477 N 

H-C Treatment Formula No. 

478 N 

H-C Treatment Formula No. 

480 M,Z 

Hand Soap Formula No. 738 ....Q 


Liqui-Phase Boiler Treatment 

For.No. 1 10 M 

Liqui-Phase F-503-1 M 

Liqui-Phase No. 113 M 

Organic Colloid Formula No. 

650-X M 

Oxamine Corrosion Inhbtr For. 

No. 603 M 

Poly-Cide Formula No. Z-3175- 

1A R 

Poly-Cide Formula No. 940-A...R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 940-S ...R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 940-SX R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 945-A...R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 947-A...R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 950-A...R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 961-A...R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 961-S...R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 966-A...R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 967-A...R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 968-A...R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 974-A...R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 974-S ...R 
Poly-Cide Formula No. 974-SX R 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 607-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 610-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 611-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 615-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 616-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 618-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 620-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 621-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 622-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 624-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 626-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 627-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 631-X...M 

Poly-Prep Formula No. 633-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 634-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 635-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 637-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 638-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 643-X...M 
Poly-Prep Formula No. 647-X...M 

Poly-Prep Formula No. 670 M 

Powdered Detergent Formula 

No. F-8196-1 V 

Powdered Detergent Formula 

No. 701 A 

Powdered Detergent Formula 

No. 703 A 

Powdered Detergent Formula 

No. 704 B 

Powdered Detergent Formula 

No. 705 B 

Powdered Detergent Formula 

No. 709 B 

Powdered Detergent Formula 

No. 720 A 

Powdered Detergent Formula 

No. 721 A 

Powdered Detergent Formula 

No. 721-NP A 

Powdered Detergent Formula 

No. 722 A 

Powdered Detergent Formula 

No. 723 F 

Powdered Detergent Formula 

No. 724 F 

Powdered Detergent No. 700 ...A 
Protectamine Formula No. 691 M 

Sno Kleen D 

Sulfamic Acid Cleaner Formula 

No. 732 C.N 

Sulfamic Acid Formula No. 

Blue Label C 

Sulfamic Acid Red Label 

Formula No. 730 C,N 

Vegetable Compound Formula 

No. 679 M 

Volamine Corrosion Inhibitor 

For. No.690 M 

Wetting Agent LP L 

Wetting Agent PS L 

Zeolite Conditioner Formula 

No. 832 Z 

Reliance Chemical Company, The 

Clean-Crete C 

Cleaneze A 

Dyna-Brite A 

Fri-Kleen A 

Glass Kleer R 

Hand Soap Surgical Q 

Liqua San F 

Reliasan F 

Reliasan 450 G 

Solv-O-Mist D 

Reliance Chemicals Corp. 

Bio ne tic O 

Research Chemicals Corp. 

Gre Solv A 

Gre Solv Germicidal Cleaner ....F 

Research Chemicals, Inc. 

RC-110 Descaler C 

RC-200 Liquid Boiler 

Treatment M 

RC-250 Boiler Compound HardM 
RC-250 Boiler Compound Soft M 
RC-300 Steam Line Inhibitor ...M 

RC-400 Compound A 

RC-402 B 

RC-403 Hot Vat Degreaser B 


RC-4040 Compound B 

RC-407 A 

RC-410 Compound B 

RC-600 Liq. Detergent 

Concentrate A 

RC-6011 Heavy Duty Steam 

Cleaner A 

RC-650 Low Foam A 

RC-88 Liquid Scale Remover.. ..M 
29 Scale and Corrosion Control N 

Research Development Industries Inc. 

Belvit R 

Cemex Concrete Remover C 

Clenris D 

D-Lub BB 

Dton S and Pressure Wash 

Degreaser A 

Idal BB 

Insectivor S 

Manogel Q 

RDI 50 D 

Sanbac Lemon R 

Sanbac Mint R 

Watelec BB 

Research Industries Corporation 

Tarn General Purpose Cleaner. A 

Research Products Company 

Max Kill Malathion 57-WE T 

Max Kill PPB 5 S 

Research Products Company 

Acid Detergent C 

Ammoniated Wax Stripper R 

Aqua-Kill Insecticide T 

Astrodet Super Concentrate D 

Automatic A 

B.W.T. 101 M 

B.W.T.-100 M 

Bio-Syn R 

Blue Whiz P 

Bolex P 

C.L.T.-100 M 

C-10 Algaecide N 

Citra-Syn R 

Clear Lemon 10 Disinfectant ....P 

Clear Mint-10 R 

Clear-Pyne Disinfectant 

Deodorant R 

Command A 

CoCo 40% Hand Soap Q 

CWT-300 N 

CWT-500 N 

D-70 Concrete Cleaner C 

Descaler #1 C 

Descaler #2 C 

Dish-A-Clean A 

Dual Synergist Space Spray 

Insctcd S 

Enviro 40 F 

Flash Klenze LC-12 C 

Fog Kill Oil Base Insecticide. ...S 

Frosty Pearl Q 

Glass Shine R 

Husky D 

Klink A 

Liquidate O 

LDS-20 A 

LF-100 A 

LF-310 Low Foam ConcentrateA 

Mediclean Q 

Neo-San F 

Neutra Clean A 



Pine Cleaner R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Porcelain & Stainless Cleaner. ..C 

Pro-D-Foam HH 

Quat-22 F 

Repco-Dyne P 

Repco-Tox Space Spray 

Insctcd Cone S 

Repco-Tox Space Spray 

Insecticide S 

Repro-Chlor R 

Reprosolv A 

Residual Insecticide T 

Secure P 

Sewer Solvent R 

Sludge Floe O 

Space Spray T 

Steam O Clean A 

Super Creme P 

Super Mint R 

Super Pine Odor Disinfectant ...R 

Super Reprosolve D 

Take-Off A 

Tridet D 

20% Cocoall Hand Soap Q 

406 Concrete Cleaner D 

408 Sewer Pipe Cleaner O 

501 Heavy Duty Steam CleanerA 
511 Extra Heavy Duty Steam 

Cleaner B 

603 Chlor. Mach. Dish Washing 
Compound A 

604 Deluxe Mach. Dish 
Washing Compound A 

622 Laundry Powder Low SudsCC 

Residex Corporation 

Banner D 

Blitz O 

Bulls Eye F 

Charge O 

Countdown O 

Direct HIT D 

Dursban Roach Concentrate T 

Fly Fog S 

Fogdex T 

Household Insect Spray T 

Magnify O 

Principal D 

Prolin U 

Resicide Emulsion Concentrates 

Resicide Fogging Compound S 

Residex Brand Diazinon 4E 

Insecticide T 

Residex Brand Diazinon 4S 

Insecticide T 

Residex Foam Clean A 

Residex Malathion 51b. Emulsi. 

Concntrt T 

Residox D 

Resivap Roach Concentrate T 

Resrattus U 

Resrattus Di-Pax U 

Resrattus En-Pax U 

Resrattus-Plus U 

Rodent-Blox U 

Super Resicide Concentrate T 

Target O 

Triple Threat D 

Tumblebug T 

Reslabs, Incorporated 

SX-3 F 

SX-5 F 

Rex Chemical Corporation 

Borax Rex P 

Concrete Cleaner R 

Denaturant Green Dye EE 

Devil D 

Diazinon 4E Insecticide T 

Dursban 2E Insecticide T 

Duz All Detergent A 

Hot Stuff Cleaner B 

Hot Vat Cleaner B 

lodi-Clean G 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Penetr-In O 

Rex Bowl Cleaner P 

Rex Light Mineral Oil AA 

Rex Mineral Oil AA 

Rex Premium Machine 

Dishwash Det. Chlor A 

Rex Rat Glue U 

Rex 99-K D 

Rose Magic A 


Sanilite C 

Silicone Spray AA 

Steel Brite F 

Stop Insecticide S 

Super 00 A 

Reyns Chemicals, Inc. 

R-408 Reco Conquest D 

Reco #3 D 

Reco Bio Syn D 

Reco Blue Flash A 

Reco Steam Kleen A 

Reco Tiger F 

Rhiel Supply Co. 

Break Down A 

Rhodes Chemical Company 

Bug-O-Spray T 

Fly Bait T 

Prime Professional Insecticide. .S 
Pyrethrins ULV Concentrate ,...S 
Rat & Mouse Killer U 

Rhodia, Incorporated 

Alamask 200E R 

Alamask 200EY R 

Alamask 308 A R 

Alamask 308AX R 

Alamask 41 0A R 

Alamask 429A R 

Alamask 429AX R 

Alamask 500A R 

Alamask 500AX R 

Alamask 510A R 

Alamask 510AX R 

Alamask 518B R 

Alamask 518BY R 

Alamask 520A R 

Alamask 520AX R 

Alamask 520AY R 

Alamask 520B R 

Alamask 535A R 

Alamask 535AX R 

Alamask 903B R 

Alamask 903BX R 

Alamask 904A R 

Alamask 904AX R 

Alamask 906A R 

Alamask 906BY R 

Rice Chemical Co., Inc. 

Algaetret-300 N 

Big Red M 

CWT-333 N 

CWT-69 N 

Hard Mak-1 M 

Liqu-Phos Z 

No-Ox M 

Poly-Quest 2 M 

Pro-Quest M 

Pro-Rite M 


Pro-Sludge M 

Pro-Sludge-2 M 

Rite-Phos Z 

Rite-Phos 2 Z 

RLT-1 M 

Soft-Mak 1 M 

Richard Anthony Company 

Cut-Away A 

Richco Products, Inc. 

Spray On II A 

Richlube Supply Co. 

Richlube Moly Plate HP. No. 
2 BB 

Ricmar Industries, Inc. 

Action Energized Concentrate. .D 
Bactrol Disinfectant Deodorant P 

Blast Concentrated B 

Brite Glass & Utility Cleaner .. ..R 

Charge D 

Con-Clean Heavy Duty 

Cleaner R 

De-Odor R 

Deo-Dis Bowl-Porcelain 

Maintainer P 

Enzymatic Mark II O 

Foam Kleen A 

Foaming Cleanser E 

Fogicide Fly & Roach Spray ...S 

Futron F 

Future F 

Gear Eze Open Gear Grease BB 

Heavy Duty Deo-Dis Bowl 

Treatment P 

Hycreme Lotionized Detergent. D 

Hysil Silicone Lubricant AA 

Indian Spice Glycolized Air 

Sntzr Deo R 

Invisible Glove Barrier Creme.W 

Liquid Coco Hand Soap Q 

Loosen Four BB 

Odor-Zone R 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Power Clean D 

Power Clean Energized 

Concentrate D 

Pyresect Insecticide S 

Quick Wash A 

Re-Ox Chemical Cleaner and 

Deoxidizer C 

Ricmar Bolt Buster BB 

Ricmar Dri-Glide BB 

Ricmar Sil-Glide AA 

Router Sewer Solvent O 

RM Concentrate Cleaner A,Q 

Sect-X Residual Roach Liquid. .T 

Sect-X Roach-N'-Ant Killer T 

Skour Kreme P 

Steam Cleaner Concentrated B 

Super Fogging Insect Killer T 

Super Tuff Concrete Cleaner. ...D 

Surftrol R 

T-Lube BB 

Thrust Plus Prilled Drain 

Opener O 

Tri-Gly Air Sanitizer And 

Surface Disnf R 

Tuff Waterless Hand Cleaner ...W 
Velvet Liquid Soap Q 

Riddiford Brothers 

Riddiford's #1 Degreaser A 

Ridge Industries, Inc. 

Powder K D 

Rigo Company 

Kill-Ko Blue Death Rat and 

Mouse Bait U 

Kill-Ko Fly&Mosquito Insect 

Killer S 

Kill-Ko Fog-R Spray S 

Kill-Ko Green Sugar Fly Bait.T 

Kill-Ko Rat BIues-D U 

KUl-Ko Rat Gard U 

Kill-Ko Rat Killer U 

Kill-Ko Roach Powder T 

Kill-Ko Thro Pac Rat Killer U 

P.C.G. Blu Dth. Rat & Mouse 

Bait Thro Pa U 

P.C.G. Blue Death Rat and 

Mouse Bait U 

Ring-Chem Company 


AP-2 D 

Best Cleaner A 

Best Cleaner-X A 

D-54 R 

D-707 R 

D-808 R 

Dynamo A 

Egg Wash H 

GC-27 A 

GC-40 A 

HDS Heavy Duty Steam 

Cleaner A 

P-10 Foam Support A 

Pink Ring F 

Powering-Odorless D 

R-3 A 

Ring Formula 751 A 

Ring 101 D 

Ringo-3 D 

Ringo-3 Odorless A 

Royal Stripp 77 B 

RMR-35 C 

S-U B 

Super Insecticide S 

SH-33 B 

TC-77 Y 

TR-38 B 

WS-2 Spray Cleaner A 

Z-7 D 

888 X 

Rio Linda Chemical Co. Inc. 

Dura Klor 12% N 

Dura Klor 6% N 

Ritchey Products Division 

Acid Brite C 

Con-Lube BB 

CA-101 B 

CA-23 A 

CA-55 B 

CA-70 B 

CL-300 BB 

Dairy Brite A 

E-Z-Lube BB 

Egg Cleaner H 

EX-l-RP A 

EX-3W A 

Flokleen A 

Flor-Kleen D 

Foam-X HH 

Formula 311 C 

FS-200 D 

Klor-White I 

Klorin-8 A 

New Freestone C 

Penta Beads B 

Protoff B 

Richlube BB 

Stain Remover H 

Super Egg Cleaner H 

Super Egg Cleaner(Im proved).. .H 

Super Ex-It Z 

Super Foam-X HH 

Super Stain Remover I 

Sure Kleen A 

Tank Brite A 

Rite Color Chemical Co., Inc. 

B-103 Boiler Treatment N 

B-121 Boiler Treatment M 

B-I26 Steam Line Treatment ...M 

B-95 Boiler Treatment N 

PB-03 Powdered Boiler 

Treatment M 

PB-63 Powdered Boiler 

Treatment M 

PB-82 Powdered Boiler 

Treatment N 

PB-92 Boiler Treatment M 

Rite-Off, Inc. 

Broad Spectrum O 

Concrete and Ramp Cleaner D 

Drione Dust Insecticide Spray ..T 
Enzymes (For Fats And 

Grease) O 

Farm & Industry Multi-Purp. 

Insect. Cone S 

Flying Insect Spray S 

Fogger Insecticide T 

Food Grade Silicone Spray A A 

Food Plant Fogging Insecticide.S 
General Purpose Insect Spray. ..S 
Heavy Duty Cleaner & 

Deodorizer A 

Industrial Multi-Use Insecticides 
Industrial Spray Emulsifiable 

Concntrt S 

Residual Surface Spray T 

Roach & Ant Pressurized T 

Steam Cleaner A 

Wasp & Hornet Killer No. 1 T 

River City Chemical 

RC 100 Non Butyl Degreaser....A 
Super Kleen A 

Ro-Vic Inc. 

Rovic Drainout O 

Road Runner Chemicals, Inc. 

Tri-Jel O 

Robeco Chemicals, Incorporated 

Calcium Hypochlorite Granular I 

Roberson Pools 

Odorless Disinfectant F 

Robert A. Campbell & Associates 

Grea-Di A 

Robert 1, anger Company, Inc. 

Aquafroth Antiseptic Liquid 

Soap Q 

DSD-10 G 

DSD-25 F 

Formula 70 A 

HD-Detergent D 

Robert Orr & Co. 

Kleen-AU Heavy Duty 

Maintenance Cleaner A 

Kleer-Glo A 

Klor-A-Matic A 

Silver Brite A 


Solv-AU A 

Sparkle Glo A 

Ultra Beads A 

Roberts Laboratories 

'Rodex' Pelleted Bait U 

Roberts Cygon 2-E Systemic 

Insecticide T 

Rodex Pelleted Bait With 

Coated Warfarin U 

Roberts Laboratories, Inc. 

Synergized Pyrethrin S 

Roberts, G. B. Maintenance Supply 

Suds A 

Robins, G. S. & Company 

Robins Alkali No. 5 B 

Robinson Chemical Co., Inc. 

RC-203 P 

RC-209 D.BB 

RC-210 BB 

RC-21 1 A 

RC-213 B 

RC-215 A 

RC-219 A 

RC-221 A 

RC-222 A 

RC-223 A 

RC-224 A 

RC-225 A 

RC-227 A 

RC-228 A 

RC-229 A 

RC-230 A 

RC-231 A 

RC-232 B 

RC-234 A 

RC-238 C 

RC-243 C,I 

RC-246 C,I 

RC-251 Q 

RC-252 A,BB 

RC-253 A,BB 

RC-254 Q 

RC-255 BB 

RC-256 BB 

RC-257 A,BB 

RC-258 BB 

RC-259 BB 

RC-260 BB 

RC-261 BB 

RC-262 BB 

RC-263 BB 

RC-264 BB 

RC-280 A 

RC-501 A 

RC-504 A 

RC-506 C 

RC-507 A 

RC-508 A 

RC-511 A 

RC-512 B 

RC-514 O 

RC-516 D 

RC-518 B 

RC-519 B 

RC-520 B 

RC-521 A 

RC-522 A 

RC-523 A,H 

RC-524 A 

RC-525 A 

RC-527 A 

RC-536 A 

RC-538 B 

RC-539 A 

RC-540 A 

RC-543.. B 

RC-544 A 

RC-545 B 

RC-546 A 

RC-547 A 

RC-548 A 

RC-549 A 

RC-550 A 

RC-551 A 

RC-552 B,H 

RC-553 A 

RC-554 A 

RC-555 B 

RC-556 B 

RC-557 B 

RC-558 B 

RC-561 C 

RC-562 A,H 

RC-564 A 

RC-565 A 

RC-566 B 

RC-567 A 

RC-568 A 

RC-570 B 

RC-572 A 

RC-576 A 

RC-580 B 

RC-581 Concentrate All 

Purpose Cleaner A 

RC-582 Poultry Scald L 

RC573 A 

RC574 B 

RC575 A 

RC576 A 

RC577 B 

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution. .G 

Roby's Janitor Supply Corp. 

Roby's 7-11 A 

Rochester Germicide Company 

Aqua-Creme Lotion Skin 

Cleaner Q 

Extermo Mill Spray Insecticides 
Extermo Vaporant Concntrt 

Insect S 

Formula 260 D 

Glo San Bowl Cleaner P 

K-100 Concentrate D 

K-99 Low Foam Cleaner D 

Karon Concentrate All Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Lanolated Mexo Powdered 

Hand Cleaner P 

LaBelle Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Mexo Lotion Hand 

Cleaner Q 

Now O 

Olive Leaf Liquid Hand Soap...Q 
Palmetto Emollient Hand Soap.Q 

Sanor Chem D P 

Sanor Chem G P 

Sanor Chem K P 

Sanor Chem Line L P 

Sanor Chem M P 

Sanor Chem WC P 

Sanor Delux P 

Sanor X Fluid P 

Soil-Solv D 

Rochester Sanitary Products Co. 

Aer-O-San D 

Hi-Clear Foamy Glass Cleaner .R 

Hy-Kil S 

Klean-O-Lite D.T. Heavy Duty 
Cleaner R 

Kleen-O-San Foaming CleanserE 

Lo-San Q 

Medicide P 

Ro-Sil BB 

Rocket Dispensers & Fluids, Inc. 

Rocket Knok Concentrate R 

Rocket Mist Fluid #1-C R 

Rockfort Industries/ Division of NCH 

All-Star Q 

Bio-Rock Germicidal Cleaner ...D 

Bolt-Save BB 

Brill-X C 

BC-10 P 

Clincher Concentrated 

Deodorizing Clnr R 

Dividend BB 

Dual-Kil T 

Econo-Treat N 

Fighton T 

Flo-Free O 

Fortify W 

Gentle Giant P 

Get-Im Wasp Spray T 

Heat-Tect BB 

Heavyweight R 

Insecti-Mist S 

Insta-Fog S 

IS-1000 A 

Lucent R 

Mandate Extrm Press Gear Oil 

SAE 85W-I40 BB 

Moly-Mist BB 

My-O-Cide T 


Oil Foil D 

Poly-Glide AA 

R.K.-2000 N 

R.K.-300 M 

R.K.-750 N 

Rebel A 

Reef R 

Rocklyte C 

San Fort Aerosol Lubricant AA 

San-Aire R 

San-Aire (Aerosol) R 

Sect-Out S 

Seize-Eze BB 

Skin-Tone P 

Spec-5 R 

Splitz O 

Thaw-Out R 

Tribune A 

Variety A 

Xtra-Steam A 

Rockland Chemical Co., Inc. 

Penn-Mist S 

Penn-O-Pine R 

Rocol Limited 

White Food Grease BB 

Roger Popp, Incorporated 

Blue-Skil A 

Klout Industrial Degreaser- 

C leaner D 

Popps Bleach Cleanser E 

111 Cleaner D 

Rogue Valley Distributors 

Rogues No One A 

Rohm & Haas Company 

Triton X-114 A 


Roisman Chemical & Drug Sundries, 

Durox Bleach G,CC 

Roman Chemical Corp. 

Roman Bakery Floor Cleaner. ..D 

Roman Rack Wash A 

Romansheen A 

Roman Cleanser Company 

Leto's Roman Bleach G,CC 

Roman Cleanser Bleach P.CC 

Rome Building Maintenance & 
Sanitary Supply Co. 

Floor Cleaner D 

Stripper Floor Cleaner B 

Rominda Chemicals, Inc. 

All-Purp A 

Florr-Grripp MM 

Formula #23-Y R 

Formula #4 A 

Formula #9 A 

Quick-Clean B 

Rominda Formula #70 D 

RAL-#105 A 

RAL-#107 B 

RAL-#108 B 

RAL-#109 D 

RAL-#110 A 

RAL-#112 B 

Romro Corporation 

Blast' Multi-Purp. Steam 

Cleaning Cone A 

'Max' Liquid Steam Cleaning 

Concentrate A 

'Mi nster' Ultra Hot Sewer 

Solvent O 

Big 'C Concentrate D 

Heavy Duty Formula Liquid 

Stm Clng Cone A 

Inhibited Chemical CI. & 

Oxidation Rmvr C 

Organic Acid Detergent C 

Red Hot Sewer Solvent O 

Romro AMC-9 C 

Romro APC-2 A 

Romro CC-34 D 

Romro GP-280 A 

Romro H.D. Alkalene B 

Romro Lubricant TL AA 

Romro LD-515 \ 

Romro MP-550 A 

Romro No. 1 General 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Romro No. 23 Milkstone & 

Scale Rmvr Cone C 

Romro No. 5 Heavy Duty 

Smokehouse Clnr B 

Romro No. 8 Extra-Heavy 

Duty All Purp CI B 

Romro RIO A 

Romro RDX R 

Romro S-311 B 

Romro Superus A 

Romro SC-6 A 

Romro SGC-3 A 

Romro TC-4 B 

Romro 150 A 

Task Master Q 

Ron Chemicals, Inc. 

Cler-X 77 A 

Rone 11 Industries 

Attack Fly & Insect Spray S 


Guardian Q 

Klean Air F 

Lift-Off A 

Mighty Comet A 

Odorol F 

Open-Sesame O 

Pot and Pan Cleaner A 

R-L Concentrate A 

Rinse Aid A 

Sani-Lav Bowl Cleaner P 

Sentry Antiseptic Q 

Solu-Phene D 

Wash-Up Q 

Rose Chemical Products, Inc. 

Chlor-Det F 

Lotionized Hand & Skin 

Cleaner Q 

Rose Able A 

Rose Akidet C 

Rose Automate D 

Rose Challenge Hvy Dty 

Degreaser D 

Rose Concentrated Ice 

Remover R 

Rose D-Matic A 

Rose Dazzle A 

Rose Decide G 

Rose Drain Cleaner O 

Rose Fling A 

Rose Formula II A 

Rose Formula IV A 

Rose Formula VIII A 

Rose FPC No. 5 D 

Rose FPC No. 7 F 

Rose Hi-Chlor A 

Rose IGR Iodine Germicide F 

Rose Kleer Kleen D 

Rose Kreme Kleener D 

Rose Liqua Concentrate Q 

Rose Liqua 7B Q 

Rose Luma-Brite A 

Rose LPWD A 

Rose M-6 Cleaner A 

Rose Many D 

Rose New Formula Laundri- 

Matic CC 

Rose PC. Cleaner R 

Rose Power Pak Detergent D 

Rose Power Wash Detergent ....A 

Rose Pre-Dip A 

Rose Re-Nu C 

Rose Spark leen A 

Rose Steam-O-Clean A 

Rose Swat Insecticide S 

Rose Task-Master A 

Rose Warebrite A 

Rose Waterless Hand Cleaner. .W 

Rose Wetso A 

Rose 202 Insecticide T 

Rose 404 Insecticide S 

Rose 606 Insecticide S 

Rose 808 Insecticide S 

Rosecide D 

Rosephene D 

Rosephene 128 D 

Rosept Q 

Rose Exterminator Company 

Rat and Mouse Bait with 

Fumarin U 

Rexco Multipurpose Kil- 

Fog/11 S 

Ross Industries, Incorporated 

Ross 601 Oil AA 

601 White Mineral Oil 

(Aerosol) A A 

Rotanium Products Co. Div. of 
Premier Indust. Corp. 

Food Machinery Grease E.P AA 

Rotanium Food Grade Silicone. A A 
Rotanium Pure Lube AA 

Roth & Deng Supply Co. 

R & D A 

Rothlan Corporation 

Maria Spray Lubricant BB 

Rowley Brothers, Inc. 

White Food Machinery Grease 

Roy Wilson Manufacturing Co. 

All Purpose Liquid 4-1 Cleaner. A 

Amber No. 2 Oil Soap A,BB 

Forstar Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Green Glo 20% Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Green Glo 40% Concentrate 

Liq. Hand Soap Q 

John D. Jr P 

John D. Jr. Powdered Hand 

Soap P 

Nu-Blend D,CC 

Red Glo Cleaner No. 2 A 

Ristokrat Heavy Duty Cleaner. .D 

Royack, M. Company 

AM 100-M M 

Formula 61 1 M 

HDL Alkaline Cleaner B 

Ox-T M 

R-1403 M 

209 M 

413 M 

425 M 

601 B M 

611 M 

613 M 

700 M 

715 M 

717 M 

721 M 

722 M 

805 M 

807 AF M 

Royal Chemical Company 

Detergent Concentrate A 

Liquid Hand Soap FG Q 

RC-245 Boiler Compound M 

RC-250 Boiler&Steam Line 

Comp M 

Royal Chemical Company, Inc. 


Dish Wash A 

Fast Kleen A 

Golden Concrete Cleaner D 

Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Liquid Steam Cleaner B 

Premium Fly & Roach Spray ....S 

Royal Flush O 

Royal Sure Kleen A 

Stain Remover C 

Surgical Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Toxene S 

Wiz D 


Royal Chemical Corporation 

Crete Clean R 

L-Tox Spray S 

Lavo-Brite Porcelain Cleaner. ...P 
Light N'Sudsy Powdered 

Washing Compound D 

Many Uses Germicidal Cleaner 

& Surf. Deo R 

No. 600 Hog Scald X 

Surfa Sept Hospital 

Disinfectant Deo P 

Royal Chemical Corporation 

Jet Wash A 

Ro-Pol Cleaner A 

Royal Jet A 

Royal Lube BB 

Royal 46 A 

Royal 55-LS A 

Royal 8 A 

Royal Enterprises 

Roy-O-Cide F 

Roy-O-Con D 

Roy-O-Mint P 

Roy-O-Pine R 

Roy-O-Roach T 

Roy-O-Scale C 

Roy-O-Tar R 

Royal Dish A 

Royal Dish P Odorless A 

Royal Flush P 

Royal Fog-O-Sect S 

Royal Hickory Klenz B 

Royal Ide F 

Royal M A 

Royal Nu-Mold C 

Royal Nu-Troll B 

Royal Odor Out R 

Royal Orange R 

Royal Powerhouse D 

Royal Scald X 

Royal Scald Plus X 

Royal Sect 2-0 T 

Royal Sect 2W T 

Royal Sect-W T 

Royal Slay Zem S 

Royal Soak A 

Royal Steam A 

Royal Steam Zip A 

Royal Super Jet O 

Royal Total Klenz A 

Royal Oil Company 

E.P. Industrial Bearing & 

Chassis Lube BB 

Food-Machinery Grease A.W...AA 

Green Fury A 

Royal Command A 

Straight Mineral Trans. Lub. 

SAE-140 BB 

Straight Mineral Trans. Lub. 

SAE-80 BB 

Straight Mineral Trans. Lub. 

SAE-90 BB 

Torque Trans Fluid BB 

Universal Gear Lubricant 

SAE-140 BB 

Universal Gear Lubricant 

SAE-80 BB 

Universal Gear Lubricant 

SAE-90 BB 

646 Supreme Gear Lubricant 

SAE 75 BB 

646 Supreme Gear Lubricant- 

SAE-140 BB 

646 Supreme Gear Lubricant- 

SAE-90 BB 

Royal Supply Company, Inc. 

RS-100 Blue Cleaner&Stripper .A 

RS-44 Concentrate Cleaner D 

RS-88 Steam & Pressure Liq. 
Concntrt A 

Royalite Chemical Corporation 

R.C. Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Super Satin A 

Rozar, Incorporated 

Brand X Rust & Corrosion 

Prevt. Oil NM AA 

Rual Products Company 

DS-313 All Purpose Cleaner A 

Rudolph Ramelli, Incorporated 

Deocide P 

Insecticide S 

Lemon Brite R 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5 ....R 
Ramelli Sodium Hypochlorite ...K,P,C 

Ramicide F 

Royal Blue D 

Steam Cleaner D 

Super Blu Cleaner-Stripper D 

Surjet Q 

Window Cleaner R 

Ruesch Chemical Corporation 

Butalene D 

Butex Industrial Glass Cleaner .R 

Conveyor Line Lube A,BB 

Derma-Oil Liquid Hand Soap ...Q 

Lig-Mul Hand Soap P 

Power-Off D 

Super Power-Off D 

Super Power-Off II D 

Velva-Lux Q 

Rugged Rentals 

Rugged Rentals Super Cleaner. .A 

Russall Products Co., Inc. 

Con-Cen-Trate D 

Dynamic A 

Solvall A 

Rustler and Company 

Bullhead Formula 66 D 

Hi'V Lotion Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Ruth Industries, Incorporated 

Bacto-Stat D 

Bowl Brite Concentrated Toilet 

Bowl CI P 

C & C Chain & Conveyor Belt 

Lubricant BB 

Coal Tar No.5 R 

Colldrain O 

Cresylic No.5 R 

Critter-Getter Dual/Action T 

D-Germ P 

Dazzle R 

Doublemint R 

Fine-Pine R 

Four D D 

G-R Residual Insecticide T 

Good Riddance Space Spray S 

Good-Riddance Emulsifiable 

Spray Cone S 

Good-Riddance Residual Spray T 

Good-Riddance ULV Fog 

Insecticide Cone S 

Guardian R 

Iodex G 

Kitchen Pal D 

Klobber Heavy Duty Drain 

Opener O 

Lemo-Dis R 

Liquid Micro-Blend O 

Odd-Job Bowl & Porcelain 

Cleaner P 

Odor-Gone R 

Pine Oil No. 5 R 

Quat No.5 F 

Rest-A-Pest Rat Bait U 

Sparkle Sanitizing Tablet F 

Super-Fog S 

Rutherford Janitor Supply Co. 

Product 918 Q 

RuDel Concepts, Inc. 

23 Skiddoo MM 

Ryan Chemical Company 

Bo-Ox M 

Boiler BP M 

Boiler V M 

Ryder Systems 

Ryder Fleet Wash No. I A 

Ryder Fleet Wash No. 2 A 

Rykoff, S. E. & Company 

Serco Ammoniated Liquid 

Cleaner R 

Serco Caustic Lye B 

Serco Cleanser R 

Serco Concentrated Cleaner D 

Serco Floor Detergent D 

Serco Fryer and Grill Clean B 

Serco Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Serco Hvy Dty Dry Chlorine 

Bleach CC 

Serco Lime-Clean C 

Serco Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Serco Liquid Sanitizer G 

Serco Pine Cleaner R 

Serco T.S.P A 

Serco 150 A 

Serco 28415 Laundry Pre-Soak.CC 
Serco 61 Blue Hand 

Dishwashing Detrgl A 

Serco 62 A 

Serco 63 Light Suds Hand 

Dishwashing Det A 

Serco 66 Quality Blue Hand 

Dish. Det A 

Serco 71 A 

Serco 73 Chlr. Dshwshng. 

Mach. Det A 

Serco 74 Non-Chlr. Dish. 

Mach. Det A 

Serco 78 Chlr. Hvy 

Dty. Dshwshng. Mach. Det A 

Serco 79 


h.Det A 

Serco 91 Laundry Detergent CC 

Serco 93 Brite Laundry 

Detergent CC 

Ryter Corporation, The 

Odormute-C R 


S & D Janitorial Supply Company 

Blue Glass Cleaner R 

Earth Bound Roach 'n Ant 

Killer T 

Forest Pine Odor Disinfectant ..R 
Germicidal Cleaner & Surface 

Deodorant R 

Glass Cleaner R 

Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Open-Flo Prilled Drain Opener. O 
San Dee Cone Odor Cntr & 

Grs & Slime Sol R 

San-Dee Lotion Skin Cleaner ...Q 
San-Dee Toilet Bowl Cleaner.. ..P 
Surgisan Lotionized Liquid 

Soap Q 

Triclosan Liquid Soap Q 

S & E Chemical Company 

Essanee Lotion Soap Q 

F-P-C-80 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Food Processors Cleaner 10 A 

Food Processors Cleaner 20 D 

PH 6 Q 

S & M Sales & Service Co. 

Hi-Count Bacteria Enzyme 

Complex O 

S & P Company 

Mighty Max #98 D 

S & S Chemical Corp. 

Suddenly D 

S & S Company of Georgia, Inc. 

Blast Off D 

Degrease-AU A 

G.B. 44 

Heavy Duty Magic Concrete 

Cleaner R 

Magic Klean R 

P.M.R. Super Cleaner P 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant (Phenol 

Coef. 5) R 

Red Hot B 

S-5 Super Clean D 

Sasco Chelate 3000 N 

Sasco LT-21 S 

Sasco Quaternary Ammonium 

Germicide Cone F 

Sasco Steritone F 

Sasco 103 A 

Spray Kleen D 

Steam Cleaner 'Heavy Duty'...B 

Steam Quick B 

Suds-O-Foam A 

Tower-Treet 250 N 

S & S Soap Company 

'R' Soap Powder A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Pink Magic All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Pink Magic Hand Dishwashing 

Compnd A 

Pink Magic Mach. Dshwshng 

Compound A 

Sebrow Soap Powder A 

White Magic Synthetic Beads... A 

White Magic Synthetic 

Detergent A 

S & S Speciality Sales 

Grease Gun In A Can BB 

S G Industries 

D-Lux Enzymes O 

Superior Enzymes O 

S V Chemicals 

Bottle Glo B 

Calm Hri 

Chlorinated Cyclone A 

Cir-Klor B 

Cir-Klor 'E' A 

Cir-Klor 'S 1 A 

Cleaner 89-4 A 

Du-All A 

DEW-1 Egg Wash A,H 

DEW-11 Egg Wash A,H 

Formula 60 B 

Formula 60 H B 

Formula 60 L B 

Hi-Klor G 

Klor Kleen A 

Knox-It D 

Kwikleen A 

Sandee Acid Cleaner C 

Sandee BSR C 

Sani-Phos C 

Soft Kleen D 

Sterisol D 

Summit A 

Taurus HD A 

Taurus MD A 

Valco Foam 'A' A 

Valco Foam 'B' A 

Valco Foam 'C* A 

Valco HDL A 

Valco LDL A 

Valco MDL A 

Valco Suds A 

Valco Super HDL A 

Valco 24X B 

Valco 24XA A 

3-In-l D 

S. C. D. Chemical Company 

Oxodene 20 F,Z 

S. C. S. Corporation 

SCS-4 Cleaner A 

S. W. Chemical Company 

Grease Eater A 

Saalfeld Paper Company, The 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Sacco Chemical Company 

Foam-It A 

Liquid Suds A 

Powder Concentrate A 

Power Surge D 

Power-N -Steam A 

Sadler Paper Company 

Olympic Brd Proteinized 

Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Safety-Kleen Corp. 

General Purpose Cleaner 666. ..R 

Safeway Stores, Incorporated 

Newport Sanitizing Cleaner F 

Safeway Egg Cleaner H 

Waxcraft Industrial GP CleaherA 

White Magic Bleach K.P.CC 

White Magic Cleanser E 

Saffelle, Incorporated 

Saffelle Pink Concentrate 

Cleaner D 

SJ-44 Cleaner D 

Sahara Oil Co. of America 

Aluma-Plate WH-AA AA 

Sail Chemical Company 

Aquacide S 

Big-Bull Concrete Cleaner A 

Blue Butyl Cleaner D 

Blue Gran. Sewer & Drain 

Solvent O 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap Q 

Golden Gator R 

Golden Pine R 

Kleer-Vue Glass Cleaner R 

Odo-Rout R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5 ...R 

Red Devil Concrete Cleaner A 

Red Hot O 

Sail AU Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner A 

Sail Automatic Scrub D 

Sail Breakaway A 

Sail E.C. 130 D 

Sail Supercleaner D 

Sail 66 D 

Superior Concrete Cleaner B 

Salem Chemical Corporation 

Salem AU Purpose Cleaner 

Conctrt A 

Salem Laboratories, Inc. 

CD-72 F 

Salem 2002 Extra G 

Salsbury Laboratories 

AU Weather Bar Bait U 

Sam Sneed Company, The 

Bomb A 

Samco Chemical Corporation 

All Purpose Powder A 

Blitz R 

Dri-Lube BB 

Farm Hand O 

Lime Off C 

Natural pH Hair & Body 

Shampoo Q 

P-C B 

Power O 

Power Plus D 

Samco-Dis G 

Sewer Compound O 

Steam Away B 

Sunshine E 

Thread Sealer (Aerosol) BB 

Wisp P 

3-D Germicidal Detergent D 

Samson Paper Company, Inc. 

Forest 'Q-Line' F 

Forest APC D 

Forest Fast-Foam Degreasing 

Cleaner A 

Forest Plus D 

Spray - N - Wipe R 

Samuel Halaby, Inc. 

Kil-Moe Insecticide S 


San Dee Chemical Products, Inc. 

Foam-Kling A 

Formula 1013 D 

H.D. Cleaner D 

M-8-Plus D 

Q-Kleen F 

Q-64-N Neutral Fragrance F 

S & D All Purpose Cleaner A 

S & D Chlorinated Cleaner A 

S & D H.D. Caustic Cleaner B 

S & D H.D. Cleaner R 

S & D H.D. Liquid Cleaner A 

S & D Lubricant BB 

S & D P. E. Cleaner A 

S & D Steam Cleaner A 

San-D Feet D 

San-D 122 R 

Steam It A 

Sur Clean D 

1013 D 

San Det Corporation 

All Purpose Liq. Detrgnt 

Concntrt A 

Autowash A 

Concentrated All Purpose 

Detergent A 

Formula 1095 A 

Hand Dish Wash A 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner B 

New Gold Autowash A 

Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

San Joaquin Supply Company 

Formula A-2 A 

Formula K Insect Spray S 

Formula K-5 S 

Formula 301 D 

Kleensall D 

Royal Blue D 

Sanamine 8903 M 

Sanamine 8923 M 

Sanatherm 8102 M 

Sanatherm 8106 M 

Sanatherm 8108 M 

Sanatherm 8324 M 

Sanatherm 8328 M 

Sanatherm 8380 M 

Sidal Q 

Steri-Du F 

Yes CC 

San Luis Paper Company 

#300 Easy Degreaser A 

San-A-Care, Inc. 

Control Neutral Fragrance F 

San-A-Foam A 

San-Mar Laboratories 

A.I.O. 1500 Concentrate M 

Alltreat 300 N 

Alltreat 600 M 

Alltreat 700 N 

Alltreat 800 M 

Aquacide S 

Bac-Stat Perfd. Bacteriostatic 

Deo. Cake P 

Big -G' A 

Big Blast A 

Black Disinfectant (Phenol 

Coef. 2) R 

Black Disinfectant (Phenol 

Coef. 3) R 

Black Disinfectant (Phenol 

Coef. 5) R 

Blue O 

Boilerite 100 M 

Brandex D 

Chemtronic A 

Citrosene 10 R 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Coilite D 

Combine D 

Concrete Cleaner R 

Dual-27 F 

Fast Klean C 

Foamzit D 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

G B Breakdown O 

Gent D 

GPC-24 D 

Hangs In There Bowl & 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

Heavy Duty Cleaner R 

Hi-Count Bacteria Enzyme 

Complex O 

Hydrolytic Enzyme Bacteria 

Complex O 

JJC-16 A 

L-Tox Concentrate S 

L-Tox Spray S 

Lemon Tree R 

Lemonene R 

Liquid Conveyor Lube BB 

Lo-Sudz D 

Mighty Mike Concentrate A 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Miracle Cleaner Concentrate ....D 

Mr. Brite Porcelain Cleaner P 

Neutral Cleaner R 

Neutrox 400 N 

Odo Rout R 

Orange Deodorant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant (Phenol 

Coef. 5) R 

Power Concentrate P 

Power Plus P 

Quik Clenz R 

R.I.S.-15 T 

Red Hot O 

Remuv-Ox C 

Saphene II Q 

Smite S 

Steam Cleaner Liquid B 

Steamrite 202 M 

Steamrite-200 M 

SM Industrial Deodorant R 

Tank Saver N 

Thrift Detergent D 

Tough Touch Concentrated 

Liquid Skin CI Q 

Tower All NC Concentrate N 

Trak-Lube BB 

Vita-Pine (Phenol Coefficient 

5) R 

W.T.C. Algaecide and Algal 

Slimicide N 

Whirlpool Drain Opener O 

Whomp O 

6/49 Concentrate D 

Sanaco Chemical Manufacturers, Inc. 

Sanaco-100 All Purp. Clnr. 

Cone A 

Sanaco-100 High Foam All 

Purpose CI Cone A 

Sanaco-300 Multi-Purpose CI. 

Super Cone D 

Sanico Little Tiger A 

Sanchem, Inc. 

No-Ox-ID A Special - BB 

No-Ox-ID 490 AA 

Sanco Products Company 

Bulldog Cleaner R 

Dynamic Drain Opener & 

Maintainer O 

Industrial General Purpose 

Insect Spray S 

Paraffin Oil BB 

Regal Concrete Cleaner D 

S-25G D 

Sanco Cherry Bowl Cleaner P 

Sanco Chloro-Terg A 

Sanco Emulsion Bowl Cleaner. P 
Sanco N-85 Cleaning 

Concentrate A 

Sanco P-40 Fogging Spray S 

Sanco Rainbow Steam Cleaner. A 
Sanco Rainbow Steam Cleaner 

Liq A 

Sanco Regal Hand Soap Q 

Sanco Rins-O-Dine G 

Sanco San-O-Sol D 

Sanco Sewer Solvent O 

Sanco Smoke House Cleaner.. ..A 
Sanco Trolley Cleaner B 

Sanco Products Company, Inc. 

Mark Remover R 

Sanco Supplies, Incorporated 

Sanco Heavy Duty Cleaner 

Degreaser D 

SP-505 Hand Cleaner W 

SP-540 Hand Cleaner W 

SP-570 Hand Cleaner W 

Sand Mountain Exterminating Co. 

Marshall Rat Killer U 

Sandoz- Wander, Incorporated 

Sandopan DTC A 

Sanfax Chemicals 

Act C 

Aero-Feet P 

Alkaflow-HD B 

Bargasan A 

Brute B 

BullVEye S 

Cac-137 C 

Candoo A 

Combo A 

Corrodisolve C 

Counteract R 

Denude-XL Y 

Derma-Fax Q 

Drop-M NR S 

Fail-Safe FF 

Faxain-HM A 

Flite-Lub BB 

Floor-Stock D 

Foamax A 

Fry-Zo B 

Gelusan Concentrate A 

Gypsy-DR B 

GS 6 F 

Kontrol N 

L-Toro A 

Laundrasan CC 

Lypidax O 

Marauder T 

Med-829 C 

No-Add A 

Odor-Ender R 

Poli-Fax A 

Poly-Floe O 

Polysan BT M 

Retalsan A 

Saf-Skrub A 


Safe-Brite C 

Sana-Fome A 

Sanacid N C 

Sanamist C R 

Sanamist V R 

Sanasol-L O 

Sanfax A luminal C 

Sanfax AA Smooth-Lub AA 

Sanfax Caution Acid C 

Sanfax Chloroboost G 

Sanfax Eradisan G,GG 

Sanfax Faxiod G,GG 

Sanfax Ferret G,GG 

Sanfax Malasan R T 

Sanfax Mirro-Shack B 

Sanfax Nutramine 150 M 

Sanfax Organisan-XL G 

Sanfax 3-D Acid C 

Sanzyme O 

Scatter L.O.X 

Shackle-Magic B 

Smooth-Lub BB 

Solusan Z 

Solvo A 

Sonic Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Sparkl-Brite CC 

Stormy-XL B 

Sur-White Y 

Tar-Free B 

Toro B 

Tower N 

Tripe-White Y 

Trol-Eze A A 

Trolsan-DR B 

Ultra-Fome A 

Visca-Foam A 

Wed-L R 

Wed-O R 

Wed-V R 

X-Pel HD O 

Yield Y 

222 O 

522 B 

Sanford Chemical Co., Inc. 

Loft #447 Detergent A 

Sani Kleen Chemicals, Inc. 

#747 D 

Klean Aid A 

Sani-C hem. Incorporated 

S.C. 739 Germicidal Cleaner D 

SC-600 O 

Sani-C lean Distributors, Inc. 

Ultra-Clean A 

Sani-C lean Products, Inc. 

Improved Formula C25 Indust. 
Liq. Deo R 


Sam-Fresh Antiseptic Hand 

Soap FF 

Sani-Fresh Canela Liq. 

Deodorant R 

Sani-Fresh Cherry Blossom 

Liq. Deodorant R 

Sani-Fresh French Bouquet 

Liq. Deodorant R 

Sani-Fresh Lemon Twist Liq. 

Deodorant R 

Sani-Fresh Mint Ice Liq. 

Deodorant R 

Sani-Kem Corporation 

Fused Caustic B 

Heavy Duty Spotless A 

Sani-Cide F 

Sani-Glo C 

Sam- Kleen A 

Sani-Klor A 

Sani-Solv D 

Sani-Kem East, Inc. 

Gleam-Team All Purpose 

Cleaner D,P 

Gleam-Team Industrial 

Degreaser Cone A 

Gleam-Team Sink/Hand 

Concentrate A 

Sani-Gleam All Purpose 

Cleaner D,P 

Sani-Gleam Industrial 

Degreaser Cone A 

Sani-Gleam Sink/Hand 

Concentrate A 

Sani-Glo All Purpose Cleaner ...D,P 
Sani-Glo Industrial Degreaser 

Cone A 

Sani-Glo Sink/Hand 

Concentrate A 


Air Mist Odorless (Bulk) P 

Airmist Odorless (Aerosol) P 

Aquanism Liquid Live Micro- 
organisms O 

AC-40 C 

AP-54 R 

BC-98 M 

Car-Sheen A 

Count Down S 

CL-25 BB 

CR-27 A 

D.P.O O 


Easy-Going R 

Formula #600 P 

Hylite D 

Lano-San (Cream) W 

Lano-San Aerosol W 

LH-88 Q 

Mr. Sanico A 

N-4 F 

OC-24 R 

Pan-Glo A 

RM-11 C 

RP-49 C 

Skin-Tone W 

Sparkle Concentrated Glass 

Cleaner R 

Sparkle Concntrtd Glass 

CI. (Aerosol) R 

Sparkle Ready to Use R 

Super Charge O 

SC-7 Steam Cleaner CompoundB 


Top Notch A 

TC-3 P 

UG-33 D 

UG-35 D 

Sanifas Products 

Accept P 

Cherry Bowl Cleaner P 

Discrete C 

Honey-Creme Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 15 Q 

Namifluff Beads A 

Sewer Solvent O 

100 Plus Drain Pipe Opener O 

Saniplex Laboratories, Inc. 

A-186 Chlorinated Krystals A 

A-225 White Foam Beads A 

Foam-Up D 

L-210 Hog Scald Compound X 

Space Spray No. 3 N-212 S 

Sanitary Chemical Supply, Inc. 

Brite Wash #105 CC 

Brite Wash #2 CC 

Hi-Test Brite-Wash #300 CC 

Hi-Test Brite-Wash #4 CC 

Hi-Test Grease Solvent CC 

Hi-Test Super Drychlor Bleach CC 
Hi- Test Super Lime Solvent CC 

Sanitary Products Corp. 

Force D 

Sanitary Specialties Company 

Hurry-Klean A 

Sani-S-S Concentrate D 

Sani-Spray D 

Sani-Super Strip D 

Sanitary Supply Co. 

NB 131 A 

NB-31 A 

Sanitary Supply Co. of Tucson, Inc. 

Double SS Brand Down & Out 

Drain Opener O 

Double SS Brand Lemon 

Disinfectant P 

Double SS Brand Lime-Off 

De-Liming Cmpd C 

Double SS Brand Liqui- 

DishHnd-Dshwsh Det A 

Double SS Brand Palm Soap ...Q 
Double SS Brand Pine Oil 

Disinfectant R 

Double SS Brand Ready-To- 

Use Hand Soap Q 

Double SS Brand Sani-Pine 

Pine Odor Disn R 

Double SS Brand Sani-Solv 

K.D. CIn-Dgrsr A 

Double SS Brand 

40%PureCoco.Oil Hnd Soap.Q 
Foam-It A 

Sanitary Supply Specialties 

Samson D 

Tornado A 

Sanitation Associates, Inc. 

Little Tiger D 

Sanitek Products, Inc. 

Chain Lubricant 5286-1A BB 

Saf-Dee R 

Sani-Kem D 

Sanicide J 

Saniphene Q 

Saniphene Antiseptic Hand 

Soap(Lot.) Q 

Saniphene Surgical Soap Q 

Sanitek Sanitize D 

Spray tek A 

Tuff-KIeen R 

Saniturg Chemical Co. 

Insta-Kleen D 

Sanivan Laboratories, Inc. 

Drain and Sewer Cleaner DC-l.O 

Sanolite Chemical Corporation 

Bake Pan Cleaner HH A 

Boiler Water Treatment M 

Bulls Eye A 



Chlorinated Jester A 

Chloro R 

Crystal A 

Dual Chlor F 

EDC Boiler Treatment M 

Fantasia A 

Flash D 

Foaming Disinfectant Cleaner.. .R 

Formula No. 605 F 

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner D 

Iodex G 

Jester NF A 

Jester OF B 

Jester Star A 

LC-1151 CC 

Magic A 

Magic M A 

Magic ML A 

Mint O Green R 

New GR Germicidal Rinse G 

Oxygen Scav PDR M 

Oxygen Scavenger L M 

Peak LF C 

Peak NF C 

Pot Luck A 

Purge A 

Ram Rod NF R 

Return Line Treatment A M 

Reward A 

Rinse-It A 

Roach & Bug Killer T 

San-O-Bac Q 

Sanisol A 

Sano-Kleen CC 

Sanolac #10 B 

Sanolac #5 A 

Sanolac #60 A 

Sanolac #7-0 A 

Sanolac #8 A 

Sanolac BW B 

Sanolac CIP No. 17 B 

Sanolac Foam All A 

Sanolac Formula 510 D 

Sanolac FP-100 B 

Sanolac FP-101 A 

Sanolac FP-103 A 

Sanolac FP-104 B 

Sanolac FP-105 C 

Sanolac FP-106 B 

Sanolac FP-107 B 

Sanolac FP-108 B 

Sanolac FP-109 A 

Sanolac FP-700 D 

Sanolac Hy Pressure Cleaner....B 

Sanolac HMC A 

Sanolac HS X 

Sanolac HT B 

Sanolac LC-SC A 

Sanolac No. 803 A 

Sanolac PDQ B 

Sanolac Sewer Solvent O 

Sanolac TC Y 

Sanolac 22BG D 

Scale & Film Remover C 

Sentry B 

Sentry Star A 

Shroud Cleaner CC 

Silver Kleen A 

Slide Silicone Spray AA 

Speedy D 

Splash A 

Splash With Ammonia A 

Spraize D 

Sudsall A 

Super Sanolite A 

Super Soap Compound #71 A 

Super Soap Compound #75 A 

Treat A 

Triumph Bleach CC 

Ultimate A 

Wham-O O 

Santana Chemicals 

De-Limer C 

Santana Lagoon Enzymes O 

Unlock O 

Santek Chemicals 

Alkasan-10 B 

Alkasan-20 B 

Sanquest RD D 

Saverite Water Treatment Co. 

Formula A-210 M 

Formula B-210 M 

Formula 210-A Liquid M 

Formula 210-B Liquid M 

300 N 

Savin Chemical & Industrial Supply 

Dishwash Concentrate A 

Industrial Cleaner Degreaser D 

Insect Spray T 

Institutional Coconut Oil Hand 

Soap Q 

Kleen-Glo Concentrate A 

Steam-All A 

Super Wax Strip Concentrate ...D 
White Ease Lithium Grease BB 

Savogran Company 

Dirtex A 

Dirtex Cleaner Spray R 

TSP Cleaner D 

Savoie Supply Company, Inc. 

Foaming Force A 

Savor Chemical Laboratories 

All-Surface Cleaner A 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Concentrated Floor 

Conditioner R 

Drain Opener And Maintainer ..O 

Hand Soap Liquid Q 

Hand Soap Lotion Q 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner 

Liquid B 

Pink Lotion A 

Power Cleaner D 

Surface Scum Remover D 

Wind-O-Shine R 

Scarry, E. J. & Company 

C-13 Concentrtd Clnr & 

Disinfect F 

Modern Disinfectant F 

Schaefer Chemical Products Co. 

Boiler-Aid MP-210 Liquid M 

Boiler-Aid MP-300 Crystals M 

Boiler-Aid MP-320 Crystals M 

Boiler-Aid MP-340 Crystals M 

C W Crystals Z 

Condens-Aid M 

Condens-Aid-A M 

Cool-Treet A-I50 N 

Oxygen Remover - L M 

Oxygen Remover - P M 

Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. 

Moly Ultra 800 Grease BB 

R-100 Universal Gear 

Lubricant BB 

Schaeffer's Moly Universal 

Gear Lube BB 

Schaeffer's R & O Hydraulic- 
Oil BB 

White Food Mach. Grease 

#530AA AA 

Schilling Sanitary Systems T/A 
Griffith Company, Inc. 

Turbo 777 A 

Turbo-Foam A 

Schloss & Kahn, Inc. 

Deep Clean B 

Hi- Power A 

L.S. Controlled Suds Saundry 

Deterg CC 

S & K Deliming Solution C 

S & K Liquid Bactericide G 

S & K Sanni-Rinse G 

S & K Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

S & K's T-Rific A 

Schmidt, C. Company, The 

Slick Cleaner A 

Slick Hog Scald X 

Slick Poultry Scald L 

Schneid, I., Incorporated 

A.I.O. 1500 Concentrate M 

Alltreat - 300 N 

Alltreat 700 N 

Alltreat 800 M 

Aquacide S 

Big 'G - A 

Big Blast A 

Black Disinfectant(PhenoI 

Coef. 2) R 

Black Disinfectant(Phenol 

Coef. 3) R 

Black Disinfectant(Phenol 

Coef. 5) R 

Blue Sewer & Drain Solvent O 

Boilerite 100 M 

Bole Aire P 

Bowl Klean P 

Brandex D 

Chemtronic A 

Citrosene 10 R 

Coconut Oil Hand 

Soap(Concentrtd) Q 

Combine D 

Concrete Cleaner R 

Dual-27 F,H,J 

Fast Klean C 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

G B Breakdown O 

G. P. C D 

Gent Concentrate D 

GPC-24 D 

Hangs In There Bowl & 

Porcelain Cleaner P 

Heavy Duty Cleaner (Pine 

Odor) R 

Hi-Count Bacteria Enzyme 

Complex O 

Hydrolytic Enzyme Bacteria 

Complex O 

JJC-16 A 

Kleer-Vue Glass Cleaner R 

L-Tox Concentrate S 

L-Tox Spray S 

Lemon Disinfectant P 

Lemon Tree Deodorant & 

Cleaner R 

Lemonene R 

Liquid Conveyor Lube BB 

Lo-Sudz D 


Mighty Mike Concentrate A 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Mint-O-Dis R 

Miracle Cleaner D 

Mr. Brite Porcelain Cleaner P 

Nale-Um Insecticide T 

Neutral Cleaner (Sass Odor) R 

Neutrox 400 N 

Odo-Rout R 

Orange Deodorant R 

Para-Phyll Deod. Blox Plus 

Chlorophyll P 

Para-Phyll Deod. Cakes Plus 

Chlorophyll P 

Perfumed Deodorant Blox P 

Perfumed Deodorant Cakes P 

Perfumed-Wired Bowl Blox P 

Pine Oil Disinfectant, Phenol 

Coef 5 R 

Power 'Plus' P 

Power Concentrate P 

Quik Clenz R 

R.I.S. - 15 T 

Red-Hot O 

Remuv-Ox C 

Saphene II Q 

Smite S 

Steam Cleaner Liquid B 

Steamrite 200 M 

Steamrite 202 M 

SD-101 R 

SM Industrial Deodorant R 

Tank Saver N 

Thrift Detergent D 

Tough Touch Concentrated 

Liquid Skin CI Q 

Tower All NC Concentrate N 

Trak-Lube BB 

Vita-Pine R 

W.T.C. Algaecide and Algal 

Slimcide N 

Water Tower Conditioner N 

Whirlpool O 

Whomp O 

6/49 Concentrate D 

Schuster Industries LTD. 

Promenade Controlled Suds 
Automatic Det A 

Scien-Tech Company, The 

2-DO D 

Scientific Boiler Water Conditioning 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

10 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

104 M 

Boiler w-- __ nu form. No. 


Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

15 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

203 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

301 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

405 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Form. No. 

405-E M 

LSC #1 A 

Scientific International Research, Inc. 

Bio-Brite A 

Disinall F 

Disinall Cleaner F 

Glass-Glo R 

Grease-Off R 

Ice Off R 

Liquamelt R 

Neutralize R 

New Solidzout O 

Probe O 

Probex O 

Rat-Begone U 

Rids-It P 

SIR. Aid O 

SIR. Concentrate A 

SIR. DeUmer C 

SIR. Deo-Gran R 

SIR. Kill S 

Scent-Away R 

Sila-Slide AA 

Solv All D 

Top R 

Vroom P 

Wiz-Kleen P 

Scientific Packaging Corporation 

Pop & Clean Chlorine Clnr. 

Sanitizer F 

Pop & Clean Heavy Duty 

Cleaner & Degr R 

Pop & Clean Liq. Neutral 

Cleaner D 

Pop & Clean Machine 

Dishwasher Detrgnt A 

Pop & Clean Safety Cleanser ...A 

Scientific Supply Co., Inc. 

ACW-15 A 

Best Of AU CC 

Boiler Water Treat. No. SC-1A M 
Boiler Water Treat. No. SC-1B.M 
Boiler Water Treat. No. SC-1C.M 
Boiler Water Treat. No. SC-1D M 
Boiler Water Treat. No. SC-1E.M 
Boiler Water Treat. No. SC-1G M 
Boiler Water Treat. No. SC-1J..M 
Boiler Water Treat. No. SC-1KM 
Boiler Water Treat. No. SC-4A M 
Boiler Water Treat. No. SC^B.M 
Cooling Tower Treat. No. SC- 

3E N 

Cooling Tower Treat. No. SC- 

3K N 

Formula 333 Meat Hook & Car 


Gitz Spray Wash D 

Heavy Duty 60 R 

IC-99 D 


Liquid Hand Soap Concentrate 

40% Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 10 Percent. ..Q 
Liquid Hand Soap 20 Percent. ..Q 

Pine-O-Lene R 

Scien Ace CC 

Scien Pac A.P A 

Scien Pac Chlorinated A 

Scien Pac H.D B 

Scien Pac Klor Klean A 

Scien Pac SB CC 

Scien Pac S.C B 

Scien Pac S.H A 

Scien Pac S.W B 

Scien Pac Sour CC 

Scien-Foam A 

Scien-Thetic A 

Sewer Solvent O 

Sudsation A 

Super Gold All Purp. Cold 

Water Det A 

Super Gold Alphadyne F 

Super Gold Creme Soap Q 

Super Gold Glass Cleaner R 

Super Gold Hospital Spray 

Disinf. Deo P 

Super Gold Hvy Dty Liquid 

Drain Solvent O 

Super Gold Insect Killer S 

Super Gold Neutral Chemical 

Clnr A 

SC-5A Z 

SC-5B Z 

SC-6B C 

SC-6C C 

Scoles Systems 


Scot Supply Company 

Copasetic „ A 

Surgiphene 128 D 

Surgiphene 256 D 

Scotch Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

Instant Plumber O 

Scotch Plaid Chemical Co. 

Grease Gitter W 

Red Car Wash CW ' 7 A 

Scott Chemical Company 

Pace Setter Foamade A 

Scott, I. Chemical Corp. 

Blue Butyl Cleaner A 

Scottchem's Air Pure R 

Scottchem's AQDF G 

Scottchem's Digestant 250 

Scottchem's Disinfectant #78. ..G 

Scottchem's Drain-Away O 

Scottchem's Fluoro Carbon BB 

Scottchem's Frigid Cut BB 

Scottchem's Graphite Fast Dry 

Lube BB 

Scottchem's Liquid Hand SoapQ 
Scottchem's Mechanic's FriendBB 
Scottchem's Mint Deodorant ...R 
Scottchem's Non-Acid Lime & 

Scale Remvr A 

Scottchem's Odor Ban Odor 

Contl w/Mask R 

Scottchem's Penetrating Oil BB 

Scottchem's Pinky Lotion Skin 

Cleanser Q 

Scottchem's Pipesafe Drain 

Pipe Opener O 

Scottchem's Polysiloxane 

Release Agent AA 

Scottchem's Sewer Sweetener ..Q 

Scottchem's Sila-Lube AA 

Scottchem's Super Power D 

Scottchem's White Lube 

Lithium Grease BB 

Scott, J. Company 

Scott Hot Tank Cleaner (100). ..B 

Scott Safety Degreaser 325 D 

Scott 111 Wine Tank Cleaner ...B 

Scranton Chemical Company 

Cocolene Liquid Soap Q 

Sea-Air Chemical Corporation 

Formula 1727 F 

Seagull Chemical Co., Inc. 

Spray-On Cleaner Degreaser A 

Sears, Roebuck and Company 

Sewer Solvent O 


SC 402 HD AU Surface 

Cleaner D 

SC 403 Pure Vegetable Oil 

Soap D 

SC 404 Cleaner Degreaser A 

SC 405 Low Sudsing HD Conc.D 
SC 407 Industrial Concrete 

Clnr R 

SD 460 Lemon Disinfectant P 

SS 420 Pink Hand Dishwash 

Lotion A 

SS 436A Concentrated Glass 

Clnr R 

SS 437 Q Glass Cleaner (Ready 

To Use) R 

Twin Power C 

104 Deodorant Blocks R 

204 Toilet Bowl Deodorant 

Blocks R 

Seatex Corporation 

Optibrite CC 

Security Chemicals 

Anti-Crawl S 

Creature Killer T 

Lift-It D 

Security 4 Chemical Company 

A.P.S. #LBK 002 A 

Aire-Care R 

Aqua-Zyme O 

B J Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Big Jim A 

Cav Auto Scrubber 

Concentrate D 

Clean Cream Q 

Contac Prilled Drain Opener O 

Conveyor Lub BB 

Dis 'N Dat R 

Dual S.C. Concentrate A 

Formula #900 Heavy Duty 

Cleaner D 

Formula Creme Lotionized 

Liquid Soap Q 

G.P.N. #LBK 001 A 

Glycolene M.S P 

Gotcha Plus S 

Gotcha 60 Insect Killer S 

Great Stuff Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Heavy Harvey Concentrated ....D 
Hospital Disinfectant 

Deodorant P 

J C P S & L D 

Look Glass And Utility 

Cleaner R 

M II Concentrate Mncpl-Ind- 

Inst.Det.Conc A 

MP. Concentrate A 

Mint Magic R 

Moisture & Corrosion 

Preventer BB 

My Favorite All Surface 

Cleaner R 

MP 72 More Power G 

Nox #4 All Purpose Detergent. D 

Pi-No-Germ R 

R.M. 40 P C 

S.C. Concentrate A 

S-4 Teffy Dry Spray Lubricant. BB 
Scale Clean Inhib. Chem. Clnr 

& Deoxidiz C 

Sno Ice R 

Spritz Multi-Use Cleaner 

Degreaser R 

S4 Foam Buster D 

The Fog AA Grade Fly Spray ..S 

007 Concentrate A 

4 Sure Concentrate A 

Sefco Chemical Company 

Batt S 

Selby Chemicals, Incorporated 

Pyro-San Formula SDL-10 G 

Selig Chemical Industries 

'All Pro' W 

•Clean Up" R 

AM Plus R 

Ambush T 

Antiseptic Velvo Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Aseptene II F 


Baccene R 

Bano O 

Bano 6AW R 

Bano 6AW SC80 Chemical 

Deodorant R 

Barrier Cream W 

Big 'S' A 

Big Joe A 

BigR R,CC 

Brite Creme Cleaner P 

Concentrated Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Conveyor Soap BB 

Coral A 

Coralan Q 

CP-43 D 

DIG. Deodorant Insectex 

Granules T 

D-Foam ST A,HH 

D-Lime C 

Destainer #100 1 

Dox-33 C 

Du-Kil S 

Du-Kil X-T S 

Dukil SP S 

DDVP Fly Bait T 


DRB-74 S 

Ex-Foam 322 HH 

Excello B 

Exit O 

Flo Vapor-ets P 

Flo-Free O 

Free-All O 

Free-Lon BB 

Germicidal Dynamite F 

Glitter A 

Glycol Air Sanitizer P 

Glycolin Air Spray R 

Gosh R 

Green Demon O 

Gresolv No. 6 R 

Grout And Tile Cleaner D 

GP-50 A 

Helo Spray R 

Hi-Kleen No. 1001 C 

HDP Gear Lube BB 

Insect Killer S 

Kare Concentrate A 

Kare Steam Cleaner 

Concentrate D 

Kare SC80 Concentrate D 

Kare 24 A 

Kitchen Master D 

Kleenall P 

Klenexo A 

Klenite A 

Kutzit Cleaner R 

Lem-O-Dis Disinfectant- 
Deodorant D,P 

Liquid Dynamite D 

Liquidizer A 

Lumabrite C 

LD-86 A 

Mel-0 W 

Mr. Pest Control S 

Muscle R 

No. 110 LD Neutro-Jel R 

No. 110 R Neutro-Jel R 

No. HOC Neutro-Jel D 

No. 20KXG Troy D 

Petrosorb MM 

Pinetax R 

Poliwash A 

Port Steam Cleaner A 

Port SC80 Low Foam 

Detergent A 

Port SC80 Steam Cleaner A 

PB-100 S 

PB-100 SP S 

PLB-20 U 

Quick-N-Easy O 

Red Detergent D 

Rust Rip B 

Safe-T-Lube A A 

Safe-White Lube AA 

Scrubzol D 

Se-Fly-Go-33 S 

Selco Concentrate A 

Selco Suds A 

Selco-Zyme O 

Selcol B F 

Selcol Disinfectant-Sanitizer 

Fngcd-Deo G 

Selig's Foam 50 A 

Sclig's No. 110 C Neutro-Jel D 

Selig's Rust-Off C 

Seligsupreme All Purpose Clnr. A 
Seligsupreme HD Clnr. & 

Stripper D 

Seligsupreme Insecticide Spray S 
Seligsupreme Steam Cleaning 

Comp B 

Silicone Spray A A 

Sio-Dex G 

Slick E 

Snow A 

Sun Drops R 

Super Free All O 

Super Liquid Dynamite D 

Super Sniper T 

Super Speed HS A 

Super Speed LS A 

Super 800 A 

SC-90 A 

STX-100 F 

Tincture Green Soap Q 

Troy Brite #66 R 

TX-99 A 

Up Tight Tef-Tape BB 

Vaporizer S 

Vaporizer Spray XT S 

Velvo Q 

Vixol P 

Vorex R 

VPA Emulsible Concentrate T 

Washkleen A 

Washkleen XXXX A 

White Grease BB 

Whiz Wash-All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Whiz Wash-Degreaser D 

W103 Coolant Concentrate BB 

20-SX 77 R 

25-SX-78 Boiler Treatment M 

44-SX-69 D 

5-SX-68 A 

Senter Chemical Corporation 

Alka RP Strip B 


Alka-Etch B 

Aqua-Proof A 

AP-30 D 

AP-70 D 

Bio-Treat O 

Bottle Kleen C B 

Bottle-Kleen M B 

Coco-Concentrate Q 

Coco-Sope Q 

Concrete-Kleen R 

Dari-San A 

Deterge A 

Dia-Chlor A,H 

Diamond 77 Bowl-Help P 

Diamond-77 Drain-Aide O 

Dish Kleen A 

Dish Treat A 

Feathers Off L 

Flor-Maid A 

Formula 51 B 

Formula 52 B 

GPC-1 A 

GPC-2 A 

GPC-73 A 

GPC-75 A 

HD Kleen B 

HD 80 B 

Kleen Krete D 

Kleen Krete HD B 

Kleen-Al A 

Kleenal (Ammoniated) D 

Liqui-Lube BB 

MD-Kleen A 

MD-45 A 

MH Kleen A 

Orange Bactrsl Germ CI. Hosp. 

Form R 

Pine Odor Disinfectant 

Coefficient 5 R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant 

Coefficient 5 R 

Pink Satin Lotionized Hand 

Soap Q 

Sani Kleen B 

Sewer Free O 

Space Kill 3 S 

Space Kill 4 S 

Space Kill 6 S 

Ston Terge C 

Surface-Kil T 

SC-70 B 

S7046 A 

TR-28 A 

Wax Kleen D 

Sentinel Chemical Company 

No. 9 Cooker and Cooler 
Compound Z 

Sentinel Chemical Corp. 

Series 1020 N 

Series 1060 M 

Series 421 M 

Series 422 M 

Series 605 M 

Series 610 M 

Scries 850 M 

Sentinel Soap & Chemical Co., Inc. 

Sentinel All Purpose Cleaner. ...A 

Sentry Chemical Company 

Aero Tape BB 

Bactran Q 

Begone T 

Boiler Feed Water Treatment ...M 

Boiler Water Rust Inhibitor N 

Chain Sentry BB 

Chief of Staff A 

Chlorinated Egg Wash H 

Control R 

De Scaler B 

Defoamer HH 

Ilorma Ian W 

Digest O 

Disolv O 

Drop Out O 

Egg Britener H 

Exscale C 

Formula #75 A 

General A 

George Bernard Thaw R 

Germ-I-San G 

Grease Gun R 

Gypsy Rose D 

GK #1 B 

Halt P 

Jetaway A 

Kloro-Kleen All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Lemon Guard D 

Liquigest-M O 


Machine Gun S 

New Brite P 

New Lotionized Odorless Ultra 

Bright C 

No. 34 A 

Odorless Grease Gun A 

Pink Chlor No. 4 F 

Power Crew A 

Power Dis G 

Quatguard G 

Reb #1 Concrete Cleaner D 

Red Hot Sewer Solvent O 

Reem-It O 

Rust Rip C 

RL-71 A 

Sani-Lube A A 

Sewer Solvent O 

Silicone A A 

Skin Flic Q 

Statutory Grape R 

Super Germicide F 

Super Sil AA 

Super 76 D 

SF Foamer A 

SKR #1 A 

Task Force A 

Thermal Firing Squad S 

Universal A 

Vanguard R 

Wett-It Poultry Scald L 

Zap S 

4 in 1 R 

Sep-Ko Chemicals, Inc. Also See 
Fuller, H. B. Co. 

Monarch #1322 B 

Monarch #400 Sanitizer G 

Monarch Egg Washing 

Compound H 

Monarch Farm Dairy MonoklorF 
Monarch Liquid Super Ream. ..A 
Monarch Low-Foam Iodphr 

Germ Det G 

Monarch Mon-O-Dine F 

Monarch Monalum A 

Monarch Septic Tank Cleaner ..O 

Monarch So-Lide A 

Monarch Super Kabon F 

Serv All Products & Mfg. 

RC-3 Germicidal Cleaner G 

Scrub Soap A 

Service Chemical Company 

Activated Alkaline Powdered 

Drain Opener O 

Bio -Kleen A 

Concentrated Inhibited 

Muriatic Acid CI C 

Drain- A way O 

Graphite Fast Dry Lube BB 

Hand Cleaner W 

Lemon Sewer Sweetener O 

Non-Acid Lime and Scale 

Remover A 

Odor Control R 

Silicone Lube A A 

Stericide F 

Super Foam A 

Super Power II D 

STD 2500 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

Service Chemical Corporation 

Acid Cleaner C 

Chlorinated Cleaner F 

Chlorinated Egg Wash H 

Cleaner and Germicide F 

Concentrated Defoamer HH 

Egg Tray Wash A 

Foamer A 

Formula B A 

Formula C D 

Formula No. 1150 C 

Formula No. 4009 B 

Formula P A 

Formula R A 

Formula Z C 













































































B O 



Formula ' 





101 A 




... R 


.. B 

Formula . 




Formula 306 Y 

Formula 307 L,V,X 

Formula 308 B 

Formula 309 C 

Formula 310 A 

Formula 311 Alkaline Special ...B 

Formula 312 A 

Formula 313 

Formula 314 P 

Formula 316 C 

Formula 318 A 

Formula 319 A 

Formula 321 A 

Formula 322 Q 

Formula 323 CC 

Formula 325 A 

Formula 326 A 

Formula 327 R 

Formula 328 C 

Formula 329 R 

Formula 330 B 

Formula 331 B 

Formula 332 A 

Formula 333-1-QD F 

Formula 333-2-QD I- 

Formula 334-1-DC P 

Formula 334-2-DC P 

Formula 334-3-DC F 

Formula 334-4-DC F 

Formula 335-1-1 S 

Formula 335-2-1 T 

Formula 335-3-1 T 

Formula 335-4-1 T 

Formula 335-5-1 T 

Formula 335-6-1 R 

Formula 335-7-1 S 

Formula 337 Aluminum 

Brightener C 

Formula 337 Floor and Wall 

Cleaner D 

Formula 339 P 

Formula 340 Acid Cleaner C 

Formula 341 Acid Cleaner C 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

General Purpose Cleaner 1-S ...A 
Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner...A 
Heavy Duty Concentrate Liq. 

Clnr D 

Hog Scald X 

Hook and Trolley Cleaner B 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Steam Cleaner A 

Malathion Fly Bail T 

Non-Chlorinated Egg Wash H 

Odorless Concrete Cleaner D 

Poultry Scald Wetting Agent 

#1 L 

PYC Cleaner A 

Sewer Solvent O 

Shackle Cleaner B 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Super Insecticide Concentrate ..S 

Thermal Fog Insecticide S 

Tripe Cleaner Y 

Service Chemicals 

SC Deep Grit Powdered Hand 

Cleanser P 

SC Fat Cleaner Heavy Duty 

Foaming Clnr A 

SC Lemon Disinfectant P 

SC Mint Disinfectant P 

SC Multi-Clean Cleaner- 

Degreaser D 

SC Nitro-Sole Cleaner- 

Degreaser A 

SC Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

SC Quat Sanitizer G,GG 

Service Laboratories 

SL 500 A 

Service Products Company 

Mr. Pro G.P.C.-007 D 

Mr. Pro Lo-Suds D 

Mr. Pro Odo-Hold R 

Mr. Pro Renovator A 

Mr. Pro Steam Cleaner B 

Renovator A 

Whirlpool O 

Service Unlimited 

Serv-cide 100 D 

Serv-cide 256 D 

Serv-Quat D 

Serv-Quat 64 D 

Serv-Quat 64N F 

Serv-Quat-N F 

Service Foam A 

ServiceMaster Industries Inc. 

FloorStar DuoClene D 


GlideRinse G 

Odor Neutralizer R 

SaniScrub F 

Sermac G.P.D A 

Soft and Clean Q 

Servisco, Inc. 

Servisco Antiseptic Hand Soap FF 

Setter Chemical 

De-O-Sept F 

Setter Shell Egg Cleaning 

Compound H 

Sexton, John & Company 

All Kleen Detergent A 

Chlorinated C1P Cleaner A 

Defenso A 

Dependable Disinfectant F 

Invinso A 

K-75 Alkaline Cleaner B 

Liquid Toilet Soap Q 

Neutral Green Floor Cleanser. ..D 

P.F.D Detergent A 

Sexton Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

Sexton Kleen F 

Sexton Stainless Steel Cleaner. .C 

Snowball A 

X-It Spray Cleaner and 

Degreaser D 

Shaklee Products 

At-Ease E 

Basic H A,Q 

Basic I A 

Germicidal Concentrate (SGC) .F,J 

Shalco Chemical Corporation 

Chain & Conveyor Belt Lub BB 

Concentrate Deodorant R 

Deo-Gran R 

Deodorizer R 

Drain Cleaner (Enzyme Type)..0 
DC-66 Liq. Mach. Dshwshng 

Comp A 

Enzymes for Sewage Systems ..O 
Gen. Purp. Low Sudsng Clnr. ...R 
General Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner D 

Germicidal Cleaner F 

Ice Melting Compound R 

Liq. Steam Clng Comp. Hvy 

Dty Form A 

Liquid Ice Melt R 

Low Pressure Boiler Comp M 

MU Hvy Dty Organic Drain 

Opener O 

Porcelain and Bowl Cleanser. ...P 

Rat Bait U 

Sand & Silt Remover O 

Sewer Solvent O 

Shalco Porcelain Cleaner P 

Super Heavy Duty Industrial 

Clnr D 

Three-Gly R 

Unblock O 

Window Glass Cleaner Cone. ...R 

Shanette Chemical Research 

Qwik Power D 

Shannon Chemical Corporation 

Shan-No-Corr Z 

Share Corporation 

Airborne Insecticide S 

Airborne Vaporizing 

Insecticide S 

Bacteria Cultures O 

Bowl and Porcelain Cleaner P 

Commander D 

Concentrated Odor Control R 

D-S-D Disinfectant G 

Demoisturizer BB 

Deodorant Blocks R 

Dual Action Odor Control R 

Electro-Spray Deodorant- 

Disinf R 

Enzymes 300 

Evergreen Air Sanitizer R 

Foaming Cleaner R 

Food Grade Grease AA 

Four Way Disinfectant F 

General Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner D 

Germicidal Cleaner F 

Germicidal Disinfectant R 

Granular Deodorant R 

Graphite Lubricant Dri-Film BB 

Grease Eliminator O 

Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner. D 
Heavy Duty Liquid Drain 

Opener O 

High-Glo A 

Indoor Mist or Fog Insecticide .S 
Inhibited Chemical Water 

Meter Cleaner C 

King Size Deodorant Blocks R 

Lemon Air Sanitizer R 

Liquid Dishwashing 

Concentrate A 

Liquid Drain Opener O 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Steam Cleaning 

Concentrate A 

Machine Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Machine Dishwashing 

Concentrate A 

Medicated Liquid Hand Soap...Q 
Non Acid Lime & Scale 

Remover A 

Odor Control and Degreaser R 

Open Gear Lube BB 

Organic Acid Detergent C 

Organic Water Systems 

Cleaner N 

Penetrating Oil (Aerosol) BB 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Powdered Hand Soap P 

Rodent Bait U 

Room Deodorant Blocks R 

Silicone Lubricant AA 


Snow and Ice Inhibitor R 

Soap and Scum Remover D 

Spray Disinfectant & 

Deodorizer R 

Surface Disinfectant And 

Deodorizer R 

Surface Insecticide T 

Teflon Fluorocarbon BB 

Tri Power Deodorant Spray R 

Triple Duty Boiler Treatment ...M 

Triple X Sewer Compound O 

Water Soluble Non-Flammable 

Cleaner A 

Waterless Hand Cleaner W 

Window Glass Cleaner R 

Sharp Chemical Company 

Sewer Cleaner #12 

Sharp Clean L 55 F 

SharpClean L-91 F 

Shawnmark Industries 

M-100 A 

Shea Research Corporation 

Dirt Fighter All Purpose 

Cleaner Cone D,Q 

Dirt Fighter Concentrate D,Q 

Fat, Oil And Grease Remover. .D 

Glass Cleaner R 

Ready To Use Liquid Hand 

Cleaner Q 

3 X Concentrated Liquid Hand 

Cleaner Q 

Sheldon Supply Company 

Shelco-Germa-Clean D 

Shell Chemical Company 

No-Pest Strip Insecticide T 

Pest Strip Insecticide T 

Shell Oil Company 

Aeroshell Grease 14 BB 

Alvania 1 BB 

Alvania 2 BB 

Clavus Oil 100 BB 

Clavus Oil 68 BB 

Corena 25 BB 

Corena 33 BB 

Corena 41 BB 

Darina AX BB 

Darina 1 BB 

Darina 2 BB 

Delima 69 BB 

Delima 71 BB 

Donax T-6 Dexron B-10111 BB 

Donax T-6 Dexron B-10475 BB 

Donax T-6 Dexron B-l 1317 BB 

Hydraulic Oil 71 BB 

Irus Fluid 905 BB 

Omala Oil 220 BB 

Omala Oil 680 BB 

Rotella 20/20W BB 

Rotella 30 BB 

Rotella 40 BB 

Shell Hydrogen Peroxide 35% ..Y 
Surface Disinfectant and 

Deodorizer R 

Tellus Oil 10 BB 

Tellus Oil 11 BB 

Tellus Oil 22 BB 

Tellus Oil 23 BB 

Tellus Oil 25 BB 

Tellus Oil 29 BB 

Tellus Oil 33 BB 

Tellus Oil 41 BB 

Tellus Oil 69 BB 

Tellus Oil 71 BB 

Tellus OU 75 BB 

Tellus Oil 77 BB 

Thermia Oil C BB 

Thermia 15 BB 

Turbo Oil 100 BB 

Turbo Oil 32 BB 

Turbo Oil 46 BB 

Turbo Oil 68 BB 

Turbo OU 69 BB 

Valvata OU J460 BB 

Vitrea Oil 220 BB 

Shelly- Andrews Company, The 

Butyl Cleaner D 

Dawn B 

E&R Cleaner & Stripper D 

HD-206 B 

Industrial Lathrex Q 

Lathrex Q 

Lathrex Cocoanut Oil Hand 

Soap Q 

Lotion Soft Q 

Lyn Mar Cleaner B 

Shafe P 

Steel Brite E 

Synthetic Concentrate A 

SA-70 A 

SA-71 A 

SA-72 A 

T.J. Scrubmobile Cleaner A 

Shepard Bros. 

Shear Liquid C.I.P. (LS 17) B 

Sheen (LS-11) C 

Shine (LS-9) C 

Sho (DS-14) D 

Shur (DS-22) A 

Spout (LS-23) A 

Swing (DS-9) A 

Sherry Enterprises, Inc. 

Sherry Kleen D 

Sherry Pharmaceutical Company, 

Break-Thru Liquid O 

Break-Thru Powder O 

Germicidal Cleaner R 

Hand Soap Q 

Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Quatinary-Deodorizer Disinf. 

Clnr F 

Super Industrial Cleaner & 

Degreaser A 

Synthetic Cleaner D 

Sherwood Chemicals Ltd. 

General Purpose Insecticide S 

Shield Chemical Corp. 

CDD Neutral Fragrance F 

Shield-Brite Corporation 

Shield-Brite Defoamer V 

Shield, Incorporated 

#40 General Purpose Cleaner. ..A 

Mark II A 

RS-70 B 

Shield 88 A 

Shield-88 Liquid A 

Shiloh Laboratories 

Purple Power A 

Shiloh Products, Inc. 

SB-2069 All Purpose Cleaner. ..A 

Ship Shape Chemical Specialties 

Blast Off D 

Blast Out D 

Shocket Chemical Corp. 

Formula 200 Silicone Release 

Spray A A 

Formula 200B Silicone Release. AA 
Shocket's Fogging Concentrate 
#15 S 

Shrader Chemical Co., Inc. 

#1-10 s 

#1010 H 

#1014 H 

#1014-1 H 

#1014-2 H 

#1110 H 

#400 A,H 

#400-X B,H 

#422 Chlorinated Cleaner A 

#450 Chlorinated Cleaner B 

#578 Acid Cleaner for Metal. ...C 

#61 H 

B-123 A 

Big K B 

Car Shampoo #1 A 

Car Shampoo #4 A 

Car Wash A 

Concrete Cleaner #10 R 

Concrete Cleaner #15 D 

Concrete Cleaner #15-B D 

Concrete Cleaner #15-P R 

CC#8 Concrete Cleaner A 

De-Stainer I 

Defoamer HH 

Defoamer B HH 

Defoamer XX A 

Descaler C 

DC Special A 

DM-45 A 

Foamer A 

Foamer Special A 

G-124 A 

G-125 A 

G-126 Additive A 

HC-102 Q 

HC-103 Hand Lotion Q 

HC-104 Q 

HC-105 Q 

HC-63 Plus A 

HT-2 B 

HT-4 A 

HT-5 B 

HT-5-X B 

JG-11-1 R 

Kleen-It D 

Kleen-It #202 D 

Kleen-It-N.S D 

Kleen-It-Plus D 

MC-64 A 

OV-5I Oven Cleaner A 

Quik-Wet A 

Rug Shampoo A 

S-l-Klor Chlorinated Cleaner... A 

S-2 Klor A 

S-2-Klor-A Chlorinated CleanerA 

S-3 Klor A 

S-4 Klor A 

S-5 Klor F 

S-6 Klor G 

S-7-Klor Chlorinated Cleaner....A 
S-8 -Klor Chlorinated Cleaner.. ..A 

Shaaco P 

Shine-Kleen A 


Shur-Dri A 

Shur-Dri-Plus A 

Strat-O-Lube BB 

Strat-O-Lube P BB 

Strat-O-Lube Special BB 

Sump Cleaner O 

SC-15 B 

SC-16 A 

SC-180 B 

SC-200 D 

SC-201 All Purpose Cleaner A 

SC-203 General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

SC-205 A 

SC-206 General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

SC-210 A 

SC-211 General Purpose 

Cleaner D 

SC-212 A 

SC-215 A 

SC-247 Spray Washer 

Detergent A 

SC-30 A 

SC-30-C Chlorinated Cleaner.... A 
SC-30-D Chlorinated Cleaner.... A 

SC-31 B 

SC-32 B 

SC-33 Packers Cleaner A 

SC-33-A Heavy Duty 

Chlorinated Cleaner B 

SC-33-C Heavy Duty 

Chlorinated Cleaner B 

SC-35 D 

SC-37 General Purpose CleanerA 

SC-41 B 

SC-42 B 

SC-42 Plus B 

SC-42 Special B 

SC-42-X B 

SC-43 B 

SC-44 Cleaner A 

SC-45 A 

SC-46-A A 

SC-46-B A 

SC-47 A 

SC-47-X A 

SC-48 A 

SC-49 B 

SC-50 Additive D 

SC-500 C 

SC-500 Special C 

SC-500-F C 

SC-500-X Acid Cleaner C 

SC-502 C 

SC-503 Descaling Jelly C 

SC-504 Acid Cleaner C 

SC-505 C 

SC-510 D 

SC-515 Acid Cleaner C 

SC-52 Additive A 

SC-520 C 

SC-55 Bottle Wash Additive A 

SC-55-Plus A 

SC-555 C 

SC-567-A C 

SC-575 C 

SC-575 Special C 

SC-590 O 

SC-60 A 

SC-63 All Purpose Cleaner A 

SC-65 Freezer Cleaner D 

SC-699 S 

SC-7 A 

SC-703 D 

SC-710 N 

SC-711 A 

SC-725 F 

SC-730 F 

SC-740 F 

SC-745 F 

SC-75 General Purpose CleanerA 

SC-750 C,F 

SC-76 A 

SC-760 F 

SC-762 G 

SC-78 Alkaline Cleaner A 

SC-9 B 

SC-91 A 

SC-99 A 

X-70 B 

X-80 A 

X-85 A 

Shur-Chem Industries 

Coil Cleaner and Conditioner.. ..C 
Concrete Floor & Driveway 

Cleaner D 

Hot Soak Tank Cleaning 

Powder B 

Pressure Spray Washing 

Detergent A 

Steam Cleaning Liq. Ext. 

Heavy Duty A 

Steam Cleaning Liq. Multi- 
purpose A 

Steam Cleaning Powder A 

Steam Cleaning Powder Heavy 

Duty B 

Steam Cleaning Powder 

Medium Duty A 

Shur-Gloss Manufacturing Co. 

Liquid Car Wash Concentrate ..A 

Powder Car Wash Detergent A 

Spra-N-Rinz A 

Siico Oil Co. 

75-T Technical While Mineral 
Oil AA 

Simon Brothers, Incorporated 

Sim-Tex All Purp. Oil&Grease 
Absorbent MM 

Sim-Tex Institutional Foaming 
Clnsr P 

Sim-Tex No 77 Liquid Cleaner .D 

Simple Products, Inc. 

Simple Green D 

Simplex Products 

Food Grade Degreaser General 

Purp. Clnr A 

Plex-Cide G 

Sinclair Refining Company 

Cadet Oil A BB 

Cadet Oil B BB 

Cadet Oil C BB 

Cadet Oil D BB 

Cadet Oil M BB 

Caldron Grease No. 1 EP BB 

Caldron Grease No. 2 EP BB 

Castor Machine Oil Extra 

Heavy BB 

Castor Machine Oil Heavy BB 

Castor Machine Oil Light BB 

Castor Machine Oil Medium BB 

Commander Oil A BB 

Commander Oil B BB 

Commander Oil C BB 

Commander Oil D BB 

Commander Oil E BB 

Commander Oil F BB 

Commander Oil H BB 

Duro AW Oil No. 16 BB 

Duro AW Oil No. 21 BB 

Duro AW Oil No. 31 BB 

Duro Cylinder Oil BB 

Duro Oil No. 100 BB 

Duro Oil No. 150 BB 

Duro Oil No. 160 BB 

Duro Oil No. 200 BB 

Duro Oil No. 250 BB 

Duro Oil No. 295 BB 

Duro Oil No. 300 BB 

Duro Oil No. 400 BB 

Duro Oil No. 55 BB 

Duro Oil No. 600 BB 

Duro Oil No. 900 BB 

Extra Duty Gear Lubricant 

SAE 140 BB 

Extra Duty Gear Lubricant 

SAE 80 BB 

Extra Duty Gear Lubricant 

SAE 90 BB 

Gascon Oil A BB 

Gascon Oil B BB 

Gascon OU C BB 

Gascon Oil D BB 

Gascon Oil F BB 

Gascon Oil H BB 

Ice Machine Oil Heavy BB 

Ice Machine Oil Medium BB 

Ice Machine Oil Medium 

Heavy BB 

Light Mineral Valve Oil BB 

Litholine Multipurp Grease 


Mineral Gear Oil SAE 140 BB 

Mineral Gear Oil SAE 80 BB 

Mineral Gear Oil SAE 90 BB 

Modoc Cylinder Light BB 

No. 29 Valve Oil BB 

No. 87 Valve Oil BB 

Rocket OU B BB 

Rocket Oil C BB 

Rocket Oil Z BB 

Rocket Oil 60 BB 

Rubilene Oil-Extra Heavy BB 

Rubilene Oil-Extra Light BB 

Rubilene Oil-Heavy BB 

Rubilene Oil-Light BB 

Rubilene Oil-Light Medium BB 

Rubilene Oil-Medium BB 

Rust-O-Lenc 10 BB 

Rusl-O-Lcne 30 BB 

Sinco Prime 200 AA 

Sinco Prime 70 N.F AA 

Sinco Prime 90 N.F AA 

Sinco Tech 10 AA 

Sinco Tech 6 AA 

Sinco Tech 8 AA 

Superheat Valve Oil BB 

Transformer Oil HD BB 

Valve Oil Dark BB 

Valve Oil Light BB 


Liquid A Steam & Pressure 
Cleaning Cmpd A 

Skasol Corporation 

Brite Bowl Cone. Toilet Bowl 

Clnr P 

Concentrated Toilet Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Dy no-Drain O 

Jet Wite Toilet Bowl Cleaner.. ..P 
Krome Kleen Porcelain 

Cleaner R 

Pink Glo Bowl&Porcelain 

Cleaner P 

Porcelain Tile & Enamel 

Cleaner P 


Thix Porcelain Cleaner P 

Skasol, Incorporated 

Biocide No. 2 N 

Biocide No 8 N 

Boiler Treat. Formula No. 

CCC#5 M 

Boiler Treat. Formula No. 257. .M 
Boiler Treat. Formula No. 2578 M 
Boiler Treat. Formula No. 275. .M 
Boiler Treat. Formula No. 275- 

S M 

Boiler Treat. Formula No. 3000 M 
Boiler Treat. Formula No. 54. ...M 
Boiler Treat. Formula No. 5759 M 
Boiler Treat. Formula No. 7558 M 
Boiler Treat. Formula No. 92. ...M 
Boiler Treatment Formula No. 

224 M 

Boiler Treatment Formula No. 

850 M 

Boiler Treatment Formula No. 

850 R M 

Condensate Cor. Contrl Form 

#CCC7 M 

Corrosion Inhibitor Formula 

No. 1881 N 

Drain Pipe Solvent O 

Quick Scale Solvent C 

Tower Treat. Formula No. 100 .N 
Tower Treat. Formula No. 

100B N 

Tower Treat. Formula No. 

100L N 

Skat Products, Incorporated 

Skaticide S 

Skip, Incorporated 

Skip Concrete Cleaner 1418 D 

Skip 1300 C 

Skip 1386 A 

Skip 1399 H 

Skip 1414 A 

Skip 1426 B 

Skip 1434 A 

Skip 1458 B 

Skip 1675 A 

Skip 1995 C 

Skip 1997 A 

Sky Enterprises 

Blast A 

Sla Chem Corporation 

Power Fog N.T. Insect Spray ...S 
Silispray N.T AA 

Slifer Manufacturing Co., Inc, 

Hotsy Coil Conditioner C 

Hotsy Fleet Clean A 

Hotsy Germicide F 

Hotsy Pow-R-Det B 

Hotsy Ripper A 

Hotsy Super A 

Hotsy Triumph A 

Slip-Not Corporation 

Sure-Step MM 

Smart & Final Iris Company 

Coconut Oil Liquid Soap Q 

Smart Chemical Company 

FP210 Heavy Duty Alkaline 
Cleaner B 

FP2I1 Heavy Duty Alkaline 
Descaler B 

FP212 Heavy Duty Alkaline 

Cleaner B 

FP2I5 Heavy Duty Chlor. 

Alkaline Cln B 

FP220 General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

FP222 General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

FP225 Chlorinated CLP. 

Cleaner A 

FP226 Smart Chlor A 

FP227 Chlorinated CIP CleanerA 
FP228 Chlorinated General 

Purpose Cln A 

FP231 Milkstone Remover-LF.C 
FP235 Powdered Acid Cleaner C 
Heavy Duty Chlor. Alkaline 

Cln. FP217 B 

Smart FP 230R Milkstone 

Remover C 

Smith Supply Company 

Sani-Lube Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Sewer Solvent O 

Smith, E. W. Chemical Company 

Ems Acid Salt Cake Remover ..C 

Ems Algaecide #322 N 

Ems Algaecide Pellets 'S' N 

Ems All Purpose Can Cleaner. .A 
Ems Boiler Water Treatment 

#605 M 

Ems Boiler Water Treatment 

#628 M 

Ems Boiler Water Treatment 

#632 M 

Ems Boiler Water Treatment 

#633 M 

Ems Boiler Water Treatment 

#634 M 

Ems Boiler Water Treatment 

#635 M 

Ems Boiler Water Treatment 

#636 M 

Ems Boiler Water Treatment 

#643 M 

Ems Boiler Water Treatment 

#651 M 

Ems Boiler Water Treatment 

#676 M 

Ems Boiler Water Treatment Z M 
Ems Cool. Twr&Condensr 

Treat. #304 N 

Ems Cool. Twr&Condensr 

Treat.#315 N 

Ems Dart A 

Ems Descaling Neutralizer X....A 
Ems Dock & Floor Cleaner 

#102 B 

Ems General Purpose Cleaner. .A 

Ems Genie Z 

Ems Hook and Roller Cleaner. .B 
Ems Laundry Compound 20-S..A 

Ems Liquid Emsope Q 

Ems LCO A 

Ems Meat Packers Cleaner 

#250 A 

Ems Meat Packers Super 

Cleaner A 

Ems Milkstone Remover #837- 

A C 

Ems Oxygen Scavenger M 

Ems Powdered Scale Cutter 

#829 C 

Ems Powdered Scale Cutter 


Ems Pyrenone Fly Spray S 

Ems Quel Insect Spray S 

Ems Return Line Treat. #647. ..M 
Ems Return Line Treat. #647 

(Cone) M 

Ems Return Line Treat. #647 

(Spcl) M 

Ems Rust Off #825/Scale 

Cutter#825 Sp C 

Ems Scale Clean A 

Ems Scale Cutter #821-E C 

Ems Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Ems Smokehouse Cleaner 

257A B 

Ems Ster-O-Fect P 

Ems Supplmtl Boil Wtr 

Treat. #61 2-MP M 

Ems Supplmtl Boil Wtr 

Treat.#613 M 

Ems Supplmtl Boil Wtr 

Treat.#614 M 

Ems Supplmtl Boil Wtr 

Treat. #615 M 

Ems Target D 

Ems Tripe Cleaner 287 Y 

Ems Triumph A 

Ems Water Control Crystals N 

Ems Water Control Treat No. 

314 Cone Z 

Ems Water Control Treat No. 

324 Cone Z 

Ems Water Control Treat. No. 

314 Z 

Ems Water Control Treat. No. 

323 Z 

Emsbactocide F 

Emsbreak 'S' A 

Emscoat 169 BB 

Emscoat 169A BB 

Emsdrain O 

Emsfast Concrete Floor 

Cleaner D 

Emsflow F 

Emsguard F 

Emsmighty A 

Em snap A 

Em sprite A 

Emspronto A 

Em steam (Super) B 

Emsteam Heavy Duty Cleaner .B 
Em steam Heavy Duty Liq. 

Cleaner A 

Emstrol 'H' F 

Emstrol 'R' F 

Snee, W. G. Company, Inc. 

Power-Guard RD-10 G 

Snider's Atlantic Service Inc. 

Dermagard Q 

GT 21 Grease Off A 

JB 31 Germicidal Cleaner D 

Snider's Easy Quick 

Germicidal Cleaner D 

So-White Chemical Company 

So-White Bleach and 

Disinfectant G,CC 

Soakup Company, The 

Soakup Oil.Grease& Water 

Absornt MM 

Sofield Supply Company 

Norlo Non-Butyl Super Power 
Cleaner A 

Solar Chemicals, Inc. 

Solar Hook And Trolley 

Cleaner B 


Solar Shroud Bleach CC 

Solar Tripe Cleaner Y 

Solarine Company, The 

C-99 Concentrated Cleaner A' 

Castile Liquid Hand Soap 15%.Q 
Castile Liquid Hand Soap 40% .Q 
Deodorant Disinfectant CleanerF 

Equipment Cleaner EC-130 D 

Heavy Duty Stripper D 

Jel Additive A 

Low Foam Cleaner R 

Neutral Cleaner A 

Pure Coconut Oil Soap Q 

Solar-Glo A 

Solaraction A 

Solarbrite C 

Solarchlor A 

Solarclean B 

Solarterg A 

Ultimate Concentrated Cleaner. A 

Soltek Division/ Tech Manufacturing 

Emulsol #282 D 

Min-T-Cide R 

Tech Charge O 

178 Hy-Ox C 

276 Tech Zymcs O 

278 Mint-Off C 

Solvent Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

Boiler Solvent #3 M 

Boiler Solvent AMO-44 M 

Boiler Solvent BW-60 M 

Boiler Solvent 0-1 M 

Boiler Solvent PK-7 M 

State F-l Special Boiler 

Solvent M 

Solventol Chemical Products, Inc 

#2058 C 

#2059 C 

#2060 C 

#2068 Ham Mold Cleaner C 

#2409 Powdered Acid 

Detergent C 

#2776 Liquid Acid Cleaner C 

#301 Pol and Pan Wash A 

#3015 A 

#3050 A 

#3618 Animal Cage Wash A 

#3654 Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

#3944 CC 

#3955 B 

#3956 B 

#3997 A 

#601 All Purpose Cleaner R 

#8088 General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

#8388 Auto Laundry 

Compound A 

#8502 A 

#8513 A 

#8545 Ham Mold Cleaner A 

#8565 All Purpose Liq. 

Detergent A 

#8589 A 

#8592 Smoke House Cleaner. ..B 
#8595 Smoke House Cleaner.. ..A 

#8602 All Purpose Cleaner D 

#888 Bake Pan Cleaner B 

#889 Drain Cleaner O 

#979 A 

Bottle Wash-R B 

Can Wash A 

Chlorinated Egg Wash H 

Chlorinated Egg Wash #966 H 


Dairy Cleaner A 

Doughnut Machine Cleaner A 

Egg Wash H 

Egg Wash #965 H 

Fome Solv B 

H.T.S.T. Circulating Cleaner B 

H.T.S.T. Type II B 

Heavy Duty Liq. Steam 

Cleaner A 

Hi Suds A 

Hog Scald X 

Liquid Chain Lubricant BB 

Liquid Hand Soap 15 Q 

Low Suds Concentrate CC 

Mechanical Dish Wash MDW 

201LF A 

Medium Duty Liquid Steam 

Cleaner A 

Milkstone Remover 'OI'-Non 

Foam C 

Milkstone Remover 'OI'- 

Regular C 

Powdered Acid Detergent C 

Smoke House Cleaner B 

Solo San 120 F 

Solo San 304 F 

Solo San 310 F 

Solo San 500 F 

Solo San 510 F 

Solvene PT-20 A 

Solventol Powdered Bleach CC 

Solventol 8507 D 

Solventol 8508 D 

Solventol 8518 D 

Solventol 8560 R 

Sparklecn HD A 

Sparkleen S A 

Sparklcen 20 A 

Steam Cleaner #590 B 

15% Organic Laundry Bleach ...CC 
8505 Cleaner Disinfectant R 

Solvex Chemical Company 

Solvex D 

Solvit Chemical Co., Inc. 

Clean- All A 

Industrial Aerosol Insecticide ...S 

Rat & Mouse Killer U 

Rinse Away A 

S.C.C D 

Solvit All-Purpose Cleaner R 

Space Spray Insecticide S 

Super Clorinated, Clean-All A 

Sonneborn Division/ Witco Chemical 

Benol White Mineral Oil N.F....AA 

Blandol A A 

Carnation A A 

Carnation Trough Grease 

Regular A A 

Carnation Trough Grease- 
Spray A A 

Compressor Lubricant 1200- 

LA-25 AA 

Ervol White Mineral Oil N.F....AA 

Freezene Heavy AA 

Gloria White Mineral Oil AA 

Kaydol White Minrl Oil USP 

Heavy A A 

Klearol AA 

Liquid Hook & Trolley Kote....AA 

No. 45 Oil AA 

Pacol A A 

Pentol AA 

Protol A A 

Protopet White No. IS AA 

Protopet White No. 2L AA 

Semtol A A 

Semtol 100-25 AA 

Semtol 70-20 AA 

Semtol 70-30 AA 

Semtol 85 AA 

Semtol 85-20 AA 

Semtol 85-25 Tech. White Min. 

Oil AA 

310 White Oil AA 

Sorb-All Company 

Saco Detergent 30366 A 

Sorensen Building Service, Inc. 

Attack D 

Capture D 

South Coast Distributing Company 

De-Grease It A 

South Coast Products, Inc. 

Blue Might A 

Food Grade Cleaner S-53 A 

Thread Sealant No. 10 BB 

Thread Sealant No. 20 BB 

Thread Sealant No. 30 BB 

Una-Seal with Teflon BB 

White Food Grade Grease FM 
431 BB 

Southeast Sanitary Supply Co. 

Ox Power Clean D 

Southeastern Chemical Company 

Isis Room Deodorant (Aerosol) R 

Southeastern Laboratories, Inc 

A-3 Cooling Water Treatment. ..N 

A-5 Corrosion Inhibitor N 

B-08I532 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

B-08I532A Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

B-08I532AB Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

B-l Boiler Water Treatment M 

B-10 Boiler Water Treatment. ...M 
B-l 1 Boiler Feedwater 

Supplement N 

B-l 91 Boiler Water Treatment ..N 

B-2 Boiler Water Treatment M 

B-3 Boiler Water Treatment M 

B-4 Boiler Water Treatment M 

B-7 Boiler Water Treatment M 

B-8L Boiler Water Treatment. ..M 

B-9 Boiler Water Treatment M 

B-900 Boiler Scale Treatment ...M 
B-901 Boiler Water Treatment. .N 

D-l Steam Line Treatment M 

D-2 Steam Line Treatment M 

D-3 Steam Line Treatment N 

D-4 Steam Line Treatment N 

D-5 Steam Line Treatment M 

D-6 Steam Line Treatment M 

D-7 Steam Line Treatment N 

F-l Boiler Scale Solvent C 

F-2 Cooling Tower Scale 

Solvent C 

F-3 Cooling Tower Scale 

Solvent C 

G-l Neutralizer B 

H-2 Algaecide N 

H-3 Algaecide N 

K-2 Threshold Treatment Z 


Southeastern Sanitary Supply Co. 

A.P. Cleaner A 

Hurricane Cleaner Liquid A 

Hurricane Cleaner Powdered.. ..A 

Instant Stripper Cleaner R 

Sewer Solvent O 

Southern Agricultural Chemicals, 

Big G' D 

Black Disinfectant Coef. 2 R 

Black Disinfectant Coef. 3 R 

Black Disinfectant Coef. 5 R 

Dual Disinfectant-Cleaner F 

Lemon Tree R 

Mint-O-Dis P 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5 ....R 

Power Concentrate P 

Vita Pine Coef. 5 R 

Southern Chemical Company 

Sano-Cide 64 D 

Sano-Phene 256 D 

Southern Chemical Products Co. 

Abrasive Detergent E 

Antiseptic Hand Soap 15 Q 

Bacteriasol Germicidal Cleaner.D 

Big Dog Concrete Cleaner D 

Big Jim Lemon Foam 

Germcdl.Cl.&Disinf P 

Blue Blazes Sewer Solvent O 

Blue SP 1105 A 

Brightline Special B 

Cherry Bowl Cleaner P 

Chlorinated Egg Cleaner H 

Clean-It A 

Deep Chlor G 

Delux Machine Dishwashing 

Compnd A 

Discrete C 

Dynamo Detergent A 

Egg Wash No. 1000 H 

Emulsol Bowl Cleaner P 

Extra Hvy Dty Concrete 

Cleaner D 

Foam- Aid A 

Golden Gator Concrete CleanerR 

Golden Magic Cleaner D 

Grime Scat A 

Hospital Disinfectant R 

Industrial Cleaner D 

Iodo-175 G 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Lemon Bathroom Cleaner & 

Disinfectant P 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 6 R 

Liq. Smoke House Clnr. Form. 


Liquid Hand Soap 15 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 20 Q 

Liquid Hand Soap 40 Q 

Liquid Steam Cleaner B 

Low Phos Alkaline Detergent. ..CC 

Multi-Blue A,Q 

No. 100 A 

No. 100 Plus O 

No. 200 Smoke House Cleaner. B 

No. 300 C 

No. 400 A 

No. 500 Tripe Cleaner Y 

No. 600 Hog Scald X 

No. 80 Space Spray S 

Orange Bacteriasol Germicidal 

CI Form 2 F 

Orange Bacteriasol Germicidal 

Clnr R 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. #5 .R 

Pink Cleaner D,Q 

Pink Rainbow Liquid DishwashA 

Pink Satin Q 

Pot and Pan Cleaner C 

Poultry House Cleaner A 

Poultry House Clnr. Form. II ...A 
Premium Fly & Roach Spray. ...S 
Pressure Truck Wash 

Powdered A 

Pressure Wash A 

Prometheus Alkaline Cleaner. ...B 
Pyrethroid Fly & Roach Spray .S 

Pyrethroid 351 T 

Quaternary Ammon. Germ. 

Cone F 

Quick Scrub D 

Residual Roach Killer T 

Residual Roach Spray T 

Scald Vat Cleaner A 

Scrub Wash A 

Special Chain Lubricant BB 

Stainless Steel Cleaner R 

Steam Cleaning Compound B 

Super Enzymes for Sewerage 

Systems O 

Super Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Sweeping Compound (Red) Oil 

Base MM 

Wax Scat A 

X-100 Chlorinated Machine 

Dishwash A 

X-150 Chlorinated Machine 

Dshwsh A 

Y-150 Chlorinated Machine 

Dishwash A 

360 Milkstone Remover C 

Southern Maid Chemical Co. 

Bora-Clean Q 

Chef-Een Liquid Detergent D 

Cocoanut Oil Soap Q 

Concrete Cleaner A 

Delite 20% Q 

Desoiler And Descaler C 

Germisyl F 

Lemon Disinfectant No. 13 R 

Low Foam No. 904 Super 

Concentrate D 

Lubon Chain Lubricant BB 

Pine-Feen Pine Scent 

Disinfectant R 

Presurg-Plus Q 

Special Pink Super Sapon 

Concentrate A 

Super Strip D 

Total 200 G 

Victory Cleaner D 

Southern Mill Creek Products of OH, 

Clemco Pyrocide Fogging 

Concentrate 5628 S 

Southern Mill Creek Products Co., 

Bor/Act T 

Bug Boy S 

Clemco Food Plant Spray S 

D/V 217 Insecticide T 

Diazinon 4E T 

Diazinon 4S T 

Dursban IE Insecticide T 

Dursban 2E Insecticide T 

General Purpose Household 

Spray #10 S 

Malathion 57% Premium Grade T 
Para-Blox U 

Pyrenone General Purpose 

Spray S 

Residual Roach Spray T 

SMCP Pyrethnns ULV 

Fogging Concentrate T 

SMCP SBP-1382-2E.C S 

Warehouse Fog Insecticide S 

Xtraban Roach Concentrate T 

Southern Products Co., Inc. 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Concrete Cleaner H.D. 

Odorless D 

Foam Klean A 

So- Pro Chlorinated Machine 

Dish Cmpd A 

So-Pro Concrete Cleaner A 

So-Pro General Purpose 

Cleaner A 

So-Pro Germisyl Coef. 10 F 

So-Pro Lemon Disinfectant 

No. 10 R 

So-Pro No. 35 Q 

So-Pro Phos Free Mech. Borax 

Hand Clnr W 

So-Pro Pink Lotioned Liquid 

Detergent D 

So-Pro Purple X Heavy Duty 

Cleaner D 

So-Pro Super Fog Mist 

Insecticide S 

SP-Concentrate Neutral 

Cleaner D 

Southern Products Company 

Air O Phene P 

Dairy San F 

Kill Fly T 

Klene-O A 

Mill Spray S 

Ortho Sol R 

So-Pro-Co '100' A 

So-Pro-Co Air O-Pine R 

So-Pro-Co Pine-O-Phene R 

Spar-Germ F 

Super Spar-Germ F 

Velva Lathe Q 

Southern Sanitary Co., Inc. 

All Purpose Cleaner And 

Maintainer D 

Fast Clean A 

San Quest D 

Special Cleaner A 

3 In 1 Cleaner-Disinfectant- 
Deodorant D 

3 In 1 Neutral Fragrance D 

Southern Saw Service, Inc. 

ASA Jetspray A A 

Southern States Chemicals, Inc. 

S.S. No. 36 Xtra-Clean D 

Southern- Aire Chemical Co., Inc. 

Long Needle Pine Oil 

Disinfectant P 

Mighty Joe D 

Mor-EZ A 

Mor-O-Mint R 

Mor-Plus Concentrate D 

Morosector T 

Morticide Concentrate S 

Southland Corporation, The 

AC. #9 C 

Alpac A 



AC#10 C 

AC#16 C 

AC#2 C 

AC#39 C 

AC#4 C 

Bactidine F 

Boiler Water Treatment 1 1-71 ...M 
Boiler Water Treatment 17-U...M 

BW#1 B 

BW#8 B 

C.G.C A 

Cent-O-Mint T 

Chlor-All #30 A 

Chlorinated All Purpose Gen. 

Cleaner A 

Cip-San C 

Circle-8 A 

Con-Cleen D 

CIP Cleaner B 

CPL #17 A 

CW-15 A,V 

Defoamer #160 B,HH 

Defoamer #34 A,HH 

Di-Kill T 


Foam-Ad A 

Fog-It S 

GB-120 A 

GB-755 A 

H.D.S B 

H.D.S.-W B 

Hy-Q 10 F,J 

HD-U Egg Washing 

Compound B 

HD-15 B 

HD-17 B 

HD-24 B 

HD-33 B 

HD-34 B 

HD-35 B 

HD-36 B 

HDC-50 B 

I.B. 25 D 

I.B. 31 A 

I.B. 36 A 

I.B. 40 A 

Iodex FF 

Johnny R 

Kase Kleen B 

Klor Kleen A 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Loc G 

LD 7-11 B 

Multi-San C 

MAL-30 T 

MHC-10 A 

Neutralizer Sour C.CC 

NA-Complex B 

NR-4 S 

Old Tiger B 

Phosbrite C 

Phosflake B 

Polychlor F 

PC-10 Egg Washing Compound B.H.I 
PC-20 Egg Washing Compound B.H.I 

PC-40E A 

PC-60 A 

PC-70 A 

PC-85 Egg Washing Compound B,H,I 

Rcsidacide T 

Sani Chlor G,J 

Sanidine F 

Silky Q 

Sparkle A.C C 

Thermo Kill S 

TC-200 Tripe Cleaner Y 

Southland Paper & Supply Co., Inc. 

Sanitarc F 

Strip-Rite D 

T.N.T D 

Southwest Commercial Chemical 

SWC-101A Q 

SWC-33 R 

SWC-35 R 

SWC-37 D 

SWC-39 Virucide F 

SWC-44A C 

SWC-62 M 

SWC-74 R 

SWC-75 R 

SWC-76 P 

SWC-99 O 

Southwest Distributing Company 

Non Butyl Degreaser A 

Southwest Grease & Oil Co., Inc. 

Aluminum Cmpx Fd Mach 

Gres-EP Code B6672 BB 

Aluminum Cmpx Fd Mach 

Gres-EP Code C61 12 BB 

Aluminum Cmpx Fd Mach 

Gres-EP Code 15212 BB 

Aluminum Cmpx Fd Mach 

Gres-EP Code 2387 BB 

Aluminum Cmpx Fd Mach 

Gres-EP Code 3358 BB 

Southwest Sanitary Company, The 

Crystal R 

Lemon Odor Disinfectant P 

Liquid Detergent A 

Liquid Hand Soap Ready For 

Use Q 

Mint Germicide-Deodorant P 

Mug The Bug Liquid 

Insecticide S 

Mug The Bug Residual 

Insecticide T 

New Life D 

Old Limey D 

Pine-Odor Disinfectant R 

Pink Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Porcelain Power P 

Potent Power D 

Pure Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Silicone Spray (Aerosol) AA 

Spray 88 Heavy Duty Clnr. & 

Degreaser A 

Super Bowl P 

Titanic R 

Window Shine Glass Cleaner. ...R 
40% Concentrated Liq. Hand 

Soap Q 

Southwest Saw Corporation 

S-S-S-Spray-Oil A A 

Southwestern Boiler Service 

Caustic Soda M 

T-U S M 

T-18-S M 

T-19 M 

T-75 M 

918 M 

Southwestern Chemicals Co. 

New Scalex M 

Southwestern Petroleum Corp. 

All-Purpose Cleaner D 

Concrete Etcher C 

Emulsifiable Degreaser R 

Germicidal Detergent D 

High Heat Grease #104 Heavy. BB 
High Heat Grease #104 Light. BB 

Hot Tank Degreaser D 

Lithium Grease #107 Heavy BB 

Lithium Grease #107 Light BB 

Steam Cleaner A 

Swepco Barium Grease No. 

105, Heavy BB 

Swepco Calcium Grease 

FM#109 BB 

Swepco Calcium Grease 

FM#115 AA 

Swepco Compressor Oil #707- 

1 BB 

Swepco Compressor Oil #707- 

2 BB 

Swepco Compressor Oil #707- 

3 BB 

Swepco Compressor Oil #707- 

4 BB 

Swepco Concentrated Cleaner ..A,Q 
Swepco Disinfectant Detergent.F 
Swepco Food Machinery 

Grease 115 A A 

Swepco Gear Lube #201 SAE 

140 BB 

Swepco Gear Lube #201 SAE 

250 BB 

Swepco Gear Lube #201 SAE 

80 BB 

Swepco Gear Lube #201 SAE 

90 BB 

Swepco Hydraulic Oil #7 4 

Heavy BB 

Swepco Hydraulic Oil #704 

Light A BB 

Swepco Hydraulic Oil #704 

Light B BB 

Swepco Hydraulic Oil #704 

Light Med BB 

Swepco Industrial Oil #702 

No. BB 

Swepco Industrial Oil #702 

No. 00 BB 

Swepco Industrial Oil #702 

No. 1 BB 

Swepco Industrial Oil #702 

No. 1-A BB 

Swepco Industrial Oil #702 

No. 2 BB 

Swepco Industrial Oil #702 

No. 3 BB 

Swepco Industrial Oil #702 

No. 4 BB 

Swepco Industrial Oil #702 

No. 5 BB 

Swepco Industrial Oil #702 

No. 6 BB 

Swepco Industrial Oil #702 

No. 7 BB 

Swepco 101 Moly Grease BB 

Truck & Rig Wash D 

Space Age Sales 

56-C Floor & Wall Cleaner D 


Sparkel #1 A 

Sparkel Floor-Cleaner #3 R 

Spartan Chemical Co., Inc. 

All Purpose Cleaner D 

BH-38 D 

CR-2 Insecticide T 

DA-70 R 

DFP-32 A 

F-I Industrial Strength 

Insecticide S 

Germicidal Bowl Cleanse P 


Golden Glo Liquid A 

H2-D2 D 

Lotionized Liquid Hand 

Cleaner Q 

M 95 C 

M.L.D. Bowl Cleanse P 

Metaquat Germicidal Cleaner ...F 

New Liquid Steam Cleaner B 

Pathmaker A 

Pressure Washer Cleaner A 

PD-64 D 

Sani-T-10 G 

Sparquat 256 D 

Sterigent D 

SC-200 Industrial Cleaner A 

SD-20 D 

Specialized Industrial Products 

DX 500 D 

Specialty Applied Chemicals 

Descale C 

liquify O 

Nothing D 

Spot-Shot P 

Spectral Chemical Co. Inc. 


Deodorant G 

Spectral Poultry Scald L 

Spectrasol A 

Spectraterge A A 

Spectro Chemical Specialties 

Big 'G' A 

Big Gee D 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Gentle 7 R 

Hydrolytic Enzyme Bacteria 

Complex O 

KP Kitchen Power D 

KP Kitchen Renovator A 

Mr. Brite Porcelain Cleaner P 

Remov-Ox C 

Steam Cleaner Liquid B 

Super 67 A 

Whirlpool O 

Spectro-Chem Unlimited, Inc. 

Aquacide S 

Big G' A 

Black Disinfectant (Phenol 

Coef. 2) R 

Black Disinfectant (Phenol 

Coef. 3) R 

Black Disinfectant (Phenol 

Coef. 5) R 

Cocoanut Oil Hand Soap 

Concentrate Q 

Dual-27 F 

Dura-Trol R 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

Gentle 7 R 

Hydrolytic Enzyme Bacteria 

Complex O 

Kill Brand Insecticide S 

Kleen-Hands W 

KP Kitchen Renovator A 

L-Tox Spray S 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Mr. Brite Poreclain Cleaner P 

Remuv-Ox C 

Slide 'N Glide AA 

Sta Kleen A A 

Steam Cleaner Liquid B 

Super 67 A 

Whirlpool O 

Spectro wax Corporation 

Germ-Aside G 

Grime- Aside F 

Meat Room Degrsr Gen Purp 

Cleaner A 

Spectrocide G 

Star Blue Label A 

Spencer Kellogg Division 

Diamond Quality Castor Oil AA 

Gold Bond Castor Oil AA 

Spinelly's Chemical Products 

Vaporizer Insect Spray S 

Spiro-Wallach Company, Inc. 

No. 150 Power Cleaner & 

Degreaser A 

Spray-Dyne Corporation 

Dyne-A-Mite O 

Sprayon Products, Inc. 

No. 210 Food Grade Silicone... AA 
214 Paintable Mold Release 

Aerosol A A 

Sprayway, Incorporated 

#940 Spray Lubricant AA 

D-100 Disinfectant Spray R 

Glass Cleaner R 

Hi-Pressure 55 Industrial 

Aerosol Bomb S 

Silicone Spray A A 

Springfield Water Conditioning Co., 

Hy-Test Sodium Hypochlorite. G,Z 

Spruce Chemical Inc. 

Dura 530 D 

Spruce Sanitary Supply Inc. 

'Blast' A 

Power X D 

Spur-Tex Products 

1006 Spur-Tex Liq. Hand Dish 

Wash A 

1055 Spur-Tex Liq. Steam Clnr 

Cone A 

1085 Spur-Tex Acid Drain Trap 

Opnr O 

1090 Spur-Tex In. Liq. Dr. Pipe 

Op/Mnt O 

330 Spur-Tex Machine DshWsh 

Comp A 

341 Spur-Tex Spm Low Suds 

Laundry Det CC 

345 Spur-Tex Concentrated 

Dry Bleach CC 

350 Spur-Tex Delx Pwd Hand 

Dsh Wsh A 

366 Spur-Tex Gen. Purp. 

Pwdrd Clnr A 

375-X40 Spur-Tex High Suds 

Hand Dsh Det A 

405 Spur-Tex Steam Clng. 

Compnd A 

410 Spur-Tex H.D. Stm Clng 

Comp B 

810-1 Sanitizer Rinse G 

911 Spur-Tex Hvy Dty Mach. 

Scrubber Cone A 

915 Spur-Tex General Purp. 

Cleaner A 

920 Spur-Tex Hvy Dty Gen. 

Purp. CI A 

925 Spur-Tex Ammntd All 

Purp. CI D 

940 Spur-Tex Bowl Cleaner P 

955 Spur-Tex Ready To Use 

Glass Spray R 

Squibb, E.R. & Sons, Inc. 

IoQuat F 

Mineral Oil AA 

Odorquell R 

Pitch Pack Tag M U 

St. Clair Custodial Supply Co. 

S. C. All Purpose Cleaner A 

S. C. Chlorinated Cleaner A 

S. C. H.D. Caustic Cleaner B 

S. C. H.D. Cleaner R 

S. C. H.D. Liquid Cleaner A 

S. C. P. Cleaner A 

S. C. Steam Cleaner A 

Silicone Spray A A 

Silicone Spray A A 

Soil Off D 

St. George Sales & Service, Inc. 

Dragon Brand Assault D 

Dragon Brand Attack D 

Dragon Brand Blue Flash D 

Dragon Brand Blue Knight D 

Dragon Brand Challenge D 

Dragon Brand Conqueror D 

Dragon Brand Gallant D 

Dragon Brand High Foam 'A' ..A 

Dragon Brand Lo Foam D 

Dragon Brand Neutral Cleaner A 
Dragon Brand Warrior D 

St. Lucie Chemical & Supply, Inc. 

Dysolv A 

Sta-Lube, Incorporated 

Hand Cleaner Formula II W 

High Pressure FM Grease BB 

Industrial Pink Hand Cleaner.... W 

Kleer FM Grease No. 1 AA 

Multi-Purpose FM Grease No. 

1 BB 

Multi-Purpose FM Grease No. 

2 BB 

Sta-Lube Lotion Hand Cleaner. W 
Sta-Lube 10-42 Compressor OilBB 
Superwhite FM Grease No. 0...BB 
Superwhite FM Grease No. 1 ...BB 
Superwhite FM Grease No. 2. .BB 
Superwhite FM-HT Grease No. 

2 AA 

Stabilization Chemicals 

TLC-25 O 

Staco Industries 

Food Grade Silicone Spray AA 

Prilled Drain Pipe Opener O 

Sta ley, A.E. Manufacturing Co. 

Sno-Bol P 

Stanbio Laboratory Inc. 

Bio-Clean Laboratory 

Detergent And Deo A 

Standard Chemicals, Inc. 

Boiler Water Treat. Control 
#GB-60 M 

Boiler Water Treat. Control 

#RL-300 M 


Control N2-SL N 

Standard Disinfectant Company 

Nu-Lite A 

Standard Industrial and Automotive 
Equip., Inc. 

M-P Multi Purp Steam & 

Pressure CI Cmpd A 

XHD Extra Hvy Dty Steam & 

Press CI Cmpd A 

Standard Maintenance Supply Co. 

Disinfect Plus F 

Double Power Plus A 

Erase-All A 

Insect Spray S 

Power Plus D 

Standard Oil Co. of California 

Chevron Cylinder Oil 135PX BB 

Chevron Cylinder Oil 155PX BB 

Chevron Cylinder Oil 190PX BB 

Chevron CT Oil No. 70 AA 

Chevron CT Oil No. 95 AA 

Chevron Delo 100 Motor Oil 


Chevron Delo 100 Motor Oil 

SAE 20W-20 BB 

Chevron Delo 100 Motor Oil 

SAE 30 BB 

Chevron Delo 100 Motor Oil 

SAE 40 BB 

Chevron Delo 100 Motor Oil 

SAE 50 BB 

Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 


Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 

SAE 10W-30 BB 

Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 

SAE 20W-20 BB 

Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 

SAE 20W-40 BB 

Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 

SAE 40 BB 

Chevron Delo 200 Motor Oil 

SAE 50 BB 

Chevron EP Hydraulic Oil MV.BB 
Chevron EP Hydraulic Oil 32 ...BB 
Chevron EP Hydraulic Oil 46. ..BB 
Chevron EP Hydraulic Oil 68 ...BB 
Chevron EP Industrial Oil 

100X BB 

Chevron EP Industrial Oil 

150X BB 

Chevron EP Industrial Oil 

220X BB 

Chevron EP Industrial Oil 46X.BB 

Chevron FM Grease AA 

Chevron FM Grease 000 AA 

Chevron FM Grease 1 AA 

Chevron FM Grease 2 AA 

Chevron FM Lubricating Oil 

19X AA 

Chevron FM Lubricating Oil 

22X AA 

Chevron FM Lubricating Oil 

80X AA 

Chevron FM Lubricating Oil 

9X AA 

Chevron Grease BRB 2 BB 

Chevron Industrial Grease 

Heavy BB 

Chevron Industrial Grease 

Light BB 

Chevron Industrial Grease 

Medium BB 

Chevron Inhibited Insulating 

Oil BB 

Chevron Insulating Oil BB 

Chevron Marine Oil 27X BB 

Chevron Marine Oil 31X BB 

Chevron Marine Oil 38X BB 

Chevron Multi-Motive Grease 


Chevron Multi-Motive Grease 

1 BB 

Chevron Multi-Motive Grease 

2 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

100 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

1000 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

150 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

1500 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

220 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

2200 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

320 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

460 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

68 BB 

Chevron NL Gear Compound 

680 BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 100 ...BB 
Chevron OC Turbine Oil 150. ...BB 
Chevron OC Turbine Oil 220 ...BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 32 BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 46 BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 5 BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 68 BB 

Chevron OC Turbine Oil 7 BB 

Chevron Pinion Grease MS BB 

Chevron Refrigeration Oil 32. ...BB 
Chevron Refrigeration Oil 68. ...BB 
Chevron RPM Delo 200 Mtr 

Oil Gr. 30 BB 

Chevron Special Motor Oil 

10W BB 

Chevron Special Motor Oil 

20W BB 

Chevron Special Motor Oil 30 ..BB 
Chevron Special Motor Oil 40 ..BB 
Chevron Special Motor Oil 50 ..BB 

Chevron SRI Grease 2 BB 

Chevron Universal Gear Lub. 

SAE 80W-90 BB 

Chevron Universal Gear Lub. 

SAE 85W-140 BB 

Chevron Universal Gear 

Lubricant 80 BB 

Chevron Utility Grease 1 BB 

Chevron Utility Grease 2 BB 

Chevron Utility Grease 3 BB 

Chevron Utility Grease 4 BB 

Chevron White Grease 1 AA 

Chevron White Grease 2 AA 

Chevron White Grease 3 AA 

Chevron White Oil No. 1 NF....AA 
Chevron White Oil No. 11 USPAA 
Chevron White Oil No. 15 USPAA 
Chevron White Oil No. 23 USPAA 
Chevron White Oil No. 3 NF....AA 
Chevron White Oil No. 5 NF....AA 
Chevron White Oil No. 7 NF....AA 
Chevron White Oil No. 9 USP..AA 

Standard Sanitary Supplies, Inc. 

Sanico Deluxe Liquid Hand 
Soap Q 

Standard T Chemical Company, Inc. 

Stanlux Foaming Cleaner-Dgrsr 
116-669 D 

Standardized Sanitation Systems, Inc. 

Lano-Guard P 

Quat II Citrus Fragrance D 

Quat II Neutral Fragrance F 

SSS Blue Bowl Cleaner P 

SSS Cleanser Contains 

Chlorine Bleach E 

SSS Disinfectant Deodorant R 

SSS Emulsion Bowl Cleaner P 

SSS Foam-Klean A 

SSS Heavy Duty Lotion Skin 

Cleaner W 

SSS Hosptl. Strength Disinf. 

Clnr&Deod R 

SSS Indust. Floor Cleaner & 

Stripper D 

SSS Liquid Hand Soap Q 

SSS Lotion Skin Cleaner W 

SSS Quaternary Germicidal 

Det.Neut.Frag F 

SSS Quaternary Germicidal 

Detergent D 

SSS Scotty A 

SSS Tile Cleaner & Scum 

Remover P 

SSSafety All Surface Cleaner. ..D 

SSSafety Bowl Cleaner P 

SSSafety Drain Treatment O 

2nd Shift A 

Stanley Home Products, Inc. 
Industrial-Institutional Div. 

Degreaser Formula 500 A 

F-547 D 

Heavy Duty Cleaner Formula 
57 D 

Star Chemical Company 

'OK' Concrete Cleaner R 

Arrest Z 

Aspirlube BB 

Aspirlube-D BB 

Boss D 

Bright R 

BW-19 B 

CIor-O-Mite A 

Cloro-Kleen A 

Control S C 

Control-D C 

Esc alder X 

Exact D 

Flush O 

Foamer A 

Formula 300 H 

Formula 47 

Formula 50 F 

Formula 55 B 

Grease-Out R 

L. F. A A 

Liquakleen-D B 

Liquid Cloromite A 

LC-40 CC 

No Dor R 

Orbit A 

Plus 10 A 

Purgerm Q 

Puricide P 

Rust-O-Way CC 


Sequa-D A 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Solvit D 

« Sta-Kleen A 

Star Dry Bleach CC 


Star Lo-Foam CC 

Star Lo-Foam FE CC 

Star Plus A 

Stardyne G 

Starlube AA 

Starmaid D 

Sterasol F 

Super Starcide S 

SF-903 M 

SF-904 N 

SF-913 M 

TR-Cleaner Y 

Star Chemical Company, Inc. 

Acid Cleaner C 

Chlorinated Cleaner F 

Foamer A 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner... A 
Heavy Duty Concentrate 

Liquid Cleaner D 

Hog Scald X 

Hook and Trolley Cleaner B 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Steam Cleaner A 

Malathion Fly Bait T 

Odorless Concrete Cleaner D 

Shackle Cleaner B 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Star Sterocide D 

Super Insecticide Concentrate ..S 

Thermal Fog Insecticide S 

Tripe Cleaner Y 

Star Industries, Inc. 

Star-Clean GRA B 

Star-Clean GRB B 

Star Maintenance Supply 

Star Burst Cleaner Degreaser ...A 

Star Products Company 

Star Brand Dishtergent A 

Starco Chemical, Incorporated 

Laundry Detergent J CC 

Ltquakleen A 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

No. 3 N.Y CC 

Starkleen FL-34 A 

Starkleen No. S-100 B 

Starkleen No. S-100 GH B 

Starkleen No. S-85 A 

Starkleen No. S-90 A 

Starkleen S-15 A 

Starkleen S-20 A 

Starkleen S-80 B 

Starkleen S-83 CL B 

Starkleen 50 C 

Z-14 Starglo A 

Stark, Wetzel & Company, Inc. 

S & W Hook & Trolley 

Cleaner B 

S & W Phosphate Free CleanerB 
Stark & Wetzel Foam Cleaner. B 

Starr Manufacturing & Chemical 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Starr National Manufacturing Corp. 

Action Market Cleaner D 

Action Safety Solvent D 

Glo Grittle n' Fryer Cleaner B 

Stat Enterprises/ A Div. of Pride 
Labs. Inc. 

Alka-Con-13 M 

Aqua-Col 10 M 

Bacteria Complex 209 D 

Big 'G' A 

Bowl-O 134 P 

D-Clog-QTS. 732 

Digest O 

Dual-27 F 

Jaws O 

Lazy Boy A 

Liquid Sharks Liq. Live Micro 

Organisms O 

Rid R 

Sani-Lube Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Sno-Go R 

Space Shot 212 

Speed Kleen D 

Sponge 1 1 M 

Spra-Kleen 103 D 

Targo 707 D 

Tornado D 

Unclog-QTS. 140 

Zymeonella 210 

State Chemical & Supply Company 

State-Dri MM 

State Chemical Company 

Big 10 P,CC 


C.F.C. White D 

C.F.C. Yellow R 

Descaler No. 27 C 

Dish Brite A 

Dish-L-Powder A 

Dish-O-Det Powder A 

Disol P 

Dry Bleach CC 

Go O 


Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner B 

Hot Tank Cleaner 202 B 


Neutral Beads A 

No. 50 FPC Food Plant 

Cleaner A 

Nomal O 

One Wipe D 

Opal Olive Grade A Q 

Opal Olive Grade AA Q 

Pink Pearl A 

Power Brite A 

QS 50 F 

Safe C 

Sanifene D 

Sewer Solv O 

Stachlor P,CC 

Staco MP. No. 1 CC 

Staco Suds A 

Staco 3101 B 

Staco 3102 A 

Staco 3114 B 

Staco 3161 A 

Staco 3191 A 

Staco 4000 Chlorinated CIP & 

Spray Clnr A 

Staco 4102 A 

Staco 4103 A 

Staco 5100 C 

Stavac C 

Stazene R 

Steam-All A 

Super Cleaner B 

Tri-X-Liquid A 

Tri-X-Powdered A 

Vermononox Aerosol 

Insecticide S 

Vermononox Liquid Insecticides 

Vermonox 50% Malathion T 

Xodet Concentrate D 

1% Vapona T 

State Chemical Manufacturing Co., 

'311 Conveyor Lube' BB 

Acidine C 

All Purpose Spray Cleaner D 

Blue Diamond Cleanser A 

Cherri-D R 

Cool-Ade N 

Diamond Cleanser A 

Fix P 

Formula AP-343 Cleaner D 

Formula C A 

Formula S-800 Drain & Sewer 

Solvent O 

Formula 137 B 

Formula 15-7 Oxygen 

Corrosion Control M 

Formula 174 A 

Formula 185 Liquid Ice-Chek 

Activator R 

Formula 222 A 

Formula 224 FD-Odor Control.R 

Formula 231 C 

Formula 250 De-Foam O.HH 

Formula 273 FFC Terg-O-San 

Cleaner A 

Formula 279 Steam-Off A 

Formula 296 State Roach & 

Ant Kil T 

Formula 297 Algaecide N 

Formula 298 RAS T 

Formula 312 D 

Formula 318 All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Formula 336 State Gear Oil BB 

Formula 348 State Stop-Scale. ..M 
Formula 350 Liquid 

Chlorinated Cleaner A 

Formula 351 State Clean-Line ..M 

Formula 358 Mint Kontrol R 

Formula 362 No Rinse 

Cleaner/Sanitizer G 

Formula 555 Rocket Action 

State Ice Cure R 

Formula-251 C 

Freez-Kleen D 

G.S.O R 

Gangway O 

Hvy Dty Form. No. 133 Terg- 

O-Cide F 

Instant P 

Jonade P 

Kleen All D 

Klenz A P 

Klenz-Kream W 

Kontrol R 

Lather-Up Q 

Lift D 

Lime Solvent C 

Microcide S 

Mud-Out O 

New Form. 160 Car and Truck 

Wash A 

No. MK-50 A 

No. 1515-A Q 

No. 1516-B Q 

No. 1522 Sanico Surgical Hand 

Soap Q 

No. 1532 Sanico Surgical Hand 

Soap Q 

No. 1540 Q 

No. 55 Fogging Mist T 


No. 6-55 Fogging Concentrate ..T 


Prestige Q 

PFC Formula 223 D 

PW All Purpose Concentrate ....D 

PW Heavy Duty Degreasant A 

Reserve Cleanser E 


RMK-308 U 

Scram O 

Scrub W 

Sectocide S 

Spec P 

Sta-Zorb MM 

Sta-Zyme O 

Stapine R 

State Correct M 

State Dek S 

State Formula 301 NCNP N 

State Formula 319 WAS Wasp 

Killer S 

State Formula 52 G.F. Cleaner D 

State Lub AA 

State Pen Penetrating Oil BB 

State Sewer Solvent #7 

Super Eight 80-D D 

Surge R 

SCM-40 Skin Cleaner W 


Tef Fluorocarbon BB 

Terg-O-Cide D 

Terg-O-Cide Concentrate 315... D,R 

Tile 'N Grout Cleaner P 

Touchdown D 

U-Ten Pot, Pan And Utensil 

Cleaner A 

Urinal Buoy P 

Urinal- Ade P 

Vaporcide S 

X-O Odor Away R 

179 R 

180 R 

68-A Industrial Cleaner A 

999 D 

State Manufacturing Co., Inc., The 

Addamine Steam Line 

Treatment 200A N 

Addamine Stm Cond. Line 

Treat 200 M 

Formula 10-4 Dispersant M 

Formula 10-5 Dispersant M 

Formula 10-6 Dispersant M 

Formula 10-8 Dispersant M 

Formula 15-2 Oxygen 

Corrosion Contl M 

Formula 15-5 Oxygen 

Corrosion Contl M 

Formula 17-10 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Formula 17-14 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Formula 17-15 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Formula 17-17 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Formula 17-2 Steam Line 

Treatment , M 

Formula 17-25 Steam Line 

Treatment N 

Formula 17-7 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Formula 17-8 Steam Line 

Treatment M 

Formula 19-1 Water Supply 

Treatment N 

Formula 19-12 Potable Water 

Supply Treat N 

Formula 19-2 Potable Water 

Supply Treat N 

Formula 4-3 Boiler Water 

Treatment N 

Formula 4-32 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Formula 4-37 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Formula 4-38 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Formula 4-47 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Formula 4-48 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Formula 4-6 Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

Formula 8-2 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Formula 8-21 Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

Formula 8-6 Cooling Water 

Treatment C,R,Z 

Formula 8-7 Cooling Water 

Treatment C,R,Z 

Formula 9-1 Descale M 

Formula 9-3 Descale M 

Metla-Cota Bio-Sat 952 N 

Metla-Cota Boiler Water Treat 

119 M 

Metla-Cota Cooling Water 

Trtmt. 840 N 

Metla-Cota Domestic Water 

Treat 801 Z 

Metla-Cota Domestic Water 

Treat 860 Z 

Metla-Cota Enz-All 90 

Metla-Cota Oxygen Corr. 

Control 195-1 M 

Metla-Cota Oxygen Corr. 

Control 295-1 M 

Metla-Cota Oxygen Corr. 

Control 295-1/N M 

Metla-Cota Water Supply Treat 

804-M Z 

Metla-Cota Water Supply Treat 

804-1 Z 

Metla-Cota 954 N 

Metla-Cota 955 N 

Stauffer Chemical Company 

'Round B 

Addit Z 

Adhere A 

Alclen A,H 

All Purpose Cleaner A,H 

Aluminum Sulfate Z 

Blendet CC 

B rite-Gloss B 

B rite-Gloss Concentrate 'A' C 

Brite-Gloss Concentrate 'B' B 

C.S.I N 

Calmatic BB 

Chelon 100 A,M 

Chlorinated Trisodium 

Phosphate F,K 

Cip-Pres B 

Circulate A,H 

Clak A 

Clenesco A-Q F 

Clenesco Acid Cleaner C 

Clenesco Acid Cleaner 

Concentrate C 

Clenesco ARC F 

Clenesco Bottle Cleaner A 

Clenesco Chlorinated Cleaner. ..F.H.K 

Clenesco Clear G,J 

Clenesco Cooker Cleaner B 

Clenesco Dairyman's Chlorine. .G,K 
Clenesco Linex A 

Clenesco Liquid Cleaner A,H 

Clenesco Novadine G 

Clenesco Novadine + G 

Clenesco Pipeline Acid C 

Clenesco Sanidine G.JJ 

Clenesco Sanitizer F,J 

Clenesco Stone Remover C 

Clenesco X-Sept BB 

Complete B 

Con-AC C 

Condef HH 

Conserve CC 

Crown Detergent CC 

Crystal Caustic Soda B,X,Y 

Crystamet A,L.M,V,X,Y 


Degreaser 93L B 

Dense Soda Ash A,M 

Disodium Phosphate M,X,Z 

Disperse O 

Dry Chloresco CC 

Dry met A.CC.L.M.V, 


Dryorth B,CC 

Dryseq CC 

Ease-D M 

Econodet CC 

Enhance CC 

Escodet CC 

Esc of os CC 

Escolloid CC 

Fera-Sav N 

Flake Caustic Soda B.X.Y 

Flexiclen A,H 

Flote BB 

Forward N 

Free N 

Go A 

H.D. Cleaner-85 B 

Hemostrip CC 

Hicid C 

Hicid Concentrate C 

Insta-Kleen B 

Klorgon 'B' CC 

Kolg-G N 

Kor-Gon N 

Launtex CC 

Lin break CC 

Liquid Bottle Cleaner B 

Liquid Florclen D 

Liquid 75 A,H 

Loop B 

I ii rn.ii n 589 BB 

LD-2377 CC 


LFA Concentrate C 

Monosodium Phosphate C 

Moov BB 

More A,H 


N'Gro DMC N 

N'Gro TCP N 

NFL Sour CC 

One Shot Cleaner B 

Oxy-Gon M 

Pentacon A 

Phosphoric Acid 75% C 

Pogo R 

Potassium Tripolyphosphate A 

Sen-R-G M 

Silver-Wyte CC 

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate C 

Sodium Gluconate Y,Z 

Sodium Hydroxide Solution 

50% B 

Sodium Tripolyphosphate A.M.X.Z 

Sof-Met B 

Sol-Esco CC 

Sta-RedE A 


Steam Cleaner T-10 A 

Sted CC 

Super Desoil CC 

Super Lumatic 589 BB 

Super Lumatic 589-B BB 

Superclen A,H 

Supra CC 

Sure A,H 

Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate .A 

Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate A,M,X,Z 

Thrust BB 

Tripotassium Phosphate A 

Imodium Phosphate A,X,Y,Z 

Trisodium Phosphate Chlor. 

Pink A 

Twin Det CC 

Victalite 35 A.M.X.Z 

Vitrafos A,M,Z 

Washing Compound B 

Winter Lubricant BB 

X-Tend N 

X-Tra Phos M 

X-Tra Phos PWD M.Z 

X-Tra-Alk M 

Steam Engineering Company, The 

BT-101 M 

BT-102 M 

Stearns Chemical Corporation 

A Sanitergent F 

Acid Salt Cleaner C 

Action-Plus G,J 

Alkon-OM CC 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Blue Butyl Degreaser D 

Break Foam HH 


Caustic Soda Beads B 

Centrate A 

Chlorosan F 

Coco-Castile Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

CC-Cleaner A 

D-Lime-X C 

Deep Fry Cleaner A 

Drain Cleaner-Soft O 

Each Egg H 

Fat-Solv A 

Flowtron Root Destroyer O 

Foamative A 

Formula #33 Insecticide S 

General Purpose Cleaner A 

General Purpose Cleaner- 

Penawet A 

GS-77 D 

Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

Heavy Duty Degreaser A 

Hog & Poultry Scalding 

Compound L,X 

Hy-Foam A 

Hydrosol C 

Hypo-Chlor G 

Hyprochlor X-12 G 

Manno-Clean A 

Mark II G 

Mark 13 G 

Mechanics Hand Soap P 

MCA Detergent Sanitizer F 

No. 66 Insecticide S 

Nu-Tron A 

Nutra Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Odor-Out R 

Pam Activator C 

Pam Detergent A 

Penawet Soft Q 

Percleen P 

Pyrosol Super Grade C 

Pyrotex B 

Quik Car Wash A 

Quik Kill Insect Bomb S 

Rack Rat U 

Residual Insecticide Diazinon...T 

Sanitergent F 

Smokehouse Cleaner-Penawet ..B 

Spray-Det G 

Stannosol Formula M C 

Stannotex B 

Stearns JEB D 

Steramine F 

Stone-Rex C 

Tee-Pak Activator C 

Tee-Pak Detergent A 

Thruton D 

Tripe Cleaner Y 

7-11 General Cleaner A 

Steiner Company 

Deluxe Skin Cleansing Lotion ..Q 
Hygenic Skin Cleansing Lotion Q 
Steiner 200 Creme Hand 

Cleaner W 

Steiner Corporation 

Clean All Non Butyl A 

Stepan Chemical Company 

Nacconol 40DB A 

Nacconol 40DBX A 

Nacconol 40LB A 

Nacconol 90F A 

Stephenson Chemical Co., Inc. 

Ban-Vap 25 Emulsifiable 

Concentrate T 

Diazinon-4E Insecticide T 

Drop Tox Prem. Grade 50% 

Malathion T 

Drop-Tox Aero-Bomb T 

Drop-Tox Potency Spray S 

Dursban 2E Insecticide T 

DDVP Fog Spray Concentrate. .T 
DDVP-2 Emulsifiable 

Concentrate T 

DDVP-4 Emulsifiable 

Concentrate T 

DK-11 Emulsifiable 

Concentrate T 

Fly Bait T 

Fog And Mill Spray S 

Formula 382 S 

Fumarin Rat Bait Meal U 

Fumarin Rat Bait Pellets U 

Insect Killer T 

Pival Rat Bait Pellets U 

Pyrenone Roach Spray 

Concentrate S 

Pyrethrum and Piperonyl 

Butoxide S 

Pyrethrum Powder T 

Special Fog Spray S 

Stephenson Chem Rozol Redi 

Mix Meal U 

SBP 1382 Fog Compound S 

SBP 1382 O.S. Concentrate S 

Unicron II Fogging Solution S 

Warfarin Rat Bait Meal U 

Warfarin Rat Bait Pellets U 

Sterling Chemical Products, Inc. 

'131' Liq. Hand Dishwashing 
Detergnt A 

Superior 1000 A 

Superior 157 D 

Superior 183 Alum. Trailer 

Brightner C 

Superior 23 D 

Superior 26 H,K 

Superior 269 Sterl-Clean F 

Superior 350 O 

25 APC A 

270 Kitchen Multi Purpose 

Degreaser D 

277 Wax Remover D 

Sterling Sanitary Supply Corp. 

Protect- Aire P 

Sterling Soap and Chemical Co., Inc. 

Kleen-Quat F 

Mint Disinfectant P 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Pow'r Plus A 

Start A 

3D Disinfectant, Deodorant, 
Detergnt D 

Sterling Supply 

Medi-Sept Hand Soap Q 

Stern Chemical Company, Inc. 

Assist A 

Big Janitor D 

Stern's Break-Through A 

Stern Chemical Corporation 

#120 Pyrethrins S 

AC. Cleaner C 

Action F,J 

Action Disinfecting Germicidal 

Det F 

Action Germicidal Spray and 

Wipe CI R 

AUtreat 300 N 

AP-90 A 

Boilerite 100 M 

Chlor-N F 

Chlorosan- 1 6 F,J 

Cleen-Brite C 

CBF-55 B 

CIP-250 A 

Fantabulus A 

Foamad A 

FAT-10 B 

GP-66 A 

Hand Soap 20% Q 

Hand Soap 40% Q 

Jet Det All Purpose Cleaner R 

JEC-11 A 

JEL-1 B 

JEL-7 A 

L.D. Cleaner A 

M.P. Concentrate A 

Micro-Bac O 

Pine Oil Disinfectant (Phenol 

Coef. 5) R 

Pineaphene R 

PW-50 A 

Quixide S 

Red Magic Sewer Solvent O 

S.C. 101 B 

Saf-Suds A 

Skat B 

Smoke-X B 

Steamrite 200 M 

Stern HA Concentrate D 

Stern-O Lath A 

Stern-O-Lube BB 

Sterndex Glass Cleaner R 

SAF-100 A 

SD-111 B 

Tef-Tape Pipe Thread Sealer ...BB 

Tower All NC N 

W.T.C. Algaecide And Algal 

Slimicide N 


Stero Chemical Company 

Activated Liquid Detergent A 

Amaze Soilgone B 

Electro Charge B 

No. 300 Machine Dishwashing 

Compound A 

Pan Glow B 

Silverware Tarnish Remover C 

Stero Chlor B 

Stero Clor Chemical Company 

Activated Liquid Detergent A 

Amaze B 

Pan Glow A 

Stero Clor B 

Stero Products 

All-Ways-Cleans A 

Dear John Bowl Cleaner P 

Eeze Klean Concentrate A 

Elite Creme Q 

Glass & Dish Wash A 

Grease Away A 

Jet Power Cleaner D 

Lemon Aid All Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Lemon Power 10 R 

Linen-Brite CC 

Liquid Live Micro-Organism ....O 

Pine Concentrate R 

Purple Power Cleaner C 

Stero Glo R 

Stero-Brite Chemicals 

AU-Purpose Polish A 

All-Surface Cleaner A 

Concentrated Floor 

Conditioner R 

Hand Soap Liquid A 

Hand Soap Lotion Q 

Heavy Duty Bowl Cleaner P 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner 

Liquid B 

Liquid Drain Opener And 

Maintainer O 

Pink Lotion A 

Power Cleaner D 

Surface Scum Remover D 

Wind-O-Shine R 

Stevens Chemical Company 

Bowl Glo P 

Bright Clear R 

Clean Off Concentrate A 

DLT-100 C 

Neutra Scent R 

Quatrocide Germ. Detergent F 

Sta-Gleem D 

Stev-O-Rod O 

Super Drain Eze O 

Superb D 

Terecide D 

Terrene A 

Stevenson, Brothers & Co., Inc. 

#85 Pure White Mineral Oil AA 

Stewart-Hall Chemical Corp. 

Acid Cleaner-G C 

Acid Cleaner-H C 

Acid Cleaner-P C 

Acid Cleaner-S C 

Actabs N 

Actabs XX N 

Actflo N 

Anti-Foam AF N 


BWT-BC-12 N 

BWT-BC-36 N 


BWT-BD-11 M 




BWT-FG-12 M 












Corroclean Z 

Corroclean F Z 


CWT-BB-12 N 

CWT-BB-25 N 

CWT-BC-18 N 

CWT-BC-36 N 






Drainmaster-P O 

ET-BD-14 M 

Fortifier F M 

Greasemaster R 

G rime-Sol v A 

Lets-Go BB 

Liquid Descalit C 

Outstrip C 

Scale Strip C 

Scaleclean-F Z 

Scalomatic N 

Septi-Solv R 

Silent Run BB 

Steamaster Hi M 

Steamaster Type 1 N 

Steamaster-F M 

Sulfite BWT-SF M 

Super Grime-Solv R 


Stewart-Warner Corporation/ 
Alemite Marketing Dept. 

Alemite All Purpose Spray 

Kleen A 

Alemite Food Machinery AA 

Alemite Hi-Temp No. 1 BB 

Alemite Industrial No. 37 BB 

Alemite Industrial No. 38 BB 

Alemite Regular No. 30 BB 

Alemite Regular No. 32 BB 

Alemite Regular No. 33 BB 

Alemite Spray Kleen No. 1 A 

Alemite Spray Kleen No. 2 A 

Alemite Spray Kleen No. 3 B 

Alemite Temprite- White BB 

Alemite Viscous - H' BB 

Alemite Water Pump BB 

Stiles- kern Corporation 

Aquadene Z 

Stokes Sanitary Supply 

S.S.S. 1000 Cleaner D 

Stone Soap Company, Inc. 

Ace Laundry Liquid Builder CC 

Crystal Laundry Liquid Bleach 
14% A 

Great D 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner A 

Kemade General Purpose 

Cleaner (H.D.) A 

Kemade Soaper Liquid D 

Medi-Soap Q 

Neutral Cleaner A 

Pride Concentrated Powdered 

Bleach CC 

Pride Concrete Floor Cleaner 

Heavy Duty B 

Pride Concrete Floor Cleaner 

Reg. Duty A 

Pride Detcrgent-Sanitizer G 

Pride Pressure Wash 

Compound A 

Pride-Lo-Dine G,GG 

Star Disinfectant G 

Star Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Star Quat G 

Tune Controlled Suds 

Detergent A,CC 

Tune Laundry Liquid 

Detergent CC 

Stop Chemical Corporation 

Stop 48 Drain Cleaner Enzyme 
Type O 

Stoughton Chemical Sales Co., Inc. 

Boiler Water Treatment 

Compound M 

Kwick Foam A 

Stratton Chemicals, Inc. 

Dura 530 D 

Dura-Terge II A 

Strike Products Division/ Zoecon 
Industries, Inc. 

Strike Insect Strip T 

Strike Rat & Mouse Killer U 

Stucke Chemical Services 

Boiler-Treat 100 M 

Boiler-Treat 300 N 

Boiler-Treat 400 N 

Degreaser A 

Degreaser Heavy Duty 

Concentrate A 

Lime Remover-Safe Heavy 

Duty C 

Lime-Gone Heavy Duty 

Concentrate C 

Lube-Jell BB 

Tower-Treat N 

Stutton Corp. 

Big R A 

Electra Shield BB 

Slipper A A 

Straight's A A 

Sudbury Laboratory, Inc. 

Aqua-Clear (Liquid) Z 

Aqua-Clear Crystals Z 

Suds-Up Company 

Floor Cleaner D 

LC-7 A 

S40 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Suffolk Chemical Company, Inc. 

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution. .G 

Sugar Beet Products Company 

SBS-ll Heavy Duty Veg.-Base 
Hand Soap P 


SBS-17 P 

SBS-18 P 

sbs-::i p 

SBS-227 P 

SBS-228 P 

SBS-30 W 

SBS-33 W 

SBS-40 W 

SBS-41 W 


SBS-»6 W 

SBS-52 Clnr-Disinf. Sanitizer- 

Deod R 

SBS-60 W 

SBS-6! Q 

SBS-62 Lotion Deodorant SoapQ 

SBS-63 W 

SBS-65 Q 

SBS-71 Q 

SBS-72 Q 

SBS- _ 5 Q 

Suhm Laboratories, Inc. 

After Treatment No. 2 M 

After Treatment No. 2CP M 

After Treatment No. 2CP-1 M 

Anti-Foam No. B4 N 

Boiler Water Treat. 21M-P M 

Boiler Water Treatment No. 26 M 
Cooling System Conditioner 

Dry N 

Cooling System Conditioner 

Liq N 

Cooling System Treatment N 

De-Ion Boiler Water TreatmentM 

Ex-C(4) N 

EX-A (1) N 

EX-B (2) After Treatment M 

EX-C1 Cooling System 

Treatment N 

EX-C3 M 

F-10 Domestic Water 

Treatment Z 

F-10-S Domestic Water 

Treatment Z 

Floe Conditioner M 

Hot Water Boiler Treatment M 

Hydro-Ox Dry Non- Volatile M 


Poly-Floe M 

Poly-Treat M 

S-9-C-20 Condensate 

Treatment M 

S-9-D-10 Condensate 

Treatment M 

S-9-D-20 Condensate 

Treatment M 

S-9-D-30 Condensate 

Treatment M 

S-9-M-30 Condensate 

Treatment M 

Sequion M 

Supreme Dry M 

Supreme Liquid M 

21M-1 Dry Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

21M-1 Liq. Boiler Water Treat. M 
21M-3 Dry Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

2IM-3 Liq. Boiler Water Treat. M 
21M-6 Dry Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

21M-6 Liq. Boiler Water Treat. M 

Sullbrook Service, Incorporated 

Formula 101 M 

Formula 105-Pulv M 

Formula 109 M 

Formula 156 Pellets Z 

Formula 55 N 

Formula 68-Pulv M,Z 

Formula 88 M 

Formula 89 M 

Formula 91 M 

Formula 92 M 

Formula 95 M 

Summit Chemical Company 

Canner's Special S 

Fogging Insecticide T 

Mistocide S 

Mosquitocide T 

Permacide T 

Permacide Plus T 

Pyrethrins Fogging Concentrate 


Pyrethrins ULV Fogging 

Concentrate S 

Summacide S 

Super Permacide T 

SD-5 Detergent Concentrate A 

Summit Laboratories, Inc. 

Acid De scaler C 

Chlor-Al A,V 

Dry Chlorine Bleach CC 

H.D. Drain Opener O 

H.D.S B 

H.D.S. + B 

Heavy Duty Cleaner-S B 

High Alkaline Liquid Cleaner. .A 

Laundry Break CC 

Laundry Detergent CC 

Liquid SAC A 


Q-Foam B 

Sum-Brite C 

Sum-J.A A 

Summit Foam Additive A 

Summit 295 C,N 

Summit 422 N 

Summit 430 M 

Summit 455 M 

Summit 466 M 

Summitt 288 N 

Sun Core Inc. 

Sun-Safe A 

Sun Oil Company 

Sun-Occident Cylinder U200....BB 

Suniso 3GS BB 

Suniso 4GS BB 

Sunoco Food Mach. Grease 

0240-00/138-625 AA 

Sunoco Food Machinery 

Grease #2 AA 

Sunvis 706 BB 

Sunvis 747 BB 

Sunvis 754 BB 

Sunvis 790 BB 

Sunvis 91 12 BB 

Sunvis 999 BB 

Sun Petroleum Products Co. 

Crystosol TW 200 BB 

CrystosolTWllO AA 

Crystosol TW70 AA 

Crystosol TW85 AA 

Sun Ray Chemical Company 

Liquid Steam Cleaner #100 A 

Liquid Steam Cleaner #50 A 

Sunbeam Products, Inc. 

Sunbeam Conquer R 

Sunburst Chemicals/ A Div. of H. V. 
Smith Company 

Heavy Duty Kitchen DegreaserD 
Skoop Multi-Purpose Cleaner ...D 

Sungro Chemicals, Inc. 

Numb Bug S 

Sanitiz-It G 

Sun-Bugger #2 S 

Sun-Bugger #4 S 

Sunnyside Products, Inc. 

All -Weather Motor Oil SAE 

10W-40 BB 

Compressor Oil Sunex 158 BB 

Compressor Oil Sunex 159 BB 

Dripless Oil Sunex 122 BB 

Dripless Oil Sunex 123 BB 

Gear Oil Sunex 160 BB 

Gear Oil Sunex 161 BB 

Gear Oil Sunex 162 BB 

Gear Oil Sunex 163 BB 

Gear Oil Sunex 164 BB 

Gear Oil Sunex 165 BB 

Hydraulic Oil Dvnol 363 BB 

Hydraulic Oil Dynol 364 BB 

Hydraulic Oil Dynol 365 BB 

Hydraulic Oil Dynol 366 BB 

Industrial Lubri. Oil Sunex 143.BB 
Industrial Lubri. Oil Sunex 144. BB 
Industrial Lubri. Oil Sunex 145. BB 
Industrial Lubri. Oil Sunex 146. BB 
Industrial Lubri. Oil Sunex 147. BB 
Industrial Lubri. Oil Sunex 148. BB 
Industrial Lubricating Oil 

Symco 300 BB 

Industrial Lubricating Oil 

Symco 301 BB 

Industrial Lubricating Oil 

Symco 302 BB 

Industrial Lubricating Oil 

Symco 303 BB 

Industrial Lubricating Oil 

Symco 304 BB 

Industrial Lubricating Oil 

Symco 305 BB 

Industrial Lubricating Oil 

Symco 306 BB 

Industrial Lubricating Oil 

Symco 308 BB 

Industrial Lubricating Oil 

Symco 309 BB 

Industrial Lubricating Oil 

Symco 314 BB 

Parafine Oil BB 

Premium Motor Oil SAE 10W ..BB 
Premium Motor Oil SAE 20W ..BB 

Premium Motor OU SAE 30 BB 

Premium Motor Oil SAE 40 BB 

Premium Motor Oil SAE 50 BB 

Spindle Oil Sunex 138 BB 

Spindle Oil Sunex 139 BB 

Spindle Oil Sunex 140 BB 

Vanishing Oil Sunex BB 

Way OU Sunex 156 BB 

Way OU Sunex 157 BB 

Way OU Sunex 174 BB 

Way OU Sunex 175 BB 

Sunrise Supermarket Services, Inc. 

P.S. Plus F 

Sani-Clean-Plus A 

Sunset Products Corp. 

Medi Creme Q 

Sunshine Chemical Specialties, Inc. 

Clout Liquid Drain Opener O 


Fathom Surface Renovator A 

Foamy E 

Genie Multi-Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner D 

Giant Mist T 

Haunt T 

Knock Out P 

Look Out R 

Meat Head A 

Odor Free F 

Sassy Porcelain and Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Sassy Porcelain Cleaner P 

Snappy R 

Steam Go A 

Sun Jet R 

Sun-Clean Concentrate A 

Super Cleaner D 

Super Chem Corp. 

Alk-Super B 

AC Super C 

B R Super B 

Bravo Q 

Deli Brite A 

Deli Super A 

Detail A 

Flite-XL BB 

Glade-Super B 

LFI Super C 

Proven D 

Super Clor A 

Super Clor X B 

Super Spray B 

Super XXX C 

Super-Brite D 

747 C 

Superior Chemical Corporation 

Disheen A 


H.D. Liq. Steam Kleen A 

Insect-Terror S 

Polysil Silicone Spray AA 

Quat-Am 100/50 F 

Special Solv-50 D 

Touch-Up All Purpose Cleaner. R 

Superior Chemical Products, Inc. 

Banzol T 

Deofectant F 

Diazinon 4E T 

Diazinon 4S T 

Dursban 2E T 

Food Plant Spray S 

Iodifectant G 

Omnicide S 

Omnicide Industrial Aerosol T 

Omnicide Oil Concentrate 

#3610 S 

Omnicide Pet Special Bomb S 

Omnicide VP-5 T 

Romix Special U 

Ronnel 24E T 

Saniwash F 

Saniwash Crystals F 

Super Omni-Dust T 

Super Roach Spray 

Concentrate 3610 S 

Superior EC5 Malathion 

Concentrate T 

Termifectant F 

10-1 Concentrate T 

60-6 O.F. Concentrate T 

Superior Chemicals/ Div. of K.I.O. 
Dairy Supply 

San-A-Tize G 

Super Clean A 

Superior Cleaning Supply Co. 

New Non Butly Emulsifier A 

Superior Industrial Products Corp. 

Drain-Away O 

Sani-Lube Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Superior Industrial Sales 

Triple 7 A 

Superior Industries 

Fogging Spray Concentrate S 

Kleen Waterless Hand Cleaner. W 

Kleen-It R 

OP-20 AA 

Shield W 

TEF-Tape BB 

TFE Release Fluorocarbon 

Lubricant BB 

Superior Lubricant Co., Inc. 

Industrial & Marine Cleaner 

(Regular) A 

Super Concentrate Cleaner A 

Superior Manufacturing Corp. 

#25 APC A 

Superior '23' D 

Superior '26' H,K 

Superior 157 D 

Superior 183 C 

Superior 269 Sterl-Clean F 

Superior 350 

270 Kitchen Multipurpose 

Degreaser D 

277 Wax Remover D 

Superior Oil & Belting Co. 

Blandol White Mineral Oil AA 

Carnation White Mineral Oil AA 

Kaydol White Mineral Oil USP 

Heavy A A 

Pure White Oil AA 

Superior Sales Co., Inc. 

All Purpose Concentrate D 

Big Job N 

Bora-Soap P 

Brite Creme Cleanser P 

Chloro Flo R 

Compactorcide Spray S 

Concentrated Wax Stripper D 

E-Z Kleen W 

General Purpose Aqueous 

Insecticide S 

Germicidal Cleaner R 

Hard Surface Cleaner D 

Heavy Duty Cleaner- 

Degreaser-S tripper A 

Heavy Duty Degreaser D 

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner A 

Hefty W 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Hand Soap-30% Q 

Lotion Soft Dish Detergent A 

Lotion Soft Lotionized Liq 

Hand Dish wash A 

Low Pressure Boiler Water 

Compound M 

Luxury Pink Lotion Handsoap Q 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Minute Clean 450 D 

Minute Clean 460 R 

Minute Clean 470 R 

Minute Clean 480 D 

Neutral Cleaner I D 

Neutral Cleaner II D 

Neutral Cleaner 3 D 

Odor Control Deodorizer R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant Coef. 5 ....R 
Power Plus Prilled Drain 

Opener O 

Quat Disinfectant and Cleaner- 


Residual Insect, with Pyrn- 

Diazinon Liq T 

Residual Roach Liquid T 

Speed Kleen A 

Speed Kleen All Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Super Fresh Hospl Disinf 

Spray Deod P 

Super Spray D 

Super Spray Heavy Duty Clnr- 

Dgrsr-Strip A 

Sure Kill Insect Killer T 

Swish Bowl Cleaner P 

Valor Insect Spray S 

Wax Stripper #2 D 

Whisk Away Germicidal 

Cleaner & Deo R 

Window Cleaner Spray R 

Superior Solvents Corporation 

Sup-R-Klean D 

Sup-R-Strip D 

Sup-R-Triple X D 

Superior Supply Co., Inc. 

Break-Down A 

Charge D 

L-5 Lotion Hand Cleaner W 

Supply/Service Inc. 

Coco-Clean Conc40% 

PureCocontOilHnd Soap Q 

Derma Sep Q Anti-Bacterial 

Liquid Soap Q 

F-Q.A.C A 

F-Q.A.C. II A 

Q.A.C A 

Supreme Consultants LTD. 

Sup-R-Kleen D 

Sup-R-Trate A 

Supreme Industries 

Super 1001 D 

711 P A 

Supro Chemical & Supply Co., Inc. 

Acid Cleaner C 

All Purpose Liquid Cleaner A 

Begone Residual Insect Spray ..T 

Big Power R 

H D Degreaser A 


Spray & Wipe Ammmoniated 

All Purp. Cln R 

Supro Chlor Clean A 

Supro Det Formula #55 D 

Vaporizer No. 375 Insect SprayS 
Vaporizer No. 500 Insect SprayS 

Surco Products, Incorporated 

Odomaster-'Kleen' A 

Sure Chemical Corporation 

SCC-200F Disinfectant G 

SCC-2020 Egg Washing 

Compound H 

SCC-300 Liquid Pipeline 

Cleaner A 


SCC-400 Acid Cleaner C 

SCC-444 Heavy Duty Acid 
Cleaner C 

Sure Products 

Sure Air Freshener Mint R 

Sure All Purpose A 

Sure Concentrated Floor 

Conditioner R 

Sure Dish Pan A 

Sure Disinfectant Spray R 

Sure Drain Opener O 

Sure Emulsion Bowl Cleaner. ...P 

Sure Glass Cleaner R 

Sure Hand Cleaner Q 

Sure Ice Away R 

Sure Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Sure Ox D 

Sure Petro Degreaser R 

Sure Renovator D 

Sure Roach & Ant Kill T 

Sure Silicone A A 

Sure Spray & Wipe R 

Sure Steam Cleaner B 

Sure Tile & Grout R 

Surtec, Inc. 

HC-150 D 

Surfacide Formula HQ-715 G 

SC-210 D 

Sutter, A. Ltd. 

Taski Profi D 

Swamp Fox Associates 

Aci-Det P 

Big-Bull A 

Blue Butyl Cleaner D 

Bowl Kleen P 

Foxy Blue Concentrate _ D 

Golden Gator R 

Golden Pine R 

H-D 321 Concentrate D 

Lift D 

Red Devil Concrete Cleaner 

H.D A 

Superior Concrete Cleaner B 

Swamp Fox Chemical & Mfg. Co. 

'21' Concentrate A 

'747' HD Jumbo Cleaner A 

Aci-Det P 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

All-Kleen HD A 

Applaud P 

Big-Bull A 

Blue Beads A 

Blue Butyl Cleaner D 

Bowl Kleen P 

Break- A way D 

Extra Hi Concentrate A 

Foxy Blue Concentrate D 

Golden Gator R 

Golden Pine R 

Grime Scat S/D-G D 

H-D 321 Concentrate D 

Lift D 

Pink Beads A 

Red Devil Concrete Cleaner A 

Scale & Slime Remover A 

Steam Cleaner 'Medium Duty' A 
Steam-All Steam Concentrate. ..A 

Superior Concrete Cleaner B 

Tile And Grout Cleaner P 

Total Break D 

White Beads A 

X-Stream D 

Swan-Mor, Inc. 

Super Propel D 

Swift & Company 

CIP Kleener B 

CS Kleener A 

Detergent 463 A 

Diazinon Roach Spray T 

Dry Chlor Sanitizer F,K 

Flexo Powder A.CC 

Germicide Concentrate F 

Hercules Concentrate D 

Hy Score Acid Detergent C 

Institutional Area Spray S 

Institutional Mist Spray S 

Kan Kleen Acid Detergent C 

Keystone China Kleen A 

Keystone Cleaner 447A A 

Keystone S.S. Acid Cleaner C 

Morgo Kleener B 

Pan Kleener B 

Seoco Cleaner D 

Smokehouse Kleener A 

Solar HD A.CC 

Solar Neutral A 

Solar 25 A 

Sunbrite Laundry Bleach CC 

Trolley Kleener B 

10902 Solar Lube A 

5GE Malathion T 

Swift Chemical & Supplies, Inc. 

D.G.D F 

Spray On Wipe Off R 

Swift Cleaner A 

2125 G 

Swift Chemical Co. 

C2M A 

Kleeneze D 

Lime-Sol D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Sarge A 

Swift Cleaner D 

Syn D Corporation 

Dirtz-Off Q 

Syndet Products, Incorporated 

All Klean B 


Cleaner and Degreaser A 

Cyclone B 

Fleet-Kleen A 

Jet Klean A 

Kwik-Kleen D 

Liquid Acid Cleaner C 

Power Wash A 

Powerhouse B 

Pre-Soak A 

Smokehouse Cleaner B 

Top Gloss Concentrate A 

Syntech Products Corp. 

Synquat F 

Titanic D 

Synthetic Engineered Lubricants 

SG-800 Food Machinery 

Grease AA AA 

Synthetic Laboratories, Inc. 

Acid Tile & Wall Cleaner D 

All Purpose Cleaner 1 D 

Cleaner/Degreaser 1-A D 

Cleaner/Degreaser 1-B A 

Cleaner/Degreaser 1-C A 

Cleaner/Degreaser ID A 

Cleaner/Degreaser 1-E A 

Cleaner/Degreaser IF D 

Cleaner/Degreaser 2 D 


CD-I High Foam A 

Drain-Away O 


General Purpose Cleaner #1 D 

General Purpose Cleaner #3 D 

General Purpose Cleaner #65...A 

General Purpose Cleaner #7 A 

GC Super 10 G 

GC Super 30 F 

GC Super 40 D 

GC 20 F 

Liquid Hand Dish Compound 

1-A A 

LF 1 Low Foam A 

PW 3 D 

Sysco Corporation 

Air Freshner & Sanitizer 

Bouquet R 

Air Freshner & Sanitizer Mint.R 

Ant & Roach Killer T 

Bowl and Porcelain Cleaner P 

Disinfectant Deodorant P 

Germicidal Foam Cleaner R 

Insect Killer S 

Liquid Germicidal Detergent R 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Quat Disinfectant Cleaner D 

T & R Chemicals Inc. 

T&R-100 All Purpose Cleaner. .D 

T A S C Manufacturing Company 


T E K Chemicals, Inc. 

Tek-P 17 Med. Duty Steam 

Clnr. Powder A 

Tek-P-16 Heavy Duty Steam 
Clnr.Compd B 

T Z L Laboratories 

Dyna-Kleen Heavy Duty D 

Dyna-Kleen Plus A 

T. R. F. Chemicals 

7283 T.R.F. Floor Cleaner D 

7284 T.R.F. AU Purpose 
Cleaner A 

7297 T.R.F. Meat Hook & 

Trolley CI B 

T.C. Products 

Chelate M 

Condensate Control M 

Hex-O-Phos M 

P-M Control Liquid M 

P-M Control Powder M 

Polyhos M 

Tabco Industrial Products, Inc. 

Bowl Cleaner P 

Tabco All Purpose Cleaner D 

Tabco Brite A 

Tabco No. 2 F 

Tabco Safety Solvent A 

Tabco Six Delux Hand Soap Q 


Tad-Co, Incorporated 

Rustrol 102L M 

Tamaras Supply Company 

Liquid Soap Q 

Tamco Chemical 

Formula #139 M 

Formula #50 M 

Formula #70 M 

Tanglefoot Company, The 

Difuso S 

Target Chemical Company 

SBP-1382 Ready to Use S 

Target Industries, Inc. 

E-ZKleen D 

Gentle D 

Targosz, E. & Company 

Industrial Detergent Disinf. 
Concentrate G 

Tari Industries, Limited 

Ter-If-Ic Grime Buster D 

Tarpon Chemical & Supply Co., Inc. 

Tarpon Brand Egg Cleaner H 

Tarpon Brand Hydrolux H 

Tartan Chemicals, Inc. 

Compleat C 

Detail B 

Double Duly 'F' B 

Elbow Grease 'F' D 

Encore A 

Hi-Chlor 'F' B 

Hold A 

Lime Gon C 

Oro-Clean A 

Pro-Tex C 

Sentry A 

Tan-O-Chlor A 

Tan-O-Jet B 

Tan-O-Lac C 

Tan-O-Pan A 

Top-Flite B 

Transform B 

Truck Stop A 

Truck Wash A 

Wite-Brite A 

Tartan Supply, Inc. 

Soil Solv R 

Suds Up D 

Super Strip D 

Taskmaster Products/ Manufacturing 

Break-Thru A 

Combo Metallo-Ceramic 

Resurfacer P 

Tastee Freez International 

Ammoniated All Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Institutional Liq. Dm Pipe 

Opnr & Maint O 

Liquid Hand Dish Wash A 

Taurus-Bauer & Associates, Inc. 

Acid Free Ice Melter R 

Enzymes O 

Foam-Away A 

Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Liqui-Drain Opener O 

Liquid Scouring Creme R 

Penetryn O 

Taurus-Bauer No.601 Odor 

Control Grnls R 

Taverner & Fricke 

Butchers 500 A 

Packinghouse 155B A 

Saniseptic Q 

Tayco Industrial Products 

Aqua Solv D 

Tayloe Paper Company 

Cardinal Concentrated Cleaner .D 

Clear Lemon Disinfectant P 

Green Kleen A 

Liquid Hand Soap Ready for 

Use Q 

LD-32 A 

Ocide 200 P 

Pure Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Solvs-It A 

Stripper Number 4 D 

Super Bowl P 

Taylo-Pine R 

Thrifty Mint Disinfectant P 

Thrifty Pine R 

Winda Shine R 

40% Coco Castile Hand Soap ...Q 

Taylor & Sledd, Inc. 

Pocahontas Antiseptic Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

Pocahontas Laundry Detergent.CC 

Taylor Parts & Supply Co., Inc. 

Taylor's Misti A 

Taylor's Regie A 

Team Laboratory Chemical Corp. 

350 Multiple Purp Boiler & 

Feedwtr Treat M 

501 Chlorinated Machine Dish 
Wash Cmpd A 

Tech-Lube Corp. 

Conveyor Lubricant BB 

Conveyor Lubricant 

(Greasless) BB 

TNT 100-2500 S.U.S AA 


Technical Industrial Products Co., 

Tipco MPC A 

Technical Petroleum Company 

Technical Lubricant 285 AA 

Technical Lubricant 401 AA 

Technical White Oil 75 T AA 

Technical White Oil 75-NF AA 

Technical White Oil 85-T AA 

Technical Service Division 

Environmental Maintenance, Inc. 

Serv-AIl Circulator A 

Serv-All HD Steam Cleaner A 

Serv-AIl Multi-Circulator B 

Serv-All Steam Cleaner A 

Serv-All Steam Cleaner 

Concentrate A 

Serv-All Tank Freshener R 

Serv-All Truck Cleaner R 

Serv-All Truck Cleaner-L A 

Technical Specialties Corp. 

TSC 801 M 

TSC 802 M 

TSC 809 M 

TSR #1 M 

Tee & Putt Company 

Big 'G' A 

Chemtronic A 

GPC-24 D 

Thrift Detergent D 

6/49 Concentrate D 

Tek Chemical 

Tek H-600 Hospital 

Disinfectant & CI F 

Tek 102 All Purpose Cleaner ...D 

Tek 143 Pressure Wash A 

Tek 191 Liquid Floor 

Degreaser D 

Tek 404 Liquid Detergent 

Concentrate A 

161 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner 

Liquid A 

Tek-Trol Chemicals 

LD-l Laundry Detergent CC 

Telechem Corporation, The 

21 Guns A 

Temco Chemical Company 

Sani-Lube A A 

Seal-Ease BB 

Si lit. one Spray A A 

Tempo Chemical Company, Inc. 

Aquatone Form Liquid AC M 

Greasgo A 

Odorless Insecticide Spray S 

Tennant Company 

Tennant 330 Germicidal 

Cleaner D 

601 Industrial Grease Remover. D 

602 Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

602-A Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

622 Detergent Cleaner D 

6240 Detergent Cleaner D 

651 Cleaner & De-Greaser D 

652 Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

660 Detergent Cleaner D 

670 Cleaner D 

Tenneco Chemicals 

Anderol 495 BB 

Anderol 497 BB 

Anderol 500 BB 

Teoc Industries, Inc. 

CB-No. 1 Cone All-Purpose 

Liquid CI A 

Multi-Purpose Cleaner D 

Teoc 500 The Workhorse - 

Cone Cl-Dgrs D 

Teoc 5000 Heavy-Duty CleanerT 
Teoc 55 General-Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Uniclean The Liquid Total 

Cleaner A 

Termac Chemical Company 

Tackle A 

Termac Quad II Detergent 

Cleaner Disinf F 


Terminix/Div. of Cook Industries, 

Aero-Term Indust. Insecticide ..S 
Bruce Terminix Pro. Rat KiU....U 

GP-Mal Concentrate T 

Inside Residual Dust T 

MFG Concentrate S 

Terminix C4 Concentrate T 

Terminix No-Vex Fogicide 300. S 

Terr-Hunt Company 

Fast Klean Concentrate C 

Terra Sphere Chemical, Inc. 

Ces-Tic 365 R 

TSC Crystals M 

Vulcan Boiler Chemical 

Adjunct #200 M 

Vulcan Boiler Chemical 

Adjunct #201 M 

Vulcan Boiler Chemical 

Adjunct #202 M 

Vulcan Boiler Chemical 

Adjunct #205 M 

Vulcan Boiler Chemical 

Adjunct #5 M 

Vulcan Boiler Chemical 

Adjunct #500 M 

Vulcan Boiler Chemical 

Adjunct #707 M 

Vulcan Boiler Chemical 

Adjunct #99 M 

Vulcan Boiler Chemical LP M 

Vulcan Steam Line Chemical. ...M 

XC-S Boiler Chemical M 

XC-S Tower Chemical N 

Tesch Chemical Co., Inc. 

Speedee San G 

Texaco, Incorporated 

Aircraft Engine Oil 80 BB 

Aircraft Hydraulic Oil BB BB 

Alcaid Oil BB 

Aleph Oil BB 

Algol Oil BB 

Almag Oil BB 

Anser Oil BB 

Bearing Oil S BB 

Canopus Oil BB 

Canopus Oil C BB 

Canopus Oil D BB 

Capella Oil BB 

Capella Oil A Waxfree BB 

Capella Oil AA Waxfree BB 

Capella Oil B Waxfree BB 

Capella Oil BI Waxfree BB 

Capella Oil C Waxfree BB 

Capella Oil D Waxfree BB 

Capella Oil E Waxfree BB 

Capella 6291 BB 

Castor Machine Oil Heavy BB 

Cavis Mineral Cylinder Oil BB 

Cepheus Oil D BB 

Cetus Oil BB 

Corvus Oil BB 

Crater A BB 

Crater O BB 

Crater 1 BB 

Crater 2 BB 

Crater 2X Fluid BB 

Crater 3 BB 

Crater 5X Fluid BB 

Cup Grease BB 

Cup Grease I BB 

Cup Grease 2 BB 

Cup Grease 3 BB 

Cup Grease 4 BB 

Cup Grease 5 BB 

Geotex HD 30 BB 

Geotex LA-30 BB 

Havoline Motor Oil SAE 10W..BB 
Havoline Motor Oil SAE 20- 

20W BB 

Havoline Motor Oil SAE 30 BB 

Havoline Motor Oil SAE 40 BB 

Havoline Motor Oil SAE 50 BB 

Havoline Motor Oil 10W-30 BB 

Havoline Motor Oil 20W-40 BB 

High Temp Grease BB 

Home Lubricant BB 

Honor Cylinder Oil BB 

Hydra Oil BB 

Leader Valve Oil BB 

Libra Oil BB 

Low Temp Oil BB 

Marfak Heavy Duty 2 BB 

Marfak Heavy Duty 3 BB 

Marfak MP2 BB 

Marfak BB 

Marfak 00 BB 

Marfak 1 BB 

Marfak 3 BB 

Marfak 5 BB 

Marine Engine Oil Special BB 

Molytex Grease BB 

Molytex Grease 2 BB 

Mulifak 2 BB 

Multigear Lubricant EP 75W ....BB 
Multigear Lubricant EP 80W ....BB 
Multigear Lubricant EP 85W- 

140 BB 

Multigear Lubricant EP 85 W- 

90 BB 

Nabob Oil BB 

Novatex BB 

Novatex 1 BB 

Novatex 2 BB 

Outboard Motor Oil SAE 30 BB 

Pinnacle Cylinder Oil BB 

Rando Oil A BB 

Rando Oil AA BB 

Rando Oil B BB 

Rando Oil C BB 

Rando Oil F BB 

Rando Oil G BB 

Rando Oil HD 32 BB 

Rando Oil HD 46 BB 

Rando Oil HD 68 BB 

Regal AFB 2 BB 

Regal Oil A BB 

Regal Oil B BB 

Regal Oil B R&O BB 

Regal Oil C R&O BB 

Regal Oil E R&O BB 

Regal Oil F R&O BB 

Regal Oil G R&O BB 

Regal Oil H BB 

Regal Oil H R&O BB 

Regal Oil J BB 

Regal Oil J R&O BB 

Regal Oil K BB 

Regal Oil K R&O BB 

Regal Oil L BB 

Regal Oil PC R&O BB 

Regal Oil PE R&O BB 

Regal Starfak 2 BB 

Rock Drill Lube XH BB 

Rock Drill Lube XL BB 

Rock Drill Lube XM BB 

Spindle Oil B BB 

Spintex Oil 60 BB 

Stazon H BB 

Stazon L BB 

Stazon M BB 

Summitlube 1 BB 

Taurak 200 BB 

Texaco Motor Oil SAE 10W BB 

Texaco Motor Oil SAE 20-20WBB 

Texaco Motor Oil SAE 30 BB 

Texaco Motor Oil SAE 40 BB 

Texaco Motor Oil SAE 50 BB 

Texatherm BB 

Texclad 1 BB 

Texclad 2 BB 

Texol E BB 

Texol K BB 

Thermatex EP 1 BB 

Thermatex 000 BB 

Threadtex BB 

Thuban 140 BB 

Thuban 90 BB 

Track Roll Lubricant Heavy BB 

Track Roll Lubricant Light BB 

Transformer Oil 55 BB 

Transformer Oil 55 Inhibited ...BB 
Transformer Oil 55 Inhibited WBB 

Transformer S BB 

Universal Gear Lube EP 140 ...BB 

Universal Gear Lube EP 80 BB 

Universal Gear Lube EP 90 BB 

Ursa Oil Extra Duty SAE 10W.BB 
Ursa Oil Extra Duty SAE 30. ...BB 
Ursa Oil Extra Duty SAE 50. ...BB 
Ursa Oil Heavy Duty SAE 20- 

20W BB 

Ursa Oil Heavy Duty SAE 30. BB 

Ursa Oil P 20 BB 

Ursa Oil P 30 BB 

Ursa Oil P 40 BB 

Ursa Oil S-3 SAE 20-20W BB 

Ursa Oil S-3 SAE 30 BB 

Ursa Oil 50 BB 

Valor Motor Oil SAE 20 BB 

Valor Motor Oil SAE 30 BB 

Valor Motor Oil SAE 40 BB 

Vanguard Cylinder Oil BB 

Vega Graphite Grease BB 

Water Pump Grease BB 

Way Lubricant G BB 

White Needle Oil B BB 

555 Ursa Oil BB 

650 T Cylinder Oil BB 

650 T Mineral Cylinder Oil BB 

Texas Chemical Engineering Co. 

Tex-Chem P-l M 

Tex-Chem P-2 M 

Tex-Chem P-3 M 

Tex-Chem P-5 M 

Tex-Chem P-6 M 

Tex-Chem P-7 M 

Texas Industrial Chemicals, Inc. 

AU Brite AU Purpose Cleaner. ..R 
Foodlube Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Kleer Brite Glass Cleaner R 

Texas Phenothiazine Company 

Avi-Dine F 

Texas Refinery Corporation 

#880 Crown and Chassis 

Grease BB 

#890 Vari-Purpose Gear Lube 

SAE 75 BB 

#890 Vari-Purpose Gear Oil 

SAE 140 BB 

#890 Vari-Purpose Gear Oil 

SAE 90 BB 

Big Blue A 

Pure Mineral Trans Lube. SAE 

90 BB 

Pure Mineral Trans. Lube. 

SAE 140 BB 


Pure Mineral Trans. Lube. 

SAE 80 BB 

Quadra-Klean A 

Sure Universal Gear Lube. 

Grd. 140 BB 

Sure Universal Gear Lube. 

Grd. 80 BB 

Sure Universal Gear Lube. 

Grd. 90 BB 

TRC Big Red A 

TRC Food Machinery Grease. ..AA 
TRC Food Machinery Grease 


TRC Special FM Liquid Lube ..AA 
TRC 6440 Universal Torque 

Oil BB 



TRC-Elbo-Greese D 

TRC-Super Big Red A 


Texas-April Company/ Division of 
Stange Co. 

Formula TA-3 Alkali REmover.C 
Formula TA-4 Hood Cleaner 

and Degreaser A 

TAC All-Purpose Liquid 

Detergent A 

Texize Chemicals Company 

Bleach G 

Fantastik Disinf. Bathroom 

Cleaner P 

Fantastik Spray Cleaner D 

Grease Relief R,CC 

Janitor In A Drum R 

Pine Household Cleaner R 

Spring Scent Cleaner D 

Texo Corporation 



Car Wash 384 A 

Carwash AD A 

Carwash 438 A 

Chlorex F,H,K 

Crystal Base A,Q,BB 

Floorstrip 12 A 

Fogicide S 

Fogicide XL S 

Keg Wash 24 B 

Kleen All A 

Kleen-All P A 

Klorotex A,H 

Liquitex A 

LP-107A A 

LP-149A A 

LP-149B B 

LP-238 A 

LP-269 C 

LP-270 X 

LP-306 A.CC 

LP-3U B 

LP-313 Additive A 

LP-330 A 

LP-336B A 

LP-354 A,HH 

LP-44 Y 

LP-452 CC 

LP-469 A 

LP-472 A 

LP-492 A,H 

LP-509 A 

LP-540 A 

LP-561 A 

LP-562 BB 

LP-568 M 

LP-572 A 

LP-578 B 

LP-579 B 

LP-622 HH 

LP-93 A 

Odor-Gone D 

Pantex A 

Pontentex B 

Raise R 

Raise Odorless D 

Rinse-Tex A 

Sani-Kleen G.JJ 

Sanitex E 

Sealtex 120 C 

Sealtex 26 C 

Septodor F,JJ 

Silvatex A 

Tank Sheen A 

Tex AC A 

Texel A 

Texo Han Sope Q 

Texo Industrial A.P.C A 

Texo Kleen D 

Texo LP 134 C C 

Texo LP 37 C 

Texo LP 656 A 

Texo LP 701 B BB 

Texo LP 708 B 

Texo LP 736 A 

Texo LP 742 A 

Texo LP 750 Z 

Texo LP 768 A 

Texo LP 770 A 

Texo LP 771 A 

Texo LP 779 D 

Texo LP 788 B 

Texo LP 789 D 

Texo LP 809 A 

Texo Pink Pearl Q 

Texo RO A 

Texo 1050 A 

Texo 220 A 

Texo 261 A 

Texo 354 A 

Texo 481 C 

Texo 51 A 

Texo 528 A A 

Texo 608 A 

Texo 631 Z 

Texo 643 H 

Texo 647 L 

Texo 666 A 

Texo 696 B 

Texo 82 A 

Texolite 100 A.H 

Texolite 100 NC A.H 

Texolite 189 A.H 

Texolite 200 A 

Texolite 200 K B 

Texolite 300 A 

Texolite 584 A 

Texolite 93 F 

Texomatic A 

Texope #3 Q 

Texope 218 A,BB 

Texope 25 A 

Texope 33 A 

Texope 338 BB 

Texope 474 A.BB 

Texope 5 R 

Texope 75 D 

Texphene D 

Texstrip 12 B 

Texstrip 40 B 

Texstrip 50 D 

Wet-Tex L 


1013 B 

1055 A 

1060 A 

1070 D 

115 B 

115 K B 

125 B 

125 B B 

127 A 

127 HD B 

130 A 

132 B 

149 A B 

149 B B 

164 B C 

2 B 

2 Additive A 

201 B 

216 C 

227 A 

24 A 

284 A 

291 B 

327 R 

43 N BB 

45 B 

45 WP B 

550 B 

5823F C 

815 B 

90 C 

91 C 

915 A 

Texon Corporation 

Texon T-2000 D 

Thatcher Chemical Company 

Acid Cleaner C 

Bowl and Tile Cleaner P 

Liquid Detergent A 

T-Chem Laundry Detergent CC 

T-Chlor G 

T-Chlor Granular F 

T-San F 

Tank and Equipment Cleaner.. .A 
Tank and Line Cleaner B 

Theobald Industries, The 

Mercol P 

Mercol Beads A 

TX-318 A 

Theochem Laboratories, Inc. 

A C Cleaner A 

Acid Buffer N 

Alkaline Buffer M 

All Kleen M 

Ammoniated T-4 AU Purpose 

Clnr R 

Automatic Floor Scrubber D 

Bisodyne G 

Blue Wonder R 

Boil-Kleen M 

CM D. 99 A 

Car Wash A 

Chain Lube BB 

Chloro-Det H 

Clean Up O 

De-Scale C 

Defoamer C HH 

Dew-O-Fresh R 

Dichlorozin R 

Eco no-Clean A 

Emulso Germicidal Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Envi-Cide R 

Foamy A 

Fragropine R 

Fumeless Liquid Drain Solvent O 
Glyco 40 Soap Q 


Gold Tiger R 

H.D. Blue D 

Hitemp N 

Hog Scald X 

Hydrosteam B 

Hygea Dry Silicone Lubricant ..BB 
Hygea Germicidal Spray 

Cleaner R 

Hygea Residual Roach and Ant 

Killer T 

Hygea Silicone Release 

Lubricant BB 

Kill-O-Cide S 

Kill-O-Cide Concentrate S 

Kill-O-Cide Special 

Concentrate S 

Lacto All Purpose Cleaner A 

Low Phos Laundry Detergent... A, CC 

Mint-O-Green R 

Multicide F 

MCP-100 BB 

Pefko p 

Poultry Scald L 

PTC-85 R 

Residual Insecticide T 

San-Air R 

Sewer Solv O 

Shine-O-Glass R 

Smoke House Cleaner A 

Speed-Zyme O 

Steam Quick B 

Suds-O-Foam A 

Super Foam D 

Super Lube HW-15 BB 

ST-25 A 

T-C 505 P 

T-C 505 Q R 

T-10 Heavy Duty General 

Purpose Cleaner D 

T-15 Concentrate D 

T-5 Heavy Duty All Purpose 

Cleaner D 

Theolac C 

Thermotron B 

Vat Dip B 

15% Glyco Soap Q 

20% Glyco Soap Q 

Therm Processes, Incorporated 

Beads-O-Suds A 

Blitz Concentrate A 

Master B 

Trojan B 

Thermionics Inc. 

TI-147F M 

TI-601F M 

TI-602F M 

TI-603F M 

TI-604F M 

TI-605F M 

TI-610F M 

TI-630F M 

TI-631F M 

TI-632F M 

TI-640F M 

TI-641F M 

TI-647F M 

TI-800 N,Z 

TI-804 N 

TI-808 N 

TI-810 N 

TI-814 N 

TI-842 N 

TI-843 N 

Thomas Enterprises 

RA-125 Manual Cleaner A 

RB-124 Cleaner Booster B 

RC-126 Acid Cleaner C 

RFB-121 Foam Booster A 

RQ-109 Hand Cleaner Q 

Thomas J. Brady Company 

Bra-Co All Purpose Cleaner A 

Bra-Co Floor Prime A 

Bra-Co Heavy Duty Finish & 

Wax Stripper D 

Bra-Co Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Bra-Co Power Kin Wax Strp 

Hvy-Dty CI Dgr A 

Bra-I-Cide #101 Disinfect. 

Deterg. Clnr F 

Bra-I-Cide Disinfectant CleanerD 
Bra-I-Cide Mint Disinfectant ....P 

Thompson-Hay ward Chemical Co. 

Calcium Hypochlorite G 

Malathion E-5 T 

Muriatic Acid 20 degrees BE....C 

Pyrtox Contact Spray S 

Pyrtox Fogging Spray S 

Silver Swan Coco 40 Q 

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution. .F,K,Z,CC 

T-Det N-12 A 

T-Det N-9.5 A 

T-H Silicone Antifoam AF- 

10FG HH 

T-H Silicone Antifoam AF- 

100FG HH 

T-H Silicone Antifoam AF- 

30FG HH 

Thompson's Supply Company 

Liquid Hand Soap Pink Lotion .Q 

Thompsons Sanitary Supply House, 

Blast-Off A 

Concentrated Bowl Cleaner & 

Disinf P 

Flying Insect Spray S 

Grease Cutter A 

Lo-Tox Spray S 

Mint Disinfectant P 

Pine Oil Disinfectant R 

Slugger Drain Opener O 

Special Cleaner D 

Steam Cleaner B 

Super Non-Butyl Blast-Off A 

Vee Pine Disinfectant R 

Thoro Products Company 

X-O-X F 

Thoroughbred Chemical Corp. 

Insecticide (w/Residual Insect 
Control) T 

Three-M-Supply Company 

Bio Cid 101 C 

Bio Foam A 

Bio Kleen F-10 A 

Bio Kleen F-20 A 

Bio Kleen F-30 A 

Bio Kleen F-5 A 

Bio Kleen HDD A 

Bio Kleen 300 A 

Bio Kleen 310 A 

Bio Kleen 400 A 

Bio Kleen 410 A 

Bio Kleen 420 A 

Bio Solv A 

Bio Solv 230 A 

Bio Solv 240 A 

Meri-Spray A 

Mericide G 

Prodrane O 

Steam It A 

Syntrox P 

Tidewater Chemical Corp. 

T-l General A 

T-2 Heavy Duty A 

Toro Tora A 

Tidewater Sanitary Supply Co. 

Cavalier Odorless 20% Liq. 

Hand Soap Q 

Hydrolytic Enzyme Bacteria 

Complex O 

Pine Oil Coef. 5 R 

Power Concentrate P 

Steam Cleaner Liquid B 

6/49 Concentrate D 

Tidewater Supply Co. 

da Antiseptic Waterless Skin 

Cleanser W 

da Antiseptic Wipe-All Lotion. .W 
da Elite Lotion Deodorant 

Soap Q 

da Empire Powdered Hand 

Cleaner P 

da Execu-Clean Lotion 

Deodorant Skin CI Q 

da Fortune-Plus Powdered 

Hand Cleaner P 

da Natural Powdered Hand 

Cleaner P 

da Regal Lotion Deodorant 

Skin Cleanser W 

Til co Industries 

Industrial Cleaner Concentrate .A 
Tifco-SCC Super Cleaner 

Concentrate A 

Tiffany Products 

Butyl Cleaner/Degreaser D 

Cleaner D 

Emerald 450 D 

Inhibited Chemical Cleaner C 

Insecticide Fogger S 

Liquid Drain Pipe Opener O 

Tif ton Chemical Company 

Tif chem D.D.V.P. Five T 

Tiger Products, Inc. 

Tiger Fang D 

Tim Hennigan Engineering Co. 

NLO-119-FDA Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

NLO-119-T Boiler Water 

Treatment M 

1140-T Boiler Water/Cool. 

Water Treat M,N 

1785 FDA Boiler Water/Cool. 

Water Treat M,N 

2221 L Cooling Water 

Treatment N 

710-T Boiler Water Treatment ..M 
716-T Boiler Water Treatment ..M 

Time Chemical & Janitor Supply 

Timechem Sanisept 

Disinfectant J 

Time Chemical, Incorporated 

#8535 Carbon Remover A 

#8540 Special Kran-O-Magic 
Clnr A 


Armour Standard Detergent 

No. 100 A 

Armour Standard Detergent 

No. 120 A 

Armour Standard No. 101 A 

Armour Standard No. 103 B 

Armour Standard No. 104 B 

Armour Standard No. 105 C 

Armour Standard No. 109 C 

Armour Standard No. 110 B 

Armour Standard No. 112 A 

Armour Standard No. 114 A 

Armour Standard No. 115 Y 

Chlor-16 CC 

Chlor-9 F 

Chlorinated CIP Cleaner A 

Chlorinated Farm Cleaner A 

Kroger Acid Cleaner C 

Kroger Foam Additive A 

Kroger Gen. Pur. Liquid Clnr...A 

Kroger Heavy Duty Cleaner B 

Kroger Mech. Cleaner A 

Kroger Mold Wash Cmpd B 

Laundry Carbonated Alkali CC 

Laundry Complete Synthetic 

Low-Suds CC 

Laundry Liquid Bleach 14% A 

Laundry Liquid Builder CC 

Laundry Liquid Detergent CC 

Morton's Time-Saver Alum. 

On & Bright C 

Morton's Time-Saver H.D.A11 

Purp Cl&Dgrs A 

Morton's Time-Saver Liquid- 
Drain Opener O 

Morton's Time-Saver 

Utnsl&Dishware Det A 

Morton's Time-Saver 

Wind&LitDtyGenPurpCl A 

Morton's Timesaver Bowl & 

Porcelain CI P 

Morton's Timesaver Odorless 

Sanit. Agent G 

Phos-Bowl P 

T-800 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

T-900 Liq. All Purpose Cleaner A 

Time Saver Ace Lube 8E A.BB 

Time Saver No. 110-E B 

Time-Lo-Dine G.GG 

Time-O-San 1000 F 

Time-O-San 545 Acid Sanitizer.C.F 
Time-Saver #55 Gen. CI. & 

Egg Wash A,H 

Time-Saver #6748 Truck Wash A 

Time-Saver #6762 H 

Time-Saver Antiseptic Liq. 

Soap Q 

Time-Saver A A A 

Time-Saver AA Chlorinated 

Cleaner A 

Time-Saver AB A 

Time-Saver AC A 

Time-Saver AD A 

Time-Saver AG A 

Time-Saver A J A 

Time-Saver AP A 

Time-Saver AQ A 

Time-Saver AW A 

Time-Saver AW Chlorinated A 

Time-Saver AW Chlorinated 

Pink Gen. CI A 

Time-Saver AX A 

Time-Saver AY A 

Time-Saver Bactericide F,J 

Time-Saver Blue 

Dr.Pipe&Sewr Opnr O 

Time-Saver Blue Pine Hvy. 

Dty Floor Clnr R 

Time-Saver BB B 

Time-Saver BD B 

Time-Saver BE B 

Time-Saver BF B 

Time-Saver BG B 

Time-Saver BK B 

Time-Saver BN B 

Time-Saver BP B 

Time-Saver BQC#10 B 

Time-Saver Campbl#3 Scour. 

Pwdr E 

Time-Saver Chelate #5 B 

Time-Saver Chelate Additive 

No. 4 A 

Time-Saver Chelate No. 6 B 

Time-Saver Chelate No. 7 B 

Time-Saver Chlor Kleen A 

Time-Saver Chlor 16 F 

Time-Saver Chlorinated 

Cleanser E 

Time-Saver Chlorinated Kleen. .H 
Time-Saver Chlorinated Mech 

Dshwsh Cmpd A 

Time-Saver CA E 

Time-Saver CC B 

Time-Saver CD B 

Time-Saver CH B 

Time-Saver CI B 

Time-Saver CJ B 

Time-Saver CS H.D. 

Chlorinated CI A 

Time-Saver CS Scouring 

Powder E 

Time-Saver CW Chlor. CIP 

Clnr B 

Time-Saver CWX CIP Cleaner .B 
Time-Saver Deep Fat Fry 

Cleaner B 

Time-Saver Deliming Solution ..C 
Time-Saver Deluxe Hand Dish 

& Glass Clnr A 

Time-Saver Descaler B 

Time-Saver Detergent SanitizerG.JJ 
Time-Saver Detergent-Sanitizer 

#531 D 

Time-Saver DE CC 

Time-Saver DG CC 

Time-Saver DMW A 

Time-Saver DMW-FL A 

Time-Saver Eco Floor & Wall 

Cleaner D 

Time-Saver Economy Egg 

Wash A.H 

Time-Saver Economy Hand 

Dish & Glass CI A 

Time-Saver Economy Machine 

Dshwshng Cmpd A 

Time-Saver EG Tripe CI & 

Hog Scald X.Y 

Time-Saver EM Tripe Cleaner. .Y 
Time-Saver Foamax No. 730 ....A 

Time-Saver Foamide A,L,HH 

Time-Saver Formula 300 Floor 

& Wall Clnr R 

Time-Saver Fruit Wash Comp. 


Time-Saver FD A 

Time-Saver FF Hook & 

Trolley Clnr B 

Time-Saver FG C 

Time-Saver FH C 

Time-Saver FN C 

Time-Saver General Purpose 

Clnr A 

Time-Saver General Purpose 

Pink A 

Time-Saver Grade A Hand 

Dish & Glass CI A 

Time-Saver GA C 

Time-Saver GA-LF C 

Time-Saver GB C 

Time-Saver GB-LF C 

Time-Saver H.A. Concentrate 

#511 D 

Time-Saver H.D. Extractor 

Cleaner A 

Time-Saver H.D. Extractor 

Clnr. NP A 

Time-Saver Heavy Duty #17. ...B 
Time-Saver Heavy Duty Super 

Gel #1 B 

Time-Saver Hi Clean B 

Time-Saver Hi Gel A 

Time-Saver Hi Power A 

Time-Saver Hi-Active Lube BB 

Time-Saver Hvy Dty Chlor 

Mech Dshwsh Cmp B 

Time-Saver Hvy Dty Floor & 

Cement Clnr B 

Time-Saver Hvy Dty Steam 

Cleaning Comp B 

Time-Saver HTP Acid C 

Time-Saver Kleen San A 

Time-Saver KP Alkali B 

Time-Saver Lime-Gone C 

Time-Saver Liq. Dairy 

Detergent A 

Time-Saver Liqui-Clean A 

Time-Saver Liqui-Drain 

Opener O 

Time-Saver Liquid #62 Retort. .A 
Time-Saver Liquid Alkali #70 ..A 
Time-Saver Liquid Bactericide .G 

Time-Saver Liquid Hi Spray A 

Time-Saver Liquid Strip Off A 

Time-Saver Low Cost Hand 

Dish & Glass CI A 

Time-Saver Low Foam Lime 

Remover C 

Time-Saver LA-110 B 

Time-Saver LA-120 B 

Time-Saver LA-300 C 

Time-Saver LA-400 A 

Time-Saver LA-50 B 

Time-Saver LAP 815 D 

Time-Saver LC#60 Chlorinated 

Clnr B,H 

Time-Saver LCA A 

Time-Saver LCA-50 B 

Time-Saver Milkstone Full St. 


Time-Saver MPC Liquid Scrub 

Soap A 

Time-Saver MSR No. 40 C 

Time-Saver MSR-LF C 

Time-Saver Nat. Gen. Purpose 


Time-Saver National Standard 

No. 110 B 

Time-Saver Natnl Stand. 

SpclSmhs CI B 

Time-Saver No. 115 Lite Gen 

Purp CI A 

Time-Saver No. 250 CIP 

Cleaner A 

Time-Saver No. 280 A,H 

Time-Saver No. 282 H 

Time-Saver No. 283-F A 

Time-Saver No. 3365 A 

Time-Saver No. 44 Heavy 

Duty Clnr B 

Time-Saver No. 440 Chelated 

Cleaner A 

Time-Saver No. 45M A 

Time-Saver No. 5020 B 

Time-Saver No. 54M A 

Time-Saver No. 73 B 

Time-Saver No. 88 Heavy 

Duty Clnr B 


Time-Saver NY A 

Time-Saver Organo-Chlor F 

Time-Saver Perfect A 

Time-Saver Pine Dres Hvy Dty 

Floor Clnr R 

Time-Saver Poultry Clean A 

Time-Saver Poultry 

Scald&Feather Softnr L 

Time-Saver Powdered Acid 

Clnr. No. 40 C 

Time-Saver Powdered Hand 

Soap #402 P 

Time-Saver Power Pac A 

Time-Saver QB HD. Chlor. 

Cleaner A 

Time-Saver S-25 Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

Time-Saver S-45 Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

Time-Saver San-O-Gel A 

Time-Saver Sanni Rinse G,J 

Time-Saver Slide Conveyor 

Lubricant BB 

Time-Saver Spray Alkali No. 1 .B 

Time-Saver Spray Cleaner R 

Time-Saver Standard Mach 

Dshwshng Cmpd A 

Time-Saver Steam Cleaning 

Compound A 

Time-Saver Super Ace J A 

Time-Saver Super Chelo A 

Time-Saver Super Concentrate 

44 D 

Time-Saver Super Derust DR...B 
Time-Saver Super Heat Dm 

Pipe Opnr O 

Time-Saver Super X Machine 

Dshwshng Cmpd A 

Time-Saver STP Can Wash Z 

Time-Saver T-700 Liq. All 

Purp. CI A 

Time-Saver Time Chlor (Pink).F 
Time-Saver Time Chlor (White)F 

Time-Saver Time-O-Kleen A 

Time-Saver Time-O-Lath A 

Time-Saver Time-O-Lube Chn 

Lube BB 

Time-Saver Toilet Bowl 

Cleaner P 

Time-Saver Yellow Pine Hvy 

Dty Cncrt CI R 

Time-Saver 1 115 A 

Time-Saver 210 Acid C 

Time-Saver 220 CIP Acid C 

Time-Saver 282 Liq. Mech. & 

Pan CI A 

Time-Saver 3361 A 

Time-Saver 400 Laundry & 

Shroud CI CC 

Time-Saver 406 Aluminum 

Churn Cleaner A 

Time-Saver 90-10 B 

Value Line Tmsvr Chlor Mech 

Dshwsh Cmpd A 

Value Line Tmsvr H. D. Mach 

Dshwsh Cmpd A 

Value Line Tmsvr HD Chi 

Mech Dshwsh Cmpd A 

Time-Mist, Incorporated 

Time-Mist Metered Insecticide 
Aerosol T 

Timesaver Products 

Master Clene A 

Tiona Petroleum Company 

Hydraulic Oil No. 3115 BB 

Titan Chemical Corporation 

'300' Super Cleaner A 

AU Purpose Powder 

Concentrate A 

Concentrate HD A 

Concentrate HDS A 

Concentrate 272 A 

Emulsion Bowl Cleaner P 

Heavy Duty Organic Drain 

Cleaner O 

Mustang D 

Odorless Disinfectant D 

Quat Disinfectant F 

Sani-Ti A 

Score O 

Ti-Chlor All Purpose Powder 

Concentrate A 

Titan Concentrate C D 

Titanex Utility Cleaner P 

100 A 

Titan Industries, Inc. 

Flush Off Odorless R 

Power Surge A 

Rodder O 

Todco Chemical Co., Inc. 

Egg Wash #60 H 

Todco AC 300 LF Acid 

Cleaner C 

Todco AC 301 Reg Acid 

Cleaner C 

Todco AC 302 Acid Cleaner C 

Todco AC-P-350 Acid Powder. C 
Todco AC-P-351 Acid DescalerC 

Todco AP-40 Acidic Polish E 

Todco AS-10 Scouring Powder .E 

Todco Butyl Cleaner D 

Todco Chain Lube #1 BB 

Todco GC-SP 100 Spray 

Cleaner A 

Todco GC-101 All Purpose A 

Todco GC-102 Chlorinated 

Cleaner A 

Todco GC-103 Cleaner A 

Todco GC-104 Cleaner A 

Todco GC-105 Chlorinated 

Cleaner A 

Todco GC-106 Chlorinated CIPA 
Todco GC-107 All Purpose 

And Truck Wash A 

Todco GC-108 Chloro A 

Todco GC-109 Chlorinated AU 

Purpose A 

Todco Handcope #1 P 

Todco HD 200 General CleanerB 

Todco HD 201 Descaler B 

Todco HD 202 Alkali B 

Todco HD 203 Drain Pipe 

Opener O 

Todco HD 204 Hook & Trolley B 
Todco HD 205 Chlorinated 

Alkali A 

Todco HD 206 Alkaline 

Cleaner B 

Todco HD 207 Chlorinated CIPB 
Todco HD 208 Chelated Alkali .B 

Todco HD 210 Soak It B 

Todco HD 211 Hi Alk B 

Todco HD 290 Chelated AlkaU.B 
Todco HDL 270 Alkaline 

Cleaner A 

Todco HDL 271 Chelated 

Alkali B 

Todco HDL 272 Chelated 

Liquid B 

Todco HDL 273 Liquid 

Chlorinated CIP A 

Todco HDL 274 Strip A 

Todco L-100 Laundry & 

Shroud Cleaner CC 

Todco LGC 1000 Liquid All 

Purpose&Foamer A 

Todco LGC 1500 Detergent A 

Todco LGC 500 Liquid AU 

Purpose A 

Todco Shroud Cleaner-C CC 

Todco Super Kleen #469 D 

Todco SP 101 Freezer Kleen ....A 
Todco SP 103 Environs 

Cleaner D 

Todco SP 104 Defoamer A 

Todd Chemical Company, Inc. 

CD 55 D 

Toledo Chemical Corporation 

Holy Toledo Bowl CI P 

Improved Kleni-Tol P 

Industrial Hvy Dty Clnr & 

Degreaser D 

Klean-O A 

Klean-O 99 F 

Liquid Steam Cleaner Solvent ..A 

Toledo Concentrate D 

Toledo Liquid Drain Opener O 

Tom's Sanitary Supply, Inc. 

Tom's Off-AU A 

Top Quality Chemicals, Inc. 

A. P. Liquid Detergent D 

Antiseptic Hand Cleaner Q 

Biological Intermediate O 

Dish Detergent A 

Liquid Hand Soap Concentrate Q 

Liquid Heavy Duty Cleaner R 

Porcelain Tile & Grout Cleaner R 

Powdered Hand Cleaner W 

Sani-Lube A A 

T. Q. C. Powdered Cleaner D 

T. Q. Enzyme O 

T.Q. Fogging Insecticide S 

Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

TQC Creme Cleanser E 

Torco Companies, The 

Rat and Mouse Bait U 

Torrance Chemical Industries, Inc. 

TC 1 Concrete Cleaner/Sealer ..A 

Tower Chemical Corporation 

Tower Coconut OU Hand Soap.Q 
Tower 4A Cleaner Concentrate A 
Tower 454 Powdered Cleaner ...A 

Tower Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

Bugs at Bay T 

Bugs Bonnie S 

Bugs Bonnie-W S 

Kitchen Magic A 

Piney Pete R 

Smokie and the Bugs S 

Sorcerer A 

Striker F 

W.T.A. Express N 

Tower Oil & Technology Co. 

Durol CC BB 

Durol E BB 

Durol 30 BB 

GrezaU A AA 

GrezaU FM Grease AA 

HydroU CC BB 

Kool Klene R-30 BB 


Kool Klene 10W40 BB 

USP White OU AA 

Vacuum Pump EE BB 

Towlsaver, Inc. 

Lotion Cleanser LC-100 Q 

Townco, Incorporated 

Townco 55 A 

Tractor Supply Company 

Heavy Duty Dairy Utensil 

Cleaner A 

Trans American Chemical Corp. 

A-Tac A 

Great One A 

Trans-Chemco, Inc. 

Trans-107 HH 

Trans-National Development Co. 

TN-101-l-Degreasing Solvent. ...R 
TN-102-A-Low Suds Cleaner. ...D 

TN-103-A-TND Special D 

TN-103-TND Concentrate D 

TN-110-A-Automatic Scrubber 

Soap D 

TN-110-l-Hi Pressure Wash D 

TN-175-Sewer Solve O 

TN-243-A-Super Primer & 

Etcher C 

TN-244-Concrete Cleaner & 

Etcher C 

TN-331-Steam Go A 

TN-395-Super Solve O 

Trans/World Chemical Corp. 

Clean It-All Purpose Cleaner ....A 

Clean-It A 

Concentrated Inhibited 

Chemical Cleaner C 

Drain-Flo O 

Extra Strenght Hvy Duty Wtr 

Soluble Cln A 

Flo-Go No. 308 R 

General Purpose Liquid 

Cleaner A 

Germicidal Cleaner F 

Germicidal Cleaner R 

Hand Soap Q 

Heavy Duty Organic Drain 

Cleaner O 

Ice Melting Compound R 

JT-650 D 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Solvent Non-Flammable 

Cleaner D 

Neutral Cleaner A 

Odor Control Granules R 

Organic Acid Detergent C 

Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

Quat Disinfectant F 

Sewer Solvent O 

Super-KIeen D 

Synthetic Cleaner D 

Three-Gly R 

Trans/World Agricultural 

Enzyme O 

Trans/World Butyl Power 

Cleaner D 

Trans/World Concrete Cleaner .D 
Trans/World Controlled Suds ...CC 
Trans/World Lemon Hand 

Soap Q 

Trans/World Odor Control 

Granules R 

Transcontinental, Inc. 

Transco All Purpose Cleaner. ...A 
Transco Chlorinated Cleaner ....A 
Transco Fast Action Cleaner. ...D 
Transco H. D. Caustic Cleaner .B 

Transco H. D. Cleaner R 

Transco H. D. Liquid Cleaner ..A 

Transco Lubricant BB 

Transco P. E. Cleaner A 

Transco Steam Cleaner A 

Traster, S. Co. 

Activated P.W.R A 

Treasure Chemical 

Treasure T-105 Lotionized 

Hand Soap Q 

Treasure T-121 Organic Acid 

Detergent C 

Treasure T-201 MultPurp 

Boil&Fdwtr Treat M 

Treasure T-202 Low Pressure 

Boiler Comp M 

Treasure T-21 Hospital 

Type(Mint)Dsnf&Cl R 

Treasure T-23 Virucide F 

Treasure T-329 Drain Cleaner. ..O 
Treasure T-330 Sulfuric Acid 

Drain Opnr O 

Treasure T-332 Liquid 

Bacteria/Enzyme O 

Treasure T-50 Liquid 

Dishwashing Cone A 

Treasure T-625 Foaming 

Cleaner A 

Treasure T-655 Lemon 

Disinfectant P 

Treasure Coast Paper Co. 

Big Jim Grime Fighter D 

Trenell Services 

Jay's 100 Insect Killer Spray ....S 
Jay's 66 Spray Concentrate 

Insect-Killer S 

Tri Ton Manufacturing Corp. 

Adios M.F S 

Albert Enzyme O 

All Surface Germicidal Spray 

& Wipe C'..i R 

Basic 20 Concentrated Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

Basic 40 Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Big Daddy D 

Davy Flockit Flocculent O 

Delux Hand Dishwashing 

Liquid A 

Dermadrex Proteinized Lotion 

Hand Soap Q 

Ditron Diazinon T 

Double Action A 

Down & Out O 

Draculube Lithium Grease BB 

Excel Lanolized Waterless 

Hand Cleaner W 

Excel Waterless Hand Cleaner .W 

Flow O 

Formula 2000 A 

Frankensteam A 

General Purpose Low Sudsing 

Cleaner R 

Glove Protective Cream W 

J.H. 500 M 

J.H. 600 M 

Liquid Solvent Non-Flammable 

Cleaner D 

Loren Green Clean Mint 

Disinfectant P 

Nothin' All Duty Chemical 

Renovator A 

Odor Out Deo-Gran R 

Power Steam D 

Reem Out O 

Royal Flush Sewer Solvent O 

Shield Moisture Barrier BB 

Sparkle Glass Cleaner R 

Super Triox C 

Tri Bact O 

Tri-Therm Ice Melting 

Compound R 

Tri- Vex Deodorizer R 

Tribrite PofN Pan 

Concentrated Cleaner A 

Trimax A 

Ultimate Organic Debris 

Dispersant D 

Tri-Chem Corporation 

Big Action CC 

Drain-Flow O 

Omni Clean A 

Soft'n Clean Q 

Solv-Away R 

Steam Away A 

Tri-Clean D 

Tri-Chem, Ltd. 

Ruff Stuff A 

Tri Breakdown O 

Tuff Stuff A 

TC-24 D 

Tri-Co Equipment Corporation 

C2D D 

Flash-Strip R 

Foam-Away A 

M-38 Cleaner D 

Power Kleen D 

Product #19 Liquid Steam 

Cleaner A 

Product #21 

Stripper/Degreaser D 

Speedy Kleen Floor Cleaner D 

Tri-Co-Cide Odorless F 

Tri-Con Neutral Cleaner A 

Tri-County Supply Company 

Blast Off D 


Tri-Flon Company, The 

Tri-Flon BB 

Tri-Kem Inc. 

'Super' Degreaser/Cleaner A 

Tri-Kem Industries, Inc. 

Remarkable D 

Tri-Bac G 

Tri-Dyne G.GG 

Tri-Klor F 

Trikelate B 

Tri tin A 

Triz A 

Tri-State Chemical Company 

Tri-Clean A 

Tri -Crete A 

Tri -Smoke B 

Tri -Test A 

Tri-TW A 

Tri-State Equipment Company 

TSE-4 A 


Tri-State Manufacturing Inc. 

AC. 57 C 

Boost D 

C.A.C. 59 C 

Dazzle A 

Drain Opener O 

E-Lemon-Ator R 

Foamore A 

H.D. Cleaner-! A 

H.D. 122 B 

H.D. 125 B 

H.D. 128 A 

H.D. 133 B 

H.D 21 B 

H.D. 39 A 

H.D. 42 A 

H.D. 60 A 

H.D. 65 B 

H.D. 73 B 

H.D. 74 B 

H.D. 84 A 

H.D. 87 A 

H.D. 89 B 

H.D. 94 B 

H.D. 98 B 

H.D. 99 B 

Metal Clean 200 B 

Multipurpose Cleaner 

Concentrate D 

Pine-Cleaner R 

Pressure Spray A 

S.S.C D 

TS 2000 D 

TSM +1 A 

TSM +2 A 

TSM 150 A 












TSM-129LF A 

Zip-Off D 

Tri-State Sanitation Co. of Ohio 

A107 Hi Foam P 

B 110 Special Automatic 

Scrubber Solutn D 

Bully R 

B606 Attack R 

Doom T 

Down 'N Dirty Heavy Duty 

Solvent Clnr R 

Endure A 

Hi Foam A-107 R 

Impact Q 

Industrial For. No. 1745 Pipe 

Thrd. Sealer BB 

Industrial Formula No. 1378 AA 

Industrial Formula No. 1882 W 

Junk W 

Mintene P 

Power Strip D 

Ralph BB 

Special "T" D 

Sweet Stuff R 

The Eliminator A 

Tri-De-Scum A 

Tri-Fly Insect Spray S 

Tri-Germaclean D 

Tri-Lo-Ph D 

Tn O-Det A 

Tri-O-Nac Concentrate A 

Tri-Ox C 

Tri-Pink A 

Tri-Power Sulfuric Acid Drain 

Opener O 

Tri-Quat F 

Tri-State Bowl Kleen P 

Tri-Steam A 

Tri-Strip D 

Tri-Til D 

Unique Degreaser Cleaner 

Concentrate D 

Tri-State Sanitation Co./ Division of 
Associated Chemical Corp. 

Break-Thru Prilled Drain 

Opener O 

Tri Glo Bowl/Tile Porcelain 

Cleaner P 

Tri-Flo Liquid Drain TreatmentO 
Tri-Sol Toilet Bowl Cleaner P 

Tri-State Sanitation Co., Inc. 

Code 424 All Purpose Cleaner ..A 

Tri-State Specialties, Inc. 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

Concentrated Concrete CleanerD 
Slip-Guard MM 

Tri-State Supply 

Premium 1000 A 

Triad Supply Company 

Tru Grit Laundry Compound 
TG 305 CC 

Triangle Chemical Company 

Boiler Water Treatment Form. 

#27-36-34 M 

Boiler Water Treatment 

Formula #37-34 M 

Triangle Chemicals, Inc. 

Barrier W 

Tribology Engineering Corporation 

FM White #2 AA 

Trident Industrial Products 

TFB-51 Pure Silicone M-V 

Lube Sp A A 

TFC-52 Pure Silicone H-V 

Lube Spry AA 

Trigon Corporation 

Cleaner Concentrate H.D D 

Concentrated Hand Soap Q 

Corrosion And Scale Remover .C 

Digestant 250 

Drain Opener H.D O 

Extra Strength Quaternary 

Germicidal D 

Foam- A way A 

Foaming Surface Cleaner R 

High Power Cleaner D 

High Temp O 

Hot Tank B 

Silicone Lubricant AA 

Steam Soap Concentrate A 

Supercharge A 

Tef-Lon Lube BB 

Tef-Lon Lube BB 

White Lightning BB 

Trio Chemical Works, Inc. 

Amazon All Purpose Cleaner. ...R 

Amazon Ammoniated Pine 

Cone Cleaner R 

Amazon Liquid Detergent D 

Amazon No. 15 Liquid Hand 

Soap Q 

Amazon No. 36 Liquid Hand 

Soap Cone Q 

Amazon Pine Scrub Soap R 

Amazon Technical Oil Soap A 

Amazon Teepole Liquid 

Detergent D 

Sanitate G 

Triple E Systems Engineering Inc. 

Eeese Systems Adjunct-P M 

Eeese Systems Alk-X M 

Eeese Systems BC-NS M 

Eeese Systems BWT M 

Eeese Systems O S Scale Solv .N 
Eeese Systems RLT M 

Tristate Products Company 

Compound A 

Industrial Cleaner Degreaser D 

Kitchen Pleasure A 

Triton Laboratories, Inc. 

Eazy strip D 

Formula 806 Super Conct D 

Never-A-Stain Heavy Duty 

Clnr. Parts A&B A 

No-Scrub Parts A&B A 

Odorhyde-1 1 R 

Pure N' Mild Q 

Super Foam-T A 

TriChem Industries, Inc. 

Tricide-10 F 

Tridet HD-301 A 

Tri kleen A 

Trojan Chemical Co. 

Trolley NU-X B 

Trojan Chemicals, Inc. 

TC-24 A 

TC-70 A 

TC-95 D 

Tronex Chemical Corporation 

'Quota' A 

Aqua-San 'Chlor-Clean HF' A 

Aqua-San Chlor-Clean A 

Aqua-San Foamer A 

Aqua-San Genera] Cleaner A 

Aqua-San H.D B 

Aqua-San Safe A,H 

Aqua-San Safe 2 A 

Aqua-San 1001 C 

Aqua-San 1030 C 

Aqua-San 1050 C 

Aqua-San 2000 B 

Aqua-San 2020 A 

Aqua-San 2040 B 

Aqua-San 2090 B 

Aqua-San 222 A 

Aqua-San 2500 B 

Aqua-SanLube-Rite BB 

CP-100 A 

CP-150 A 

Foam Control 50 L.X 

Liqui-Flow A 

Liqui-Melt A 

Rally CF A 

Velocity B 

Tropical Paint Company, The 

Tropical Cleaner Powder D 


Troy Chemical Industries, Inc. 

1101 APC All-Purpose Cleaner D 

1105 Elite D 

1106 Lo Foam Concentrate D 

1107 Concentrate D 

1402 Heavy Duty Hand 
Cleaner W 

1403 Sudsing Skin Cleanser W 

1501 Concrete Floor Cleaner ...R 

1609 Detergent Disinfectant F 

1612 Heavy Duty Detergent 

Disinfectant D 

2004 Glisten Glass Cleaner R 

2018 Tank & Line Cleaner A 

2021 Concrete Floor & 

Equipment Clnr A 

2108 Scale and Rust Remover. ..C 
2501 Bottle Wash Soak CleanerB 
2506 Smokehouse Cleaner B 

2701 Liq. Alkaline Cleaner & 
Degrsr A 

2702 H.D. Liquid Steam 
Cleaner A 

Troy Chemicals Inc. 

Troy General Purpose Cleaner. .D 
Troy Heavy Duty Cleaner A 

Troy Sanitary Supply Co., Inc. 

Hodgkinson's 'Aqua-Solv' 

Degreaser Cln A 

Hodgkinsons '904' Neutral 

Fragrance F 


Tru-Kem Liquid Solvent Non- 

Flammable CI D 

TK-Fly A A Grade Fly Spray ....S 
TK-77 Emulsifiable Spray 

Concentrate S 

True Chemical Company, Inc. 

Tri-Melt R 

True All Purpose Concentrates. A 

Truett Laboratories/Biochemical 

Biocatalave (Type PJ) O 

Biocatalave (Type RAH) O 

Biocatalave (Type SIC) O 

Biocatalave Type AE O 

Biocatalave Type CE O 

Biocatalave Type HE O 

Biocatalave Type LE O 

Biocatalave Type PE O 

Tryton Construction Corp. 

C-100 Foam-Aide A 

C-112 Eagel II D 

Turco Products/ A Division Of Purex 

Aktiv R 

Alkaline Rust Remover B 

Alkaline Rust Remover NF R 

Aqua-Fax A 

Aviation A 

ABC Special B 

Blu-Fax A 

Borzin R 

Botl-Glo B,Y 

Brite Clor A,H 

Brite-Fax B 

Chempo R 

Co-Ro-Go C 

Dubl-Brite A 

Dubl-Fax A 

Eaze A 

Econo-Flash C 

Econo-NSF C 

Egg Kleen H 

Eureka Special B 

Eureka-Special-NP B 

Ferrex B B 

Flash C 

Foamgo HH 

Gem C 

Handi Brite A 

Handisan P 

Hi-Brite A 



JC-3 A 

L.C.A H 

Lactop A 

Lactop-NP A 

Line Kleener A 

Liquid Alkaline Rust Remover- 


Liquid-Sanilube A,BB 

Meteor A 

Oilift A 

Panguard #2 A 

Panguard NC A 

Plaudit D 

Powdered Flash C,I 

Powr-Steam B 

Powrinse A 

R.R. #5 A 

Ra-Brite B 

Rustgon B 

Saniline B 

Sanilrete A 

Shock B 

Solusoil A 

Sparkleen A,H 

Stain-Gon H,I 

Steam- Aero A 

Steameze A 

Steamzall A 

Super Ferrex B 

Super Flash C 

Surpass A 

T-1685 D 

T-3252 A 

T-4331 B 

T-5009 B 

T-5042 A 

T-5765 A,H,I 

T-5787 R 

T-5805 A 

T-5865 A 

T-5875 R 

T-5890 A 

T-5921 H 

T-5987 A.BB 

Thoral G,J 

Tile-O D 

Turbrite #1 A 

Turclor F,H,I,K 

Turco Case Cleaner A 

Turco De Fo Mer HH 

Turco Descaler C 

Turco 6012 C 

Turco-NSF C 

Turco-Pine R 

Turco-Sudz A 

Turcodinc G.JJ 

Turcosan-2 F 

Turcosheen A,H 

Type C B 

Zeal D 

4819 A 

5369 A 

Tykor Department/ Klenzade 

Begone B 

CLP. Cleaner A,H 

Conveyor Lubricant TND' BB 

Conveyor Lubricant 62 BB 

D.S. Alkali B 

D.S. Alkali-V-W-4XX B 

Dyna-Solve C 

Dyna-Solve Powder A 

Dynogen G 

Floor Cleaner D 

General Cleaner 30 A 

General Cleaner 40 A 

Gunsil A 

Heavy Duty In-Place Cleaner. ..B.H 

Hi Suds 60 A 

Hi Suds 60 CL A 

Klor-Eze F,H,K 

Mecho-Wash 51 A 

MBR Liquid C 

Powdex B 

Prod A 

Quik-Klor F 

Skate-Eze BB 

Spray Off A 

Super 88 A,H,Z 

Tykor Caustic Supplement A 

Tykor Floor Scrub D 

Tykor Foam Coat A 

Tykor Grease Remover D 

Tykor Hand Soap Liquid Q 

Tykor Kora-Gard G,J 

Tykor Mecho Klor A 

Tykor Mecho-Wash 31 A 

Tykor Mecho-Wash 31 CL A,H 

Tykor Mecho-Wash 4X A,H 

Tykor Off D 

Tykor Rin-Klor 50 F 

Tykor Sano Grease AA 

Tykor Sano-Lube AA 

Tykor Soaker Alkali No. 105 ...B 

Tykor Soklor B 

Tykor Super Tyroc A 

Zylium F,J 

Tysol Products Division 

No. 117 B 


UCCO Chemical Company 

Formula 844 A 

U.S. Aviex Company 

Hand Cleaner W 

U.S. Chemical Corporation 

Z-4 Cleaning Compound A 

Z-4 Equipment Cleaning 

Compound A 

U.S. Cleaner Corporation 

S-Plus A 

Scram A 

U.S. Diamond Chemical Division 

USD-980 D 

U.S. Polychemical Corporation 

Polychem 410 A 

ST 21 Poly Spray Jet D 

ST-21 Poly Spray Jet II D 


U.S. Professional Laboratories 

Accutrol A 

Ekonomeze Liquid 

Concentrate D 

Foton A 

Grimex #33 A 

Soaperior Q 

Soaperior-Olivena Q 

Usamine Disinfectant P 

L -.amine Spray P 

Usaphene Detergent- 
Disinfectant P 

Usapon F 

Ultra Adhesives, Incorporated 

Foam-Ban 1 19 HH 

Ultra Laboratories 

Exsol-Chlor F 

U-L Concentrate D 

Ultra Ammo Strip R 

Ultra Gem D 

Ultra Kleen Quick D 

Ultra 020 B 

Ultra 113 B 

Ultra 114 

Ultra 115 B 

Ultra 130 B 

Ultra 131 B 

Ultra 140 B 

Ultra 220 X 

Ultra 230 A 

Ultra 255 A 

Ultra 270 A 

Ultra 330 P 

Ultra 451 C 

Ultra 510 B 

Ultra 523 A 

Ultra 525 A,H 

Ultra 526 CC 

Ultra 530 B 

Ultra 550 A 

Ultra 640 D 

Ultra 641 B 

Ultra 642 A 

Ultra 760 A 

Ultra 761 A 

Ultra 853 A 

Ultra 855 Q 

Ultra 858 A 

Ultra 862 A 

Ultra 910 C 

Ultra-Lube Products Company 

E P Food Machinery Grease AA 

Ultra Lube Aim. Complx Food 

Mach Grs AA 

Ultra Lube EP Aim. Comp. 

Mach. Gr A A 

Ultra Lube Food Machinery 

Grease A A 

Ultra Lube White Oil 350 AA 

White Food Machinery Grease AA 

Ultrachem, Inc. 

Ultrachem Non-Tox Lubricant .AA 

Vischem Non-Tox Grease AA 

Vischem Non-Tox Grease II AA 

Uncle Sam Chemical Co., Inc. 

#5 Vaporizer Insect Spray S 

Bombard S 

De-Soil Concentrtd All Purp. 

Detergnt A 

Double Strngth Odrls Foramba 

Insect Sp S 

Duzitall Germicidal Cleaner D 

Duzkleen Liquid Detergent A 

Formula 12 Wonder F 

Formula 50 Wonder Odrls 

Disinf. & Santzr F 

Haunt Residual Insect Spray ....T 
Odo-Way Deodorant&Insect 

Spray T 

Odorless Foramba Insect SprayS 

Sprayzon Magic Cleaner A 

Super-Solv Emulsion- 

Degreaser Cone R 

T K O Detergent Sanitizer G 

Up & Afem S 

Vaporizer No. Vh. Insect SprayS 
Vaporizer No. 375 Insect SprayS 
Wonder Liquid Soap 15% Q 

Uni-Chem of Savannah 

A.C. Cleaner A 

Bisodyne F 

Gold Tiger R 

Kill-O-Cide S 

Multicide F 

PTC-85 R 

Septo Soap Q 

Sewer Solvent O 

ST-25 A 

T-5 D 

Uni-Chem Corporation 

Action D 

Blanco 76 B 

Blue Crete Clean D 

Chlorogent A 

Claro 101 A 

Clavel 97 C 

Colgar A 

Concentrated Coconut Oil 

Hand Soap Q 

Escaldar L 

Industrial Soap Powder A 

Light'n D 

Pink Lotion Hand Soap Q 

Soff A 

Special Crete Clean R 

UC49 O 

UC 747 H 

UC 99 P 

Verde 100 A 

White Crete Clean D 

Uni-Chem Corporation 

Chem-Sol A 

D-Wax D 

Derma-Soft 2 Q 

Dri-Kil S 

Flite-Control S 

Germ-A-Pine R 

Ic-A-Wa R 

Instant O 

Kleer R 

Quick-Flo O 

Sani-Suds D 

Steam-Eze A 

Tri-Gly R 

Uni-Chem Corporation of Florida 

Lanolin Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Quick-Off All Purpose Cleaner.R 

Sani-Lube Food Equipment 

Lubricant A A 

Skin Shield Cream W 

Tef-Seal Pipe Thread Sealer BB 

TFE Release Fluorocarbon 

Lubricant BB 

Uni-Crete, Inc. 

Uni-Clean A 

Uni-Kem International, Inc. 

Adios A 

Uni-Lab Corp. 

'Oxi-Clean' C 

'Power-Sol' A 

Aqua Mist T 

Big-U P 

Grease Gun BB 

Kwik Concentrate Odor & 

Grease Control R 

Result Q 

Stick-Free AA 

Vand-Off R 


Kleen Touch Q 

Unichem Corporation 

Liqua Steam A 

Saka D 

Unichem Corporation 

Detergent 3025 CC 

Flex E Suds CC 

Metasil CC 

P/C Detergent CC 

Phos-Free Detergent CC 

Ultra-Suds CC 

Uniclor CC 

Uniclor Extra CC 

Uniclor P/F CC 

Unique CC 

Unisil CC 

Wonder Solv A 

Wondersuds CC 

Unichem Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

Deo-Kleen R 

Drain Opener O 

Feathers-Off L 

Germicidal Bowl Cleaner P 

Hog-D-Hair X 

Koko-Kon Hand Cleaner Q 

Liquid Snake O 

Liquid Steam B 

Lo Phos A 

Super Strip D 

Uni-Car-Wash A 

Uni-Fresh R 

Unichem Manufacturing Company 

DS-Control C 

Fast-Klean B 

Foam & Clean A 

Formula-22 O 

Halog-Klean A 

Liqua-D'Clean A 

Lub BB 

LDW-1 A 

Powder-Bleach CC 

Power-Kleen A 

PBW-100 B 

PTD-10 C 

Silver-Shine A 

Uni-Clor A 

Unified Sales & Laboratories, Inc. 

Trix Cleaner A 

Tru -Touch Cleaner D 

Unijax, Inc. 

All Purpose Cleaner A 

B-A M 



Barcrobe Germicidal Cleaner. ...P 


Blitz Liquid Steam Cleaner 

Concentrate A 

Bole Aire P 

Concentrated Liquid Acid 

Cleaner C 

Concrete Cleaner R 

Corroclean F Water Treatment. Z 
Corroclean Water Treatment ....Z 

Dy-Sul Drain Opener O 

Fly & Insect Spray S 

Fresh And Clean P 

General Purpose Insect Killer, 

.3P S 

Germguard R 

Insect Killer, 6P S 

Multi Purpose Insecticide 

Spray S 

Multi-Purpose Cleaner A 

Ocean Blue R 

Perfumed Deodorant Blox 

No.16 In Hang-Up P 

Perfumed Deodorant Blox 

No.24 In Hang-Up P 

Perfumed Deodorant Cakes P 

Perfumed-Wired Bowl Blox P 

Power Plus O 

Power Punch D 

Power Punch Butyl Cleaner D 

Residual Insecticide with 

Baygon T 

Residual Insecticide with 

Diazinon T 

Scaleclean F Water Treatment. .Z 

Strip-All R 

Uni-Pine R 

Unijax Descaler C 

Unijax Drain Opener O 

Unijax Foamer A 

Union Carbide Corporation 

Sag 710 Silicone Antifoam HH 

Sag 730 Silicone Antifoam HH 

Ucon Hydraulic Fluid FDC-300AA 
UCON Hydraulic Fluid FDC- 
400 AA 

Union Oil Co. of California 

Union A Grease BB 

Union A Grease 1 BB 

Union A Grease 2 BB 

Union ATF Dexron-II BB 

Union ATF-Type F BB 

Union C-3 Fluid 10-W BB 

Union Cable Lube BB 

Union FM Grease AA 

Union FM Grease 2 AA 

Union Gas Engine Oil-HD 

SAE 40 BB 

Union Guardol Motor Oil SAE 

10W BB 

Union Guardol Motor Oil SAE 

20W/20 BB 

Union Guardol Motor Oil SAE 

30 BB 

Union Guardol Motor Oil SAE 

40 BB 

Union H. D. Wheel Bearing 

Grease BB 

Union Hvy Dty Motor Oil SAE 

10W BB 

Union Hvy Dty Motor Oil SAE 

10W-30 BB 

Union Hvy Dty Motor Oil SAE 

20W-20 BB 

Union Hvy Dty Motor Oil SAE 

20W-40 BB 

Union Hvy Dty Motor Oil SAE 

30 BB 

Union Hvy Dty Motor Oil SAE 

40 BB 

Union Hvy Dty Motor Oil SAE 

50 BB 

Union Hydraulic AW 150 BB 

Union Hydraulic AW 215 BB 

Union Hydraulic AW 315 BB 

Union Hydraulic/Tractor Fluid. BB 

Union Marok 1000 BB 

Union Marok 315 BB 

Union Marok 700 BB 

Union Mineral Gear Lube SAE 

90 BB 

Union MP Gear Lube LS SAE 

80W/90 BB 

Union MP Gear Lube LS SAE 

85W/140 BB 

Union Premium Motor Oil 


Union Premium Motor Oil 

SAE 20W20 BB 

Union Premium Motor Oil 

SAE 30 BB 

Union Super Motor Oil SAE 

10W 40 BB 

Union Super Motor Oil SAE 

5W30 BB 

Union Turbine Oil 1000 BB 

Union Turbine Oil 105 BB 

Union Turbine Oil 150 BB 

Union Turbine Oil 215 BB 

Union Turbine Oil 2150 BB 

Union Turbine Oil 315 BB 

Union Turbine Oil 465 BB 

Union Turbine Oil 700 BB 

Union Turmaco ISO VG 46 BB 

Union Turmaco ISO VG 68 BB 

Union Turmaco 105 BB 

Union Turmaco 150 BB 

Union Turmaco 465 BB 

Union Unax AW ISO VG 100. BB 
Union Unax AW ISO VG 32 ...BB 
Union Unax AW ISO VG 46 ...BB 
Union Unax AW ISO VG 68 ...BB 

Union Unax AW 1000 BB 

Union Unax AW 1500 BB 

Union Unax AW 700 BB 

Union Unax RX ISO VG 100 ...BB 
Union Unax RX ISO VG 150. ..BB 

Union Unax RX ISO VG 22 BB 

Union Unax RX ISO VG 220 ...BB 

Union Unax RX ISO VG 32 BB 

Union Unax RX ISO VG 46 BB 

Union Unax RX ISO VG 68 BB 

Union Unax RX 1000 BB 

Union Unax RX 105 BB 

Union Unax RX 150 BB 

Union Unax RX 215 BB 

Union Unax RX 315 BB 

Union Unax RX 465 BB 

Union Unax RX 700 BB 

Union Unoba EP-1 Grease BB 

Union Unoba EP-2 Grease BB 

Union Unoba EP-3 Grease BB 

Union Unoba F-l Grease BB 

Union Unoba F-2 Grease BB 

Union Worm Gear Lube 140 BB 

Union Worm Gear Lube 250 BB 

Union Worm Gear Lube 90 BB 

Unisel Manufacturing Company 

Black Out A 

Drill O 

Everything A 

Handy Q 

Heavy Weight D 

Naturally O 

Pit Stop R 

Rusty C 

Softy A 

Touchdown A 

X-Rated D 

Unisource Industries, Inc. 

Caustic -Jell A 

Concrete Cleaner A 

Deodorant Nuggets R 

Essence of Almond Waterless 

Hand Cleaner Q 

Freezit Penetrating Oil BB 

Process 1 A 

Silasan Food Grade Silicone 

Spray A A 

Slip Silicone Spray AA 

Solvall CC 

Sterile Food Plant Cleaner A 

Swipe P 

Thru 22 R 

Triple X Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Uni Pine R 

I ni Kill Non Residual Space 

Spray S 

Uni-Steam Liquid Steam 

Cleaner D 

Unicon Concentrate A 

Unisolve 550 Heavy Duty 

Cleaner D 

Unizyme O 

Unit Chemical Corporation 

Kleen-Quat J 

U-Chem-Co 3-D F 

United Chemical & Products Corp. 

Big G' A 

United Chemical Company, Inc. 

DD Disinfectant F 

Olive Liquid Soap Q 

Olive Liquid Soap 

Concentrated Q 

Puro Pine Disinfectant R 

Q-Nary F 

Surgasept Q 

U-C Germicidal Soap Q 

U-C Multi Purpose Spray T 

U-C Olive Liquid Soap Q 

U-C Pine Odor Disinfectant R 

United Chemical Corp. of New 

DP-706 G 

DP-707 F 

IC-7000 A 

IC-7010 A 

IC-7020 A 

IC-7030 A 

IC-7040 A 

1C-7050 B 

IC-7100 B 

IC-7110 B 

IC-7120 B 

IC-7150 A 

IC-7155 A 

IC-7160 A 

IC-7165 A 

IC-7170 A 

IC-7175 A 

IC-7180 A 

IC-7200 R 

IC-7210 R 

IC-7300 Y 

IC-7310 Y 

IC-7320 Y 

IC-7330 Y 

IC-7400 CC 

IC-7410 CC 


IC-7500 M 

IC-7510 M 

IC-7600 O 

IC-7700 C 

IC-7710 C 

IC-7800 Q 

IC-7900 R 

United Chemical Corporation 

Green Magic Heavy Duty 
Cleaner A 

United Dairymen Of Arizona, The 

Dairy Equipment Sanitizer G 

Dynemate A 

Foamchek 100 C 

United Industries 

Silicone Spray A A 

United Laboratories, Inc. 

Biatron O 

Liquid Hand Soap Concentrate Q 
Ten Strike Safe-Way Cleaner ...P 

UL-110 P 

UL-114 R 

UL-119 BB 

UL-127 W 

UL-139 Teflon Dry Lubricant. BB 
UL-149 Insecticide Fog With 

Cherry Scent T 

UL-15 A 

UL-18 C 

UL-200 B 

UL-202 Rat Bait U 

UL-206 Residual Insecticide T 

UL-21 O 

UL-213 A 

UL-217 Non Fuming Clnr & 

Descaler C 

UL-250 R 

UL-251 C 

UL 265 C 

UL-276 All Duty Emulsifier D 

UL-306 R 

UL-308 R 

IT. 310 Boiler Treatment M 

UL-311 Steam & Return Line 

Treatment M 

UL-318 Oxygen Scavenger M 

UL-355 Instant Action Odor 

Eliminator R 

UL-360 Slime & Grease Cutter.O 

UL-376 A 

UL-377 Solvent Drain 

Maintainer R 

UL-401 Conveyor Lubricant BB 

UL-46 Vaporizing Insecticide ...S 

UL-53 A 

UL-54 A 

UL-55 O 

UL-57 Ice Melter Pellets R 

UL-62 Disinfectant Cleaner D 

UL-64 G 

UL-456 D 

UL-70 R 

UL-80 Odor Neutralizer R 

UL-92 P 

UL-97 A 

United Oil Company, Inc., The 

T' Pressure Gun Grease BB 

Duralene #77 White Grease BB 

Duralene Pressure Special 

Lubricnt BB 

Safti-Lube A A 

United Sanitary Chemicals Corp. 

En-Vi-Ro #256 F 

Formula 1901 D 

Jamaica Insect Spray S 

Quick Wash Q 

Spearmint P 

Velva Cream Q 

United States Borax & Chemical 

Boraxo Cool Hands W 

Boraxo Liquid Lotion Soap Q 

Boraxo Powdered Hand Soap...P 
Boraxo Waterless Hand 

Cleaner W 

Pink Luron P 

PCB-100 P 

Special Heavy Duty Boraxo P 

United States Chemical Co, The 

Bio-Kleenrite D 

Break-Thru A 

Kleenocide F 

Nox-Soil D 

USCO Cream Hand Soap Q 

USCO Disinfectant Deodorant .R 
USCO Jet Liquid Drain 

Solvent O 

USCO Liquid Drain Opener O 

USCO Royal Concentrate D 

USCO Spray'N Wipe R 

United States Chemical Corp. 

Rustgonna No. 11A M 

Rustgonna No. 600-5 M 

United States Chemical Corp. 

Acid Concentrate No. 32 C 

De-Soil-It P 

Defoamed Acid No. 117 C 

Defoamed Liquid Chelate U.S. 

No. 66-D B 

Di-Solv Formula No. 11 C 

Dig, US. Formula No. 62-A A 

Dislodge Formula No. 35 B 

Dry Bleach No. 45 CC 

Dual-Drive #220 B 

Eggwash Recirculation 

Detergent A,H 

Farm-Kleen C 

Fryer Cleaner Formula No. 148B 

Gallant Formula #27 C 

General Cleaner No. 107 A 

Goal #97 A 

Grease Gone #55 A 

Grenade No. 87 B 

Handyman No. 138 

Heavy Duty Acid Detergent 

No. 15 C 

High Temperature Alkali No. 

35 B 

Hydro-Klor A 

HD-148 B 

Immense D 

Inflation Kleen Formula 35 B 

Kick Formula No. 18 A 

Laundry Break Compnd 

Formula 35 B 

Liquaclean A 

Liquid Chelate U.S. No. 66 B 

Liquimac Formula No. 142 B 

Liquitrol Acid Formula No. 25 .C 
Liquitrol Alkali Formula No. 

23 B 

Liquitrol Conditioner Form. 

No. 24 Z 

Liquitrol Recirculation CI. No. 

201 B 

Lubriclean No. 243 AA 

Moderate #195 CC 

Orbit Formula #2 A 

Plasti-Klene A 

Poly-Det Formula No. 236 A 

Pro-Tect No. 235 C 

Proto-Kleen No. 19 A 

Punch No. 298 A 

Restore No. 238 CC 

Rifle No. 17 C 

San-I-King G 

Saniphor No. 240 G 

Shurguard G 

Stalwart A 

Standby Kleener #20 A 

Super B-Kleen Formula No. 49A 

Talent A 

Target Formula #39 A 

Turbo A 

U.S. #600 Formula No. 28 A 

U.S. Alkali No. 54 B 

U.S. Alkali No. 54 G B 

U.S. Boiler Compound No. 56. .N 

U.S. Caustic #233 B 

U.S. Caustic #234 B 

U.S. Caustic Formula No. 43G.B 

U.S. Chelated Caustic #33 B 

U.S. Defoamer Formula No. 

200 A 

U.S. Iodophore Formula No. 

34 F 

U.S. Pink Liquid No. 4 A 

U.S. Powerlube BB 

U.S. Rust Remover No.86 C 

U.S. Smokehouse CI. Form. 

No. 174 B 

Universal Floor Cleaner No. 

128 D 

Wand Formula #131 A 

Wil Kleen No. 41 C 

Winter Lube Formula No. 241 ..BB 
500 Formula #29 A 

United States Chemical Corp. 

Dynamic-101 D 

Likkety Split D 

United States Rust Control Corp. 

Safety Grease AA 

United Supply Company 

Foaming Agent A 

Liquid Dishwash Concentrate... A 
U-100 Wax and Grease 

Remover D 

U-3 Liquid Steam Cleaner A 

U-35 Pink Concentrate D 

United Twine & Paper Co., Inc. 

Dishtergent A 

Univeral Cooperatives, Inc. 

Unico Pressurized Dairy Fly 

Spray-V S 

Unico Pressurized Dairy Fly 

Spray-V S 

Universal Chemical 

Enz-Stop O 

Universal Chemicals & Supplies, Inc. 

Cas-AA TroUy Lube BB 

LC-125 A 

Shrowd Cleaner CC 

Tripe Cleaner Y 

Trolly Wash B 

TK-10 A 

TK-100 C 


TK-105 A 

TK-110 C 

TK-140 A 

TK-150 D 

TK-160 B 

TK-20 A 

TK-25 A 

TK-30 A 

TK-40 A 

TK-45 A 

TK-5 B 

TK-50 A 

TK-55 A 

TK-60 A 

TK-70 A 

TK-75 A 

TK-80 C 

TK-85 B 

TK-95 B 

Universal Chemicals, Inc. 

Drain Opener O 

Dual-27 F 

Everbrite P 

Fresh R 

Grout And Tile Cleaner C 

Legendary A 

Lemon Cleaner Plus R 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Neutral Soap D 

Pine Disinfectant R 

The General D 

UBD-5 R 


Universal Laboratories/ Div. of 
Hanson-Loran Chemical Co. Inc. 

Heavy Duty CI. & Disinf. Cat. 

No. UL-530 D 

Quaternary Germicidal Cleaner 
UL-709 D 

Universal Manufacturing & Supply 

HD-10 A 

Lucky-7 Liquid Steam 

Cleaning Compound A 

Miracle Cleaner D 

Miracle Cleaner +40 D 

Sof touch Q 

Super Steam Cleaning 

Compound A 

Universal Milking Machine Div. 
National Cooperatives, Inc. 

Bulk Milk Tank*Cleaner A 

Chlor-O-San G 

Dairy-Kleen A 

Iodo-Kleen G 

Line-Clean 1 A 

Steribalm F 

Universal Egg Wash Detergent. H 
Universal Gen. Purp. Clning 

Cone A 

Universal Hvy Dty Clng 

Conctrte 2 A 

Universal Super Kleen A 

Universal Motor Oils Co., Inc. 

Dyna Plex 21C AA 

Dyna-Plex 21C Dynamo D 

White Food Machinery Grease .AA 
White Oil 350 AA 


Upright Floor Anti-Slip MM 

Utility Chemical Company 

Absorbent Deodorizer 

Granules R 

Dairy-Kleen Heavy Duty 

Cleaner D 

Fostan M 

I.S.R R 

Keltan Special N 

Klick 20% Hand Soap Q 

Liquid H.D. Steam Cleaner A 

Poly scour C-105 A 

Polyscour M-O-G D 

Sani-San G 

Sewer-Solv O 

Special Quadrasoap CC 

Swish D 

Utidyne G 

Utikleen DO R 

Utikleen 77 D 

Utility Chemicals,lnc. 

BWT-180 M 

BWT-181 M 

BWT-270-S M 

BWT-360 M 

BWT-361 M 

RLT-35 M 

U-Cide 401 N 

Val-A Company 

Dinox Concentrate H 

Go Foam HH 

San De Egg Wash H 

Trisol Egg Cleaner H 

Val-Chem Company, Inc. 

Bi-Far CC 

Bi-Far Phosphate Free CC 

Heavy Duty Cleaner CC 

One Shot CC 

San-O-Val F 

Val-Chlor Bleach F.CC 

Val-Soft CC 

Val-Spec K-66 A 

Valkali CC 

Valdes, G. Enterprises, Inc. 

El Toro Liqui-Drain Opener O 

El Toro Super All Purpose 

Cleaner A 

El Toro Tempered Drain 

Opener O 

Valdosta Industrial Chemical Co. 

Blue Magic Cleaner A 

Valiant Chemical Company 

Val Chem X-12 D 

Valley Chemical Company 

Digest-II O 

V-221 All Purpose Cleaner D 

V-369 F 

Valley Chemical Specialties Inc. 

AMR 1019 C 

Cleaner 100 B 

Cleaner 200 A 

Cleaner 210 A 

Cleaner 240 B 

Cleaner 300 A 

Cleaner 310 A 

Cleaner 400 B 

Cleaner 800 A 

Cleaner 900 B 

CL-54 BB 

Foam Clean A 

Liquid Steam Cleaner D 

Val-Add A 

Valchlor A 

Valley Cities Paper Company 

Degrcaser Cleaner A 

Valley Fruit & Produce, Inc. 

Val-Pro APC AI! Purpose 

Cleaner A 

Valley Oil & Chemical Co. 

L-20 Cleaner A 

Sulfamic Acid Crystal X 

Technical C 

Valley Products Company 

Green Bar Soap BB 

Van Waters & Rogers 

Dry Chlorine Granular F 

Dry Chlorine Tablets F 

FD-3 A 

Grid-100 C 

Grid-30 A 

Guardsman Bactericide-Disinf . .F 
Guardsman Boiler 

Treat. Chemical M 

Namco Pyrenone Concentrate ..S 
Namco Pyrenone Fog 

Concentrate S 

Namco Pyrenone Food Storage 

Spray S 

VW&R Detergent 40 A.L.V 

VW&R 9N9 A 

Water Treat 7 Z 

Van Wood Chemical Company 

Reactive A 

Vanguard Chemical Company 

Magic Flite A 

Surgic -Clean A 

Vanguard Chemical Corporation 

Blue Solve A 

Green Blast D 

No-Stik AA 

Vanguard Systems/ Div. Curtis Noll 

BCA-3535 P 


DHTS-1350 B 

DLA-1250 D 

DLAF-1275 D 

DLAX-1150 D 

DLAX-1280 A 

DPC-1050 A 

DWHL-1000 A 

GC-1500 R 

GPC-1050 A 

MCB-2500 C 

Var-Tec Florgard Corp. 

Shurfoam A 

Tec-Kleen D 

Var-Tec Concentrate #511 F 

Varco Chemical Corporation 

Insta-Foam A 

Jet-Kleen-100 A 

Varco #220 Concentrate D 


Varco #32 Compound R 

Varley & Sons, Incorporated See: 
James Varley & Sons, Inc. 

Vasco Chemical Company, Inc. 

Clecon Concrete Cleaner R 

Multi-Purpose Concentrate S 

Pure-N-Sweet R 

Swirlaway D 

Vasco Formula 100-G T 

Vasco-Zyme O 

Vasco Industrial Supply 

Vasco Action Foam A 

Veckridge Chemical Company 

Nu-Dri MM 

Vector Chemicals 

Surgi-Klean A 

Vel-Tex Chemical Company 

Azone G,K,Z 

Velsicol Chemical Corp. 

Brisk Germicide D 

Gold Crest Apple Flvrd Bait 

Pellets U 

Gold Crest C.I.O.-20 Oil 

Concentrate T 

Gold Crest C-100 Emulsifiable 

Concntrt T 

Gold Crest C-5% Dust T 

Gold Crest C-50 Emulsifiable 

Concntrt T 

Gold Crest Promar Bait Packs. U 
Promar Fish Flavored Bait 

Pellets U 

Promar Meal U 

Promar Meat Flavored Bait 

Pellets U 

Ramik Bait Packs U 

Ramik Brown U 

Ramik Green U 

Ramik Green Bait Packs U 

Ramik Red U 

Ramik Red Bait Packs U 

XA-100 Odor Control 

Agent( Aerosol) R 

XA-100 Odor Control 

Agent(Wick) R 

Venus Laboratories, Inc. 

#1003 Silicone Spray AA 

Acid Free Ice Melter R 

Aluminum&Chrome Rust 

Remover C 

Bowlex P 

Break-Thru Powder O 

Cuts Rust Remover C 

Degreaser M D 

Desclr&Delmr for Boii.Swmng 

Pools C 

Enzymes O 

Heavy Duty Cleaner D 

Lift Station Cleaner O 

Liqui-Drain Opener O 

Liquid Hand Soap Q 

Liquid Scouring Creme R 

Mint Disinfectant R 

Neutral PH Cleaner A 

No. 601 Odor Control Granules .R 

Surge A 

Tempered Drain Opener O 

Tornado D 

Verax Chemical Company 

Blu Mist D 

Chekmate F 

Maximite A 

Radium Powdered Borax Hand 

Soap P 

Sanishine F 

Snap Degreaser R 

Spra Bryte A 

Test Best G 

Triple De D 

Velva Coconut Oil Liquid 

Hand Soap Q 

Wizard A 

Veritas Company, Inc., The 

A C Inhibited A 

BCS-1 B 

BCS-2 A 

BCS-2-B A 

BCS-3 A 

Chlorinated LMD A 

Drain Opener O 

Jet , D 

Lube-Solv BB 

M.P.C-10 A 

Niagara Cleaner B 

Oven Kleen B 

OH-163 B 

Safe C 

Single CC 

Super Jet A 

Super Wash A 


V-12 Powder P 

V-22 C 

V-24 B 

V-40 A 

Veri Foam B A 

Veribrite A 

Verifoam RS A 

Verikwik E 

Verismooth 15% Q 

Verismooth 40% Q 

Veritas Low Foam A 

Veritas P.W A 

Veritas 4020 Acid Cleaner C 

Veritas 4650 H 

Veritas 4660 H 

Veritas 6010 Boiler Treatment ..M 

Veritone D 

Veriwhite CC 

WT-201 M 


Vermatek #1 AA O 

Vermillion Chemical Service, Inc. 

Blue Glass Cleaner R 

Concrete Cleaner D 

Du Fine C 

E-Z-Go A 


Scale Clean C 

Sewer Solvent O 

Steam Kleen It A 

Ster-O-Chloro A 

Super Chloro A 

VC 5 Concentrate A 

Wax Stripper R 

Vernon Sanitation Supply Co. 

Visco Bleach CC 

Visco Liquid Soap Q 

Visco 15 D 

Visco 30 D 

Vero Chemical Distributors, Inc. 

Verochem Silico